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New Series? Hidden Treasure
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Thread: New Series? Hidden Treasure

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    Default New Series? Hidden Treasure

    Hi all,

    from the TVB site, I saw the series Hidden Treasure (Fan Xing Da Shao)

    Is this the part II of the series?

    Anyone know about this

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    this is the series

    anyone know is this a new series?

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    This is not a new series. It was shown about a year ago in HK. TVB is re-screening this on their free channel because last year it was through their subscription-based channel only. This show replaces Yummyx2 at 8pm.

    Response was only lukewarm according to reports when it was shown 1 year ago. The only reason TVB is screening this according to speculations is because Bobby needs to be in the anniversary top 12 list and he doesn't have any series so far ...he does have an ancient series with kenix and tavia (Si Gong Investigations) but that is due for next year.

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    but why is the title 'fan xin da shao'? the chinese title of hidden treasures is 'ya liao jie de jin dan' right?
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