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Thread: Legendary Siblings Unabridged (COMPLETED)

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 112

    Xuanyuan San Guang was glowing and he rubbed his hands in glee, “How much are Misses betting this time?” The young lady in purple said with a smile, “You may trust us, but we do not wish to break the rules of your gambling den. Besides, there’s not much fun in betting verbally. We may have lost our money, but we have not lost our people.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang was stunned, “People!”

    The young lady in purple smiled, “People, can sometimes be used as bets as well. If a gambler were to get a good set of cards, he would even want to lie on the betting table and use himself as a bet. You have gambled for fifty years, don’t you understand even this?”

    “Excellent, excellent, I have gambled across the world, and only today have I finally found my match. How does Miss want to bet, just speak freely, I will surely oblige.”

    The young lady in purple said, “Our bet is very simple as well, betting one for one.” Xuanyuan San Guang took a look at the three of them and laughed loudly, “But for someone like Misses, I really cannot afford the loss.”

    The lady in purple said, “If we win, either one of you will just have to leave with us.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang’s eyes grew bigger, “What if Misses were to lose?”

    The lady in purple smiled slightly, “If we lose, naturally one of us sisters will have to leave with you.”

    Once these words were spoken, a commotion erupted in the gambling den again. Everyone felt that with a bet like that, Xuanyuan San Guang will be having the upperhand. If they can win such a dainty beauty, naturally they will get to enjoy her beauty, even if they lost, to leave with three people like that, is akin to walking into a bevy of beauties.

    Bai Kai Xin stared and asked, “Have these three taken a liking to this Compulsive Gambler? Or else why would they want such a bet?”

    Du Jiao Jiao furrowed her brows and said, “Now even I am getting more and more confused, I really cannot figure out what they are here for.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed aloud without stopping, “Of course, of course, it is but of course…” The lady in purple waited for him to finish laughing before asking calmly, “So this means that, you have agreed to our bet?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied with a laugh, “What is there for me not to agree?”

    The lady in purple asked, “What about your partner then? Does he agree?” Although she was asking Xuanyuan San Guang, but her eyes have flitted over to that quiet, unpredictable and mysterious skinny, tanned man. Only when the dice was being revealed, his face would show some excitement, his eyes will give heated looks, but at other times, he will always sit there in a daze, expressionless, like he is detached not only from the people in this noisy gambling den, but totally detached from this world.

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed, “This brother of mine has the same problem as me, he doesn’t like anything else but gambling, as long as gambling is involved, he will agree to anything.”

    The young lady in purple rolled her eyes and said, “But I still want to hear it from himself.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang tapped him on the shoulder and said, “All right, you tell them yourself. If we lose, are you willing to go with them?”

    The skinny dark man replied without a thought, “Fine.”

    The young lady in purple immediately pressed her question, “No matter where, you are willing to go?”

    The dark skinny man heaved a long sigh and replied, “It doesn’t matter where, to me, everywhere is the same.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed, “Don’t think that this brother of mine looks a little stupid, actually he’s a true man, as long as he has said it, he will never go back on his words!”

    The lady in purple beamed, “I definitely believe that.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed loudly, “Since that is the case, Misses please place your bet.” He swept up the broken bowl, stared at the lady in purple and asked, “Are you betting on odd or even this time?”

    The young lady in purple replied, “Even!” She is still betting on even, as if she is not afraid of losing.

    The crowd can’t help but sigh, everyone seems to have decided that this time she will definitely lose again.

    There was a ‘bang’, and Xuanyuan San Guang has put the bowl down, but his large hands is still covering the bowl, not opening it yet.

    When he was shaking the dice, he was not anxious at all, because once a gambler hears the crisp sound of the dice moving, he will immediately forget everything. But now, the dice have stopped moving, he can’t help but feel a little nervous, no matter how he sees it, this bet is really big.

    But these three beautiful young ladies looked calm, with a hint of a smile, as if they do not care about the outcome of this bet. Even Xuanyuan San Guang can’t help but feel a little admiration for them. Others were all holding their breath, the whole gambling den was so quiet that one can hear a pin drop.

    Suddenly there was a loud shout, “Open!”

    The dice that was revealed, were all red again, it’s a pair of four, the young ladies finally won this time!

    Some people in the crowd can’t help but cheer. Gamblers are humans after all, and humans will always pity the weak, and gamblers will mostly pity the losers, as long as the winners are not themselves. Xuanyuan San Guang stopped being nervous instead, and laughed instead. If he can’t afford to lose, how can he still be considered a gambler!

    He laughed loudly and said, “Good, good, good, the God of Gamblers is now accepting disciples, so he must let you win once. If you keep losing, you will never have fun gambling in future.”

    The young lady in purple smiled. “So it seems that we have won this round, then the banker should pay!”

    Her finger is already pointing at that skinny dark man, and continued with a smile, “Would you please come with us then.”

    The dark skinny man was silent for a moment, and suddenly stood up and took a huge step forward.

    Xuanyuan San Guang grabbed him and asked, “You… you’re really leaving? The money here, half of them is yours.”

    The skinny dark man replied, “You can have it all.” He does not even care about his own life, much less material goods!

    Xuanyuan San Guang sighed, the skinny dark man walked around the gambling table and stood straight in front of the young ladies. The young lady in purple smiled, “Don’t worry, you will not be disadvantaged if you follow us.” The skinny dark man seemed to be already in a daze, unable to hear anything at all.

    Xuanyuan San Guang kept staring at them, and suddenly called out, “Please hold!” As he shouted, his huge body was already flying up, like a large bird. He flew to the door and blocked the path of the three young ladies.

    Xuanyuan San Guang smiled coldly, “Only now did I realize that you three are here because of my Brother Hei, what do you want with him? Where are you bringing him?”

    The young lady in purple smiled icily as well, “This, is none of your business. You said so yourself that one ‘can gamble shrewdly, gamble slyly but not cheat’, now that you have lost, are you trying to cheat your way out?”

    Compulsive Gambler’s face seemed to have turned a little red, and suddenly asked, “If you lost, would you really have come with me?”

    The young lady in purple said nonchalantly, “If we sisters were to lose, naturally someone will follow you, anyway we have lots of sisters at home…”

    Xuanyuan San Guang’s eyes suddenly formed into a straight line and looked up and down this young lady a few times, asking, “You really have a lot of sisters? Are there nine?”

    The young lady in purple was silent for a moment before replying slowly, “No more, no less, exactly nine.”

    Once these words were spoken, Xuanyuan San Guang’s eyes shot open suddenly, and his stare was as large as copper bells. That zombie looking skinny dark man’s body shook, his face suddenly turned red, as if all the blood in his body had rushed up to his head. He also stared at the young lady and said, “You.. you are Murong…” The young lady in purple smiled and said, “I am Qi Niang (7th Lady), this is my 6th sister… this is 8th sister.”

    The two young ladies next to her smiled as well, and the slightly older one said, “You may not have met us, but we have known about you long ago.” The skinny dark man’s face suddenly paled, and took a few steps back.

    Murong Qi Niang smiled and said, “We also know that you are a man of your words, and will never renege, since you have lost, you will certainly follow us.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang suddenly lifted his head and laughed heartily, “Rumors in the martial arts realm says that not only did the nine Murong sisters find the best husbands, but the nine sisters all have some skills. Those in the martial arts realm also know that the best in martial arts among the Murong sisters is the 2nd sister Murong Shuang, the most capable is Qi Niang, but the smartest and prettiest is the youngest sister Murong Jiu.”

    Once he heard the name ‘Murong Jiu’, the skinny dark man’s face flushed red suddenly again.

    Xuanyuan San Guang continued, “I also know that this Miss Jiu is not as lucky as her eight sisters, one year she suddenly disappeared, and although her eight brothers-in-law are descendents of famous families, and have friends all over the world, but they still can’t find her after searching for a few years. But this Brother Hei of mine found her, and like a fool escorted her back. Who would have expected that others were not grateful to him at all, and instead thought that he was the one who kidnapped Murong Jiu, and interrogated him like a thief for two, three days, stopping short at slapping his butt or using torture.”

    Miss Murong Qi replied, “2nd and 3rd Sisters were not interrogating him, they harbor no ill intentions towards him, but just want to find out what has happened to 9th Sister these past few years.”

    Miss Murong Ba (Ba = 8) added, “That’s why when he left, they insisted on thanking him generously.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “That’s right, when he left, they insisted on giving him five thousand taels of gold. This is really no small sum, if it was given to beggars, it can be given to at least ten or twenty thousand of them.” His face has turned green, and now he suddenly jumped up and yelled, “But Brother Hei is not a beggar. Because of your 9th Sister, he almost lost his life a few times, and who knows what other suffering did he go through, and did he do these for those few rotten metal of yours? You sisters are smart, do you really not understand his intention?”

    Murong Qi Niang sighed and said with a bitter smile, “It’s not that we do not know, but…”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed icily, “But the Murong Sisters all married rich men, Brother Hei is neither rich or powerful, nor is he the descendent of some famous respectable family, so naturally you can’t let Murong Jiu marry him.” As he spoke, he jumped up again and roared angrily, “But in what way is Brother Hei not worthy of her? He may not be rich, but he is a true man. If your sister can marry a husband like that, it’s because your ancestors made some merit!”

    He was pointing and thrashing, screaming and yelling, his pointing finger almost touching Murong Qi Niang’s nose, but Murong Qi Niang was not upset at all.

    Instead she sighed and said, “We know he is a good man as well, and will not be a disgrace to Sister Jiu…” Xuanyuan San Guang replied with a cold laugh, “From what I know, when Brother Hei sent her back, there was already some improvement in her condition, you must have thought that she will certainly recover from her illness, that’s why you can’t bear to let her marry him.”

    Murong Qi Niang sighed, “At that time we really thought that she will recover, because at that time she seemed to have recognized Eldest Sister, but who would have expected that after this Hei… Brother Hei left, her condition took a turn for the worse suddenly, and not only does she not recognize Eldest Sister anymore, but she stopped speaking a single word for the whole day.”

    Murong Liu Niang (Liu Niang = 6th Lady) sighed as well, “Once she opens her mouth, she will certainly ask, ‘Is he gone?’, but later she stopped asking even this question, and just sits there crying everyday.”

    That skinny dark man naturally is the proud and reclusive Black Spider. He stood there like a log, and once he heard all these, his wooden expression suddenly twisted, as if someone had pierced his heart with a needle.

    However Xuanyuan San Guang laughed loudly, “So it turns out that Miss Jiu is also a sentimental person, Brother Hei have not treated her well in vain.” Murong Qi Niang sighed, “Only now do we realize her feelings, and naturally we know that everything in this world can be forced, but only the word ‘feelings’ cannot be forced.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang agreed, “So you’re not that muddle headed after all.”

    Murong Liu Niang sighed, “Sister Jiu is already so seriously ill and yet she can feel his love, obviously he must be very much in love with Sister Jiu. We are all soft hearted, at a time like this, no matter who the other person is, we will not disapprove of him.”

    Murong Ba Niang added, “That’s why we came out to look for him. But we also know that he has always been elusive, and were just worrying how we can find him. Luckily at that time our Fifth Brother-in-law happened to pass by Wu Han, and happened to see you gambling with him.”

    Murong Qi Niang smiled and said, “Our Fifth Brother-in-law is ‘Godly Eyes Scholar’ Luo Ming Dao, and has seen you once many years ago. As long as he has seen a person once, he will never forget that person. Fifth Brother-in-law did not recognize him at first, but to find him, Third Sister has drawn many portraits of him. Once Fifth Brother-in-law saw the painting, he immediately remembered where he had seen this person.”

    Murong Ba Niang continued, “Once we heard what Fifth Brother-in-law said, we immediately rushed to Wu Han, and luckily your gambling has gained fame around this area, that’s how we found you so quickly.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang stared at them, “But don’t you make a mistake, this Brother Hei of mine is different from me. He’s not a compulsive gambler, it’s just that he gambled because he is in low spirits.”

    Murong Qi Niang smiled, “We understand his feelings very well, and we also know that he is a proud person. If we were to come looking for him, he will certainly not leave with us, that’s why we thought of gambling.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang can’t help but ask, “But what if you lost, what will happen then?”

    Murong Qi Niang said, “If we lose, one of us sisters will have to leave with you, right? So if we lose, we’ll get Sister Jiu to leave with you. We know that you will never treat her badly, as long as she is happy, does it matter who leaves with who?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed loudly, “As long as I can witness the wedding between Brother Hei and that Miss Jiu, can drink his wedding toast, I won’t mind even if I have to stop gambling for three months.”

    He suddenly stopped laughing, and shook his head, “No, no, I’m afraid I cannot attend this wedding. The wedding of the young lady of the Murong family, the guest list must be full of respectable and famous people. If I, Compulsive Gambler were to suddenly barge in, won’t it spoil everything.”

    Murong Qi Niang smiled, “Don’t you worry, you will certainly be invited. Even if we do not invite anyone else, we will certainly have to invite you.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang clapped his hands and chortled, “All right, if I do not attend, then I am the son of a turtle.” He suddenly waved his hands and said, “Take it away, take all those silver away, don’t leave even a tael behind.”

    Murong Qi Niang asked, “This… why is this so?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed, “To attend a wedding, naturally gifts will have to be sent. If you do not accept it, then you’re looking down on me, then you do not intend to invite me to the wedding.”

    Murong Qi Niang beamed, “Since that is the case, you should at least keep a little to use as your stake.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “Please don’t leave any. My character is that I won’t stop until I have lost everything, so ever since I became wealthy, I have not had a good sleep. The more I want to lose everything, the more I am unable to, now that I have the opportunity to send it away, and if you don’t take everything, I’ll have to suffer again.”

    Black Spider finally smiled, and suddenly said quietly, “Xiao Yu’er must be in the mountains, if you see him, please don’t forget to tell him…” Xuanyuan San Guang laughed, “Don’t worry, if I see him, I will certainly tell him to attend your wedding.” It turns out that they became good friends not because of gambling, but because of Xiao Yu’er, because they have always thought of Xiao Yu’er as a good friend.

    Xuanyuan San Guang sent him to the door and suddenly smiled, “Miss Qi, if your hands start to itch in future, please don’t forget to come and look for me. I really have not seen much gamblers like you in my life.”

    End of Chapter 112

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 113

    Once the silver were taken away, the people in the gambling den dispersed as well. Xuanyuan San Guang looked at the brightening sky, stretched his back and mumbled, “Old Man Ge, damn that I really have to wait until darkness is gone, the people are gone and the money is gone, anyway until everything is gone before I can sleep.” He suddenly realized that not everyone in the gambling den has left, there are still four people there, two lying on the floor, as if asleep.

    The other two are looking at him and grinning.

    Xuanyuan San Guang stared and said, “Why are you two son of turtles not gone yet, you still want to bet with me?” The taller of the two interrupted, “There’s only one and a half son of turtles here, and half is the daughter of turtles.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang’s eyes became even larger, and stared at the shorter person. Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “There’s only one son of turtles here, I am your great grandmother.”

    She did not know that Xuanyuan San Guang had recognized her, and did not expect that without waiting for her to finish her words, Xuanyuan San Guang had ran out the door like a cat whose tail has been stepped on.

    By the time Du Jiao Jiao gave chase, Xuanyuan San Guang had disappeared, but those people on the street were all turning their heads and looking towards the left.

    Obviously Xuanyuan San Guang had escaped towards the left.

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “Don’t worry, that compulsive gambler’s Lightness Skill has never been very good, we’ll certainly be able to catch up.”

    She had just finished her words when Xuanyuan San Guang suddenly retreated from the street on the left side, and his retreat is even much faster than when he was escaping.

    Once he retreated to this street, he turned around and ran back towards this side, his face filled with panic and dashed back into the gambling den. Naturally Du Jiao Jiao followed him back in.

    Bai Kai Xin laughed, “What are you doing? Have you seen a ghost?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang placed his eyes at the gap in the door and peeked outside, mumbling, “Really met a big headed ghost.”

    He looked even more nervous, his face turning a little pale. Du Jiao Jiao and Bai Kai Xin exchanged looks and can’t help but looked out through the door gap as well, and really saw two men walking out from the street on the left.

    The person walking in front was very tall with broad shoulders, but as think as a stick, and wearing a short blue robe, looking exactly like a giant made of paper. Once the wind blows, he will be blown up the roof. Not only does he look weird, his face is very strange as well, because although his face is full of wrinkles, but there’s no beard on him at all, or even eyebrows.

    His eyes are so thin it has sunken in, so it looked especially large. His face may be sallow and thin, like a sick man, but once matched with that pair of eyes, he looked powerful, not someone to be trifled with.

    Bai Kai Xin said, “This lad looks really weird. I’ve actually never seen or heard that there’s such a strange person in the martial arts realm, apparently I have been too lazy for the past few years.”

    Du Jiao Jiao can’t help but furrow her brows and asked, “Compulsive Gambler, do you recognize this person?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “No.” His eyes were staring at the person behind this strange man.

    The man walking behind the strange man, does not look strange at all, but looked very handsome instead. He is past middle age, but his face is very well maintained. The colors he wore were very well coordinated, very distinguished, it’s just that he is trying his best to fake a smile, but he still looked dejected and worried.

    This person is surprisingly Jiang Bie He.

    Du Jiao Jiao was even more surprised, and furrowed her brows, “Why isn’t Jiang Bie He following Wei Wu Ya? But came with this weird guy instead?”

    At this point in time, a horse suddenly rushed out from the street corner on the right. The horse is red in color, like a ball of fire, flying into this street, and looked almost like it’s going to knock down a noodle stall at the side of the street. But the horse rider’s skill is not too bad, and right in the critical instant, stopped the horse, and not even a single bowl was broken.

    Only now did everyone manage to take a proper look at this rider, who like the horse, was clad in red, the hand holding on a fiery red horsewhip. As the noble horse was quietly panting, she has come down from the saddle. And so everyone realized that her looks is even more outstanding that her horse riding skills, her mischievous and lively large eyes were so beautiful that it takes one’s breath away.

    Everyone’s eyes were looking at her, but she treated those people as if they were dead, not taking even a single look at them, but just stamped her foot and called out, “Hey, come quickly, is yours a three-legged horse?” At this time another horse came running from the end of the street, and the person on the horse replied, “It’s not me who is slow, it’s you who riding too fast.” As he spoke, this person came down the horse as well, his moves agile, and he is a refined, gentle young man, the material his clothes were made of very expensive as well.

    The young girl in red pouted and stared, “Who dares to say that I ride too fast, have I ever knocked anyone down?” That young man realized that many were looking at her, and he seemed to be blushing as he stammered, “You… you’re not fast. It’s… it’s me who is too slow.”

    Only now did the young girl in red smile, “Now that’s a good boy, Big Sister here will treat you to supper.”

    The youth’s face blushed even redder, and dare not even lift his head up. Everyone felt that this young man is too gentle, too shy, like a big girl, but this girl is too difficult, too fiery, that makes one difficult to swallow.

    Even that weird man took notice of this young couple, and only Jiang Bie He, on seeing these two, immediately lowered his head. Because only Jiang Bie He knows who these two are. The young girl in red is Little Fairy Zhang Qing; this very gentle, very shy young man, naturally is the young master of the Godly Fist family, Gu Ren Yu.

    Little Fairy beamed and said, “Today can be considered Miss Jiu’s good day, I’m very happy as well, so I must have a good meal, and a few good drinks.” Gu Ren Yu can’t help but sigh quietly.

    Little Fairy stared at him immediately and asked, “Why are you sighing? Now that Miss Jiu has someone else, are you feeling very bad?”

    Gu Ren Yu hurriedly smiled and replied, “Why would I feel bad, I… I…” Not only was his face red, his neck reddened as well.

    Little Fairy guffawed and said, “It’s best that you don’t feel bad. Look, they actually have steamed meat, and pearl meatballs here, I have not eaten such snacks for a few years, because besides Hu Bei, those made by other places are all not as nice.” She chattered, talked and laughed, and just as she dragged Gu Ren Yu to the stall and sat down, she suddenly stood up again, and staring at Jiang Bie He standing on the opposite side, said, “Look, who is that?”

    Gu Ren Yu followed her gaze and looked over, the expression on his face changed as well and asked quietly, “Why is he here as well.”

    Little Fairy laughed icily, “That’s right, the awe inspiring Hero of Jiang Nan, why would he hide at a small town like this, or could he be ashamed to see others. No wonder those in the martial arts realm says that Hero Jiang has disappeared.”

    The volume of voice, even the deaf would have heard her, and there are some on the streets who knows about the Hero of Jiang Nan, and can’t help but turn and look at Jiang Bie He. Only Jiang Bie He seemed not to have heard anything, and walked ahead with his head lowered, as if he was wishing that he could walk to the end of the street with just one step.

    But Little Fairy walked to his front with just one step, and said with an icy smile, “Jiang Bie He, Hero Jiang, why aren’t you talking? Weren’t you very good in talking in the past? And I still remember how remarkable you were.”

    Not only did Jiang Bie He not reply, he did not even lift his head.

    Little Fairy said fiercely, “Jiang Bie He, you need not pretend, there’s no use in pretending, there’s a lot of people looking for you to settle some old scores, so you better come with me.”

    Jiang Bie He stood there, not even moving, without a single expression on his face. The mighty Hero Jiang, is now like a dead man. The weird guy standing next to him suddenly exclaimed, “He cannot leave with you!” This person’s voice is deep and hoarse, as if he has torn his voice box, and the sound he emitted were squeezed out word by word from the tears in the voice box.

    Little Fairy suddenly saw this person, and heard his voice, and can’t help but blurt out in surprise, “Why can’t he leave with me?”

    The weird guy replied, “Because he has to come with me.”

    Little Fairy exclaimed angrily, “Leave with you, who do you think you are!” As she shouted, the whip in her hand flew out as well. This whip, once in her hands, seems to have become a living, poisonous snake, or a moving flame, curling towards that weird man’s face.

    But that weird man’s reaction was a little retarded, as if he did not know that it’ll be painful if the whip is lashed at his face, and just stared at the whip in a daze.

    Just as this whip was about to leave a blood stain on his face, who would have expected that once the end of the whip was in his hand, the long whip suddenly broke into ten over pieces, each piece dropping to the floor. Little Fairy stood unsteadily and retreated a few steps, finally falling into Gu Ren Yu’s arms.

    Others only saw the whip break, Little Fairy fall, and as to how did that weird man strike, how was his strength executed, no one saw.

    Even Little Fairy can’t figure out what happened, she only felt a strange power traveling through the long whip and her body immediately felt as if it’s been stuck by lightning. If it was someone else, to have suddenly experienced such frightening martial arts, would either be half scared to death, or would never dare to strike again. Ever since Little Fairy roamed the realm, she has never taken such a beating.

    On seeing this weird person’s martial arts, Gu Ren Yu had wanted to quietly persuade her to bear with it, but who would have expected that she would jump up, and drew out two short swords.

    The reflection from the swords shone like lightning, and right at that instant, Little Fairy had struck seven times at that weird man, every attack aiming to cut through him.

    The weird man lightly scolded, and without even taking a good look at how he moved, Little Fairy’s two swords suddenly flew out from her hands! Like two green rays of sparks, it flickered in the darkened sky before disappearing to who knows where.

    Taking another look at Little Fairy, she has fallen into Gu Ren Yu’s arms again, but no matter how much strength she used this time, she can forget about standing back up again.

    The weird man asked solemnly, “Whose disciple are you? How dare you strike so heavily without any reason? Are the juniors in the martial arts realm becoming more and more ignorant about the rules?”

    Little Fairy scolded, “You are the junior! You don’t know the rules, do you know…” Her voice suddenly stopped, because Gu Ren Yu can’t take it anymore and covered her mouth.

    Little Fairy used all the remaining strength in her body and elbowed him in the stomach. Although Gu Ren Yu released his hold in pain, but her body slid down to the floor as well and she actually sat on the floor. She might as well remain on the floor and pointing her finger at Gu Ren Yu’s nose, she said, “I have been bullied thus, and not only are you not helping me, but you’re refusing to let me speak, what kind of a man are you! No wonder others are calling you Sister Gu.”

    Gu Ren Yu’s face blushed red and he stammered, “I… I… I really…”

    “I really was mistaken about you. I had thought that you were a man, who would have expected that you’re… you’re softer than tofu, you really sadden me.” As she finished her sentence, tears were already flowing down her face.

    Gu Ren Yu suddenly gritted his teeth and took a large step towards that weird man and shouted, “Your martial arts is indeed marvelous, but I would still like to exchange some pointers with you.” The weird man had a solemn look, but did not speak.

    Gu Ren Yu exclaimed, “Take note, I am going to strike!” He may be a little wishy-washy as a person, but when he fought he’s actually quite swift, and also stable, vicious, accurate and fast.

    The punch landed right on the weird man’s body, but strangely, that weird man did not try to avoid this punch at all.

    Little Fairy’s tears stopped flowing, her eyes shone as well, because she has known long ago the potency of the Gu family’s Godly Fist, and also knows very well how strong Gu Ren Yu is.

    Gu Ren Yu’s martial arts may not be showy, but it’s very pure, if his punch were to land solidly, even a cow would have been flattened by him, much less a man.

    Little Fairy almost wanted to clap, but she immediately realized that the weird man was not flattened at all, and even his expression has not changed. Gu Ren Yu’s inherited Godly Fist, when struck on him, seems to be massaging his back instead. Instead, it was Gu Ren Yu who stood unsteadily, almost falling.

    Only now was Little Fairy truly shocked, and that weird man stared at Gu Ren Yu and asked, “Who are you to Gu Lao Si (Lao Si = number four)?”

    Cold sweat appeared on Gu Ren Yu’s forehead and he asked, “Could it be that Elder… Elder is acquainted with my father?”

    That weird man ‘humphed’ and said, “I heard that Gu Lao Si have always been very strict with his family, how can he possibly let a disciple like you flaunt about in the martial arts realm? It must be known that for those who knows martial arts, the more they should learn self control. If one fight just because of some disagreement, then that is the behavior of thieves and robbers, haven’t your Father taught you this before?”

    Gu Ren Yu dared not even lift up his head as he was reprimanded, much less speak, but Little Fairy can’t help but shout, “Who are you really? What gives you the right to lecture us?”

    Jiang Bie He stood by the side like a log, and was not surprised at all, as if he has long known that once this weird man strike, he will surely be able to defeat Little Fairy and Gu Ren Yu.

    Now he suddenly laughed, “Don’t you even know who this esteemed one is? He is Hero Yan Nan Tian!”

    Yan Nan Tian!

    Once these three words were spoken, Little Fairy dare not be insolent any further. Her eyes were staring, her mouth agape, unable to close at all. Gu Ren Yu had already flipped himself over and bowed down. Even the ruffians who were coming out from the gambling den, those who have heard of the name ‘Yan Nan Tian’, were so scared that they dare not even breath too loudly.

    Yan Nan Tian said solemnly, “Jiang Bie He will never be able to cheat and or do any evil, so you need not settle any more scores with him, because someone else will be settling scores with him first, and it’s a debt that was made twenty years ago.”

    Gu Ren Yu sweated profusely and stammered, “Yes… yes…” Yan Nan Tian continued, “I hope that you will not bully others with your martial arts in future, or kill rashly?”

    Gu Ren Yu lowered his head, “Yes.”

    Yan Nan Tian waved his hand and said, “You may leave.”

    Bai Kai Xin and Du Jiao Jiao, who were hiding behind the door, were so frightened that their legs have gone soft, the clothes on their back soaked with sweat. Although Xuanyuan San Guang was also a little guilt ridden and frightened on seeing Yan Nan Tian, but he was not as scared as them. Looking at their reaction, Xuanyuan San Guang can’t help but laugh and said calmly, “Why are you son of turtles no longer shouting? I heard that you people trapped Yan Nan Tian in the Valley of Evil for twenty years. I did not believe it at first, but now it seems that this is true after all.”

    Bai Kai Xin interrupted, “She, Da Zui and the rest did it, it’s none of my business.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed, “Since it’s none of your business, then why are you son of turtle so afraid?”

    Bai Kai Xin asked, “Aren’t you afraid of seeing him as well?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “I have not done as much evil as you, so I need not be as frightened as you son of turtle.”

    Bai Kai Xin suddenly beamed and said, “As the saying goes, there’s only those who force themselves on others, but no one who forces others to gamble, so forcing others to gamble is even worse that forcing oneself on others. The most evil thing I have done is forcing myself on others, but you… heh heh, just you wait and see, if Yan Nan Tian knows that you’re Compulsive Gambler, it’ll be strange if he doesn’t beat your brains out.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang wiped his sweat off, speechless. The three of them wished that Yan Nan Tian would quickly take Jiang Bie He far, far away, but who would have expected Yan Nan Tian to order a flask of wine, took a seat at the stall and started drinking.

    Jiang Bie He stood at the side with his hands slumped, not daring to walk, not daring to sit. Others were so frightened that they can’t sit properly as well, and even hands of the boss of the stall were shaking. But Yan Nan Tian behaved as if no one else was there, and kept on drinking cup by cup, heaving a long sigh with every cup he drank, as if he is troubled.

    Xuanyuan San Guang furrowed his brows and mumbled, “Why would Jiang Bie He that son of turtle be together with Yan Nan Tian? This is really strange.”

    He thought that no one would answer his question, but Du Jiao Jiao suddenly sighed and said, “Now I remember Jiang Bie He’s background.”

    “What is his background?”

    “He must be Jiang Qin?”

    “Who is Jiang Qin?”

    “When Yan Nan Tian went to the Valley of Evil, he said he wanted to find Jiang Qin to seek revenge, because Jiang Qin caused the death of his sworn brother Jiang Feng.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang was stunned and asked, “Since he wants to look for Jiang Qin to take revenge, why don’t he just kill him now instead of running around the streets with him?”

    “Because he wants to find Xiao Yu’er first, and have Xiao Yu’er take revenge with his own hands.”

    “That’s right, this could be the reason, but what if he cannot find Xiao Yu’er?”

    Bai Kai Xin suddenly grinned again, “I’m afraid he will never find that little imp in this life time.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang asked in surprise, “Why not?”

    Bai Kai Xin opened his mouth, but only smiled and did not speak, because Du Jiao Jiao had quietly grabbed hold of his hand.

    Right at this time, they suddenly saw someone holding a flask of wine walking towards the small stall that Yan Nan Tian was sitting at, and sat next to Yan Nan Tian. A lantern was hanging on the noodle stall, and the light shone on this person’s face. He looked young and refined, but his face was frighteningly pale.

    Xuanyuan San Guang was again surprised and said, “Isn’t this son of turtle Jiang Bie He’s son, Jiang Yu Lang?”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “That’s right.”

    Jiang Yu Lang did not seemed to have noticed his father, and Jiang Bie He behaved as if he doesn’t know him as well. Father and son, none took a look at the other.

    Xuanyuan San Guang furrowed his brows, “What is this father and son pair up to?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “It seems that he must be here to save his old man.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed coldly, “Just that little bastard, I’m afraid he’s not that capable.”

    Du Jiao Jiao suddenly smiled, “He may not be very capable, but he is full of tricks. Even Xiao Yu’er will sometimes be tricked by him.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang stared and laughed frostily, “I know he is full of tricks, but compared to Xiao Yu’er, he’s still a long way off.”

    Du Jiao Jiao rolled her eyes, not talking further. She already found out that this Compulsive Gambler is on good terms with Xiao Yu’er, or he’ll not have spoken up for him.

    By now Jiang Yu Lang is already offering a toast to Yan Nan Tian, and laughing as he chatted. Obviously Yan Nan Tian does not know that he is Jiang Bie He’s son, so he did not make things difficult for him. After saying a few words, Yan Nan Tian suddenly stood up and exclaimed loudly, “You really know Jiang Xiao Yu?”

    Jiang Yu Lang stood up as well and smiled condescendingly, “Not only do I know him, but it can be considered that we’ve gone through thick and thin together.”

    Yan Nan Tian grabbed his shoulders and asked, “You.. have you seen him recently?”

    “He was still drinking with me two days ago…” Without waiting for him to finish his words, Yan Nan Tian interrupted, “Do you know where he is now?”

    Jiang Yu Lang sighed and replied, “He’s always roaming around, but I may be able to find him.”

    Yan Nan Tuan asked, “Really?”

    Jiang Yu Lang replied with a bow, “No matter how bold I am, I dare not lie to Elder.”

    Tan Nan Tian replied, “Good, good, good…” He’s really overjoyed, and actually uttered the word ‘good’ more than ten times, forgetting to loosen the hands that were grabbing Jiang Yu Lang’s shoulders tightly as well.

    Although Jiang Yu Lang’s bones were almost breaking from his strength, but his face revealed a smile.

    Jiang Bie He’s eyes shimmered, and suddenly exclaimed loudly, “This lad is of dubious background, how can Hero Yan believe him so easily.”

    Yan Nan Tian roared angrily, “Shut up, there’s no place for you to talk when I’m around.” He hurriedly threw some copper coins on the table and dragged Jiang Yu Lang away. Jiang Be He can only follow dejectedly with his head lowered, but the corners of his mouth curved up secretly into a smile.

    End of Chapter 113

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 114

    Du Jiao Jiao, who was hiding behind the door, smiled when she saw Yan Nan Tian being tricked by Jiang Yu Lang and mumbled, “I knew long ago that Yan Nan Tian will surely be tricked, my guess is correct after all.”

    Bai Kai Xin giggled, “This little imp is really quite capable, he put on a damn good act, Yan Nan Tian actually left with him, he’s really been hoodwinked.”

    Du Jiao Jiao added with a smile, “Now not only can Yan Nan Tian forget about every finding Xiao Yu’er, I’m afraid he may even lose his life to that father and son.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang was in a daze for a moment, and he suddenly pushed the door open, thinking of rushing out. But who would have expected that Du Jiao Jiao would already be waiting behind him. He had just pushed the door open when Du Jiao Jiao sealed five or six of his acupoints with lightning speed, carried him up her shoulder and flew out through the window behind.

    Xuanyuan San Guang was shocked and furious, but he can’t even talk. Du Jiao Jiao made her way out of the small town from the back of the house, and although the sky is very bright now, there is no one on the path leading into the mountains. She seemed to be using all her strength and ran up the mountain, and who knows how long she has gone, when suddenly sounds of metal being knocked can be heard in the distance.

    Li Da Zui, Ha Ha’er and Du Sha were splitting the mountain. They suddenly saw Du Jiao Jiao and Bai Kai Xin rushing back, as if they were chased by ghosts. The weirdest thing is, Du Jiao Jiao is carrying someone on her back. Li Da Zui and the rest stopped immediately and walked over.

    Ha Ha’er looked around and chortled, “I thought who it could be, so it’s Compulsive Gambler who has arrived, haha, well met, well met.”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “Compulsive Gambler, we have not met for years, but why is it that you’ve climbed onto Du Jiao Jiao’s back? Don’t tell me Compulsive Gambler has now become Compulsive Lecher?”

    Du Sha furrowed his brows and asked, “What is this all about?”

    Du Jiao Jiao did not reply first, but threw Xuanyuan San Guang down heavily on the ground, and with this throw, all his acupoints were unsealed. He did not even stand up but has already started laughing loudly, “So you son of turtles are all here. Turtle Hill now has so many sons of turtles here, how apt is the name.”

    Bai Kai Xin laughed, “Du Jiao Jiao sealed seven or eight of your acupoints without any reason, and threw you onto the floor like a dog, not only are you not fighting with her, but you’re laughing instead, heh heh, seems that you’re very easy to bully.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang is a naturally straightforward person, and to suddenly see so many old friends, he forgot about everything else. But now with Bai Kai Xin’s instigations, he immediately flared up again, jumped up and pointed at Du Jiao Jiao’s nose, “Let me ask you, why did you neither man nor woman son of turtle seal my acupoints, do you really think I can be easily bullied?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “Let me ask you, were you thinking of giving a warning just now when you rushed out, telling Yan Nan Tian not to be tricked by Jiang Bie He and his son.”

    Once the three words ‘Yan Nan Tian’ was spoken, Li Da Zui, Ha Ha’er and Du Sha paled, and they could not even seem to stand properly.

    Du Sha asked hoarsely, “Yan Nan Tian?”

    Li Da Zui added, “Could it be that he… he has recovered?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “Not only has he recovered, but his martial arts seems to be even better than before. When I saw him, I did not recognize him at first, but once he revealed his martial arts, I knew for certain he is Yan Nan Tian, because besides Yan Nan Tian, no one else in the world has such formidable martial arts.”

    Ha Ha’er’s teeth were chattering, not only is he unable to laugh now, he can’t even talk as well.

    Bai Kai Xin interrupted, “He has been tricked away by Jiang Bie He and his son, but Compulsive Gambler wanted to get him back.”

    Before he could finish his words, Li Da Zui, Du Sha and Ha Ha’er have surrounded Xuanyuan San Guang, the three of them gritting their teeth, their expressions furious. Du Sha stared at him and uttered each word clearly, “What is the meaning of this?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang may not be afraid of anyone else, but he is a little fearful of Du Sha. Now that he saw his murderous intent, as if he will kill as soon as he stretch out his arm, Xuanyuan San Guang can’t help but feel his hair rising, so he forced out a smile, “I only want him to kill Jiang Bie He and his son, I have no other intentions. I can’t possibly have wanted Yan Nan Tian to create trouble for you?”

    Bai Kai Xin asked, “Let me ask you, if you have not done anything guilty, why did you run upon seeing us?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang’s expression changed and said, “This… this…” Bai Kai Xin clapped his hands, “Say it! Why don’t you say it? If this is not guilt, then what is?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang jumped up and roared, “I did not dig up your ancestor’s grave, why are you son of turtle always finding trouble for me?”

    Bai Kai Xin knew that his goal has been reached, so no matter how much Xuanyuan San Guang scolded him, he refused to talk. Li Da Zui, Ha Ha’er were really furious, and Du Sha looked all the more colder, and asked fiercely, “Did you run away upon seeing them earlier.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “I, Old Man Ge, that’s right, I did run away.” Xuanyuan San Guang puffed up his chest and said loudly, “But because I have lost all your money!” He had just spoke these words and everyone was startled.

    Ha Ha’er interrupted, “Our money? What money?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang explained, “All of you know me as Compulsive Gambler, but you do not know that although I like to win, I like to lose as well, because losing is even better than winning, especially if I lose to those poor small-time gamblers. Looking at their ecstatic expression after winning, the joy in that, you son of turtles will never imagine.” He took a breath and continued, “A few months ago I helped a friend send a sum of money to this wealthy man called Duan He Fei in Jiang Nan, and although I enraged Jiang Bie He and his son, but I betted with Duan He Fei on crickets for half a month and won a few hundred thousand from him. With these money, I thought of giving out some.”

    Li Da Zui laughed icily, “I did not expect that Compulsive Gambler would become a hero that robs the rich to give to the poor.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang continued, “But the more I want to lose, the more the money went against me, and I can’t lose it. One day I happened to be having tea at a teahouse, someone beside me suddenly started playing with dice. I saw it was to my liking, and gambled with those son of turtles.”

    Li Da Zui asked, “You won again?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed, “Those son of turtles were really lucky, my lady luck happened to walk away. If the other party opened a four points, I still won’t be able to win him, and I actually lost continuously for a few days and nights.”

    Bai Kai Xin suddenly interrupted, “Well lost.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang continued, “That teahouse was at a small alley, after I lost for three days, the old and young in that alley all won quite a lot from me, except for an old man. Although he goes to the teahouse everyday for tea, saw me losing everyday, but he was never tempted, never willing to gamble as well.”

    He smiled and added, “The more he refuses to gamble, the more I want him to gamble. Others said that not only does this old man not gamble, he doesn’t smoke nor drink as well, truly a log of wood indeed. Everyone calls him Li Lao Shi (Lao Shi = honest), and even said that if I can make this Li Lao Shi gamble with me, they will each kow tow to me once.”

    Du Jiao Jiao glanced at Li Da Zui and laughed, “I did not expect that there would be such a good person in the Li family, how rare.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang continued, “In that alley there’s also a Widow Du, and it seems that the magistrate is almost going to erect a Chastity Memorial Arch for her. Although she has a small stall at the mouth of the alley, but for the past ten years, no one has ever seen her smile, and there’s no one else in her house but for a dog who guards her door.”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “I did not expect that there would actually be someone from the Du family who is willing to remain a widow, how rare, what a pity she’s still missing a dog… haha, the best thing about a dog is that it cannot speak.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang said, “On the fourth day, I still had thirty thousand taels of silver left, so I pushed all the silver towards Li Laoshi and said, I only have to say one word, and I can let that Widow Du smile, and speak another word, and make her give me a slap. I asked Li Lao Shi if he believes me.”

