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The Cross Dresser
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    Post The Cross Dresser

    <IMG SRC="smilies/wave.gif" border="0"> Hey everyone! This is my very first fanfic. I am both excited and anxious to see how it turns out. A word of caution, the historical backgrounds might be inaccurate, since I am Vietnamese. Most of what I know comes from years of watching Chinese tv series. Therefore, any comments, suggestions, and feedbacks are greatly appreciated. All inputs are very important because I want this story to appeal to everyone.
    This is an action pack adventure, comedy, and drama all rolled up into one. I expect that the final product will consist of about 20 chapters, so bear with me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. J

    SETTING : Manchu (Qing) Dynasty


    Anita Yuen- Yuen Wing Yi, the female protagonist

    Zhao Wen Zhou- Jiao Wen Zhou, cousin of Enjun

    Jordan Chan- Chan Siu-Chun, Wing Yi’s best
    bud and confidant

    Vincent Jiao- Jiao Enjun, the prince; future
    heir to the throne

    Madame Ling- the owner of Jasmine Brothel

    Li MaMa- Wing Yi’s guardian, like a godmother

    Wei Gai- palace enuch (male servant)

    Royal Duke Fai Jun- overly ambitious uncle of
    Enjun; Jiao Wen Zhou’s father

    The Empress- Enjun's mother

    Other minor cast members will appear as the story progress.

    Chapter 1

    A Game of Chess
    (Yuen Manor, located in Hangzhou during the Moon Festival)
    The moon was high in the sky with no stars in sight. The autumn’s crisp breeze blew at the bamboo trees creating an eerie whispering. The only light besides the moon’s radiant glow was the red lanterns that lit the pond. In the pavilion, Wing Yi’s father, General Yuen and her mother are having a little get-together with his colleague. He converses with him over a game of Chinese chess. Wing Yi's mother is nine months pregnant with Wing Yi. She sits quietly on General Yuen’s side and attentively watches the game in progress.

    “Ha! General Yi, it seems that you have lost once more,” proclaimed General Yuen good-heartedly. “Do you dare to play another round?”

    “Now, now,” General Yi calmly responds, “Five losses means nothing because this next game will prove that my strategy has worked.”

    “Strategy?” General Yuen said in puzzlement while stroking his semi-gray beard. “What strategy? To lose five consecutive games must be quite embarrassing. No need to make up stories my friend.”

    “No,” General Yi professed. “It is that one final, crucial win that can turn defeat into victory.”

    Both man laughed so whole-heartedly that the stillness of the night was broken.

    Wing Yi’s mother carefully got up and offered tea to both men.
    Seeing her difficulty in getting up, General Yi quickly said, “No need to trouble yourself fair lady. I best be going now, since the ride back will be at least 40 miles.”

    General Yuen helps his wife sit back down, and he comes over to General Yi.

    “My good friend, the night makes your travel very difficult even with the full moon.” General Yuen persuaded. “Please stay for the night.”

    He looks at General Yi. Just as General Yi opened his mouth to protest the idea, General Yuen said, “Good then. I will see you tomorrow before your departure.”

    General Yi had no choice but to except the invitation. He cordially says good-night to General Yuen and his wife, and follows the servant.

    General Yuen comes to his wife’s side. Now they finally have time to themselves.

    “How’s my beautiful wife and baby doing?” General Yuen whispers as places his head to her large, protruding belly.

    She is a woman in her late thirties, but her elegance supersedes her age. Her complexion is slightly rosy, although carrying the baby has taken a toll on her physically, mentally, and emotionally. The baby was more or less a miracle for a woman her age. The joy of her pregnancy is evident in General Yuen, who is in his forties.

    “So, do you think the baby is a girl or a boy?” General Yuen asked her.

    “It makes no difference if it is a girl or a boy, as long as he or she is healthy and has your sense of humor,” she said jokingly.

    “And the father’s handsome visage,” he joked.

    Just at that moment, Wing Yi’s mother sees a man approaching them. His quick pace and troubled look instantly signaled that something was amist.
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    It sounds interesting, but I am a bit confused here, whether Anita is the name of the actor or the name of the character. Mebbe there's some Anita in the M&lt;anchu era? <IMG SRC="smilies/wave.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/wave.gif" border="0">
    back w/ a vengeance ^_^

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    <IMG SRC="smilies/typin.gif" border="0"> Hi, thanx for reading my story. To clarify, the cast are actors in real life. To make my story less confusing, I used their real names. Only the minors like Madame Li and them are made up by me. Do you think I should change their name? I hope this clarifies things up a bit. Thanx again. <IMG SRC="smilies/twirl.gif" border="0">
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    Chapter 2

    The Messenger
    “General…General,” the soldier manages to utter through gasps of breath. “I need to talk to you.”
    He had beads of sweat streaming down his forehead. Upon seeing the him, General Yuen gives him a knowing nod.

    “It is quite late,” General Yuen said to her. “You must get some rest.” He then turns to the worried soldier and said, “Wait for me in my study.”

    With that said, he carefully escorts her to the manor.

    (In their quarters)

    “Now, I want you to get some rest. Too much excitement is not good for baby.” General Yuen said lovingly, as he looks a her.

    He pulls the covers and tucks her in. She gives a quick smile and closes her eyes. Seeing her situated, General Yuen proceeds to his study. Anita’s mother was definitely no ordinary woman. Her keen intellect tells her that something was wrong, very wrong. She lies awake in the dark, staring at the finely embroidered bed curtains, and knowing that something was bond to happen.

    (At the study)

    Upon entering the his study, General Yuen finds the soldier pacing back and forth. The soldier, hearing the door close, quickly turned around.

    “General, sir,” whispered the soldier. “I am an imperial guard. I have come to deliver a message.” He reaches into his garment and pulls out the royal seal.

    “Proceed,” the General demanded.

    He leans closer to the General and whispers in his ears, “General, the Emperor has sent me here in complete secrecy. He wants me to tell you that you must return to the Forbidden City immediately. The Emperor is in a precarious situation. He has suspected it all along that…”

    Just as the soldier was about to reveal the traitor’s identity, an arrow flies through the window and pierces through the soldier’s back and through his heart, killing him instantly. General Yuen quickly released the dead solider, and jumps out the window. His eyes scan the vicinity, but he could not see the perpetrator. The first thought that came into his mind is his pregnant wife in her quarters all alone.
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    The Final Goodbye

    General Yuen panting with fatigue and fear as he approaches his quarters. Although he was aptly skilled in martial arts, age has worn it down considerably. Once he could go into battle and fight alongside his men for three days nonstop and take on the most notorious leaders. Now weariness and heavy breathing followed even with the slightest effort. He knows very well that his days as the leading General was numbered, but he is unable to convince himself to accept such truths.
    (At their quarters)

    Upon approaching his quarters, he bursts through the wooden doors.

