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Thread: Tan Zhi Shen Tong underrated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yeung Gor
    Some theorize he injure the creator of 9yum junging during his career.
    Always a fascinating theory, though never one that's been proven. If it did happen, it happened before Wong Seung invented the 9 Yum Jen Ging. In fact, the theory goes that because he tasted defeat at Dook Goo Kau Bai's hands, Wong Seung spent the next 40 years devising a way to defeat him (and others in the Ming Cult). The result was the 9 Yum Jen Ging. Unfortunately, by that time, all of Wong Seung's competition had died or disappeared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yeung Gor
    I'm sure he has beaten fighters who we would consider Greats but comparing to Dugu, they were ordinary. .
    Not necessarily. Some time periods may have had a dearth of great fighters. Just look at the time period surroudning the 1st Hua Shan Sword tournament. The best fighter at the time was WCY. We will never know how much he dominated the greats at the tournament so we can't judge exactly how good he was. BUt just look at the next 4 best fighters in wulin at the time - 30-40 year old greats. Though they might have been great at the time - but they had to improve significantly to reach the points they were at durign LOCH. 30- 40 year old greats were like nobodies when you compare them to guys like Yang Guo and Guo Jing at that age.

    For the next 20 years or so between the first and Second Hua Shan tournament the 4 greats were undisputed best in Jiang Hu. Dugu retired at 40 - pre wooden sword stage. That means he probably roamed Jiang Hu max for 20-25 years. In that time frame he couudl have beaten up on fighters that were easily at the level that the greats were during the 20 year frame betweem Hua Shan tournaments.

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    So what exactly made Huang Yaoshi on par with the other greats if hama gong, yi yang zhi and xiang long shi ba zhang were superior martial arts than tan zhi shen gong?

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