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Thread: Four Rarities of the Royal Palace - Ngự Tiền Tứ Bảo {Zhao Wen Zhuo, Tammy Chen}

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    Default Four Rarities of the Royal Palace - Ngự Tiền Tứ Bảo {Zhao Wen Zhuo, Tammy Chen}

    English transle: Imperial first four treasures

    Chinese: He Sui Gong Fu Xi Ju Yu Qian Si Bao

    Vietnamese translate: Ngự Tiền Tứ Bảo

    Product person: Chen Baiyi

    Producer: Niu Jian Guo

    Direct: Huang Zuquan, Huang Mingsheng

    Supervised manufacture: Ban Fan

    Screenwriter: Hai Hai Xiong Di, Guan Bo, Wang Peng

    Main actor:
    Liu Yiwei -- plays the part of Lin Tian Bao
    Chen Yirong -- plays the part of Nan Gong Zi Lin
    Zhao Wenzhuo -- plays the part of Kanghsi
    Wu Ma -- plays the part of Suo E Tu
    Wang Gang -- played the part of Feng Hou Shang
    Zhang Tielin -- plays the part of Shun Zhi Emperpor

    Story outline:

    Wonderfully records strange or supernatural events the talent, the beggar disability green forest talented people all removes the bullies and brings peace to the law-abiding to confer the title of prince upon occupies the marquis

    Extremely Le Bao smiles, settles a lawsuit bandits suppression lives with the bride's family takes an exam the laughingstock full of to be everywhere humorous infinite

    The disposition is strange, a rascal chivalrous person talented person serious minister collection body opens the soap opera new atmosphere

    The comedy new is sharp, the misery grief healthy tendency humorously becomes a body to end Wei Xiaobao the time

    The Kangxi Dynasty, the Kanghsi emperor (actually father of the Kanghsi delegates) with a monk to make a bet, strangely increases the pledge to turn into the street corner two beggars spots the talent. Really, after one of several years beggars "stuttered ' becomes has been eloquent makes the feudal official, another emaciated just like became general which shook the nation. After that two person and natrium blue Rong Re, Shi Shenlun and so on four people attain the highest rank in officialdom, the power leans the government and the people, becomes imperial first four treasures which in front of Kanghsi is riding high. Four people although tie for brothers, actually disposition special, the conflict is unceasing, from time to time travels together advances together, from time to time mutually undermines. But they when with "four big disloyal subjects" contest, actually can share a common hatred, pleads on behalf of the people.

    Kanghsi wears poor clothing so as to be inconspicious visiting, this thinks as soon as to look at beautiful scenery of the dance Thangbinh, actually discovers actually up to him location, the corrupt officials suppose the profound and abstruse principles layer on layer, the local tyrant feudal bully harasses many complaints. The imperial first four treasures each time accompany the emperor go, they respectively unfold the rare talent, either is perceptive of the finest detail, either the gallantry is clever in fighting, either smiles curses angrily, either feigns madness and plays dumb, a group behead traitor eliminates local tyrants, pleads on behalf of the people, often turns danger into safety the achievements wonderful achievement.

    The imperial first four treasures in the complex government, fluctuate in the rivers and lakes, advanced freely and quickly, deducts a curtain not to know whether to laugh or cry, soul-stirring palace comedy.

    Shi Shenlun, because has the disability, Kanghsi bestows the number "not not entire". Successively holds river both county magistrate, along the day government office to know prefecture, warehouse factory governor, adds the crown prince imperially hing to defend. Incorruptible is fair for the official, friendly settles a lawsuit litigation prison. Does not think the rights and interests. The civil and military hundred officials all fear really deeply. Person "Shi Yantian". The corrupt official feudal bully repeatedly wants to send him to the deathtrap. But all is seen through by him the clever trick, the end restrains according to the law the evil person.

    The natrium blue accommodates if, imperial preceding and so on bodyguard. Civil and military complete in both, especially by literary talent plane pierce world. Sentimental, is long to the poetry, personal Li Houzhu is reincarnated. Gas of body books, apparents stodgy, the innermost feelings are astute, literary talent military slightly, Chang Shijian the party panics at the news. He hates the wicked as if they were personal enemies, also does not accommodate the villain, happy reveals the small trick which the forest heaven precious practices trickery.

    Lin Tian Bao, glib, friendly 溜须拍马, depends on glibly has a meteoric rise, is deep Kanghsi to dote on. Apparents the villain but the heart to save the healthy tendency, often can not arrest the common sense, defeats the enemy by a surprise attack. This artificial person eight Ling gathers together, happy corrupt is cheap, the good advantage forgets righteousness, often thinks oneself clever, plans Yu Ren actually repeatedly to be caught in one's own trap, the body falls the dangerous situation in, in addition always fears, is passed on by the common people for the joke.

    Thanks puts, the green forest family background, after offers amnesty because the merit official to do obeisance nine to raise supervises. Elbow Kanghsi loyal and devoted, the manner upholds justice, Wugong is extremely high, the prestige shakes the rivers and lakes, results in the world chivalrous person to respect, is panicked at the news the pirate. The natural erythrophloeum fordii sodium is upright, Chang Zaolin Tian Bao and so on the person plans, but each time all like will have the day to help, turns defeat into victory, mays be called the luck. The world female regards it is the idol, therefore repeatedly is involved in the peach-color event.

    This play borrows the imperial first four valuable strange wills rare talent, serially connects a each one small story, exposed has mingled among to feudal society government's disloyal subjects all sorts of evil conduct and local tyrant feudal bullies all sorts of misdeeds, has praised the honest officials with the foes, worked with concerted efforts, pleads on behalf of the people, shared sorrow the noble personal character for the country, specially eulogized then lower level working people to revolt against the dark oppression, the pursue happy life spirit. This play develops one's own style in the historical theme soap opera, not only has the unprincipled person to cover the road scenery of the grief which the good person is victimized, has exciting scene which the justice promotes, removes the bullies and brings peace to the law-abiding, what are more is the different disposition bumps, the unexpectedly plot brings laughter. Causes the entire play in the comedy situation which unceasingly appears, melts into the tragedy shocking, 正剧 carefree.

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    u know the second guy in the poster above that JOE MA ??

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    oh, i didn't know this was already released! the poster doesn't really make it seems interesting..but the title to this series sure does, lols. how is it u guys? should i waste my money& rent it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PucCaa
    u know the second guy in the poster above that JOE MA ??
    No, he is not Joe Ma, he looks so family, but I don'y know his name


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    Quote Originally Posted by trieuminh
    No, he is not Joe Ma, he looks so family, but I don'y know his name

    If you're talking about the guy all the way on the right, his name is Lu Xing Yu.

    Interesting, ZWZ as emperor? Has this series been released?

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    What is the theme song call?

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