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Thread: The Good Old Days

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    I remember watching this series when I was a child. I thought Ho Sang was the biggest, most annoying jerk ever, and I didn't get why all these women were falling for him left and right. I still think he's a jerk.

    That aside, I did enjoy the drama. Amy and Sheren were awesome, and I especially love Sheren's character.

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    I'm currently rewatching this and enjoy it even more as I'm 'more matured' now :-D
    First I thought Steve was very charming and manly. Anyway, he got quite a jerk lateron even after he returned. I totally comprehend his patriotic feelings but he is the oldest son of the family and just left his wife and family behind. Dont know why Paul was so proud of him while despising Gilbert.
    Gilbert was so funny somehow when he's fighting with all those street hustlers and so on. I'm more the traditional Kind of Person so I didnt want Gilbert anderen Amy to end up with another, but hopefully he found real happiness with Sau Lai ... Steve deserves nothing somehow XD even Lok Ping was more likeable than him although he was awful at First. Totally love Sheren and Lam Wei . Their love seemed more reasonable anderen sincere.

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    I watched this drama when I was very is indeed the good old days!

    A very nice and meaningful drama..

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