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Thread: Supreme Arrow God (至尊箭神) by EK巧克力

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    Default Supreme Arrow God (至尊箭神) by EK巧克力


    (Supreme Arrow God)
    Author: EK巧克力 (EK Chocolate)




    Ye Xing unexpectedly arrived in the Star Continent(Xingchen Dalu), transcending ones mind, a legendary saga starts in the Star Continent, no magic, no grudge!

    A warrior absorbing the stars energy to strengthen the body, astonishing the heavens, smashing the starry skies, stepping on the universe!

    Sword qi weaving in the nine heavens, the blade ripping apart the blue skies, precious weapon piercing, star collapsing and breaking to ruins, the Arrow God arises, severing the soul!

    An enchanting star descends on the earth encompassing the whole sky.

    The Arrow God must not be provoked, wherever you hide, no matter if separated by countless sky, the massive lands, the Arrow God sees and can do his bidding.

    Pure genuine immortal, the sword going against the heavens, immeasurable true immortal, the Arrow God is born.
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    Chapter 1: Surpassing Mind

    Late at night, the sky was black like ink.

    There was a brilliant meteor streaking across the sky, completely illuminating the dark skies.

    In the state of Xing Chen Da Lu(Star continent), there is a void with an immense palace floating on the sky.

    There is an elderly man wearing a black robe holding a cyan scepter bowing towards a throne.

    Servant Si pays respects to the king!

    On the throne was a middle aged man wearing a majestic cyan robe, giving off a majestic aura like an immovable mountain.

    The majestic middle aged man gave a slight nod towards the elderly man in the palace hall.

    What may be the reason for the state elder Si Kong to have an audience with me?

    The old man shook and knelt: My Lord, this servant immediately went for an audience after discovering this night; a star descended the Wan Nian Dynasty. I did not dare to neglect this sighting, this is the reason for having an audience with the king!

    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    The heaven and earth started to shake, the eyes middle aged man on the throne suddenly let out a bright gaze!

    Who dared create chaos in my Dynasty? Kill without mercy!

    The middle aged man abruptly stood up letting out a mighty force.

    He had a tall stature, like a giant born to intimidate others.

    Si Kong kneeling stated: This servant already gave his best and investigated, the star descended in the east, it gave life to someone name Ye!

    The middle aged man went silent for a while, he moved away from the throne, with killing intent flashing in his eyes and in a cold voice:

    Give out an order throughout the Xing Chen Da Lu, find anyone with the surname and related to Ye, kill them with no mercy!

    Yes my lord, this servant will immediately carry out the order!

    Si Kong paid respect to the king, stood up and bowed, turned and left!

    In the east there was an endless territory, inside of which was the insignificant small town Ye Zhen.

    In the small town Ye Zhen there was a number one clan, it was the Ye Clan!

    This night was a very important night for the Ye Clan, because the beautiful mother of the clan was pregnant, tonight was the time for labor.

    15 years ago the beautiful woman was also pregnant, however it wasnt meant to be because the body was waste born with broken veins!

    For a dozen of years the beautiful woman has not been pregnant, until this year she finally succeeded.

    If the second child was once again a failure, naturally the position of master will shift.

    That is why the beautiful woman becoming pregnant was the focus of attention of everyone in the clan, especially those wanting the position as master.

    The Ye clan courtyard was bustling with liveliness, while those looking at the position were unhappy.

    The courtyard was massive with multiple lamps used to light up the place, there is a youngster aged 15 to 16 lying in bed.

    In the room was a servant girl with the same age awaiting any orders.

    Suddenly the youngster in the bed abruptly opened his eyes; an unfamiliar sight appeared in the eyes of Ye Xing.


    Ye Xing suddenly stood up, his eyes filled with unfathomable color.

    What is going on?

    Ye Xing mind felt like it was struck by lightning, memories started to go around.

    Thats right! I passed through a super computer connection that went to this mysterious fantasy world to observe!

    In this mysterious fantasy world, I am a hunter, made to use a bow to fight a boss and rule the world, after then..?

    Now that I think about it, there was a warning: A problem occurred with the super computer connection; all players please disconnect immediately or face the consequences.

    Ah! I was fighting a boss, then in the last minute then it suddenly told me to disconnect from the game?

    I hesitated and there was 35 seconds left, afterthere was no after.

    How am I here?

    I did not quit the game?

    Dont tell me I am in a virtual world?

    For that moment, Ye Xing was filled with questions!

    He immediately raised both of his hands, what he saw was young tender hand, his mind was struck; in a flash he had the answer!

    It was hard to accept the reality.

    Young master, you woke up?

    Ye Xing moved astounding the maid, walking towards the servant girl.

    He looked again at his hands, it was a young persons hands, it was not his in-game hands, nor was it his real hands.

    Confirming he was in another world, in addition he was also now a young man.

    You are?

    Ye Xing looked at the maid while making his way over with a puzzled expression.

    Young master, I am Xiao Qing, do you not remember me young master!

    The servant girl with an anxious complexion looked at Ye Xing: You and Ye Hu probably had a competition leading to the young master hitting his head, young master you need to be more careful, I am Xiao Qing, do you remember, I am Xiao Qing!

    With Xiao Qings words Ye Xing started to have a headache remembering a lot of memories, causing his eyebrows to wrinkle and held his head with both hands.

    After a moment, Ye Xing put both of his hands down and looked up with his clear bright eyes: I remember, I saw Shuang Ling and Ye Qing together causing anger, and there was an argument!

    Xiao Qing repeatedly nodded: Yes young master, it seems your head did not break after all. Young miss Shuang Ling is your fiance, and young master Ye Qing arranged a date, no wonder young master was filled with fury. They proceeded to beat the young master; sadly the young master cant interact with the stars force and unable to enter Wu Dao (Martial Way). Naturally they were not an opponent for the young master even if you use all your strength. Also you had a rock climbing competition with Ye Hu almost losing your life, the clan master was frightened.

    The memories of Ye Xing started to all come back, all thanks to Xiao Qing recalling all the events that transpired.

    At this moment there was no longer anger in his heart, but instead was excitement.

    With the old Ye Xings memory he knew he was in Xing Chen Da Lu and no longer in earth. In this world one can cultivate.

    Ye Xing in earth was an orphan, otherwise he would not have joined this dangerous project to measure the mysterious fantasy world. After arriving in Xing Chen Da Lu one can cultivate to be an expert, this makes the somewhat game-like world to be more refreshing and exciting.

    In the future I will be a an expert, who will Ye Hu and Ye Qing be, they will be kneeling before me!

    Ye Xing with his delusion for the tomorrow happily laughed.

    Ye Xing cant use magic however he can absorb the power of the many stars in the heavens to cultivate.

    In the Xing Chen Da Lu, the only way one can enter the Wu Dao is through the interaction and absorption of the stars.

    Obviously not everyone can interact with the stars and absorb its power. Out of 10 people, approximately only 4 can interact with the stars and do martial arts, the remaining 6 cant and forever will not be able to cultivate, living their whole lives as mere mortals.

    Ordinary mortals, even if they try to reach the peak of their physical body through exercise, the highest one can get is only equivalent to the 3rd layer of martial apprentice, incapable of being a real expert.

    Xing Chen Da Lu is the world of the strong, a world of warriors. Ordinary people are like ants, without the affinity with the stars; one can never be a warrior and can only be considered as having a waste of a body.

    Young master, your body is broken and has no affinity with the stars, Im afraid as time passes you will not be able to compare with young master Ye Hu. Furthermore it was said that young master Ye Qing has already entered the 4th layer of Wu Dao.

    Xiao Qing seeing Ye Xing happy, she immediately splashed called water on him by reminding him of his bodys situation.

    Not all the memories of the past Ye Xing has come back, leading him to not know and ask:

    I am crippled? What is crippled?

    Xiao Qings knowledge is not very high; however she still was able to enter Wu Dao and is currently in the 1st layer of martial apprentice. This topic is common sense in this world.

    Young master, only through the absorption of the stars power can one enter Wu Dao, but you cant sense the power of the stars, even if you give your best in strengthening your body, the best you can achieve is the 3rd layer of martial apprentice. The distance from being a real martial expert is too vast.

    How cant I induce the power of the stars? Xiao Qing, tell me, how can others do it while I cannot!

    Ye Xing is suddenly lifted his head, he is not the same person as the old Ye Xing, he has arrived in a world where one can cultivate, which is something he wants to be able to do in his life.

    Fate led him to this situation; surely he cannot waste this chance.

    On earth he was an orphan that did not enjoy much success, but after arriving in this world, one can cultivate. A desire surged from his heart to rule and be king.

    Young master, you have tried many times, and time and time again you failed to induce the power of the stars. You are at least not alone, out of 10 people, 6 cannot use the power.

    Xiao Qing let Ye Xing recognize the reality he is in.

    I will try again! Ye Xing said with a faint smile unwilling to waver.

    Young master you must live one, do not try anything rash..!

    Xiao Qing sighed, with a helpless voice said: First you must meditate your 5 internal parts(heart, mind, intention, center, core), you will be trying to find a star that can relate to you, until then can you only use the power of the stars and be able to cultivate.

    Ye Xing listened to what Xiao Qing had just said; he concentrated at the 5 parts of Xiao Qing which made a weird situation.

    His eyes were like scanners, completely observing Xiao Qings whole body and entering her mind. Its as if her body became transparent and the force within her body can be seen clearly.

    What is this all about?

    Ye Xing was shocked, it seems like his eyes were different compared to normal people.

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    Chapter 2: Surpassing Mind

    Ye Xing felt a familiarity to the mind.

    After joining the project regarding the mysterious fantasy world, a lot of things happened such as him being able to scan bodies like a computer.

    Dont tell me..?

    Ye Xings mind shook, an incredible idea popped up in his mind!

    Like a supercomputer, his mind is a million times faster than that of a normal person!

    Ye Xing was very clear about the situation, a supercomputer mind has a lot of benefits, most obvious of most is that he will be extremely smart.

    One can have very good memory, also able to understand and learn many things. This talent is so good that it even can be considered as evil.

    On order to confirm his thoughts, he gazed away from Xiao Qing and concentrated on a wall.

    The scanning capability is not only limited to the human body.

    Surely enough, gazing at the wall Ye Xing can see through and see its complete composition, seeing minerals that did not exist in earth!

    The scanning is also not limited to one wall, immediately he saw through the second wall, then to the third making them seem transparent. The walls no longer seemed real rather look like see through veins. After penetrating the third wall he saw a man, this was his parents hall.


    Ye Xings heart shook, he was an orphan and never had parents, however just by looking he instinctively felt that they were his parents.

    Although they were the parents of the previous host of the body, the feeling is very deep. When Ye Xing was born, Ye Fei Hong and Liu E were very disappointed because of his crippled body, nonetheless they still cared for him.

    Recently though, since Liu E is pregnant with her second child, both parents focused their sole attention to the incoming child and neglected Ye Xing slowly becoming indifferent.

    As the time for labor comes closer and closer, Liu E started not going out causing Ye Fei Hong also to stay and take care of his ife.

    The second child will determine if there will be a proper descendant, Ye Xing being crippled naturally was ignored and given up on focusing on what is major.

    Ye Xing recalled, he was a filial son, deep down the previous host of the body was the yearning for his parents.

    Although the previous host was a cripple and cannot practice proper martial arts, he still gave his best to strengthen his body. So even if he is only a young 16 year old kid, there still is the accumulated strength after years of exercise.

    Ye Xing in an unnatural world did not know know what path to take, the Ye Clan has been a martial family for generations, therefore he wanted to try to cultivate and stay with his family.

    Since he took someone elses body, of course he will use the identity of the original owner and remain with the family.

    To him, the original hosts parents were now also his parents.

    As for his fiancee, he coldly snorted, sooner or later he would divorce her!

    Its already late at night, but there are still a lot of people in the hall. It seems like his mother is about to have a second child.

    The incoming child, no matter a male or female, his father did not like him much already, what more when the child is born. He is scared of the consequences and the more hate he will receive.

    Ye Xing sighed, if the previous owner did not die, then his future would have not been bright.

    Now however all those things do not matter, all he needs is the identity, no love from the father, no love from the mother, these do not matter to him.

    Suddenly he heard something from Xiao Qing: Young master, do you understand?

    Ye Xing suddenly looked back, nodded and said: Not to worry!

    Although Ye Xing only took a glance at Xiao Qing, he can already see clearly the power within her.

    Ye Xing immediately copied what Xiao Qing is doing and started to meditate. It was like a journey in the skies with many stars, he started to induce the powers of the stars.

    In a blink of an eye, Ye Xing felt power to surge from a faraway distance that started to descend and envelop his body.

    In an instant, after inducing the power of the stars, it seemed like one of the huge stars became more visible and power surged through it dropping on his body giving a relaxing feeling making him happy.

    Ye Xing was surprised. he felt his strength increasing, his power was being upgraded.

    Youngyoung master, you can now truly access the power of the stars?

    Xiao Qing touched her lips, eyes filled with shock, looking where Ye Xing is.

    At this moment, Ye Xing was no longer in the roof top, rather he was in a pitch black sky.

    When Ye Xing is inducing the power, there is a pitch black sky, at the distance there is a massive star silhouette, however it still is indiscernible. To Xiao Qing, all she sees is the pitch black skies, her understanding is different from Ye Xing.

    After discerning the stars for the stars for the first time, it was unusual, after interacting more with the stars there was something called the Xian Xiang.

    Xing Xiang, is the foundation of discerning the stars, the distance plays a significant role when it comes to aptitude.

    Xiao Qing never heard of this therefore never knew how to differentiate, but this is due to the dark sky which is hard to notice.

    Now that Ye Xing can do this, it can be proven that he can use the power of the stars to strengthen himself.

    Xiao Qing cannot believe it, before Ye Xing no matter how hard he tried always failed, this time finally succeeded and doing it with ease, as if the previous setback is being reversed.

    As far as she aware, the first induction of the stars takes along time, the fastest usually takes at least 12 hours, it requires a lot of time.

    Dont tell me that because before he often tried to grasp the stars power, it accumulated finally building up making finally possible and easy to induct the power.

    Xiao Qing is having second thoughts, what if he really used a lot of time, or maybe he never was crippled and unparalleled in aptitude?

    After the star power entered the body of Ye Xing it started to strengthen his body with a brilliant effect, however Ye Xing is aware that he is only absorbing some, most of the power is wasted away.

    This is due to too much of the power surging causing most of it to be wasted, but it also helped rapidly increase and improve.

