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Thread: Your First Series

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    wow this is a toughy... first evers?..hmm BUT yes..this is good for exercising my memory skills!

    TVB- Vampire expert

    China- the first EVER Journey to the West

    Korean- Endless Love

    japan- Orange Days

    taiwan- the original love in the rain?

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    taiwan - erm... one with Liu Xue Hua with her movie daughter Bo Ting Ting
    (i guess it's from Qiong Yao)

    china - ohh...can't remember

    tvb - the legend of Luk Siu Fung (version 1986) still love the main song

    korea - endless love

    japan - god, please give me more time (with Takeshi Kaneshiro)

    singapore - don't watch it

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    Bo ting ting.. sounds like A walk in the old courtyard.. or something like that

    but anyways, for me.. it is hard to say. I think i was watching series in my mom's belly.. i don't know which i was
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    korean: full house

    taiwanese: silence

    haven't watched any japanese series yet

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    Hong Kong - can't remember, i've watched too much of them and now i got all of them confused together.

    taiwanese - HZGG

    Korean - Model (i least that's what i can remember)

    Japanese - i've just finished watching Hana Yori Dango recently.

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    TVB -- "Golden Faith"...I remember the first two TVB series I watched both had Jessica Hsuan. My second was "Life Made Simple."

    Wait scratch that - my first TVB was actually their version of "Duke of Mount Deer."

    Taiwan -- "Huan Zhu Ge Ge," of course

    Mainland -- can't recall...seen too many. I think it was most likely one of those ancient series that my parents used to watch though. I do remember my first Mainland wuxia adaptation was "Tian Long Ba Bu."

    Korean -- "Endless Love"...I think I've only seen two Kdramas total -- Endless Love and Da Chang Jin.

    Japanese -- Hana Yori one and only.

    Think I got all of them. Never seen any Singaporean or ATV.
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    Okay, I'm gonna try to dig out my memory.

    My first TVB serie was The Legend of Wonder Lady (Yeung Pan Pan) followed by LOCH '83.

    From ATV --> has got to be Reincarnated.

    Taiwanese --> don't laugh...but it was Meteor Garden, was curious what the hype was all about regarding that serie. Later on followed by Legendary Siblings and the list goes on.

    Korean --> Glass Shoes.

    American serie --> Who's the Boss, definitely.

    Japanese --> GTO, I had a good laugh with this.
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    Taiwanese: Meteor Garden
    Japanese: Pride
    Korean: Lovers in Paris

    haven't seen any tvb series...

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    it was way way back wen i was 4, the series SMILING PROUD WANDERER...

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    Japanese - Probably Oshin, though I had a very good impression of Volleyball Girls (排球女将) - not sure which was shown earlier; hiatus for about 10 years then 101 Proposals.

    ATV - 胜者为王 is the earliest I can remember. Jackie Lui from this was my first celebrity crush.

    TVB - Too many to remember - probably HSDS with Tony Leung.

    China - Either Journey to the West or Dream of Red Mansion.

    Korean - Hotelier.

    Taiwan - Six Dreams - Wanjun. This has fuelled my distaste for Taiwanese series ever since; the only one I could stand was Mute Wife (哑妻)

    Singapore - can't remember - could've been 雾锁南洋 or whichever series I could understand in the early 80s.

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    Wow, I like this thread a lot. Nice to go back into my memory bank and answer it.

    tvb series ~ New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 84. My mom told me I have been watching with her since I was 3 years old or so. But my memory only recalls 1984 and after. So this is my first series that my mind remembers of me watching.

    China series ~ Journey to the West 1986

    Korean series ~ Winter Sonata. Did not watch the whole thing. Have never start to watch a Korean drama. I only watch with my mom during times she watches while I do my computer stuff in the background.

    Taiwan series ~ Probably a Liu Xue Hua series. Romance in the Rain. If not, Empress Wu starring Vivian Fan.

    ATV Series ~ On the Waterfront starring Kenneth Tsang and some girl. Also has Michelle Mai Suet in it.

    Japanese series ~ Not yet.

    Singapore series ~ Viet title was "Anh Hung Le Buoc". A bunch of soldiers going into the chinese army (time period was after the Qing dynasty was overthrown).

