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Thread: "The Buddhist Palm" - comparison with Hong Lung 18 Palms

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exodus
    What sacrifice?
    Well firstly you have to kill off all desires to master its power to learn it. Then you will have to be enlightened. F that. What's the point of learning it then?
    "Anything you can't say NO to is your MASTER, and you are its SLAVE."

    "I disapprove of what I say, but I will defend to the death my right to say it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Candide
    Well firstly you have to kill off all desires to master its power to learn it. Then you will have to be enlightened. F that. What's the point of learning it then?

    learn it first and then turn to the dark side

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    den your body will collapse and you will die aww

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFT
    PJ, not many people went after 9Yang either, except for Wan Hak Sai and Siu Seung Tze. So 9Yang can't be that good?
    Not a lot of people knew about 9 yang. How those two even know about 9 yang is quite a mystery in itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ
    Not a lot of people knew about 9 yang. How those two even know about 9 yang is quite a mystery in itself.
    My theory is that they went to Shaolin to raid the Manuscript Library, maybe for Yik Gun Ging, etc. But when they got there they came across Gok Yuen and could sense his incredible internal energy. Upon further observation they found him regularly consulting a certain manuscript ... bingo!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athena
    The speed of South Emperor reverend Yideng was very impressive (if not equally or perhaps even better than Dongfang Bubai?). And Guo Jing thought that the Yiyang Finger of reverend Yideng would certainly be an asset in a battle. Speed has never been a problem for the Greats in my opinion, but are they as fast as Xiao Longnu (who is the fastest of everyone). I always believe that Xiao Longnu is better in speed than Dongfang Bubai.
    Thanks, Athena. So my memory was right then. Anyway, I think my opinion is not much different from you.

    To others, I think, when JY wrote XAJH, he want to create a novel with all characters playing some kind of political roles, you know. Shaolin Abbot is no different. If I remember correctly, this abbot was viewed by JY as a head of a powerful/big political party which every of his move has to be very careful and proper. For example, when YBQ and another bad powerful guy (I forget his name) try to unify the 5 sword mountain schools (sorry if I use a crappy name), politically this will create a new big powerful party (beside Shaolin and Wudang) that might cause trouble to Shaolin and Wudang. I cannot conclude whether, in the deepest of their mind, they (Shaolin/Wudang "party") concern whether the whole wu lin will get into trouble or not...you know, politicians always talk about their concern for the good of the whole country most (if not all) the time, right? To prevent this to happen, Shaolin abbot and Wudang leader went to see LHC and convince him to interfere the situation (they cannot do it directly because of their "positions") since they believe that at least, if LHC is the leader, he will not be their enemy (or LHC might be easier to be controlled by them, technically speaking).

    The whole of my talk is that I'm pretty sure that JY view this abbot as a politician. As you know there are many types of politician. YBQ who might look nice outside but inside is very ambitious and cunning. However, YBQ is a leader of somewhat lesser party and want to go bigger. I wonder, what YBQ look like for the reader's eyes, if he is a leader of a big/powerful party and the whole wu lin....in this case, he might not show his true color easily (who know...he might "act" exactly the same way as the Shaolin abbot if YBQ replace the abbot position in the story). What I try to say is that it is hard to conclude the Shaolin abbot's level of enlightenment especially when I view him as a politician (as most of characters in XAJH).
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    I haven't read the comics that the Buddhist Palm originated from, but after watching the 1982 movie


    and the 1992 tvb series (hilarious series)


    I have to say that the Buddhist Palm is much stronger than anything found in the JY universe. The 9th move Wrath of the Ten Thousand Buddhas is as strong as an aerial bombardment.

    The 10th move, which is only found in the TV series, can make the user fly into space, shake the earth and make volcanoes active...

    I highly recommend these "old school" movies and TV series, very entertaining.

    I don't like the modern series as much, even serials that are based on some of my favorite novels are boring. I tried to watch the newest Dagger Li serial, and found AH FEI to be very girly instead of a cold young man who grew up in the wilds. Li XunHuan himself is a pretty boy, hardly the melancholic middle-aged drunkard from the novel.

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    I remember reading about buddist palm is far more begining era than 18 subduing dragon palm
    Which is created by the buddha himself to fight evil in era of devil and chao the skills has 9 stance and 9 god weapon bestowed upon the 8 buddha disciples and the last stance is for ppl who can complete all 8 stance unfortunately 8 buddha disciples all doesnt had those requirement,
    Later then it resurfaced in tang dynasty used by li shi min he only know 4 stance of buddha palm and found the tang dynasty,after this i remember that some guy name long ge er/little dragon that manages to mastered 9 stance and even acquired the 9 god weapon and bring peace to the land after twng dynasty was overthrown,and the next user is long jiu zhou i dunno how deep his understanding but i remember he using 8 stance,after the story goes by
    9 stance of buddha palm said was lost for centuries and shaolin keep 4 stances and later derived became 4 jianbo of shaolin kungfu based on bodhidharma teaching maybe 1 of them is yi jinjing,and 1 stances is keep by tibetian monastery and they derived to sumthing called whatccamacallit sutra(sry i frgot).also being said that the 9 stances transcrib still in india the original place this skill was created.
    So i think if compared to 18 dragon palm that will be way to out of league because buddha palm is something like the origin of kungfu

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