    Ye Xings mind spun, according to Xiao Qing there is a method to control the power within the body.

    Ye Xing immediately used his strong mind to scan the body, he found out that Xiao Qing used 3 channels to control the stars power, all of it going through the 3 channels.

    Suddenly, with the use of the 3 channels more power surged in then spread by the channels throughout the body. With this, Ye Xings absorption rate increased again by ten times.

    Ye Xings body at all corners are being strengthened, power slowly rising, in a quarter of an hour the black sky started to fade, the connection was cut stopping the absorption.

    At this moment, Ye Xing feels like his strength increased around 2 to 3 times compared to beforehand, his body filled with power.

    Using his mind and eyes, he discovered his strength is now slightly greater than Xiao Qings at the 1st layer in warrior, showing he already entered Wu Dao. After entering the 1st layer, his Dan Tian started to form with his star ring.

    The first night Ye Xing arrived in Xing Chen Da Lu, he already took the first step in the Wu Dao. There was excitement in his heart, his dream to become the ruling expert, he took his first step to his journey.

    Ye Xing filled with hope and pride states: Xing Chen Da Lu, I, Ye Xing has come, I will surely cultivate to become an expert, to walk the path of a ruler, I have arrived in Xing Chen Da Lu!

    After hearing the statements Ye Xing have said, Xiao Qing hearing this naturally giggled.

    In the eyes of Xiao Qing, her young master was in an incomparable situation, cultivating to be an expert, what a complete joke!

    Xiao Qing smiles and says: Young master you just started to interact with the stars, not even sure how long until you can reach the first layer, the distance to becoming an exceptional master is just too far!

    Regarding Xiao Qings contempt, Ye Xing did not mind and asked: You told me the boundary to become an exceptional master is too hard? Why is the distance so big?

    Xiao Qing then replies: In Wu Dao, there are nine realms, before only exercising can only reach the 3rd layer known as martial apprentice, this is only the start, only after passing 3 more layers can one genuinely say one is a warrior.

    Xiao Qings voice started to get worked up: Only after reaching the 7th layer can exert internal force externally, known as the martial master, only then can one be considered a master but this too is only a layer. In the entire Star state, after reaching the 8th layer, the martial scholar, can one be widely considered an expert.

    Xiao Qings tone changed: Leaving out the Star state, a genuine expert is at the 9th layer, still this cannot be known as an exceptional expert!

    Ye Xing then asked: What can then be considered an exceptional expert?

    Xiao Qing taking a deep breathe and having respect said:

    Beyond the 9 layers in the Wu Dao is the martial saint, finally can be considered an exceptional expert with the strength of thousands of men!

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    Thanks. It seems very insteresting.

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    Chapter 3: Martial Arts

    Haha! To me the martial saint, also the 9th layer of the Wu Dao is not that far.

    Ye Xing laughed out loud, not really understanding the great difficulty needed to be passed to reach the 9th layer of Wu Dao.

    He was very confident, with his excellent mind, to him the distance to the martial saint is not that far.

    Not that far?Xiao Qing exclaimed: Young master are you crazy, thinking that reaching the martial way is easy!

    After taking a deep breathe, Xiao Qing remembered that Ye Xing hit his head just earlier, naturally not knowing the hardships to get to the 9th layer of Wu Dao, much less the martial saint.

    Young master, the Ye Clan is the sole power in Ye Zhen, but even the clan master is merely on the 5th layer of Wu Dao. Also, the wife of the clan master is merely in the 7th layer of the Wu Dao and is already is a power.

    Xiao Qing with a profound tone said: In the entire Shan region, encompassing about a thousand li(500 meters), there are many warriors, but there is only one martial saint. The difference between a normal warrior and a martial saint is massive, it is like the heaven and earth. With what you have just said a moment ago, you must not say to other people or you might as well die!

    Ye Xing just smiled, naturally his view of the Wu Dao and Xing Chen Da Lu is different.

    Even with the clear explanation of Xiao Qing regarding the Wu Dao, Ye Xing was still confident and not feeling any pressure at all.

    Martial saint! A peerless master!

    Ye Xing mouthed silently, in his mind he wants to be a peerless master, the martial saint is his goal.

    Young master, although the distance to the martial saint is too far, at least you can finally use the stars power, finally entering the Wu Dao and also not a cripple anymore. The clan and your parents will surely be happy, I will now report this to the clan master and the lady!

    Seeing Ye Xing stop saying anything, she happily left the room.

    Not long after, Xiao Qing immediately came back with a happy face: Congratulations young master, the lady finally has a second child, the young master now has a little brother!

    Ye Xing gust gave a faint smile, if he was the original host, he would care, however he is not causing him to feel not needing the congratulation.

    If the second child was a female, it would have been better, however it is a son which obviously makes his position even worse.

    Young master you dont seem too happy, Ah I see, you fear that the clan master and lady will only pay attention to your little brother and disregard you? Now that I think about it recently they have not been paying the young master too much attention anymore!

    Xiao Qing was just really simple-minded, not even thinking about it when see said it directly to Ye Xing.

    Fortunately he wasnt the same Ye Xing anymore, after Xiao Qing spoke, he just laughed it away.

    He by no means care even a little bit if his parents do not love him!

    Xiao Qing finally realized was she should not have said, trying to smile and said: Young master, you may see him tomorrow, you just woke up and must rest for the night. The next day after eating your meal, you then can see the clan master!

    After Xiao Qing leaves, Ye Xing was lying in bed. Although he was excited that in this world one can cultivate, he still is a bit shocked in suddenly arriving in this world.

    This was just unbelievable, he unexpectedly arrived at Xing Chen Da Lu, it was just too unfathomable!

    Im finally in this dream, or is it finally the dream is with me?

    Ye Xing began to doubt if this was all real, was he really in Xing Chen Da Lu, or was he just in earth having a dream.

    But he just disregarded the idea, his memories of earth were very distinct, the ones here are a bit fuzzy. All Ye Xing can do is move forward and remember more.

    It is impossible to have distinct memories in a dream, he can clearly remember everything about earth. There must have been a reason for his soul to arrive in Xing Chen Da Lu and being in the body of this young Ye Xing.

    Ye Xing doubts that he will be able to return to earth in this lifetime, he must make sure no one in Ye Zhen know that he is a different person now.

    He tried to recall, combining his own memories to that of the original host.

    Unfortunately, even if he tried, he only recalled few memories from the original master.

    He was a youngster in the Ye Zhen, his father named Ye Fei Hong the clan master, and his mother named Liu E the clan lady.

    Since before he couldnt really use the stars power and couldnt cultivate, he only knew one practice of chinese boxing Bone Crushing Fist.

    Bone Crushing Fist, considered to be in the lower grade martial art, and barely can be seen as chinese boxing. It was useful for refining the body, making the body and bones strong.

    Having strong bones is fundamental, as what they say, the first to be refined is the cone.

    Ye Xing being awake without doing anything decided to use the Bone Crushing Fist, punching towards the air making echo sounds showing the power behind it, at last the bones of his body were refined.

    After one punch from the Bone Crushing Fist, 38 echoes can be heard.

    Ye Xing remembered when the original host tried to use this technique,he only succeeded in creating 18 echoes. It seems after assimilating the power of the stars, his body became stronger and so did his bones.

    The Bone Crushing Fist was a common body strengthening chinese boxing technique. Even the normal people without the power of the stars can utilize this technique and strengthen their bodies.

    The Bone Crushing Fist in total has 4 stages, the 1st stage is the easiest and can be easily learned. As long as you make an echo, that can be already considered as entering the first stage and learning the technique.

    The 2nd stage then requires to be able to create 30 echoes, this was also quite easy to attain even for those in the 1st layer of martial apprentice.

    It is when trying to get the 3rd stage things get hard, one must make 70 echos. This was hard for normal people and usually people in the 2nd layer of martial apprentice can attain this.

    For the 4th stage, one must create 100 echos and only attainable those reaching the 3rd layer of martial apprentice.

    The old Ye Xing only can do 18 echos meaning he just was in the first stage, however just now he already created 38 echos. This means he has quite the understanding of the technique in this stage.

    Ye Xing, of course was not just satisfied with 38 echos, he continued to practice the Bone Crushing Fist which he scanned with his brain. The brain immediately analyzed every aspect and effects the technique can give.

    At the same time, his brain was making adjustments to make the cultivation better. It discovered that the Bone Crushing Fist is just not only about the bones.

    Thus, with Ye Xings control, the brain improved the Bone Crushing Fist, once again making variations to the style.

    Originally the Bone Crushing Fist has 27 moves, each move cultivating 3 to 4 bones, altogether cultivating 100 bones.

    After the variation made by his mind, the number of moves was raised to 36 moves, each move refining 4 to 6 bones, altogether 206 bones are completely cultivated.

    Ye Xing and his mind were in complete synchronization, his mind being able to create a new style.

    What is this? My mind can create can create its own martial arts? Haha! This surpassing mind is really extraordinary. The Bone Crushing fist had a limit of cultivating 100 bones, the perfect brain however making the technique be able to cultivate 206 bones of the body. I have to say, Im a genius Haha!

    Ye Xings mood was very pleasant, in the room he began to practice the newly created and perfected Bone Crushing Fist!

    Punching with the Bone Crushing Fist, his body was able to create 48 echoes. With just another try of cultivation, he already increased by 10 echoes!

    The perfected Bone Crushing Fist was indeed extraordinary, not only does it refine to body and bone, with the brains modification, the effects are even greater.

    Naturally with the 10 added echoes, it is not much, however just now the echoes that sounded out was extremely oppresing.

    If this is how the bone is really cultivated, the sound is really crisp and at the same time also a strong force erupts out.

    Ye Xing just arrived in Xing Chen Da Lu, still not sleeping and energetically practiced the Bone Crushing Fist over and over again.

    With night passing, using the perfected technique, Ye Xing can now create 72 echoes with a strong sound. However he just can make completely clear crisp of 46 echoes therefore he has yet to reach the higher levels.

    In merely a night, Ye Xing already refined 8 bones which is considered fast. With already being able to reach 72 echoes, how long would it take for him to reach the highest level?

    Practicing the whole night, Ye Xing was covered with sweat but he is not sleepy at all. After arriving the new strange world, he is filled with interest and passion.

    Ya, young master what is up, why are you full of sweat?

    Early morning Xiao Qing arrived with breakfast was extremely surprised.

    Today I was in good spirits, practicing the Bone Crushing Fist earlier.

    Ye Xing indifferently stated, regarding the improvement of the technique his lips were sealed.

    In the Ye clan there is the 4th layer of Wu Dao and 5th layer of Wu Dao, reaching the 100 bones of the Bone Crushing Fist. Improving such a technique even though ordinary is a hard task.

    Especially reaching the 206 bone refinement, Im afraid such a thing goes against the heavens.

    Ye Xing did not want to be in the spotlight in Xing CHen Da Lu, all it will bring is a bad outcome.

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    Chapter 4: Martial Arts

    Ye Xing took a bath, changed his clothes and ate his meal. After which he followed Xiao Qing towards the courtyard and the main hall.

    Xiao Qing informed of their arrival, then were allowed to enter the room of Ye Xings parents.

    The Ye clans beautiful lady, Liu E was lying in a big bed with a newborn baby by her side.

    Liu Es full attention were to the baby and did not notice Ye Xing coming in.

    The same was for the Ye clan master Ye Fei Hong, stationed beside the bed paying attention to the infant. He only gave Ye Xing a glance then returned his attention to the infant in the bed.

    Beside the Ye Clan master was a young beautiful lady, looking at Ye xing gave a faint smile filled with mockery.

    Ye Xing immediately recognized the young girl, she was the original hosts cousin and fiancee, Liu Shuang.

    This girl was originally seen together with Ye Qing which made him extremely mad before, what is more the younger brother of his, Ye Hu, Ye Xing was also not a match.

    He tried to play his strength by challenging Ye Hu to rock climbing but ended up getting hurt causing the new person to occupy Ye Xings body.

    Father, Mother.

    Ye Xing this early wanted to exploit the original identity of the host, calling out to his mother and father.

    Hearing Ye Xing, Liu E turned towards him and gave an unenthusiastic smile: Xing er you came, quickly look at your younger brother.

    Ye Xing walked over to the bed, looking at the little kid: Whats the younger brothers name?

    This child will probably be the favorite, not that it matters because he is not the old Ye Xing: therefore he didnt have any unnatural expression.

    He will be called Ye Bao, his real name being Ye Chen.

    (TL: To clarify, Ye Bao is the nickname, while the real name is Ye Chen. Bao means jewel or gem, pretty much showing the favoritism already.)

    Liu E said with a smile, being happy that Ye Xing did not show any hostility to Ye Chen.

    Pausing for a bit, Liu E smiled and continued to say: Xing Er, last night Xiao Qing said you can already sense the star energy, is this true?

    En. Ye Xing nodded.

    Without any hint of joy, Liu E calmly stated: You can finally use the power of the stars, however even you are not crippled anymore, you are 16 this year. Your brother however was born with innate talent and a star descended showing good omen, which means his future is limitless. Starting today, all the medicine will be given to your brother, you have no say in this!

    As they say, poor language but abundant martial!

    To have a strong body, there must be adequate nutritional support for precious food for nourishing the blood and qi is not enough. Naturally medicine is needed to nourish the body.

    To refine the Wu Dao, it is necessary for important resources, this can not be done only by rich clans.

    Ye Xing in the past was a cripple, although he can practice the Bone Crushing Fist to 18 echos which is good compared to normal people, without the help of medical herbs he cant lay a solid foundation.

    For the previous Ye Xing, without these resources, it will be like his way of living will be cut off. Without the herbs, his Bone Crushing Fist wont improve, even after a while might digress.

    Ye Xing as the son of the mast of the clan, before at least had resources assigned to him. Now however it has been taken away by Liu E to give to Ye Chen, Ye Xing was obviously abandoned.

    In fact, Ye Xing being a cripple his parents already have given up on him, like a dead horse in a hospital, Ye Xing to them was just wasting resources.

    Now that there is a second son, of course they will try to cultivate him. Although Ye Xing can now induce star force, to Ye Fei Hong and Liu E it was too late, they had no shred of confidence in his future.

    I have no objection!

    Ye Xing has already foreseen this result, nothing unusual was happening.

    He did not complain, he had a surpassing brain as a blessing, who can compare to him? How can little resources hinder him?

    Ye Xing was free and at ease. This was contrary to the expectation to the parents expectation, they felt they do not understand him completely.

