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Thread: Your First Series

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    TVB - Legend of Condor Heroes (the original)
    ATV - My Date With A Vampire (Is that from ATV?)
    Taiwanese - Ting Yuan Shen Shen (the Qiong Yao series)
    Japanese - I forgot the name but I remember something about flight attendants where once had wooden hands. (I don't actually remember if it was Japanese or not)
    Korean - I never finished one whole Korean series. But the most remembered one is Stairway to Heaven.
    English - The Simpsons
    Chinese - Romance of the Three Kingdom
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    Cool The Smiling Proud Wander Fanatic

    It's been very very long time ago, maybe early part of '90 when I first saw the series of The Smiling Proud Wanderer featuring Chow Yun-Fat and Jamie Chic (which to me, she so very admirable!) here in the Philippines, it was translated to English for us to understand the story. The story was very moving and touching, the characters were will done by the actors/actresses. And I like the theme song, eventhough I don't understand it, because it was in Chinese dialect, but the melody was interesting. To date, I still looking for English Version of The Smiling Proud Wanderer 1984 series for my collection.

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    Wow, it`s been quite a while now. I`m surprised I can still remember.

    My first series was Justice Bao. I don`t remember which version or who was in it.

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