    Ha Ha’er can’t help but ask, “Did he believe you?” Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “Widow Du never smiles, and a man and a woman should keep a respectable distance, so it’s impossible that Widow Du will slap a man. Naturally Li Lao Shi does not believe me, so I made a bet with him. If I lost, I will give him the rest of the silver, but if I win, he only have to gamble with me ten rounds of dice. He looked at the silver in front of him, and stared for more than an hour, but finally betted with me. He may be honest, but if an honest man were to see silver being offered to him, he won’t bear to decline it, because everyone were so sure that I will definitely lose this bet, and there’s not even a chance that I might win.”

    Ha Ha’er said, “But you won.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “As long as I can have a good gamble with him, naturally I must win at all costs.”

    Once he heard this, Du Sha can’t help but feel curious, and asked. “How did you win?”

    Du Jiao Jiao said, “Just one word that can make a widow smile, and another word to make her angry and slap someone… even I am baffled.”

    Li Da Zui and Bai Kai Xin looked at each other and really could not figure out what is the word Xuanyuan San Guang said and why would it have such a huge effect.

    Xuanyuan San Guang said nonchalantly, “At noon, that widow opened her fried pancake stall, and the dog is never far away from her, so naturally it’s with her as well. So I walked over, respectfully kow-towed to the dog and said ‘Father’. The widow was stunned and although she wanted to frown, but she can’t help but laugh in the end.”

    On hearing this, Li Da Zui and the rest laughed as well.

    Xuanyuan San Guang added, “Others saw that with just a word I said, that widow really laughed, and although they were awed and laughing, they still could not imagine how I can make her angry and hit me.”

    Du Jiao Jiao laughingly replied, “To tell the truth, even I cannot think of how you can do it.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang continued, “I only knelt in front of her and called her ‘Mother’, and her face turned red immediately, even her neck thickened, and she gave me a hard slap before turning around and leaving.” Before he could finish his words, Li Da Zui and the rest were already bending over with laughter.

    Xuanyuan San Guang said, “So Li Lao Shi had to play dice with me, but who would have expected that my luck suddenly changed, and I won ten games in a row. His bets were small initially, but later, he became nervous with all the losses, that he used his chamber pots and blankets as bets. After losing for ten games, he has lost everything. I asked him, you don’t even have anything to bet with, how can you continue to gamble? He was stunned for a while, but suddenly gritted his teeth and took me to his house. His house is now empty, but there’s a small building, and in it were a few large chests.”

    Du Jiao Jiao asked hoarsely, “Large chests? What kind of large chests?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “Large black chests, full of dust gathered at the top. Li Lao Shi said that someone else asked him to look after them, and he has never touched them, but now, he couldn’t care less.”

    He continued with a laugh, “Once a person becomes anxious from losing, he would even use his wife and son as bets. This Li Lao Shi may be very honest and reliable all his life, but an old house on fire will burn even faster.”

    Du Jiao Jiao asked, “He… he really lost all those chests to you?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “That’s right, but I did not expect that those chests would actually be filled with gold and silver, and all the more did not expect that those chests belonged to all of you. If not for the mark you made on the chests, I will never think that you will actually hand the chests to an old man for safekeeping, haha, this plan is really marvelous.”

    He continued with a loud laugh, “Because the money seemed to have dropped into my lap from the sky, and I got a few hundred thousand for nothing, I started gambling in full force. By the time I came here, I’ve lost almost all of it, and the rest I have given it away as wedding gift. Now my pockets are empty, so if you want me to pay up, I don’t have a single cent, but I still have my life!”

    Bai Kai Xin, Ha Ha’er, Du Sha, Li Da Zui and Du Jiao Jiao were all stunned, their face ashen, as if someone had just died.

    Ha Ha’er said, “So… so Ouyang Ding and Ouyang Dang did not hide the chests at Turtle Hill, but kept it in Li Lao Shi’s house, we were still tricked by them.”

    Ha Ha’er suddenly threw away the shovels and hammers that were on the ground, and laughed loudly, “Actually we really should thank this gambler.”

    Bai Kai Xin asked, “Thank him?”

    Ha Ha’er explained, “If he did not tell us, we’ll still be slaving here, digging holes. Now we can take a rest instead.”

    Du Sha said slowly, “Actually what he has said is correct, if not for Xuanyuan San Guang, we will never know where the chests really are, and will end up doing more work, feeling more anxious instead.”

    Bai Kai Xin exclaimed, “So this means that, you’re not planning to ask him to pay up?”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “He’s already said that he has no money, and he only has his life…”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “But the flesh on his body is not bad, don’t you want to have a taste of it?”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “If I eat this gambler up, won’t it be worse? If he starts betting with my intestines and gastric, I’ll suffer from indigestion.”

    He stared at Xuanyuan San Guang and continued, “You lost all the money, but did you lose the chests as well?” Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “No.”

    Li Da Zui’s eyes shone and asked ecstatically, “Where are the chests!”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “I found the chests too heavy, so I threw all of them into the River Yangzi.”

    Li Da Zui and Du Jiao Jiao looked at each other, speechless.

    Xuanyuan Sanguang sighed heavily, “Old Man Ge, you son of a turtle likes to eat human flesh, but human flesh is not something that can be bought with money, now that you’ve lost only some money, why are you so upset!”

    Li Da Zui sighed, “This you do not understand, the older one gets, the more greedy for wealth he becomes. Although I know that thing can’t be eaten, worn, or carried into my coffin, but I’m still liking it more and more.”

    Ha Ha’er added, “That’s right, even if I don’t do anything everyday, as long as I can close my door and count my money, I’ll be very happy.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “I think you son of turtles are really going into your coffins. If a person likes nothing else but money, then he is already half dead.”

    He sighed again, and continued, “But since you like money so much, why don’t you go and steal or rob again, anyway you son of turtles stole and rob those money as well.”

    Li Da Zui replied with a straight face, “This you do not know, an evil person also has a reputation to maintain, evil people with a status like us, if we go and kill and plunder again, others will be laughing their heads off.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang was stunned for a moment and he suddenly laughed loudly, “I did not expect that you sons of turtles are not even become robbers now, what other use do you have? I think you’d better go drown in your own pee.”

    Du Jiao Jiao chided, “What fart! Who dares to say that the ‘Ten Evils’ are useless?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang smiled icily, “Twenty years ago, maybe all of you can be considered the ‘Ten Evils’, but after hiding in that turtle hole for twenty years, you can only be considered the ‘Fifty Scaredy Turtles’

    Du Jiao Jiao fumed, “Who do you think you are, even twenty years ago, you are not qualified to be part of the ‘Ten Evils’, others only added you in to make up the number.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang said, “Since we’re all not really considered ‘evil’, why don’t we do some good deed instead!”

    Li Da Zui asked, “What good deed!”

    Xuanyuan San Guang pointed at Hua Wu Que who was on the ground and Tie Xin Lan who was in the cage and said, “Why don’t we let these three pitiful things go, so that they can be grateful to us for life.”

    Li Da Zui quietly replied, “That’s right, we’ve been hated by others all our life, and to have someone be grateful to us sometimes, is not a bad thing.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang asked, “Big Brother Du, what do you think?”

    Du Sha said icily, “Anyway these three are not far from death’s door, it won’t be interesting for me to kill them.”

    Bai Kai Xin rolled his eyes and said suddenly, “Since you want to become good guys, then you might as well do good all the way.”

    Ha Ha’er laughed loudly, “Haha, can ‘Harming others without benefit to oneself’ do good deeds as well?”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “I have been doing bad things all my life, now I would like a taste of what doing good deeds is like as well, or else I’ll have a hard time accounting to the King of Hell after I’m dead.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “What tricks are you son of turtle up to?” With his back towards Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan, Bai Kai Xin grinned, “The two of them has always been ‘I love you, you love me’ for so many years, it’s just that there’s Xiao Yu’er in the middle. Now that Xiao Yu’er has kicked the bucket, why don’t we just let this two become husband and wife, haha, and let lovers finally unite, isn’t that the best good deed.”

    Ha Ha’er clapped and laughed, “Not bad, we have been hiding for so many years, now we can have a wedding for them and liven things up, it’s a joyous matter as well.”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “I have not attended a wedding for more than twenty years, this must be really interesting.”

    Du Jiao Jiao pointed at Bai Kai Xin and laughed, “I knew you were up to no good, you’re really doing things that harm others without benefit to yourself.”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “Being a matchmaker, is the greatest good deed. If the King of Hell were to find out, he’ll have to increase my lifespan, so why do you say it’s not a good thing?” Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “You obviously know that the two of them are very sad now, but you want them to marry now, isn’t it even worse than killing them.”

    Bai Kai Xin blinked, “Even if they are very sad now, but after having a taste of that marvelous sensation after marriage, I guarantee that they will never be sad again.”

    Li Da Zui replied, “Good words really cannot come out of a dog’s mouth.”

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “This is called ‘a dog can’t change it’s habits of eating shit’, a bad egg will never become a good man.”

    Ha Ha’er said, “I don’t care what you say, anyway these two will have to get married, haha, and I want to personally help them change into their red wedding robes, and personally pour their conjugal wine for them.”

    Li Da Zui took a glance at Madam Bai and suddenly laughed, “Since there is a female worm here, we might as well find her a husband too.”

    Ha Ha’er took a look at Madam Bai, and took another look at Bai Kai Xin, and chortled, “Not bad, not bad, these two are a match made in heaven.”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “It seems that this lady is in luck, and she’s really fated with those surnamed Bai, no matter who she marries, it’s still the Bai family name, she doesn’t even have to change her name.”

    Bai Kai Xin is already shouting, “You… you…” As he spoke, he was already trying to slip away.

    But Du Jiao Jiao, Li Da Zui have already sandwiched him between them.

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “This is a very joyous matter, why are you thinking of fleeing?”

    Li Da Zui added, “You can’t flee even if you want to.”

    Ever since Xuanyuan San Guang heard the words ‘Xiao Yu’er has kicked the bucket’, he remained silent. Now he rolled his eyes as well, and suddenly said, “I know of two other people who are getting married, since it’s a joyous occasion, why don’t everyone do it together, it’s save money, and there’ll be a crowd.”

    Du Jiao Jiao asked, “You’re referring to that little lass Murong Jiu and your tanned friend?” Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “That’s right.”

    Li Da Zui chortled, “Why would the Murong family have a wedding celebration done together with us, this gambler is crazy.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “Why do we need to discuss with them. On that day, we’ll just squeeze into the wedding hall, place the three couples together and enjoy their wedding feast. Can they possibly make a scene with us on their big day?”

    Ha Ha’er clapped and laughed, “Excellent idea, excellent idea, haha, we’ll just force our way in.”

    Li Da Zui said, “I really hope that one of the dishes at the feast will be made from human flesh, then you can have your delicacies, and I can have my human flesh, that will truly be happiness for all.”

    Bai Kai Xin suddenly said icily, “I only hope that Yan Nan Tian will go to the wedding on that day as well.”

    Once he said those words, everyone can’t seem to laugh anymore.

    Xuanyuan San Guang said, “Yan Nan Tian will never go there for the wedding.”

    Bai Kai Xin asked coldly, “How do you know? You’re not a worm in his stomach.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang ignored him and continued, “Yan Nan Tian is intent on looking for Xiao Yu’er now, he won’t have the time to attend weddings.”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “Don’t you forget, one will go to somewhere with a lot of people when looking for a person, and a wedding is the most crowded. If I am Yan Nan Tian, I’ll join in the festivities as well.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang rebutted, “Don’t you son of turtle forget as well, who is the one leading the way for Yan Nan Tian now.”

    Bai Kai Xin was stunned, and did not speak.

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “Now that Jiang Yu Lang is leading Yan Nan Tian around, not only will Jiang Yu Lang never take Yan Nan Tian to the Murong family, he will not take Yan Nan Tian to any crowded places, because he’s afraid that others will spoil his ploy.”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “So this means that, the more crowded a place is, the safer it is.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “The safest place, will be where those ladies from the Murong family stays.” Du Jiao Jiao smiled and commented, “That’s right, I did not expect that this gambler would become so smart now.”

    Ha Ha’er jumped up, “Since that is the case, what are we waiting for, let’s go quickly. Haha, I’ve always loved a crowd, the more people the better.”

    End of Chapter 114

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 115

    Li Da Zui suddenly clapped his hands and exclaimed. “We forgot about one thing. The Murong Family will certainly do things ostentatiously, so why would they hold a wedding at such a remote and poor town? We should go and find out if they have left, and where do they plan to hold the wedding.”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “Then let that gambler go, he’s acquainted with them.”

    Suddenly someone from outside the window laughed eerily, “The living ghost has already gone there, so the gambler need not go.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang chortled, “Old Man Ge, so you half man, half ghost son of a turtle has not yet been banished to the 18th level of hell?”

    Yin Jiu You revealed his ghastly face at the window and grinned, “There’re enough ghosts in the world, there’s the gambling ghost, lecherous ghost, and on top of it poor ghost, drunken ghost, creditor ghost, petty ghost… there’s so many ghosts in the world, how can I bear to go somewhere else.”

    Du Sha asked solemnly, “You mean to say you’ve already found out the news about the Murong family?”

    Yin Jiu You replied, “That’s right, they had intended to have the wedding after they’ve gone home, but later changed their minds.”

    Du Sha asked, “Why did they change their minds?”

    Yin Jiu You shook his head, “They did not say, and no one dared to ask them.”

    Li Da Zui laughed loudly, “Once a woman decides on a matter, it will be a strange thing if she does not change her mind later.”

    Ha Ha’er said, “Why did they change their mind, maybe Du Jiao Jiao will know, haha, at least she is half a woman.”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “That’s right, I do know.”

    Ha Ha’er was instead startled, and said, “You really do know? How did you know?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “If you were to spend some thoughts on it, you would be able to guess as well, but a pity your thoughts have been blinded by lard.”

    Du Sha asked, “Why do you think they suddenly changed their minds?”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “Think about it, if they were to really hold a proper wedding, all the famous and reputable people in the martial arts realm will certainly come, and all will want to know what kind of a smart and talented man is this ninth son-in-law of the Murong family, and all will want to know what kind of an impressive husband she has gotten for herself after much choosing.”

    She giggled and continued, “But who would have expected that this Miss Murong Jiu would have become a crazy nitwit, and the husband she chose is an ugly, crazy man. If their friends and relatives were to see such a couple, won’t it be a total loss of face for the Murong family?”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “That’s right, the friends and relatives they have, are all men or ladies from wealthy families. This kind of people will make fun of others or wait to see them become a laughingstock, and some may have been jealous of them a long time ago, so if they lose their face now, how can they ever lift their heads up in future, so they might as well spare themselves the trouble.”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “So they might as well hold the ceremony for this embarrassing couple at this small place, and later send this couple somewhere else and let them lead a quiet life. If others were to ask about it in future, they can always say they want to make it a small affair, the new groom’s character is a little eccentric, and they will have a make up wedding feast in future…”

    Li Da Zui clasped his hands and exclaimed, “Excellent, excellent, in that way, even if others were to have any doubts about this in future, they won’t have any proof.”

    Du Jiao Jiao commented, “That may be the case, but people like that will maintain their reputation even if they have to die for it, so they won’t do a slip shod job. They will certainly want an elaborate wedding, invite some guests, to show that they are not trying to save money on the wedding. It’s just that those they invited are all unrelated, and no one would dare to laugh at them.”

    Yin Jiu You grinned, “Damn if Du Jiao Jiao is not considered a female Zhuge (referring to Zhuge Liang, the famed strategist), what she’s said is absolutely correct.”

    Du Sha asked, “Where are they holding the feast?”

    Yin Jiu You replied, “They have erected a kilometer long tent at the riverbank for the feast, and anyone can go there for a meal. Even beggars are given two catties of meat and a flask of wine.”

    Du Sha asked, “When will it be held?”

    Yin Jiu You replied, “Today.”

    Although the sky is not yet dark, but red lanterns are already lighted up inside and outside the tent, and pasted on it were the word ‘Double Happiness’ cut out from gold paper, and it truly looked like a joyous occasion.

    There are more people in the tent than a fly’s egg. That there’s a bride to be seen, all those villagers are squeezing their way in, not to mention that there’s free wine, fish and meat here. But not all are here for a free meal, some even used red paper, red cloth or red satin to make some wedding curtains and couplets, and wrote on them the words ‘Match Made in Heaven’, ‘Happily Ever After’ or similar congratulatory words. Some even gave money, and from people with common names like Zhang Ah Da, Li Hong Fa etc. The Murong family actually hung up those curtains, and with a glance, there were red paper hung from the bamboo everywhere, making swishing noises when blown by the wind from the river.

    Moored to the riverbank were three huge boats freshly painted, and often there will be servant maids who were beautifully dressed walking in and out of the cabins.

    Those drinking in the tents will stretch their heads out once in a while to and look at these boats.

    Someone commented. “This family is really strange, they invited so many people for the wedding feast for no reason, but the hosts are hiding in the cabin and not revealing themselves, and the groom is not even coming out to offer us toasts.”

    Someone else said, “Just make do with it, do you know the status of the family, why would they drink with people like us.”

    That person replied, “Looking at their bearing, I really cannot guess what is it that they do.”

    Another person said, “I heard that not only are they the wealthiest in the Jiangnan area, but they’re famous in the martial arts realm as well. They invited us so that we can join in the festivities, so we’d better drink more and talk less least we say something taboo and offended them. That would really be taking the hard way out.” Everyone were discussing and happily talking when they all stopped talking in unison and turned their heads around to look, as if they’ve seen some strange monster.

    It turns out that a horse carriage has stopped outside the tent, and the style of this horse carriage is strange enough, but the person who came down from it is even stranger. The carriage driver is a very burly large man, wearing a new set of clothes made from good materials but none of the buttons were buttoned up, revealing a whole chest of black hair! It would have been better if he did not smile, but once he did, his mouth seemed to have split from ear to ear, as if he can swallow two large buns at one go. Later, a few people walked down from the carriage, one is short and fat, one looked peculiar, and one even has a steel hook attached to the hand, the face so pale it looks green, making one fearful with just one look. These people’s looks are so strange, that it’s rare to find another one in the world, and who would have expected that they would be pushing and dragging three more people down.

    These three people looked weak, their faces haggard, as if they’re on the brink on death, but they were wearing red and green silk, dressed up like brides. The few hundred eyes in the tent were all staring at them, but they swaggered in as if nothing is happening, and suddenly swarmed into the tent.

    One of the large burly man with a face full of beard shouted, “Old Man Ge, do you son of turtles know where the hosts are? I’m looking for them.” Most of the people recognize that this is the strange man who operated the gambling den, and all had a taste of what he is capable of, so even though they were being called sons of turtles, no one dared to say anything.

    But there were two who just came from the city, and were some runners from some armed escort agency, who thought highly of themselves, so how can they tolerate such attitude. And adding drunkenness into the equation, the both of them slapped the table and jumped up at the same time, roaring “Jerk, who are you referring to?” Once they said the word ‘jerk’, they were suddenly lifted up by their necks. The two of them thought that their martial arts were not too bad, but now they can’t execute even a single stroke.

    Every one looked on, stunned, when suddenly a weird man dressed in green laughed and said, “This two lads actually dared to say that Brother Xuanyuan is a jerk, they do have guts. If Brother Xuanyuan do not punish them, everyone will be able to call you jerk in future.”

    That bearded man is already quite furious, and with someone instigating him further, it was like adding oil to fire. He lifted both his arms and it seems that the brains of these two men are going to be smashed.

    Luckily that round faced fatty grabbed his hands and laughed, “Haha, today is someone else’s big day, but you want to start killing others on arrival, won’t this be a lost of face for the hosts?”

    The one with the very large mouth laughed as well, “Even if you want to kill someone, you shouldn’t smash their heads. Although I don’t eat human heads, but once a person’s brains is smashed, it’ll look gross. If an old chicken’s head has been smashed, you won’t have the appetite to eat it as well, right?”

    That bearded man ‘humphed’, and with a swing of his arms, threw the two men away, each falling on a table, their head coincidentally dipping into a bowl of sweet and sour soup that has just been served. They screamed over the scalding, the bowls, plates, etc on the tables were smashed onto the floor into smithereens. There was an instant commotion in the tent, some young girls and old ladies were running away screaming, and some kids were so frightened they were wailing.

    Suddenly a person can be heard saying, “Which friend is it that is creating trouble here, are you trying to give my brother a difficult time?” The voice of this person is not that loud, but everyone can hear clearly each and every word, and there’s authority in that voice, making one afraid to disobey. The cries, the screams, the shouts, were all suppressed by this voice.

    A young man was seen standing at the head of the boat, his hands behind his back, looking very refined, like a scholar who has just enrolled in school. But his bearing was composed, standing there like a solidly build pavilion in the hills, anyone with a clear head will know that this person must be a highly skilled martial arts exponent with one look!

    The people in the tent quickly made way for these weird people to walk over.

    The fat man with a round face laughed, “Us villagers are clumsy, if we’ve been amiss, would little friend here forgive us.”

    He may seem to be apologizing, but he addressed the other person as ‘little friend’. That person’s expression darkened, as if he’s about to erupt, but he seemed to have suddenly remembered something and a look of surprise flashed on his face. His gaze swept over this group of people, and saw the strangely dressed Hua Wu Que.

    Once he saw that he was even more startled, and asked hoarsely, “Can all of you be… be…” That fat man laughed, “Little friend, you better not say our names out loud, or else it might dirty your mouth.”

    This person was silent for a moment, and he clasped his fists and said, “I am Qin Jian…” He had just uttered these four words when a few more people, some men and some women, walked out from the cabin. Naturally the women were dainty, gorgeous, and splendid, and of course the men were suave looking gentlemen. They obviously know who has arrived, but they still smiled. If they do not know the background of those who come, it is natural that they will welcome guests with a smile, but since they know the background of these people, and they can still smile, that is rare indeed. When those in the martial arts realm sees the ‘Ten Evils’, they would either fly into fury, grit their teeth, beat them up or turn and run away.

    Ha Ha’er laughed first, and chortled, “Will you guys look, how refined and learned the sons-in-law of the Murong family are. They are still so courteous even when they saw it’s us.”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “This is called living up to their great reputations, why else would those pretty ladies marry them?”

    Li Da Zui bowed and said, “I have heard that your family is celebrating a joyous occasion, so we came to offer our congratulations, but we wonder if Sirs will welcome crude people like us into your hall?”

    Standing at the head of the boat, besides the Third Son-in-law Qin Jian He, there was also the Eldest Son-in-law ‘Jade Swordsman’ Chen Feng Chao and his wife, Second Son-in-law Nangong Liu and his wife, Fourth Son-in-law ‘Plum Blossom Master’ Mei Zhong Liang and his wife and Fifth Son-in-law ‘Divine Eyes Scholar’ Luo Ming Dao and his wife. It can be said that the best of Jiangnan’s martial arts exponents are mostly here.

    They saw the strangely dressed Hua Wu Que, and although they could not hide the look of surprise on their face, they still continued smiling and being polite.

    They waited until Li Da Zui finished his words before ‘Jade Swordsman’ clasped his fists and smiled, “Since you are willing to grace us with your presence, you will be our esteemed guests…” Murong Shuang interrupted, “Besides, Mr Xuanyuan is a very close friend of the new groom. Everyone, please come up the boat.”

    Li Da Zui clasped his fists as well and said, “Since that is the case, we shall obey.”

    Only Qin Jian He and ‘Plum Blossom Master’ still has a look of caution on their faces and after Du Jiao Jiao walked past them, she suddenly turned around and smiled, “Don’t worry, we’re specially here today to attend the wedding, we won’t create trouble, nor try to steal, you don’t have to guard us like you’re guarding thieves.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang said loudly, “That’s right, today is the joyous occasion of Brother Hei, if any sons of turtle dares to sprout nonsense, I’ll be the first one to settle scores with him.”

    Bai Kai Xin smiled icily, “Just you, I’m afraid you’re not that up to it. If Li Da Zui suddenly has a craving for human flesh, are you going to use your head to stuff his mouth!” This group of people were talking, smiling, laughing and arguing their way to the boat, and in the tent, everyone was looking at them from the side of their eyes, wondering who those people really are? Why are the wealthy gentlemen treating them so politely? There was actually enough space to set a few tables in the cabin. The Sixth son-in-law ‘Little White Dragon’ and his wife, Seventh son-in-law ‘Scholar of Dong Ting’ Liu He Ren and his wife, Eighth son-in-law ‘Thousands Flower Sword’ Zuo Chun Sheng and his wife, ‘Godly Fist’ Gu Ren Yu and ‘Little Fairy’ Zhang Qing were all inside the cabin as well.

    Once Little Fairy saw them walking into the cabin, she stared at them from the corner of her eyes, but the eyes of most of the others, were still fixed curiously on Hua Wu Que. They really cannot guess why the disciple of the ‘Floral Palace’ would end up like this?

    But well brought up gentlemen like them will never ask about another’s private affairs. If the other person doesn’t talk, they can only pretend that they didn’t see anything even though they’re dying of curiosity.

    The few of them happened to occupy one table, with Du Sha sitting at the head of the table, and seated at his sides were ‘Jade Swordsman’ Chen Feng Chao and Nangong Liu. The two of them are refined and courteous, and seated between the strange looking people at this table, it made them look even more outstanding and poised. If it was any other day, if they were to meet with Hua Wu Que, they’ll be respecting each other’s intelligence and will certainly befriend him, but now, it’s inconvenient for them to even take another look at Hua Wu Que.

    Hua Wu Que’s eyes were looking down his nose, and his nose was pointing straight down at his chest, sitting there like a log, like he was sitting all alone in the wilderness, not caring if others were pitying him or laughing at him. After a few drinks, the newly weds still have not revealed themselves.

    Li Da Zui suddenly said, “Since it’s a wedding, why isn’t there a ceremony?” Chen Feng Chao replied calmly with a smile, “Everything was in done in a rush, so preparations might be incomplete, we hope that you can understand.”

    Li Da Zui replied seriously, “Even so, the ceremony cannot be done away with, besides…” Du Jiao Jiao interrupted with a smile, “Besides we have another two couples here to join in your festivities, waiting for Ninth son-in-law and Miss Jiu to go through the ceremony together.”

    Chen Feng Chao exclaimed, “Oh?” Nangong Liu asked, “I wonder who the couples are…” Although they were serious and polite, but at this point in time they can’t help but take a glance at Hua Wu Que, and saw that Hua Wu Que’s expression was neither sad nor happy. A pretty young lady next to him however, revealed a mixture of emotions on her face, so complicated that no one can guess what this is really all about.

    Ha Ha’er commented, “Haha, as the saying goes, good things come in pairs, but a pair cannot be compared to a trio. If the three couples were to go through the ceremony together, in future these three couples will certainly have the three fortunes: luck, longevity and many descendants.”

    Chen Feng Chao smiled slightly and said, “You’ve said so many auspicious words, and I really have nothing to refute your kind intentions, but a pity…”

    Li Da Zui furrowed his brows and asked, “A pity what?”

    Chen Feng Chao replied nonchalantly, “A pity that Sister Jiu has completed the ceremony, and is already on her way back now on the boat.”

    Nangong Liu added, “I’m sure all of you are aware, Sister Jiu and her husband have been in misery for some time, so since they want to spend their special day quietly, it’s not for us to try and stop them.”

    Du Jiao Jiao, Li Da Zui and the rest took a look at one another, not making any moves at all.

    Ha Ha’er said, “Haha, if it was someone else who said that, we would certainly have thought that he’s looking down on us, but since it is the two of you who said it, things are of course not the same.”

    Chen Feng Chao replied, “Thank you.”

    Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “If it was any other day, when everyone here were to see us, you would at least want to do punish us on behalf Heaven, because all of you are very good men, and when the good meets the bad, they will certainly clash, isn’t that so?”

    Chen Feng Chao just smiled and did not reply.

    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “So, if it was any other day, we would not dare to come and pay you a visit, because the reputation of the ‘Murong’ family is so great that it’s scary, and we really cannot afford to antagonize you.”

    Chen Feng Chao bowed slightly and said, “We wouldn’t dare.”

    Du Jiao Jiao said, “But today is different, because we’re already deduced that you will not make things difficult for us today, that’s why we dared to come here…”

    Ha Ha’er replied, “Haha, as the saying goes, just take things as they come, since we’ve came, we will have to be thick skinned and stay here. Luckily all of you are polite gentlemen, and it’s a joyous occasion today, so even if we misbehaved a little, you will never chase us away.”

    Qin Jian who was seated at another table suddenly stood up and said solemnly, “What are your plans actually, why don’t…”

    Li Da Zui interrupted with a smile, “We don’t really have any plans, just that we’d like to use your place here as a wedding hall and let this two couples get married.”

    Qin Jian wanted to speak further but Chen Feng Chao stopped him, and said with a smile, “Since all of you are willing to honor us, and this is another joyous matter, we’ll be more than glad, it’s just that… the ceremony can’t proceed without music.”

    Li Da Zui said calmly, “As the saying goes, if the sister-in-law is in need of help, the brother-in-law can lend a hand, flexibility can be applied if the nature is important, besides, the music is made for the ceremony, and there’s no need for us to listen to it, right?”

    Chen Feng Chao smiled and replied, “With your reasoning, I really cannot argue.”

    Li Da Zui clasped his hands and chortled, “Since that is the case, why worry if there’s no music?” He suddenly used two chopsticks and started tapping them on the bowl, and Ha Ha’er covered his mouth with his hands and started trumpeting.

    Du Jiao Jiao laughed so hard that she bent over, saying, “Such music can only be heard in Heaven, how often can one hear it on earth? With such marvelous music, shouldn’t the ceremony proceed?”

    She clasped Madam Bai and Tie Xin Lan on each side of her. Bai Kai Xin stared, but suddenly he grinned and clasped Hua Wu Que up as well.

    Li Da Zui shouted as he tapped on the bowls, “The newly-weds will go though the ceremony, the first bow to Heaven…” The sisters of the Murong family may be extremely talented and intelligent ladies, the eight sons-in-law were also reputable heroes, but they’ve never seen something so ridiculous and absurd. They looked at one another, not one of them can think of a plan to handle the situation.

    Right at this time, Yin Jiu You’s eerie voice suddenly shouted, “Who is that?”

    A person laughed and said, “I am not human!” Once these words were heard, everyone can’t help but feel startled.

    Although Li Da Zui and the rest knows that Yin Jiu You must be hovering somewhere nearby like a ghost, but who is the person that he met? The four words ‘I am not human’, were the words Yin Jiu You used most often.

    Yin Jiu You was stunned as well, and he said with a strange laugh, “If you’re not human, are you a ghost then?”

    That person replied, “Absolutely correct.”

    Yin Jiu You smiled, “You’re a ghost? Do you know what I am then?”

    That person said, “You’re only ‘half man half ghost’, but I’m a whole ghost. You’re still half a human, but I’m totally not human at all.”

    Once he heard that, Bai Kai Xin can’t help but clap and laughed loudly, “Marvelous, marvelous, I didn’t expect that Yin Jiu You would actually see a ghost during the day.”

    Although everyone was shocked, they can’t help but find this a little hilarious.

    That person laughed, “Absolutely correct, you’re all seeing a ghost during the day, I am the day time ghost!” Amidst the laughter, a person flew in from outside the cabin like a gush of wind. It can be said that everyone in the cabin were top martial arts exponents, and Du Jiao Jiao, Bai Kai Xin, ‘Thousand Flowers Sword’ Zuo Chun Sheng, ‘Divine Eyes Scholar’ Luo Ming Dao, the Lightness skill of these few people are famous in the martial arts realm. But when they saw this person’s Lightness Skill, they can’t help but feel surprised.

    Li Da Zui and the rest also knows that once ‘Half human half ghost’ Yin Jiu You clings on to someone, he’ll be like a maggot stuck to the bone and never let the other person escape. But this person was actually able to fly into the cabin easily while he was right next to Yin Jiu You, so obviously his Lightness Skill is so much better that Yin Jiu You, whose movement is already as quick as a ghost.

    They really dare not imagine who this person can be! Because besides the Floral Princesses and Yan Nan Tian, there is not a lot of people with such excellent Lightness Skill.

    But this person is not Yan Nan Tian, and naturally it cannot be the Floral Princesses. Under the light of the lamp, this person was less than three feet tall, and is actually a dwarf. Other dwarfs will surely look deformed and ugly, but this dwarf is different. His head, hands, legs and body were all proportionate, his face refined, long beard flowing from his chin, looking like an immortal or a Taoist priest.

    But the clothes he wore, looks neither like a priest or a mundane man. He was wearing a light grey short robe, a sword hung across his back, and this sword is two inches shorter than other people’s dagger, which makes it look like a child’s toy. If a child was to see this person, he will surely pull his hands and make him play hide-and-seek. If it was a street performer who saw this person, he will surely think this is a rare commodity. If it was a highly ranked official who saw this person, he will surely bring him to the Emperor, to be a joker in the palace.

    But once Du Jiao Jiao saw this person, she suddenly was unable to laugh. Du Sha and Li Da Zui, on seeing the change in her expression, also thought of someone suddenly.

    By now Yin Jiu You has flown into the cabin as well, and was about to fight with this person but Du Jiao Jiao and Li Da Zui hurriedly stopped him, and whispered some things into his ear. Yin Jiu You’s expression changed as well, and the hand, which was extended to strike, was retracted immediately.

    This person bowed around and said with a grin, “An uninvited guest, came to interrupt the feast, much apologies.”

    Chen Feng Chao, Nangong Liu and the rest naturally were secretly stunned, but they still replied politely. Only the Third Miss, Murong Shan Shan’s eyes shimmered, and she suddenly said, “When Junior was younger, I’ve heard rumors that there’s a strange hero in the martial arts realm, whose movements were like a mythical dragon, whose behaviour is unpredictable. I have long wanted to see for myself your impressiveness.”

    Murong Shuang’s eyes gleamed and she interrupted, “The strange hero that Third Sister is referring to, is he the one people address as…. address as…” That person chortled, “Miss need not find it a taboo word, just call out the name ‘Gui Tong Zi’ (Little Ghost Boy), I’m long been used to the name and not only will I not be angry, in fact I find that this name is not bad at all.”

    Once the three words ‘Gui Tong Zi’ was spoken, the expressions on Chen Feng Chao, Nangong Liu and the rest suddenly changed. They had heard such rumours when they were young as well, that not only is this person’s Lightness Skill extraordinary, he’s also said to be the only disciple of Japan’s Yi He Gu of the mysterious Ninja skill.

    End of Chapter 115

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 116

    It is said that ‘Gui Tong Zi’ is adept in the art of invisibility. If he wants to find out your secrets, you would not notice him even if he was hiding right under your chair. But this person was already famous fifty years ago and for the last thirty, forty years, no one has heard anything about him. It was said that he has left for Japan and to enjoy the exotic country. Others said that because most of the people in Japan are dwarfs, so he felt happier staying there. Now that this person appeared suddenly again, his intentions are unfathomable.

    Chen Feng Chao bowed and said, “I have long admired Elder’s great name, and now that I can be witness to Elder’s grace, it’s a most joyous thing indeed,”

    Gui Tong Zi laughed, “You may be saying that, but I’m afraid in your heart you really want to ask why an old weirdo like me came here?”

    Chen Feng Chao replied, “I wouldn’t dare.”

    Gui Tong Zi added, “Actually even if you don’t ask me, I will tell you.”

    Chen Feng Chao replied, Yes,”

    Gui Tong Zi continued, “I came today because of two matters. Firstly, I heard that this Miss Tie is getting married, so I specially engaged a group of musicians. I can guarantee that all of them are skilled musicians. If Miss Tie goes through the ceremony before the musicians arrive, won’t it be a loss of face for me, therefore, I’ll have to ask that Miss Tie must wait for a little longer.”

    Chen Feng Chao and the rest seemed to have heaved a secret sigh of relief, “So this old weirdo is not here for us.”

    But Li Da Zui and the rest were secretly startled, “How is this old weirdo related to Tie Xin Lan? Why is he concerning himself over her affairs?”

    Gui Tong Zi grinned at them, “Actually I don’t know this Miss Tie at all, it’s just that I’m a born busybody.”

    Although Li Da Zui still felt a little suspicious, but he did not say it out. After being cooped in the Valley of Evil for twenty years, and although the things that they did after their re-emergence into the martial arts realm bordered on the nonsensical, but they are after all the ‘Ten Evils’. And the name ‘Ten Evils’ is not something that is given to them so easily, when something major really happens, all of them will be capable of handling the situation.

    “There’s another thing which is even more interesting.” Gui Tong Zi said, “This time I unexpectedly saved someone, and this person is rumored to be a scoundrel. But I am born with a strange character, I love making friends with scoundrels, because if everyone else won’t be friends with a scoundrel, and I am like everyone else, won’t the scoundrel be very pitiful? If a person is pitiful, then how can he be called a scoundrel?” This person really has a warped logic, and the Murong sisters were secretly laughing when they heard this.

    Bai Kai Xin laughed as well, “If Elder likes to make friends with scoundrels, that is too marvelous. Because the number of scoundrels here is ten times more then the number of scoundrels added up everywhere else.” If he doesn’t say a few words to instigate something or to show sarcasm, not only will his throat feel itchy, but his whole body will feel uncomfortable, just like a dog who has seen poop, it’s difficult to make it not want to eat it.

    Gui Tong Zi looked at him and grinned, “It seems that this will be ‘Harming others without benefit to oneself’ Bai Kai Xin, you really live up to your name. I came up to this boat today, is to look for you.”

    Bai Kai Xin was stunned and stammered, “Look… look for me? Wh… why? I don’t eat humans, neither do I gamble, amongst these people here, there’s none who is more honest than me.”

    Gui Tong Zi replied, “Actually it’s not really me who is looking for you, it’s just that the scoundrel friend of mine has some issues to settle with you, so he would like to have a good talk with you.”

    He suddenly raised his voice, “Come quickly, you toothless tiger, or is it true that you really dare not let others see you anymore!” Once these words were out, Bai Kai Xin wanted to slip away, because he has already guessed who the person is. Madam Bai was still pretending to be shy but once she heard these words, her expression changed as well.

    But even if Bai Kai Xin has applied oil on the soles of his feet, there’s no way he can slip away by now. Once he leapt up, he saw Gui Tong Zi’s face blocking right in front of him.

    Right at this time, there was a bang on the deck, and a person walked in with large strides, and who else can it be but Bai Shan Jun, the one whose wife is about to be snatched away.

    Bai Kai Xin sighed and mumbled, “This messy affair, how can it ever be settled?”

    Li Da Zui grinned from ear to ear and said, “Take your time to settle it, anyway you’re brothers with the same ancestor, you can always talk things over.”

    Bai Kai Xin stared at him angrily, wishing that he can fight it out with him, but by now Bai Shan Jun has walked to him and he hurriedly smiled condescendingly, “Our family name is both Bai, and a single pen cannot write the word Bai twice at the same time, you must not listen to others trying to sow discord between our own family.”

    Li Da Zui said icily, “A single pen cannot write the word Bai twice at the same time, and how can a pair of pants be worn on two pairs of legs?”

    Bai Kai Xin jumped up, as if he wanted to leap over.

    However Bai Shan Jun stopped him, and actually smiled, “What this brother said is quite true, I…” Bai Kai Xin exclaimed, “True? He is totally bull-shitting, your wife and me, there’s nothing… nothing, and I have no wish to marry her as well. You came at the right time.”

    Bai Shan Jun replied, “Outrageous, since my lowly wife is now married to Brother, then naturally she is now Brother’s wife. Younger Brother here may be stupid, but I do know that one must not hanker after a friend’s wife, so how dare I flirt with my sister-in-law.” That he would actually say something like that, everyone was stunned.

    Bai Kai Xin stammered, “You… what do you mean by that? Don’t you want your own wife back?”

    Bai Shan Jun laughed, “I’ve never had that intention. The reason I came today, is just to make arrangements for the transfer, and once the arrangements are complete, no one is to argue about it in future.”

    Bai Kai Xin exclaimed, “I snatched your wife away, don’t you want to fight it out with me!”

    Bai Shan Jun replied, “Not only do I have no intention of fighting with you, I am instead extremely grateful to you…”

    Bai Kai Xin’s nose looked as if it’s twisted, and he asked hoarsely, “You… you… you’re grateful?…”

    Bai Shan Jun laughed heartily, “I have enjoyed her for twenty years, it’s time to let Brother enjoy a taste of her. She may be bad tempered, easily jealous, and although she knows how to cook, she doesn’t know how to take care of a household. But sometimes she will cook an egg for Brother to eat, it’s just that she may put a little too much salt in it.”

