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Thread: Mo Dong Sect's relationship with other sects after CCS/YSS's suicides

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    Default Mo Dong Sect's relationship with other sects after CCS/YSS's suicides

    The Mo Dong Sect, including Cheung 3 Fung, evidently placed the blame for the suicides of Cheung Chui San and Yan So So on the members of the other five orthodox sects (although there was also the underlying cause of CCS and YSS's feelings of guilt over the crippling of Yu Doi Nam). Even the normally unvengeful and forgiving Cheung 3 Fung offered to teach young Cheung Mo Gei martial arts so he could one day avenge his parents. The relationship between Mo Dong and the other sects definitely took a bitter turn here.

    And yet, a few years later, the Mo Dong Sect joined the other sects in the assault against the Ming Cult's headquarters at Gwong Ming Peak, and was still a regular participant in wulin affairs. Given the understandable resentment that built up between Mo Dong and the rest of wulin following Cheung Chui San and Yan So So's suicides, how was it that Mo Dong was willing to cooperate with the rest of wulin again?

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    It was a Unioin of 6 major sects. The attack upon the Ming Cult was supposed to be for the benifit of Wulin anyways. They were believe to be evil and destroying them would achieve peace for Wulin, which was the irony. There is probly some bitterness inside the Modong heroes, but creating peace in Wulin should still be their priority.

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    Because the character of Wudang was one of the least hyprocritical seen in JY's stories. Their heroes really wanted the best for Wulin and will do so over their own needs. Even YDY thought that Z3F would be more happy if he were late to his birthday for the sake of doing a good deed.

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