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Thread: Classic TVB series you'd like to see remade or followed up.

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    Default Classic TVB series you'd like to see remade or followed up.

    In 1996, TVB remade their 1980 classic THE BUND as an updated version called ONCE UPON A TIME IN SHANGHAI. Aside from remakes of Jin Yong/Gu Long wuxia novels adaptations, it's extremely rare for TVB to remake or do follow ups to their older series (they'll do sequels for recent popular series, but I've never known them to make sequels to old classics from the 70s or 80s). So far OUATIS is the only example of this.

    If you could remake or make a sequel to an old 70s or 80s TVB classic series, which one would it be? How would you do it? Would you do it with new actors, or try to bring back the original actors (in some cases, such as with Chow Yun Fat, who is now an international film star...or actors who have since passed away, it might be impossible).

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    I'd remake my favorite series of all time, Mystery of The Twin Swords. I would cast new actors to play the main characters since the old cast is now old by now. However, I would try and bring back Dicky or Roger to play an older character. Plus, I wouldn't try to use too much special effects(this seems to be a problem in series these days). But then, the original will always be superior.

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    For drama I want TVB produce a remake of 1990's blockbuster Blood of Good and Evil (Deric Wan, Maggie Siu, Kenneth Tsang, Kitty Lai, Nathan Chan, etc.)
    The obstacle is who's actor/actress will portray Chai Hou Nam, Shek Yee Ming, Chai Kiu Jiung perfectly as the original was? Too bad don't see any recent actors/actresses have capability, charm, and star power to make it big!
    The other problem is before 1997 HKG was still under British colony, and after 1997 it turned to HKG SAR, CHN so it's hard to change overall storyline

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    zu mountain saga for sure.... they should choose cute actor to replace ekin in the past....

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    I want TVB to remake 'Five Easy Pieces' (輪流傳) and this time finish the series.
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