    Bai Kai Xin was stunned on hearing all these, unable to express his grief at all.

    But Madam Bai jumped up and screamed, “You… you moron, how dare you say anything bad about me…” Bai Shan Jun grinned, “Sister-in-law please don’t find the wrong person, I am now no longer your husband, you must remember this point now.”

    Madam Bai was stunned as well, unable to say another word.

    Bai Shan Jun bowed and said with a laugh, “I wish that the two of you will be happy for a hundred years to come, to be together until old age, and I beg the two of you, to let me have a way out, and in future I will certainly erect a longevity tablet for the two of you so that I will never forget your good grace.” He looked heavenward and laughed loudly before turning around and left.

    Everyone looked at one another, all not knowing whether to laugh or cry, not a single one of them would imagine that there would actually be someone like that, or such a thing happening in the world.

    After a moment, Madam Bai was heard mumbling, “He doesn’t want me, he actually don’t want me, is this real…”

    Bai Kai Xin sighed, “If only it’s not real, but a pity he seemed to be perfectly serious.”

    Madam Bai shouted, “This must not be true, he does not really feel that way, I know… I know he must be feeling very miserable now, I must not let him leave like that.” As she shouted, she ran out. After being starved for three, four days, Bai Kai Xin and the rest only gave her half a bun and a small cup of water, and now she used all of these remaining strength, as if she’s afraid that someone will pull her legs from behind. Actually, no one has the intention of stopping her at all, especially Bai Kai Xin.

    Bai Kai Xin originally thought that this woman is quite interesting, and the most interesting part is precisely because she is someone else’s wife. Most men will find that someone else’s wife is more interesting, and all the more ‘Harming others without benefit to oneself’ Bai Kai Xin. That’s why when the others forced him to marry this woman, he wasn’t exactly against it. He only hoped that when Bai Shan Jun finds out about this matter, he would be roaring and crying with anger, and come to settle scores with him. But who would have expected that Bai Shan Jun would actually give her to him, as if she’s just a pile of trash, quite afraid that he won’t be able to give her away. Now Bai Kai Xin is really disappointed. He suddenly realized as well that this woman is not that much more interesting than a pile of trash.

    That is the problem with most men. Even if it’s a pig, if there are two men fighting for her at the same time, then every inch of this pig will become beautiful, but if one of the men were to suddenly give up, the other man will suddenly wake up from his dream, “So she’s a pig, it’s just a pig.”

    Now Bai Kai Xin can’t wait for this woman to run out quickly, the faster the better, and if she slips and falls into the river, that’s even better. But who would have expected that Madam Bai had just reached Gui Tong Zi when he reached out his hand, grabbed her by her neck and lifted her up. He may be very much shorter than her, but strangely, he was able to lift her up from the ground, and made it look very easy as well.

    He carried her all the way back to Bai Kai Xin before putting her down. Madam Bai stared straight ahead, as if she’s so shocked that she doesn’t even know how the little short person can carry her up.

    She grumbled, “Can’t I go and find my husband?” Gui Tong Zi replied with a straight face, “Your husband is right here, where are you going to look for him?”

    Madam Bai said, “But… I have no wish to marry him, I was forced by others.”

    Gui Tong Zi asked, “If you do not wish to marry him, then why did you pretend to be shy like a bride earlier?”

    Madam Bai rubbed her eyes hard, thinking of rubbing some tears out, but her tears are not a lot, and they are disobedient, refusing to come out when they’re supposed to.

    Gui Tong Zi laughed, and suddenly tapped Hua Wu Que’s shoulder, He had to stand on tiptoes before he could tap his shoulder.

    He grinned and said, “Young lad, it’s really your good fortune to be able to marry the daughter of our Old Tie.”

    Although Hua Wu Que was standing, but besides being able to stand, he does not have the strength to do anything else. Maybe he can still talk, but, at a time like this, what else can he say? Gui Tong Zi looked at the expression on his face and asked with a furrowed brow, “No matter what, you’ve finally gotten her as your wife, why are you still unhappy?”

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly spoke up, “Elder, I… I….” Du Jiao Jiao and the rest did not seal her mute acupoint at all, because they’re not afraid of her talking. Even if she said something she’s not supposed to, they can stop her anytime.

    But now, with Gui Tong Zi right in front of her, they have no choice but to let her continue talking, because no one wished to be carried up by the neck.

    Even if Gui Tong Zi has no other skills but this, it’s already enough, because they saw earlier when he lifted Madam Bai, and if he just stretches out his hand, no one can guarantee that they will be able to avoid him. When he stretched his hand, it’s as if his hand was originally growing right out of Madam Bai’s neck. Luckily Tie Xin Lan only spoke three words, and she was unable to continue.

    However Gui Tong Zi smiled and said, “I know you have a lot to say to me, but there’s no hurry now. Very soon, you will understand everything.”

    The sisters of the Murong family were already secretly exchanging looks with one another, as if they’re discussing how to receive this strange person. The Murong family will never show any lack of courtesy towards their guests.

    But before they could speak, Gui Tong Zi has already said with a laugh, “You need not invite me for a drink of wine, I never drink, because I’m too small sized, I will never win others in drinking. That’s why I might as well not drink.”

    Chen Feng Chao smiled, “Since that is the case, why don’t Elder…”

    Gui Tong Zi interrupted, “Are you going to ask me what I like? Fine, I’ll tell you, I only like to see women take off their clothes and turn somersaults. If you want to receive me, then just turn some somersaults for me.”

    The expressions on the faces of the Murong sisters changed. Qin Jian, Mei Zhong Liang, Zuo Chun Sheng have already stood up, but Du Jiao Jiao’s eyes gleamed, hoping that they’ll start fighting sooner. Who would have expected that right at this time, the sound of music suddenly drifted in from the shore, and in this breezy night, it sounded so melodious, so charming and full of joy. No matter who, once he hears such music, he will not fight.

    Once the music started, all the surrounding noises died down immediately, as if anyone with ears is totally mesmerized by this music.

    Even the eyes of ‘Bloody Hands’ Du Sha is slowly becoming more gentle. The music can actually make everyone remember the happiest time in their lives, the happiest thing. Amidst the music, young married couples have started leaning close to each other unconsciously, their gaze interlocked, filled with gentleness and bliss.

    Hua Wu Que’s gaze unconsciously looked towards Tie Xin Lan as well. Tie Xin Lan is also looking at him. They both thought of the times that they spent together. During those days, they may sometimes be in shock, sometimes be in fear, sometimes be in pain, sometimes be in sadness, but now, all they can remember is only those sweet memories.

    Gui Tong Zi looked at them and mumbled with a smile, “Now all of you should believe that this group of musicians that I’ve engaged is not only the best in the world, but also the one and only. Even the Tang Emperor has not the good fortune to listen to them.”

    The music is getting nearer and nearer, and they saw a small boat floating towards them on the river like a cloud. The boat was brightly lit, with more than ten lamps hanging high in the air, the light reflected on the river and there were another ten odd lamps in the river, looking like a seven treasures lighted pagoda coming down from amongst the clouds.

    On the boat there were seven to eight people, some playing the flute, some carrying the qin, some playing the pipa, some tapping on bamboo, and one of them was actually beating the drums. The low sound of the drum may be monotonous and without change, but each beat seems to be hitting everyone’s heart. Making everyone’s soul intoxicated.

    Under the light, it can be seen that although there are men and women in the group, but all of them has white hair, and some are even bent over and hunched back, like toothless old people. But when they stepped up the boat, everyone realized that they’re actually ten times older than when seen from afar. Those who have never seen them can never imagine that a person can live to such an old age, and even those who saw them cannot imagine this. That there were so many old men and old women playing music on a very small boat, this is something that is absolutely unimaginable.

    And the most unimaginable is that such exuberant, youthful, uplifting music, actually came from this group of muddleheaded looking old people. If this is not seen with one’s own eyes, he will never believe it. But now everyone saw for themselves, it’s just that no one could see clearly how they got up their boat, because the small boat is too swift.

    By the time the Murong sisters thought to go out and receive them, these old people are already on the boat suddenly, and the music did not even stop for an instant. The old man who was beating the drum has hair so white that it looks like snow, but his skin so dark it looks like charcoal, and he’s so skinny that there’s only skin and bones left. He used his thighs to hold a very large drum, and this drum looks even older than him, and very heavy as well. But he used his thigh to clasp it and flew up the boat lightly with the drum, as if they’re made from paper and a small breeze would blow him away.

    Chen Feng Chao came forward first and said with a bow, “Elders are all skilled beyond this world, I wonder why today…” Before he could finish his words, the old man who was beating the drum suddenly stared at him and said, “Is your family name Cao?”

    Chen Feng Chao was stunned, and replied, “Junior’s name is Chen Feng Chao.”

    He had just uttered the word ‘Chen’, when that old man who was beating the drum suddenly exclaim in fury, “Those with the family name Chen is nothing good as well.” Amidst his roar, his shriveled body has lept up to fly away.

    Gui Tong Zi furrowed his brows and pulled him, “Even if you detest those with the family name Cao, what has it got to do with those whose family name is Chen?”

    The old man who was beating the drum fumed, “Who said there’s no relation, If not for Chen Gong* who let Cao Cao off, how could my ancestors have died in the hands of Cao Cao?”

    (From Wikipedia: At the county of Zhongmou, where Chen Gong was the magistrate, Cao Cao was captured. When Chen Gong interrogated the fugitive, he was so impressed with Cao Cao's loyalty to the emperor that he decided to abandon his official post and join Cao Cao.)

    With the commotion he’s making, the music stopped. No one knows what nonsense he was blabbering about, and only Murong Shan Shan suddenly laughed, “So it seems that, can Elder be the descendent of the martyr of Nan Hai, Mi Heng?”


    The old man replied, “That’s right, ever since the Three Kingdoms, I’m the 18th generation that this has been passed down, that’s why my name is Mi Shi Ba (Shi Ba = 18)

    Only now did Chen Feng Chao understand what’s happening. So this old man is the descendant of Mi Heng, and Mi Heng played ‘Triple Tolling of Yu Yang’ on the drums and insulted Cao Cao. Cao Cao used the hands of others to kill him, and now this Mi Shi Ba wants to place this blame on Chen Feng Chao, making him at a loss as to whether to laugh or cry about it.

    But Murong Shan Shan replied with a straight face, “Since that is the case, then Elder should not forget that Chen Gong died in the hands of the traitorous Cao Cao, so Elder and those with the family name Chen should fight their common enemy. If you were to fight amongst yourselves, won’t those with the family name Cao look upon it as a joke.”

    Mi Shi Ba was stunned for a moment before he nodded his head, “That’s right, if not for your reminder, I would have forgotten. You’re quite an interesting young lady.”

    Suddenly someone shouted, “Is there anyone with the family name Zhong here?”

    This person is tall and thin with a long neck, and holding on to a qin. Bai Kai Xin thought that he has something against those with the family name Zhong, so he immediately pointed towards Li Da Zui and said, “This person’s family name is Zhong.”

    He thought that Li Da Zui will certainly be in trouble now, because the ladies of the Murong family will certainly not speak up for Li Da Zui, but who would have expected that this old man with the qin dropped down to the floor in front of Li Da Zui and said, “Old man Yu Zi Ya, when I was a young man, your grandfather Mr Zi Qi was the only one who appreciated my music, and he spread the words of my music, making it famous. Now that we have met each other, if you do not mind, please allow me to play a tune for you.”

    When Li Da Zui was younger he did have the reputation of a scholar, or Tie Wu Shuang would not have let him marry his daughter, so he naturally knows about the story between Mr Zi Ya and Zhong Zi Qi. That’s why when Bai Kai Xin said that his family name is Zhong, he did not object, and now he bowed and said, “If Elder has the mood for it, I will gladly listen.”

    Yu Zi Ya sat down straight, his fingers plucking the strings of the qin, and once the music started, it makes one feel light, as if they’re in heaven.

    Li Da Zui put on an act and closed his eyes, listening for a long time before saying loudly, “As majestic as Mount Tai! Excellent, marvelous.”

    Yu Zi Ya’s music suddenly changed, becoming more gentle and melodious.

    Li Da Zui clasped his palms and said, “Soothing like the River Jiang, excellent, marvelous.”

    Yu Zi Ya drew his hand across the qin and stopped gracefully. He heaved a long sigh and said, “I did not expect that after so many years, the Zhongs will still appreciate the music. This tune of mine, will never be played for anyone else in future.”

    Du Jiao Jiao have already seen that these old people are not highly skilled martial arts exponents, but she did not expect them to be so easily tricked.

    She can’t help but secretly laugh to herself, “The older one gets, the more muddleheaded, seems that this saying is not wrong at all. These people here are really old and muddleheaded.”

    Yu Zi Ya took hold of Li Da Zui’s hand and introduced the old men and old ladies to him one by one. The one playing the flute has the family name Xiao (Xiao = flute), and naturally he’s the descendant of Xiao Nong Yu. The person who played the zhu has the family name Gao, and he is most likely somewhat related to Gao Jian Li (, and whose descendent would be the one who plays the flute? It turns out that he’s the descendant of Han Xiang Zi, so naturally he’s related to the pioneer of essayist Han Yu as well.

    The Murong sisters almost wanted to burst out laughing upon hearing all these from the side. They are slowly coming to the conclusion that these people are all mad, and very hilariously mad as well.

    The most amazing thing is, the person who plays the yu claimed that he is the descendent of Mr Nanguo, and called himself Nanguo Sheng. Murong Shan Shan can’t take it any longer and said with a smile, “King Xuan of Qi loves the sound of the yu, and he will order 300 yu players to play at the same time, but 299 of them will certainly play better than Mr Nanguo*. Elder plays the yu so beautifully, so how can you be the descendant of Mr Nanguo?”

    (*Story of Nanguo -

    This Mr Nanguo is short and fat, and looked very friendly, that’s why Murong Shan Shan dared to joke with him. As expected he was not angry, and said with a grin, “Miss only knows that my ancestor was making up the numbers, and became a laughing stock for centuries to come, but you only know one aspect of the story and not the other.”

    Murong Shan Shan replied, “Junior is willing to be enlightened.”

    Nanguo Sheng replied, “After the death of King Xuan, King Min took over the throne and ordered the 300 yu players to play a solo piece. When my ancestor heard of the news, he escaped in the night. Everyone is familiar with this part of the story, but they do not know that after my ancestor escaped, he vowed to work hard from then on. Before his death, he is already the best yu player during that era, and he strictly instructed his descendents that all future generations must learn to play the yu, with the hope of erasing the joke about ‘Nanguo playing the yu’.

    He laughed and continued, “If Miss were to take a look, who else in the world plays the yu better than those with the family name Nanguo.”

    Murong Shan Shan immediately put on a serious look and thanked him, “Junior was ignorant, if I have offended Elder, I hope you will forgive me.”

    Actually everyone can see that Mr Nanguo’s family name is not Nanguo at all, Mi Shi Ba’s family name is not Mi, and the old man with the family name Han cannot possibly be the descendant of Han Xiang Zi.

    Because Han Xiang Zi has never married, so how could he have a son, and without a son, he can’t possibly have a grandson.

    But these old people insist on saying that, so everyone has no choice but to believe them. Although they can all see that these old people must be famous heroes of the martial arts realm fifty to sixty, or maybe even sixty to seventy years ago, but no one could guess their original names. All the more Tie Xin Lan could not guess why these old people would rush here to perform for her. Every one of these people are old enough to be her great-grandfather, so how could they be in any way related to her?

    The eldest Murong sister is gentle and well mannered, a capable wife and excellent mother who does not speak out of place. She has a slight smile all along, sitting there quietly, but now she suddenly pulled her husband’s sleeve quietly and said gently, “It’s getting late now, everyone is tired now…” Chen Feng Chao tapped her hand and smiled, “I understand what you mean.”

    Of course he can tell from the beginning that the situation today is getting more and more complicated, and he has no wish to drag this further with these weird unorthodox people, so he clasped his fists and said with a smile, “Now that the music is ready, we better finish up the ceremony for these two couples, so that everyone can have a hearty drink after that.”

    Du Jiao Jiao clapped her hands and laughed, “You’re absolutely right.”

    Ha Ha’er said, “Haha, as the saying goes, a single moment of the night is worth thousands of gold, we’re so busy talking that we forgot that the newly weds are anxious to go into the nuptials room.”

    They can also tell that these old people’s background are dubious, and wish they can get out of this situation soon. Who would have expected that Gui Tong Zi suddenly exclaimed loudly, “No, not yet, wait a little longer.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “Could it be that Elders have invited guests here for the ceremony as well?”

    Gui Tong Zi replied, “Not a guest, but a host.”

    Du Jiao Jiao can’t help but feel stunned, “Host? Aren’t all the hosts here?”

    Gui Tong Zi ignored her, but spoke with Mi Shi Ba, “Didn’t Lao Yao (Lao Yao = youngest in the family/ group) come with all of you?”

    Mi Shi Ba rolled his eyes and replied, “Who else can he come with if not with us?”

    Gui Tong Zi asked, “Where is he?”

    Mi Shi Ba replied, “Where is he, why don’t you ask him yourself?”

    “If I know where he is, do I still need to ask?”

    Mi Shi Ba stared at him, “If you don’t know, how would I know? I’m not his father.”

    Gui Tong Zi chided him with a laugh, “You have the same irritable temper as your ancestor.”

    Guo Nan Sheng laughed, “You obvious know that he has a bad temper, why do you still ask him, why don’t you ask me.”

    Li Da Zui was secretly laughing at the side upon hearing all these. These people are getting more childish as they age, and when they argue, they’re as good as him.

    Chen Feng Chao was afraid that they’ll argue further, luckily Nan Guo Sheng continued talking, “Lao Yao came with us initially on the boat, but he complained that the boat was moving too slowly, so he jumped ashore and came here on his own first.”

    Yu Zi Ya said, “This is called more haste, less speed.”

    Gui Tong Zi laughed, “I’m afraid his impatient character can’t be changed even when he’s dead.”

    The lady flutist interrupted with a laugh, “With his speed recently, even if he took the longer route, he should be here long ago. I’m just afraid that he got into his bad habit again and is now fighting with someone again while on the way.”

    Han Di Zi laughed, “If he is really fighting, then I’m afraid he won’t make it even if we wait another three days and nights for him.”

    Du Jiao Jiao rolled her eyes and suddenly spoke up, “This friend of Elders, once he start fighting there’ll never be an end?”

    Gui Tong Zi sighed, “If he does not fight until the other party kowtow and beg for mercy, he will not give up even if it means death.”

    Du Jiao Jiao took a glance and Li Da Zui and asked, “Could it be him?”

    Li Da Zui thought of someone as well, and suddenly exclaimed hoarsely, “Could this friend of Elders be….” Before he could finish his words, someone at the shore can be heard roaring suddenly, “Li Da Zui, Compulsive Gambler, where are you grand-bastards, scram out now!”

    Xuanyuan San Guang clasped his palms and laughed loudly, “With the arrival of this son of turtle, it’s going to get even more interesting.”

    Once that lion sounding roar was heard, Tie Xin Lan started shaking uncontrollably, either from surprise or from joy. The Murong sisters were secretly perplexed, the brother of these old weirdoes, how can he be an old friend of the ‘Ten Evils’? They really cannot understand.

    Li Da Zui and Xuanyuan San Guang jumped to the head of the boat and laughed loudly, “You crazy old man, you’re still not dead?”

    The person on shore laughed as well, “You grand-bastards are not yet dead, so how can I bear to die?” Amidst the laughter, a person jumped up the boat. A boat as large as this, even shook when he landed, and the wine in the cups spilled out, so one can imagine how heavy this person is.

    But it cannot be said that his Lightness Skill is not up to par, because from his leap from the shore to the boat, the distance is at least forty to fifty feet! Plum Blossom Master, Divine Eye Scholar, their Lightness Skill can be considered one of the best in the martial arts realm, but when they think about it, they may not necessarily be able to leap forty feet. Since this person’s Lightness Skill is not weak at all, but he deliberately shook the boat when he landed, no wonder Li Da Zui and the rest called him ‘crazy old man’.”

    Without even looking, everyone knows that the person who came must be a weird person and upon taking a look, they can’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. This person is not very tall, about six to seven feet at the most, and he looked square, like a huge rock. His head is even strangely bigger, if the head was chopped down and weighed, it’ll be at least thirty to fifty catties. The hair on his head was in a huge mess, like a chicken’s nest, the hair joining the beard, the beard joining the face, no one can differentiate which is the beard, and which is the hair. Even his nose and mouth can’t even be found. Looking from afar, he looks like a lion squatting on a huge rock, or like a lion that has been squashed out of shape.

    Once this person jumped up the boat, he started laughing and chatting with Li Da Zui and Xuanyuan San Guang. The ages of those three added up is almost 200 years old, but they still do not behave seriously. On seeing this, Chen Feng Chao can only give a forced smile, not knowing if he should come forward to welcome him or not. That strange man suddenly pushed Li Da Zui aside and roared, “I forgot to take a look what kind of a husband you grand-bastards found for my daughter. If he’s not to my liking, see if I don’t give all of you a sound beating.”

    He jumped up with a roar, and Du Jiao Jiao approached him with a smile, “This son-in-law we found for you, a crazy man like you will never find someone like him even if you went looking, you’re sure to be satisfied.”

    On seeing this weird man, Tie Xin Lan’s tears have burst out uncontrollably, and she struggled to rush forward, crying out, “Father…”

    With the suffering she felt, the bitterness she felt, she only managed to call his name before her throat got stuck, unable to say another word.

    Hua Wu Que has also realized by now that ‘Mad Lion’ Tie Zhan has arrived. Looking at Tie Xin Lan, he will never imagine that her father would actually look like that.

    Tie Zhan patted his daughter’s head and chuckled, “Good daughter, don’t cry. Your old man is not dead yet, you should be happy, why are you crying?” Before he even finished his words, he has already jumped in front of Hua Wu Que and looked at him from head to toe, and from toe to head again, scrutinizing Hua Wu Que for a few rounds. Hua Wu Que was so numb from hunger that he did not even move.

    Tie Zhan nodded his head, “Seems that this lad looks quite human, but… why can’t he stand properly, or have you found me a sickly man?”

    Gui Tong Zi laughed, “It’s not a serious illness, he only needs freshly steamed buns for his illness and he will be able to stand properly.”

    Tie Zhan was taken aback, and asked, “Could he be suffering from hunger?”

    Gui Tong Zi smiled, “That’s right.”

    Tie Zhan jumped up and roared, “Who starved my son-in-law into such condition?”

    Gui Tong Zi replied, “Who else but your old friends.”

    Tie Zhan suddenly somersaulted, extended his hands and grabbed Ha Ha’er and Du Jiao Jiao by their collars, and forcefully lifted the two of them up. His martial arts is not exactly the best among the Ten Evils, it’s just that when he fights, he does it without a care to his own life. If real skills are compared, he may not be able to win Du Jiao Jiao. But now he has just extended his hands, and he managed to lift Du Jiao Jiao and Ha Ha’er, and not only are they unable to resist, they’re unable to avoid him as well.

    Li Da Zui and the rest can’t help but feel stunned, no one would have imagined the great improvement in his martial arts. Mi Shi Ba, Yu Zi Ya and the rest have an expression of glee on their faces, and without a need to ask, these old freaks must have taught his martial arts. Ha Ha’er felt his neck about to break, and wanted to laugh but he couldn’t even get his breath out, and stammered, “Old… old friend, we can talk things over, why must you fight!”

    Tie Zhan fumed, “What’s there to talk about, you ate yourself into a fatty, why did you starve my son-in-law thus.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled condescendingly, “There’s something that Brother Tie does not know. If we don’t starve him, he would have run away long ago.”

    Tie Zhan asked, “Run? Why would he run?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “Why don’t Brother Tie ask him yourself.”

    Tie Zhan really loosened his hold, but grabbed Hua Wu Que’s collar and roared, “Let me ask you, why do you want to run away? Isn’t my daughter good enough for a sickly man like you?”

    Tie Xin Lan grabbed her father’s arm, “Father, let him go quickly, this has got nothing to do with him.” The confusion and pain she feels in her heart, how can she reveal them in front of so many people.

    Tie Zhan paused and asked, “What is this all about? … I don’t care about other things, I’ll only ask you, are you willing to marry this lad!”

    Tie Xin Lan lowered her head, “I…I…”

    Tie Zhan fumed, “Why have you turned wishy-washy now as well, what is so difficult to say it out, yes means yes, no means no. You only need to nod your head and this lad will be your husband, if you shake your head, I’ll chase this lad away for you.”

    But Tie Xin Lan’s head could not move at all. She can’t nod her head, neither can she shake her head. Remembering the love Hua Wu Que has for her, how can she shake her head. She knows that once she shakes her head, she may never see Hua Wu Que again. But she thought of that hateful yet lovable Xiao Yu’er… and how can she nod her head then.

    Her feelings now, even the most understanding person would not be able to understand, much less this ‘Mad Lion’ Tie Zhan who never understood anything about matters of the heart. He was almost crazy with impatience, and stamped his foot, “I don’t need you to talk, but can’t you even move your head now?”

    Tie Xin Lan still refused to move her head.

    Everyone looked at one another, all stunned. The Murong sisters may be astute, but they really cannot guess what she is thinking of right now. The only person who understands her now is Hua Wu Que. But his heart is in pain as well. He knows that Tie Xin Lan refuses to shake her head because she can’t bear to hurt him, but even if Tie Xin Lan nodded her head, won’t he feel sad as well?

    He can’t help but utter quietly, “I…”

    But who would have expected that he only managed to say one word before Tie Zhan jumped up and roared, “Shut up, who told you to speak. As long as my daughter is willing, you will have to marry her, if my daughter does not agree, you will have to scram!”

    Once he said these words, even the Murong sisters were at a loss whether to laugh or cry. They only felt that such an unreasonable father-in-law, is really a rare thing in the world. But they do not know that if ‘Mad Lion’ Tie Zhan is a reasonable man, he won’t be listed as one of the Ten Evils.

    The lady flutist suddenly smiled, “If a girl is not willing to nod or shake her head, that means she is agreeable.”

    Her hair may have turned white, her face full of wrinkles, so ancient that she’s lost all her teeth, but the look in her eyes is still sultry, and one can imagine that she must have been very experienced in love when she was young.

    Tie Zhan slapped his thighs, clapped his hands and said, “That’s right, only Sister Xiao knows how a girl thinks…”

    End of Chapter 116

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 117

    Who would have expected that Tie Xin Lan would speak up immediately, “I… I don’t mean that.”

    Tie Zhan was so impatient that he grabbed his hair and asked, “What do you really mean then? Speak.” Tie Xin Lan lowered her head, becoming a mute again.

    Such a situation, not to mention that Tie Zhan is almost crazy with impatience, even the rest of the people are getting impatient as well.

    Tie Zhan stamped his foot, “Don’t a single one of you here knows what she means?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang smiled and said, “We know there is someone who knows what she means. Du Jiao Jiao.”

    Before he said the last word ‘Jiao’, Tie Zhan has lifted Du Jiao Jiao up and roared, “Since you know, why didn’t you say anything, but let me be anxious.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled condescendingly, “If you don’t know what your daughter thinks, how would I know. Compulsive Gambler must have hated me for offending earlier, so now he’s taking revenge.”

    Tie Zhan roared, “Bullshit, Compulsive Gambler has never lied in his entire life. I’ll count to ‘three’ and if you still won’t tell, I’ll kill you immediately.”

    Before he could even say ‘one’, Du Jiao Jiao had already replied with a helpless smile, “All right, I’ll speak, but I’m afraid you’ll be at a loss even more after I speak.” She knows that ‘Mad Lion’ Tie Zhan will surely keep to his word, and now that her life is at stake she has no choice but to reveal everything.

    Tie Zhan replied, “As long as you can say it, I’ll have a solution.”

    Gui Tong Zi replied, “Even if he has no solution, we can help him find a solution.”

    Du Jiao Jiao continued, “Your daughter was very willing to marry this Master Hua at first, but… but… she has another whom she loves. She wants to marry Master Hua, but she also wants to marry that person.”

    The lady flutist asked, “These two, who is the better one?” Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “They’re about the same, each with his own good points. If I were her, I wouldn’t know who to marry either.”

    Once she heard all these, Tie Xin Lan felt ashamed and pained, and hoped that she can die right away. But she thought that since they mentioned ‘Xiao Yu’er’, maybe there’s a chance of Xiao Yu’er living, so she can only grit her teeth and swallow back her tears.

    The lady flutiest sighed, “No matter how strong a woman, she’ll be at a loss in such a situation, so no wonder Mis Tie is in so much pain. If I were her, I’ll…”

    Bai Kai Xin interrupted, “Since she likes both of them, then tell her to marry them both at the same time. One on each side, that’s the most marvelous.” He never has anything good to say out of his mouth, and others thought that ‘Mad Lion’ Tie Zhan will certainly smash his nose up, or crack his head open.

    Who would have expected that Tie Zhan would jump up and laugh while clapping his hands, “Excellent idea, excellent idea indeed. If a man can have two wives, why can’t a woman marry two husbands?”

    The lady flutist sighed and mumbled, “I am a woman, but you’re a lunatic.”

    Tie Zhan chortled, “So what if I’m a lunatic, for my daughter’s sake, there’s no harm in being a lunatic.”

    He held his daughter’s hand with a laugh and added, “Who is this other person? Just say it out, it’s all right, Father here will decide for you.” Tie Xin Lan’s face had turned from red to pale, and was wishing that she had died three years ago, so how can she say anything now. Even the Murong sisters were secretly sighing for her, thinking that this girl is indeed pitiful, to have such a precocious father.

    Xuanyuan San Guang rolled his eyes, and suddenly laughed, “Old Man Ge, how can a young girl say such things out loud? Let me tell you, that lad’s family name is Jiang, and his name Xiao Yu’er.”

    Once the three words ‘Xiao Yu’er’ was spoken, the expressions on all the Murong sisters’ face changed, and Little Fairy was so furious that her face reddened immediately. Du Jiao Jiao and the rest were lightly furrowing their brows and only Hua Wu Que’s eyes brightened for an instant, because he finally understood Xuanyuan San Guang’s intention.

    “Xiao Yu’er, Xiao Yu’er, Xiao Yu’er…” Tie Zhan repeated this name a few times, and he asked with a furrowed brow, “Why does this lad have such a weird name.”

    Bai Kai Xin grinned, “Because he is a weird person, no matter who sees him, that person will be unlucky for at least three years.”

    Tie Zhan beamed, “You’d better not try to sow discord. As long as my daughter likes him, it doesn’t matter even if he’s called little bastard.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang suddenly sighed, “A pity that even I do not know where this Xiao Yu’er is right now.” Tie Zhan replied, “That doesn’t matter, as long as there’s such a person, I will be able to find him.”

    He gave Gui Tong Zi a hard slap on the shoulder and laughed loudly, “Even if I can’t find him, you’ll be able to, right?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “Wrong. It may be easy for him to find other people, but to find this Xiao Yu’er, it’s extremely difficult, extremely difficult.”

    Tie Zhan stared and asked, “Why?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang took a glance at Du Jiao Jiao and the rest and answered, “Because they have hidden Xiao Yu’er.”

    Tie Zhan jumped up and stared at Du Jiao Jiao, asking, “Why are you hiding him, or could it be you’ve taken a liking for him as well?”

    He looked as if he’s going to rush forward and lift Du Jiao Jiao up again, so Du Jiao Jiao hurriedly smiled and said, “This Compulsive Gambler has gotten the bad habit of Bai Kai Xin, don’t you listen to him.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang grinned, “Even if you have not hidden him, at least you’ll know where he is, right?”

    Du Jiao Jiao sighed and said, “If you must look for him, I will take you there, but I’m afraid it’s too late now.”

    Tie Zhan did not even listen to the last part of her sentence, but has already jumped up, “If we’re going, then go now, the faster the better.”

    Chen Feng Chao suddenly stood up, “That’s right, it doesn’t matter if this nuptial drink is drunk later. We have long heard the great name of ‘Xiao Yu’er’, and have wanted to meet him for some time.”

    Tie Zhan clapped his hands and laughed loudly, “So it seems that my potential son-in-law is quite a popular person.”

    Little Fairy gritted her teeth and said with hatred, “He is indeed popular. From what I know, at least eight hundred people want to eat him up.”

    Luckily at this time everyone is rushing to go out, so no one took note of what she said, and only Gu Ren Yu was looking at her from the side in a daze. Until everyone has left, Gu Ren Yu heaved a long sigh and said, “You’d better hurry along as well.”

    Little Fairy asked, “You’re not going?”

    Gu Ren Yu lowered his head and said, “I… I think I’d better return home.”

    Little Fairy stared at him for a moment before she smiled icily, “He spoiled the good thing between you and Sister Jiu, so you still hate him?”

    Gu Ren Yu gave a slight smile and said, “Even if there’s no him, Sister Jiu would not marry me, I don’t mean that.”

    Little Fairy asked, “What do you mean then?”

    Gu Ren Yu lowered his head further and stammered, “I only… only thought that you… you’re also…” Not only has his face turned red, even his neck seemed to have thickened.

    Little Fairy stared at him for a moment and suddenly laughed, “You silly, did you think that I liked him!”

    Gu Ren Yu stammered, “I heard Third Sister said two days ago that only when a woman likes a person, will she hate him. You hated him so much, doesn’t it mean… it mean…”

    Little Fairy suddenly her hand and gently covered his mouth, and asked gently, “You silly, don’t you know my heart by now?”

    Gu Ren Yu was startled and ecstatic, and totally stunned.

    Little Fairy said, “If you think that I like him, then I’ll marry you now, you should be assured then.”

    She suddenly clapped and laughed, “That’s right, we’ll get married right now. We won’t need the ceremonial music or the matchmaker. By the time they come back and hear about this, the expressions on their faces will surely be very interesting.” She got even more happy as she spoke when suddenly there was a ‘plonk’, and Gu Ren Yu has fallen onto the floor together with the chair he was on.

    Little Fairy exclaimed in alarm, “You… how are you?” She was just about to squat down and help him up when Gu Ren Yu suddenly jumped up from the floor shouted, “I’m too happy, too happy… is there anyone who is happier than me in the world?”

    Little Fairy was surprised, and giggled, “I didn’t expect that Sister Gu would become a lunatic.”

    Gu Ren Ju exclaim with joy, “Only now did I realize that Xiao Yu’er is the best man in the world.”

    Little Fairy furrowed her brows, “You actually said that he’s a good man, I’m afraid you’re really crazy.”

    Gu Ren Yu replied, “Think about it, if not for him, where can two good couples like Sister Jiu and us come from.”

    Little Fairy blushed, guffawed, and pretended to put on a straight face and said, “Who said we’ll be a good couple. For all you know I’ll be fiercer than a tigress in future, and scold and hit you everyday, and I’ll even starve you.”

    Gu Ren Yu summoned his courage and held her hands, saying gently, “As long as I can be with you, it doesn’t matter if I don’t eat. As the Cantonese always said, ‘Lovers can survive on plain water’. But they do not know that I can make do without water as well.”

    Little Fairy said coquettishly, “And I thought you were very decent, but you’re equally dishonest as well.”

    The two of them looked each other in the eyes, their heart filled with gentleness and sweetness. The breeze blew in through the window, bringing with it a window filled with stars, and Little Fairy can’t help but lean into Gu Ren Yu’s arms…

    Looking at the group of people walking in front, Xuanyuan San Guang was feeling secretly pleased with himself. No matter what, at least he has done something for Xiao Yu’er.

    Li Da Zui turned back to look at him, and slowed his steps as well to walk next to him, saying, “So you and Xiao Yu’er are good friends.” Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “Do you think I can only have friends like you sons of turtles who can’t afford to be seen?”

    Li Da Zui said with a laugh, “I didn’t expect you to have learnt such tactics, even the few of us were conned by you.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang stared and said, “You sons of turtles actually cannot be considered as humans. Xiao Yu’er grew up with you, yet you want him to be trapped to death.”

    Li Da Zui was silent for a moment and finally heaved a long sigh, “Honestly, I wanted to save him as well, but… once I heard that Yan Nan Tian is already here, I was so frightened that I lost my mind.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “You think that Xiao Yu’er will help Yan Nan Tian deal with you.”

    Li Da Zui said, “Even if he wants to do that, we can’t blame him. Although Jiang Feng and his wife did not die in our hands, but Yan Nan Tian… hai!”

    Xuanyuan San Guang smiled coldly, “Let me tell you, you’ve all misunderstood Xiao Yu’er. He’s not one who is heartless, if he’s alive, he will surely speak on your behalf to Yan Nan Tian. If he’s really dead, then you son of turtles will really be in bad luck.”

    Li Da Zui was stunned for a moment, and continued with a sigh, “Let’s hope he’s still alive then.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang tugged on his clothes and asked in shock, “Is he already dead?”

    Li Da Zui smiled bitterly, “I don’t know if he’s dead or alive now either, I only know that he has been trapped in the belly of the mountain for seven, eight days with no food or water…” Xuanyuan San Guang turned pale, “No water for seven, eight days, even an iron man will not be able to sustain.”

    Li Da Zui replied, “Maybe someone else would have died long ago, but Xiao Yu’er… he may have a plan. You’ll never guess how capable he can really be.”

    He was afraid Xuanyuan San Guang would create trouble for him, so he quickly added, “That Gui Tong Zi is really capable as well, I really cannot guess how he would know our movements, and can actually bring crazy Tie here.”

    He had just finished his words when someone suddenly laughed behind him, “If you manage to guess, can I still be considered Gui Tong Zi then?” Amidst the laughter there was a flash, and he was already in front of them.

    Li Da Zui was stunned and smiled condescendingly, “Elder really comes and goes without a trace, I am extremely awed.”

    Gui Tong Zi replied with a laugh, “Your flattery is making me feel very good, so I might as well just tell you what happened from the beginning.”

    He hurriedly added, “Everyone in the martial arts realm thought that Tie Zhan found a treasure map, but actually, he has no interest in treasures at all. His biggest interest, is on Nameless Island.”

    Li Da Zui asked, “Since it’s called Nameless Island, how would Tie Zhan know about it?”

    Gui Tong Zi explained, “Because there was a busybody who recorded the coordinates of Nameless Island, and he also said that as long as one finds this Nameless Island, he’ll be able to learn martial arts from the people on the island and on his return to central plains, will become invincible.”

    He continued with a laugh, “Tie Zhan has loved fighting all his life, so after seeing this secret document, naturally he was very tempted. That’s why he told his daughter to lure others away with another treasure map, while he secretly make his way to Nameless Island.”

    Li Da Zui’s eyes gleamed and he tried to fish around by saying, “Who are those who were living on Nameless Island?”

    Gui Tong Zi replied, “Those living on the island are all old people who are tired of mundane affairs. Once they reach the island, they don’t even want their old names anymore, that’s why the island is called Nameless Island.”

    Li Da Zui smiled, “I’m sure Elder is also a nameless hero of this island.”

    Gui Tong Zi replied, “What nameless heroes, it’s just a group of old cronies. Besides, even if I want to forget my own name, once others sees me, they will immediately recognize me, not like those old people, they just randomly give themselves a name and others won’t even know.”

    Actually Li Da Zui had guessed long ago that the names Mi Shi Ba, Yu Zi Ya etc were all fake, and now that it has been confirmed, he didn’t want to expose them as well. He only sighed and said, “Tie Zhan is really lucky…”

    Gui Tong Zi replied, “He stayed for about three to four years on the island, and he did indeed learnt quite a few types of martial arts. If it was you who had gone, I’m afraid we’d have thrown you into the sea long ago to feed the fishes.”

    Li Da Zui forced out a smile and said, “I may not be a good person, but Tie Zhan is not that much better, so why have Elders taken a liking to him?”

    Gui Tong Zi replied with a straight face, “Let me ask you, when you fight, will you go all out without care to your own life like him.”

    Li Da Zui replied, “This… I’m afraid I’m a little behind.”

    Gui Tong Zi explained, “It is precisely this trait of his that we like, and thought that he can be taught.”

    Li Da Zui has no choice but to stop talking, but in his heart he was secretly scolding them, “The crazies meeting the crazy, of course you’ll take an instant liking to one another.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang was initially still thinking about Xiao Yu’er’s well being, but after hearing these words, he became curious as well and can’t help but ask, “Since Elders have retired, then why have you returned?”

    Gui Tong Zi replied, “Because after Tie Zhan learnt martial arts from us for three years, one day he suddenly stopped learning. We asked him why? He actually said that our martial arts, even after adding them together, still cannot be compared to Yan Nan Tian and the Floral Princesses. There’s no use for him to continue learning, so he might as well save the effort.”