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    Mine was THE FATAL IRONY, a TVB series that dates to *1974*. I think I saw it in 1977 or 1978.

    There was an earlier (non-TVB) production of JUSTICE PAO (maybe made in Taiwan) that was shown on Chinese television (such as it was) in Southern California around 1976 or 1977 as well. Chinese-language television programming was limited to an hour per week on public TV in those days.

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    Actually, my first series was Jin Fen Shi Jia.
    China-Jin Fen Shi Jia
    Korea-Dae Jang Geum
    TVB-LOCH 83
    Haven't watched series from Japan, ATV, or Singapore yet.
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    haha - been watching since "forever" but these are the list of which came into my mind after much consideration. most probably incorrect tho.

    TVB - ROCH 95
    Korean - Winter Sonata
    Japan - should be one of the Takuya Kimura old dramas, dun remember which
    Taiwan - Meteor Garden
    Singapore - can't remember coz i've been watchin since a baby, compare to
    dramas from other countries which i watch after i grew older
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    Quote Originally Posted by 999roses
    I'm putting a twist onto the original topic, how about the first series you saw these popular actors/actresses in? You can always add more people, but I'm just going to name some random people...and also comment on their improvement or lack of improvements if you want =) Yeah I knwo this is a veryvery long exercise, but I'm trying to procastinate from doing homework lol.
    God this is harder than I thought... my memory is truly failing me. And I deleted some of those I totally forgot about.

    Adam Cheng - The Greed of Man (definitely one of the TVB classics)
    Andy Lau - Return of the Condor Heroes '83 (even though I was born after that!)
    Benny Chan - Demi Gods Semi Devils
    Bobby Au-Yeung - Files of Justice
    Chilam Cheung - ... no clue...Cold Blood Warm Heart?
    Dicky Cheung - Journey to the West
    Edison Chen - Nine Girls and a Ghost (movie), Final Romance (movie)
    Felix Wong - At the Threshold of an Era
    Gallen Lo - Cold Blood Warm Heart
    Louis Koo - War and Remembrance (a.k.a before The Great Tan)
    Moses Chan - The Family Man
    Nicholas Tse - Aiming High (his only series I think)
    Nick Cheung - Cold Blood Warm Heart
    Raymond Lam - A Taste of Love / A Step into the Past
    Roger Kwok - At the Threshold of an Era
    Stephen Chow - I was a huge fan of his movies!
    Wong He - Burning Flame I


    Annie Man - The Legendary Four Aces
    Bernice Liu - Virtues of Harmony
    Bondy Chiu - On the Track or Off
    Carman Lee - Return of the Condor Heroes '95
    Cecilia Cheung - King of Comedy (movie)
    Charmaine Sheh - DIF IV (wanted to kill her in that series)
    Esther Kwan - Recipe for the Heart
    Flora Chan - Files of Justice
    Gigi Lai - ... no clue. Probably Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre 2000
    Jade Leung - Burning Flame I
    Joey Yung - The Green Hope
    Joyce Tang - Kindred Spirit
    Kelly Chen - Lover's Concerto (movie) ... or that movie w/ Aaron Kwok
    Kenix Kwok - no clue...
    Kingdom Yuen - Kindred Spirit
    Louisa So - Kindred Spirit
    Maggie Siu - At the Threshold of an Era
    Margaret Chung - DIF II-III
    Marianne Chan - Mulan
    Michelle Ye - Good question... Golden Faith?
    Nicola Cheung - Aiming High
    Ruby Lin - HZGG
    Sammi Cheng - Man's Best Friend
    Sonija Kwok - A Step into the Past
    Vicki Zhao - HZGG
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    China: can't remember
    Taiwan: HZGG
    Korean: Glass Shoes

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    Quote Originally Posted by 999roses
    How about the first series you saw these popular actors/actresses in? I'm just going to name some random people.
    Very good exercise.