    “Yei Yei!” he shouted out.

    Wing Yi’s mother abruptly rises out of her cover.
    “What happened?” she questioned, knowing perfectly well that trouble has brewed up.

    “Yei Yei,” General Yuen said with obvious relief in his voice. “Are you and the baby alright?”

    “Yes, I’m fine,” she responded while looking into his trouble complexion. “Tell me what happened.”

    “That soldier was an Imperial guard that had come to inform me that of the Emperor’s precarious situation in the palace. Yei Yei, the guard was about to tell me who the traitor was but… an arrow flew through the study room and killed him.” General Yuen said while holding her hand. “I must return to the Forbidden City at once.”

    “I will come with you,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone.

    “No,” General Yuen quickly intervened. “This manor is no longer safe for us. We must go but in different directions.” He sees that she is about to protest and quickly added, “We must think of our baby. I must tend to Emperor, but I want you and Ling MaMa to go to with General Yi to his manor until I get back.”

    Wing Yi’s mother, knowing that she should do what is in the best interest of her unborn baby, slowly nods while she felt his hold on her hands tightened.

    Just as she was raising her eyes to meet his, he quickly says, “I love you.”

    Before she even noticed, he was outside the door. He stood there for a second and look in at his pregnant wife sitting on the bed. With one glance, he was off to General Yi’s quarters.

    (At General Yi’s quarters)

    “Who’s there?” came a groggy voice from within the quarter.

    “It is I, General Yuen,” General Yuen proclaimed after he furiously knocked on the door.

    In no time, General Yi was at the doors. “Please come in my friend,” General Yi said sleepily. “Is there something the matter?”

    “My friend, this is urgent.” General Yuen said in an impatient voice. “I am in dire need of your assistance. I need for you to escort my pregnant wife and Li MaMa to your manor. An Imperial guard had come to deliver a message for me, but a perpetuator killed him. The perpetuator might still be lurking around here. Therefore, it is unsafe to stay here any longer.”

    “I don’t understand.” General Yi said in puzzlement.

    “There’s no time left,” General Yuen said as he placed his hand on General Yi’s shoulder. “Please do me this one favor my friend. Please take good care of them for me. Thank you and god speed.” With that said, General Yuen left as abruptly as he had came in leaving General Yi in total shock and puzzlement.

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    The Runaways

    (At the Yuens’ quarter)

    “Madame Yuen, what items must we bring along?” Li MaMa asked Wing Yi’s mother.

    “Just some warm coats and a little bit of perishable goods,” Wing Yi’s mother quickly replied. “What we really need are weapons because I suspect we will be needing them along the way.”

    “Yes, I understand,” Li MaMa said without questioning tone as she made way to the kitchen. She has been the Yuens’ house maid for twenty years. They treat her as a member of their family. Li MaMa was like a sister to Wing Yi’s mother considering she is only two years older. Being in the Yuens’ family meant that she is very well trained in martial arts. Her loyalty to the Yuens are unwavering. At the kitchen, she gathers all that was necessary and headed back to the Yuen’s quarters.

    Wing Yi’s mother is going through the chest selecting the most versatile weapons. There were spears, daggers, and regular swords. She turns her attention to the sword hanging on the bedpost. Her mother gave the sword to her when she died. She pulls out the sword, and on the sharp blade was the inscription “People are not what they appear to be.” Holding the sword brought back the memories of the past but obviously this was not an appropriate time to dwell in the past. The impending present and future are now the utmost importance.

    “I am ready,” Li MaMa said upon entering the room.
    Wing Yi’s mother places the sword back in its cover and said, “Good.”

    Just as Li MaMa closes the door behind her, General Yi appeared at the doorway with a sack on his back and a sword in his right hand. Li MaMa lets him in.

    “Lady Yuen, how are you?” General Yi politely asked as he entered.

    “I am doing well, thank you,” she kindly replied.

    “Are we ready to go?” he asked.

    “Yes,” Wing Yi’s mother politely replied. She then quickly asked, “General Yi, has my husband left yet?”

    “Yes, I suppose so,” he responded quickly.

    “Then we best be on our way,” Wing Yi's mother sadly inquired.

    It was around three o’clock in the morning. The moon is still visible in the sky, but the clouds had somewhat obstructed its brilliant glow. The air was a little more nippy than before. An unsettling air seems to pervade the serene forest grounds. Their weary path is lit by the moon’s glow. Just above them, an owl flies across the sky and perches in the tall tree in front of them. It let out a sorrowful screech before taking off once more. All three companions held their weapons in alert.

    While speed-walking, Li MaMa looks over at Wing Yi’s mother who was beginning to lag behind. She asked her, “How are you doing Madame?”

    “I’m fine,” Wing Yi’s mother managed to say.

    “Maybe we should rest a bit,” General Yi suggested.

    “No, we can’t,” Wing Yi’s mother insisted. Her face makes a grimace that both Li MaMa and General Yi could visibly detect even in the night.

    “We should really take a few minutes rest,” General Yi said worriedly.

    Li MaMa notices the ground was wet. She inquires nervously, “Madame, your water has broken.”

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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><table border="0" width="80%" bgcolor="#dcdcdc" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><tr><td width="100%"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10" bgcolor="#DCDCDC"><tr><td width="100%" bgcolor="#eeeeee"><font size="1">Originally posted by tido:
    <STRONG> <IMG SRC="smilies/typin.gif" border="0"> To make my story less confusing, I used their real names. Only the minors like Madame Li and them are made up by me. Do you think I should change their name? I hope this clarifies things up a bit. Thanx again. <IMG SRC="smilies/twirl.gif" border="0"></STRONG></font></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I think that you should change their name. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> It's weird to read Anita or Vincent in Manchu era <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    Thumbs up

    Hey! I thought about your comment. I was thinking of changing Anita Yuen's name to Wing Yi Yuen. How's that? The only problem I have is Vincent and Jordan since I don't know chinese, I don't know how to make up chinese names for them. Can someone suggest a name for these two? <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">
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    The Birth

    By now, the pain was so intense that Wing Yi’s mother could only nod. General Yi helps her sit down.
    “What now?” he asked Li MaMa.

    “About half a mile from here is an abandoned temple,” Li MaMa said to General Yi while holding Madame Yuen's hands. “We must get her there quickly. There’s no time to waste. She will probably go into labor soon.”

    “I beg your pardon, Madame,” General Yi said as he carefully picked her up.

    He carries the pregnant women the whole distance. Wing Yi’s mother, although in extreme pain, did not make a sound. Li MaMa is the front trying to locate the temple because at night nothing appears as they do in daylight. Half a mile seems like five.

    “I see it!” Li MaMa exclaims. “Hold on Madame.”