    Li Da Zui’s eyes gleamed and he asked, “So this means that Elders came this time with the intention of dueling with Yan Nan Tian and the Floral Princesses.”

    Gui Tong Zi sighed and said, “This is called the body is old but the heart is young, when one reaches the peak of calmness, one will start to move again.”

    Li Da Zui was secretly overjoyed but he deliberately sighed, “In my opinion, it’s better that Elders go back quickly.”

    Gui Tong Zi stared and asked, “Why?”

    Li Da Zui explained, “I don’t know about others, but that Yan Nan Tian’s martial arts is really unparalleled since the beginning of time, and never will there be anyone like him. I’m afraid Elders will also be…”

    Gui Tong Zi really leapt up and said furiously, “I don’t believe that nonsense, I must find him and have a duel with him now.”

    Li Da Zui knows that his point has been made and he’d better not press the issue, so he changed the topic, “I wonder how did Elder know about Tie Xin Lan’s wedding?”

    Gui Tong Zi remained upset for a while before he said, “After we arrived in central plains, we traveled via the rivers and that few old fagots were suddenly enamored with a young lady at Wusheng City, insisting that her skills for playing the pipa is second to none in the world and refused to leave that place. There was no use with me remaining angry, so I walked around on my own. When I reached here, I didn’t meet anyone else but that Bai Lao Hu.”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “Seems that his luck is not too bad.”

    Gui Tong Zi added, “But at that time he was almost dying, so I sent him to the foot of the mountain to treat his injuries. He has not recovered from his injuries yet, but you guys have already arrived.”

    Li Da Zui laughed bitterly, “So Elder was there as well, why didn’t I see you at all?”

    Gui Tong Zi replied icily, “I was right behind you earlier, did you see me?”

    Li Da Zui sighed and said, “Elder secretly overheard our plan, so you informed Tie Zhan immediately and asked them to come here immediately, that’s why they stopped listening to the heavenly pipa music.”

    Gui Tong Zi laughed, “You’re not too stupid, you finally understand.”

    Suddenly Tie Zhan can be heard exclaiming loudly, “You say that Xiao Yu’er is here? Could it be that he’s like Sun Wu Kong, who has been buried under the mountain by the Buddha Ru Lai?”

    Once Xuanyuan San Guang heard this, he couldn’t care less about anything else and hurried forward immediately. He saw Tie Zhan lift up Du Jiao Jiao again and roared, “You got him in so now you have to get him out.”

    Du Jiao Jiao smiled bitterly, “Would I have such capability.”

    Tie Zhan asked, “Who is it if not you?” Xuanyuan San Guang exclaimed, “Old Man Ge, why are you still asking these now? Xiao Yu’er has been starving inside for seven to eight days already.”

    Tie Zhan asked hoarsely, “Seven to eight days, this Hua lad was only starved for two to three days and he has already lost his strength. If he’s been starved for seven to eight days, would he still be alive?”

    End of Chapter 117

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 118

    ‘Compulsive Gambler’ Xuanyuan San Guang was concerned about Xiao Yu’er’s life and death, and he was worried that all the talk would delay opening the mountain, so he hurriedly told ‘Mad Lion’ Tie Zhan, “Luckily there’s a lot of people here, more hands make lighter work, maybe we’ll still be in time.”

    Li Da Zui also chipped in, “There are tools here for opening the mountain, those who want to save Xiao Yu’er, better start working quickly.” He was the one who hid the shovels and axes, so naturally he found them quickly.

    Everyone was rushing to grab an axe to chop the mountain, and even those young ladies who were in highly respected positions chipped in to help. On seeing that the axes and shovels are all taken, they used their own priceless daggers and short swords. In a while, deafening sounds of the rocks being chipped resonated throughout the mountains.

    Du Jiao Jiao sighed and said with a bitter smile, “And I thought everyone wanted Xiao Yu’er dead, I did not expect that they all wanted him to live. Xiao Yu’er oh Xiao Yu’er, it seems that even if you’re dead, it’ll be worth it.”

    Bai Kai Xin sighed as well and said, “That’s right, if it was me who was trapped in here, I’m afraid even wild dogs wouldn’t have come to save me.”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “I didn’t expect that you’ll actually know it as well.”

    Bai Kai Xin laughed coldly, “Stop being so smug. Even if these people can work continuously, they would need at least half a day to reach the belly of the mountain. By then I’m afraid Xiao Yu’er would have become salted fish.”

    Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan can’t help but feel hot tears in their eyes. On seeing such a scene, of course they felt happy, but they also know that hope is slim. Suddenly they saw Madam Bai quietly walking over, in her hands she carried an oily looking bag, and she said with her head lowered, “There’s fried chicken and glutinous rice balls in the bag, I secretly wrapped them up earlier. Eat it quickly, only when you’re full will you have the strength to save Xiao Yu’er.”

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly felt her throat choking, and she stammered, “You… want to save him as well?” Madam Bai rubbed her eyes and forced out a smile, “I may not know what kind of a person he is, but I think… if he can live in this world, maybe everyone will be a lot happier.”

    If not seen with one’s own eyes, no one in the martial arts realm would believe such a thing. The most famous wealthy and respected gentlemen would actually be rolling up their sleeves and moving rocks together with the disreputable ‘Ten Evils’. And the Murong sisters who would not have lifted a hand to work in the past, would actually use the dainty fingers they use for playing music to dig the soil. And all these, is because of a twenty odd year old lad, and this lad actually grew up in the Valley of Evil.

    Suddenly they hear a sudden rumble, like loud thunder drumming through the sky, like a thousand horses and soldiers galloping here from afar. Everyone felt even more energized, and the broken stones flew up like rain. They have indeed created a miracle, in less than half a day, they managed to break through ten solid rock walls and entered the belly of the mountain. Hua Wu Que and Xuanyuan San Guang dashed in first, and although they are excited, they can’t help but feel worried as well, and afraid… that what they will find is Xiao Yu’er’s corpse!

    Hua Wu Que wanted to call out, but his heart seemed to be stuck in his throat, and he can’t make a single sound. He saw that on the stone chair which was split into half, was a wine bottle, and on the floor there were some torn clothes and thread. Hua Wu Que recognized that these were torn from the clothes that Xiao Yu’er and the Floral Princesses were wearing. His expression immediately changed, and his hand shook so much that he can’t even pick up a piece of cloth.

    Xuanyuan San Guang can’t help but ask, “This… this is their clothes?”

    Hua Wu Que nodded his head absently, “Hmm.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang’s heart sank as well. People like Xiao Yu’er and the rest, if not for some dire circumstances, they would not have tore the clothes on their body! They dare not step in further to look, they no longer have the courage to face that cruel truth.

    Murong Shan Shan suddenly asked, “Is that wine in the bottle?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang lifted up the bottle and sniffed at it, “Yes.”

    Murong Shan Shan’s eyes gleamed and said with joy, “If it’s wine in the bottle, then there’s hope.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang asked, “Wh…why?”

    Murong Shan Shan replied, “Wine can be used to keep off hunger. If they have wine to drink, they’ll be able to last a few more days.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang jumped at least two feet in the air and roared with joy, “Xiao Yu’er, Xiao Yu’er, where are you, your friends are all here to save you!” He dashed inside with joy.

    The empty cave resonated with Xuanyuan San Guang’s echo, but there was no sound of anyone replying. Where is Xiao Yu’er? Is he so hungry that he can’t even talk anymore? The entrance to the underground tunnel was not sealed and they saw Wei Wu Ya’s corpse, and saw countless empty wine bottles, and also saw that stinking, marvelous ‘toilet’.

    But they searched through the whole place and could not find a single living person. Where is Xiao Yu’er and the rest? Could their bones have dissolved and flown away, forever disappearing from this world!

    Everyone looked at one another, and can only stand there in a daze. After a long while, Xuanyuan San Guang laughed, “Old Man Ge, I knew there’s no place in this world which can trap Xiao Yu’er, and there we were worrying about him but he has long gone.”

    Li Da Zui replied, “He has not left.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang exclaimed angrily, “You son of turtle just wished that he’ll be trapped to death, right?”

    Li Da Zui sighed and said, “I hope that he has escaped as well, but I have searched through this place closely earlier, there’s no other exit.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “I know there’s no exit as well, but there must be a way.”

    Li Da Zui said, “What way would he have? Even if he can break through the wall and leave, there would at least be some traces of escape, unless he knows the seventy two changes of Sun Wu Kong and can turn into a fly and fly out of the air vent.”

    Actually Xuanyuan San Guang knows that what he said was correct. The walls on all four sides were intact, with no trace of being tunneled through at all, and there is no way Xiao Yu’er could have gotten out. But if he can’t get out, then he should still be in this cave.

    Xuanyuan San Guang said, “You son of turtle said they can’t get out, then where are they now? Why can’t we find even a single strand of their hair.”

    Li Da Zui was silent for a moment and before he could speak, Bai Kai Xin suddenly exclaimed loudly, “Bone Dissolving Pill!” Once these three words were out, Xuanyuan San Guang and Hua Wu Que both felt a cold shiver run down their spines, and Tie Xin Lan was almost mad with worry.

    Li Da Zui stared at Bai Kai Xin and said, “Do you mean to say that after Wei Wu Ya killed them, he used the bone dissolving pill to get rid of their bodies.” Bai Kai Xin grinned and said, “I didn’t say that, you did.”

    Since it’s impossible for Xiao Yu’er to go out, and they are not in here, naturally it’s because their bodies have been destroyed. This is the only logical explanation.

    Even Tie Zhan can’t help but shake his head and sigh, mumbling “And I had wanted to see what kind of a person he really is, to make my daughter like him so much/ Who would have expected that this lad did not even leave behind a bone.”

    He patted Tie Xin Lan’s head and said, “Since this lad is not lucky enough to marry you, you need not be sad anymore. If you think that one husband is not enough, I’ll find another one for you in a few day’s time.” It would have been better if he did not say anything, because once he said these words, Tie Xin Lan’s heart broke. She did not even manage to cry out and fainted immediately.

    Gui Tong Zi suddenly asked, “Were they trapped here by Wei Wu Ya?”

    Li Da Zui sighed, “I’m afraid so.”

    Gui Tong Zi asked, “Then, why is Wei Wu Ya dead in here as well?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “Maybe Wei Wu Ya wants to see them die with his own eyes, or else he won’t feel the kick.”

    Gui Tong Zi replied, “That’s right, this is very reasonable. But if Wei Wu Ya can kill all of them, and destroy their bodies, then Wei Wu Ya won’t be dead. Or could it be that their spirits can come back for revenge and kill Wei Wu Ya?”

    Du Jiao Jiao said, “Wei Wu Ya poisoned himself, can’t Elder tell?”

    Gui Tong Zi asked, “Since he has killed everyone else, why does he need to take poison!”

    Du Jiao Jiao was stunned for a moment and said, “This…” Gui Tong Zi smiled and said slowly, “Wei Wu Ya calculated that no one would dare to kill him, that’s why he dared to stay here to watch the fun.”

    Li Da Zui replied, “That’s right, if Xiao Yu’er and the rest want to go out, they cannot kill him, because he’s the only one who knows the secrets here, but isn’t he afraid that they will force him to reveal the secret?”

    Gui Tong Qi said, “He thought that he had kept himself well hidden, and thought that others will not be able to find him, but who would have expected that Xiao Yu’er and the rest were very much more capable then he had imagined and they managed to get him out. When he could not take the questioning any longer, he can only take the poison and commit suicide, because he knows that once he is dead, the rest will have to be trapped to death here, and it will be akin to taking revenge for himself.”

    His guess is actually not that far off from the truth, but because Xuanyuan San Guang, Hua Wu Que, Li Da Zui and the rest were more or less worried for Xiao Yu’er, so they were unable to maintain a calm state of mind. But Gui Tong Zi and the rest do not know Xiao Yu’er at all, so as bystanders, naturally they could see a clearer picture.

    Xuanyuan San Guang can’t help but reveal a look of joy on his face, “So this means that, Wei Wu Ya must have died earlier than Xiao Yu’er and the rest.”

    Gui Tong Zi smiled and said, “No matter how capable Wei Wu Ya is, he’s unable to kill the Floral Princesses and Xiao Yu’er all at the same time, don’t you think so?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang clasped his palms and chortled, “Don’t talk about one Wei Wu Ya, even a hundred Wei Wu Ya won’t be able to do it.”

    Bai Kai Xin added, “As the saying goes, drinking poison to relieve thirst. When a person is extremely thirsty, he’ll drink the wine even if he knows it’s poisoned, don’t you think so?”

    Du Jiao Jiao replied, “No.”

    Bai Kai Xin stared at her, “What fart would you know.”

    Du Jiao Jiao ignored him, and slowly continued, “There is definitely no poison in the wine, I’ve taken a sniff at all the bottles.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed loudly, “Having known you for decades, you’ve finally said something that sounds human, and did something good.”

    Bai Kai Xin said slowly, “Since he can’t have possibly escaped, and he can’t have died here, then let me ask you people, where is he then?”

    Once this question was asked, everyone was stunned. This matter is really unbelievable, no one would be able to guess.

    Who in the world would know where Xiao Yu’er is right now? Who would know whether he’s alive? Or dead? Or even his corpse is gone? Or is he still alive and well? Everyone were full of questions, and wanted to ask them, but none of them know who they should ask. So they could only stand there in a daze. Yu Zi Ya, Mi Shi Ba, Xiao Nu Shi and the rest may not be concerned about matters of the world, but at this time they can’t help but furiously think of an answer. Because this matter is really too mysterious, they were curious as well.

    Xuanyuan San Guang was the most anxious, Tie Xin Lan the most broken hearted, Bai Kai Xin kept smiling icily, but Ha Ha’er can’t even laugh. Only Du Sha still looked the same, and no one knows what he could be thinking. Suddenly Hua Wu Que exclaimed loudly, “The soles on everyone’s feet are wet, is that so!”

    Everyone had problems on their mind, who would notice the soles of their feet? Whether the soles are wet or dry, is totally unrelated at all, but Hua Wu Que’s voice was filled with excitement, as if he’s found out something very important. No one knew why would he be so concerned over such a small matter, but they still unconsciously lifted their feet up for a look. At least half of the people’s soles are indeed wet.

    Xuanyuan San Guang’s straw sandals were totally wet and he can’t help but ask, “Old Man Ge, is it such a big thing that the soles of the shoes are wet?”

    Bai Kai Xin grinned, “I did not expect that there would actually be someone who would place more importance on a pair of shoes rather than his old friend’s life and death. Marvelous, marvelous.”

    Hua Wu Que ignored him, and still with a look of joy on his face, said “Since there’s no water here, why would the shoes be wet? If Wei Wu Ya wants them to die of hunger and thirst, why would there be water on the ground?” Once these words were spoken, everyone realized that this is indeed very mysterious.

    Xuanyuan San Guang said, “But how is this matter related to where Xiao Yu’er has gone?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “It is related. If my guess is correct, I can find where Xiao Yu’er is.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang was ecstatic, “Speak quickly, where is he?”

    Hua Wu Que did not have time to answer him, but has already ran towards the underground tunnel. In the dark and damp cave, the smell of the ‘toilet’ really makes one not want to come close, and the sight of Wei Wu Ya’s corpse makes one nauseous as well. If it was any other time, the Murong sisters would definitely not want to go down again. But when Hua Wu Que left, everyone fought to follow. As long as they can find out the whereabouts of Xiao Yu’er, or the truth to all these secrets, even if there’s a cesspool in the tunnel, they would still follow their way in.

    There really was water in the tunnel, and it was getting deeper, and now it’s almost ankle deep. Obviously there is a place where water is continuously leaking. The force of the water may not be large, but it’s not too small either.

    Xuanyuan San Guang said, “Old Man Ge, that’s so damn strange, water would actually be leaking from the cave. Could it be that there’s a small river in the belly of the mountain?”

    No one could imagine where the water could have come from. Hua Wu Que stooped down and closely inspected the source of the water, and slowly walked into Wei Wu Ya’s secret room. This secret room is unbelievably stinking. When everyone saw that there’s no one alive in here earlier, they all hurriedly retreated, no one was willing to stay inside.

    But now, everyone realized that the answer to the secret is right in this secret room, they can’t be bothered about the stink and all squeezed in. Hua Wu Que exclaimed hoarsely, “Indeed correct, it’s right here?” He stood in front of the two coffins that Xiao Yu’er used as a toilet, his face filled with a look of joy, but not a single living person can still be seen.

    Bai Kai Xin sniggered, “You say that Xiao Yu’er is here? Could he be that he drowned in his own pee?” Before he could finish his words, Du Sha angrily roared, “What’s with all the nonsensical talk, get lost.”

    As he roared, he hit Bai Kai Xin, who flew up and over everyone’s head and fell on the tunnel outside with a ‘bang’, and he started groaning.

    But no one noticed this at all, because they all realized that the water is coming out from a hole on the ground next to the stone coffins. There was a stone slab on the ground originally but now the slab has been pried open. Because there was a messy pile of loose stones around the area, no one noticed it earlier.

    Xuanyuan San Guang revealed a look of surprise and said, “Could it be, that Xiao Yu’er and the rest escaped from this hole?”

    Hua Wu Que beamed, “Exactly. We were only taking note of the walls in the cave, that’s why we thought they can’t possibly have escaped, but we did not think that they’ll escape from the ground.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang clapped, “That’s right. The walls of the mountain may be almost indestructible, but the ground is all soil, so naturally they’re a lot softer than stones.”

    Suddenly he furrowed his brows and said, “But if they were thinking of digging a tunnel out of here, it won’t be easy as well.”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “Of course that’s not easy, it’s just that they did not dig the tunnel themselves.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang asked, “If they did not dig it, who did?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “From what I know, although most rivers are above land, but there are some rivers underground as well. Because of the movement and changes of the land, some of these rivers became buried underground. If they can find such a river, with their martial arts, it won’t be difficult to find a way out.”

    Everyone can’t help but revealed looks of joy on their faces once they heard this. Xuanyuan San Guang jumped up and laughed, “Old Man Ge, you really know a damn lot of things.”

    Hua Wu Que smiled and said, “Now I can also imagine why their clothes would be torn.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang slapped his shoulder and said, “Say it quickly, what is that all about?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “Xiao Yu’er did not know that there would be a hidden river under the ground, and all the more he will not know where it’s located. Man may be the king of beasts, but we lack the mysterious ability of animals. For example, a dog can use its nose to track something thousands of miles away but a human can never do that. Maybe it’s not man that does not have such ability, but just that the ability has gradually eroded, because man no longer need such ability to survive.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang said loudly, “Logical, logical!” He seems to be totally in awe of Hua Wu Que now, so no matter what Hua Wu Que said, he felt that it’s logical, but he may not necessarily understand the logic.

    Hua Wu Que continued, “The natural ability of animals, are not all the same. For example, a dog’s nose is especially sharp, bats are especially sensitive to sound, birds are the first to know about changes in the weather, and some beasts with no defenses will be mysteriously tuned to signs of danger.”

    Maybe a lot of people will know this logic now, but at that time it seems even more deeply profound than any internal energy manual.

    Everyone was totally concentrating on his words.

    Hua Wu Que suddenly smiled, “Do you know who is the best digger in the world?” Murong Shan Shan smiled as well and replied, “Rats.”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “That’s right, it’s rats. No matter where you lock up a rat, it will have a way to dig a hole out and escape.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang exclaimed hoarsely, “The turtle Wei Wu Ya is a huge rat himself, there must be a lot of rats here.”

    Hua Wu Que continued, “Xiao Yu’er must have found a few live rats and he wants the rats to lead the way for him but yet he’s afraid they will run away. That’s why he tore his clothes and plaited them into ropes to tie to the rat’s tail before letting it out. Therefore the rat must have discovered the underground river. At that time Xiao Yu’er may not know why the rats would want to tunnel down, but by then they were at their wits end and had to try it no matter what.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed loudly, “I know Xiao Yu’er is the smartest person in the world, I didn’t expect that you’re just as good as him. It seems that the two of you should really become sworn brothers.”

    Hua Wu Que can’t help but reveal a look of pain on his face, because Xuanyuan San Guang’s words have accidentally touched a raw nerve. Now, since Xiao Yu’er has escaped and still in the control of the Floral Princesses, then he cannot avoid the life and death duel between him and Xiao Yu’er. Their sad fate can never be changed.

    Xuanyuan San Guang did not say anything else after that, and was thinking of wriggling himself through that hole.

    Li Da Zui asked, “What are you doing”

    Xuanyuan San Guang stared at him and said, “What am I doing? Of course it’s to look for Xiao Yu’er!”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “They had no way out that’s why they had to go through the hole, but you don’t have to go through that hole with them!”

    Xuanyuan San Guang exclaimed, “If I don’t go into the hole, how would I know where he has gone?”

    Before Li Da Zui could answer, suddenly someone was heard yelling from the top, “Third Sister, Third Sister, where’s everyone?”

    Murong Shan Shan furrowed her brows and said with a smile, “It’s Zhang Qing, why has this little imp arrive only at this time.”

    She called out, and as she was calling out, Little Fairy has already rushed in, her face flushed and full of excitement. She dashed in and grabbed Murong Shan Shan’s hands and panted as she smiled and said, “I saw a person… I saw a person…” Murong Shan Shan smiled and said, “You need not be so excited upon seeing a person. I see tens and hundreds of people everyday.”

    “But this person… this person…” She suddenly smiled mysteriously and rolled her eyes, “You will never guess who this person is.”

    Murong Shan Shan can’t help but ask, “Who is it?” She had just finished asking the question, when her heart suddenly lurched and she was excited as well and asked, “Could it be that you’ve seen Xiao Yu’er!” Once these words were out, everyone became excited and all of them stared at Little Fairy.

    Little Fairy smiled and said, “That’s right, it’s Xiao Yu’er. All of you came here to look for him, but he is already on our boat.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang jumped up again and asked hoarsely, “Really.”

    Little Fairy turned her eyes at him and continued, “The feast has never ended, because we were waiting for all of you to come back and eat. Who would have expected that by noon, you still have not returned but a few people suddenly emerged from under the water and jumped up the boat. Without saying anything at all, they started eating and drinking, and one of them didn’t even bother using chopsticks, and that is Xiao Yu’er.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed loudly, “Old Man Ge, I’m afraid he’s crazed with hunger.”

    Hua Wu Que can’t help but ask, “Besides him, who else was there!”

    Little Fairy smiled and said, “Naturally there’s the Floral Princesses, I really did not expect them to look so young? The material their clothes are made of are really strange as well. They jumped out from the water but it was not wet at all. Xiao Yu’er looked totally disheveled but the two of them still looked so regal, like fairies.”

    Murong Shan Shan smiled and said, “So it seems that, your nickname should be given to them instead.”

    Little Fairy blinked her eyes, and continued, “Together with them, was another girl, with a large head, not pretty at all but very close to Xiao Yu’er.”

    Once these words were spoken, everyone can’t help but feel perplexed, and their eyes unconsciously drifted towards Tie Xin Lan. Tie Xin Lan chewed on her lips, not daring to lift her head at all.

    However Tie Zhan fumed, “This lad has the audacity to be close with another woman, is my daughter not comparable to that large brained ugly woman?”

    Little Fairy laughed, “At first I was secretly sniggering as well, after all that choosing, how did Xiao Yu’er end up with a person like that. But the more I see the girl, the more magical she seems to be, every look and every smile, every movement of hers, there’s no flaw in them at all and even my heart was fluttering.”

    Tie Zhan was even more hopping mad and was shouting and screaming. Murong Shan Shan looked at Little Fairy, feeling a little perplexed. Only a woman will understand a woman, so Little Fairy’s feelings towards Xiao Yu’er, Murong Shan Shan totally understood.

    She thought that when Little Fairy sees Xiao Yu’er being close to another woman, she will certainly feel uncomfortable, and will certainly say that woman is ugly.

    But who would have expected that Little Fairy would actually describe that lady so well that she’s like a rarity. Murong Shan Shan looked at her, perplexed as to why she has suddenly changed.

    She did not know that Little Fairy is now in love, it’s the sweetest, luckiest time for her now, and she is filled with warmth for everyone else, and doesn’t think of anyone as being hateful anymore.

    The Eldest Murong Sister rolled her eyes, and looking at her husband, she said gently, “Since we have esteemed guests at our boat, we better return quickly?” She sought her husband’s approval for everything she does, because she knows that he will never object.

    Tie Zhan jumped up as well and said, “That’s right, we’ll go now, we want to see how bold that lad is.”

    Xiao Nu Shi said nonchalantly as well, “It is said that the Floral Princesses maintain their youth very well, we want to take a look as well.”

    Mi Shi Ba added, “I don’t believe that their martial arts is unparalleled in the world.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang smiled and wondered, “It’s been so long, I wonder if Xiao Yu’er is looking older now.”

    Some of them wanted to see the Floral Princesses, some wanted to see Xiao Yu’er, and there are also some who wanted to take a look at that ‘big headed beauty’ and how she managed to mesmerize Xiao Yu’er. They may all have different reasons, but they’re all anxious to return to the boat.

    Only Hua Wu Que, although he is even more anxious than the rest to see the Floral Princesses and Xiao Yu’er, but once he thought of the fact that when he sees Xiao Yu’er he will unavoidably have to fight, he wish again that he will never see Xiao Yu’er again.

    Suddenly Little Fairy said, “I have not finished my words , don’t be in a hurry to go yet.”

    Murong Shan Shan laughed, “Stop trying to be secretive, just tell us quickly.”

    Little Fairy’s eyes gleamed and she said, “Besides the Floral Princesses, there’s another esteemed guest on our boat. This esteemed guest’s reputation is not below that of the Floral Princesses, do you know who he is?”

    Before she could finish her words, everyone had already guessed who it is, because in the whole world, only one other person can have the same standing as the Floral Princesses. Everyone can’t help but cry out unanimously, “Yan Nan Tian! Hero Yan Nan Tian!”

    End of Chapter 118

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 119

    Once the name ‘Yan Nan Tian’ was heard, Du Jiao Jiao, Li Da Zui and the rest immediately wished that wings would sprout out of their backs and quickly fly thousands of miles away. Even the Murong sisters’ expressions changed.

    Mi Shi Ba and Xu Zi Ya exchanged a look and Mi Shi Ba spoke up, “I did not expect the Floral Princesses and Yan Nan Tian would all be there.”

    Xu Zi Ya added, “We’ve spent so much effort looking for them, and there they are right in front of us.”

    Gui Tong Zi said, “I wonder what the scene was like when the Floral Princesses and Yan Nan Tian meet, I think it must have been interesting.”

    Once everyone thought of the meeting between the two greatest martial artist of the era, they can’t help but feel excited and at the same time upset that they can’t witness it.

    Xiao Nu Shi can’t help but ask, “Does the Floral Princesses recognize Yan Nan Tian?”

    Little Fairy replied, “I don’t think they recognize him, but once Yan Nan Tian went up the boat, everyone seems to already know who he is, because the air that he exudes, no one would be able to imitate that.”

    Gui Tong Zi said icily, “Others may not want to imitate him anyway.”

    Little Fairy smiled and said, “The strange thing is, it seems that Xiao Yu’er has not seen Yan Nan Tian before as well, but once Yan Nan Tian went up the boat, he stared unwaveringly at him.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang asked, “What about Xiao Yu’er?”

    Little Fairy replied, “Xiao Yu’er was staring at him as well, and unconsciously stood up. He walked over step by step, and kept mumbling ‘very good, very good, very good…’.” Murong Shan Shan guffawed and smiled, “The two words very good, you only have to say it once.”

    Little Fairy continued, “But Hero Yan said it more than a dozen times, his eyes filled with tears that was almost spilling out. Xiao Yu’er did not say anything as well but just knelt down. Yan Nan Tian took his hands and said, I know almost everything that you have done, you have not shamed your father.”

    As she said these, her eyes were teary as well, obviously she was extremely touched by all these. Everyone was gathered around her, and followed her as she walked outside, unconsciously enraptured by what she said, and unknowingly walked out of that cave as well.

    Little Fairy continued, “The Floral Princesses were at the side looking at them icily. After a long time, the elder Princess said coldly, very good, we finally meet.”

    Little Fairy said, “After a long moment, Hero Yan turned around to look at her and said, we should have met twenty years ago. The elder Princess said with a cold laugh, are you complaining it’s too late? Hero Yan then looked heavenward and heaved a long sigh.” As she said these, she heaved a long sigh as well.

    Murong Shan Shan can’t help but ask, “What did Hero Yan say?”

    Little Fairy sighed, “It was as if he wanted to sigh out all the suffering and depression for the last twenty years all in one breath. Later he said, since I am not yet dead, it’s still not too late.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang and seven, eight more others can’t help but asked at the same time, “What happened then?”

    Little Fairy said, “By then they have already brandished their swords, as if they are getting ready to strike any time. But because of their status, they cannot just fight like that. I was feeling anxious, not knowing what it will be like when these two highly skilled pugilists start fighting. However, Ren Yu dragged me to a corner and told me to hurry here and inform all of you to go back quickly.”

    Once she mentioned Gu Ren Yu, her gaze unconsciously revealed a gentle smile, and she added, “He said, if you miss this once in a life time duel, you will surely regret it for the rest of your life.”

    Gui Tong Zi exclaimed, “More that regret for the rest of my life, I think I will never be able to sleep again in future.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang said, “I just hope that they won’t really fight.”

    Little Fairy asked, “Why?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang sighed, “When two tigers fight, one will surely be injured, or even both might be injured. The consequences of this duel is unimaginable, we’d rather not see this duel.”

    Hua Wu Que gave him a look of gratitude. He knows once this duel start, there will not be an end if one party is not dead, then no matter who wins or loses, the enmity between him and Xiao Yu’er will certainly deepen, and unfortunately may only end with one of their deaths, never to be resolved.

    After a while, Xu Zi Ya also sighed and said, “If the both of them really end up severely injured, that would really be a pity.”

    Xiao Nu Shi said with a smile, “You wish that they will wait to have a duel with you, right?” Xu Zi Ya said nonchalantly, “Don’t you wish to try that new move ‘Eighteen Changes of Nüwa’ of yours?”

    Xiao Nu Shi gave a light sigh and said, “A pity that from the way they say it, the enmity seems to be very deep. Since Yan Nan Tian has waited twenty years, and now that they’ve met, he won’t give up.”

    Xu Zi Ya sighed as well, “Once these two people start fighting, I’m afraid no one in the world will be able to separate them.”

    By the time they returned to the riverbank, the tables and chairs in the tents have already been removed, leaving only the paper decorations and couplets, swaying lightly with the river breeze. Compared to the feast the night before, the scene looked even more desolate. There is no never-ending feast in the world, if one knows such desolation will happen now, then why be so anxious to find out the outcome then? Under the empty tent, there is now a large group of people making a circle, looking on at some interesting thing. Could it be that Yan Nan Tian and the Floral Princess is now fighting within the circle? Xuanyuan San Guang was the first to rush over, thinking of separating the crowd and squeezing himself in but once these people saw them coming back, they were so frightened that they scattered. The Floral Princesses were not in there at all, neither could Yan Nan Tian or Xiao Yu’er be seen.

    Where are they? Could it just be a joke made by Little Fairy? But Little Fairy was the first to cry out, “Hey, where are they? Xiao Man, where have they gone? Where is Master Gu?”

    Xiao Man was originally Murong Shan Shan’s personal maid, but when Little Fairy arrived, she served Little Fairy. She was bright and witty, and can talk very eloquently. But Little Fairy’s questions are really too quick, and too many.

    Xian Man exhaled first before she rolled her eyes and said, “After Miss left, that Yan… Hero Yan went over to sit with that Master Xiao Yu’er for a drink. The two of them drank continuously and talked continuously. I only saw that as they talked, they would suddenly laugh loudly, and as they talk, they would suddenly sigh continuously. That lady with the family name Su was pouring the wine for them with a smile, but every time she turned her head away, she would quietly wipe the tears from her eyes.

    Naturally Little Fairy knows that they were reminiscing about the happiness and sadness, joining and partings that had happened, the things they encountered but she still can’t help but ask, “What were they talking about?”

    Xiao Man replied, “They were not speaking very loudly, there were some words which I could not hear at all, and there were some words which I heard but I do not understand at all.”

    Little Fairy chided her laughingly, “You, look how much capability you have, it’s not even a lot.”

    Xiao Man lowered her head and said, “Although I could not hear what they said, but by just looking at them, I don’t know why but I felt a sourness in my heart, and felt like weeping.”

    Once Xuanyuan San Guang thought of how Xiao Yu’er and Yan Nan Tian met, he can’t help but feel a pain in his heart, and shouted, “That’s right. Old Man Ge, although I did not hear what they said as well, I wanted to weep too.”

    Little Fairy stared at him, and continued asking Xiao Man, “When they were talking, what about the Floral Princesses?”

    Xiao Man replied, “The Floral Princesses were sitting at another table, not looking at them, not impatient either. They seem to know that once Hero Yan finish his words, he will look for them.”

    Everyone exchanged glances, in their heart secretly exclaiming, because they can already tell that Yan Nan Tian is adamant on having a death duel with the Floral Princesses, that’s why he’s giving his last instructions to Xiao Yu’er.

    Xiao Man said, “They seemed to have endless things to talk about, especially that Master Xiao Yu’er, he was talking continuously. I’ve never seen such talkative men before, they’re really like old grannies.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang sighed, “Little girl, you do not know, this is because he has seen through Yan Nan Tian’s intention, that’s why he deliberately talked a lot to delay the time…”

    Xiao Man replied, “So this means that, Hero Yan surely can see through his intention.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang agreed.

    Xiao Man said, “Because Hero Yan suddenly stood up, slapped Xiao Yu’er’s shoulder and said with a loud laugh, ‘Your Uncle Yan has always won every single battle, you need not worry.”

    Xu Zi Ya laughed coldly, “Won every single battle, what a big boast.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang laughed icily as well, “If it was others who said it, I will certainly think that he’s boasting, but the words said by Yan Nan Tian, no one will object.”

    Xu Zi Ya did not continue talking, but only ‘humphed’.

    Xiao Man continued, “Master Xiao Yu’er looked at Hero Yan, as if he wanted to say something, but by then the Floral Princesses have already stood up and walked out. Hero Yan immediately followed them out. Although they did not say a single word, but I don’t know why my heart felt so anxious that it’s almost jumping out of my throat.”

    She was already very eloquent, with a crisp, clear voice and now that she knows that many people are listening to her, she put in even more effort in her narration. Everyone was concentrating on her words, and can’t help feeling anxious as well, as if they are witnessing for themselves the two greatest martial artists of the era, standing erect at the banks of the river, preparing for a death duel! The river breeze was blowing, the earth seems to be filled with a murderous intent.

    Xiao Man shivered, and shrunk her head before continuing, “But after they walked out, the did not start fighting immediately. The two of them only stood far away facing each other, you looking at me and I looking at you.”

    Xu Zi Ya asked, “Yan Nan Tian has no weapons?”

    Xiao Man replied, “No, neither of them has any.”

    Xu Zi Ya furrowed his brow and mumbled, “I’ve long heard that Yan Nan Tian’s sword skill is unparalleled in the world, so why didn’t he use something he has an advantage over? Why didn’t he use a sword to fight? Or could it be that after all these years he has learnt a set of fist styles that he is confident of winning Floral Palace’s palm styles?”

    It must be known that the Floral Palace’s palm styles and internal energy rules the world, so he does not say that Yan Nan Tian has also mastered a ‘palm style’ but used the words ‘fist styles’ instead.”

    Because he thinks that there can’t possibly be another palm style that can be comparable to the Floral Palace’s, and also his area of expertise is not in palm styles.

    Xiao Man continued, “Although they were fighting with their bare hands, but it seemed even more dangerous than any other weapon used, as if they only need to make one wrong move and they will immediately be able to tell who will live or die.”

    Xiao Nu Shi took a look at Xu Zi Ya and said with a smile, “This little lady does know her stuff.”

    Xiao Man chewed her lips and smiled at her, before continuing, “I was so nervous looking at them, and I thought of begging Master Gu to go over and ask them to stop fighting. But Master Gu said that although they have not really started fighting then, but their energy and concentration were all focused. Others can forget about asking them to stop, because once they walk over, they will be felled by the energy being emitted by them.”

    Xiao Nu Shi took a glance at Little Fairy, either unwittingly or purposely, and smiled, “This Master Gu is also someone who knows his stuff.”

    Xiao Man said, “Master Gu was whispering to me, but I don’t know how that Master Xiao Yu’er heard as well, and suddenly walked over and told Master Gu, ‘do you really think that no one can separate them?”

    Little Fairy furrowed her brows, “What is that little imp up to again?”

    Xiao Man continued, “Master Gu, on seeing him, is already feeling lost, and kept on nodding his head, so that Master Xiao Yu’er said, ‘Do you dare to have a bet with me?”

    Little Fairy said anxiously, “He’s an imp, but Master Gu is an honest man, how can he bet with him?”

    Xiao Man replied, “Master Gu did not want to bet initially, but Master Xiao Yu’er said… said…” Little Fairy asked, “Said what?”

    Xiao Man lowered her head, “He said, ‘I’ve long known that Sister Gu would not dare to bet with me, forget it then!”

    Xuanyuan San Guang chortled, “Excellent, excellent. I didn’t expect Xiao Yu’er to have learnt how a gambler can lure others to gamble, with such provocation, that Sister Gu will have to bet even if he didn’t want to.”

    Little Fairy stared hardly at him again, and Xiao Man said with a sigh, “That’s right, Master Gu really gambled with him.”

    Little Fairy’s face blushed with anxiety and she stamped her feet, “How can he not hold his temper, what were they betting on?”

    Xiao Man replied, “That Xiao Yu’er said, ‘I only have to say one thing, and I can make the Floral Princess stop. Naturally Uncle Yan won’t be able to fight alone.’ Naturally Master Gu did not believe him.”

    Xiao Nu Shi replied, “Not to mention Master Gu not believing, even I do not believe it. I will bet on this as well.”

    Xiao Man sighed again and said, “Then you would have lost as well.”

    Others were only anxious to find out what it is that Xiao Yu’er said that could make the Floral Princess stop, but Little Fairy was only anxious about what is the thing that Gu Ren Yu lost. Since Xiao Man can become the personal maid of a lady from a wealthy family, naturally she has learnt since young how to look out for her mistress’s moods and how to flatter them.

    Therefore she did not say anything else, but first told her, “That Master Xiao Yu’er said, if he lost, Master Gu can do anything to him, but if Master Gu loses, he wants Master Gu to do one thing for him.”

    Little Fairy stammered, “Do… do what thing?”

    Xiao Man smiled condescendingly, “He did not say at that time, but when he said it later, I did not hear it.”

    Little Fairy stamped her foot, “I said you were useless, and you indeed were, you don’t know anything at all.”

    Xiao Nu Shi smiled and said, “Actually she already know quite a lot of things.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang said, “That’s right, tell us quickly what that Master Xiao Yu’er said. After that Floral Princess heard his words, did she really stop immediately?”

    Xiao Man replied, “Xiao Yu’er only spoke loudly to the other Floral Princess, ‘A pity, oh a pity. When I duel with Hua Wu Que, I’m afraid your sister won’t have the chance to see it.”

    Xiao Nu Shi asked, “After he said these words, the Floral Princess really stopped?”

    Xiao Man replied, “She stopped immediately. I was feeling perplexed as well, and does not know what’s going on.”

    Xiao Nu Shi exclaimed in surprise, “Why must she witness the duel between Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que? Could it be that this duel will be even more exciting than the duel between her and Yan Nan Tian?”

    Xu Zi Ya however furrowed his brows and said, “What amazing skills have that Yan Nan Tian learnt? That can make the Floral Princess hold her hand?”

    Xiao Man clarified, “It’s not Hero Yan who made her stop, it was that Master Xiao Yu’er.”

    Murong Shan Shan chided, “Silly lass, don’t talk so much.”

    However, Xiao Nu Shi smiled and said, “If the Floral Princess is confident of winning, after her duel, she can still witness the duel between Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que, and so she won’t have stopped, right?”

    Xiao Man thought about it for a while, and finally lowered her head with a smile, “That’s right, I really am a silly lass.”

    It must be known that the Floral Princess stopped, naturally it’s because when she and Yan Nan Tian was at a standoff, she has already realized that Yan Nan Tian’s power is deeply profound, and she really can’t be sure of winning.

    But Xuanyuan San Guang was only concerned about Xiao Yu’er, and can’t be bothered about anything else, so he shouted then, “Where is Master Xiao Yu’er now!”

