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Thread: Most memorable characters in Korean cinema

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    Default Most memorable characters in Korean cinema

    In your humble opinion, who are the most memorable characters from Korean cinema and why?

    My list :

    Han Suk Kyu and Lee Eun Joo in The Scarlet Letter (the trunk scene blew me away)
    Jeon Ji Hyeon in My Sassy Girl (hit me, hit me)
    Lee Eun Joo in Tae Guk Gi (great performance)
    Jan Dong Gun in Friend (super cool mafia dude)
    Yu Oh Seung in Friend (awesome head of mafia)

    Choi Min Sik in Oldboy and Failan (Cool, awesome)
    Son Ye Jin in The Classic (Very sweet, memorable, and a classic)
    Song Gang Ho in Symphathy for Mr Vengeance (Menacing and violence)
    Yang Dong Geun in Fighter's in the Wind (Who can play Mas Oyama better ?)
    Im Su Jeong in The Tale of Two Sisters (Great acting as the terrifying daughter)
    Shim Eun Ha in Tell Me Something (Super Pyscho girl, what more could you ask ?)
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    Mines would probably be:

    Song Hye Gyo-from Full House
    Song Seung Heon-from Autumn's story (a.k.a. Autumn's tale)
    Bi/Rain-from Full house
    Kangta-from Loveholic
    Wonbin-from Autumn's story

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    I'd pick Kim Rae Won in Gangnam 1970's. Most would pick Lee Min Ho, but KRW seems to be underrated.

    Have you seen My PS Partner? Ji Sung is good there too.

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