    To them this was good, there is no resentment between the family.

    Pretending to be generous!

    At the side, Liu Shuang being completely ignored by Ye Xing when he came was in a bad mood:

    Older cousin, it doesnt mean you can induce the power it will be smooth in cultivating. With your limited talent it will be difficult, resources are important, do you not feel bad at all?

    Ye Xing looked at Liu Shuang and narrowing his eyes: Giving to my younger brother, who I love dearly, is that something an outsider like you should care about?

    Liu Shuangs complexion turned blue, from childhood to now Ye Xing always chased her, when did this Ye Xing start talking to her like that?

    Uncle and Aunt, look at him.calling me an outsider!

    Liu Shuang stomped her foot as if about to cry, trying to move the two.

    Xing er, is that how you speak, Liu Shuang is your cousin and fiancee, not an outsider.!

    Liu E with a stern look faced him, Liu Shuang was her niece, naturally she cant let her be wronged.

    Fiancee!Ye Xing sneered, Liu Shuang to the old host was like a gem, to him however she wasnt even worth a blade of grass.

    Ye Xing, a mans heart should be broad, why are you so petty?

    Ye Fei Hong naturally knew the conflict between Ye Xing and the two brothers Ye Qing, Ye Hu, therefore taking his anger to Liu Shuang:

    Although Shuang Ling is your fiancee, she still is currently living with the Ye Clan and part of our younger generation. You losing to the brothers is only a little conflict, do not lose even more face!

    Ye Fei Hong was the clan master, Ye Xing, being born a cripple obviously caused him to dislike Ye Xing.

    After the competition between Ye Hu and Ye Xing, him falling unconscious became a family joke which made Ye Fei Hong burn with anger.

    However due to Ye Xing being in a coma, Ye Fei Hong didnt have the chance to vent his anger. Later on Ye Chen was born which caused him joy diluting a lot of the anger.

    Now that Ye Xing was in front of him, Ye Fei Hong started to recall of the matter which caused his anger to rise up again.

    Ye Xing remained silent, this cheap father was really interesting, his fiancee and another man were in a date, but instead he gets mad at him and wants him to bow down?


    Ye Xing reacted quickly, the date between Ye Qing and Shuang Ling is the matter of the old host, these things he did not care about at all.

    He started to recall, that Shuang Ling and Ye Qing were flirting with each other, obviously not a normal relationship causing the old Ye Xing to be irrationally mad.

    It was hard to say, there was no concrete evidence, in the eyes of others Ye Xing was being petty, causing him to feel inferior filled with envy.

    Besides, the Ye Xing now is different, he didnt even rey clarifying. In short all he needed was the original owners identity, first to stay until he is capable, sooner or later he will get out of here.

    This is dads lesson!

    Ye Xing did not get annoyed, his expression was constant, Ye Fei Hong felt like he punched cotton letting out his anger.

    Ye Xing again spoke: Dad, I now can sense the power of the stars, but can not cultivate a method, please bestow me knowledge!

    With Xiao Qings body, Ye Xing learned the three channel method, but his goal was clear; he wanted to use his identity to save the trouble and justify cultivating methods.

    Ye Fei Hong did not have any plans to teach him and even wanted to rebuke him, but with what Ye Xing had said he couldnt say it. He took out a book from his bosom and threw it to Ye Xing:

    You have to cultivate properly by yourself.

    Ye Xing took a look at the cover of the book which had three words, Evergreen Power.

    He knew this Evergreen Power method, it was a low grade method which everyone in the Ye clan who entered the Wu Dao uses.

    This was exactly what Ye Xing got from observing Xiao Qing cultivating, which was the 3 channels; with that however it can be seen the way she did it was full of mistakes.

    Ye Xings knowledge is really muddled, furthermore he did not have anyone to ask help from, even with his brain using a method with a lot of loopholes is quite bad. Now that he has the manual, it makes a big difference, now like the Bone Crushing Fist, he can cultivate it properly and perfect it.

    Thank you dad!

    Ye Xing caught the Evergreen Power, with a genuine smile on his face: Dad, mom, Ye Xing will leave first.

    Aunt, Uncle, I will now also take my leave! Liu Shuang Ling seeing the development, also decided to follow suit and leave.

    Older cousin, congratulations, more than 16 years old finally being able to sense the stars force, not a cripple anymore!

    Standing outside, Liu Shuang Ling overtook Ye Xing and softly said: It is a pity, brother Ye Qing who is also 16 is already at the 4th layer of Wu Dao, a genuine warrior. You however just entered the Wu Dao, hehe, no matter how hard you try you can not be compared to elder brother Ye Qing.

    After saying those words, laughing sounding like a small bell walked away.

    Wu Dao 4th layer?

    Ye Xing faintly smiled, his goal was the martial saint, a peerless master. Wu Dao at the 4th layer? Ye Xing never thought of comparing himself with Ye Qing in the first place.

    Returning to his room, Xiao QIng was waiting for Ye Xing. He let her leave and started to read the Evergreen power page by page.

    Every page his peerless brain will scan it putting the contents in his head permanently, even photographic memory is not as good as that.

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    Chapter 5: Breakthrough

    Evergreen power is a lower grade method that allows star energy to flow through 3 channels in the body.

    Ye Xing first learned the method through Xiao Qing, however she had too many loopholes so it was insufficient.

    Even with the manual, completely mastering the Evergreen power using the three channels can only absorb 80 percent of the power at most.

    With Ye Xing scanning the method with his brain, he improved the Evergreen Power.

    The deduction capabilities of the surpassing brain is indeed powerful. With the base knowledge of Evergreen and his brain, Ye Xing has been practicing the use of the 3 channels in his body, which he rapidly completely use to cultivate.

    Other using 1 channel can only assimilate 80 percent, with Ye Xing however, he can absorb it completely, all 3 working together is just as imagined.

    A completely opened channel, compared to a normal one with only the capability of absorbing 80 percent, the 20 percent boost is huge.

    With the same amount of time, Ye Xings cultivation speed surpasses that of a normal person.

    Besides, he also has his brain which helped him open the channels completely. Whats more is that his brain even improved it to the point of being able to use a 4th channel for cultivation.

    When the 4th channel is finally completely opened, the surpassing brain can also improve it to opening a 5th channel...

    Eventually, after the 5th channel was opened to its fullest, Ye XIng tried opening a sixth channel but it failed.

    Although the surpassing brain is amazing, it still havent fully comprehended Xing Chen Da Lus cultivation knowledge. The reason it was able to make the Evergreen Power perfect was due to knowing the base knowledge through the manual.

    Evergreen Power is merely a lower grade method, therefore very limited. The fact that the surpassing brain was able to improve it to the extent of opening a 5th channel is already going against the heavens.

    For every extra meridian, there is a qualitative leap forward, especially compared to the 80 percent 3 channels, the combined effects are al the least 10 times greater than the original.

    Practicing 5 channels has already gone beyond the realm of lower grade methods, even the best middle grade methods can only go up to 6 channels for cultivation.

    In other words, after the improvement of the surpassing mind, the grade of the Evergreen method increased from the lower grade to the middle grade.

    With regards to the Ye clan in Ye Zhen, a middle grade method is the best they have, is it given to those entering to the Wu Dao? Dont even think about it, there is no person that can easily get this kind of treatment.

    However right in this moment, it is already like Ye Xing is being treated that way.

    Although he was only able to induct star force recently when he is already 16 years old, and has just started practicing martial arts which is way later than the other younger generation in the Ye clan; his cultivation condition is much better compared to the other younger generation.

    He was confident that he can surpass the others in the younger generation, it is just a matter of time.

    This time will not be too long!

    Ye Xing sat cross-legged on his bed, absorbing the star energy cultivating through Evergreen.

    Vaguely, he sensed one huge and dark star, though he doesnt know what it is yet, he can feel it surging with strength, it was no ordinary star.

    With the force surging from the star in the deep dark void, upon landing on Ye Xing it is absorbed by his 5 channels. It is refined into flesh, blood and bone refining energy which is used to strengthen his body.

    The reason for Ye Xing entering easily to the 1st layer of the Wu Dao was due to the hardships done by the previous person. providing a good solid foundation. Furthermore with the help of Xiao Qing indirectly showing Evergreen, just in the first night he already entered the 1st layer of Wu Dao.

    The 1st layer of the Wu Dao is the entrance, the hurdle is not hard to go over, however trying to go into to the 2nd layer, that is where the difficulty starts.

    To Ye Xing with the help of the middle grade Evergreen method which is ten times faster than usual, practicing to the 2nd layer wont take too long.

    An hour later, Ye Xing stopped cultivating, being in the 1st layer of the Wu Dao, he can no longer absorbed anymore star force due to 1 hour is his limit, he needs to rest for also at least an hour to continue cultivating.

    Ye Xing did not wait an hour, he went to the backyard, that moment he was cultivating the Bone Crushing Fist.

    The Bone Crushing Fist cultivates the bone, while the Evergreen method cultivates the channels, blood and flesh, which do not conflict with each other. When he no longer can practice Evergreen, he then will cultivate the Bone Crushing Fist.

    Although the bones have no direct relation with cultivating in Wu Dao, the bones are the foundation of the body, only strong bone can compliment strong flesh.

    Thus, to a martial apprentice, cultivating the Bone Crushing Fist is essential, which in turn will also improve cultivating other methods.

    Refining the perfect Bone Crushing Fist for a whole hour, Ye Xing was sweating and finally stopped. He rested for a few breaths, then sat on a flat stone next to the courtyard practicing the Evergreen method.

    Due to the huge success the Ye Xing has with cultivating the Bone Crushing Fist and absorbing power from the stars in the dark void, he didnt feel like going back to his room.

    Just recently, because it is already time for lunch, the servant girl Xiao Qing came over to deliver food.

    Fortunately even though the cultivating resources was transferred to the brother, what he ate before was still the same now, which was precious food for nourishing the body.

    Ye Xing was trouble-free, because f the was no nourishing food, his body cant continuously do the training he is doing.

    After lunch, Ye Xing told Xiao Qing t leave and not to disturb him. He walked to the courtyard, after a quarter hour he began to continue cultivating Evergreen.

    After practicing both the Evergreen method and Bone Crushing Fist an hour each in intervals, it was getting late and it was time for supper.

    With Ye Xings progress, he first went back to his room and took a bath while Xiao Qing brought dinner.

    For the whole day Ye Xing did not dine with his parents at all, making Xiao Qing bring the food to him all the time. If it was the old host, he would have been sad, for this was going on for a month or so.

    To Ye Xing this was pleasing, since his cheap parents never liked him in the first place, then might as well save the trouble.

    A day for him is, when not practicing the Evergreen method, he would cultivate the Bone Crushing Fist for the next hour, after dinner Ye Xing has ample time to do what he wants.

    Compared to the first night of being energetic all day, Ye Xing was tired for cultivating all day. After of one more hour of practicing, he went to bed and slept very deeply.

    The next day early morning Ye Xing was refreshed, all the tiredness was wiped out in his deep sleep.

    In the morning, Ye Xing went to the backyard to exercise, instead of practicing Evergreen and Bone Crushing Fist, he practiced exercising power, responsiveness and speed according to his brain.

    Strength is important, but explosive speed and reaction is significant for real life situations.

    Before without the energy, it was essential to learn these martial skills, now with his surpassing brain it is still a required course to do at least each day.

    After an hour, Xiao Qing brought breakfast so Ye Xing stopped his morning exercise.

    He ate his meal speedily and told Xiao Qing to leave and come back on lunch, then he began practicing Evergreen Power.

    The original host often trained a lot, so it wasnt abnormal to Xiao Qing to see Ye Xing practice, besides due to this she has a lot of free time making the relationship of the two in good terms. His only interest right now is to cultivate using the Evergreen method.

    As time passed, Ye Xing spent everyday cultivating with his bones and body strengthening, everyday he has a substantial increase in strength, day by day he is getting stronger.

    In an instant, five days passed.

    With the Ye clan being the dominant force in Ye Zhen, multiple guests came due to the second son being born.

    Although with the numerous guests paying respects to the Ye clan master, in another courtyard was a 16 year old juvenile cultivating everyday the past few days progressing leaps and bounds.

    Hu - Ha - Ha - Ha - Hu - Ha

    In the main house, Ye Xing was practicing the perfect Bone Crushing Fist and Evergreen each style flowing out beautifully like calligraphy.

    Every strike that is made, two to three snapping sounds can be heard.

    After a while an explosive punch came from the Bone Crushing Fist, Ye Xing revealed a face of joy.

    Just a moment ago, Ye Xing counted in total the sounds that came out using the Bone Crushing Fist, where 108 echos can be heard. This shows that he finally cultivated 108 bones, which the normal Bone crushing can never hope to reach.

    There were 108 echos, 72 crisp echos, 36 dull echos which is representative of reaching the higher realm of the Bone Crushing Fist.

    Usually only those who reached the 2nd layer of the Wu Dao can use the higher realm of the Bone Crushing Fist, but with it perfected, even though Ye Xing is at the 1st layer the effects are huge and within five days achieved this much.

    Of course compared to the normal Bone Crushing Fist, this is quite amazing, but compared to the perfected peak practice of 206 bones and 72 dull echoes, what he achieved is still small.

    Any kind of martial arts, after reaching a higher realm the road to the peak gets more difficult such as the Bone Crushing Fist. For those below the 3rd layer of the Wu Dao, the higher realm is the limit, only after reaching the 3rd layer can one perfect the method.

    The perfect Bone Crushing Fist is now in the lower realm, meaning there is still a lot of room for improvement.

    (TL: Just to clarify this weird *** method, the bones refer to the bones refined after every punch. While the crisp is the less desired echo, the dull echo defines the level reached.)

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    Chapter 6: Breakthrough

    Sixth day, 79 echoes!

    Seventh day, 85 echoes!

    Eight day, 90 echoes!

    Everyday Ye Xings perfect Bone Crushing Fist improves, the strength in his bone rising.

    As the trend is seen, there are less and less bones to refine leading to the back, which is difficult.

    In the past 8 days, the perfect Bone Crushing Fist and punches have made great progress. The cultivation of Evergreen method is not that bad, getting more and more closer to the 2nd layer.

    Ye Xings muscles are also getting a lot more powerful in the past 8 days, he feels like lifting hundreds of pounds is an easy task.

    Especially in his body, the first star ring from being a bit dim now has become bright. Outside the first ring, is a second dim ring that is barely noticeable.

    If the second ring completely appears, this indicates that he has reached the 2nd layer of Wu Dao.