    Xiao Man replied, “Hero Yan and the Floral Princess made a deal, every day at dawn, they will meet at the peak of the mountain, until the Floral Princess finds that Hua… Master Hua. After that Hero Yan left with Master Xiao Yu’er.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang asked, “What about the Floral Princess then?”

    Xiao Man replied, “Naturally they went to look for that Master Hua. For all you know they will be back soon, because Master Gu has already told them that Master Hua has left with everyone else.”

    However, Little Fairy was only concerned about Gu Ren Yu, so she interrupted, “Then where has Master Gu gone?”

    Xiao Man replied, “Master Gu lost the bet, and has left to attend to Master Xiao Yu’er’s matter.”

    Little Fairy stamped her feet, “What good things can that mischief ask him to do? Why did he have to go?” She was so anxious that her tears are almost falling.

    Murong Shan Shan looked at her, suddenly smiled and said gently, “Sister, congratulations.”

    Little Fairy pouted, “I’m almost crazy with worry, what are you congratulating about?”

    Murong Shan Shan said with a laugh, “Sister Gu is not anyone to you, why must you be so anxious on his behalf?” Little Fairy pouted even harder and said, “It’s not that he does not have a name, why must you people always call him Sister Gu?”

    Murong Shan Shan giggled, “The name Sister Gu was given to him by you, and now you’re not letting others address him as such, why is that so? We’ve not met for only a day, have the status of your relationship changed?”

    Little Fairy lowered her head, her face blushing, “We… we…” Murong Shan Shan gently pinched her face and chided with a laugh, “You mischievous lass, still trying to hide from us, do you think you can run away from giving this wedding feast?”

    Murong Shuang suddenly commented, “Since they were not fighting, then what were all of you looking at in a circle earlier? Could it be that a flower suddenly sprung up from the ground?”

    Xiao Man laughed and said, “If it was a flower springing up from the ground it won’t be so strange, the strange thing is that a bun suddenly sprung up.”

    Even Murong Shuang was surprised and exclaimed, “Bun?”

    And she saw on the flat ground, there really was a little mound of soil, looking just like a bun.

    Murong Shan Shan laughed, “Silly lass, what’s so nice to look about this?”

    Xiao man replied, “Madam, you do not know, this is not only strange, but is extremely strange.”

    She suddenly run over and stood on the mound, saying “The Floral Princess was standing here earlier. When she was standing here, it was originally a flat piece of ground, but shortly after she stood on it, the ground under her feet slowly rose. This piece of land is like yeast, once she stood on it, it expanded like a bun.”

    Everyone thought the way she described it was hilarious, but at the same time can’t help feeling startled. Yu Zi Ya, Mi Shi Ba and the rest were even more excited, and they suddenly rushed forward at the same time, bent down to look at that soil bun. They kept looking and looking, as if a flower was really growing out of the soil.

    Xiao Man smiled at Murong Shan Shan, as if she’s saying, “You say that I’m a silly lass, but those old men and old women, weren’t they showing an interest in it as well?”

    The expression on Yu Zi Ya and the others’ faces became more and more surprised, and they all muttered, “It’s really true… but how is it possible?… Never expected that there would be someone who can master it.”

    The rest of the people can’t help but squeeze forward all together, and realized that on the mound there was a pair of footprints, but the footprints are not sunken in, instead, it was protruding by about an inch or more. When highly skilled pugilists are fighting, all the energy in their body is concentrated, and usually there will be an indent of the print on the ground so this is nothing strange. But the footprint is not indented, but protruding instead, now this is a rarely seen thing.

    Murong Shan Shan’s eyes gleamed, and she asked, “Could it be that the Floral Princess have mastered a kind of strange skill?”

    Yu Zi Ya sighed, “That’s right, although this martial arts she has mastered is not unprecedented, but it’s enough to rule this era. Can everyone see the two footprints on top here?”

    He also knows that everyone will surely be able to see it, so he continued on his own, “This is because when she was gathering her energy, not only did she release it out, but she sucked it into herself, so no matter what touches her, it will be sucked towards her like a magnet.”

    Murong Shan Shan’s expression changed and she asked, “So this means that, she will never use up her energy, but will only increase it, won’t she be using up a lot?” Yu Zi Ya replied, “That’s exactly the case. When she is fighting with someone, the more energy she uses, the other party’s energy will gradually be depleted. Therefore even if a person who is on par with her duels with her, in the end that person will still lose without a doubt.”

    Xiao Nu Shi interrupted, “There’s a kind of ‘Clear Jade Skill’, when one masters the ninth level of the skill, this will happen, because the energy in her body can now become like a whirlwind. No matter what touches her, it will be swept in by this whirlwind, just like drowning person seeing a whirlpool in the water.

    Murong Shan Shan said, “In that case, once one masters this skill, won’t he become unrivalled in the world?”

    Xiao Nu Shi, Mi Shi Ba, Yu Zi Ya and the rest exchanged glances, the looks on their faces despondent. Yu Zi Ya said with a long sigh, “That’s right. She is already unrivalled in the world, we have all come in vain.”

    Murong Shan Shan said, “Since she is now unrivalled in the world, naturally Yan Nan Tian would not be her match, so why is she worried about Yan Nan Tian? Or could it be that Yan Nan Tian has mastered this skill as well?”

    Xiao Nu Shi replied, “It can’t be. The person who masters this skill, his internal energy will certainly become a whirlwind, once the energy become a whirlwind, there will definitely be a suction force.”

    Yu Zi Ya explained, “This is the most marvelous aspect of this skill, but most people in the martial arts world do not understand this reasoning. Precisely because they do not know where this suction force comes from, therefore everyone thought it’s a demonic trick. But they do not know that it is in fact the epitome of orthodox internal teachings.”

    Murong Shan Shan asked, “But… since it is impossible that she loses, then why did she stop the duel suddenly?”

    The expressions on Yu Zi Ya and the rest were somber, and Xiao Nu Shi said, “There is only one explanation, which will be Yan Nan Tian has also mastered a kind of mysterious skill, which can be comparable to her ‘Clear Jade Skill’.”

    Murong Shan Shan asked, “Could there be another martial arts in the world which can go against ‘Clear Jade Skill’?”

    Xiao Nu Shi replied, “Wedding Robe Skill. This skill is named after with the meaning of ‘making wedding robes for others’.”

    Murong Shan Shan said, “Since it’s wedding robes for others, then there won’t be any use of it for himself?”

    Xiao Nu Shi explained, “That’s right, because after this skill is mastered, the internal energy will be heated like a furnace. Not only can one not use it, but he must be tortured by it day and night. That kind of pain is not something an ordinary person can endure, so he can only pass on the internal energy to others.” She sighed, and continued, “But in order to master this Wedding Robe Skill, one would need at least twenty years of hard practice, and who would be able to bear to give away to others internal energy that they have cultivated with much difficulty?”

    Yu Zi Ya said, “That’s why there was a saying in the martial arts realm in the past, if you want to harm a person, then you’ll give him the teachings of Wedding Robe Skill, and let him suffer for the rest of his life.”

    Murong Shan Shan said, “So this means that if Hero Yan mastered Wedding Robe Skill, then not only is he unable to fight with the Floral Princess, but it’s likely that he would have died of suffering as well.”

    Yu Zi Ya explained, “After the Wedding Robe Skill has been passed to a second person, naturally he will be at his end, but the second person will benefit greatly from it.”

    Murong Shan Shan said, “Could Elder mean that, someone mastered the Wedding Robe Skill and transferred it to Hero Yan.”

    Yu Zi Ya replied, “Or else, Wedding Robe Skill, after it has been transferred, will lose a lot of its prowess as well, and it then cannot be on par with Clear Jade Skill.”

    The more Murong Shan Shan thought about it, the more she could not understand, and took a glance at everyone. However, the rest of them were waiting for her to continue asking, because not only is she eloquent, but her reflexes are quick, the questions she ask are all straight to the main point. The rest do not have a chance to interrupt at all, so they might as well let her be the only one asking.

    Luckily at this time Yu Zi Ya have already continued, “It must be know that only the must intelligent person can create a unique martial arts skill. The person who created this Wedding Robe Skill, is even more of a genius, unparalleled in the world. If this kind of martial arts can only benefit others, then why did he spend so much effort creating it?”

    No one knew the real meaning behind his words, so they waited for him to continue.

    Yu Zi Ya continued, “Those in the world only knows that they must not learn the Wedding Robe Skill, but they do not know that it actually can be learnt. It’s just that when one is learning this skill, there is a secret tactic to doing it.”

    Murong Shan Shan finally found the chance to ask her question, and immediately asked, “What secret tactic?”

    End of Chapter 119

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 120

    Yu Zi Ya explained the way to master the Wedding Robe Skill to everyone, “Because this skill is too extreme, so when one has mastered about sixty to seventy percent, he will have to destroy all the energy he has gathered, and start again from scratch.”

    Xiao Nu Shi laughed and said, “It’s just like a person eating walnuts, who actually swallowed the walnut whole with the shell and choked to death. Someone next to him saw and said that walnuts are inedible, but he does not know that not only are walnuts edible, but its also very delicious. It’s just that when he’s eating walnuts, he sould have removed the hard outer shell.”

    Mi Shi Ba added, “This is called, to use what is beneficial, one must first remove its obstacles.”

    Yu Zi Ya replied, “After such a setback with the Wedding Robe Skill, and once it has been re-mastered, the sharp edges of the energy will be worn away, but the force of the energy will not reduce at all. The person who learns it has learnt this skill twice, and will naturally be very familiar with the workings of this energy, so not only can he execute this with the greatest force, but he can release and retrieve the energy at will. But to master sixty to seventy percent of the Wedding Robe Skill will need many years of hard work as well, and who would be able to bear to destroy so many years of hard work?”

    Xiao Nu Shi added, “That’s why unless the person has extremely courageous and persevering, he will never master this skill.”

    Only now did Gui Tong Zi sigh and say, “Obviously this Yan Nan Tian is a rare talent. Luckily we did not try and duel with him, or else we might meet with misfortune again.”

    Actually they only know part of the truth. When Yan Nan Tian was learning this martial arts, he did not have the intention of destroying his skills and learning it again. His character is strong-willed and stubborn, and thinks that things that others cannot do, he will surely be able to do. Therefore he was intent on using his own strength to overcome the Wedding Robe Skill, but who would have expected that he has not yet mastered the skill but met with misfortune at the Valley of Evil, and all his martial arts were crippled.

    Heaven helps those who are kind. Du Jiao Jiao, Li Da Zui and the rest had wanted to kill him, but instead they helped him greatly.

    They used the strength of seven to eight people to destroy Yan Nan Tian’s internal energy, and akin to using a whip to train a dog, after the Wedding Robe Skill was destroyed by them, it lost all its sharp edges. But this skill was meant to be destroyed, and re-learnt again, so after it was destroyed, the roots of the skill remained so that when the person practice it again, he will improve by leaps and bounds.

    It’s like seven to eight people chopping off a tree with their combined strength, and they even saw off the roots of this tress, but they do not know there are still roots under the soil. If this was not so, even if Yan Nan Tian did not die, he would be not much different from a handicapped person, so how could he have recovered all his energy and in fact became even better than before.

    Murong Shan Shan thought about it for a while and can’t help but ask again, “But how do all of you know that Hero Yan has already mastered the Wedding Robe Skill?”

    Yu Zi Ya explained, “When you’re dueling, all the energy in your body will be concentrated, and your footprints will be likely left on the ground, but where Yan Nan Tian has stood, there was not even half a footprint there. Can it be said then that his energy is not as good as yours!”

    Murong Shan Shan laughed, “If Hero Yan’s energy is not as good as mine, the Floral Princess would have killed him long ago.”

    Yu Zi Ya replied, “Exactly, because Yan Nan Tian can now control his energy at will, so when it’s not time to be used, not a single trace will be leaked, that’s why there’s no mark on the area he stood on.”

    Xiao Nu Shi said, “And also because his energy is now joined into one with his body, no external force will be able to shake it. So although the Floral Princess has mastered the Clear Jade Skill, she is unable to use it on him.”

    Murong Shan Shan sighed and said, “After hearing what Elders have said, we’ve suddenly found new understanding.”

    Suddenly Xiao Man was heard shouting, “Master Gu, Master Gu, come in quickly, someone is going crazy thinking about you.”

    Everyone lifted their heads and looked over, and saw that Gu Ren Yu is really walking over.

    Little Fairy stared fiercely at Xiao Man, but she can’t help but burst into laughter. If it was someone else, that person might feel shy, but she couldn’t care less, and actually stepped forward, stamped her feet and said, “Where have you been, why didn’t you leave a message.”

    Gu Ren Yu blushed again, and stammered, “I… I went to do something for Xiao Yu’er.”

    Little Fairy said, “What is it that he needs others to do, I’m afraid you have been tricked by him again.”

    Gu Ren Yu sighed, “It’s only now that I understand that we’ve all misunderstood him, he’s really not a bad person.”

    Little Fairy blinked, “How did he make you change your mind? That little imp is quite capable.”

    Gu Ren Yu replied, “Jiang Bie He and his son were thinking of tricking Hero Yan, and the deliberately pretended not to know each other so that Jiang Yu Lang can find a chance to save his father, and then find a way to kill Hero Yan.”

    Little Fairy said with hatred, “I’ve long known that father and son were nothing good.”

    Gu Ren Yu continued, “But after what Hero Yan has encountered in the Valley of Evil, he is no longer the same person he was before. Very quickly he saw through their ploy so he heavy handedly destroyed their martial arts first before trapping them in a cave so that Xiao Yu’er can personally avenge his parents.”

    Little Fairy clapped and laughed, “I did not expect that father and son would have a day like this. This news really makes one overjoyed.”

    Gu Ren Yu sighed, “But if it’s not for Xiao Yu’er, who would have known that this father and son pair are such unscrupulous villains?”

    Little Fairy replied, “That’s right, in all his life, at least he did something good. But what is it that he wanted you to do then?”

    Gu Ren Yu replied, “He wants me to release them.”

    Little Fairy exclaimed in surprise, “Release them?”

    Gu Ren Yu replied, “That’s right, not only does he want me to release them, but he wants me to find them a place where they can settle down. Because they are now crippled, they no longer have the will to live.” He sucked in his breath and continued, “Besides, for people who roam the martial arts realm, they will surely have made enemies. If they know that they have lost their martial arts, they will certainly come to seek revenge, so naturally there’s no way they can go back. That’s why Xiao Yu’er wants me to arrange for them to work as gardeners at the Gu’s family mansion, at least they will freeze or die of hunger, and need not fear people looking for them for revenge.”

    Little Fairy was stunned, “Jiang Bie He caused the death of his parents, not only is he not taking revenge personally, but he is afraid that others will seek revenge on them. What is that little imp up to again?”

    Gu Ren Yu explained, “Although Jiang Bie He has let his parents down, but he thinks that such a punishment is enough. He feels that ‘seeking revenge, an eye for an eye’, is not a very smart thinking. Those in the martial arts world have been led controlled by such a thinking, and have done so many silly things, so he’s determined not to follow in their steps.”

    Little Fairy said, “A father’s revenge is comparable to heaven. He’s not going to avenge his father, can he still consider himself his son?”

    Gu Ren Yu said, “He thinks that it’s not necessary to kill someone to consider that a revenge has been taken, and he has no wish to kill two useless, handicapped people. Maybe others will think that his thinking is wrong, but he feels that as long as he can answer to his conscience, he does not care what others think about him.”

    Little Fairy asked, “You think…” Gu Ren Yu answered seriously, “I think that what he did was correct as well. The word ‘revenge’ has caused harm to countless people. Who knows how many people are dying everyday in the pugilistic world because of revenge. If everyone thinks the same way as Xiao Yu’er, I believe that everyone’s life will be a lot more peaceful.” He looked deep into Little Fairy’s eyes and said gently, “Heaven created men, not for the purpose of men killing one another, right?”

    Little Fairy asked, “Then, why didn’t he release them himself?”

    Gu Ren Yu replied, “He’s afraid that Hero Yan will not agree with his thinking, so he does not want Hero Yan to find out for the time being.”

    Little Fairy said, “So he’s still up to his tricks, still lying to others.”

    Gu Ren Yu replied, “That’s right, it’s true that he frequently tricks and lies to others, but his intent has always been kind. I think anyone who is wise will not think that his tricks are used wrongly.”

    Little Fairy was stunned for a moment and said with a bitter smile, “He really is a strange person, and no one can figure out if he’s really a good man, or a bad one.”

    Yu Zi Ya suddenly laughed, “Although I do not know him, and I do not know if he is good or bad, I know that if those in the pugilistic world are all like him, we need not run away to a far away deserted island.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang clapped his hands and exclaimed, “Old Man Ge, that’s right, if there’s a few more bad people like him, I’d rather not touch any dice from now on.”

    Murong Shan Shan suddenly smiled as well, “How can you do that, my sisters and I still want to look for you and have a good bet in future.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang said, “I only said I won’t touch dice, but I didn’t say I won’t touch cards.”

    Everyone can’t help but burst out laughing, after the tension of the past two nights, they are finally feeling a little relaxed now! Only Hua Wu Que, whose heart felt even heavier.

    More and more, he could not bear to hurt Xiao Yu’er, he’d rather that he be killed by Xiao Yu’er. But he does not know, even if he doesn’t mind dying, Xiao Yu’er’s life would be even more miserable being alive. No one will be able to, after killing his own brother, and still be able to live peacefully. It is fated that they will have a miserable outcome.

    It seems that no one will be able to change this outcome.

    In the midst of chaos, no one noticed that Li Da Zui, Ha Ha’er, Du Sha, Du Jiao Jiao, Yin Jiu You, Bai Kai Xin have already escaped halfway.

    Knowing that Yan Nan Tian has appeared, even with a knife pointed to their necks, they would never dare to go forward with the rest of the group.

    Of course that Madam Bai is never an inch further away from Bai Kai Xin.

    Bai Kai Xin was slapped earlier by Du Sha, and now half his face is swollen, his mouth squeezed to one side, fresh blood trickling out from the corner of his mouth.

    Madam Bai suddenly spoke to Bai Kai Xin quietly, “Do you know why you’re always being bullied?”

    “Because I met a bane like you.”

    Madam Bai was not upset at all, but smiled instead and said, “It’s because they all have helpers, but you’re all alone. It’s difficult to fight four hands with two fists, and since you know this, why don’t you find a helper!”

    Bai Kai Xin’s eyes shone, and immediately pulled Madam Bai aside. By now they have walked into the wilderness of the mountain, and Bai Kai Xin pulled her and hid at a niche in the mountain, whispering, “Your words have awaken me. After what you’ve said, I did think of a good helper.”

    Madam Bai smiled, “Will you still call me a bane now?”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “No, no, look at your nose, I knew that you will bring luck to your husband.”

    Madam Bai chided him with a laugh, “Stop flattering, tell me first who is that helper that you’re thinking of.”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “Amongst these people, Li Da Zui and I have long been loggerheads. Now Big Brother Du seems to be on his side as well. Both their martial arts is not bad, especially Big Brother Du. I could have asked Ha Ha’er to deal with them, but this fatty is even more slippery than a loach. If I find him, he may betray me once his head is turned.”

    Madam Bai asked, “What about Du Jiao Jiao?”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “That neither man nor woman can’t do as well. She may look as if she’s on good terms with me, but she’s always been afraid of Big Brother Du. To ask her to go against Big Brother, she’d rather die than do it.”

    Madam Bai laughed, “Maybe she has a secret relationship with Big Brother Du.”

    Bai Kai Xin giggled, “That is damn right, so no matter how I see it, I can only persuade Yin Jiu You to partner me, and with you, we have three people. It’s enough to deal with the group of them.”

    Madam Bai blinked her eyes and asked, “Do you have a way to persuade him?” Bai Kai Xin replied, “I didn’t initially, but now I do.” Bai Kai Xin continued with a smile, “This person has always liked to sneak around furtively looking into other people’s privacy in the dark, especially other couples ‘doing things’. Because he can no longer do it, so he can only get his kick by looking at others.”

    Madam Bai rolled her eyes and laughed, “Could it be that you want to ‘do things’ with me here?”

    Bai Kai Xin hugged her and laughed, “You’re damn right again. Once we start, he’ll be here soon after.”

    Madam Bai giggled, “With someone looking at the side, I can’t do it.”

    Bai Kai Xin chided her with a laugh, “You ****, do you think I do not understand, with someone peeping at the side, you get even more excited!”

    He pushed her hard and said, “Move!”

    Madam Bai bit his ears and panted, “Harder, good man, push harder…harder still… harder still…the harder the better.”

    After a while, Bai Kai Xin suddenly laughed, “Yin Lao Jiu, if you want to look, you might as well come out and have a good look?”

    Yin Jiu You was really behind a rock, laughing, “Good lad, you’ve married a correct wife, she really is something.”

    Madam Bai panted as she laughed, “Do you want to come and have a go?”

    Yin Jiu You laughed loudly, “No need no need, as long as you let me watch to my heart’s content, I will be grateful.”

    Bai Kai Xin said, “That’s right, you better make yourself happy while you still can, if Yan Nan Tian finds you, it’ll be too late.”

    Once the name ‘Yan Nan Tian’ was mentioned, Yin Jiu You’s expression changed, and he said icily, “So it’s that why you’re so intent on making yourself so happy now?”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “It’s all right with us, I have never harmed Yan Nan Tian, so I need not fear him, but you…” He laughed, and deliberately stopped talking.

    Yin Jiu You’s face turned green and he was stunned for a moment, before he suddenly laughed, “You think that I’m afraid? I’m afraid Yan Nan Tian has already died in the hands of the Floral Princess, what need I fear?”

    Bai Kai Xin chortled, “That’s right, that’s right. You really have nothing to fear, Yan Nan Tian’s martial arts is not worth even a damn cent, once he fights with the Floral Princess his head will have to move house.”

    Yin Jiu You replied, “Yan Nan Tian’s martial arts may not be bad, but the Floral Princess…” Bai Kai Xin interrupted, “You only know that Yan Nan Tian has not practiced martial arts for many years, but you forget that he could have mastered an extremely formidable skill in these few years, or else why would he dare to come and look for the Floral Princess? Do you think he’s sick of living?” Yin Jiu You was stunned, the expression on his face even more horrible.

    Bai Kai Xin added, “Besides, the Floral Princess have been starving in that cave for a few days. If man is iron, rice is steel, no matter how capable they are, they will not be able to stand it. Even if they have eaten something now, but their martial arts will certainly be discounted by at least twenty to thirty percent. If they were to fight with Yan Nan Tian now… from what I see I’m afraid they will likely lose.”

    Yin Jiu You was stunned for a moment, and said, “So what if he does not die. If I can’t fight him, can I not hide from him then?”

    Bai Kai Xin said, “When Yan Nan Tian wants to create trouble for a person, I’ve never heard that the person will be able to run away. Besides, for a person to live until fifty, sixty years old but still in fear of his own life the whole day, hiding here and there, isn’t that such a pitiful life.”

    Yin Jiu You gritted his teeth and asked with hatred, “What is the meaning of telling me all these!”

    Bai Kai Xin replied nonchalantly, “I don’t have any other meaning, but I just want to help you, so that Yan Nan Tian will not look for you anymore.”

    Yin Jiu You was moved and asked, “You have a plan?”

    Bai Kai Xin closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment, before replying languidly, “From what I know, the person who struck against Yan Nan Tian was not you.”

    Yin Jiu You immediately said, “That’s right, it’s Li Da Zui who came up with that idea, to let Du Jiao Jiao masquerade as a corpse…” Bai Kai Xin clapped and exclaimed, “That it correct, only the two of them are the real culprits. Once Yan Nan Tian sees that the two of them are dead, his anger will be diminished by more than half, and he won’t be so intent on going after other people to settle scores.”

    Yin Jiu You’s eyes gleamed and asked, “You mean to tell me to kill them?”

    Bai Kai Xin said, “Of course you can’t do it alone, but with the help of my wife and me, and an ingenious plan, need we fear that they will not obediently offer their heads to us?”

    Yin Jiu You replied icily in a low voice, “I think you’re doing this to avenge yourselves.”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “That’s not wrong at all, if I’m not doing this to avenge myself, why would I help you? I’m not even your father.”

    Yin Jiu You laughed instead and mumbled, “I think these two have lived long enough as well, it’s not a bad thing if we send them on their way earlier.”

    Bai Kai Xin exclaimed with joy, “Damn, you finally understand. I have not found the wrong person.”

    Yin Jiu You smiled as well, “Damn, you’re not blind after all.”

    Bai Kai Xin turned serious again and sighed, “But, if we strike now, Ha Ha’er will certainly watch from the side, but Big Brother Du will surely not agree and insist he helps out, then we’ll be in trouble.”

    Yin Jiu You’s eyes shone and asked, “Can it be that you want to do Big Brother Du in as well!”

    Bai Kai Xin smiled and said, “This is called, going all the way.”

    Yin Jiu You smiled frostily, “But with the three of us thinking of pitting ourselves against the three of them, is akin to a fat pig knocking on the door, waiting for others to cart it out and slaughter it.”

    Bai Kai Xin sighed, “You really are not knowledgeable at all, you don’t even know a little use of military strategies.”

    Yin Jiu You was silent for a moment, then his eyes shone, and said “Do you mean…” Bai Kai Xin replied, “Attack their weak points while they are unprepared, and after that go in for the kill.”

    Yin Jiu You asked, “But… what weakness does Big Brother Du have?” Bai Kai Xin replied, “His weakness is that he thinks he’s extraordinary, loves to be a hero, so it’s best that we use a woman to deal with him, because he keeps thinking that women are weaker.”

    Madam Bai suddenly smiled, “Men who thinks that women are weaker, will surely meet with misfortune.”

    Ha Ha’er, Du Jiao Jiao, Du Sha and Li Da Zui had also stopped in front. They felt that this area is secluded, so they can rest here for a while first. They know that from today onwards, they have to start being on the run endlessly again, and they also know that to be on the run in the long term, they would need a plan. But now they have no idea what to plan for at all.

    Du Jiao Jiao suddenly said, “Do you think that Yan Nan Tian will definitely die in the hands of the Floral Princesses?”

    Li Da Zui replied, “I think he’s more likely dead by now.”

    Du Sha said icily, “I don’t think so. I’m well aware of Yan Nan Tian’s martial arts.”

    He looked at his broken hand, his gaze reflecting a look of desolation.

    Du Jiao Jiao added, “If Yan Nan Tian does not die, he will certainly not let us off. Where can we run? Are we returning to the Valley of Evil again?” They all know that they may be able to hide from others in the Valley of Evil, but they cannot hide from Yan Nan Tian there. But besides the Valley of Evil, they have nowhere else to go. For a moment, even the most talkative people like them were at a loss for words.

    Without knowing how much time has passed, Li Da Zui furrowed his brows and asked, “Where has that harming others without benefit to oneself gone to? Is he up to something to harm others again?”

    Du Sha said frostily, “I’m afraid he doesn’t have the guts for it!”

    Du Jiao Jiao was about to say something when suddenly Madam Bai ran over in a stumble, her face streaked with tears. She looked around in a panic, ran towards Du Sha, knelt down and wailed, “Big Brother Du, I beg you… I beg that you save me!”

    Du Sha furrowed his brows, “Save you? What’s the matter?”

    Madam Bai wept as she replied, “I’ve just been married to him for less than a day, and he’s already thinking of abandoning me, and even wants to kill me. I am all alone, with no one to turn to, so I can only beg that Big Brother Du decide for me. I know that Big Brother Du will certainly be a fair judge.”

    Du Sha indeed exclaimed furiously, “Since he has married you, how can he do such things.”

    Li Da Zui immediately added, “That’s right. Even if he doesn’t like you, he can just divorce you, how can he kill you? I knew long ago that this lad has no conscience at all.”

    Du Sha suddenly stood up and said angrily, “Where is that fellow, you come with me, and let’s see if he dares to touch even a finger of yours.”

    Madam Bai smiled through her tears and said, “I’ve long known that Big Brother Du is a hero, he will never see a weak woman being bullied.”

    She struggled to stand up from the ground, as if she can’t even stand steadily.

    Du Sha furrowed his brows, “Are you already injured?” Madam Bai sighed and said quietly, “My whole body is already wounded because of his beatings, Big Brother Du, look.” She suddenly loosened her clothes, revealing her naked body.

    Du Sha immediately closed his eyes and said, “There’s no need to look, wear your clothes quickly and follow me…” He has not finished his words when he suddenly felt a coldness in his chest. A sharp dagger is already stabbed into his chest.

    Du Sha roared and the iron hook on his handicapped wrist flew out.

    Once Madam Bai achieved her target, she rolled on the ground three to four feet away. She only felt the cool metal hook brushing the sensitive spot on her chest, and her face was shocked pale.

    This change is too sudden. Li Da Zui, Du Jiao Jiao and Ha Ha’er never imagined that this woman would be so bold as to have the guts to attack Du Sha. Du Sha pulled out the dagger on his chest, fresh blood spurted out like an arrows. He wanted to leap forward but his strength is ebbing away, together with the flow of blood.

    His hands which has killed so many is now stained with fresh blood, his own blood! Li Da Zui and Du Jiao Jiao both rushed over, thinking of holding him up but Du Sha shook their hands off, looked heavenward and heaved a long sigh, “I have been a hero all my life, but I did not expect that I’ll die in the hands of this shameless s.lut.”

    Du Jiao Jiao gritted her teeth and said, “Big Brother Du, don’t you worry, she will not live either!”

    Du Sha replied, “Good, very good…” He suddenly smiled sadly and added, “If I have known this would happen, we might as well die in Yan Nan Tian’s hands, at least he is a hero…” Once he said the word ‘hero’, this man who thought of himself as a hero collapsed. It seems that only at this point did Madam Bai remember about escape, and she rolled over on the ground and flipped herself up.

    Li Da Zui shouted fiercely, “You’re thinking of escaping?”

    As he spoke, Yin Jiu You suddenly flew out from a rock behind like a spirit, and blocked Madam Bai’s path! Without speaking a word, Madam Bai struck with three palm attacks.

    But Yin Jiu You only extended his hand and he caught hold of her wrists, and chuckled, “If we let you run away today, can we still call ourselves ‘Ten Evils’?”

    Madam Bai gritted her teeth, “I’ve had enough of your bullying, just kill me. Anyway I have already avenged myself.”

    Yin Jiu You laughed coldly, “Kill you, it’s not going to be that easy!”

    He turned around and smiled at Li Da Zui, “I hear that human flesh must be cut from a living human to be really tasty, I’ll offer you this delectable dish then.”

    Li Da Zui grinned fiendishly, “If I don’t cut her up into a thousand and eight hundred pieces, then my surname is not Li.”

    Madam Bai laughed hysterically, “And I thought you really wanted to avenge Big Brother Du, but it turns out that you only want to eat my flesh. Come then, good son, come and eat your mother’s chest then. If I even furrow my brows, then consider it that you raised me.”

    Du Jiao Jiao said icily, “This woman would not have the guts to strike on her own, it must be Bai Kai Xin who secretly ordered her.”

    Madam Bai laughed loudly, “Do I need others to order me? To tell you the truth, that dastard Bai Kai Xin has died in my hands long ago, and is waiting for you to collect his corpse.”

    Du Jiao Jiao’s eyes glimmered, and said “Don’t kill her so fast, let me go and take a look first.”

    Li Da Zui smiled sinisterly, “Don’t worry, I guarantee that she won’t die even after three days and nights.” He picked up the dagger that was still stained with Du Sha’s fresh blood and walked towards Madam Bai step by step.

    Ha Ha’er looked at him, and looked at Du Jiao Jiao who is now more than a hundred feet away, and said with a grin, “I wonder what Bai Kai Xin’s face will look like when he’s dead, I’d better go over and take a look at him.”

    Before Li Da Zui could reach Madam Bai, she had already started shouting, “Yin Jiu You, if you’re still human, then kill me. Don’t let this inhumane thing torture me, and I’ll be grateful to you even after I’ve become a ghost.”

    Yin Jiu You chuckled, “Me human? Who said I’m human? I’m not human at all!”

    Li Da Zui laughed loudly, “So you know how to be afraid as well. On the account that you killed Bai Kai Xin, I will cut you a hundred times less, but it won’t be anything less than a thousand and seven hundred cuts.”

    Madam Bai wailed, “You beast, you…” Li Da Zui stood in front of her with one step and smiled sinisterly, “Actually I did not know where I should start my first cut from, but now I do. I’m going to cut your tongue first, so that a tongue wagging woman like you will now have a shorter tongue.”

    The dagger in his hand is slicing over.

    Who would have expected that right at this time, Yin Jiu You would suddenly release Madam Bai, and the two of them, one on either side sandwiching him. Before Li Da Zui can comprehend what is happening, he has received a palm blow under his left armpit from Madam Bai and a punch from Yin Jiu You under his right armpit and threw up fresh blood before collapsing onto the ground.

    But Li Da Zui was not dead yet, and groaned, “You… where are you taking me? Why don’t you just kill me?”

    Madam Bai said gently, “You want to cut me into one thousand and seven hundred pieces, so how can I bear to kill you now?” She lowered her body, her lips seems to be moving, and who knows what she whispered into Li Da Zui’s ears but his eyes suddenly shone.

    Suddenly, Madam Bai threw up Li Da Zui’s body with both her hands, and Li Da Zui flew up thirty feet and actually grabbed Yin Jiu You’s hair and pressed him down at the bottom. Never in his dreams did Yin Jiu You would expect this to happen and in his shock, was about to punch Li Da Zui but Madam Bai’s Tiger Tail Silver Needle has already pierced his Xuehai acupoint. His body became numb immediately, unable to move at all.

    Li Da Zui panted as he laughed sinisterly, “Since you know that the most poisonous thing in the world is a woman’s heart, then why did you believe a woman’s word. What good did you think it will benefit you if you’ve killed me?”

    Yin Jiu You gurgled, and before he can say another word, his neck was broken by Li Da Zui. Therefore the remaining half of his ‘humanity’ became a ‘ghost’ as well, and a headless ghost at that. Li Da Zui looked at his bloody hands and suddenly started to laugh hysterically.

    Madam Bai asked, “Master Li, I’ve allowed you to avenge yourself, how are you going to thank me?” Li Da Zui’s laughter stopped gradually, and he panted as he asked, “What do you really want?”

    Madam Bai said gently, “It doesn’t matter if you’re grateful to me or not, but I’m going to help you with one more thing.”

    Li Da Zui replied, “I beg of you, don’t help me with anything, I can’t take it any longer.”

    Madam Bai laughed, “I must offer this help. The ‘Ten Evils’ have treated me so well, how can I not show you my gratitude properly?” She smiled and suddenly flew up with a kick, and knocked Li Da Zui unconscious.

    End of Chapter 120

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 121

    Bai Kai Xin is really dead.

    He didn’t look good when he was alive and now that he’s dead he looks even more awful, like a dried up weasel, hung up high on a tree.

    Du Jiao Jiao sighed and mumbled, “I’ve long known that this person won’t come to a good end, but I didn’t expect him to die so horribly. We helped him snatch Bai Lao Hu’s woman and this has helped Bai Lai Hu greatly instead.” As she talked, she has already walked to the bottom of the tree.

    Suddenly Ha Ha’er shouted from behind, “Be careful, for all you know that fellow is faking it.”

    It might have been better if he had not said this, but once he uttered the sentence, Du Jiao Jiao naturally turned her head back to look at him. As soon as she was distracted, Bai Kai Xin’s hands were already around her neck. Ha Ha’er shivered, and stood there numbly, as if he cannot take another step further.

    Bai Kai Xin laughed icily, “Du Jiao Jiao, actually I have nothing against you and I had no intention to kill you, but this is Yin Lao Jiu’s idea. After you’ve become a ghost, you’d better look for him, don’t come and look for me.”

    Du Jiao Jiao’s eyes rolled up, showing the whites, and not only is she unable to speak, she is unable to hear as well. With a somersault, Bai Kai Xin flipped down from the tree and looked at Ha Ha’er, saying with a laugh, “See, my ability to pretend to be dead is not any worse than Du Jiao Jiao. She only knows how to fake death to harm others all her life, but I’m afraid she’d never imagine that she will die in the hands of a ‘faking dead man’.”

    Ha Ha’er heaved a sigh and mumbled, “The world turns, it seems that this is really retribution. When I reincarnate, I will never dare to harm others in my next life again.”

    Bai Kai Xin laughed loudly, “Ha Ha’er, are you turning over a new leaf as well? I’m afraid there’s only three to four people left in the Ten Evils, and we need you to bolster our strength, because one of you is enough to make up two to three people.”

    Ha Ha’er looked pleasantly surprised, and asked, “You’re willing to let me off?”

    Bai Kai Xin looked up, turned his palms up and said, “Maybe, but I’ll need to consider.”

    Ha Ha’er said with a bitter smile on his face, “Please, don’t consider, as long as you’ll let me off, you’ll be like my parent. From today onwards if you want me to go east, I would not dare to go west, if you want me to crawl, I would not dare to walk.”

    Bai Kai Xin grinned, “Since that is the case, then crawl one round for me.”

    Without saying a single word, Ha Ha’er really started crawling on the ground.

    Bai Kai Xin clapped his hands and chortled, “Everyone come and see, there’s a fat turtle here.”

    As he crawled, Ha Ha’er beamed, “Fat turtle, climbing on the ground, Master Bai clapped and laughed on seeing it, Grandma Bai rushed over from the side, and laughed like a flower…” Madam Bai was really here, and she was really laughing like a flower.

    Bai Kai Xin winked at her and asked, “Is everything settled?”

    Madam Bai smiled coquettishly, “To think that they’re as conniving as ghosts, but they still ended up having to drink the water for washing my feet.”

    Bai Kai Xin asked, “What about Yin Lao Jiu?”

    Madam Bai replied, “Of course we can’t keep him, or else the next time we… we want to enjoy ourselves, he will certainly peep from the side, I can’t tolerate it.”

    Bai Kai Xin laughed loudly, “You’re damn right. Since all the rabbits are dead, why should we bother keeping the dog?”

    Madam Bai threw Li Da Zui hard onto the ground, and said, “Only this big mouthed wolf, I know that you can’t bear to kill him so fast.”

    Bai Kai Xin jumped over and hugged her by her neck, laughing “You’re really my little treasure, the worm in my stomach.”

    Madam Bai giggled and asked, “What about this fat turtle?”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “We can kill this fat turtle anytime we want, so what’s the hurry in killing him. Keep him, and I can still have fun with him, won’t that be even happier.”

    Madam Bai rolled her eyes and asked, “What about this big mouthed wolf? How are you going to deal with him?”

    Bai Kai Xin blinked and asked, “Could it be that you have a good plan?”

    Madam Bai laughed, “He has eaten all kinds of human flesh, and even his wife and son was eaten by him. But there’s a type of person whose flesh he has never eaten before, so won’t it be a great pity if he died. Therefore I must offer him this help.”

    Bai Kai Xin asked, “What type of person has he never tasted the flesh of?”

    Madam Bai replied, “Those who eat human flesh.”

    Bai Kai Xin’s eyes shone, “Could it be that you want him to eat his own flesh?” Madam Bai smiled sinisterly, “Do you think this is a good idea?”

    Bai Kai Xin hugged her again and laughed loudly, “You’re really a treasure, how can I ever bear to leave you from now on.”

    Amidst the laughter, there is suddenly a ‘crack’ sound.

    Madam Bai suddenly screamed and her body slid down like a pile of mud, her neck hanging limply on one side, her eyes staring at Bai Kai Xin like copper bells. The gaze in her eyes were full of fear and hatred, and she uttered, “You…” For a person with a broken neck, how can she still speak. Although she very much wanted to curse and swear, but she can only let out a bone chilling ‘hissing’ sound, like the sound made by a snake before it died. Even in death, she could not believe that Bai Kai Xin would actually kill her, just like how Du Sha and Yin Jiu You would not believe that she will kill them.

    Bai Kai Xin grinned, “Don’t look like that, actually you should have known long ago, since the rabbits are all dead, why do I still need a b.itch like you?” Madam Bai stared at him, her eyeballs almost popping out. No matter who is the person, on seeing her stare at himself like that, will never be able to fall asleep at night again.

    But Bai Kai Xin is not bothered at all, and continued nonchalantly, “Besides, if I don’t kill you, sooner or later I’ll be killed by you. I know that you’ve hated us to the core for some time, that’s why you first made use of me to kill them, then you’ll think of a way to kill me. If I do not strike first, then I’ll be in trouble later.”

    The vein on Madam Bai’s neck kept twitching, she was unable to take a breath.