    The abandoned temple is understandably abandoned. The walls and doorway were covered in cobwebs. The roof had holes in several places, and the pungent odor of mice droppings. All of these unattractive features had no effect on the three weary travelers. They were a little too preoccupied to notice. Li MaMa got some straws and quickly made a bed of straw.

    “Put her down here,” she said while helping General Yi in the process.

    “If you need me, I will be outside,” General Yi quickly said. “Just holler if you need me.” He made a quick dash for the door and attempted to close the doorway with the fallen doorframe.

    Surprisingly, the birth was quick. It was like the baby knew that time was of the essence. But even though it was quick, the birth had drained Wing Yi’s mother of most of her strength. The plump baby was a healthy girl with a complexion that resembled her father that was clearly visible despite the lack of efficient lighting.

    “What shall she be named,” Li MaMa asked while looking down at the baby.

    “General Yuen and I have already picked out a name,” the tired woman said with a smile, while holding her newborn infant. “If the baby was girl, she was going to be called Wing Yi and if the baby were a boy, then his name would be Kwok Wing. Well, I think Kwok Wing is out of the question.” Wing Yi’s mother grins and then she suddenly realizes that General Yi is still outside and tells Li MaMa to let him in.

    “Yes Madame,” Li MaMa responded cheerfully.

    As she approaches the doorway, she sees out of the cracks of the doorframe a body lying faced down. She gets to a larger crack to get a better glimpse. She recognizes the clothing and jade pendant belonging to General Yi.
    Wing Yi’s mother saw the expression on Li MaMa’s face and instantly knew that General Yi was dead.

    “Li MaMa,” Wing Yi’s mother whispers.

    Li MaMa moves gingerly over to Wing Yi’s mother.

    “He, whoever he is, is already here,” Wing Yi’s mother said calmly. “There is no way we can both escape. I want you to listen to me real carefully. I want you to take Wing Yi and escape through that crack over there. I cannot go because of my lack of strength. I cannot run away with Wing Yi for this very reason. The only chance Wing Yi has is with you. I want no arguments. We don’t have time for it. My good friend, please take good care of my little angel for me. I want you to take my sword and one day give it to her. Promise me.” She said resolutely as tears streamed down her cheeks and falling on the baby’s cheeks.

    “I promise,” Li MaMa managed to utter through her tears.

    Wing Yi’s mother took one last look at her beautiful little baby girl and kissed her for the first and final time. Li MaMa gently removes the mother’s grasp. Li MaMa and the baby in her arms quickly and quietly exited through the crack in the back wall.

    At that same moment, Wing Yi’s mother managed to summon all the forces she had left to lift the doorframe away. She must distract it so that Li MaMa and Wing Yi have enough time to escape. For that very reason, she showed no signs of fear as she saw standing ten feet in front of her, the masked perpetuator. He did not know that she was pregnant or about the third member. He had been standing there waiting for her to come out, thinking that eventually she would have to come out. He seems less like a person and more like death himself. Instead of a riper in his hand, he had a sharp-bladed, long sword that reflected the moon’s glow so that it looked like fires were radiating from the sword.

    “So this is what it is like to stare death in the eyes,” she thought to herself.
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    The Flight

    Evidently Wing Yi’s mother had successfully distracted the masked perpetuator, because Li MaMa managed to get within a safe distance of about two miles from the temple. With the baby in her right arm and the sword in the left, Li MaMa not only ran but seems to hover above the forest grounds. By this time, the stillness of the night is lost in the numerous sounds of the forest. The crickets seem to be everywhere all at once. Even with all the sounds that seem to encompass the whole forest, Li MaMa could only hear the rapid beating of her heart against her chest. Little Wing Yi in her arm was as quiet as a lamb and staring up at Li MaMa with big eyes that caught the receding moonlight and shone like the moon itself. Once in a while, Li MaMa would quickly look down at Wing Yi, but never once stopped running nor slowed down. Li MaMa has always been very fit for her age, but now it seems like some miraculous force had been conjured up to endow her with outstanding stamina and strength. After twenty miles of nonstop running, she spots a faint light in the distance.

    “Finally, help,” Li MaMa thought to herself with much relief.

    Oddly with each step, the light seems to grow fainter and fainter.

    “No,” Li MaMa told herself. “I must get there no matter what.”

    For what seemed like eternity, she finally reaches a small wooden hut. The light that she had seen from afar had come from the small windows of this hut. Li MaMa approaches the door and begins to knock at the door while holding little Anita closer to her body. At first there was no sound, but then Li MaMa heard someone stir from within. A little old man with long grayish beard opens the door gingerly.

    “Who’s there,” he demanded as he looks around dazzled and confused.

    “Excuse me sir,” Li MaMa spoke up. “Can you please offer us a place to rest?”

    A stout woman with kind eyes comes up from behind the old man with a candle.

    “Who is it dear,” she asked him, while directing her attention to the woman with a baby in her arms.

    “I am a weary traveler sir,” Li MaMa spoke up. “Please let us stay for the remainder of the night.”

    Wing Yi, at cue, begins to cry.

    “Oh, the poor dear,” the old woman said as she comes closer to get a better view of the crying infant. She tugs at the old man’s shirtsleeve, and he slowly nods.

    “Come in my dear,” the old woman said as she leads Li MaMa into the hut and closes the door behind her. “It is quite late for someone such as yourself to be roaming about,” She inquired as she goes to the counter to get some rice milk for the baby.

    “Thank you,” Li MaMa said politely as she takes the rice milk offered by the old woman. “To be honest Madame,” Li MaMa reluctantly begins, “we are being chased by a masked man who had killed the baby’s mother.”

    “Oh my,” both the old woman and man said at the same time. The two looks at each other for a moment. They are well aware that by taking them in their life would also be in danger, but they also know that if they turned them away, woman and baby would die for sure.

    “Please feel free to rest here,” the old man said as the old woman goes over to the corner to make a straw bed for them.

    “Thank so much, I greatly appreciate your kindness,” Li MaMa said with gratefulness for these kind strangers. “We won’t bother you for so long, since by sunrise we will be on our way.”

    With that said the old woman helps them settle onto the straw bed. The old man carefully locks the doors before blowing out the candles. The time was around five in the morning, but the sun was still asleep. Li MaMa lies awake with the sleeping baby close beside her and the sword in her hand.
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    Kind Strangers

    The sun has just barely shown itself through the thick forest trees. The sound of the rooster’s call abruptly wakes Li MaMa and the baby. The faint rays of light slowly descended on the crying baby in Li MaMa’s arms. Li MaMa quickly rose from her straw bed and noticed that the house was empty.
    “Where are their kind hosts?” Li MaMa thought to herself. A rush of fear quickly took over. “It couldn’t be.”

