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The Four Brothers Of Peking 《京城四少》
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Thread: The Four Brothers Of Peking 《京城四少》

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    Default The Four Brothers Of Peking 《京城四少》

    Chinese title: 京城四少

    I don't see an English name for the series. But the meaning roughly translate into "The Four Youngsters in the Capital". Figured I'd start a thread on it in case anyone else is watching. Personally, just rented it because the cast looks pretty nice.

    In case you're interested, it's a remake of a Taiwanese Drama from at least the early 90s. It's about 4 brothers separated at birth. Yet 20 years later, they all lived in Beijing during Qing Dynasty, but leading vastly different lives. I don't remember much about the original since I was so young at the time(except for the opening theme which was aweome). Except it was one of []ivery few[/i] Taiwan drama I found interesting growing up.
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    If I don't wrong, taiwan had maked this serie around realy 90...this serie is good...does the story is same the taiwan version???

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    I only have vague memories of the Taiwan version. But so far(2 episodes in), the story looks about right. You have the 3rd brother that grew up in the brothel as the main character. There's the oldest one with the European education. Then there's the poor scholar, who for some reason I remember being really annoying. I have no recollection of the youngest brother, but he's still with their dad in this version.

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    any1 watching htis...my sis just rent this series wonder if this is good? i remembered my dad watched the taiwan version when i was young don;t remember anything from the series. i heard from other chinese site say nie yuan is funny in here..coment...!!!1

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