    Suddenly Li Da Zui can be heard sighing, “Bai Kai Xin oh Bai Kai Xin, I’ve always thought you’re an idiot, but who would have expected that you’re smarter than I imagined.”

    Bai Kai Xin smiled evilly, “You’re still not dead? Are you waiting to eat your own flesh?”

    Li Da Zui forced out a smile, “You’re absolutely right. I’ve long wanted to taste what my flesh is like, now that I have the chance, how can I miss it.”

    Bai Kai Xin was stunned instead, “Really?”

    Li Da Zui sighed, “When one is about to die, even his words will be kinder, why would I still need to lie to you now?”

    Bai Kai Xin blinked, and suddenly laughed loudly, “Did you think I’ll believe your words? That I’ll deliberately not let you eat?”

    Li Da Zui replied, “It’s best that you don’t believe me, take the knife here quickly but do not cut my arm. The flesh there is the toughest.”

    Bai Kai Xin stared at him for a long while, and suddenly turned towards Ha Ha’er, “Do you believe his words?”

    Ha Ha’er stayed on the ground obediently all these while, and now he hurriedly smiled condescendingly and said, “A leopard will never change its spots. This big mouthed wolf has no one else’s flesh to eat, so it’s good if he can eat his own flesh. Why should Big Brother Bai let him enjoy himself before he die?”

    Bai Kai Xin clasped his hands, “That’s right, that’s right. I must make him die of impatience. Although his flesh is on his body, but I want him to just be able to see and be impatient.”

    Li Da Zui panted and asked, “I know Yin Lao Jiu wanted to kill us to let Yan Nan Tian think that once we’re dead, he won’t come after us. But what good is it for you to kill us?”

    Bai Kai Xin grinned, “Have you forgotten my name?” Li Da Zui was stunned for a moment before mumbling with a bitter laugh, “Harming others without benefit to oneself… harming others without benefit to oneself…” He seems unable to breath as well, so he closed his eyes and stopped talking.

    Ha Ha’er smiled condescendingly, “Big Brother Bai, do you still want to see a fat turtle like me crawl?”

    Bai Kai Xin waved his hand and laughed, “Get up, I’ve seen enough for today.”

    Ha Ha’er asked, “You… you’re really letting me off?”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “Don’t you worry, as long as you’re obedient, I will not harm you. Amongst all the brothers there’s only the two of us left now, how can I bear to kill you. If you’re dead, who else in the world would be my friend?”

    Ha Ha’er bowed and said, “Thank you Big Brother Bai, thank you Big Brother Bai.”

    Bai Kai Xin laughed heartily, so happy that he felt as if he’s now the emperor. But he was happy in vain.

    When Ha Ha’er bowed for the third time, three black and short arrows suddenly shot out from his back and with a ‘swish’, pierced Bai Kai Xin’s chest. Bai Kai Xin exclaimed, flipped over and fell, his eyes staring at Ha Ha’er, the expression exactly the same as Madam Bai’s when she was staring at him.

    Ha Ha’er looked heavenward and laughed loudly, “Bai Kai Xin oh Bai Kai Xin, you’ve been smart all your life, but careless for only a moment. Why would I fear you so much, can’t you even tell that I’m faking it?”

    Bai Kai Xin’s hands grasped the arrows stuck in his chest tightly, and groaned, “If I can tell I won’t be tricked by you fat turtle.”

    Ha Ha’er asked, “Ha ha, but why did you think that I will fear you?”

    Bai Kai Xin replied, “I thought all fatties fear death, and will never dare to strike against me. And I thought that fatties were useless, I’m not afraid even if you strike, but I forgot… forgot…” His face turned pale, his lips turned black, and his eyes started getting blurry.

    Ha Ha’er said, “Ha ha, could you have forgotten my ‘Dagger within laughter’s three secret weapons’? Do you know how many people in the martial arts realm have died in this marvelous ploy of mine?”

    Bai Kai Xin panted, “But why do you want to kill me? Won’t the two of us working together be better than working alone.”

    Ha Ha’er is no longer looking at him, but walked towards Du Jiao Jiao instead and said gently, “Jiao Jiao, can you still see? I’ve avenged you!”

    Bai Kai Xin exclaimed in surprise, “So you were actually taking revenge for her? Could it be that you’re her…” Ha Ha’er’s cheeks were slightly shaking, as if he is in great pain. Bai Kai Xin need not ask further, he already knows who is he to Du Jiao Jiao.

    He heard Ha Ha’er say quietly, “For so many years, you have been quite good to me. Now that you’re dead, I really do feel very bad…” Bai Kai Xin laughed bitterly, “Du Jiao Jiao was in the Valley of Evil for twenty years, I’ve long known that she will not be able to tolerate and will find a lover, but I’ve always thought that her lover is Big Brother Du.”

    He suddenly laughed loudly, “Actually I should have known long ago that her lover is you. An old woman like her who is neither man nor woman, besides a fat turtle like you, who else can she entice?”

    Ha Ha’er roared angrily and with a lift of his leg, gave him a flying kick. He finally was unable to say any more words that will harm others without benefit to himself.

    Ha Ha’er gritted his teeth and panted heavily for a moment. Suddenly he saw Du Jiao Jiao’s eyes open by a slit. Ha Ha’er was surprised and overjoyed, and immediately knelt down to ask, “Can you still talk?”

    Du Jiao Jiao nodded her head, her lips moved, as if she said something.

    But her voice is really too weak, Ha Ha’er can’t hear even a single word, so he put his ear next to Du Jiao Jiao’s mouth and said gently, “What other concerns do you have, just tell me, I’ll certainly do it for you.”

    Du Jiao Jiao moaned, “We’re lovebirds who’ll share the same fate, right?”

    Ha Ha’er kept nodding his head and agreed, “Right, right, we’re lovebirds who share the same fate, as well as loving husband and wife.”

    The corners of Du Jiao Jiao’s mouth curved up to reveal a trace of her last smile and said, “So if I’m dead, you cannot live either.”

    Ha Ha’er was extremely surprised and thought of jumping away but it was too late. Du Jiao Jiao’s arms were like snakes entangling him and she bit him on the throat. Ha Ha’er tried to struggle with his might, but finally he stopped struggling. His face slowly turned pale, the blood in his body flowing into Du Jiao Jiao’s stomach. Suddenly he used all the strength left in his body and collapsed onto Du Jiao Jiao. There was a chain of cracking sounds, all the bones in Du Jiao Jiao’s body was broken. Ha Ha’er struggled to stand up, looked heaven ward and laughed three times, ‘Haha, haha, haha’ before he collapsed onto the ground, finally unable to laugh again.

    Li Da Zui was looking on all this while, and was staring hard. Only now did he heave a long sigh and mumble, Very good, very good. The Ten Evils are finally all dead. I’ve already known thirty years ago that these people will kill themselves. Heaven made the ten of us with the intention of letting us pit against one another, kill one another, or else he only have to create one of us, why would he need to make ten.” He struggled to stand up but he fell again. So he struggled to climb up the mountain, as if he wants to stay far, far away from these corpses.

    When the mountain breeze blew past, it seems to bring with it the howls of wild beasts from afar. Amongst the wood behind the mountain, there seems to be a very deep cave, and on top of the cave there were strange rocks towering over it. From afar it looks like a ancient beast, and the cave is like the mouth of this weird beast. Li Da Zui struggled to crawl in.

    The cave was eerie and damp, and with a stench so bad that it makes one nauseous. But Li Da Zui looked as if he has never been to such a comfortable place. He heaved a long sigh and laid on the ground. The ground was muddy with loose stones, but Li Da Zui looked as if he’s lying on a young girl’s soft bed, and talked to himself, “Li Da Zui oh Li Da Zui, that Heaven can give you a place like this, and let you die quietly, is already being very kind to you. What can you complain about?”

    But Heaven did not let him wait for death quietly. Without knowing how long has passed, footsteps could be heard suddenly outside the cave. Li Da Zui wanted to jump up immediately, but now he could not even crawl. At a time like this, one can only leave his fate to Heaven.

    He might as well just lay there unmoving, and secretly thought, “I’ve eaten humans for my whole life, even if Heaven wants to feed me to the dogs, it’s right.”

    He heard someone say, “This is the place, it can’t be wrong, I recognize that rock in at the mouth of the cave.” The words spoken by this person is very ordinary, but the tone of voice is very imposing and serious. Although Li Da Zui can’t tell who this voice belongs to, but without knowing why his heart started thumping very quickly.

    After a while, someone else said, “Uncle, I’ve hidden something from you, will you forgive me?”

    Once he heard this voice, Li Da Zui was really shocked. This person is actually Xiao Yu’er, and the other person must naturally be Yan Nan Tian. Li Da Zui never imagined that no matter how hard he tried to hide, he still could not hide from them.

    He was so shocked that he dare not even breath.

    Since he is not far from death, what else is there to fear! But once a person does something bad, he can’t help but feel afraid.

    He heard Yan Nan Tian say, “What have you hidden from me?” Xiao Yu’er replied, “I… I have told someone to release Jiang Bie He and his son without telling you.”

    It seems that Yan Nan Tian was stunned as well, and asked fiercely, “Why did you do that? Have you forgotten that blood debt?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I did not forget, but I feel that it’s not necessary to kill them to consider it a revenge. I really do not like to kill people. Others killed my family, because they were unscrupulous and evil, if I kill them , won’t I become the same as them? So I want them to be alive and regret for the evil they have done. I feel that this is more meaningful than killing them.” He was speaking confidently in front of Yan Nan Tian, without any trace of fear at all.

    Yan Nan Tian was silent for a long moment before he heaved a long sigh, “Good child, good child, to have a son like you, Jiang Feng will be resting in peace. Uncle Yan have lived in vain for decades, and cannot compare to your insight.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Then, my duel with Hua Wu Que can be called off as well?”

    Yan Nan Tian’s voice immediately became strict again, “That will never do.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Why not? I have no enmity with Hua Wu Que, why must I fight with him!”

    Yan Nan Tian replied fiercely, “This battle is not for revenge, but for honor. A true man can die, but must never do anything shameful. At a time like this, if you’re still thinking of escape, won’t you be letting your dead parents down, letting me down?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, speechless.

    Yan Nan Tian continued, “Not only must you duel with Hua Wu Que, I must also duel with the Floral Princess, because a person who has done something wrong must be punished. There are things a man must not do, and a man must do. Even if we know we’ll die in battle, we must not run away, do you understand this logic?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied quietly, “I understand.”

    Yan Nan Tian heaved a long sigh and said gently, “I know that you and Hua Wu Que have developed a friendship, so you do not wish to fight with him, but when one is living in the world, sometimes we must do some things that we’re unwilling to. How fate toys with us, how our destiny is decided, no matter how great a hero one is, there’s nothing he can do about it.”

    Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh as well, and suddenly said, “Uncle, I only want to ask you of one thing.”


    Xiao Yu’er continued, “I only ask that when you see Du Sha, Li Da Zui and the rest, do not kill them.”

    Yan Nan Tian asked angrily, “These people deserve to die long ago, why are you pleading on their behalf?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “When a person has done something wrong, of course he must be punished, but they have been punished enough. After suffering in the Valley of Evil for twenty years, they’re almost like a bunch of pitiful worms, living in fear everyday, hiding themselves, like a pack of wild dogs who have lost their home. How would they dare to harm others in future?”

    Once he heard this, Li Da Zui can’t help but secretly sigh, “Well reprimanded, really well reprimanded, but your reprimand is too light, we’re really worse than wild dogs.”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “A leopard can never change it’s spots, how do you know that they won’t harm others in future.”

    Xiao Yu’er explained, “Before they entered the valley, they’ve kept a lot of jewelry but because of these jewelry, they almost lost their lives. Think about it, Uncle, if they still have the guts to harm others, why can’t they go and snatch more jewelry? Why must they find these jewelry?” He sighed and continued, “It can be seen from this that they have long lost their bravado, and are now just a bunch of greedy old men, the airs of the ‘Ten Evils’ are all gone. Being alive is no different from being dead for them, so why must Uncle go after their lives, why not let them live their sad lives for another few years?”

    Once he heard this, hot tears streamed down Li Da Zui’s face, and he can’t help but heave a long sigh and say, “Xiao Yu’er, we’ve really misunderstood you. If we can think that you will plead on our behalf, we would not have ended up thus.”

    Before he could finish his words, Yan Nan Tian and Xiao Yu’er has dashed over.

    Xiao Yu’er exclaimed hoarsely, “Uncle Li, it’s you! How did you end up like this?”

    Li Da Zui gave a piteous smile and said, “I’m afraid this is called retribution.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Where are the others?”

    Li Da Zui sighed, “Dead, all dead.”

    Xiao Yu’er exclaimed in surprise, “Who killed them?”

    Li Da Zui smiled bitterly, “Besides themselves, who else can kill them?”

    He heaved a long sigh and said, “Hero Yan, we’ve really let you down, kill me quickly.”

    When Yan Nan Tian saw him, he was initially furious, but now his face showed pity and he only shook his head, and sighed.

    Li Da Zui laughed bitterly, “I know a person like me is not worth Hero Yan striking. When a person lives to a time that even his enemy thinks that he is not worth killing, what then is the meaning of him living?”

    He suddenly laughed again, “Luckily I won’t be able to live much longer, and this is my good luck, or else I might have to pee and drown myself in my own urine.”

    Yan Nan Tian sighed and said, “Let’s go.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I can’t go now.”

    Yan Nan Tian furrowed his brows, “What else are you waiting for?”

    Xiao Yu’er lowered his head and said, “When I was young, he treated me well. Now that he has ended up like this, how can I leave him behind to wait for death alone?”

    Li Da Zui raised his voice, “You need not pity me, or try to repay me. I am of no benefit to you, and I raised you because I wanted you to grow up to harm others.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled, “It doesn’t matter why you did it, but at least you raised me. Since my life now is very meaningful, I cannot forget your kindness.”

    End of Chapter 121

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 122

    When Li Da Zui heard Xiao Yu’er’s words, he heaved a long sigh and mumbled, “Kindness, Kindness… the child that the ‘Ten Evils’ raised actually remembered about kindness. It seems like the Ten Evils should have changed jobs and become nannies instead.”

    Suddenly he heard someone said with a laugh, “That’s right, if we have a child in future, we’ll definitely ask you to be our nanny.”

    It turns out that Su Ying was following right behind, but was silent all these while.

    Li Da Zui stared at her and asked, “When you have a child, who is going to have a child with you.”

    Su Ying took a glance at Xiao Yu’er, lowered her head and covered her mouth with a smile, “There may be none now, but there will be in future.”

    Li Da Zui laughed, “Good lad, I did not imagine that this little fish would be hooked as well, it seems that your fishing skills is quite good.”

    Xiao Yu’er said icily, “Her ability to daydream is even better.”

    Su Ying replied calmly, “Just take it that I’m daydreaming, all right? No matter what you say, I will listen. Anyway if I have a child, you will be his father.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and said with a sullen face, “To meet someone like this, I must have been down on my luck for eight lifetimes.”

    Li Da Zui clapped and chortled, “I did not expect Xiao Yu’er to finally meet his bane, good Miss, I must really take my hat off you, you’re really more formidable then us Ten Evils added together.” As he laughed, his face revealed a look of pain again, obviously he has affected an injured area.

    Yan Nan Tian suddenly said, “A gratitude must be repaid, it is what a man must do, it’s good that you stay here as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Then what about you?”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “I’ll wait for you at the top of the mountain. They would have found Hua Wu Que by now, you’d better hurry there as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a bitter smile, “Since I’ve already promised you, I’ll even crawl my way there if I have to.”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “Very good!” As soon as he said these two words, he walked out with large strides.

    Li Da Zui looked at his broad back disappearing into the darkness and can’t help but heave a long sigh, “This person is really straight to the point, he really lives up to the name of a true man.”

    Su Ying smiled and said, “I think you’re a true man as well.”

    Li Da Zui was stunned and asked, “Me?” Su Ying replied, “Amongst the Ten Evils, only you can be considered a true man, but a pity that your taste is different from others, or else you could have been great friends with Hero Yan.”

    Li Da Zui laughed loudly, “Good, good, good, there’s actually such a beautiful woman who would say that I’m a true man, my death would not have been in vain then. It’s a pity that I won’t be able to see your Little Xiao Yu’er.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled bitterly, “I did not expect that Uncle Li cannot be praised as well. Someone only need to flatter him a little and immediately he’s standing on that person’s side against me.”

    Li Da Zui stared at him, “Against you? Let me tell you, to be able to get a woman like her, is your greatest luck. If not for the fact that I’m half dead, I would have fought with you for her.”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Maybe my taste will change to be the same as Uncle Li in future, and eat her up in the middle of the night.”

    Li Da Zui’s eyes revealed a look of pain again, as if he does not wish to hear anyone else bring up this matter.

    Xiao Yu’er is a very smart person, he observed his expression and immediately changed the topic, “Su Ying, if you really want Uncle Li to be your son’s nanny, then you should treat Uncle Li’s injuries quickly.”

    Li Da Zui was stunned, “You want her to treat me?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Don’t Uncle Li know? Besides day dreaming, this lass is quite good in healing others.”

    Li Da Zui suddenly chortled, “And I thought you’re a smart person, but you’re actually an idiot.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “You… you do not wish to let her…” Li Da Zui interrupted him, “Let me ask you, have you ever seen me trying to act as a hero? Pretend to be a good man?” He shook his head, and continued, “No, never, I’ve always been someone who is afraid to die. If my injury can still be treated, I would have knelt down and begged her long ago.”

    Su Ying asked gently, “At least let me have a look.” Li Da Zui stared at her, “Look at what? Don’t I know how serious my own injuries are? Do you think I’m an idiot as well?”

    Xiao Yu’er and Su Ying looked at each other, and they knew that he has no intention of living anymore. The two of them exchanged looks, and knew what they want to do.

    Li Da Zui suddenly smiled and said, “If you really think that you must repay my kindness to you, there is a way to do it.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “What way?”

    Li Da Zui said with a laugh, “I’m so hungry that I’m feeling faint now, think of a way to give me a good meal. I heard that there’s not even a restaurant on the road to hell, if I have to go and meet the King of Hell on an empty stomach, that’s not going to be a very nice feeling.”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned for a moment, and scratched his head with a smile, “It’s really not going to be easy to find human flesh around here. I think I can only ask Uncle Li to make do, and take a chunk of my thigh as snack then.”

    Li Da Zui glared at him and said, “Human flesh? Who said anything about asking you to give me human flesh?”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “You… you’re not eating human flesh?” Li Da Zui replied, “Even if human flesh is the world’s greatest cuisine, I’ve eaten it for decades, and have long been sick of it.”

    He spat on the ground and added, “To tell you the truth, I feel nauseous once I think of human flesh now.”

    Only now was Xiao Yu’er truly stunned.

    Li Da Zui laughed, “Did you really think I like eating human flesh? To tell you the truth, I ate human flesh just to scare people.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Scare people?”

    Li Da Zui replied, “Do you know why Du Jiao Jiao, Ha Ha’er and the rest have always been a little afraid of me? There’s no other reason, but because I eat humans! A person who eats humans will always instill fear in others.”

    Xiao Yu’er scratched his head, not knowing whether to cry or to laugh.

    Li Da Zui suddenly sighed and said, “ A person living in this world, is it for evil? Or for good? That boundary is really strange and as to why I became one of the Ten Evils, it’s also because of a random thought.”

    He asked with a laugh, “Can you guess how I became one of the Ten Evils?”

    Xiao Yu’er shook his head, “I can’t guess why.”

    Li Da Zui’s eyes stared into the darkness and said slowly, “I’ve been greedy since young, even those things that the Cantonese does not dare to eat, I’ll eat them. But no one has ever eaten human flesh, and I kept wondering what human flesh would taste like.”

    He laughed, and added, “It would have been better if I did not think about this, but the more I thought about it the more curious I became. One day, after I killed someone, I finally can’t help but cook his flesh. I found that the taste is just so-so, although it’s a little more tender than horse flesh, but it’s more sour than horse flesh, and it’s a must to add more spring onions and ginger as marinate.”

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but ask, “Since human flesh doesn’t taste that great, why do you still want to eat it?”

    Li Da Zui replied, “When I was eating human flesh, someone suddenly saw me. This person was originally my rival, and his martial arts is a little better than mine, but once he saw me eating a human, his face immediately turned ashen and he turned around and left. When he saw me in future, he would immediately run away in fright, and dare not even look me up for a fight.”

    He laughed again and continued, “Only then did I realize that eating human flesh can instill fear in others, and after I found out this reason, I suddenly took a liking to eating humans.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Could it be that you… you like others to fear you?”

    Li Da Zui explained, There are many types of people in the world. Some are especially likable, some are especially hateful and since I can’t be likable and I do not wish to be hated, so I can only make others fear me.”

    He added with a laugh, “To be able to instill fear in others, is not a bad thing either, so I no longer find the taste of human flesh sour.”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned with what he heard, and he can only smile bitterly, and sigh.

    He wanted to ask, “Why do you want to eat the flesh of your own wife then?” But he did not, because he has no wish to upset Li Da Zui again.

    Li Da Zui continued, “Over the years, I’ve been secretly cooking pork alone to stave my hunger, but I dare not let others see it. It’s like a monk eating meat secretly, the more secretive it is, the more delicious it feels.”

    He added with a chortle, “But now I do not have to eat it secretly. You better give me a good treat of braised pig’s trotters, meaty with a thick skin, with oil oozing out from the mouth with one bite.”

    There are no delicacies in a small town, but there will always be braised pig’s trotters. Pig’s trotters which are three kilos heavy, Li Da Zui actually ate two in one sitting. Luckily they booked a room in the inn and had their meal in there, or else other people would have thought that they are hungry ghosts reincarnated.

    Halfway through the meal, Xiao Yu’er found an excuse to pull Su Ying aside and asked quietly, “When you helped him in earlier, did you check out his injuries?”

    Su Ying sighed, “His injuries are really quite serious. He broke at least ten of his ribs, and there are five other injured areas on his body. If not for his robust physique, he would have been dead long ago.”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “I’m only asking you if there’s still a way to save him?”

    Su Ying replied, “If he is willing to listen to me and take care of himself properly, I guarantee that I will be able to save him, but I’m afraid…” She heaved a long sigh and added, “If he does not have the will to live, then no one can save him”

    Xiao Yu’er chewed his lips and said, “I really do not understand. He’s always been someone who can take things lightly, why would he suddenly wish to die?”

    Su Ying said calmly, “When a person is about to die, he will remember all that he’s done in his life. There’s not a lot of people in the world who can still have a clear conscience at a time like this.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “That’s right, he must have regretted the things he has done in his life, so he wants death as an escape, wants death as a way to show his repentance.”

    Su Ying said quietly, “At a time like this, it’s very rare if a person can take matters of life and death lightly, that’s why I said he is indeed a true man.”

    Right at this time, they suddenly saw someone behaving surreptitiously behind the wall outside the courtyard looking at them. Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and said calmly, “Uncle Li has been good to me, and now that he ended up like this, naturally I will be in a bad temper and want to find someone to vent my anger on. Now I finally found one.” As he spoke, he suddenly flew over. The person hiding behind the wall obviously got a shock, but he had no intention of running away. Instead he bowed and smiled, “I’ve long known that Brother Yu is a lucky man, no matter what calamity befalls him, he will surely be able to turn his luck. Now that I see that you have really escaped from danger, I am really overjoyed.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Since when have a rabbit like you become such a good talker.” It turns out that this person is Herbalist Hu. Xiao Yu’er wanted to find someone to vent his anger, but once he heard him flattering him so well, he can’t seem to find his anger anymore.

    Herbalist Hu replied, “Since that day when you spared my life, I’ve been wanting to find you to express my gratitude, and today I’ve finally gotten my wish.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Since that is the case, why didn’t you come over when you saw us? What are you doing hiding here furtively instead!” He suddenly paused and asked, “Where is that Miss Tie Ping Gu?” Herbalist Hu seemed stunned, and muttered, “I… I’m not very sure.”

    Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows, “The two of you escaped together, if you’re not sure then who is!”

    Herbalist Hu lowered his head, and stammered with a condescending smile, “She… she seems to be in the vicinity, but… but…”

    Xiao Yi’er grabbed his collar and said furiously, “What are you up to? Tell me honestly quickly, if you’re trying to play tricks in front of me, is akin to selling the Hundred Surname Book in front of Confucius’s door.” The expression on Herbalist Hu’s face changed, and he was so nervous he couldn’t say a word.

    Su Ying said gently, “We can talk things over nicely, why must you be so fierce towards him!”

    Xiao Yu’er exclaimed, “You say that I’m fierce, if this lad didn’t do anything bad, why would he be so afraid. I think he may very well have sold that lady.”

    Herbalist Hu said with a bitter look, “She… she only asked me to delay the two of you for a while, but what is it about, I do not know as well.”

    Xiao Yu’er glared and exclaimed, “She asked you to delay us!”

    Herbalist Hu replied, “That’s right.”

    Xiao Yu’er exclaimed angrily again, “What fart, I don’t believe you. You and Tie Ping Gu have never been on the same side, why would you listen to her.”

    Su Ying blinked and said, “How do you know they’re not on the same side, for all you know they may…” Xiao Yu’er suddenly raised his voice, “Then, why would she tell him to come and delay us? What is she trying to hide from us!”

    Su Ying chewed on her lips and said calmly, “Do you think, that she has some relation with Uncle Li?”

    Xiao Yu’er said, “What relation could they possibly have?”

    Su Ying replied, “Wasn’t Uncle Li’s wife surnamed Tie as well?”

    Xiao Yu’er’s heart lurched, and suddenly remembered that in the past whenever Tie Ping Gu hears ‘Valley of Evil’, or hears the name ‘Li Da Zui’, her expression would change immediately. He remembered as well that Tie Ping Gu once asked him the way to the Valley of Evil, as if she wanted to go to the Valley of Evil. Did she want to go there to find Li Da Zui? Once he thought of this, Xiao Yu’er did not say anything else, but jumped up and ran into the courtyard. Before he could reach the door, he could hear sobbing coming out from their room.

    Once Xiao Yu’er heard it he knows it must be Tie Ping Gu’s cries. He dashed in immediately and saw Li Da Zui sitting woodenly on the chair, the expression on his face filled with pain and sadness. Tie Ping Gu is on the ground next to him sobbing, in her hands a sharp knife, but by now she has loosened her grip on the knife and it is almost falling out of her hand.

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned, and asked hoarsely, “What is this all about? Tie Ping Gu, do you know Uncle Li!”

    Tie Ping Gu was crying so hard she couldn’t talk, but Li Da Zui laughed bitterly, “When she knew me, I’m afraid you weren’t even born yet.” Xiao Yu’er was startled, “Oh? Could it be that she is… is…” He took a look at Li Da Zui, and took a look at Tie Ping Gu, and couldn’t continue with his sentence, because even he would not believe what he wants to say.

    Li Da Zui heaved a long sigh and said quietly, “She is my daughter.”

    Only now was Xiao Yu’er truly stunned.

    He wanted to ask, “Didn’t you eat your daughter and your wife?” But at a time and place like this, how can he ask such a question.

    However Li Da Zui saw through his intention, and sighed, “The world all thinks that Li Da Zui has eaten his wife and daughter, and these twenty years I have never denied it, until today… Hai, I have no choice but to reveal the truth today, or else I’m afraid I would not rest in peace even after I’ve become a ghost.”

    There seem to be a trace of anger in his voice, as if he had been bearing with him a great disservice, tolerating great pain. Su Ying quietly closed the door and gave him a cup of tea.

    Li Da Zui said, “Old Hero Tie loves talent as much as his life, and married his daughter to me, hoping that I will change for the better. I’ve always been very grateful for his kind intentions, but… but…” He gritted his teeth and continued, “But his daughter hated me to the core, and thinks that I’m an insult to her, so she actually had a dubious relationship with her Junior Brother secretly. When I found out about this, naturally I was angry and troubled, but on the account of Old Hero Tie’s kindness to me, I had hoped that she will change. As long as they stop doing anything shameless secretly, I will not spread the news of their shameless acts.”

    The muscles at the side of his mouth kept twitching, he gritted his teeth and continued, “But who would have expected that not only did she not listen to my advice, she called me a living turtle, and told me not to interfere in her affairs. In my anger, I killed her and cooked her to vent the anger that I felt!”

    Su Ying asked, “Since there are so many twists to this matter, why have you never spoken up about this?”

    Li Da Zui replied, “Firstly it’s because I was considering Old Hero Tie’s reputation, and I can’t bear to see him shamed and upset. Secondly it’s also for my own reputation.” He smiled sadly and continued, “Think about it, if those in the martial arts realm find out that Li Da Zui’s wife has a lover, how can I stay on. I’d rather be hated than to be laughed at.”

    Su Ying lowered her head, naturally speechless, because she understands very well the feelings of people like Li Da Zui, and also felt sad with what he has encountered.

    Li Da Zui continued, “After I killed her, I know as well that there’s no way I can stay on in the martial arts realm, Tie Wu Shuang would certainly want to rip me into pieces, so I have no choice but to run to the Valley of Evil by night, but…” He took a look at Tie Ping Gu and said quietly, “But I have no wish of letting my daughter grow up in a place like that, that’s why I gave her to someone else. My only wish is that she will grow up safely, and spend the rest of her life peacefully.”

    Xiao Yu’er can’t help but ask, “Who did you give her to?” Li Da Zui replied with hatred, “I had thought that person is my friend, but who would have expected… hai, a person like me will never have friends!”

    Tie Ping Gu suddenly blurted out in tears, “That couple tortured me day and night, saying that I’m Li Da Zui’s daughter, I’m a bad egg, so I escaped when I was very young.”

    Li Da Zui said sadly, “That you’re able to go to Floral Palace, is also a silver lining.”

    Tie Ping Gu said with tears streaming, “Later I hear others talk about Li… Li…” Su Ying asked gently, “You heard others talking about Li Da Zui’s story, and you thought that your mother and sisters have been eaten up by Uncle Li, and you suffered so much because of Uncle Li, that’s why you’ve always hated your father. You think that not only has he harmed your mother, but you as well.”

    Tie Ping Gu is sobbing so much that she can’t say another word.

    Li Da Zui said sadly, “That’s why, even if she wants to kill me today, I won’t blame her, because she… she…” As he spoke he can’t help but weep as well.

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly raised his voice and said, “Today is the day you and your daughter is reunited, and the misunderstanding is cleared, we should all be happily celebrating, why is everyone crying instead?”

    Li Da Zui suddenly banged the table and shouted as well, “What Xiao Yu’er said is right. We should all be happy today, no one is allowed to cry anymore.”

    Herbalist Hu made his way over, as if he’s thinking of wiping her tears.

    Who would have expected that Tie Ping Gu would immediately look stern and said, “Who asked you to come over, stand further away!” Herbalist Hu’s face reddened, and he really scurried to stand at a side.

    Xiao Yu;er and Su Ying exchanged a look and smiled, and Su Ying said, “It seems that there’s more cause for celebrations today, we’re going to have double happiness today.”

    Li Da Zui took a look at Herbalist Hu, took another look at his daughter and said, “This is…” Herbalist Hu blushed and lowered his head, “Junior’s family name is Hu, I’m Herbalist Hu.”

    Li Da Zui mumbled, “Herbalist Hu, is it possible that you’re the Herbalist in the Twelve Zodiacs?” Herbalist Hu replied, “It is Junior.”

    Li Da Zui lifted his head and laughed, “I did not expect that the Twelve Zodiacs have now become my Junior, it seems that it’s not a bad thing to have a pretty daughter.”

    Although Tie Ping Gu blushed and lowered her head, but she was not upset. But Herbalist Hu only dared to stand far away and look at her secretly.

    Su Ying whispered, “Be more bold, it’s all right, I’ll be here to help you.”

    Xiao Yu’er clapped and laughed, “It seems that those terms of endearment you said were really useful, but why have you forgotten your skills of flattery now, aren’t you going to kneel down and pay respects to your Father-in-law.”

    Herbalist Hu blushed and was really about to kneel down but Tie Ping Gu’s expression became stern and he immediately stood up in fright, his face pale from the fright.

    When Xiao Yu’er thought of the sufferings that Tie Ping Gu had endured, the heartlessness that Jiang Yu Lang showed her, he can’t help but secretly feel happy for her now.

    Herbalist Hu may be a little old, but after all the suffering that Tie Ping Gu has gone through, what she really need now is an older man to care for her gently. Older men who marry younger women will usually fear their partner out of love, and will never look down on Tie Ping Gu because of what had happened to her.

    Xiao Yu’er mumbled, “It seems that Heaven has arranged the marriages of everyone, and it’s been arranged so appropriately that others need not worry too much over it.”

    Su Ying smiled quietly, “That’s right, since he has arranged for me to meet you, there’s no way you can run even if you want to.”

    Xiao Yu’er was about to stare at her when Li Da Zui chortled, “I’m really very happy today. Never in my life have I felt such peace like today, or such happiness. If I can die right here, right now, then my life would not have been in vain…” His voice slowly became weaker, and he really passed away with a smile.

    End of Chapter 122

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 123

    Tie Ping Gu and Herbalist Hu have left with Li Da Zui’s body. Before they left, it seems that Tie Ping Gu wanted to tell Xiao Yu’er something, but stopped herself just as she was about to speak a few times. In the end she did not say anything at all. But Xiao Yu’er knows that she wanted to ask about Jiang Yu Lang’s whereabouts, but in the end she still did not ask him. Obviously her heart no longer feels for Jiang Yu Lang.

    This is really one of the happiest thing that has happened to Xiao Yu’er in recent months.

    Before they left, it seems that Herbalist Hu wanted to tell Xiao Yu’er something as well, but like Tie Ping Gu, he stopped himself just as he was about to speak. Xiao Yu’er also knows that he wanted to ask about Madam Bai’s whereabouts, but he did not ask him. Obviously he has shifted his feelings to Tie Ping Gu.

    This also made Xiao Yu’er very happy. A loving couple can finally be together, this is the happiest thing that can happen in life.

    Xiao Yu’er mumbled with a smile, “No matter what, I still can’t figure out how these two came together, this is really strange.”

    Su Ying said gently, “It’s not strange at all. They met one another while in dire straits, and people’s feelings grow most easily when faced with danger. Besides, they’ve both been hurt, and in similar situation, thus feelings will grow most easily.” She smiled, lowered her head and added, “You and me, didn’t we became closer when faced with danger?”

    Xiao Yu’er wrinkled his nose at her and said, “You are close to me, but whether I’m close to you, that’s not for sure yet.”

    Su Ying smiled, “Don’t you forget, this is Heaven’s arrangement!”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Don’t be too smug, don’t forget your love rival has not appeared yet, for all you know…” He had wanted to make fun of Su Ying, but once he mentioned Tie Xin Lan, he thought of Hua Wu Que, and his heart seems to shiver, and he can’t be bothered to talk any further.

    Su Ying’s expression became serious as well, and after a whole, she sighed and said, “It seems like the battle between you and Hua Wu Que, is something that cannot be avoided.”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed as well, and agreed.

    Su Ying asked, “Are you thinking of ways to delay it again.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Umm.”

    He suddenly lifted his head and stared at Su Ying, “How do you know what I’m thinking?” Su Ying replied nonchalantly, “This is called connection of the heart.” Her sweet smile was on her face for only a second, and she furrowed her brows again, “Have you thought of a plan?”

    Xiao Yu’er sat down lazily and said, “Don’t worry, I always have a plan.”

    Su Ying said gently, “I know as well that you’ll certainly have a plan, but even if you can think of an ever better plan than what you thought of in the past, what is the use?”

    Xiao Yu’er stared at her, “Who said it’s of no use?”

    Su Ying sighed, “Even if you can delay it, but you need to settle the matter sooner or later. The Floral Princesses will never let you off. Look, when they were in the cave, they seemed to be slowly warming up to you, but once we left that cave, their attitude changed immediately.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied with hatred, “Actually I’ve known long ago that they will surely make use of me then.”

    Su Ying replied, “Therefore you will have to duel with Hua Wu Que sooner or later, unless…” Su Ying looked at him with gentle eyes, and said slowly, “Unless we go far, far away now, find a nice, scenic place and live in solitude, never seeing anyone, never be bothered with anyone again.”

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment, and he replied loudly, “No, I can never run away. If you want me to live in hiding all my life, I might as well die. Besides, there is Uncle Yan… I’ve made a promise to him!”

    Su Ying sighed sadly, “I know as well that you’ll refuse to do this, but once you and Hua Wu Que duel, then one of you must die! Isn’t that so?”

    Xiao Yu’er’s gaze focused in the distance, and mumbled, “That’s right, once we duel, then one of us must die…” He suddenly smiled at Su Ying and said, “But if one of us were to die, then the problem would be solved, right?”

    Su Ying suddenly felt a shiver, and she stammered, “You… can you bear to kill him?”

    Xiao Yu’er closed his eyes, not speaking.

    Su Ying said quietly, “I know that the outcome of your duel has nothing much to do with your level of martial arts. The question is the one who can be more hard hearted, will win…” She suddenly grabbed Xiao Yu’er’s hands tightly and said, “I only beg one thing of you.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “You’re begging me to marry you?”

    Su Ying chewed on her lips and said, “I only beg that you promise me, don’t let Hua Wu Que kill you. You must not die no matter what!”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “What if I must die?”

    Su Ying shivered, and said, “Then… then I can only die with you…” Two rows of tears flowed slowly down her eyes, and she looked at Xiao Yu’er in a daze and said, “But I do not wish to die, I want to live on together with you, live a hundred years, a thousand years. I think we will definitely live very, very happily together.”

    Xiao Yu’er looked at her, his gaze revealing gentleness as well! Su Ying added, “As long as you can live, it doesn’t matter what I have to do.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “What if you’re asked to die?”

    Su Ying replied, “If my death can save you, then I’ll die immediately…” Her words were so determined, spoken without any thought at all. Xiao Yu’er pulled her over and said gently, “Don’t you worry, we won’t die, we will certainly carry on living…” He looked out the window at the sky and suddenly laughed, “We can at least live happily for another day, why must we think of death?”

    A day may be a short time, but to people in love, the sweetness of one day is enough to let them forget countless pain…


    The surrounding silence, everyone seems to have fallen asleep. At a temple embraced by the mountains, most people would be able to appreciate the joy of silence. But to Hua Wu Que, this silence does not feel good at all.

    Almost everyone is here, Tie Zhan and his friends, the Murong sisters and their husbands, the Floral Princesses… Hua Wu Que only felt perplexed why he could not hear their voices. Maybe they have no wish to disturb hi, to let him have a good rest so that he can face the great battle tomorrow. But why aren’t they talking? Now the only thing he wish for is someone to talk with, but who can he look for to talk? Who can he share his concerns with? The wind blew against the paper window, as if the wind is crying as well.

    Hua Wu Que sat there quietly, what is he thinking about? Thinking of Tie Xin Lan? Or thinking of Xiao Yu’er? No matter who Hua Wu Que is thinking of, it will only be filled with pain.

    The lamp in the room is not lighted, on the table there’s still the bottle of wine that he did not finish. He sighed quietly, and was about to take a wine cup when the door was suddenly pushed open gently. A weak looking person, looking like a spirit walked in. It’s Tie Xin Lan! In the darkness, her face looked so pale but her eyes were so frighteningly bright, like a flame burning in her heart. Her hands were shaking, it seems that she’s extremely nervous. Why is this so? Could it be that she has made a decision to do a terrible thing! Hua Wu Que looked at her in shock, unable to speak for a long time. Tie Xin Lan gently closed the door, and looked at him quietly. Why are her eyes so bright, so frighteningly bright.

    After a long, long while, Hua Wu Que sighed and said, “You… is anything the matter?” Tie Xin Lan shook her head.

    Hua Wu Que replied, “Then you… you should not have come.” Tie Xin Lan nodded her head.

    Hua Wu Que seemed to have been shocked by the fire in her eyes, and for a moment does not know what to say either. He just picked up the wine flask but put it down again, picked up the wine cup for a drink, but he forgot that there’s no wine in the cup.

    Suddenly Tie Xin Lan said, “I’ve always wanted to treat you as my elder brother, but now I know I’m wrong. Because the feelings I have for you, are no longer the feelings between siblings, so why must we continue to lie to ourselves?” It seems that she has said these words countless times, and now that she is determined to say it out loud, she said it all at one go, without a moment of hesitation.

    But once Hua Wu Que heard her words, he can’t even hold on to his wine cup properly. He never imagined that Tie Xin Lan would say these words to him, although the feelings he has for Tie Xin Lan, and the feelings Tie Xin Lan has for him, they’re both very clear on that. But they think that this is their deepest secret, which will never be said out loud. They think that until they die, this secret will stay with them in the deepest corner of their hearts.