    She has just strapped Wing Yi on her back and was drawing out her sword when the door opens all of a sudden.

    “Good morning,” the old woman sang as she enters the house. Her eyes quickly darted towards the sword in Li MaMa’s hand. “Is everything alright dear?” the old woman said with a tinge of fear in her voice.

    Upon seeing the good-hearted old woman, Li MaMa slowly places the sword back in the sheath.

    “I am sorry, it is just that I did not see anyone and I thought…” Li MaMa tried to explain.

    “Oh,” the woman replied with a bit of nervousness in her voice. Her hands are noticeably shaking as she hands Li MaMa the rice milk and a piece of bread.

    “I’ll be outside feeding the chickens if you need me,” the old woman said, before she left the two of them alone in the hut to finish their breakfast.

    Li MaMa knows that she can no longer burden these kind folks any longer. Sadness took over as she remembers her masters. To divert her attention, she begins feeding the baby. Suprisingly, Wing Yi took her rice milk without any complaint.

    Li MaMa smiles down at Wing Yi and said, “What a good little baby you are.”

    By now, the sun had fully shown itself against the incredibly blue sky. Li MaMa has just finished packing when the old woman came back in.

    Li MaMa approaches her. “It looks like we have to be on our way. We are very grateful for you and your husband’s kindness,” Li MaMa said while she reaches in her shirt pockets to pull out a small satchel of silver coins. “We don’t have much, but please accept this small token as a thank you.”

    “Keep it dear,” the old woman said softly as she closes Li MaMa’s hand over it, “We are happy that we could have helped. Besides, you and the little darling will need it along the way.”

    Just then, the old man comes in with sweats covering his forehead.

    “Are we ready?” he asked looking in the direction of the two women.

    “Yes,” replied the old woman. “You take good care of them and yourself too, you hear.”

    “Excuse me?” Li MaMa quickly asked with puzzlement in her face.

    “My husband will use the little mule buggy to get you and the baby to the village,” the old woman replied with a smile.

    “Oh, that's not necessary,” Li MaMa said apologetically. “We will be fine.”

    “Now, I don’t want anymore excuses,” the old woman said as she escorts them out to the buggy. “Time is wasting. Hurry now.”

    Li MaMa gives her a warm hug, and Wing Yi accepts the old woman’s peck on the cheeks. They mounted the buggy with the old man sitting in the front to maneuver the mule. The old woman just realized that the lunch she packed for them was left inside the hut, so she quickly ran in and got and just before the buggy made off. She quickly hands Li MaMa’s and her husband’s lunches.

    “Take care,” the old woman shouted as the buggy headed faded into the distance.

    The old woman went inside to make supper for her husband’s return. She has been cooking for about thirty minutes when she hears sounds of chickens fluttering outside.

    “Why have they come back so soon?” She wondered as she carefully makes her way to the door.

    As she slowly pulls back the right doorframe, she is shocked by the sight in front of her.

    “Who…Who…Who are you?” she managed to utter as tears rolled down her face.

    The man, or rather thing that stood in front of her was fully clothed in black. The only feature visible, even in the bright light, were those icy cold eyes that stared back at her. The thing draws out his long sword, and in one fell swoop the old woman was lying dead on the floor of her own hut. The last thing the old woman thought about was that luckily her husband, the woman, and the baby had a chance to escape.

    With the task done, the sword hung at the thing’s side. Drops of blood collected at the tip of the sword, and slowly trickle onto the ground. He steps over the dead body and made way into the interior of the hut. He scans the room with those falcon eyes and notices a bed of straw that appears to have been occupied not too long ago. He is determined to find this person and the baby.

    After he had killed Wing Yi’s mother, he had also gone inside the temple and discovered traces of blood, obviously from giving birth. Therefore there must be a third party member that he was not aware of. Li MaMa had managed to trick him into thinking that they were headed south. She had torn off a piece of cloth and left it in the south direction about five miles from the temple, and then changed directions and headed in the east direction. He was fooled once, but he promised himself that he will not be fooled again.

    “They must pay,” he growled.
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    The Carriage

    The sun was high in the sky as the buggy steadily moves over the dirt path. The forest of trees grew fewer and fewer as the weary travelers approaches the village.
    Li MaMa tries to keep herself and the baby steady as the buggy occasionally hits a rock or a branch. Li MaMa is uneasy because she knows that their troubles are only beginning. As see turns her head to the small opening to see where they were, Li MaMa notices that today was a gorgeous day with puffy cotton-ball clouds in the sky. Wing Yi’s cries broke the mesmerizing spell on Li MaMa. She calms the baby down a bit before asking the old man.

    “Sir, how much longer is the ride?” Li MaMa said, trying to be audible but not too loud.

    The old man heard her and responded enthusiastically, “Only a mile or two to go. We should make there with plenty of daylight left.”

    “Thank you,” Li MaMa politely replied as her attention focuses on the baby looking up at her.

    Soon the rocking motion of the buggy made not just Wing Yi, but also Li MaMa sleepy. Just as Li MaMa begins to drift off, faint noises can be heard in the distance. Of course, Li MaMa’s acute senses quickly pulled her out of her slumber.

    “Sir, what is all the noise?” Li MaMa asked.

    “We’re almost there,” the old man happily replied.

    As they get closer and closer, the numerous noises become more and more distinct. Li MaMa can hear the streets bustling with people’s voices.

    She lets out a sigh of relief and said to Wing Yi, “We finally made it.”

    It is the middle of the afternoon. Rows of stores and shops lined the streets. Everyone was up and about. The streets are so crowded that the small buggy had a difficult time getting through. The old man stopped the buggy at an empty corner and let the travelers off. Just as Li MaMa got off, Wing Yi started to cry once more. The food that the kind old woman had given her were nothing a baby could really eat. Li MaMa approached the old man.

    “Thank so much sir,” Li MaMa said with a slight quiver in her voice, “I don’t know how I can make it up. I am greatly indebted to you and your wife for the kindness that you have shown us.”

    “No need, child,” the old man replied with a kind-hearted smile. “I hope you and the baby are safe from now on.”

    As Wing Yi cries persisted and grew louder, Li MaMa said a final farewell to the old man and headed towards the crowded street.

    “You must be hungry,” Li MaMa inferred as her eyes tries to absorb her surrounding, while her body navigates between the clusters of people going in every direction.

    She had only turned a corner when a dreadful scream is heard in the direction of where the old man’s buggy was. Against her good judgment, Li MaMa ran back in the direction she had just gone. People were running frantically all around and bumping into her. Food were scattered all over the street and carts knocked down.

    As she got within close proximity, she spots the old man on the ground and next to him was the unmasked perpetrator, who was scanning the vicinity for a woman with a baby. Unfortunately a young woman with a baby on her back was spotted near him. He quickly descended on her.

