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Thread: Heroes using double weapons

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    Default Heroes using double weapons

    Are there any heroes in Jin Yong's stories that used two weapons at the same time and were actually powerful?

    I mean Even though Ling Hu Chong was awesome with the sword, imagine how much higher his attack power would be if he had two....

    Just seems like the martial artists did not need shields but why not two weapons? Most of them were pure hand to hand fighters but we all know in reality, hand to hand would get OWNED by weapons. If not Imperial Soldiers and warriors did not need to use armour, shields or weapons.

    Because I'm thinking, if there is a very skilled archer, how the hell can you dodge or block the arrows without having some sort of protection. Doesn't make sense to me. If I controlled an army, even the sweeper monk can be defeated. I'd just aim all my archers at him. So it made no sense how Xiao Feng can take down an army.
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    It is sometimes stated in JY novels that using two separated techniques on two hands will give the fighter a big advantage in terms of techniques, but will decrease his power. That's understandable, since his power has to be divided into two. Guo Jing when fighting Great-level fighters rarely used the Left-Right Technique. When he tried it against OYF in LOCH, at first, Ou Yang was confused and taken by surprise, but after a few moves, he simply increased his power and concentrated his attacks on one of GJ's arms and broke the L-R Technique.

    LHC with DG9J already had a tremendous advantage in terms of techniques. Using another sword wouldn't improve it much, but would decrease the power of his strikes. It wouldn't do him any good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealMan
    Most of them were pure hand to hand fighters but we all know in reality, hand to hand would get OWNED by weapons. If not Imperial Soldiers and warriors did not need to use armour, shields or weapons.
    Thats in the real world. In the wuxia world, one can shoot chi and project energy, so a high level fighter can blast the swordsman before the blade touches him.

    You can project chi from the sword I suppose, but then why use the sword.

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    In Real Life(tm) twin weapons can yield a more continuous attack but definitely less power. A high powered chop will still need to be blocked using both your weapons.

    Techniques involving two swords are rather complicated too; if you were in a hard fight to the death, you'd probably wouldn't have as much time trying coordinate your attacks leading to a drop in the efficiency of your weapons.

    In any case, there were characters that used shields and double weapons. They're just not the main characters. For example, LHC fought some female fighter who used two knives, one defensive, the other offensive.

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    GSZ used 2 weapons. Didn't XLN use two swords after she learnt LR technique?
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    XLN had a tremedous boost from learning the L/R technique, she took on all the mongolian mercenaries who were first class fighters and the QuanZhen Masters and still held her own. She's probaly he only notable twin weapon user i can think of.
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    using two weapon enhances your speed and technique, your power is the same. using one hand with all your power or two hands with half power each is the same amount of force, but it's harder for your opponent to avoid the attack. depending on the suituation, two weapons may be more effective then one if you are focusing ontechnique then power.
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    GLFW kinda used 'two' weapons. Well five, but often two wheels in tandem.

    At high level, a fighters arms and fingers are like a heavy blade and a sharp sword.

    The lower the level, the more important the weapon becomes.

    Arrows they can dodge/catch/deflect.

    Can't understand/imagine how fighters can deflect so many arrows though. Maybe kinda like in the movie 'Heroes'.

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    Miyamoto Musashi main sword technique using 2 katana and he is one of the greatest sword fighter in Japan, and yes he is NOT a fictional character.

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