    If it was other people, the appearance of the second ring is very hard to notice early on, the only way to fully know if one has reached the 2nd layer is by testing if it was achieved.

    To Ye Xing however, with his brain scanning, he can see the extent of the level he has reached and can know what level he is currently in.

    Looking in his dantian the blur of the second ring can be seen, showing that reaching the 2nd layer is now close.

    This time, I will enter the 2nd layer of Wu Dao!

    This time at night, Ye Xing already ate dinner and was sitting cross-legged on his bed.

    Very quickly, he started cultivating the Evergreen method, incorporating the 5 channels to absorb the star power into his body, then refining the muscles with qi.

    The muscles and the blood were being nourished by the star energy, however not enhanced.

    With Ye Xings cultivation clearly appeared in hi surpassing brain, he watched the second ring from being extremely vague slowly transforming into something clear.

    As every minute passes, his body is getting stronger, his second ring becoming more clear, slowly reaching the 2nd layer.

    After about an hour later, Ye Xings second ring in his dantian was finally clear and complete. Although compared to the first ring it was dim, but then again it was clear proof that Ye Xing has stepped into the 2nd layer of Wu Dao.

    Finally broke through to the 2nd layer of Wu Dao. Eight days, only eight days time, I reached the 2nd layer of Wu Dao!

    Ye Xing in one night reached the 1st layer, and in 8 days reached the 2nd layer, this is even more rare.

    Stepping into the Wu Dao is important, the original master paved the way by having a solid foundation, but from the 1st to the 2nd layer was all Ye Xings hard work.

    In the past few days, his memories have been fusing with the old host more and more, showing the distance between the two in martial arts. Even the best Ye Qing was said to take at least a whole year to reach this level.

    Compared to others in the younger generation, some spent more than a year's time, some even needed at the least two years time.

    Compared to the effort and time needed by the other younger generation, Ye Xing just needed 8 days which is extremely short.

    Ye Xing knows even with the improvement of his brain of the Evergreen method, now a middle grade method, it still should not be this quick. His induction of star energy is a bit unusual.

    Stars are also a big factor in affecting cultivation speed, if higher level stars are used, the more power surging can one get, naturally cultivating faster.

    Wu Dao 1st layer has about 100 to 300 jin(half a kilogram) of force, Wu Dao 2nd layer has about 500 to 600 jin of force, my Bone Crushing fist at last finally has 90 echoes, almost reaching the ordinary Bone Crushing Fists peak. This strength must be at least 2 times stronger than the usual 2nd layer strength, whether it is comparable to the 3rd layer Im not yet sure.

    Ye Xing feels the surging strength in his body, his heart can not help but beat faster.

    For a normal person, the 1st layer of the Wu Dao is already difficult to deal with, even with 35 normal people working together they still not are a suitable opponent.

    In comparison the 2nd layer to normal people is already a master, having 500 to 500 jin of force, capable of throwing a person a long distance, even if a dozen more people join hand in hand, they still cant handle this strength.

    As for the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, they can be compared to 100 normal people, with the power of 1 thousand jin, a mere touch to a normal person can lead to a deadly injury.

    Ye Xing feels as if his strength far outstrips a normal 2nd layer martial apprentice, but compared to the hundred people strength of a 3rd layer practitioner, he still doesnt compare.

    A coalition of a hundred normal people is comparable to a small force, it is difficult to handle.

    A third layer of Wu Dao is equivalent to at least an army of a hundred normal people, it can be just imagined how powerful it is.

    Although my improvement is fast, but compared to the 3rd layer Ye Hu, I am still far worse, Im afraid i still need to keep trying!

    In Ye Xings core, it can be seen that he reached the 2nd layer of Wu Dao, so he can take it easy.

    Although both Ye Qing and Ye Hu is not his goal, he still keeps them in mind, he needs them as reference, in the martial road one must take step by step, in the future he will be stepping on them.

    Ninth day,still cultivating!

    Early morning is exercise, after which an hour of Evergreen, then an hour of Bone Crushing Fist, this is the same for the afternoon.

    Today, his punch improved attaining 94 echos, increased growth speed and already improved greatly compared to yesterday.

    At night, after an hour Ye Xing was once again using Evergreen Power, checking his dantian, he still found his second ring dim.

    From the 2nd layer to the 3rd layer compared to the 1st to 2nd is much harder. Even if Ye Xings cultivating speed is superior to an ordinary person, it's hard to replicate the 1st to 2nd layer speed in just days.

    Tenth day, the Bone Crushing Fist reached the 98 echoes.

    In Ye Xings dantian, the second ring is now more noticeable, but still pretty dim.

    In the eleventh day the Bone Crushing Fist reached 101 echoes, successfully breaking through the hundred mark, according to the normal Bone Crushing Fist, the hundred mark is the limit, 101 echoes transcends the peak.

    In the perfect Bone Crushing Fist, to normally reach this one must be in the 3rd layer of martial apprentice, but Ye Xing who just entered the 2nd layer in barely 3 days already reached this level.

    However, Ye Xing has not been improving much, today he only improved by 3 echoes, The Bone Crushing Fist progress has been declining.

    Ye Xing checked his dantian for the rings, he found that they became brighter, but at this rate, for the second ring to be as bright as the first, he might need at least a whole month.

    To condense a third ring and reach the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, it will take a long time.

    The perfect Bone Crushing Fist has a total of 206 bones, I now have cultivated less than half, in theory there should be no decline yet in this situation!

    Ye Xing was sitting, then his mind was struck.

    The problem is not in the perfect Bone Crushing Fist, its probably due to my body, correct, I do not receive any resources so my body can not keep up with my cultivation speed!

    Ye Xing with his surpassing brain scanned his own body,checking his nutritional needs, and found it was so.

    Although eats precious food for nourishing everyday and is well-fed, but compared to the needs of his body, it is not nearly enough.

    This is due to the fact that the Bone Crushing Fist needs to absorb a lot of nutrition in the body, therefore affecting his cultivation, influencing his speed.

    Continuing practicing the Bone Crushing Fist and reaching the 3rd ;layer of Wu Dao is possible, however it will take a really long time!

    No, I heard the main familys envoy is coming to Ye Zhen to select talented young generation in the Ye clan. This is my chance to leave, I must grab this opportunity!

    For this month, to reach the 3rd layer and reach the peak of the perfected Bone Crushing Fist, I need resources. Since my family doesnt want to provide me, I will find it myself!

    Immediately, Ye Xing has decided.

    He wants to leave Ye Zhen, beside it is the Qingyun mountain range, to look for medical ingredients. With his surpassing mind that allows him to have better eyesight than most, he will be able to find the proper resources.

    Only with the medical ingredients, will the perfected Bone Crushing Fist and Evergreen greatly increase, he must grab this opportunity to leave and explore.

    Tian Cang City'sYe Clan main house has better martial arts, also have better warriors, that is the place Ye Xing wants to go to.

    On the twelfth day, after Ye Xing ate dinner, he told Xiao Qing to leave.

    He went out to search for medical ingredients, since Ye Fei Hong and Liu E already decided to give all of his to Ye Chen. Ye Xing doesnt want to talk to them.

    Qingyun mountain is very broad and immense, nobody really knows how big and how many fierce beasts live inside.

    To go to the Qingyun mountain range is not safe, so he has to do some preparations.

    After leaving the residence of the Ye clan, he didn't right away go to Qingyun mountain range, but rather first headed to the small town.

    Martial apprentices do not have inner strength, only simple force, it is hard to kill fierce beasts, so he needs weapons.

    Ye Xing himself does not have a weapon, also doesnt want Ye Fei Hong to find out, as the young master of the Ye family, he naturally has a way to acquire what he wants.

    Ye Zhen is not very big, after Ye Xing walked in a street, he found a weapon store which he went into.

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    Chapter 7: Bow and Arrow

    A body of a warrior alone is not enough to fight a fierce beast, to be able to succeed every warrior needs a weapon, it is necessary.

    Once someone is still not a genuine warrior, to go to the mountain infested beast, one needs a weapon.

    Therefore weapons is the cultivating worlds industry, also the medical industry is just behind it.

    The store that Ye Xing went into is called the Ye Zhi weapon, which is actually the Ye clans family business and Ye Zhens biggest weapon store. It has about 60 percent of market share, inside is an assortment of weapons, swords, spears, rods, almost every kind.

    Although Ye Xing was the young master of the Ye clam, but due to his parents not liking him too much, he doesnt have that much pocket money. He also did not ask from his parents, so he cannot afford to buy a weapon only borrow.

    His parents might not like him much, but he still is part of the family after all, so naturally he can at least borrow weapons from the store.

    At most, if the news reach Ye Fei Hongs ears making him angry, by that time Ye Xing would already have entered the Qingyun mountain range.

    Coming out of the Qingyun mountain range, Ye Xing is confident with his eyes, he can earn enough to buy his own two weapons.

    Young master Ye Xing!

    Ye Xing entering the store, a guy gave a greeting.

    Although this was the first time Ye Xing went to the weapon store, the shop assistant naturally knows the son of the family master.

    Despite being a cripple, the contempt is only known within the family, outside even if he is crippled, he still is the young master of the Ye clan. He is still has a high status, which one can not just neglect.

    Ye Xing was giving off an easy going attitude and nodded: Bring to me a good bow to look at, do you have a topnotch bow here?

    On the first floor are the swords, the bows and arrows are on the second floor. young master Ye Xing please come with me.

    The guy led the way, bringing Ye Xing to the second floor.

    Oh! Is it not older cousin Ye Xing?

    Ye Xing has yet to reach the second floor, at the top of the staircase was a young man 1 to 2 years younger than Ye Xing. When he saw him, he gave an exaggerated shout.

    The Ye clan is big, the siblings are numerous, naturally not all have the same parents, most are related as cousins.

    Even though they are cousins, there is no need to be deliberate called as older cousin.

    This young juvenile repeated the Older cousin Ye Xingthis time not respectful but extremely tyrannical.

    Young master Ye Hu!

    After the man saw this,he gave a bow and looked at Ye Xing: Young master Ye Xing come take a look at the bow and arrow.

    After that he continued: Young master Ye Xing please!

    The rock climbing competition between Ye Hu and Ye Xing, where ye Xing fell unconscious, everyone in Ye Zhen knew, they all knew that Ye Xing and Ye Hu have a disparity between them.

    Ye Xing subtly glanced at Ye Hu then continued casually towards the second floor.

    Seeing Ye Xing being composed, Ye Hu was surprised. If it was in the past, Ye Xing would have already been angry.

    Being surprised in his heart for being ignored, Ye Hu gave a mocking smile: Bows and arrows? Oh, older cousin Ye Xing, with your feeble body, can you even pull the bow and shoot the arrow?

    While speaking, Ye hu turned around and went back to the second floor.

    Originally he was about to leave, but after seeing Ye Xing, which to him is like fresh meat, he did not leave.

    Archery is not really a hard thing, even if it was the previous Ye Xing with cultivating the Bone Crushing Fist to 18 echoes, is enough to pull a huge bow.

    A normal person usually cant have the strength of 120 jin to pull a big bow.

    When Ye Hu said that Ye Xing cant pull the bow and shoot arrows, he didnt mean the Ye Xing really cant do it, but he was laughing on how weak Ye Xing strength is.

    Daring to ridicule and taunt Ye Xing, Ye Hu was not the only one, there were many in the family, he was just one of them.

    He is a major elders grandson, he already is in the 3rd layer of Wu Dao only at 14 years old. He is promising just like his older brother Ye Qing, who at 16 years old already entered the 4th layer of the Wu Dao becoming an genuine warrior.

    Regarding Ye Hu, Ye Xing did not take him seriously, to him he is just like a bug flying around and buzzing.

    Ye Xing did not go to the ordinary bow, he pointed at the 6 shi strength bow: Show that one to me.

    (TL: Shi means stone, and a shi is equivalent to 120 jin of force. This means that every shi, you need an additional 120 jin strength to use the bow. In this case, Ye Xing chose the 6 shi bow, which requires 6 times the strength of a normal bow.)

    The man was only in charge of receiving guests, showing the merchandise in the lower tier cabinets.

    The one in charge of the stronger goods was a 30 year old man named Lu Daxiong who is at the 3rd layer martial apprentice.

    Seeing Ye Xing talk about the 6 shi big bow, he couldnt refrain from staring blankly, wasnt Ye Xing a cripple?

    Lu Daxiong said: Young master Ye Xing, this large bow is at the 6 shi level, you need at least 720 jin of force to pull this bow.

    Thats it! Ye Xing nodded.

    Maybe young master Ye Xing only wants to look and nothing more, Lu Daxiong thought to himself. He passed the iron bow to Ye Xing.

    At this moment Ye Hu snorted and laughed, his mockery obvious to the eye and said: Ye Xing, you, do you have the strength for this 6 shi bow? Haha!

    Ye hu wasnt done laughing, Ye Xing with the iron bow in his hands took a deep breath, then pulled the iron bow to a full arch.

    Everyone around suddenly had the look of horror, Ye Hu filled with smiles on his face suddenly froze.

    Ye Xing pulled the iron bow with his strength effortlessly, as if he can also do that to 8 shi and 9 shi bows.

    Such a strong bow, pulling it at once is not easy, though stronger bows are good too, it is more useful if it can be speedily and continuously used.

    The force of the 6 shi bow is just appropriate.

    Tsk, so what if you used all your strength to pull it once!

    Ye Hu uncomfortably spouted, but his eyes were filled with astonishment.

    Even if Ye Xing was to use all his strength to open the iron bow for a moment, this still shows he has a lot of strength.

    This is it, big brother, can you give me 20 arrows.

    Ye Xing smiled to the man selling the bow, continuously ignoring Ye Hu.

    Young master Ye Xing has good strength.

    Lu Daxiong gave a praise, it was not too surprising after all, even being crippled, with extreme exercise it is possible to have the strength of a 3rd layer martial apprentice.

    Ye Xing pulling the iron bow surprised him, however not to the point of it being unbelievable, Lu Daxiong smiled: Qingjin arrows are sturdy, able to penetrate with force, it fits this kind of bow.

    The bows and arrows were not separated, here arrows are sold also, Lu Daxiong seeing that Ye Xing did not have arrows, he gave him another top-notch product arrows.

    The iron bow is 6200 silvers, Qingyun arrows is 1 silver per piece, here there are 32 arrows, young master Ye Xing, all together it is 6232 silvers, there are 32 silver as remainder, I will give the arrows to the young master as a present, overall it is 6200!