    Li MaMa knows that she should help, but she had to think of Wing Yi first and foremost. She had stopped in her tracks and was about to turn the other direction but he spotted her. She knows that he had spotted her so she made a mad dash into the crowd. The woman with the baby was roughly tossed aside. He had known that the old woman’s husband must have taken them to the nearest village.

    By following the imprints left by the buggy, he had traced it to this village. The old man had thought that this fellow was a friend of Li MaMa and was looking for her. After the perpetrator learns of this, he draws out his knife and in the same fashion as when he killed the old woman, he killed the old man.

    His eyes smiled, and he licked his lips hungrily.

    Li MaMa had no idea where she was headed, but she knows that she cannot keep running like this. She turns a corner but did not see that a carriage was coming from the same direction. Unable to brake, Li MaMa runs into the carriage causing it to fall over to its side. As Li MaMa quickly got up, her attention focused on the occupant in the carriage. She hoped that who ever it was is okay. The four carriage carriers rushed to set the carriage upright. Just as they got the carriage to its rightful position, a woman stumbles out somewhat disoriented.

    “For crying out loud!” she exclaimed. “What the heck happened?”

    She is yelling and shaking her fist at the four guys and suddenly looks over and sees a woman with a baby standing a foot away.

    “Are you alright?” she said as she approaches Li MaMa. “Were you the one that ran into my carriage?”

    “Yes,” Li MaMa admitted. “Please help us Madame!”

    “With what?” the woman asked in puzzlement.

    “A man is after us,” Li MaMa said with tears in her eyes. “Please help us.”

    “Speak no further,” the woman said with a quick wave of her hands. “You and the baby get into carriage.”

    With no more said, Li MaMa quickly got into the small wooden carriage.

    “Let’s go,” the woman directed the four guys as she walks alongside the carriage.

    Just as they pass a corner, the perpetrator is found standing exactly at the place where the carriage was toppled a few minutes earlier. He stands motionless and looks about with impatience. Even though he must find them, he knows that he cannot make any more commotion. He knows they are near so he turns a corner.

    As he is purposefully walking along the street, a carriage passes in front of him. The woman walking beside it gave him a wink as they walked by. He quickly looks away and thought, “It is those kinds of woman that should be rid of in this world.” He would very much want to take a knife to her throat, but he knows fully well that he cannot attract more attention to himself.

    The carriage made way to the end of the street, leaving the perpetrator standing in the middle of the street eying it until it turned a corner.

    “I know you are still here somewhere,” he said to himself because he knows that a woman with a baby cannot get too far.

    He abruptly turns and heads in the opposite direction. The sun was going down quickly and people were already closing up for the day. The silhouette figure is seen pacing the streets with his long sword in hand. Obviously evil never rests.
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    Nice story <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">bu imconfused with the name...

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    Confusing? How can I make it not confusing? If I use their modern names then it would not fit the story since this is an ancient story. I had it in their modern name until someone here suggested that I use Chinese names to fit my story. <IMG SRC="smilies/bang.gif" border="0"> Anyways, thanx for taking time to read and comment. <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0">
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    Red face

    <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">ojki guess i gotta work on my memory cant wait for an update -danielle/ella-

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    Here are the updates for my story. Hope you'll like it and thanks for supporting my story. If you want to see the latest update, please come to http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/Tido

    I very happy to know that I have at least one reader in this forum. I thought that noboby is reading my story at all. I updated here just for you. <IMG SRC="smilies/rockband.gif" border="0">

    The Cheap Perfume

    The creaking carriage comes to a stop in front of a red building. Brightly lit, red lanterns sway back and forth as the wind picked up speed. The woman looks around several times before approaching the carriage’s entrance. She gingerly lifts the red cloth to reveal Li MaMa and Wing Yi wrapped securely in her arms.
    “Hurry,” the woman whispered.

    As Li MaMa comes out, her eyes caught a glimpse of the red side panels of the building that reads. “The Jasmine Brothel” in bright yellow lettering. Li MaMa was taken aback, but she knows that this was their only hope. She quickly enters with the help of the woman nudging her from behind.

    Immediately the smell of cheap perfume and liquor reached Li MaMa’s nose and even Wing Yi. Li MaMa has heard of these places but has never gone into one. What decent woman would? The interior is very tackey and ornate.

    Li MaMa is horror-stricken as she tries to take in everything around her. She sees dozens of young women even as young as fourteen were walking about with men old enough to be there grandfathers. They were too busy drinking and flirting that no one noticed a woman with a baby standing in the middle of it all.

    The new smell and different environment awakens the sleeping Wing Yi, and she immediately started to cry. Li MaMa did not notice that a little boy on the balcony looking at them the whole time. Not until Wing Yi started to cry, when all eyes in the room focused their attention on her. The little boy of about five years old runs pass the people climbing the stairway and made his way to Li MaMa, who was standing paralyze in shock.

    “Wow!” he exclaimed excitedly as he goes on this tiptoes to get a better glimpse. “Is that a baby?”

    From behind him the woman that had helped Li MaMa grabs his pigtails and pulls it back a bit to get his attention.

    “Ow, ow, ouch!” he wailed in faked pain. “I am sorry mommy.”

    The woman lets go of his pigtail and then announces, “Everything is okay. Get back to work everyone.”

    “Siu-Chun, I want you to go to the kitchen and get some milk,” the woman demanded.

    He makes a pout, but she added, “for the baby.” Upon learning that the milk was for the baby, he makes a quick dash to the kitchen.

    “Come now,” the woman said with a smile as she ushers them up the stairs. They stop in front of the last door down the hallway. Like the other doors in the building, this one was bright red. The woman pushes the door to reveal a rather cozy room with two small beds, a water basin, and a round table with four wooden stools.

    “Please come in,” the woman said as she leads them in.
    Li MaMa has not said a word the whole time, and Wing Yi had stopped crying when they got in the room. The woman went to close the door and then turns around to see Li MaMa in tears. The teardrops gushed out uncontrollably and landed on Wing Yi.

    “What’s wrong now?” the woman asked worriedly.

    Li MaMa had never really cried in her life except once, since she was never the sentimental type. Reality has finally set in. Her masters are dead. General Yi, the old man, and probably the old woman were all killed. What makes her think that he would not strike again on these innocent people. How could she protect the baby?

    The woman gently grabs Li MaMa’s arms.

    “Honey, you have to snap out of it,” the woman persuaded. “This is not helping anyone.”

    “I am truly sorry to have bother you, but we must be going,” Li MaMa manage to utter through her tears.

    “Are you crazy?” the woman said in shock. “Didn’t you say that a man was trying to kill you and the baby? Fine. If you go, not only you but the baby will surely be slaughtered.”