    Adam Cheng ~ Instinct
    Andy Lau ~ Return of the Condor Heroes 1983
    Benny Chan ~ Demi Gods and Semi Devils 1996
    Bobby Au-Yeung ~ New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung
    Chilam Cheung ~ White Haired Maiden (with Shui Ling)
    Chin Ka Lok~ Journey to the West 1996 (Benny's part two)
    Dicky Cheung~ Mystery of the Twin Swords II
    Felix Wong~ Legend of the Condor Heroes 1982
    Frankie Lam~ Holy Dragon Saga
    Gallen Lo~ Rage and Passion
    Joe Ma~ At the Threshold of an Era (as far as I remember)
    Jordan Chan ~ Duke of Mount Deer 98
    Kwong Wa~ Crimson Sabre
    Louis Koo~ Against the Blade of Honor
    Marco Ngai~ Lonely Swordsman
    Michael Tong~ Family Man
    Moses Chan~ Family Man
    Nicholas Tse~ Handsome Siblings
    Nick Cheung~ Legendary 4 Aces
    Nicky Wu~ At the Threshold of an Era
    Richie Ren~ seen parts of State of Divinity 2000 on TV
    Roger Kwok~ Mystery of the Twin Swords II
    Stephen Chow~ Final Combat
    Sunny Chan~ the one police series with Felix Wong, Gigi Lai, Gallen Lo

    Annie Man~ Legendary 4 Aces
    Athena Chu~ Edge of Righteousness
    Bernice Liu~ Virtues of Harmony
    Bondy Chiu~ Demi Gods and Semi Devils 1996
    Carman Lee~ Demi Gods and Semi Devils 1996
    Charmaine Sheh~ Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1999
    Dodo Cheng~ New Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre 1986
    Esther Kwan~ Legendary 4 Aces
    Flora Chan~ At the Threshold of an Era
    Gigi Lai~ Wong Fei Hung Returns
    Joyce Tang~ Prince's Shadow (can't remember)
    Kathy Chow~ Breaking Point
    Kenix Kwok~ At the Threshold of an Era
    Kingdom Yuen ~ Old Time Buddy: To Catch a Thief
    Kristy Yeung~ Quest for the Sutra
    Maggie Siu~ New Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre 1986
    Marianne Chan~ Journey to the West 1996 (Dicky's version)
    Melissa Ng~ Crimson Sabre
    Michelle Ye~ Reaching Out
    Nicola Cheung~ Dragon Love
    Nnadia Chan~ Zu Mountain Saga
    Noel Leung Siu Bing~ Revelation of the Last Hero
    Rain Lau~ Mystery of the Twin Swords II
    Ruby Lin~ Huan Zhu Ge Ge
    Sonija Kwok ~ Family Man
    Vicki Zhao~ Huan Zhu Ge Ge
    Vivian Chen~ "Tam Do Mai" in Viet. The "Three Plum Flower" or something?

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    Talking my 1st series

    Hohoho...this brings back fond memories....brilliant thread

    TVB- i've watched lots n lots of tvb series n i cud say i love them all. salute tvb..

    mainland - Qing Qing he bian cao (I absolutely LOVE this, it's the earliest i cud remember. i think i've watched more b4)

    japanese- Beautiful Life (takuya kimura n takako tokiwa) or maybe GTO (takeshi sorimachi) [or maybe 1 series...abt a woman, can't remember it. the theme song goes 'akantare...akantare..' if im not mistaken. watched it everyday after school with the maid n my mom]

    korean - hotelier (the first series i finished watching, winter sonata n autumn in my heart i only watch bits n pieces)

    Taiwanese- hard for me to say coz i cant differentiate btwn taiwanese n mainland series

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    Chinese series- yong bu ming mu (starring lu yi) by hai yan
    Taiwanese series- Legend of Condor heroes starring Idy chan (does anyone still remember this?)
    TVB- ROCH95
    ATV- ? don't know if i've seen any
    JApanese- God please give me some more time (is this the title?) starring takeshi kaneshiro
    Korean- Endless Love (Autumn Story)

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    wow i hope i can remember.

    tvb- mystery of twin swords (roger&dicky)
    atv- the snow is red
    taiwanese- the body guards jade dolls (the one with tiffany lau & others)
    japanese- none (sad)
    korean- i forgot the name
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