    Lu Daxiong but the Qingyun arrows in the counter, with a smile on his face looked at Ye Xing.

    6200 silver? Hehe..! Ye Hu gave an ironic laughter again, he had a clear understanding about Ye Xing, it was highly unlikely that Ye Fei Hong will give Ye Xing so much money.

    This was Ye Hus judgement, Ye Xing did not have much money, but he did not panic and said:

    Big brother, I do not have much silver, can you lend me this bow for a month, I will double the price for you.

    Lu Daxiong looked slightly embarrassed, more than 6000 silver of money, this is not a small sum, but Ye Xing is the son of the master of the Ye clan, compared to giving face to the clan master, what does 6200 silver amount too?

    So for only merely a moment, Lu Daxiong with his face changing color made a decision.

    Before he can speak, Ye Hu saw the arrows in the counter said:

    Oh, you really have no money ah, hehe...Ye Xing, although my Ye clan is a big family, 6200 silver does not amount to much, but there is a regulation, if everyone was like you going here and not paying, how will the Ye clan survive?

    What do you want?Ye Xing coldly looked at Ye Hu.

    Ye Hu was like an annoying house fly that wont just disappear, naturally Ye Hu taunted to no end, but right now he needed the bow and arrow for going into Qingyun mountain range. Ye Hu is already trying to obstruct his path.

    Why? Hey! Want to buy this bow and arrow, either come here and buy or leave the things and beat it!

    Ye Hu coldly spoke, his eyes attentively looking at Ye Xing.

    Two young masters calm down, young master Ye Hu you do not need to embarrass young master Ye Xing, the payment for this bow and arrow I, Lu Daxiong will cover it and give it as a present to young master Ye Xing, the two young masters must not have a dispute about this!

    Ye Hu glared at Ye Xing, both gazing at each other as if there was a spark, Lu Daxiong was nervous and promptly spoke.

    If the two young masters fight here, no matter the result is won;t be good and he will be punished, might as well lose his savings and give the bow and arrow away as long as the dispute is ended.

    If the family were to hear this and reach Ye Fei Hong that the dispute was solved by him. he will be looked with favor, as long as he can curry the favor of Ye Fei Hong, 6000 silver is not much.

    Lu Daxiong already gave the best he can, unfortunately the anger between Ye Xing and Ye Hu is too big, how is it easy to extinguish this?

    Ye Hu his hand on the quiver did not move, he instead grabbed the iron bow in Ye Xings hand saying: I said no, this wont do, give it to me!
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    really like it! keep up the good work

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    Chapter 8: Bow and Arrow

    Give it to me!

    Although Ye Xing did not feel like bothering with Ye Hu, but at this moment he was also angry, directing a blow to Ye Hu which he could have caught in the past.

    Ye Xings body issued an explosive sound, fully using his Bone Crushing First.

    Ye Hu although two years younger than him was already in the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, it is not an easy task, this Bone Crushing Fist is the limit of Ye Xing.

    However, the 101 echoes exploded out, an outsider will have difficulty in knowing the exact amount.

    You dare touch me?

    Seeing Ye Xing punch out, Ye Xings eyes was filled with disdain shouting; Beat it!

    With a loud shout, Ye hus palm turned into a fist, echoes also sounded out, he also used the Bone Crushing Fist.


    Two punches going against each other, there was a loud thud.

    Ye Hu was instantly shocked and pulled back his fist, his body going back by three steps.

    Regarding cultivation, Ye Xing was only at the 2nd layer of the Wu Dao, Ye hu was at the 3rd layer, there was a difference of a whole level.

    However, in regards the Bone Crushing Fist, Ye Hu already entered the 3rd layer, but has not perfected the method. Ye Xing with his 101 echoes of a punch, the strength was a distance apart.

    In terms of comprehension, Ye Xing in boxing is superior giving more strength.

    Good, good, good! Ye Xing, I still havent given you a lesson, today I will give you a taste of it!

    Ye Hus face was swollen red and angry, his body being punched back by Ye Xing, this was unacceptable.

    In his view, Ye Xing just a moment ago had the upper hand, he still has yet to use his full strength.

    Now that he is fully ready, he must beat the crap out of this guy, no matter if he is the son of the clan master.

    Ye hu shouted, sounds echoes out of his body, punching towards Ye Xing to attack.

    Ye Xing coldly snorted, his punch is the perfected Bone Crushing Fist, he is not afraid of someone in the 3rd layer martial apprentice.

    Whats more, he still have not used his brain to scan, if he did all Ye Hus flaws will be seen, even with the 3rd layer strength, Ye Xing has no reason to be scared.

    Cone Crushing Fist!

    Ye Xing wanting to try the formidable power of the perfected Bone Crushing Fist, he punched towards Ye Hu.

    However, after the collision was about to happen with Ye Hu, Ye Xings fist was suddenly pulled back.

    At this moment, suddenly two hands reached out to grab, one skillfully grabbing Ye hus hand while the other hand only caught air.


    Ye Fei was astounded, Ye Xing unexpectedly dodge his grab making him surprised.

    Who would dare to stop me?

    With Ye Hus wrist suddenly caught, he gave out an angry roar, trying to move it but it was unmoving.

    Third Elder!

    At the side a respectful voice came out, the one who caught Ye Hus arm was a warrior of the Ye clan.

    Third Elder! Even the guests of the store also had to be respectful to this person.

    Ye clan was the number power in Ye Zhen, in addition the main family is in Tian Cang City where they hold a large influence. The Ye clan has the Third Elder, his name resounds in Ye Zhen.

    Third..Third Elder!

    Ye Hu was startled, then suddenly calmed down. The Third Elder is a genuine warrior, he has reached the pinnacle of the 4th layer Wu Dao. He is only a step from reaching the existence of a 5th layer cultivator.

    The 3rd and 4th layer has a divide, in front of a 4th layer Wu Dao, there is no chance of resistance.

    Of course, the Third Elders focus is not really cultivation, he is the younger brother of the clan master, Ye Xing is his nephew. If he were to see Ye Xing to be beaten up, there is a possibility he will do double of that to the culprit.

    Although he is also a nephew of the Third Elder, this is not by blood but merely by family, there is a difference.

    This made him happy, thankfully he had not yet beaten up Ye Xing, but inwardly he was also blaming himself, the Third Elder is the one that supervises the weapon store, fighting Ye Xing here was really unwise.

    Ye Hu decided in his mind, he will definitely teach Ye Xing a lesson in a safer place, then run back to his grandfather. His grandfather is the Great Elder, who has reached the 5th layer of Wu Dao, his grandfather can cover him, after beating Ye Xing his punishment would not be severe.

    Third Elder! Ye Xing humbly nodded to Ye Fei Ting.

    Ye Fei Ting easd Ye Xings uncle, but because he was a cripple, Ye Fei Ting did not pay much attention to him. Their relationship was not close, that is why he still called him the Third Elder, nothing more.

    What is the matter with you two, brothers in a family fighting each other, this will receive ridicule, do you want to create a situation?

    Ye Fei Ting let go of Ye Hus wrist, he looked at both the youngsters, not trying to side with any party.

    When Ye Xing and Ye Hu was about to go against each other, the man in the shop was afraid of what will happen to the shop, so he immediately informed Ye Fei Ting to handle the situation.

    If not, usually Ye Fei Ting was not in the weapon store but rather usually stays inside the weapon storehouse.

    Third Elder, Ye Xing has no money and wants to borrow 6200 worth of bow and arrows, if everyone knew of this, a lot will go to the store just to borrow. The Ye clan will be greatly affected no matter how rich it is, we have a rule that you can only buy, not borrow, that is why I was determined to fight Ye Xing.

    Ye Hu spoke in a loud passionate voice, he thought he was being reasonable.

    After 1 month, I will pay double the price.Ye Xing lightly said.

    Regarding the situation, Ye Fei Ting already heard the truth from the shop assistant.

    Ye Fei Ting put both his hands on his back and said: Both of you are children of the Ye family, for an insignificant amount of 6200 silver you both fought, I am gravely disappointed.

    He looked at the two, then spoke to Lu Daxiong: Lu Daxiong!

    Lu Daxiong immediately nodded: Third Elder!

    Ye Fei Ting says: To resolve this fight, you tried to bear the consequences, this is good, this bow and arrow you do not need to pay, I will cover it and give it to Ye Xing as a present.

    Lu Daxiong respectfully said: Yes, Third Elder.

    Ye Fei Tings attitude to Ye Xing was surprising, it seems that the original hosts uncle was not that bad.

    Many thanks uncle!

    Ye Xing was not being indifferent, since Ye Fei Ting was good to him, he naturally did not address him as Third Elder but rather as uncle.

    After your injury, it seems like you are a bit different.

    Ye Fei Ting looked at Ye Xing, before when he was in front of him, he was a pushover and unconfident, not daring to talk too much. He patted Ye Xing: Thats more like it!

    After that, Ye Fei Ting turned and walked away.

    Ye Hu coldly snorted, ruthlessly staring at Ye Xing with an unsightly face, then walked away.

    Young master Ye Xing!

    Lu Daxiong took the quiver and went to Ye Xing, inside was 20 arrows.

    Ye Xing tied tee quiver on his back, then slung the iron bow on his body then walked down stairs.

    At the first floor Ye Xing got a sharp blade, it wasnt that expensive so he can afford it.

    After leaving the weapon shop, Ye Xing went to a medical store and bought a few things. After which he left Ye Zhen for Qingyun mountain range.

    Qingyun was a large mountain range, it was immense, the warriors of Ye Zhen merely explored a tiny area of it.

    Ye Zhen is part of a mountain area, out of town for about a mile is a mountain, Ye Xing went towards it. Like a drop of water in an ocean, he seemed so small and insignificant.

    Qingyun mountain is a genuine mountain range, is distance is incomparable to other areas, filled with fierce beasts, the other beasts compared to the ones here are small and nothing more.

    Ye Xing passed one mountain ridge after another, walking about 10 li of distance, to arrive in front of a tall mountain ridge. This ridge was many times higher than the other around it.

    Qingyun mountain range is so vast that there is a legend, in the deepest part of the range, there is a huge ridge occupied by a fierce beast that is comparable in strength to a martial saint.

    He did not immediately enter the Qingyun mountain range, but rather he stopped in a forest.

    He was familiar with the bow and arrow.

    On earth, he was an excellent archer, it was his favorite sport, he practically can hit a target a hundred times with precision. Once there was this man who was the nations archery champion, they had a competition and he crushed this man like a bug.

    Because of this, when he started playing a virtual fantasy world game, he chose his career as a hunter armed with longbows.

    For the bow and arrow, he has extraordinary talent, this innate skill came from his very soul, even if he is in another body, he still has his skill with him.

    And now this body is much stronger than it was in earth, his arm strength 10 times greater than before, which is essential for using a bow.

    Vision, another thing that is important for an archer, with his surpassing brain, his eyes can see from afar, compared to others his vision is superior.

    Arm strength,eyesight, Ye Xing is 10 times better than he was in earth, so in Xing Chen Da Lu, he can display his gift as an archer.

    Ye Xing chose a tree as a target, on the trunk he put a mark, he then walked away from it by at least 100 meters, holding his iron bow and taking out his Qingjin arrows.

    Pulling the arrow, then shoot it!


    Breaking free, the Qingjin arrow burst out, in a flash disappeared.

    In a blink the Qingjin arrow was firmly nailed on the trunk.

    The iron bow of 6 shi is really an extraordinary bow, if it was on earth, he would have a hard time hitting the target accurately at a hundred meters away.

    However, Ye Xings goal was not only the trunk, but the mark on it, using his vision he was able to clearly see.

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    Chapter 9: Medical Ingredients

    Ye Xing tried the limit of his vision, it seems like he can see things from 10 li away.

    A mere hundred meters, with Ye Xings vision is naturally like right under his nose.

    After looking into the distance, he looked at the arrow which seems to miss the target by two palms.

    If two palms were compared to a body of a fierce beast, two palms is not much, however this to palms of distance is crucial.

    For example if the fierce beast body is really strong, without hitting its weakness it will be hard to kill.

    For an archer to kill someone with a bow and arrow, not only must one not miss, but also what area he must hit, and hit that area itself.

    Ye Xing has high marksmanship, also he is in peak condition, however he still is has not reach god-level in using the bow and arrow, practice is needed.

    With his vision looking at the trunk a hundred meters away, Ye Xing took another Qingjin arrow and pulled the bow.


    The Qingjin arrow suddenly burst shooting and in a short time hit the trunk that was a hundred meters away.

    This time, Ye Xings eyesight is ten times better, the result is better than the first arrow however due to the wind, it caused him to miss the mark by a distance as big as a fist.

    With respect to a person who just first used a bow, this marksmanship can be called heavenly. EVen if someone worked hard for many years, it doesnt mean one can match what Ye Xing has done, a big factor of this is Ye Xings improved vision.

    Archery takes many years of hard work, if you want it to go further, it is extremely difficult. Ye Xing can be classified as a beginner, he still has a lot of room for improvement.

    Ye Xing took out a third Qingjin arrow, trying to maintain his vision.

    When practicing, Ye XIng does not intend to fully use his visions capabilities, he will practice in his normal state. This will vastly increase his accuracy, naturally improving without the need of using his overpowered eyesight.



    An arrow after another, until reaching the tenth arrows, Ye Xing stopped and walked forward.

    After the adjustment, Ye Xing made great progress, the tenth arrow within a palm distance of the target.

    Going towards the tree, Ye Xing pulled out the Qingjin arrows then went a hundred meters away again continuing to practice.

    The arrows will become blunt after a while, Ye Xing had 20 arrows, 10 for practicing, the other 10 as a real weapon for the fierce beasts, for those not to lose their sharpness.

    Ye Xing shot each of the 10 arrows, pulling one arrow after another, continuing to practice rounds of exercises.

    Repeating it ten times, the iron bow was pulled by him hundreds of times, Ye Xing felt his arms to be sore.

    The iron bow from the weapon shop was extremely hard to pull, however Ye Xing only needed a split second to pull it and release the bowstring as well as shooting the arrow. He repeated this process time and time again, pulling the bow and shooting, all this without the arms shaking.

    In this case, in trying to hold the bow steady, it requires at least 5 times the normal force.

    In other words, Ye Xing shooting a hundred times, shooting the iron and pulling it can be considered doing it for more than 500 times. Even with his cultivation of the Bone Crushing Fist to 101 echoes, it is still hard to bear it.