    “Sorry, but you really don’t understand,” Li MaMa said as she holds back her tears.

    “I don’t need to understand anything more than you and the baby are in danger,” the woman said with a sigh. “Now, please just let me help the two of you.”

    The woman helps the trembling Li MaMa sit down on one of the stools, before taking a seat next to Li MaMa.

    “My name is Cui Ling, but everyone here calls me Madame Ling and that little rug rat downstairs is my son Siu-Chun,” the woman said with a sympathetic smile on her face that looks livelier due to her crimson red lips.

    “Um..my name is Li MaMa,” Li MaMa said while still sniffling, “and this little darling is Wing Yi.”

    Even though she trusts the woman, she knows that she must keep her masters’ identity a secret for everyone’s sake.

    Madame Ling scoots in for a closer glimpse of the baby. Wing Yi giggles as she tickles her cheeks.

    “Well,” Madame Ling asked while still playing with Wing Yi, “Have you changed your mind?”

    Li MaMa smiles and says, “Thank you for taking us in.”

    Just as she said that, Siu-Chun’s little feet can be heard running down the hallway.

    “Speak of the devil,” Madame Ling said good-heartedly.

    She opens the door and finds Siu-Chun out of breathe, but smiling as he holds a jar to his chest. She gives him a peck on the head and takes the jar to Li MaMa. Siu-Chun follows closely behind. He is obviously overjoyed to have a kid to play with instead of the girls who always smelled of cheap perfume.

    Li MaMa moves over to the bed and starts to give teaspoons of milk to Wing Yi who happily takes it with a smile.

    “Well,” Madame Ling inquired, “We’ll just leave you two alone for now. If you need anything just ask. In a little while, I will have Siu-Chun bring up your dinner.”

    “I don’t know how to thank you,” Li MaMa said has she looks up at the mother and son standing in the doorway.

    Siu-Chun stands there with a big smile on his face, as he watches the baby eagerly drink the milk that he had bought. Madame Ling had to literally haul him out of the room.

    In the hallway, Madame Ling asked her son, “Why did it take so long for you to get the milk?’

    “There wuz no more in the kitchen so I goes to stores,” he replied. “I has to goes to three stores to gets it.”

    He suddenly remembers something, “Oh, yeah, I also see a really tall man walking in the streets. He had a really cool sword but he wuz mean. I goes up and ask’d him what he wuz doing but he growl’d at me.”

    “Oh, no,” Madame Ling gasped, “He’s still here.”

    A Good Night's Rest

    It is well after dark. The night air grows colder and the wind begins to blow harder against the red lanterns. Everyone in the brothel has retreated to his or her rooms. Red lanterns dimly lighted the hallway.
    Little Siu-Chun is seen gingerly walk up the stairway with a dinner tray. He makes sure not to spill the hot soup. It takes him about five minutes to ascend the stairs. Before continuing, Siu-Chun breathes a sigh of relief and gives himself a minute of rest before making his way to the end of the hallway.

    Siu-Chun is very mischievous but also quite clever like Madame Ling, but he is not Madame Ling’s biological son. She had found him in a bamboo basket under a pile of used and discarded baskets.

    Madame Ling as usual was on her way to a beauty store to buy some cosmetics, when she heard a baby cry out from underneath the pile. The narrow alley was her usual shortcut to the store. So happens that on her way that day, she found the baby.

    It might seem as though she is a typical Madame of a brothel but she, like all human beings had a soft side that few often see. Madame Ling was once pregnant. Unfortunately the baby boy had died a few months later. It was probably the only time that she had an emotional breakdown. She was confined to her room for several weeks. The brothel needed her to run smoothly, so in no time she was forced to get back on her feet. Everyday she would put on her usual happy and flirtatious face in front of people but every night she would cry herself to sleep.

    Seeing the baby being abandoned in an alley instantly brought back all the painful memories of her son Siu-Chun. With tears streaming down her face, she managed to find a little baby boy underneath all that rubble. She had taken off her shawl and wrapped the naked baby snuggly in it. Since she was the head of the brothel, she could basically do whatever she want that includes bringing in and raising a baby without any questions from the people there.

    Because the baby boy reminded her so much of her baby, Madame Ling decides to name the baby Siu-Chun. She treats him as though he was her own. Siu-Chun becomes her only joy in life. He is oblivious to the fact that he was not her real son. Her soft side for babies is the main reason that she had decided to help Li MaMa and Wing Yi despite the risks involved.

    The soup is still steaming as he tries to balance the tray in one hand and knock the door with the other. Li MaMa opens the door with a smile and relieved him of the tray.
    His eyes are glued on the baby lying on the bed.

    Li MaMa noticed and asked, “Do you want to come in?”
    He quickly nods and enters the room.

    “Can I see da babie?” Siu-Chun asked excitedly.

    “Sure,” Li MaMa said as she slowly places the tray on the round table.

    She goes to the bed with him following closely behind. Wing Yi was asleep but is now awake. She is still sleepy but seeing a strange face intently looking at her definitely kept her awake. Siu-Chun stood there transfixed.

    “You can touch her if you want?” Li MaMa suggested as sits there with Wing Yi in her arms.

    He did not give any response, but slowly he draws up his right hand and touches Wing Yi’s cheeks. The baby begins to giggle and toss in Li MaMa’s arms.

    Footsteps are heard approaching the door. There a was a knock at the door and a voice said, “Can I come in?”

    Li MaMa rises from the bed to get the door to find Madame Ling with warm shawls and blankets in her arms.

    “Hi,” Madame Ling sang, and then she looks down at Siu-Chun who was too absorbed in the baby to notice her.

    “Please come in,” Li MaMa politely said as closes the door behind them.

    “I see that Siu-Chun has already brought up your dinner,” Madame inquired as she drags Siu-Chun to sit down. “Well, I came to bring you and the baby some warm blankets. So how are liking it so far?”

    “Very well,” Li MaMa kindly replied. “We are very grateful for your kindness.”

    “No need to keep thanking me,” Madame said with a smile very different from before. She looks more youthful without the excessive makeup. Although she was in her late thirties, her lively eyes were like teenagers.

    “Well, hurry and eat your dinner before it turns cold,” Madame Ling urged.

    Li MaMa goes over to the bed and puts Wing Yi on the blankets. Siu-Chun quickly comes to the side of the bed and plays with Wing Yi. Li MaMa then goes over to the table to join Madame Ling.

    “We won’t bother you for too long I hope,” Li MaMa said as Madame Ling pushes the soup over.

    “Stay as long as you like,” Madame Ling responded. “But I tell you what, the guy is still roaming in the streets.”

    Hearing this Li MaMa immediately looks up from her soup. She gets a blank look as she stares into space. Madame Ling waves her out of it.