    Tie Xin Lan stared at him, her gaze never leaving, and continued calmly, “I know your feelings for me, is definitely not that of a brotherly nature, right?” Her eyes is bright, so bright that it can shine into his heart. There is no way Hua Wu Que can hide, and he can only lower his head, “But I… I…”

    Tie Xin Lan asked, “You’re not? Or you do not dare to say it?”

    Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh and said dejectedly, “Maybe it’s because I can’t say it.”

    Tie Xin Lan asked, “Why can’t you? You have to say it sooner or later, so why not say it sooner and spare us both the pain.” She chewed so hard on her trembling lips, that a faint trace of blood can be seen.

    Hua Wu Que replied, “Some words may be better left unsaid.”

    Tie Xin Lan smiled sadly, “That’s right, I did not want to say it either, but now I have no choice but to say it, because if I don’t say it now, I’ll never have the chance to say it again.”

    Hua Wu Que’s heart tightened, he reprimanded himself, why didn’t he have Tie Xin Lan’s courage? He should be the one who say these words.

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “I know you’re doing this because of Xiao Yu’er. I had thought that if we did this, we’re letting him down, but now I understand, such things cannot be forced. Besides, I don’t owe him anything at all.”

    Hua Wu Que nodded his head quietly, then said, “It’s not your fault…” Tie Xin Lan replied, “It’s not your fault either, Heaven did not dictate who must fall in love with who.” Hua Wu Que suddenly lifted his head and looked at her. He realized that her irises were darker than the sea, his body started shaking, and slowly he is losing control of himself.

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “Tomorrow, you will be in a life and death duel with him, I’ve thought about it for a long, long time and am determined to tell you what I feel. As long as you know my feelings, everything else doesn’t matter.”

    Hua Wu Que can’t help but hold her hands and stammered, “I… I… I’m very grateful to you, you did not have to treat me so nicely.”

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly beamed, and said “I should be treating you nicely. Don’t you forget, we’re already married, I’m already your wife.”

    Hua Wu Que looked at her in a daze, her hands have moved silently up to his face, gently caressing his cheeks which has been getting thinner day by day… a drop of tear landed on her hand, like a clear pearl.

    And then, the drop of pearl shattered… The wind was still blowing against the window paper, but it does not sound like weeping anymore.

    Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan leaned against each other quietly. This cast darkness and silence, isn’t it a gift from Heaven to lovers?

    Love is a strange flower. It does not need sunlight, or rain. In the darkness, it blooms even more prettily instead.

    But the paper window slowly became white, the long night is finally going to be over.

    Hua Wu Que looked at the rising sun outside the window, and did not speak. He knows that the only happiness he has experienced in his life, is slowly ending with the coming of dawn. Light, may bring to others endless hope, but the only thing that it brings to him now, is pain.

    Hua Wu Que said with a sad smile, “Tomorrow morning, the sun will still rise, nothing else will change.”

    Tie Xin lan asked, “But what about us?” She suddenly hugged Hua Wu Que tightly and said gently, “No matter what, we’re still together now. Compared to him, we’re still fortunate. To be able to live until now, we have nothing to complain about, isn’t that so?”

    Hua Wu Que felt a stab of pain in his heart and heaved a long sigh, “That’s right, we’re really a lot more fortunate than him, he…”

    Tie Xin Lan continued, “He really is a pitiful person. In his whole life, he has never really experienced any happiness. He has no parents, no relatives, always treated coldly by others, laughed and scolded at by others. I’m afraid not a lot of people will cry for him, because everyone knows that he is a bad person…” Her words gradually became chocked, and she almost could not continue talking.

    Hua Wu Que lowered his head and looked at Tie Xin Lan. In Xiao Yu’er’s life, Tie Xin Lan could at least have been the one who loves him wholeheartedly, but now Tie Xin Lan lowered her head as well and said, “I… I only wish to beg you of one thing, I wonder if you will agree?”

    Hua Wu Que forced out a smile, “Why would I not agree?”

    Tie Xin Lan’s gaze focused hazily into the distance, “I think that if he were to die now, he would not die in peace, so…” She suddenly reverted her eyes and stared at Hua Wu Que, saying each word clearly, “I only beg that you do not kill him, no matter what, you cannot kill him?”

    In that instant, all the blood in Hua Wu Que’s body seemed to have suddenly froze! He wanted to scream, “You’re begging me not to kill him, don’t you know that if I do not kill him, he will kill me! For him to live, you’re willing to let me die? Did you come here tonight just to beg this of me?”

    But Hua Wu Que will never say words like these, he’d rather that he is the one hurt, then to hurt others, and all the more he has no wish to hurt the one that he loves.

    He only gave a bitter smile and said, “Even if you did not plead with me, I will not kill him.”

    Tie Xin Lan stared at him, her gaze full of gentleness, but also full of pity and pain, and even with a trace of respect that the felt from the bottom of her heart. But she did not say anything else, only a quiet, “Thank you.”

    The sun has not yet fully risen, the cream colored morning light permeated the land and mountain, the morning breeze brought with it the exciting fragrance of wood and grass.

    Xiao Yu’er took a deep breath, lowered his head and mumbled, “Today seems to be a good day. Who would want to die with such weather?”

    Su Ying leaned against him and on seeing his dejected look, can’t help but reveal a trace of pity in her gaze. She gently caressed his hair, thinking of words that she can say to comfort him.

    Suddenly a person can be heard saying solemnly, “When highly skilled people duel, the one with a troubled heart will surely lose. Since you understand this, then you should calm your heart down. You must know that this battle is extremely important, you can only win and not lose.”

    Without seeing who it is, Xiao Yu’er already knew that it is Yan Nan Tian who has arrived, and he can only lower his head and answer, “Yes.”

    Yan Nan Tian’s stout figure looked like the god of the mountains descending from Heaven in the hazy fog. His burning eyes stared at Xiao Yu’er, “Have you settled all your affairs?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Yes.” He suddenly lifted his head again and said, “But there is still one person whose gratitude I have not repaid.”

    Yan Nan Tian asked, “Who?”

    “It’s Wan Chun Liu, Uncle Wan.” Yan Nan Tian’s stern gaze revealed a trace of warmth, and said, “That you have such a thought, is already enough to repay his kindness towards you. But rain nurtures all creatures, not because it expect the creatures to repay him, as long as the creatures grow and live abundantly, he is already satisfied.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I only want to know where he is now? Is he healthy?”

    “You want to see him!”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Yes.”

    Yan Nan Tian gave a slight smile and said, “Very good, he’s also waiting to see you…” Xiao Yu’er asked joyously, “Is he nearby?”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “He just arrived yesterday.”

    “Su Ying had long wanted to meet this kind and skilled miracle healer as well.”

    A priest wearing a long yellow robe stood under an ancient pine tree, his clothes billowing in the wind, looking grand and out of this world, his expression inexplicably calm and serene. Xiao Yu’er was shocked and overjoyed, and had already leapt over. He had a lot of things he wanted to say, but at that instant he felt as if something is stuck in his throat and he could not utter even one sentence.

    Wan Chun Liu’s calm expression also revealed a look of excitement. They have been separated for so many years and now that they can still reunite at this place, they really feel a sense of sadness and joy.

    Yan Nan Tian can’t help but weep over this as well, and suddenly said, “It’s almost dawn, I have to go.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I…” Yan Nan Tian answered, “You can stay here for the time being.”

    He continued with a solemn expression, “Because you’re still not in a calm state of mind, it’s not a suitable time for you to fight now.”

    Wan Chun Liu pointed out, “But it’s not good to wait too long as well, a long wait will cause confusion too.”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “Then I shall make an appointment with them at the third watch after noon!” As soon as he said the last word, he has disappeared amongst the white fog and cloud.

    Wan Chun Liu looked at Xiao Yu’er, and looked at Su Ying, and said with a smile, “Actually I should have gone as well, but the two of you will still have a long time to talk in future, but I…”

    Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows, “What about you?”

    Wan Chun Liu sighed and said, “Besides wanting to take a look at you, there’s nothing left in this world that I will miss.”

    Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment, then suddenly turned towards Su Ying with a stern expression and said, “Two men are talking together, must you stay by the side and look?”

    Su Ying rolled her eyes and replied, “Then I’ll just take a walk outside.”

    Wan Chun Liu looked as she walked further away, and said with a smile, “It seems that the wild horse is finally going to be tamed.”

    Xiao Yu’er pouted, “She can forget about trying to rule me in this lifetime, only I will rule her. If not for the fact that she’s so obedient, I would have kicked her away long ago.”

    Wan Chun Liu laughed, “Xiao Yu’er is after all still Xiao Yu’er, even though your heart as softened, but your mouth will refuse to be soft.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Who said that my heart has softened?”

    Wan Chun Liu replied, “If she’s not confident about you, why would she be so willing to listen to you. If she does not know that in future you will certainly listen to her, why would she want to be obedient to you now?” He continued with a smile, “In this aspect, women are far more smarter than men, they will definitely not be at a disadvantage.”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a laugh, “I’m not asking you for help on teaching ‘women’.”

    Wan Chun Liu replied, “I’ve also long seen that you must have something very secretive that you want to seek my help, what is the matter then? Speak quickly, there’s no way I will be able to refuse you anyway.” His gaze was full of smiles, and he looked at Xiao Yu’er and said, “Do you still remember the last time you asked me for stinking herbs, and made those people giddy from the stench, so who are you trying to trick this time?”

    When Xiao Yu’er thought of that incident, he can’t help but laugh as well. But he immediately became serious again and he lowered his voice, saying with a straight face, “This time I’m not asking you to help me play a prank, but it’s a great matter involving a life.”

    Wan Chun Liu has never seen him speak so seriously before, and can’t help but ask, “What is it that is so important?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed, “I only wish…”

    Within the last two months, Su Ying has grown to understand Xiao Yu’er very well. When a woman wants to understand the man that she loves, it’s not too difficult to accomplish. Usually whatever Xiao Yu’er is thinking or planning to do, Su Ying would be able to make a very good guess! Only this time, she really cannot figure out what secret would Xiao Yu’er want to tell Wan Chun Liu.

    She did not want to walk too far away initially, but as she continued thinking, her eyes suddenly shone, as if she’s suddenly made a big decision. Therefore the immediately walked up the mountain hurriedly. Every inch of this mountain, she is extremely familiar with.

    She was thinking in her mind, “The Floral Princesses and Hua Wu Que have already waiting in the mountains for two days, where would they be staying at?…”

    Just as she was thinking about it, her eyes have told her the answer. Hidden behind the woods in front, she saw a corner of a red wall, and she knew that it is the ‘Xuan Wu Temple’ who used to be quite popular in the past, but has now become deserted. Now, it happened that there are a few people walking out from there.

    These few people are very old, but they walked lightly and looked energetic. Obviously they are highly skilled martial artists, and one of them even carried a very large, weirdly shaped yet exquisite drum on his back. There is an old granny whose teeth have all dropped, but her eyes were alert, smiley, and even a little coquettish when she spoke. It can be imagined that she must have been quite flirtatious when she was young.

    Su Ying did not know these people at all, and cannot recall who in the martial arts realm in the past always carried such a large drum. She only recognized one of them. That is Tie Xin Lan.

    She realized that Tie Xin Lan does not look as haggard as she did a few days ago. Instead she seemed to have a strange glow on her face. Of course she will never find out what is it that caused the change in Tie Xin Lan.

    She did not wish to be seen by Tie Xin Lan, and was thinking of finding a place to hide. But Tie Xin Lan’s head was lowered, as if she is feeling troubled, and did not see her at all.

    These people were talking and walking up at the same time.

    Su Ying could not hear what Tie Xin Lan’s group were saying, except for an old man with a face full of beard, and looked very imposing whose voice was especially loud. This old man said, “Xiao Lan, why are you still undecided, I’ll advise you to just follow Hua Wu Que wholeheartedly and forget about the rest. This lad may be a little sissy, but he can be a match to you if one’s not too particular.” Tie Xin Lan lowered her head, but who knows if she’s made any replied or not.

    That old man patted her shoulder and laughed, “Little imp, why are you still pretending in front of me. Where have you been last night, did you really think that your father is old and muddle headed?” Tie Xin Lan still did not speak, but her face blushed a fiery red.

    The old granny said with a laugh, “I’ve never seen a father who would tease his own daughter, I think you are really old and muddleheaded.” That bearded old man looked heavenward and chortled, as if he found this very entertaining.

    Su Ying was surprised and ecstatic, so happy that she almost jumped. Listening to their conversation, Tie Xin Lan and Hua Wu Que has obviously gotten closer, and even Tie Xin Lan’s father is encouraging her to marry Hua Wu Que. This is really the happiest thing that Su Ying has heard.

    Actually all the parents in the world are the same, they all hope that their daughters can marry a reliable person. If she has a daughter in future, she’d rather that her daughter marry the heir to the ‘Floral Princesses’ and not wish for her daughter to marry a kid that grew up in the ‘Valley of Evil’.

    That old man laughed and said, “Since you have decided to follow Hua Wu Que, why are you still looking so troubled. Once this duel is over, I’ll marry the both of you, and you need not worry about any more changes.”

    That old granny laughed as well, “Her future husband is about to fight with someone else, how can she not be worried? If it was me, I’m afraid I would be thinking of a way long ago to… to kill that little fish.”

    That old man chortled, “So it seems that, whoever marries you, would have gotten himself a good helper.”

    The old granny replied, “That’s right, a pity that you people don’t have such good luck.”

    Another tall and skinny old man said, “From what I see, that lad Hua Wu Que is quite refined, both his internal and external skills are commendable. Obviously he is born with good genes, and later received proper teachings from a famed teacher. If that Jiang Xiao Yu is about the same age as him, his martial arts will definitely not reach the same stage. There’s no way he will lose in this battle, all of you do not have to worry for him.”

    But Su Ying began to worry. She had thought that the key point in winning or losing this battle is not in the strength or weakness of martial arts. But now, the more she thought about it, the more she feels that such a thinking is not totally correct. If Xiao Yu’er’s martial arts cannot be compared to Hua Wu Que’s at all, then even if he can harden his heart, it’ll be of no use. The main point would still depend on whether Hua Wu Que can harden his heart and attack Xiao Yu’er. If the two were having a battle of wits, Xiao Yu’er will certainly win but if the two of them are fighting on brute strength, then there’s no chance at all for Xiao Yu’er. If she wants Xiao Yu’er to win this battle, not only must she tell Xiao Yu’er to harden his heart, but she must also tell Hua Wu Que not to harden his heart. But if Xiao Yu’er can harden his heart to kill Hua Wu Que, why can’t Hua Wu Que harden his heart to kill Xiao Yu’er as well. Even an ant will struggle to survive, much less a man?

    “Hua Wu Que is living well, why would I think that he will seek his own death? There’s no reason for him to sacrifice himself so that someone else can live.” Su Ying sighed, suddenly realizing that she only saw the matter from one point of view, and never put herself in Hua Wu Que’s shoes to think about it.

    In her eyes, Xiao Yu’er’s life is naturally more important than Hua Wu Que’s. But what about in other people’s eyes? What about in Hua Wu Que’s own eyes?

    She thought about it over and over, and the more she thought the more confused she became. She felt that she has never been this confused in her whole life. Actually no matter what she’s thinking, there is only one thing that she can think of. If she wants Xiao Yu’er to live, then she must think of a way to make Hua Wu Que die! A dead person can’t kill! Su Ying waited a long time behind a tree, and saw the few sisters of the Murong family and their husbands walking out from Xuan Wu Temple.

    Their eyes were a little red, they appeared a little listless, obviously they have not slept well for the past two days. Those in the martial arts realm would basically ‘treat the four seas as homes, and rest wherever they are’. But these young masters and ladies who lived in luxury can no longer be considered those in the ‘martial arts realm’. They would not be able to sleep even if their bed has been changed, much less sleeping in an isolated temple.

    But they were still neatly dressed, their hair perfectly coiffed, and even their clothes were pencil straight, not even a crease to be seen. They were in a energetic discussion, and without even listening, Su Ying already knew that they must be talking about the duel between Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que. This duel is not only earth shattering, but will also definitely go down in history. That’s why they’d rather suffer here than to leave.

    After this group of people walked towards the back of the mountain, Su Ying waited a long time again. But no one came out of Xuan Wu Temple, and there was no movement in there at all. Is Hua Wu Que still in Xuan Wu Temple? Are the Floral Princesses still with him? Su Ying gritted her teeth, and decided to take the risk.

    She thought, before the great battle, these people came out, so maybe they want to let Hua Wu Que have a quiet rest, therefore they went up the mountain to wait. Now that Yan Nan Tian has reached the peak of the mountain, the Floral Princesses would unlikely stay here. They should at least let Hua Wu Que think of how to prepare for this battle quietly!

    Although Xuan Wu Temple is almost deserted these past few years, like some big families which have fallen on hard times, they may be poor but the air of greatness will still be there. The pillars of courtyard inside the temple’s door is so tall that it seems to be reaching into the heavens, and although the sun is already up, it’s still dark and eerie inside the courtyard, the rays unable to permeate in.

    Su Ying walked past the quiet courtyard, along the long corridor. The smell of incense permeated the great hall, and the gold paint on ‘Lord Xuan Wu’s’ body has long peeled away. It seems that the two generals beneath him have not enjoyed food for a long time, so they looked listless as well. As for the banner in the hall, it has turned so dusty and yellowed that no one can tell what was it’s original color. Ten odd priests sat cross legged there, their expressions slack, their mouths mumbling, and who knows if they’re chanting scriptures or scolding people.

    Su Ying walked past them but they didn’t seem to have noticed her at all. Su Ying had wanted to find out some news from them, but on seeing them like this, she held herself back. Besides those with whose mind are a little abnormal, not many young girls in the world would want to befriend priests and monks.

    The two rows of rooms at the back courtyard were quiet, and not even a person can be seen. Could it be that Hua Wu Que has left as well? Su Ying was still hesitating when she suddenly realized that at the bamboo woods behind the door, there were still a few houses, and these must be the abbot’s rooms.

    Although the ladies of the Murong family were used to living in luxury, but in this ‘show’, Hua Wu Que is the ‘lead’, and the lead will of course have special treatment. Even though they would have liked to stay in the abbot’s room, they would still give in somewhat to Hua Wu Que.

    Su Ying walked out immediately, and saw that the door to the abbot’s room was not totally closed, and is now swinging with the wind. A spider was weaving its web under the beam, a cricket at the corner of the house was calling, the leaves on the tree dropped down one by one, falling on the papered window, making ‘popping’ sounds.

    But inside the house it was quiet with no sounds of human activity at all. Su Ying called out quietly, “Master Hua.”

    No one replied. Could it be that Hua Wu Que has gone? And he forgot to close the door when he left.

    But since Su Ying has come all the way here, she has to go in and take a look no matter what. She pushed open the door quietly, and saw that the abbot’s room was very simply decorated., and now there were two flasks of wine and a few dishes on the wooden table. It seems that the dishes have not been touched at all, but the wine has been drunk quite a lot.

    At the corner of the house there was a bed, and the blanket on the bed was thrown messily about, as if a few people has slept on the bed, and had a fitful night’s sleep. Hua Wu Que has not left, he’s still in the house.

    But his mind seems to be ten thousand miles away. He stood in front of the window in a daze, in a world of his own. For a person like him with sensitive hearing, he is actually unaware that Su Ying has walked in. The sun’s ray came in through the window’s paper, shining on his face. His face was even whiter than the paper on the window, but his eyes were filled with tiny red veins, his expression even more weary than everybody else.

    Before the great duel, why didn’t the Floral Princesses think of a way to help him rest well? Could it be that they’re so sure that he will be able to defeat Xiao Yu’er no matter the circumstances? Or could it be that they simply do not care who wins or loses? Their aim is only to let Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que fight, and can’t be bothered about anything else. Su Ying thought that it’s very strange, but she did not want to know the reason behind it, because she knows that no one will tell her.

    Suddenly she heard Hua Wu Que heave a long sigh, and this sigh encompassed countless sadness and pain that he cannot confide in anyone else.

    Why is he so sad, could it be because of Xiao Yu’er? Su Ying walked over slowly, and called out next to him, “Master Hua…” This time Hua Wu Que finally heard her. He turned his head around slowly and looked at Su Ying. Although he’s looking at Su Ying, but his gaze seems to be focused on a far away place, so far that he can’t even see it.

    Su Ying remembered that like Xiao Yu’er, he had a pair of equally bright, equally moving eyes, but these eyes now looked as if they belong to a dead person, no light in it at all, and not even moving. To be stared at by such a pair of eyes is indeed uncomfortable.

    Su Ying almost felt cold sweat breaking out from his stare, so she forced out a smile and said, “Could it be that Master Hua cannot recognize me now?”

    Hua Wu Que nodded his head, and suddenly said, “Have you come to beg me not to kill Xiao Yu’er?”

    Su Ying was stunned, and before she could speak, Hua Wu Que started laughing loudly.

    His laughter is so strange, so maniacal that Su Ying would never imagine that a person like him will emit such chilling laughter. A normal person will never laugh like that, and Su Ying almost wanted to run away.

    Hua Wu Que laughed and said, “Everyone is coming to beg me not to kill Xiao Yu’er, but why aren’t there anyone asking Xiao Yu’er not to kill me? Is it because I deserve to die?”

    Su Ying replied, “This… this may be because everyone knows that Xiao Yu’er will definitely not kill you!”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly stopped his laughter, “What about himself? Does he know himself?”

    “If he knows, he would not have let me come, because I’m not here to beg you.”

    Hua Wu Que asked, “No?”

    Su Ying replied, “No.” She is also staring at Hua Wu Que, and said each word clearly, “I am here to kill you!”

    This time even Hua Wu Que was stunned. He stared at Su Ying for a while before suddenly bursting out into laughter, “What makes you think that you can kill me? If you’ve really come to kill me, then you should not have said it out. If you did not say it, you might have a chance.”

    Su Ying replied, “Do I not have a chance once I say it out?”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “I’m afraid your chance will be very slim.”

    Su Ying laughed, “My chance will at least be a lot higher that Xiao Yu’er, or else I would not have come.”

    She suddenly turned around and poured out two cups of wine, saying “If I fight with you, naturally I won’t stand even a chance. But we’re humans, not beasts. Beasts only know how to settle all problems with brute strength, but humans do not.”

    Hua Wu Que asked, “What do humans use then?”

    Su Ying replied, “The plans of humans are at least more refined than a beast’s.”

    She turned back again, and pointing at the two cups of wine on the table and said, “I’ve just poured these two cups of wine.”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “I saw that.”

    Su Ying continued, “You only need to choose one to drink, and our problem will be solved.”

    Hua Wu Que asked, “Why?”

    Su Ying replied, “Because I have poisoned one of the cups. If you choose the poisoned cup, you will die. If you did not choose the poisoned cup, I will die.” She smiled slightly and added, “Isn’t this plan more refined, and very fair as well?”

    Hua Wu Que looked at the two cups of wine on the table, the muscles at the corner of his eye starting twitching involuntarily.

    Su Ying asked, “You do not have the guts?” Hua Wu Que asked hoarsely, “Why must I choose one cup?”

    Su Ying replied nonchalantly, “Because I want to decide once and for all our lives and deaths, isn’t this reason enough?”

    Hua Wu Que asked, “Why must I fight it out with you?”

    Su Ying replied, “Why must you fight it out with Xiao Yu’er? If you can fight him, why can’t I fight you?”

    Hua Wu Que was stunned again.

    Su Ying said coldly, “Are you thinking that there’s no confidence of winning by doing this? Will you only agree to fight with others when you’re sure that you will win?” She continued with an icy laugh, “But you obviously know that when you’re very confident of winning when dueling with someone, that is not called a duel, it’s called murder!”

    Hua Wu Que’s expression turned ashen, cold sweat breaking out from his face.

    Su Ying laughed coldly, “If you really do not have the guts, there is no way I can force you, but…”

    Hua Wu Que gritted his teeth, and finally picked up a cup.

    Su Ying stared at him and said each word slowly, “Whether this cup of wine is poisoned or not, you made the choice, so you should believe that it’s a fair duel. It’s a lot fairer than most of the duels in the world.”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly smiled as well, “That’s right, this is indeed very fair, I…” Suddenly someone shouted, “This is not fair at all, you must not drink that cup of wine!”

    With a ‘bang’ the door was knocked open and someone rushed in. It is Xiao Yu’er.

    Su Ying asked hoarsely, “Why are you here as well?”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled icily, “Why can’t I be here?”

    He has already grabbed the wine cup from Hua Wu Que’s hand as he spoke, and said loudly, “Not only must I come, but I must drink this cup of wine.”

    Su Ying’s expression changed, “You can’t drink this wine.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Why can’t it be drunk?”

    Su Ying replied, “This… this cup is poisoned.”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed coldly, “So you already know that this cup is poisoned.”

    Su Ying replied, “It’s my wine, I put the poison in, why wouldn’t I know?”

    Xiao Yu’er roared in anger, “Since you know it, why do you want him to drink it?”

    Su Ying replied, “This is supposed to be a duel to the death, there must be someone who has to drink this cup of wine. It’s his bad luck to choose this cup, how can I be blamed?”

    She stared at Hua Wu Que and added, “I did not ask you to choose this cup, right?” Hua Wu Que only nodded. He may not be afraid of death, but once he thought that he almost made a trip to the gates of hell earlier, his palms just broke out in cold sweat.

    Xiao Yu’er looked at the wine in the cup and said with a frosty smile, “I know you did not ask him to choose this cup, but it’s all the same no matter which cup he chooses.”

    Su Ying asked, “Why?”

    Xiao Yu’er roared, “Because both the cups are poisoned. You can trick others with such tactics, but you can never trick me. It doesn’t matter which cup he chooses, he will die once he drinks it, so there’s no need for you to drink the other cup at all.”

    Su Ying looked at him, tears almost falling from her eyes.

    Xiao Yu’er shook his head and said, “Hua Wu Que oh Hua Wu Que, the problem with you is that you trust women too much!…”

    Su Ying sighed sadly and mumbled, “Xiao Yu’er oh Xiao Yu’er, the problem with you is that you distrust women too much.” She suddenly picked up the other cup of wine from the table and drank it in one gulp.

    The expression on Hua Wu Que’s face changed, and he stammered, “You… you’ve wronged her, I should still drink this cup of poisoned wine.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Why!”

    Hua Wu Que shouted back, “Since this is a fair duel, and since I have lost, I will die with no complaints!”

    Su Ying sighed, “You’re really a gentleman, I only hate myself for…” Xiao Yu’er suddenly laughed loudly, “That’s right, he is a gentleman, but I’m not, that’s why I know your tricks.”

    Hua Wu Que said angrily, “How can you say that about her, she has already drunk the other cup of wine!”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a laugh, “Of course she can drink it, because she is the one who poisoned it, and she has long taken the antidote. Don’t you understand such a simple trick?”

    Hua Wu Que looked at her, unable to say anything else. Su Ying looked at him as well, and after a long, long time, she muttered, “You’re really a smart person, really too smart!” She smiled sadly and added, “But no matter what, I did it for you, you really should not have treated me this way.”

    Xiao Yu’er roared again, “How do you want me to treat you? Did you think that once you’ve killed Hua Wu Que, I’ll be grateful to you?”

    Su Ying replied, “Naturally I know that you will not be grateful to me, because you are all heroes, and heroes will not use unorthodox methods on others. When heroes want to kill someone, they’ll do it themselves!” As she spoke, tears fell from her eyes. But she immediately dried her tears and continued, “Let me ask you, even if I am one who uses unorthodox methods to kill, what’s the difference between me and you people?”

    Xiao Yu’er roared, “Of course it’s different, at least we’re more aboveboard than you!”

    Su Ying laughed coldly, “Aboveboard? You obviously know that your opponent is not your match and yet you want to duel with him, is that fair? Is that aboveboard? Could it be that only using weapons to kill is considered fair, considered aboveboard. Then why don’t you learn from dogs and use your mouths to bite? Isn’t that even more aboveboard?”

    She pointed at Xiao Yu’er and said, “Besides, at least I have a purpose in killing others, I’m doing it for you. No matter what a woman does for the person she loves, it will never be considered shameless, but what about you people?” She continued fiercely, “You’re going to fight to the death soon, it’s either you kill him, or he’ll kill you, and who are you doing this for? For what? You’re just dog biting dog, and two mad dogs at that.”

    Xiao Yu’er was stunned by the reprimand, and unable to say even a single word. This is the first time in his life that he was speechless after getting a scolding. Hua Wu Que stood there, cold sweat dripping down from his head.

    Su Ying cried hoarsely, “I am a conniving, vicious woman, you’re a great hero. From now on, I no longer wish to think so highly of myself that I can be a match to you. Who lives or dies, is no business of mine…” Her words slowly became chocked, and she finally can’t help but wail loudly, and ran out with her face covered.

    She did not turn back. Once a person’s heart is shattered, he will never turn back.

    The leaves on the tree, dropped down on the paper window one by one, the cricket at the corner of the wall is still making noises, but the spider’s web under the beam has been torn apart by the wind. The web is broken, but it will be mended very quickly. The spider will never give up, but once the web of feelings is broken, can it be mended very quickly as well? Do humans have the same never say die spirit as the spider?

    Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que faced each other, not speaking for a long time. After a long moment, Hua Wu Que sighed, “Why did you have to treat her like that?”

    Xiao Yu’er was quiet for a long time before mumbling, “It seems that there’s a lot of differences between you and me.”

    Hua Wu Que replied, “No one is totally alike.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Because of me she’s going to kill but I gave her a tongue lashing. She wants to kill you, but you’re speaking up for her. This is the biggest difference between us.”

    He continued with a bitter smile, “That’s why you’re forever the gentle man, but I’m forever the…”

    Hua Wu Que interrupted him, “Why must you always belittle yourself. Actually you’re the real gentleman, or else why would you have hurt her because of me?”

    He sighed and continued, “Besides you, I cannot think of anyone else who will hurt his own lover because of his enemy.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly smiled and said, “I did it not for you, but for myself.”

    Hua Wu Que asked, “For yourself?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “That’s right, for myself…” He slowly repeated this sentence again, an unfathomable look flashed in his eyes, making him suddenly look like a very profound person. Every time Hua Wu Que sees this look in his eyes, he knows that very soon someone is going to be in trouble, but who will be his target this time?

    Xiao Yu’er continued calmly, “Because if I let you die in the hands of another now, not only will I regret it for the rest of my life, but I’m afraid I may be in pain for eternity as well.”

    Hua Wu Que’s expression changed and he asked, “Why?” Xiao Yu’er replied, “Because…” But before he can say anything else, someone suddenly commented, “Because he wants to kill you with his own hands!” This is Princess Yao Yue’s voice, but it’s even colder than usual.

    Her looks changed as well. Although it’s still as pale and cold, but there is also now a clear, soft glow. If her face is akin to ice in the past, then it is now akin to jade.

    Xiao Yu’er looked at her and heaved a long sigh, “It’s only been two, three days since we last met, but you actually look a lot younger now. I guess all the beauties in the world should practice that ‘Clear Jade Skill’ of yours.” Princess Yao Yue only stared at him coldly, not speaking at all.

    Xiao Yu’er sighed again, “Ever since I saved you, you have been ignoring me. Sometimes I really wish that we’ll forever be trapped in that rat’s hole. At that time you were so obedient towards me, so courteous towards me.”

    Princess Yao Yue’s expression changed, and said, “Have you finished talking?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Yes, but I just want to remind you that if not for me, no matter how much younger you become, you’ll still be dead after a few days of being trapped in that rat’s hole.”

    Looking down from the peak of the mountain, the clouds floated by and the rivers were winding like ribbons. Yan Nan Tian stood alone at the tallest point of the peak, and looked so lonely. But he has since learned to tolerate loneliness long ago. Since ancient times, anyone who wants to stand at the highest point, must first learn how to tolerate loneliness. He’s not the only person on the mountain, but it seems that everyone is very far away from him. The breeze fluttered his clothing, a white cloud floated past his eyes.

    Murong Shan Shan suddenly heaved a long sigh and said sadly, “Never has there been someone like him in the past, and never will there be someone like him in future… although Hero Yan is the ultimate hero, but how many times have he really experienced happiness in his life?”

    Murong Shan Shan sighed again and continued, “It seems that it’s better to be an ordinary person.”

    Murong Shuang sighed as well and said slowly, “I want to go with the wind, but am afraid that the high towers would be too cold…”

    Suddenly someone exclaimed, “They’re coming, coming.”

    Murong Shuang asked, “Who is coming?” She turned around and saw Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que appearing amongst the clouds.

    The wind blew even stronger, the sky is slowly darkening.

    Su Ying walked aimlessly, not knowing how long she has walked, or where she has walked to. She only wish that lightning will strike now and shatter her to pieces, and the pieces will be blown away by the wind, to the ends of the earth, the further the better. But she also wish that Xiao Yu’er will suddenly rush over, kneel beneath her feet and beg for her forgiveness, and swear that he will never leave her again.

    But Xiao Yu’er did not come, the lightning did not strike as well. The bitter wine in her heart is still full, and she does not know when will she be able to finish drinking it.

    From where Tie Xin Lan stood, she can see Xiao Yu’er, and she can see Hua Wu Que as well. She saw the pain in Hua Wu Que’s eyes, and her own heart broke as well.

    But Xiao Yu’er was still smiling, as if he’s not concerned at all. Could it be that he’s certain that Hua Wu Que will kill him? Or is it because he’s confident of dealing with Hua Wu Que? Tie Xin Lan chewed on her lips until there was blood. The blood is salty, but her heart is bitter, and who would be able to understand the bitterness in her heart?

    End of Chapter 123

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 124

    A gust of wind blew past, heaven and earth seemed to be suddenly filled with a murderous air.

    Xiao Yu’er shrunk his neck in and said, “What strong wind, how cold, I really should have worn a few more pieces of clothing.”

    Yan Nan Tian furrowed his brow and asked in a low voice, “You cannot stand it already?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Uncle need not worry, I am not that delicate.”

    Yan Nan Tian was silent for a moment before saying slowly, “When a person’s internal energy is of a certain level, although he is still susceptible to cold and heat, but at least he won’t be like an average person who is afraid of cold and heat.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “Yes.”

    Yan Nan Tian added, “The martial arts you learnt is the essence of all the hard work that various martial arts elders had put in, and all the moves can be considered one of the best in martial arts. Besides, since you were young your Uncle Wan has given you a good foundation, and you have not deviated in the practice of your martial arts. Because of all these conditions added together, I was not worried about letting you duel with Hua Wu Que, but I do not really know how good is your internal power. You’re very clever, and very lucky. My only worry is that you’re too flippant, and too impatient, so you have not cultivated the pure essence of your martial arts.”

    Xiao Yu’er lowered his head and laughed, “I may not concentrate fully when doing other things, but when it comes to martial arts I am quite serious.”

    Yan Nan Tian nodded his head, “I hope so.” He suddenly asked again, “Since you have fought with Hua Wu Que before, do you know how is his martial arts?”

    Xiao Yu’er thought for a moment and said, “For Floral Palace to enjoy such fame, naturally there is a special secret to their martial arts, especially that ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’ skill, really gives others a headache.” He continued with a laugh, “Luckily I have more or less found out some of its secrets.”

    Yan Nan Tian replied with a straight face, “Shifting Flower Grafting Jade is only one of the many martial arts skills of the Floral Palace. The changes in Floral Palace’s martial arts are complex, calm yet deeply profound. Besides, although I see that Hua Wu Que may not look as smart as you, but actually he’s definitely not dumber than you. Your martial arts are superficial yet messy, his martial arts is sharp yet deep. When you fight with him, don’t try to fight head on with him, it’s best to think of ways to make him use up some of his energy first.”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “I know this as well. His foundation is really better than mine. My chances of winning may not be high when dueling with him, but I have a very big advantage.”

    Yan Nan Tian said fiercely, “In martial arts, there’s no way one can take advantage, when you’re thinking of taking someone’s advantage, then you would have lost first.”

    Xiao Yu’er said seriously, “Yes, but… I already know how good his martial arts is, but he does not know the origins of my martial arts at all, because I have never revealed my true prowess in front of anyone.”

    A trace of admiration passed through Yan Nan Tian’s eyes, and he said, “Very good, only when you know yourself and your opponent, will you be able to win every single battle.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly laughed, “Uncle Yan, I’d like to ask you something as well.”

    Yan Nan Tian replied, “Go ahead.”

    Xiao Yu’er blinked and said, “If you were to really fight with Princess Yao Yue, how confident will you be of winning?”

    Yan Nan Tian looked at a floating cloud in the distance, silent for a long moment, and the corners of his strong lips revealed a rare trace of a smile. He did not reply Xiao Yu’er’s question, but Xiao Yu’er no longer need his answer. Xiao Yu’er can’t help but reveal a smile that came straight from his heart as well.

    Wan Chun Liu who had been standing by the side all this while without speaking suddenly said, “The time’s almost up, are you ready?”

    Xiao Yu’er nodded his head but suddenly asked, “I have a question to ask Uncle Wan as well.”

    Wan Chun Liu replied with a smile, “I may not be able to answer all your questions, I may not be as knowledgeable as you.”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled as well, “But Uncle Wan will surely know this.”

    He suddenly took out a wine cup very carefully and said, “There’s still a drop of wine in this cup. I keep suspecting that the wine is poisoned, and it’s a kind of poison that’s colorless and odorless, can Uncle Wan see if it’s really poisoned?”

    Wan Chun Liu took over the wine cup and used his pinky to dab on the remaining wine in the cup, put it to his nose to sniff, used his tongue and lightly licked, and said, “This wine…”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly interrupted him, “Regardless of whether this wine is poisoned or not, Uncle Wan please do not tell me now.”

    Wan Chun Liu asked, “Why is that so?”

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and said, “Because if the wine is really poisoned, I’ll be very angry, but if the wine is not poisoned, I’ll feel very sad. Therefore Uncle Wan better wait until after my duel to tell me in case I get distracted.”

    Although Wan Chun Liu found it strange, but he still replied with a smile, “All right, anyway no one can ever guess what you’re up to.”

    But Xiao Yu’er forgot about one thing. If he were to lose, then won’t he forever not know the answer?

    The Murong ladies and their husbands naturally can see what’s happening on both Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que’s side, and were feeling perplexed.

    Murong Shuang commented, “Did you see that? It seems that Xiao Yu’er and Hero Yan has endless things to talk about, but Hua Wu Que and the Floral Princesses only stood there staring.”

    Murong Shan Shan replied, “That’s right, it seems that the Floral Princess is totally unconcerned whether Hua Wu Que will win or lose this battle. Don’t the master and disciple have any feelings between them at all?”

    Nangong Liu sighed, “Maybe it’s because they feel confident that Hua Wu Que will win this battle.”

    Murong Shan Shan pursed her lips, “I don’t think so. Hua Wu Que may be quite good with his wits and martial arts, but Xiao Yu’er cannot be too easily dismissed as well. If we talk about the ability to react while fighting, I think no one else can be compared to him.”

    Murong Shuang agreed, “That’s right. I think that Hua Wu Que’s martial arts is a little better, but when highly skilled martial artists fight, brute strength alone is not of much use. The main point is to see who can react to circumstances better and gain an upper hand on the enemy first.”

    Qin Jian said, “From what I know, Xiao Yu’er’s best martial arts seems to be a collection of the best moves from various sects, he has at least a sixty percent chance of winning this duel.”

    Murong Shan Shan replied, “I think it’s more than sixty percent.”

    They don’t really like Hua Wu Que that much, that’s why they were rooting for Xiao Yu’er, but the people on ‘Mad Lion’ Tie Zhan’s side were different.

    Xiao Nu Shi was telling Tie Zhan, “How confident do you think your son-in-law is of winning this battle?”

    Tie Zhan replied, “One hundred percent.”

    Xiao Nu Shi laughed, “Don’t you be so sure, I think that Xiao Yu’er is not so easy to deal with. Besides, he has Yan Nan Tian supporting him.”

    Tie Zhan replied, “What fart’s use is that, Yan Nan Tian can’t fight on his behalf. No matter how smart he is, but a disciple taught by Li Da Zui, Du Jiao Jiao and the rest will be limited in his prowess.”

    Xiao Nu Shi said, “Oh? And I thought he’s Yan Nan Tian’s disciple. If I’ve known that his martial arts were taught by those evil friends of yours, I won’t even be bothered to watch this duel.”

    Suddenly Yan Nan Tian got up and said, “The time has arrived, go.”