    The strength of a 3rd layer Wu Dao martial apprentice is not weak, but his bones can barely do it, his muscles going sore from repetition.

    Ye Xing stopped practicing archery, taking back all the arrows, he found a neat area to sit down and cultivate the Evergreen method.

    AN hour later after being nourished by the star force, Ye Xings arm, bone and muscles are no longer sore, it even became stronger. He then continued to practice archery.

    He was hungry, so Ye Xing in the nearby hills shot a beast, he roasted it and ate. It was already nightfall, he dug out a small cave to rest, using a boulder as a door entrance.

    Two days later, he doesn't know how much he already practiced, his shooting improved a lot.

    In the distance of a hundred meters, without Ye Xing using his farsighted vision, he can hit the target within a fists distance.

    If he used his vision, he will hit the target at its center, without missing at all.

    Even if Ye Xing was 50 meters away, 150 meters away, with his hypersight, his shot will accurately hit the mark.

    In terms of achievement, Ye Xings skill can be compared to a lifetime's worth of practicing archery, His skill is so high and has such a good marksmanship that it can now be considered godly.

    In this past two days, Ye Xing sometimes will practice the Bone Crushing Fist, but the progress is not so fast, only hitting 105 echoes, in two days it only was raised by 4.

    On the the third day, Ye Xing carried his quiver with his iron bow slung stepped into the tall ridges of the Qingyun mountain range. Relying on his archery, if he was to meet a fierce beast, he can totally kill and hunt them.

    Also with his hypersight, if there was a really high leveled beast, Ye Xing can find it in a distance and avoid it in advance.

    Strong vision, superb archery, Ye Xings viability in the wild is even higher than a true warrior who is called to be the king of the jungle.

    In Qingyun mountain range, high peaks are a common sight, on the high cliffs are tree and beautiful flowers...

    Even with Ye Xing possessing a strong vision and has his hypersight, in Qingyun mountain range he was very cautious.

    Although he has the capabilities to rule the jungle, after all it was his first time to enter massive ridges of mountains. In earth he never had such an experience, all his experience were only from a virtual game.

    Ye Xing climbed to a high peak, gazing with his hypersight, scanning the vast distance but it is limited, so he can only see a small area.

    (TL: To avoid confusion, with his hypersight he can see 10 li away which is very far, however it still is not enough for the vastness of the mountains)

    Just now, in a circumference of 10 li he saw several fiere beats; a black tiger, a big-clawed leopard, a large-toothed pig and brightly colored python.

    As for the common beasts, they are even more.

    After careful observation, Ye Xing selected his targets, he picked the large-toothed pig. Not because it is good to kill, not also because it is valuable but because near it Ye Xing can see a patch of precious medical ingredients on the tree trunk, a fleeceflower root.

    The large-toothed pig is not a good target, between it and normal beasts there is a difference.

    Its fur is really thick, swords and other weapons, even arrows have difficulty in hurting it.

    Its head is like copper, almost impregnable, even a 6 shi bow can only graze it.

    Also, its teeth are very sharp, very large, it can cause big injuries.

    Even if a genuine warrior was to come across it, they will also would want to avoid it.

    However, for Ye Xing as long as his target has a flaw, he can kill it. The big flaw of the large-toothed pig is its ears.

    The arrow can pierce the ear and penetrate into its head.

    An hour later, Ye Xing avoiding all types of poisonous insects, he arrived to the territory of the large-toothed pig and slowly approached it.

    When Ye Xing was a hundred meters away from the large-toothed pig, it was lying down when it suddenly raised its head. It ears perked up, it has very sensitive hearing, smelling a hint of danger.

    No matter its action, it must be killed!


    The large-toothed pig was listening, suddenly a ray of light came from the trees, it was the Qingjin arrow.

    In a blink of an eye, the Qingjin arrow entered the ear of the large-toothed pig.

    A 6 shi strength bow, penetrating with force, as well as hitting the pigs weak point, the Qingjin arrow directly entered the ear piercing through its skull.

    The large-toothed pig howled, its body fell on the ground struggling.

    The vitality of a fierce beast is very powerful, even after its head being shot through, the large-toothed pig was still struggling for a moment, then finally stopped twitching.

    When Ye Xing came near it the large-toothed pig moved charging, sadly it was already dying, as it went up it went down again.

    Ye Xing immediately scooped out the fleeceflower root, this root has a particular age, its cost is very valuable, even his parents medical ingredients were not as precious as this.

    After receiving the fleeceflower root, Ye Xing pulled out the Qingjin arrow from the head of the pig, it was now filled with poison.

    The corpse of the large-toothed pig is also valuable, even compared to the root its value is not far off, but Ye Xing did not care and left.

    If he wanted to exchange it for money, it will take a lot of effort to bring to Ye Zhen, and it will also take unwanted attention.

    What is more, with the yell of the large-toothed pig, it will surely attract the other fierce beasts in the area, the rather away the better.

    On day time Ye Xing finds medical ingredients, hunting fierce beasts, after that he finds a safe place to cultivate.

    At night, Ye Xing is in his small dug out cave, with a large boulder as a door entrance.

    In an instant, a few days pass, everyday Ye Xing has a harvest, nonstop medical ingredients, besides majority of it are rare and precious.

    Hungry, he will eat fierce beasts, thirsty, he will drink the blood of fierce beasts. Whats more is with the help of the medical ingredients, his progress with the Evergreen method and Bone Crushing Fist is very fast.

    One afternoon on the seventh day, Ye Xing killed a black tiger and collected its blood. Afterwards he found a valley with no beast and cultivated.

    Every time he cultivates, he would use his hypersight to scan, in seven days he is already far from Ye Zhen, how long he has been in Qingyun mountain range he did not keep it in mind.

    When Ye Xing finished a set of Bone Crushing Fist, his gaze swept through, in all his time in the mountains, it is his first time to find another person.

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    Chapter 10: Medical Ingredients

    He did not immediately go towards the other person.

    Rather he went towards the trees, Ye Xing was at least a hundred meters away.

    Nothing can be concealed to Ye Xings eyes, the other man also had a strong bow, like Ye Xing he was in Qingyun mountain range to hunt.

    He scanned again on the bow one more time, the bow was also the same, a 6 shi iron bow.

    A 6 shi strength bow, requires 720 jin of power to pull, for common usage Im afraid you need at least a thousand jin of force to practice, as well as reaching the 3rd layer of Wu Dao or higher.

    He came with covered tracks, sneakily arriving obviously does not have a good intent, Ye Xing does not like this.

    Ye Xing pretended to feign ignorance, but in fact he was watching every move of the other man.

    The hunter stealthily approached Ye Xing for about 50 meters away, he was hiding behind a mound of flowers.

    After which, he took out a black arrow aiming at Ye Xing.

    Although Ye Xing already expected this, he couldnt help but be filled with rage.

    He after all came from earth, where society had laws, although there were murders, it was relatively small in number.

    Ye Xing has not yet experienced the terror of a warrior's world, this hunter was a stranger, he did not even see him before and already wanting to sneakily kill him, his heart was filled with anger.


    In a split second, a cold light came from the mound of plants, it was heading directly to Ye Xings throat.

    This was an excellent shot,an arrow straight to the throat, apparently this guy has a lot of confidence.

    This arrow gave Ye Xing a ruthless lesson, here in Xing Chen Da Lu, it is not like earth, there is a huge difference in rules.

    In the martial world, death is a common thing, it can be a trivial reason or without a reason at all.

    The arrow was quick, almost in a blink of an eye was about to penetrate Ye Xings throat.

    Unfortunately, the arrow was too fast that he was not able to react to Ye Xing.

    Between the moment both shot at each other, Ye Xing had moved a step sideways, then reached out and grabbed.

    The arrows were too fast, an ordinary eye cannot see but Ye Xing can see it clearly, Ye Xing grabbed out.

    An arrow shot from a 6 shi bow is really strong, even if Ye Xing caught the arrow shaft in a split second, he had to use the Bone Crushing Fist to stop it.

    Ye Xing backed up two steps and caught the arrow.

    The arrow tip was green like Ye Xings arrow, filled with poison to kill fierce beasts.

    The hunter behind the mound of plants was shocked and turned pale, he has been practicing the use of bows for 20 years, if the target was inside a hundred meters he never missed, today a young juvenile unexpectedly avoided being killed by the arrow.

    If he only dodge, he would be surprised not shocked, however Ye Xing reached out and caught the arrow which shocked him.

    A 6 shi bow and arrow, how fast it is, how can it be possible? Can it be caught by hand?

    Even if it was a genuine warrior, they could never catch arrows empty-handed.

    He wanted to shoot this strange boy, as a senior hunter in the Qingyun mountain range, he knew this stranger is like him, looking for medicine. He wanted to get the harvests of his counterpart, even if he doesnt have, the bow and arrows are good enough.

    It appears that he will finally kick the bucket!

    Even his pride, sneakily shooting someone failed to harm a hair from this young man, he even caught the arrow, this scared the soul out of him.

    After a moment of shock, he rolled from tree to tree, and ran with the cover of trees rapidly.

    Ye Xing has a bow, he is also a hunter, the other man must be a veteran hunter, he understand why he did a sneak attack.

    Ye Xing took out his iron bow, ha grabbed an arrow and place it, he used his hypersight to scan, he saw where the other man is.

    Although Ye Xing is not used to Xing Chen Da Lu in terms of survival, he was not used to killing, however the other man just tried to kill him.

    Ye Xing in his heart has his own principles, that man shot this arrow to him, so therefore he will pay him back with the same arrow, that way it is fair.

    The hunter was taking shelter behind the trees, running dozens of meters looking back and saw Ye XIng not catching up. The distance between them is now more than a hundred meters so he can relax.

    Although it was slow going through the trees, it was still safer. Now that he was a hundred meters away, this was beyond a warrior's range, this hunter felt that he was secured and no longer need to hide behind the trees.


    At this time, Ye Xing pulled the bow powerfully and in an instant the black arrow shot a hundred meters explosively going to the hunter.

    The hunter heard the explosive sound of air coming from behind him, looking back his eyes had a moment of panic.


    In an instant the back arrow went through his throat, then continued onward a dozen more meters before hitting a tree.

    An arrow piercing the throat, the hunter was instantly killed, his body fell on the ground with his eyes filled with horror, also with a hint of disbelief.

    He could not see clearly, with a distance of a hundred meters, even if it was a warrior hunter, it doesnt necessarily they can do it, but how come this youngster can shit my throat with an arrow?

    You shoot me, I shoot you, you even tried to hide, do not blame me!

    Ye Xing coldly looked, he was calm as usual, he went to the body of the hunter a hundred meters away.

    On earth, never killed a man, he also never was in a fight, this was his first kill, however there was no tension, confusion and feelings of guilt.

    Quickly his mind was filled with a carefree feeling, the man tried to take his life, so he took his instead, it was a good feeling having life on his hands.

    He feels like he is in a fantasy world, with a bow in his hand, kill the boss alone, go around the world and everything is within his grasp.

    He missed the wonderful memories of the fantasy world.

    In Xing Chen Da Lu, he is not like when he was on earth, living a restrained life.

    Everything is oneself, everything is under control, this world cant oppress him, the ways of this world cant restrain him, other peoples view cant influence him.

    He is like in a fantasy world, live free and easy, live with joy, he will not seek out to kill others, however those who offend him, he will answer them with his bow.

    After not much time, Ye Xing arrived at the body of the hunter. In the hunters body, he searched a wrapping, after opening he saw that inside was 3 medical ingredients.

    Two of it were common, one was an emperor blood grass which is precious, it was not inferior to the fleeceflower root.

    The emperor blood grass can repair qi and blood, it has a strong impact for cultivating the Bone Crushing Fist and the Evergreen method.

    This 3 mere medical ingredients are little compared to Ye Xings harvest, evidently this man did not have the surpassing mind also his equally great eyesight.

    In addition, Ye Xing found in the bosom of the man was a few silver, it wasnt much, only about 300 silver, not as precious as the bow and arrow themselves.

    In Qingyun mountain range, it is not a place to use silver, therefore this man did not really bring that much.

    Ye Xing dug a hole and buried the hunter, then took the medicine away.

    As for the bow, Ye Xing took out a few arrows he did not use, the rest he hid under piles of leaves, remembering the area, when he leaves the mountain he will get it.

    This time he suffered an attack, this was a normal thing, he will now directly eat the medical ingredients to cultivate and progress in lightning speed.

    A few days pass and Ye Xings perfected Bone Crushing Fist reached the 170 echoes, he was now close to the peak 206 echoes, meaning he is now near higher realm.

    In the common Bone Crushing Fist, he already reach above the peak of it, even surpassing the perfect realm of it.

    After refining to 170 echoes, the Bone Crushing Fist is terrifying, even against a 3rd layer Wu Dao martial apprentice reaching the perfect realm in the normal Bone Crushing Fist, Ye Xing will not lose.

    Ye Xing while staying in the Qingyun mountain range also had a lot of progress in the Wu Dao, he is already at the peak of second layer, the distance from the 3rd layer is not too far off.

    This day, Ye Xing made a lot of discoveries.

    He discovered middle grade medical ingredients, red blood mushroom.

    Middle grade medical ingredients, this is a valuable resource for a genuine warrior, this red blood mushroom, the value of this is about several thousands of silver.

    In ten days in Qingyun mountain, Ye XIng got a lot of medicines, many of which are rare herbs worth thousands of silver, however middle grade medical ingredients, it was the first time he saw one.

    The last two days, the perfected Bone Crushing Fists progress has slowed down, it seems like lower grade medical herbs are limited, making it hard to reach the higher realm of the perfected Bone Crushing Fist hard. This red blood mushroom is just in time, it can help me cultivate the Bone Crushing Fist to the perfect realm.

    Ye Xing was looking at the red blood mushroom.

    If he took that red blood mushroom, not only will he reach the perfect realm of the Bone Crushing Fist, but also Ye Xings cultivation can also increase.

    Right now he is in the peak of the 2nd layer Wu Dao, naturally he will break soon tot he 3rd layer.

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    Chapter 11: Archery

    The Red Blood Mushroom is extremely useful to Ye Xing.

    However, Ye Xing frowned, the Red Blood mushroom is an extremely valuable medical ingredient, how come there is no fierce guardian beast?

    Near the Red Blood Mushroom was a multi-colored leopard, about three meters in length.

    This leopards head is larger than normal leopards, even compared to tigers it is bigger.

    However, its body is not as big as a tiger, it is more streamlined. If a person was to see this, they will think speed!