    “The best thing to do is to stay here,” Madame Ling suggested.

    “But I cannot stay here and depend on your kindness forever,” Li MaMa said sadly.

    “Oh, that won’t be a problem,” Madame Ling said with a smile. “You can work in the kitchen and be our cook. That way you can pay for your stay and earn a few spare cash for later use. That’s if you are willing to stay in this place.

    “Thank you. Thank you.” Li MaMa said happily. “When can I start?”

    “How about tomorrow?” Madame Ling asked cheerfully. “Our kitchen worker had quit a week before, and we are desperate for some help.”

    They chatted awhile before Madame Ling noticed Siu-Chun asleep with his head on the side of the bed. Wing Yi is also sound asleep. Madame Ling quietly picks him up in her arms and said goodnight, before carrying him to bed.

    Li MaMa sleeps with Wing Yi closely at her side. This is the first night since the whole incident started that Li MaMa was able to sleep soundly.

    Dinner for Thirty

    Wing Yi stirs at Li MaMa’s side. Usually Li MaMa would pick up the slightest movement, but today she is sound asleep. Noticing that Li MaMa has not attended her, Wing Yi begins to cry. That did the job because in no time Li MaMa was out of bed.
    “Oh, no,” Li MaMa exclaims.

    She quickly fumbled to get the blankets folded before heading to the door. Just as she opens the door, she sees Madame Ling approaching.

    “Good morning!” Madame Ling sang in her usual cheery voice. “Actually more like good afternoon but no matter. Come along now. I guess you will be preparing dinner instead of breakfast then.”

    “So did you two sleep well?” Madame Ling asked.

    Li MaMa responded with a yawn.

    “I have never slept this much before,” Li MaMa said apologetically.

    “Well no more time should be wasted,” Madame Ling inquired with a smile. “There’s about thirty of us who need dinner ready by seven. Come now.”

    Madame Ling directed her to the kitchen. Li MaMa was surprised because the kitchen was as big as the one at her master’s manor. Everything was there: pots of various size, a big frying pan, three large ovens, dry food hung on racks, and so much more.

    “Will this be enough for you to work with?” Madame Ling asked. “If not I can tell them to get more.”

    “This is plenty enough!” Li MaMa quickly replied as she goes over to examine the pots and picked up an eggplant. “What should I cook for dinner?”

    “Whatever you want,” Madame Ling said with a giggle. “The palette is yours but just make sure that it is enough to feed everyone. Well, I’ll leave and let you get to work. Oh by the way, there’s a crib over there for Wing Yi if you need it.”

    “Thank you!” Li MaMa shouted as Madame Ling goes in.

    “Like I said,” Madame retorted before she disappears into the main building. “Stop thanking me for every little thing.”

    Li MaMa smiles and puts Wing Yi in the crib.

    “Be a good girl, while I get some milk,” Li MaMa said happily.

    Just as she finished feeding Wing Yi, she spots Siu-Chun peeking in from outside.

    “Come in little one,” Li MaMa said as she goes to cut some pork meat.

    “Can I stay and watch da babie?” Siu-Chun said in a cute innocent voice. “I promis to be good.”

    “Sure,” Li MaMa said with a smile.

    Siu-Chun was actually babysitting and in the process allowed Li MaMa to quickly get her work done.
    Li MaMa was busily working, but felt that she should break the silence.

    While frying the pork, she asked, “So Siu-Chun, how old are you dear?”

    “I’m five,” he answered her while still playing with Wing Yi.

    He then pause and looks up.

    “What’s da babie’s name?” he asked, while Wing Yi was holding on to his thumb.

    “Her name is Wing Yi,” Li MaMa replied as she brought up her left arm to wipe the sweat.

    “Wing Yi, Wing Yi,” Siu-Chun kept repeating as he twirled around.

    Li MaMa laughs at his silliness.

    It was now about six thirty already. The sun is beginning to recede back behind the mountain. It created a brilliant magenta and blue backdrop.

    “Done!” Li MaMa exclaimed as she puts down the last bowl of rice on the tray.

    She stands back a bit to examine her hard work. At the manor she rarely cooked, since her masters had about five people working in the kitchen already.

    She had managed to squeeze some time in to make a little treat to give Siu-Chun.

    “Here you go,” Li MaMa handed him the cake.

    “Thanx ma’am!” Siu-Chun mumbled as he gulps down the cake.

    As she stands back straight, her eyes instantly caught a glimpse, through the crack in the doorway, the perpetrator heading their way. The sight of him gave her cold shivers down her back. She immediately takes Wing Yi in her arms and pulled Siu-Chun down behind sacks of rice. Her heart beated so fast that she could feel it jumping out of her chest. Siu-Chun and Wing Yi both instinctively knew not to make a sound.

    His footsteps can be heard as he slowly made his way to the kitchen door that had been opened ajar to let the air come in. Li MaMa though she would faint right there and then. Suddenly Li MaMa hears a familiar voice.

    “Hello sir!” Madame Ling sang as she catches on to his right arm and caused him to turn around. “Why are you out here? The beautifully ladies are inside not out here silly.”

    “Um…” he uttered with noticeable shock in his voice. “I have seemed to lost my way, while trying to find the men’s restroom.”

    “It is not out here silly it is on the other side of the building,” Madame Ling said with a smile. “This is the kitchen. Come, come I’ll show the way.”

    She grabs his arms and lead him back inside. As she literally drags him in, he turned his head for one last look at the kitchen.

    Hearing the door closed, Li MaMa lets out a long breath. It had seemed as though she was holding her breath the hold time and not dare to make the slightest sound. She notices Siu-Chun looking at her in puzzlement, but she only patted his head and try to calm her beating heart.

    The Feast

    It probably took at least five minutes before reality hits her.
    “Oh, no!” Li MaMa exclaimed. “It is already seven! I have to get the food out.”

    Just as she got up, the door swung wide open and Madame Ling came strolling in. Behind her were five servant girls. Li MaMa was so shocked, because she thought it was the prepetrator that she dropped the plate in her hands. It landed with a shatter and the green beans spill over the kitchen floor.

    “Are you okay?” Madame Ling asked worriedly as she goes over to Li MaMa. Siu-Chun sees her and quickly came to her side.

    “Ahem,” Madame Ling said to the girls. “Bring the plates in.”

    The girls were momentarily in shock but quickly recovered from her cue. They each took one plate and headed in without a word. Madame Ling turns her attention to Li MaMa.

    “Those were some great dishes,” Madame Ling said with a grin as she looks at Li MaMa. “I think this is the best dinner we had in a good while.”

    “He was here,” Li MaMa managed to utter out.

    “Who?” Madame Ling asked in genuine interest.

    “The man that is looking for us,” Li MaMa replies as she looks up from the mess on the ground.

