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Thread: Your First Series

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    Default Your First Series

    I was just thinking about this the other day and thought it would be interesting as a topic. What was your first series (if you can still remember) of each?

    I'll start:

    tvb series ~ Down Memory Lane when I was in about Grade 5 and then I started getting hooked on them even though I don't understand Cantonese lol

    China series ~ this is very hard since I've been watching them forever since I was 2-3, but if I just count outta the ones I've seen in Canada, probably Xing Xing Zhi Wo Xin (this REALLY old series that probably most people don't know).

    Korean series ~ All About Eve just about 2 years ago and then I started getting into them lol

    Taiwan series ~ hmmm, also hard since I've been watching them too since forever, but probably "Mei Hua San Nong" w/ Steve Ma Jing Tao and Vivian something (forgot her last name)

    ATV Series ~ A dream Called Desire, I was still confused about the difference b/w atv and tvb, but oh well

    Japanese series ~ none yet, since I never make the effort to actually rent/buy series they don't show on TV lol

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    I don't see yet any tvb/atv serie!!! So...

    As for My first
    Korean serie was "Endless Love" no Doubt!!!
    Chinese serie was "Romance in the rain"
    taiwanese serie was "Love of the Aegean sea"

    As for japanese I don't see any serie yet!
    don't know what i want to do now...

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    i don't remember.

    something like yesterday's glitter, xom vang, chor lau heung, hsds

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    I don't remember either, I have been watching tv since I was (?) a baby Is it even possible to remember?

    I think I can name the first Korean and Japanese drama I watched though, their popularity didn't quite kick off until I was much older than a

    The first korean drama I watched would be Tomato, the one with Kim Hee Sun and some guy.

    The first korean drama would be 101 proposals, anybody remember the song by Chage & Aska - Say Yes. I can't remember much about the series, but the song, man, the song is good.

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    TVB serial:
    I may be mistaken but I do believe The Blood of Good and Evil (starring Deric Wan and Maggie Siu) was the first. However, the one that truely got me hooked on TVB serials was Cold Blood Warm Heart.

    Korean serial:
    Without doubt, the one serial that swept away all the biasness I had against Korean dramas, especially after I cringed at the highly popular Endless Love - Winter Sonata!!

    Japanese serial:
    It was a serial called Angry Innocence which I had the good fortune of catching it undubbed with English subtitles (it was a time when dual-sounds were not available). I still dunno the names of the cast, however... It was all about a young girl in an adopted family and how she struggled with growing up... There was a sequel to this one too but I didn't like it as much.

    Taiwanese serial:
    Xue Ke, starring Qiong Yao regular Liu Xuehua and the very adorable Jin Ming (she played Xiao Yu Dian, or Little Raindrop, who was later revealed to be Xue Ke's daughter).

    China serial:
    The classic Journey to the West!!

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    TVB = LOCH 83

    ATV = Reincarnated

    Korean = Glass Shoes

    Taiwanese = no clue what the chinese name is but in Vietnamese its "som van"

    China = No idea, I still get them confused with Taiwanese series since it seems like the Chinese actors play in Taiwanese series also.

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    my first TVB series: not sure what it was but the very first one that made an impact was one on bribery - ICAC - with aaron kwok and athena chu.

    ATV - snow is red?? or date with vampire, depending on which came first.

    Korean - have forgotten the show name but it was starring Kim Hee Sun as a ger hu was money-minded but ended up falling in love with a poor guy (sounds like My Fair Lady) but in the end she was done with cancer. This series plus Autumn in my Heart which i watched later gave me the misconception that korean stories were all tearjerkers and all out to kill people..haha

    Japanese - probably Love 2000 cos i thot that takashi kaneshiro was so hott..haha

    China - Princess Xin Yue - used to cry and cry like mad over this series, my first Qiong Yau series too

    Taiwanese - dun seem to have any in particular since i wasnt exposed to taiwan series at all since young but perhaps the first i can remember is MVP Valentine?
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    It seems we all were watching some of Qiong yao series more than others at the time.

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    i do not remember since i was a lil kid my parents would watch series all the time nd i would jus watch wit them soo... i hab no clue

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    I don't remember my first Chinese series because I was too young.

    My first Korean series was Hotelier. My first and only Japanese series (so far) was Hyakunen no Monogatari (The Story of One Century).

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    I don't think I can remember any of my firsts. But I do know that I've been watching since 5 years old and still going.

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    TVB: Chor Lau Heung (Adam Cheng) or LOCH 83.

    Taiwanese: Can't remember, I'v seen too many to count.

    Chinese: Pink Lady

    Korean: Pretty Lady

    Singaporean: Looking for Stars (Fann Wong & Christopher)

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    Korean - Endless Love

    China - Original Journey to the West

    Japanese - Tong Zai Wu Yan Xia

    Taiwanese - Qiong Yao's series

    Hong Kong - Da Shi Dai

    Singapore - Yao Tiao Shu Nu (nt sure if spelt correctly)
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    lOL. i dun rememberr everyy first movie i watch but i do remember tha first korean movie i watch was Glass shoe cuh i was at mah mommy fwen house n she rented den i saw half way of it thoo...den when i got home i figure out mah mommy also rentedd it too LOL. n it was heckka gewdd tha begnning wasnt all dat but it started to gett gewd ;] now dats tha onlii first mvoie i can rememberr

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    Meep. I'm new to watching series...I've taken a liking to wuxia, though. xD

    My first series was HZGG when I was like 11, but the first series I've seen actually WORTH watching is Xue Hua Nu Shen Long...with some close second place winners...but XHNSL still kicks butt.
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    TVB series - Not sure.. been watching "consciously" since 5.. don't remember..
    Taiwan series - The Rose
    Japanese series - Beauty and the Beast
    Korean series - Jewel in the Palace
    Anime series - About some twins who has powers... something like that.. anyways.. is Doraemon counted as a series? If it is.. then its Doraemon first
    Cartoon series - Ninja Turtles!!!
    ATV series - Project Jixiang

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    Demi gods semi devils- some 80's version with people I can't remember, when i was about 5, I actually don't like the storyline of this series very much, but to this day I still remember the scene on the bridge when that girl (?) pretends to be her dad, gets killed by her lover, mistakenly. I actually didn't even know that it was DGSD that I watched all those years ago, it was only cas i watched the remake with Benny and Felix, did I realised that series.

    That was my first series but the series that I was addicted to and the one that started it all was LOCH with Felix and Barbara.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sutisa

    That was my first series but the series that I was addicted to and the one that started it all was LOCH with Felix and Barbara.

    Same here LOCH with Felix and Barbara was world changing to me, i remember i was 7 back in vietnam when there was only 3 channels on TV...then one day mom bring home a tape and WTH!??!? omg they are actually fighting cool!!! wow he can hit and all these dragons come out!! dang that old guy can fight, grandpa just sit around the house drinking coffee!

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    I'm not sure ... I think it was I Have A Date With Spring and/or Journey To The West the realllyyy old version.
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    umm...this is going to be hard..

    TVB: mystery of the twin swords (I think)

    ATV: mythical crane magical needle

    Japanese: die sterntaler

    China: not sure

    Taiwanese: heavenly sword & dragon sabre 96
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