I've been wondering the same thing as you guys, the official name for the series is "The Next Magic" and if I had to guess it would have to do something with SAFT. I'm hoping Nic films another Ancient Series in 2013 lol but I don't think he will have time. But I heard Bodyguards and Assassins is making a TV Series with Nic as a possible cast member. They were polling on which actors to cast and Nic is actually second in the polling behind Wallace Chung. He has Special Rescue Heroes right now, then a action movie with Chow Yun Fat, then after that he has the movie "Enter the Master" with Donnie Yen. So a busy 2013 for Nic. Here is the news about "Enter the Master" http://twitchfilm.com/2012/11/donnie...he-master.html