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Thread: What's your favorite wuxia song?

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    LOCH 82’ – Iron Blood Loyal Heart – Tit Huet Daan Sam
    DGSD 82’ - How Sorrowful is Love – Ching Ngoi Gei Doh Ngoi
    DGSD 82’ – Clouded Minds in Smoky Waters – Leung Mong Yin Sui Lui
    DGSD 82’ - Breadth and Depth of Mountains and Waters – Maan Sui Chin Saan Jung Waang
    HSDS 78’ – Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre
    CLH 79’ – Chor Lau Heung
    Romantic Swordsman 78’ – Siu Lei Fei Do

    Quote Originally Posted by Yeung Gor
    So list your favorite wuxia song, and if you can translate it, please do.
    I prefer syllables.

    ATV Reincarnated 78’ – Tin Chaam Bin

    Duk ji joi saan boh, go chue mei suen go
    Ming wan joi laang siu, am si chin mo lo
    Fau wan yau san bin, faat chut ging go
    Ngoh go si foot bo

    Sui ji chi saan tau, maang fu moon bo
    Daam siu fei ying hung, kuet bat yuen ting bo
    Laang ngaan dui huet lo, jik mok si ming to
    Ming yuet ying saan gong, pui gok goo go x2

    Paau hoi ngoi mo, baau jo jin ngo
    Jo ji doi ga go

    Si fong to jun, gaan jung tin chaam
    Bit sui poh lung lo

    Yat sing ching ying hung, wing bat sun ming so
    Ging dak hei boh to, gang gam ji ngo
    Moot hui liu ngaan lui, pui seung liu fan no
    Yeung ngoh paan him fung, joi yue tin bei go x2

    Quote Originally Posted by Yeung Gor
    My favorite is one of the sub song for ROCH 83, I don't know the title but it starts something like "ching yerk jun..." That song really move me. Wish I know the lyrics to this song in english.
    That bored the crap out of me! What a waste of time the lyricist spent on describing the yearning between 2 dull lovers.

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    Main theme, opening and Ending Theme songs of LOCH 03

    Opening theme song of Dynasty (Da Nei Qing Yin)

    Main Theme song and sub theme song (Meng Li Qing Ren) of the original Reincarnated 79

    Main Theme song and ending theme song of DGSD 82

    Main Theme song of HSDS 78

    Main Theme song of Xiao Li Fei Dao 79

    Main theme song of XAJH 01

    Opening theme song of Wandering Fighter (Yu Xia)

    Opening theme song of Chu Lu Xiang 79

    Opening theme song of Su Jian En Chou Lu 94 (U Huei U Han - Wang Jie)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanky Panky
    That bored the crap out of me! What a waste of time the lyricist spent on describing the yearning between 2 dull lovers.
    Hey at least translate the lyrics for me so I can share in your boredom :P

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    My fav is the themes of the older LOCH and ROCH of TVB, somewhere in the 80's, I believe. Those were the definitive wuxia songs for me.

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