Episode 21 (Finale): Morning Sir learns Dahe escaped death

Morning Sir finally locates Gao Shan. Both accuse each other of betrayal. Dahe finds Dr Zhang, the person who treated Gao Shan at the hospital twenty years ago, and forces him to testify against Zhaojun in a video recording. He then writes an account of the young Gao Shan's life, puts the letter and video tape into the capsule, and buries it under the tree in the hope that his son would discover it. The telephone starts working again and Morning Sir contacts his father. He warns his father that he will die the next afternoon on a prostitute's bed due to a drug overdose. Dahe is skeptical, but reluctantly promises to listen to his son's suggestion and remain at home the next day.

Zhaojun arranges a boat on the pretext of letting his stepdaughter escape. Just as his henchman tries reaches for the gun to kill Gao Shan at the jetty, Morning Sir calls Zhaojun and warns him not to endanger her life because he has incriminating evidence against him. Morning Sir then sets up a rendevous with Zhaojun, agreeing to bring the videotape in exchange for Gao Shan's freedom. When Morning Sir accuses Zhaojun of manipulation, Gao Shan is filled with disbelief and shoots him. Just as Morning Sir slumps on the floor, Zhaojun's true character comes to the fore and he tries to silence Gao Shan. At the critical moment, Morning Sir recovers, protects Gao Shan and places Zhaojun under arrrest. Morning Sir tries to call his father but is very anxious when he cannot reach him. Gao Shan is also arrested. She confesses the truth to Morning Sir and tells him under her stepfather's instructions, she abetted him in Guoshen's murder, framed and later killed Ah Yu. She expresses remorse for her actions and deeds against her family. Shijing visits Gao Shan, telling her the family has forgiven her and Gao Shan is touched.

Gao Shan has to serve a ten-year prison sentence. Morning Sir tells Gao Shan he is willing to wait for her release and even recounts their past together. She feels uncomfortable hearing this. Morning Sir goes shopping for a ring for Gao Shan and suddenly receives a SMS telling him that she has escaped and plans to commit suicide from one of the tall buildings. He rushes to the place to stop her. Gao Shan tells him she isn't the Gao Shan he knows, she didn't share those events with him, and that the woman he loves is Gao Shan in the other dimension and not her so she doesn't want to be a burden to him. Morning Sir is lost for words but insists on waiting for her and she is confused. Yue Ping has been selected to study a course in the UK and Morning Sir is elated for her. He tells her its because Dahe's spirit has been watching over her. A funny expression comes over Yue Ping's face and she says Dahe has been missing for twenty years - he didn't die. Morning Sir is startled and wonders why his father hasn't contacted him. He later discovers his father at the airport when he goes to send his mother and Zhengnan off, and learns that Dahe had become a monk twenty years ago. Dahe recounts the events that led him to become a believer and tells his son how he continued to watched over their family from afar. He notices his son's frustration when he talks about Gao Shan and tells him to take the ten years as a test of the depth of his love for her. Morning Sir later brings the ring with him when he visits Gao Shan in prison. Inspired by his father's words, he tells Gao Shan this a test of his love for her and he is confident he will surmount it just as his father did. Will she be moved?