    “You mean that guy that is trying to kill you and Wing Yi?” Madame Ling whispered.

    Li MaMa nodded.

    “Thank you for helping us,” Li MaMa said sadly. “Once again we owe our lives to you.”

    “Me?” Madame Ling asked in puzzlement. “Wait, don’t tell it was that man who was looking for the restroom?”
    Li MaMa nodded again. Madame Ling lets out a jolly laugh.

    “I can’t believe that I was that close to being slaughter,” she said as she waves her red hankie in the air. “Looks like I scared him more than he scared me. No wonder he was so awkward. When I brought him inside, he made a mad dash for the exit when I offered him a girl.”

    “So it was him, I see,” Madame Ling contemplated while trying to keep a straight face. “He ran out as fast as lightning,” she said before she bursts into a hearty laughter. “I doubt he will be back here again.”

    Even Li MaMa could not hold back. Both women laughed for a while, and then Madame Ling realized that dinner was being served without them.

    “Come, come,” Madame Ling said as she wipes her eyes and nose. “By the time we get inside there won’t be anything left for us except fried tofu. Let’s go see if I should hire you or get another cook, alright?”

    Li MaMa smiles. Madame Ling’s lively nature as well as her sense of humor was very contagious. She really does bring light into a dark room with her presence. Li MaMa was very glad to have someone to help her through these trying times. Madame Ling reminded Li MaMa of Wing Yi’s mother. They were practically like sisters. The only difference is that Wing Yi’s mother was more reserve. Madame Ling’s spunkiness and talkative nature complements Li MaMa’s quiet manners.

    As they walk out, Li MaMa tensed up a bit. She holds Wing Yi closer to her body and quickly made her way inside. Li MaMa was flabbergasted as she goes in. Everything that she had seen last night was so different from what was in front of her now. Two big tables were set out with girls sitting around it talking and eating. There were no men around. The air smells less like cheap perfume and more like roasted duck and sweet fried pork with string beans.

    “The food is very good,” one of the girls called out to Madame Ling. “Come and have some, before they are gone.”
    Siu-Chun, who has been quiet for the entire time breaks out of the silence as he spots the plates of food laid out.

    “Wow!” Siu-Chun exclaimed excitedly. He quickly squeezes in to get the last drumstick.

    “So good!” he said with a mouthful. “Come eat! Hurry!”

    Madame Ling and Li MaMa laugh at his overexcitement as they find a place amongst all the young women.

    “Seems like everyone is really enjoying your cooking,” Madame Ling inquired as she sits down. She quickly spots one plate left.

    “Does this mean I won’t get fired?” Li MaMa said in an attempt to be funny.

    “The job is yours my friend!” Madame Ling replied with a smile, as she takes no time to dig into the remaining plate.

    “So you are our new cook?” a girl at the other table asked. “You are the best chef we had so far. Oh, by the way, is the sweet little baby girl yours?”

    “Yes,” Madame Ling quickly interceded. “This is Li MaMa and her daughter Wing Yi.”

    Li MaMa gives Madame Ling a quick smile as a sign of thank you for bailing her out.

    “I am glad you enjoy the food,” Li MaMa spoke up. “Is there any particular dishes that you guys want? If I can do it, then I will certainly make it.”

    The girls were all speaking up at the same time. Madame Ling raised a hand.

    “Now, now let’s eat first and talk about that later,” Madame Ling said with an air of authority.

    She turns to Li MaMa and said in a matter-of-fact way, “Cook whatever you wish. Just as long as we have something to eat on time is fine by me. You girls don’t scare away our only cook with your demands.”

    By the time they were finished eating and conversing, it was already ten o’clock. The young women were yawning as they excused themselves for bed leaving Madame Ling and Li MaMa sitting there still talking. Siu-Chun is asleep on Madame Ling’s lap, and Wing Yi is asleep in Li MaMa’s arms.

    “I am glad to have you here,” Madame Ling admitted. “You remind me of my sister, who died when I was just ten.”

    She paused then continued with a tender smile, “It is nice to have another adult to talk with besides these girls. Even little Siu-Chun is happy to have a little playmate.”
    Madame Ling looks down at the sleeping boy in her lap.

    “Well it is late,” Madame Ling inquired by the fact that no one was left and all the empty chairs. “Siu-Chun and Wing Yi tell us that it is time for bed.”

    “You guys go ahead, I have to finish cleaning up,” Li MaMa said as she begins to clear the tables with Wing Yi strapped on her back.

    “Okay, goodnight then,” Madame Ling said as she carries Siu-Chun upstairs. "Don't stay up too late because I will be expecting breakfast at seven."

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    Hey Tido,

    I would like to compliment on your posters. They look great <IMG SRC="smilies/thumbsup.gif" border="0"> and fit very well on the ancient theme. <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0">
    It must' ve taken you long to make <IMG SRC="smilies/tired.gif" border="0">

    I have taken the time to skimmed through your story and I like the way you have captivated the detail of the character's actions.
    <IMG SRC="smilies/thumbsup.gif" border="0">

    As soon as I have plenty of time on my plate, I will return and make comments on the story after reading it properly ofcourse. <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

    For now, keep <IMG SRC="smilies/typin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/genius.gif" border="0">


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    Hi Hannah! I am very happy to get a comment from you. <IMG SRC="smilies/blob.gif" border="0"> Thanx for the nice compliment. <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0"> Well the first poster took me a longer time than the second to do. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story. Hope to hear from you soon. My sister has read your story, but she was too shy to comment. She told me that you writing is top-notch and the story is really good. I have been so busy that I have never gotten a chance to read yours. She told me your story was sort of long so I hope to begin reading this weekend. Expect to see me again soon <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
    "It is poop calling vomit stink."---the insult dog

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    Thumbs up


    Its really good. One thing that I thought was sorta odd was that you were referring to Madame Yuan by Wing Yi's mother eventhough she wasn't born yet. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> Anyways, the story is very interesting so keep on updating it often. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    Hey Tido,

    Wow! I have read all the chapters posted here so far and I must say, it has a very interesting and mysterious plot!
    Not once, I have any complaint on the names given to the characters or got myself in a confused situation either.
    Now, my only curiousity to this story is why the perpetrator is so eager to kill off members of the Yuen family and not go after General Yuen himself?
    I enjoy the way you described Siu Chun, he is so adorable!
    Cool! I am glad to be acknowledged that I have a silent reader. It would have been nice if your sister drop a short comment atleast, as it would given me more encouragement to update frequently.
    However, I am very grateful that your sister had taken the time to read my story (Tell her I said Thank you).
    Hehehe. So...everyone says, but no worries take your time in reading, I’m not updating the story as frequent as I used too.

    Meanwhile, keep up the great work and can’t wait for the next chapter to be posted here. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">


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