    Although his words were directed at Xiao Yu’er, but his voice was like a bell that resonated throughout the mountains.

    Hua Wu Que stood up as well, bowed towards the Floral Princesses and asked, “Teacher, do you have any further instructions?”

    Princess Yao Yue replied, “No, go ahead, I know you will definitely not disappoint me.” Her voice may sound calm, but her feelings were extremely excited.

    The last moment is finally here. This time, she will not allow this duel to stop halfway again no matter what. This time, either Xiao Yu’er or Hua Wu Que must fall.

    Whoever is thinking of describing her feelings of nervousness and excitement now, his efforts will be futile, because her feelings of nervousness and excitement now, no one else in the world will be able to imagine. The only one who can understand her feelings, naturally is Princess Lian Xing.

    Her face looks even more pale than usual and when Hua Wu Que turned around to look at her, she actually avoided Hua Wu Que’s eyes, because she is afraid that she will blurt out this secret! She is not a person with excessive feelings, but on this rainy day, she realized that she has changed a little. Because in that cave, she has gone through a lot of things that she has never gone through before. Never did she imagine that all these things would actually happen to her.

    Throughout her life she never knew how it felt like for someone to face death, and have never known fear. She has never relied on others, nor has she ever felt gratitude towards anyone. Naturally she has never been hungry, never been drunk, and all the more she’d never imagine that she will one day fall into the arms of a man. All these things that she’s never experienced in decades of her life, actually befell her all at once within a short span of two, three days. And each event is so fresh and etched, that she cannot forget about it no matter how hard she tried.

    These few days, whenever she thought of Xiao Yu’er, she will feel a stab of pain in her heart. Xiao Yu’er has really treated her quite nicely, but how did she treat Xiao Yu’er? This venomous and cruel plan is all arranged by her. The wretched fate of Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que, with just one word from her, can be changed totally. But she cannot, and she dare not say the word!

    Xiao Yu’er bowed respectfully towards Yan Nan Tian and Wan Chun Liu and walked out. Hua Wu Que is already waiting for him, but it seems that he’s not in a hurry at all, and was greeting everyone.

    And then he walked towards Hua Wu Que.

    Hua Wu Que looked at him saying his farewells to everyone, and can’t describe the feelings he had. Because only he knows that Xiao Yu’er will not die. He has promised Tie Xin Lan, and to keep his promise, he has decided to sacrifice himself. Death, is not an easy matter. When a person is about to die, only then will he know that life is worth pining for. But Tie Xin Lan’s feelings will be forever etched in his heart, never be able to discard. When he cannot have both, he can only choose to give up life, and embrace love.

    When he saw Xuanyuan San Guang, Little Fairy and the rest feeling pity towards Xiao Yu’er, Hua Wu Que felt even more difficulty describing how he felt. He is now determined to die, but there’s not even a single person he can bid farewell to.

    He asked himself, “After my death, who will feel sad for me, weep for me?” He almost wanted to run towards Tie Xin Lan, hug her and have a good cry, but he did not do that and he cannot do that. He can only stand there quietly waiting for Xiao Yu’er to come over….

    The battle has begun! In the martial arts realm, every day, every hour, every instant, there’ll be countless people having death duels but for a thousand, hundred years, there will never be another battle that will be sadder than this! Because in this duel, both parties have no wish to hurt the other, both parties would rather sacrifice himself, never has the martial arts realm witnessed such a situation. And the saddest thing is, the one who dies in this duel may be pitiful, but the fate of the one living will be even worse.

    Even before the duel started, even as far as twenty years ago, it’s already fated that the two of them will only face death. But these two have to be blood brothers. Those present, with the exception of the Floral Princesses, if they were to know about this matter, they will certainly feel depressed and weep. But what a pity that until they’re dead, no one will know this secret!

    Only Tie Xin Lan’s feelings is different from everyone else’s. Hua Wu Que and Xiao Yu’er did not speak at all before they started the fight! Maybe it’s because they feel that they have said everything they want to say long ago, and there’s nothing much to be said now. Hua Wu Que did not speak to Tie Xin Lan as well although Tie Xin Lan’s fate is now intertwined with his, and undoubtedly she is already the most important person in his life.

    “Begin.” Once Yan Nan Tian’s voice called out, the two of them started fighting. But before Hua Wu Que struck, Tie Xin Lan realized that he took a look at her.

    Although he only took one look at her, but this look is worth more than a million or a thousand words. Tie Xin Lan saw his eyes, and knows that he is bidding his farewell to her, he is making a promise to her, he is telling her that his love is stronger than the mountains and deeper than the sea. She already knows that he is telling her, “I will not let you down, Xiao Yu’er will definitely not die, don’t worry.”

    But Tie Xin Lan’s heart has shattered. Although she has gotten what she asked for, but is this really what she wanted? Does she really want Hua Wu Que dead. She looked at Hua Wu Que, tears flowing down her cheeks.

    “I will not let you down as well, don’t worry!” She retreated quietly, and left, because no matter what she cannot bear to watch Hua Wu Que die because of her, die in front of her. Because not only is Hua Wu Que her lover, her husband, but also her friend, her brother, her soul, her life…

    End of Chapter 124

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 125

    The white clouds floated by.

    Su Ying collapsed under the tree, looking at the floating clouds in a daze, her tears dried up long ago. Because her life and soul, her lover and husband, is now among the clouds, fighting a duel to the death with someone else. But she does not even know the outcome of this duel. Did Xiao Yu’er win? Or lose? Alive? Or dead?…Su Ying rubbed her eyes and told herself, “Why should I be concerned about him? Who is he to me?”

    She wanted to stand up, to pick herself up, but not only is her heart shattered, her whole body seems to be shattered as well, so how can she stand up.

    Suddenly, heart-rending sobs can be heard from behind the tree, as if someone has collapsed at the other side of the tree. The tree is as wide as three people holding hands around it, so she did not realize that Su Ying is behind the tree.

    But Su Ying could tell that she is Tie Xin Lan, and was thinking, “Why has Tie Xin Lan come here? Why is she so sad? Could it be that the duel is over, could it be that either Xiao Yu’er or Hua Wu Que is dead? But, who died?”

    Su Ying struggled to get up and went around.

    Tie Xin Lan was startled, and asked hoarsely, “You’re here as well?”

    Su Ying grabbed her arms tightly and asked, “He… he’s dead?” Tie Xin Lan quietly nodded her head, and cried bitterly again. Su Ying only felt giddiness, and her whole body almost collapsed. Before she even fell to the ground, she has started wailing.

    Both of them sat under the tree facing each other, crying. After a long time spent crying, Tie Xin Lan suddenly asked, “Xiao Yu’er is not dead, why are you crying?”

    Su Ying was stunned, and she wiped her tears, “Xiao Yu’er is not dead? Is Hua Wu Que the one who died?”

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “Mmm.”

    Su Ying was surprised and ecstatic, but suddenly raised her voice, “I don’t believe it, Xiao Yu’er will never kill Hua Wu Que.”

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “It’s not him who killed Hua Wu Que, but Hua Wu Que killed himself.”

    Su Ying asked, “He killed himself? Why?” Tie Xin Lan’s lips are already bloody from her chewing on it, and she stammered, “Because… because I begged him not to kill Xiao Yu’er. Since he promised me, he can only die himself…”

    Su Ying opened her eyes wide in shock and stared, as if she has never seen someone like her. After a long moment, she said each word clearly, “You obviously know that Hua Wu Que will die, yet you’re still begging him not to kill Xiao Yu’er?”

    Tie Xin Lan’s body seemed constricted, and she gritted her teeth in pain.

    Su Ying continued, “Hua Wu Que obviously knows this, but he still promised you?”

    Tie Xin Lan’s pained eyes revealed a trace of tenderness and said, “He is the greatest person on earth.”

    Su Ying asked, “But for Xiao Yu’er, you’re willing to let such a great man die? I did not expect that your feelings for Xiao Yu’er would be so deep…”

    Tie Xin Lan suddenly shouted, “But the one I truly love is not Xiao Yu’er.”

    Su Ying asked, “It’s not Xiao Yu’er, then is it Hua Wu Que?”

    Tie Xin Lan wept, “That’s right, I… I love him, totally love him. You’ll never understand how deeply I love him now, no one knows how deeply I love him.”

    Su Ying exclaimed, “But you want him to die!”

    Tie Xin Lan covered her face and sobbed, “That’s right, because I am determined to die with him.”

    Su Ying looked at Tie Xin Lan, shocked as well. After a moment, she heaved a long sigh, “Why are you doing this?”

    Tie Xin Lan replied with a cry, “Because I’ve fallen in love with Hua Wu Que, Hua Wu Que has also fallen in love with me. I feel that we cannot let Xiao Yu’er down, so we can only die… only with death can we repay him.”

    Su Ying heaved a long sigh, “I still do not understand. Even though I am a woman as well, I still do not understand your intentions, no wonder men say that a woman’s heart is difficult to grasp…” Suddenly she saw Tie Xin Lan’s body convulsing and her whole body rolled into a ball.

    Su Ying cried hoarsely, “What’s wrong with you?”

    Tie Xin Lan shut her eyes tightly, her face full of pain, but the corners of her mouth curved up into a slight smile. This smile is actually filled with happiness and bliss. She said each word clearly, “Now that he is dead, I’m going to die too. We’ll be reunited immediately. All the ugly, cruel, painful things in the world, will never be able to hurt us again.”

    Su Ying held her hands and said, “Nonsense, you won’t die.”

    Tie Xin Lan said with a sad smile, “I’ve already taken the most venomous poison in the world, I will surely die.”

    Now, Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que have fought for more than 700 stances. Their martial arts are like the water flowing in the river that keeps on flowing, never ending. Strange and wonderful strokes kept on appearing, no one dared to blink an eye, it was extraordinary! But this battle is obviously coming to an end. It doesn’t mean that they have used up their internal energy, but because they have no wish to continue the fight.

    They’re like a pair of peacocks, who have opened their beautiful tail feathers. Now, they can die with no regrets!

    Xiao Nu Shi can’t help but shake her head and sighed, “A pity, oh pity! These two kids are geniuses who are rarely seen in the martial arts realm for a hundred years, it’s be a pity no matter which one died.”

    Mi Shi Ba can’t help but sigh and nod, “This is called fate makes fun of men…fate makes fun of men…”

    The others felt the same way as them too, even Yan Nan Tian can’t help but felt admiration and pity for Hua Wu Que. Of course he hopes that Xiao Yu’er will win, but he did not wish to see a youth like Hua Wu Que die so horribly. But he did not know that neither of them would be able to live.

    Only Princess Lian Xing knows this secret. On her pale yet beautiful face, she can’t help but reveal an overwrought expression. She mumbled in her heart, “How can I let these two people die? Hua Wu Que is a child that I brought up, Xiao Yu’er not only saved my life, but my reputation, how can I watch these two people die in front of me!”

    She suddenly dashed out. In that instant, she has totally forgotten the hatred she had for the last twenty years, and only felt hot blood coursing through her, unable to control herself.

    She can’t help but yelled, “Stop, I have something to say.” But a pity her voice is hoarse, and everyone was captivated by this mind-shattering duel, and no one noticed what she was trying to say.

    But Princess Yao Yue noticed her. As soon as she spoke, Princess Yao Yue has flown towards her, and fast as lightning, grabbed her arms and sealed her acupoints. She asked fiercely, “What do you have to say?”

    Princess Lian Xing weeped, “Sister, it happened twenty years ago, it’s been so long. Jiang Feng and his wife may have let you down, but… but now even their bodies have turned into ashes. Sister, you… why must you continue hating them?”

    “You want to spare them?” Princess Yao Yue’s face became so pale that it’s transparent again, and said “Are you going to reveal their secret now?”

    Princess Lian Xing said, “I only want to…” She suddenly noticed Princess Yao Yue’s expression and can’t help but shivered. Princess Yao Yue said each word clearly, “Ever since you were seven years old, you’d love to create mischief for me. No matter what I like, you would want to fight with me for it, no matter what I want to do, you would think of a way to create trouble!” Her face became more and more transparent, looking like ice that has been covered by winter’s fog.

    Princess Lian Xing’s expression changed as well, and stammered, “You… don’t you forget, I am still your sister.” She quickly turned around, thinking of using the opportunity to shake off Princess Yao Yue’s hand, but by now there is a horrible force of coldness coming out from Princess Yao Yue’s palms, going right into her heart.

    Princess Lian Xing asked in shock, “You’re crazy, what are you trying to do?”

    Princess Yao Yue said each word slowly, “I am not crazy, it’s just that I’ve waited twenty years for today, I will not let anyone destroy it, not even you…”

    With every word that she spoke, the coldness in Princess Lian Xing’s body increased and by the time she finished her sentence, Princess Lian Xing’s body is almost hardened. She only felt as if she has been dunked in an icy lake naked, and the water surrounding her is slowly turning into ice. She wanted to struggle, but she has no more strength.

    Princess Yao Yue is not looking at her at all, but staring at Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que, the corners of her mouth slowly curling up into a sinister smile and said slowly, “Look, this battle is almost over. If Jiang Feng and Yue Nu were to know that their twin sons are now killing each other, they will surely regret what they have done.”

    Princess Lian Xing’s lips trembled, and suddenly she used all her strength and shouted, “Don’t fight anymore, do you hear? Because you are blood brothers!”

    Princess Yao Yue smiled coldly and did not stop her at all, because although she has used all her strength to shout, but the others could only hear her teeth chattering, and can’t tell what is she shouting about at all. Princess Lian Xing’s eyes unconsciously teared. For decades, this may be the first time she cried, but the tears that came out became ice in a while as well.

    She knows that there really is no way to change Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que’s fate now, because the only one in the world who knows this secret is now Princess Yao Yue. And Princess Yao Yue will never reveal this secret, unless Xiao Yu’er or Hua Wu Que were to fall, and by then everything will come to an end. This complicated, entangling hatred will only end then. This ending is too distressing, Princess Lian Xing has no wish to watch further. In reality, she is unable to watch further.

    Tie Xin Lan collapsed into Su Ying’s arms, panting, and struggled to say, “We… we can be considered sisters, now I want to beg you of one thing, I wonder if you will agree!”

    Su Ying caressed her hair gently and said softly, “It doesn’t matter what you want me to do, just say it.”

    Tie Xin Lan said, “After I die, I hope that you will bury Hua Wu Que and I together, and I hope you will tell Xiao Yu’er, although I cannot marry him, but I’ll forever be his sister, his friend.”

    Su Ying rubbed her eyes and said, “I… I promise you.”

    Tie Xin Lan stared at her and said slowly again, “I also hope that you will take good care of Xiao Yu’er. He may be a wild horse, but with you by his side, maybe he will become a little better.”

    Su Ying sighed sadly and said, “Will he?”

    Tie Xin Lan replied, “Yes, because I understand him very well. I know that the person he truly likes, is you, as for me… He has never liked me, it’s just that he always wanted to win, to be better…”

    Su Ying trembled, “I know… I know everything, please don’t say anymore. No matter what you want me to do, I will promise you.”

    Tie Xin Lan smiled weakly, and slowly closed her eyes. Her smile is so serene, because she is no longer troubled, no longer worried. Su Ying looked at her, and her tears unconsciously fell like rain…

    Hua Wu Que’s hands gradually slowed. He knows that the time is up, there’s no reason to drag on further.

    Everything will have to end sooner or later and at a time like this, he is feeling especially calm instead. Jealousy, hatred, winning, boasting… all these mundane feelings have reached a new level suddenly, and this new level is the highest sentiment for humans.

    He only hopes that Xiao Yu’er will live well, Tie Xin Lan will live well, all his friends and enemies will live well, and live happily. He concentrated on Xiao Yu’er’s moves, waiting for a chance.

    Waiting for a chance to die! He is preparing to let Xiao Yu’er ‘win’ magnificently, not wishing for anyone to see that he is sending himself to death’s door, and even more so not wishing for Xiao Yu’er to know. Therefore he cannot deliberately reveal any loopholes, not collide into Xiao Yu’er’s palms himself. He is going to wait until Xiao Yu’er is using a very strange move, then he’ll deliberately find himself ‘unable to avoid it’!

    Xiao Yu’er’s body turned, his left palm slicing down diagonally, his right palm hidden behind his body. Hua Wu Que knows that his laft palm is meant to be a fake move, and the real fatal move will be the right palm that is going to follow. When the other party blocks his left palm, he will have to turn his body, and the right palm will naturally strike from the bottom. This move can be real or fake, and the area where it’s striking is uncommon and strange, and it can be considered one of the rare fatal moves in the martial arts realm.

    But it seems that Xiao Yu’er is getting confused from the fight, and he actually forgot that he has used this move once earlier, and although it was a close shave for Hua Wu Que when he was avoiding this move earlier, but now he would have been very familiar with this move.

    This is exactly Hua Wu Que’s ‘chance’. His palm cut up from the bottom, aiming directly at Xiao Yu’er’s armpit, because he knows that by the time his palm reaches that point, Xiao Yu’er’s body would have turned over. When his palm attack meets only the air, he would have ‘used up his moves’ and when Xiao Yu’er’s right palm rushes out, he will immediately die under Xiao Yu’er’s palm. So his move may look like a very ingenious move, but it’s actually a move that will send him to his death.

    Who would have expected that this time Xiao Yu’er’s body turned very much slower than previously, and by the time Hua Wu Que’s palm reached his armpit, his body has not turned over. The soft bones under the armpit, is one of the fatal points in the body. Hua Wu Que was very confident, and deliberately used a lot of his strength in this attack, so by the time he realized something was wrong, it was too late to retract or change his move.

    With a loud ‘bang’, Xiao Yu’er flew out from his blow.

    Amongst all the gasps of shock, Yan Nan Tian has already leapt up seventy feet, and flew over like a huge bird. Xuanyuan San Guang and the rest also ran towards Xiao Yu’er in shock.

    Xiao Yu’er’s face was pale, his breathing shallow, as if he’s on the brink of death. Checking his pulse, it seems that his veins have been broken or injured, and he’s likely to be beyond hope. Anyone would be able to tell that he will definitely not live.

    Yan Nan Tian was so anxious that he was unconsciously weeping. He stamped his feet and exclaimed, “You… you obviously could have avoided that move, you… you… you…”

    Xiao Yu’er smiled sadly and struggled to speak, “I had wanted to use that move to deliberately bait him, but who would have known that he…” He suddenly coughed, blood trickling out from the corner of his mouth, and panted, “It’s all because I… I’m too smart, and instead it backfired… backfired…” He repeated the word ‘backfired’ twice, his voice getting weaker and weaker, his eyes slowly closing, his breathing slowly quieting. It seems that he still wants to open his eyes, to take a last look at this world that he can’t bear to leave behind, but it’s no use no matter how hard he tries. His eyes will never open.

    Hua Wu Que stood there woodenly, his mind in a complete mess, his eyes totally blank. He cannot think, cannot see at all.

    Xiao Yu’er is dead! Xiao Yu’er is actually killed by him! He only wished that this is not true, it’s just a dream, a nightmare! It seems that his tears have dried up.

    Yan Nan Tian suddenly roared furiously, turned his body and struck at Hua Wu Que with his palm, and Hua Wu Que just stood there without moving.

    Princess Yao Yue was checking Xiao Yu’er’s pulse, and now she suddenly jumped a few dozen feet into the air and pulled Hua Wu Que out from under Yan Nan Tian’s palm.

    Princess Yao Yue said calmly, “I dragged Hua Wu Que away earlier, to save you! Because everyone else in the world can kill him, except for you, you must never kill him!”

    Yan Nan Tian asked, “Why?”

    A trace of a vicious smile flashed past Princess Yao Yue’s eyes, and she asked, “Do you know who he is?”

    Yan Nan Tian can’t help but ask, “Who is he?”

    Princess Yao Yue suddenly laughed madly, pointed at Hua Wu Que and said, “Let me tell you, he is also Jiang Feng’s son, he is Xiao Yu’er’s twin brother.”

    Once this sentence was spoken, there was an immediate commotion. However, Yan Nan Tian was stunned, and after being shocked for a moment, he roared angrily, “What fart!”

    Princess Yao Yue laughed loudly and continued, “I’ve waited twenty years, just for today, waiting for the brothers to kill each other. I waited twenty years, and only revealed this secret now. I am really so happy, so ecstatic.”

    Yan Nan Tian roared madly, “No matter what you say, I won’t believe a single word!”

    Princess Yao Yue chuckled, “I know you will believe it, you surely will believe it. Just think about it carefully, and you’ll realize so many similarities between the two of them. Take a look at their eyes again, their noses…” Yan Nan Tian clenched his fists, unconsciously sweating.

    Princess Yao Yue continued with a laugh, “Do you know why I want to force them to fight? Do you know why I insist that Hua Wu Que kill Xiao Yu’er with his own hands?… You surely weren’t able to figure out why, right? But now that you finally understand, it’s too late, too late…”

    This secret is too shocking, like a lightning that suddenly struck from a clear sky that strikes everyone into shock. They may be very emotional, but they were unable to make any sound at all. It seems that only Princess Yao Yue’s maniacal laughter is left in the world.

    Everyone thought of the various incidents involving Hua Wu Que and Xiao Yu’er, and even though they did not want to believe Princess Yao Yue’s words, but there is no way they can disbelieve it. Everyone can’t tell if they felt shock, anger or pity… maybe they felt a little of each, but after all, they mostly felt sympathy and pity.

    Hua Wu Que’s face turned pale, staring at Xiao Yu’er’s body on the ground, his body slowly started to shake, and shake very vigorously, until in the end he could not even stand properly, and his whole body curled up into a ball.

    Yan Nan Tian looked at the two brothers, one alive and one dead, and it seems that his rock solid body is about to collapse as well. In that instant, he really became an old man. His heart was filled with pain and regret.

    “Why must I force the two of them to fight as well? Why didn’t I stop them?” He knows that all these is because of revenge! Now he knows that revenge will never bring any glory to anyone, revenge will only bring with it pain, and destruction! But now it’s too late for him to realize that! He is so distraught that he has lost the energy to feel anger. Not only did he not try to fight with Princess Yao Yue, but he did not even take a look at her.

    But Princess Yao Yue was looking at them. The smile in her eyes seems so cruel, so vicious, and she stared at Hua Wu Que and said icily, “You’ve killed your own brother, what do you have to say?”

    Hua Wu Que covered his face with his hands, his whole body curled up on the floor.

    Princess Yao Yue smiled sinisterly, “Don’t you forget, you still have the ‘Fine Blood Zhao Dan Qing’ with you, now will you believe that this is a cursed sword, and whoever possesses it, will die!”

    Hua Wu Que suddenly lifted his head, the ‘Fine Blood Zhao Dan Qing’ already in his hands! The jade green short sword, emitted an eerie reflection under the setting sun. Although everyone knows what he is going to do, no one can stop him. Whoever that reaches such a stage, can only die, and must die!

    Princess Yao Yue said each word slowly, “Now that your time is up, what are you waiting for!”

    With a turn of his hand, Hua Wu Que stabbed the sword towards his chest! Suddenly, a hand reached out and snatched the sword from Hua Wu Que’s palm! It’s not an easy task to snatch a sword from Hua Wu Que’s grasp, but now Hua Wu Que is almost breaking down. He lifted his head, stared at this person for a long time before he asked, “Who are you? Why won’t you let me die!”

    End of Chapter 125

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    The Legendary Siblings Chapter 126 (Final Chapter)

    The person who took the sword turned out to be Wan Chun Liu. He sighed and said slowly, “If a person wants to die, no one will be able to stop him.”

    Princess Yao Yue exclaimed fiercely, “Since you know that, then why are you being a busybody here!”

    Wan Chun Liu totally ignored her, but continued staring at Hua Wu Que and said gently, “I am not stopping you, but just advising you to wait for a moment longer, maybe less than an hour. After an hour, if you still want to die, I guarantee that no one will come and stop you.”

    He looked at the sword in his hands and continued, “By that time, regardless of who wants to die, not only will I not stop him, but will hand this sword personally to their hands.”

    Princess Yao Yue laughed loudly, “An hour? Would a ghost appear in an hour’s time? Child, I’d advise you not to wait. Wait a moment longer, won’t you suffer a moment longer as well?”

    Mad Lion Tie Zhan suddenly bellowed, “So what if you have to suffer a moment longer? Don’t you even have a little courage for this?”

    Princess Yao Yue asked angrily, “Who are you? How dare to talk so much in front of me?”

    Tie Zhan replied furiously, “So what if I talk so much?”

    His voice became louder, and Princess Yao Yue’s face began to turn clear again, and she walked towards him and said, “Whoever talks too much, I’ll want him dead!”

    Xiao Nu Shi smiled coldly as well and stood next to Tie Zhan, “I don’t like much in my life, except for being talkative.”

    Mi Shi Ba sighed and said, “I have the same character as her!”

    Yu Zi Ya added, “Me too!”

    In an instant, all these highly skilled pugilists who have been living far away from the world were all standing in a line, quietly looking at Princess Yao Yue. Each pair of eyes were clear like water, bright like stars.

    Princess Yao Yue suddenly stopped walking. Looking at everyone’s eyes, she can only stop walking. After a moment, she smiled slightly and said, “Since I have waited twenty years, why should I be bothered about another moment longer?”

    Besides Wan Chun Liu, no one knows what will actually happen in this short hour. But Wan Chun Liu seems very confident, and sat cross legged next to Hua Wu Que, closed his eyes and rested. Yan Nan Tian was in a daze for a long moment, and slowly bent down and carried Xiao Yu’er’s body.

    But Wan Chun Liu suddenly exclaimed, “Put him down!”

    Yan Nan Tian was stunned, “Put him down? Why?”

    Wan Chun Liu replied, “You don’t have to ask now, anyway you will soon find out.”

    Yan Nan Tian was silent for a moment. He had just put Xiao Yu’er’s body back onto the ground, when he was suddenly stunned again, and held up Xiao Yu’er’s hand again. His face turned from green to pale, from pale to red, and he suddenly exclaimed loudly, “Xiao Yu’er is not dead, not dead…”

    Princess Yao Yue is stunned as well, but she immediately smiled icily and said, “I know he is dead, I checked it myself, what’s the use in you lying to me?”

    Yan Nan Tian laughed loudly, “Why would I lie to you? Even if he’s dead earlier, but now he has come back to life!”

    As soon as he spoke that sentence, there’s a commotion again. Although everyone hoped that Xiao Yu’er will come back to life, but not many actually believed Yan Nan Tian’s words.

    Princess Yao Yue can’t help but laugh loudly, and she pointed at Yan Nan Tian, “This person is mad, how can a dead person come back to life?”

    Yan Nan Tian looked heavenward and laughed, not bothering to argue with her at all. When the rest saw his expression, they can’t help but feel a sense of sadness and pity. The greatest hero of the times may really have gone crazy. How can the dead come back to life? But right at this time, someone suddenly said, “Who says that the dead cannot be revived? Haven’t I come back to life now?”

    In that instant, no one knows if those words were really said by Xiao Yu’er, but Xiao Yu’er’s ‘corpse’ suddenly sat up from the ground! The dead is really brought back to life!

    Everyone almost couldn’t believe their eyes, and after being stunned for a moment, they can’t help but scream in joy, and some of them finally understood what happened! It turned out that Xiao Yu’er was pretending to be dead earlier!

    But Princess Yao Yue knows that he was really dead earlier. Because she has checked his pulse and knows that his breathing has stopped, his veins broken, even his heart stopped beating. How could he have come back to life? Could he really be a ghost?

    Princess Yao Yue stared at xiao Yu’er, stepping backwards, her face filled with horror.

    Xiao Yu’er looked at her and grinned, “What are you afraid of? You weren’t afraid when I was alive, but you’re afraid now after my death?”

    Princess Yao Yue stammered, “You… what tricks are you up to?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “If you can guess the tricks that Xiao Yu’er is up to, then you’ll be the smartest person in the world.” He turned towards Wan Chun Liu and asked, “She revealed everything?”

    Wan Chun Liu pulled Hua Wu Que up and said with a smile, “She said everything. Actually this secret can be explained with just a sentence! You’re actually blood brothers, and you’re twin brothers!”

    Xiao Yu’er shouted happily, jumped up and hugged Hua Wu Que and said with a laugh, “I’ve long known that we can’t be born enemies, we should be born friends, be brothers.”

    Although he was laughing, he was unconsciously crying as well.

    Hua Wu Que was weeping as well, and can’t even talk. Yan Nan Tian extended his huge arms and hugged the two brothers tightly, and while looking up to heaven, said, “Second Brother, Second Brother, you… you…” His voice chocked, and could only cry as well.

    But these are tears of sadness and happiness. Everyone looked at the three of them, and for a moment can’t tell if they’re feeling sadness or happiness, and their tears came rushing out unconsciously as well.

    Murong Shuang can’t help but leaned into Nangong Liu’s arms, a mixture of happiness and sadness in her heart, but also filled with sweetness and gentleness. She looked at her sisters, and they’re all in pairs, leaning into each other.

    Xiao Nu Shi wiped her eyes and suddenly said, “No matter what you decide, but I’m not going back, This world is still an adorable place after all.”

    Princess Yao Yue stood there woodenly, no one could be bothered with her, no one took a look at her. It seems that she has been abandoned by this world.

    But Wan Chun Liu walked slowly towards her and said calmly, “Water can support the boat, but can also capsize it. Poison can be used to harm others, but can also be used to save others. There’s a lot of ways to use things, but how you use it depends on the heart.”

    He smiled slightly and continued, “If a few poisonous herbs were mixed together, it can become a very powerful anesthetic, and can cause numbness in the whole body in an instant, stop the breathing, almost like the dead. If this anesthetic is used to harm others, naturally the person can do anything he wants when the other party is drugged. But when I was making this concoction, my intention is to save others, because not only can it be used to relieve pain, but it can trick others as well.”

    Once he said these, the muscles on Princess Yao Yue’s face started twitching. But Wan Chun Liu continued talking, “Before Xiao Yu’er started the fight, he’d already asked me for the anesthetic. He’s been with me since he was young, and is very familiar with the use of these herbs, so he thought of using them to fake death. He knows that once he’s dead, you will surely reveal all the secrets.”

    He smiled again, “This child is really smart, the tricks he think of are all unimaginable and unfathomable. It’s no wonder that even you were tricked by him.”

    He handed the ‘Fine Blood Zhao Dan Qing’ to Princess Yao Yue personally and said calmly, “Since Hua Wu Que has no use of this sword now, I can only return it to you. You may have a use for it, right?”

    He turned around with a smile, not even turning his head back for another look. If Princess Yao Yue were to wave her arms how, she can make him die immediately under this sword!

    But Wan Chun Liu knows what Princess Yao Yue is feeling now, she will never kill another person now. Maybe the only person she will kill now is herself! ‘Fine Blood Zhao Dan Qing’ is really an unlucky evil sword!

    Su Ying has been here for a long time. When she came, it was right at the time that Xiao Yu’er was ‘resurrected’. But only now did she dry her tears and walk over.

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly noticed her and was surprised and happy, “You’re here as well, I knew you’d surely come back.”

    Su Ying’s expression was cold and said, “I came back because I have promised someone to come here and settle a matter.”

    Xiao Yu’er asked, “Who have you promised? What are you here for?”

    Su Ying replied, “I promised Tie Xin Lan, to come here…” Before she could finish her words, Tie Zhan and Hua Wu Que have both exclaimed hoarsely, “Where is she?”

    Su Ying looked at Hua Wu Que and said, “She only wants to let you know that although she wanted you to die for her, but she was prepared to die with you long ago. She wanted me to bury the two of you together.”

    Hua Wu Que wept, “I… I know that she will never let me down, I’ve known long ago. She… where is she now?”

    Su Ying replied, “She has taken poison long ago, and prepared to die…”

    Tie Zhan roared madly and strangling Hua Wu Que’s throat, roared, “It’s you who have caused her death, I want your life in return!”

    Hua Wu Que is already stunned. He did not struggle nor fight back, but just mumbled, “That’s right, I’ve caused her death… I’ve caused her death…”

    Everyone was just feeling happy for the brothers, but on seeing Hua Wu Que now, can’t help but felt a heaviness in their hearts again. They felt that Heaven is really unfair, why is he always so cruel towards lovers. But who would have expected Xiao Yu’er to suddenly laugh loudly.

    Tie Zhan roared angrily, “You beast! What are you laughing about?”

    Xiao Yu’er said with a laugh, “Never mind that Tie Xin Lan only took a little poison, even if she consumed all the poison in the world, Miss Su would have a way to save her. Miss Su, am I right?”

    Su Ying stared at him angrily, but she still nodded her head. She beamed at Hua Wu Que, “Actually I wanted to make you anxious, but on seeing you like this, I can’t bear to… You’d better hurry, she’s under the tree on that side, I’m afraid she’s about to wake up now.”

    Hua Wu Que exclaimed happily, “Thank you…” He can’t even wait to finish saying his thank you, and has already flown away.

    Tie Zhan wanted to go along with him, but Xiao Nu Shi held him back and laughed, “That place is very cramped, if you go over it’ll be too crowded.”

    Tie Zhan was stunned for a moment, but finally he understood and laughed loudly, “That’s right, that’s right, very cramped, really very cramped…”

    Xiao Yu’er grinned and was about to pull Su Ying’s hand but once Su Ying saw him, her expression turned somber. She turned around and walked away.

    At this time Princess Yao Yue suddenly laughed manically, and as she laughed madly she carried her sister’s body, and as she laughed madly she dashed out, and in an instant was lost amongst the fog.

    But by now Xiao Yu’er can’t be bothered with anyone else. He walked towards Su Ying with huge steps and smiled, “Are you still angry with me?”

    Su Ying did not turn around at all, totally ignoring him.

    Xiao Yu’er said, Even if I have wronged you, there’s no need for you to be so angry.” Su Ying still ignored him.

    Xiao Yu’er added, “I’ve already apologized to you, aren’t you appeased yet?” It seems that Su Ying did not hear what he has said at all.

    Xiao Yu’er sighed and mumbled, “And I was thinking of asking her to marry me. Since she is so angry, I might as well not say it and spare myself the rejection.”

    Su Ying suddenly turned around and asked, “You… what did you say?”

    Xiao Yu’er blinked, opened his arms wide and said, “What did I say? I didn’t say anything.”

    Su Ying suddenly rushed forward, hugged his neck, bit his ears, hit his shoulders, stamped her feet and said with a coquettish smile, “You said it, I heard you say it, wou wanted me to marry you, are you trying to deny it.”

    Xiao Yu’er felt the pain from the bite on his ear, but now he is filled with happiness, so what about a little pain? He carried Su Ying up and walked away with huge steps.

    Su Ying exclaimed, “You… what are you trying to do?”

    Xiao Yu’er whispered, “This place is too crowded, I’m going to find a quiet place to settle scores with you!”

    Su Ying blushed, “You… the words you said earlier, will you deny them?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “How can a man deny words that he has said?”

    Su Ying guffawed, hooked her arms around his neck tightly and whispered in his ear, “That’s right, this place is really too crowded. Take me away quickly, from now on, no matter where you go, I will follow.”

    Murong Shuang leaned against Nangong Liu’s arms, her face blushing as well, and laughed, “Don’t you feel that this place is too crowded?”

    Nangong Liu looked at her gently and whispered, “You want to go home as well?”

    Murong Shuang lowered her head and smiled quietly, “Why go home, as long as it’s a place where there’s no one…”

    Suddenly they heard Murong Shan Shan say with a coquettish smile, “All right, you’re already an old couple, and you’re still sending out goose pimples here, aren’t you ashamed at all?”

    Murong Shuang blushed, stamped her feet and cried, “Irritating lass, who told you to eavesdrop on us?”

    Murong Shan Shan laughed, “I don’t care how anxious you are, I will not let you go back today. Everyone has to stay here and wait for Hero Yan to have a drink with us.”

    Murong Shuang asked, “But where can we find wine at this place?”

    Murong Shan Shan chided with a laugh, “I think you’re really getting dizzy, didn’t you see Xuanyuan San Guang dragging Hero Tie off to buy wine earlier!”

    Hero Yan laughed loudly, “That’s right, everyone must stay here for a drink, just take it as the wedding feast for Jiang Xiao Yu and Jiang Wu Que!”

    He emphasized on the three words ‘Jiang Wu Que’, as if telling everyone specifically that from now on ‘Hua Wu Que’ will become ‘Jiang Wu Que’!

    Xiao Nu Shi was sitting there in a daze, and now she sadly sighed, “Seeing these young people, I really feel a sense of regret.”

    Mi Shi Ba asked, “What are you regretting about?”

    Xiao Nu Shi replied, “Regretting why I couldn’t make up my mind in the past, neither marrying this one or that one, or else I won’t be so lonely like this now.”

    Mi Shi Ba replied, “But it’s not too late for you to decide now.”

    Xiao Nu Shi sighed, “Now? Who would want an old woman like me now?”

    Mi Shi Ba pointed at his own nose and laughed, “Don’t you forget, I’m all alone and single now as well.”

    Xiao Nu Shi’s face suddenly blushed a fiery red, as if she’s now a few decades younger, and with a ‘pak’, lightly slapped Mi Shi Ba and chided with a laugh, “Look at you, your teeth’s almost gone and yet you dare to have designs on me?”

    Mi Shi Ba grinned and said, “This is what I call, old matching the old, young matching the young, turtle matching the tortoise, flea matching the worm…”

    Xiao Nu Shi was about to give him another slap, but luckily Tie Zhan and Xuanyuan San Guang happened to come back and Mi Shi Ba hurriedly rushed up and said, “Where’s the wine you bought?”

    Xuanyuan San Guang replied sadly, “Old Ma Ge, I’ve lost all my money long ago, and I didn’t expect this old crazy would be like me, a penniless man without a single cent in his pocket.”

    A joyous occasion with no wine is like a dish without salt. Everyone felt a little disappointed, and suddenly they saw a group of dark chattering things climbing up the mountains. On closer look, it’s actually a group of monkeys. There are big and small monkeys, and making so much noise. But they were carrying something in their hands, and it’s actually tins and bottles, broken bowls and teapots.

    Everyone felt perplexed and hilarious, clueless as to how these monkeys arrived, when their noses caught a whiff of the strong fragrance of alcohol.

    Mi Shi Ba rushed up to take a look and these tins and bottles were filled with fine wine. He can’t help but laugh loudly, “The humans didn’t manage to buy wine back, but the monkeys sent us wine instead. It seems like monkeys are better than us humans.”

    Xuanyuan San Guang sighed and mumbled with a bitter smile, “Monkeys are really smarter than humans sometimes, at least they don’t gamble…”

    At this time Xiao Yu’er was chuckling in a cave far away, “I bet, that even after ten thousand years, they will never be able to figure out where the wine came from and what wine is it.”

    Su Ying curled up in Xiao Yu’er’s arms like a cat, her eyes in a slit, as if she’s too lazy even to speak, and just asked languidly, “What wine is that?”

    Xiao Yu’er replied, “That’s called Monkey’s wine, fermented by the monkeys themselves.”

    Su Ying asked, “Monkeys know how to ferment wine?”

    Xiao Yu’er laughed, “The wine made by monkeys, can sometimes be much better than those made by humans. Regardless of how good a drinker that person is, if he drinks too much of monkey’s wine, he will be drunk for at least three days.”

    Su Ying asked, “But how did you manage to get those monkeys to send the wine over? I don’t understand this.”

    Xiao Yu’er blinked and laughed, “Of course you will never fully understand the miraculous plans of Jiang Xiao Yu. If you’re as smart as me, I won’t marry you,”

    Su Ying can’t help but bite him and laughed, “Xiao Yu’er oh Xiao Yu’er, you’re really a bad thing.”

    Xiao Yu’er suddenly said with a straight face, “I’m already your husband, and very soon the father of your son, how can you still address me as ‘Xiao Yu’er’?

    Su Ying laughed, “Xiao Yu’er oh Xiao Yu’er, even when you’re eighty years old and become a father, I’ll still call you Xiao Yu’er, because the three words ‘Xiao Yu’er’ is really too famous.”

    End of The Legendary Siblings

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    Congrats Jean and all other previous translator for the job well done - WooHoo, you guys rockss!

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    omg! i've been waiting for this one to be completed before reading it!!! omg...thank you!!! xxxoooxoxoxox

    will start right away.

    haha...the next big thing is for someone to make an audiobook from these translations. any volunteer?
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    Many thanks to Athena, Wubbles, Bubeng and Jean for their dedication. This is one long yet interesting novel

    Thanks also to Mojo Mojo for grouping all these chapters in an easy to read thread.

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    Default thanks a ton

    loved the translations
    having talented ppl translating makes a huge difference

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    Thank you so much >//< the first wuxia series I ever finished xD

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