    It is a middle-tier beast Iron Leopard.

    Fierce beasts are divided in grade by strength, a middle-tier beast is a strong as a person in the 4th to the 6th layer of Wu Dao.

    The Iron Leopard is a top quality beast in terms of speed, also top quality in attacking power. Compared to other middle-tier beasts, it is impressive, even a 4th layer warrior will be unable to escape from its grasps.

    To hunt or not to hunt?

    Ye Xings mind was turning, he has a desire to hunt the leopard, however the risk is great.

    Currently I am in the peak of the 2nd layer, the final step to reach the 3rd layer is a bit difficult, more time is needed.

    The perfected Bone Crushing Fist is already at the higher realm, the lower grade medical ingredients are now having less effects. It seems like without the help of middle grade medicine, it is difficult to reach the perfect realm and the time needed to get to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao is long.

    The thing is, this Red Blood Mushroom can let me enter the 3rd layer of Wu Dao and reach the perfect realm of the Bone Crushing fist in a short time!

    On his second thought, Ye Xings thoughts in hunting the Iron Leopard prevailed. After all, the Red Blood Mushroom has big benefits and he is confident on his archery skills.

    In an open battle, even if there was ten Ye Xings, they still wont be the opponent of the Iron Leopard. But with a bow and arrow in hand, it doesnt necessarily mean there is no hope in killing the Iron Leopard.

    A bow is different from other weapons. With a bow in hand, it is possible to kill someone who is multiple times stronger than you. Even if the target is ten times stronger, as long as you properly use the bow and arrow, it is possible.

    Furthermore in a half months time, the main family envoy will be in Ye Zhen. When that times arrives, surely the Ye clan will hold a competition, only by reaching the 3rd layer of Wu Dao will I have hope in defeating Ye Qing. The main family envoy will choose who is a stronger warrior, this only happens once a year, I cannot waste this chance!

    Ye Xing revealed strong eyes, he has made his decision.

    His goal is to be a martial saint, a peerless master, therefore it is necessary for him to venture the large skies. This will enable him to learn higher level martial arts.

    When you are younger, the more valuable time is, he didnt want to miss this opportunity. He didnt want to spend another year in Ye Zhen in vain.

    He will start with the bow in his hand, brimming with confidence.

    He arrived in this mysterious world armed with a bow fighting a boss, now the Iron Leopard is in front of his eyes, as if it is the boss.

    Now, he wants to be a hunter, with a bow in his hand, will hunt the Iron Leopard alone.

    Half an hour later, Ye Xing went towards the leopard and the Red Blood Mushroom in the valley.

    In this valley, there werent too many trees, the horizon was more open. Ye Xing was slowly crawling on the ground closer to the Iron Leopard.

    Wind was blowing from Ye Xing towards the Iron Leopard, it sniffed as if noticing something. Then the scent disappeared so it did not mind it.

    Ye Xing continued closer!

    Suddenly the Iron Leopard lying on the ground moved it upper body, eyes scanning the area in all directions with its ears perked up listening.

    At this time, between Ye Xing and the Iron Leopard the distance was 560 meters.

    Clearly the senses of the leopard is keener the low-tiered beasts. When Ye Xing was hunting weaker beasts he got at least to 100 meters before being noticed.

    The iron bows range is not limited to 560 meters, but the problem is accurately hitting a target from that distance.

    This not only requires a strong arm, but it is also needed to maintain the bow and have precise vision of the target.

    Even a warrior specializing in archery will find this hard to do.

    This distance is the limit of Ye Xing in shooting accurately, there is a big chance a mishap might occur. He was deciding if he should try now, or wait for the Iron Leopard to lose awareness and go nearer for a better shot.

    However things did not go according to his plans.

    The Iron Leopard after scanning stepped up and stretched, then began patrolling its area.

    Ye Xing was gloomy for his bad luck, the leopard actually discovered something, now slowly going to his direction. Ye Xing did not hesitate, he immediately pulled the bow into an arc and targeted the eyes of the leopard.


    The sound was loud, in a flash it went towards the eyes of the leopard.

    The Iron Leopard was very fast, he had to shoot from afar otherwise in a few breathes it will be on his throat.

    The Iron Leopards head is like steel, only the eyes and the ears are its weak points. Ye Xing in a moment right away went for the eyes.

    However,the leopard was in high alert, it was not an easy shot, it immediately reacted and dodge its head to the side.


    The Qingjin arrow hit the head making a loud sound, Ye Xing brought a piece of flesh throwing it.

    Although the leopard was hit in the head, the bone was not hurt and it was only a small injury.

    The Iron Leopard attacked letting out a growl going towards Ye Xings direction in the speed of the wind.

    Ye Xing was already up, he didnt try to run, although he is not slow in any regard, it is still incomparable to the iron Leopard. If he tried to run not only will he lose breathe, the leopard will also overtake him, he will die regardless of his superior mind.

    In such a tense moment, Ye Xings mind became more clear, without a hint of panic.

    Aside from his surpassing mind, a great factor in him being calm is his experience in the fantasy world.

    Calm without panic, he challenged the boss.

    In a flash Ye Xing took out a Qingjin arrow and placed it on the bow.

    Ye Xings two eyes watched the incoming Iron Leopard, with his surpassing mind he analyzed the situation.

    The surpassing mind scanning the Iron Leopard magnified several times, seeing the blood flow, muscle activity, power transmission, motion path any type of movement the brain analyzed.


    After just two breathes Ye Xing shot again, the second Qingjin arrow shout out, emitting a sharp sound.

    In an instant!

    The Qingjin arrow accurately show towards the Iron Leopards knee joints.

    The moment the Iron Leopard is about to leap off the ground, the muscle relaxes, but also the two bones separate revealing the joint.

    Without the surpassing mind, noticing this instant is impossible.

    The Qingjin went right in between the bones, piercing the cartilage.

    The Iron Leopard tried to leap forward in an instant, the speed was too fast making it crash to the ground rolling a few times.

    Ye Xiong used this opportunity, he turned and ran while loading a new arrow.

    After running about 20 meters, Ye Xing turned while the Iron Leopard stopped rolling. It roared due to the pain while Ye Xing shot another arrow.

    Even though the arrow hit the joints, the leopard was still fast, a moment ago he was 20 meters away, now it was in front of him.

    But during the time the leopard shortened the distance, Ye Xing already shot the third arrow.


    Another sharp sound came towards the Iron Leopard, this time the Qingjin arrow went to another joint.

    Ye Xing although not nervous still paid close attention to his arrows, using all his strength, it was frightening.

    The Iron Leopard fell on the ground again.

    After what happened the first time, the leopard rolled less and went towards Ye Xing.

    Both joints in the front legs of the leopard was hit by the arrow making it hard to maintain balance.

    This time Ye Xing did not run again, he just stood there with great speed loaded another arrow.

    At this time with the Iron Leopard having disabled the two front legs, used its two remaining unharmed legs to jump to Ye Xing.

    If he had ran like a while ago and turned his back, Ye Xing would have already died.

    Unfortunately, with Ye Xings surpassing mind, he already saw the desire of the leopard.

    Therefore, he pulled the bow, after the Iron Leopard opened its mouth he shot the arrow towards inside.

    With a whine the Iron Leopard fell in front of Ye Xing.

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    Chapter 12: Archery

    When the Iron Leopard fell, Ye Xing immediately jump to the side.

    Sure enough,the Iron Leopard really had strong vitality, even though it suffered a fatal injury, it still tried to bring Ye Xing with it. If he did not react in a flash, he might have been buried under the Iron Leopard.

    After the final blow was dealt, the Iron Leopards body twitched, finally reaching the end of its life.

    Ye Xing was greatly relieved.

    Although with his confrontation with the Iron Leopard did not even damage his clothes, however Ye Xing still collapsed due to tiredness, as if he participated in a war game.

    Ye Xing breathe a sigh of relief, adjusting his breathing he looked at the Iron Leopard with an excited smile on his face.

    The strength of the Iron Leopard was at least as strong as the 4th layer Wu Dao of a genuine warrior. For someone who has only reached the 2nd layer of Wu Dao, this was a terrifying existence.

    However, even such a presence died under his bow and arrow, this was truly something to be proud of.

    Determining that the Iron Leopard was dead, Ye Xing went towards the Red Blood Mushroom.

    As Ye Xing was going towards the Red Blood Mushroom, suddenly in the mountain five people appeared.

    Ye Xing has to focus completely fighting the Iron Leopard so he did not right away notice the five people.

    Ye Xings relaxed attitude in an instant collapsed, his heart was irritated.

    The Red Blood Mushroom was still not in his hand, then these five people just suddenly appeared, this was not a good thing.

    Before fighting the Iron Leopard, Ye Xing looked around and found no one else.

    Although his eyesight is formidable, it still cant see everything. After looking around the area, he was unable to see behind the mountain, causing him not to see these five people.

    After he shot Iron Leopard, its roar attracted these people.

    Ye Xing scanned the five people with his surpassing mind, immediately he was surprised.

    Two people carried bows, obviously cultivated to the 3d layer of Wu Dao.

    The three others were all in the 4th layer of Wu Dao as genuine warriors, the one in the middle was even in the later stages of the 4th layer.

    After seeing them, they were all not too old, from 15 to 16 years old in appearance. There ages were not different from his own, they seem like they came from influential martial clans.

    Especially the one in the 4th layer of Wu Dao who was very young, his age was only around 15 years old.

    In the Ye clans younger generation only one person has reached the 4th layer of Wu Dao who was Ye Qing. It can be seen that this guy has talent and came from an influential martial family.

    Ye Xing stopped his footsteps, not going anywhere the R Blood Mushroom. From their location, they do not necessarily have seen the mushroom just yet, might as as well not bring their attention to it.

    Friends, I came to kill the Iron Leopard, sorry for the bother!

    Ye Xing clasped his hands, smiling at the people on the mountain while greeting.

    He pointed out that he killed the iron Leopard, trying to convince them of his strength to make them leave.

    So long as these five people leave, he at once will get the Red Blood Mushroom.

    The body of the iron Leopard was not far away, there was no one else aside from their, causing the five to change face complexion.

    Hunting an Iron Leopard was unusual, even with all five of them together, they wouldnt dare.

    The young man in the middle of the group with the 4th layer of Wu Dao signaled secretly to go for the kill.

    He smiled to Ye Xing and said: My good archer friend, killing an Iron Leopard is no easy task, may I know where are you from?

    While speaking, he went down the hill behind him the other four people followed.

    Ye Xing clearly saw the hand gesture as he scanned them.

    After killing the other hunter in the Qingyun mountain range he didn't think much, but unexpectedly all this young men were already vicious, Ye Xing was frightened.

    Xing Chen Da Lu and earth were truly different.

    Now that he knows their intentions, Ye Xing still did not have the medicine, as the five are going as long as they are not blind, they would see the Red Blood Mushroom.

    He was planning to take the Red Blood Mushroom and run away without a trace.

    Ye Xing was cold but still had a smile on his face, and walked towards the Red Blood Mushroom: My humble self genuinely is Luo Zhen from Ping Yang County, how about you my friends, where did you guys come from?

    Ye Xing definitely wont reveal his real name, while one earth he read about an immortal named Luo Zhen that ways from Ping Yang, so he just just said it.

    A person from Ping Yang?

    Zi Shan County is a big place, inside there were many towns , there was no such county which confused the young man in the 4th layer of Wu Dao.

    But then he smiled, why care about the origin of a dead man?

    They already knew about the Red Blood Mushroom and planned to kill the Iron Leopard.

    However after a lot of care, they still did not try to move on the Iron Leopard because it was too fast. If they tried and failed, it would be difficult to escape.

    At least now the Iron Leopard is dead, Ye Xing seemed like an easier target compared to the beast.

    Even though Ye Xing had superb archery, they still were five people, two 3rd layer hunting warriors, and three genuine warriors.

    In their perspective, even with the distance, at most Ye Xing only had one choice, death.

    You need to remember, my name is Xiong Qicai from Tian Cang City...Eh?

    The young man in the 4th layer of Wu Dao was laughing, as he went nearer the Red Blood mushroom his complexion changed, he saw Ye XIngs plan, he raised his hand.



    The two hunters from both sides shot arrows trying to kill Ye Xing.


    Ye Xing observed both arrows going his direction with his surpassing mind, he calculated at most he can just sidestep it.

    If he continued to get the Red Blood Mushroom, even if he tried dodging at least one arrow will hit him.

    The other five people wanted to kill him, if he is hit he will undoubtedly will die, it was hard to escape!

    He did not need to think it over, Ye Xing already made a decision, he rolled to the side to dodge both of the incoming arrows trying to kill him.

    The next moment Ye Xing got up while in the same time, loading two arrows on the bow.



    One bow two arrows, both aiming to the throats of the hunters.

    After Ye Xing shot, he didnt stop for a moment, he moved at the limits of his body and ran.

    Even if the shots were rushed, Ye Xings two arrows were still accurate, this was because the distance was only about 50 to 60 meters, Ye Xing cant simply miss.

    The two hunters instinctively dodged, the two warriors beside Xiong Qicai however used their blades to slash the arrows.

    In a split second Xiong Qicai suddenly jumped, as if he was a goose flying to the sky, landing softly and leaped. It was obvious he was using a light motion martial art.

    Ye Xing was capable of killing the Iron Leopard, naturally Xiong Qicai was afraid of his exceptional archery.

    If he was to fight over Ye Xing for the Red Blood Mushroom there will be hard feelings between the two. Even if there was a 5th layer practitioner, with his exceptional archery, it is hard to feel at ease while being in Qingyun mountain range.

    Now that he saw Ye Xing has already decided about the matter, Xiong Qicai wanted to kill him in order to prevent any other misfortune.

    Ye Xing desired to escape, Xiong Qicai naturally cant let him just get away or else it will be troublesome.

    In the middle of the Qingyun mountain range was a valley with barely any trees, which is unusual in this place which is filled with jungles.

    This kind of place is the worst for a good archer.

    Xiong Qicai put in full use his light motion technique almost as fast as the Iron leopard going to Ye Xing.

    Ye Xing looked back, Xiong Qicai was momentarily analyzed, without slowing down he flipped and shot an arrow straight to Xiong Qicais core.

    Xiong Qicai looked startle, Ye Xing will running away is still capable of fighting back?

    Ye Xing shot worse than he thought!

    The most important thing is the speed of the arrow, it should arrive at the right time in order for Xiong Qicai to have no time to dodge.


