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Thread: Most remember moment in TBS series

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    Default Most remember moment in TBS series

    What moment from any TBS series that stay with you for a long time, something that you can remember all the time and love the most?

    Mine is 1986 Duke of Mount Deer with Tony Leung. The moment when he was in the big pink bed with all of his seven wives!! haha he had the thing carry in the street and everyone was looking. I saw it when i was 6-7 and it still leave an image in my mind and crack me up everytime i think of it or seen it.
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    i remember the proposal from sam to zoe in TITS...
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    i love the scene in return of condor heroes by louis koo, when he finally saw xiao long nu in under the valley after 16 years. the emotion is so intense. the two of them look like a pair made in heaven.

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