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Thread: Spoilers tag?

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    Default Spoilers tag?

    I'm just wondering if its poosible to add spoiler tag functions to this forum.
    It will make things alot easier foe everyone, mainly becaue its really easy to "mis-read" a post where it contains spoilers as such. If this is possible, I hope SC could add this function in, but this is just my 2 cents

    Is this possible?
    A dream that really comes true, cannot truly be called a dream.

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    what's wrong with

    i dont like spoiler tags, pain to highlight stuff everytime i want to read it.

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    I am all for spoiler tags too, I hate it when I accidentally read what happen in the drma serial/anime/manga/moive when I have not watch it yet. I think it will be really helpful to add in the spoiler tag function.

    Well... let me tell you what is wrong with....

    There's always a chance that I might read it even if I scroll really really carefully, spoiler tag ensures that I will not read anything that I don't want to.

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