    Xiong Qicai used his blade to block the arrow aiming for his chest, which created a sound.

    He was going fast awhile ago leaping but due to the strength of the arrow he had to stop as Ye Xing got farther away.



    Ye Xing just needed to shoot one more to put Xiong Qicai in trouble causing him injury, however he also needed to dodge the two incoming arrows. Ye Xing had no choice but abort his plan of shooting the next arrow.

    At this time Ye Xing has already run away a hundred meters from the two hunters, causing both to crease their eyebrows. This is now out of their range, they have no choice but try to get closer.

    Meanwhile, the other two people in the 4th layer used their light motion technique, trying to chase Ye Xing.

    If only there were two people he has confidence even if they are in the 4th layer of Wu Dao that he can kill them just like what he did to the Iron Leopard.

    However, his opponents consisted of five people, he is forced to fight in a dangerous situation.

    He is a hunter, as long as he reaches the Qingyun mountain ranges he will be in his home ground.

    Ye Xing would shoot one to two arrows from time to time, preventing the three warriors to use their movement technique again in catching up to him. Soon he will finally reach the outskirts of the ravine.

    After climbing the hillside, there was a ten meter high cliff with a river at the bottom. Ye Xing immediately jumped without hesitation.

    I will be back! Xiong Qicai arrived at the cliff when Ye Xing already disappeared, all there was is Ye Xings warning echoing.

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    Chapter 13: Hunt

    An overhanging cliff.

    Beneath the cliff is a river with only about 10 feet in length, the water was matchless filled with countless deadly rocks.

    As seen from the cliff, there was no place to jump into the river, he probably already died due to the rocks.

    The three people in the 4th layer of Wu Dao all caught up trying to chase, when they looked down they gasped, it was too frightening to jump off.

    Young master, the guy that jumped down probably died be it either due to the deadly dense rocks or drowned, his body has already been washed away!

    The oldest out of all the 4th layer warriors took a glimpse at the river below the cliff, he didnt see the silhouette of Ye Xing therefore he concluded he was dead.

    Unless one if a great master, anyone below that rank without a doubt will die!

    The other 4th layer Wu Dao warrior after observing the area, also came up with this conclusion.

    Dead, but where is the corpse?

    It must have been washed away!

    The two 3rd layer hunters finally came, after looking down the cliff they said those words.

    The vertical height of the cliff from bottom to top is about 60to 70 meters, if someone jumped from this height, be it a 6th layer Wu Dao warrior, that person will also die without a body to be recognized. Although there is a river at the bottom of the cliff, the river is extremely narrow filled with deadly rocks, there is no place to safely fall.

    Only, to others there is no safe place to fall, but Ye Xing is an exception to this.

    Ye Xing has his surpassing mind to scan, where the torrents are, what the depth is, and where the deadly rocks are, all of this he can simply see clearly.

    In the eyes of Ye Xing, the areas his body can safely fall intact is not small at all. An example of which was on area near the middle where it was a safe area to fall in.

    With the surpassing mind calculating, Ye Xing immediately jumped to the nearest safest spot falling to the river unscathed.

    After which, Ye Xing went to one of the bigger rocks that prevented the people on the cliff from seeing him.

    At the same time, his vision scanned through the rock, there were five people on the cliff. All of this was scanned by his surpassing mind, all their movement, the way their blood and qi moved, Ye Xing could see everything.

    It seems that kid is really dead, this Red Blood Mushroom will be mine!

    Xiong Qicai was silent for a long time, he looked down and concluded, he gave a slight smile.

    After speaking, Xiong Qicai turned and walked away,as did the other four.


    At that moment, a Qingjin arrow was shot creating a sharp sound.

    The five people were the most relaxed at this moment, when they heard the sharp sound it was too late.

    The oldest 4th layer Wu Dao warrior let out a scream, the Qingjin arrow went through his back and pierced his heart.

    The strength of the arrow was extremely strong, after piercing through the oldest warriors heart, it continued to the throat of the person in front, Xiong Qicai.

    Not only was the arrows timing perfect, the angle of how it was shot was unparalleled. The arrow was aimed at the vital points of two people.

    While it already pierced the first warrior, Xiong Qicai reacted very quickly swinging his body but the arrow still hit his shoulder.

    Two screams sounded out in no particular order.

    The oldest 4th layer Wu Dao warrior fell to the ground, after all an arrow shot through his heart directly.

    Xiong after being hit fell forward to the ground.

    The three other people were astonished, the arrow came from the direction of the cliff.

    Beneath the cliff, Ye Xing unhurriedly place both of his bow and arrow to the ground laying low.

    Young master Qi!

    The vision of the other people were obstructed by numerous mountains, him being below as long as he doesnt foolishly appear, they wont be able to attack him.

    Damn that scoundrel!

    Xiong Qicais face distorted, his eyes emitting a terrifying glow, standing up to the mans direction: How is Xiong Yiming?

    He didnt need for the reply of the three others, Xiong Qicai looked at the pool of blood around Xiong Yiming, obviously dead.

    Damn that *****, this father will dismember your body!

    Xiong Qicai pounded his hand to the ground like a hammer, saying those words with resentment.

    Smelly boy, do you not know the Xiong clan of Tian Cang City? You dare shoot at the younger generation of the Xiong clan, even injuring the young master. You will all die, we will search the entirety of Tian Cang City, the Xiong clan will find you and your clan, all will die without a burial site.!

    One of the 3rd layer hunter shouted towards the bottom of the cliff.

    Ye Xing naturally knew the Xiong clan of Tian Cang City, the Ye Clan was one of the biggest powers in Tian Cang City, however they still cannot compare to the Xiong clan.

    The Xiong clan in Tian Cang City was like the Ye clan in Ye Zhen, they were undoubtedly the number power. Like the Ye clan, they also had branc clans, which were far more numerous than Ye Clans.

    Ye Xing was in Xing Chen Da Lu, he lived in the lower Ye Zhen, he obviously should feel fear the Xiong clan of Tian Cang City.

    However, in earth he had a lot of experience, he did not fear big powers, he shouted from the bottom of the:

    The Xiong clan of Tian Cang City, I heard were a really strong power that should be feared! However, I am afraid you guys are not in Tian Cang City but in the mountains, is the Xiong clan aware of this? Even if the Xiong clan was to search the mountains, by the time they arrive you guys are probably have been eaten by fierce beasts.

    What you do to me, I will do to you in return! This is I, Yr Xings principle.

    This people wanted to kill him, forcing him to have to jump off a cliff to escape.If it was like that, then Ye Xing will return with one word in mind--- kill!

    In Qingyun mountain range, if the distance grows, it is advantageous to him. He wanted to attack, he wanted to retreat, everything is under his control.

    At this time, the 4th layer Wu Dao warrior already removed the arrow from the young masters body. He bound the wound and applied some medicine, which caused the flood from flowing out, with the medicine containing the poison from the arrow.

    The 4th layer warrior checked the poison in the young masters body, it seems like Xiong Qicai was not in a grave situation.

    However, when ye Xing spoke out Xiong Qicai and the other three had unsightly faces.

    Escaping from Ye Xing should be easy due to him not reaching martial disciple, at most he cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao. Whats more is that they had two peak 3rd layer people, as well as three genuine 4th layer Wu Dao warriors, they were very strong.

    But what happened was is Ye Xing became the hunter, and the five of them became the prey instead, one dead and one injured.

    The Xiong clan was the number one martial family in Tian Cang City, this little brother of the Xiong clan went out being arrogant, now has a bit of fear to those of superior strength.

    The result was they became the prey, being bluntly told they were going to be killed, how can they not be angry!

    The identity of being the younger generation of the Xiong clan never failed in protecting them for multiple years, this is the first time it happened.

    Particularly, Xiong Qicais father was a 7th layer Wu Dao great master, in the clan he had equal footing with the clan master. His identity since birth is something that most sought out after, today however he suffered a setback causing a difficult disaster.

    Now that persons potential is overwhelming, his archery was scary. How did he even survive that fall from the high cliff? Even with two 3rd layer hunters and three 4th layer genuine warriors, they are still having a hard time.

    Xiong Qicai badly wanted to kill the other counterpart, however he has no choice but retreat. and clench his jaws:

    Bury Xiong Yiming, pick up the Red Blood Mushroom, we will immediately leave and return to Tian Cang, do not leave any trace or else he will follow us.

    They quickly buried Xiong Yiming, then Xiong Yicai got the Red Blood Mushroom and they immediately left. The two hunters were at the back in charge of clearing their tracks and creating false ones.

    A few hours later, Ye Xing returned to the valley.

    Even if it was an expert hunter, they would have a hard time finding the four due to the two hunters covering and faking tracks.

    However, Ye Xings eyes are ten times stronger than a veteran hunter, and small scratches he scanned and found the real trace following them.

    In Qingyun mountain range is was hard to find traces, especially with a good hunter faking tracks making it unbearably hard.

    Therefore Xiong Qicai and the others after leaving the valley they ran as fast as they can. After leaving the area of the valley, they were in a more familiar place and avoided a number of powerful beasts, while weaker beast avoided them.

    Ye Xing has been walking in Qingyun mountain range for ten days now, he was now nearer to Tian Cang City then he is to Ye Zhen.

    The four people escaped all day the past few days, finally reaching the outskirts of Qingyun mountain range.

    When they left the mountain range, it was night with only the moon in the sky illuminating the world.

    If one wanted to leave, there was a big range that must be scaled in order to go to Tang Cang City, which requires great strength and time.

    After leaving the mountain range, the four of them stopped.

    Young master Qi, the mark we left in the valley probably not found by him, furthermore our speed was very fast. We already finally left that place, even if he was a good hunter, he still is not here.

    The 3rd layer hunter said.

    Xiong Qicai looked at the Qingyun mountain range, it was dark that night,he nodded: Alright, we will rest here this night, tomorrow we will set out again!


    A lasing arrow suddenly came from the darkness piercing Xiong Qicais throat.

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    Chapter 14: Hunt

    This arrow was black, there was no light source anywhere, only the arrow breaking free created a sharp sound.

    Whats more, when Ye Xing shot the arrow, Xiong Qicai was talking completely unaware. When he finally noticed the sharp sound, it was too late.

    He was barely 15 years old, Xiong Qicai already cultivated up to the late stage 4th layer of Wudao. With such a cultivation at that age, even in Tian Cang City he was arrogant.

    Xiong Qicais identity was also to be feared, his father was a great master in the 7th layer Wu Dao. He had a high standing within the Xiong clan, even equal in footing with the clan master.

    However, Ye Xings arrow does not distinguish from high to low, no matter the identity, whether a martial disciple or a warrior, only death awaits you.

    Xiong Qicai was unable to say any more, he died with his eyes only showing a glint of regret while he fell to the ground.

    Young master Qi!

    Although Xiong Qicai was at the center while three were around him, even with instinct they were unable to react only seeing the arrow on the throat.



    The two hunters in the 3rd layer Wu Dao heard the incoming arrow, they sidestepped and shot to the direction where the arrows are came from.

    After Ye Xing shot the arrow, he already shifted positions making the twos shot all in vain.

    Suddenly, a sharp sound came, a black arrow broke free and went straight to one of the hunters throats.

    At this moment, during the exchange the two hunters were already very wary. After they shot the arrows they immediately rolled to the side.

    The arrow that was suppose to pierce one of the hunters throat ended up grazing the scalp instead.

    In a split second a shrill scream emitted, a ring was heard.

    The hunter that rolled to the ground didnt get up again. Ye Xing after he shot an arrow shot another in an instant.

    He knew that his opponent will try to dodge, so when the hunter rolled on the ground, another arrow was already shot through a heart, another man dead.

    The other hunter that was only hit on his scalp after rolling ran as fast as he can for another 10 meters. In the meantime, an arrow was shot towards the 4th layer Wudao warriors throat.

    Ye Xing already calculated everything with his surpassing mind, the arrow that did not hit the hunter was a decoy. In reality, Ye Xing was really aiming for the 4th layer Wu Dao warrior all this time.

    He has only shot two arrows and two people are dead again.

    Is is a pity, the warrior who is superior to someone who is a martial disciple, if he was wary he can easily deal with Ye Xings deadly shot.

    A one in a thousand occurrence, the 4th layer Wu Dao warrior actually hit the arrow with his swing of the blade.

    Although the 4th layer Wu Dao warrior was able to deal with Ye Xings arrow, he was still shocked drenched with sweat.

    In the dark night, he couldnt see the far distance. He had no idea what the arrow came from, what angle it was, who will dare stay? He exerted all his effort and rapidly escaped.

    He fled, leaving the 3rd layer Wu Dao hunter to his own burial, him alone facing Ye Xing, who was Ye Xings opponent?

    He did not have the courage to fight with Ye Xing, so he turned and fled.


    In a blink of an eye an arrow was shot entering the hunters heart. Him deciding to flee was him only just accelerating to this death.

    Soon after, Ye Xing came out of the darkness and came towards Xiong Qicais body. It is a pity but he can only look as the 4th layer Wu Dao warrior just fled into the darkness.

    In his ten days in Qingyun mountain range, he has spent a lot of his arrows. While he fought with the five people in the valley he also wasted more arrows. After he jumped off the cliff, he only had five arrows left.

    He used one to kill one person, now he used everything up with nothing more in his quiver.

    If only he had an extra of two more arrows, the 4th layer Wu Dao warrior would have died and not escape.

    He already is now out of the Qingyun mountain range, the warrior has already ran quite the distance. It was hard for Ye Xing to catch up so he just gave up on hunting the man.

    Searching the body of Xiong Qicai, Ye Xing soon found the Red Blood Mushroom and a small amount of precious medicine ingredients.

    Also, he found quite a few banknotes and over ten thousand of taels, they were obviously well off bringing so much to a place like Qingyun mountain range.

    In addition Xiong Qicai had a long blade which was extremely precious, a middle-grade treasure. In Ye Zhen, it is scarce and not below the value of the Red Blood Mushroom, worth a lot of money.

    With the Red Blood Mushroom, Ye Xing can cultivate to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao and make a breakthrough. He now planned to go back home to Ye Zhen and his clan. He did not leave anything valuable from Xiong Qicais long blade to all his money, he then re-entered the mountain range.

    At night, strong beasts tend to act more rather than in the morning which makes Qingyun mountain range dangerous.

    Under normal circumstances, Ye Xing dug a small cave on the mountain at night, hiding to rest.

    However, Ye Xing does not intend to do his usual routine tonight. After all, he let the warrior escape, around this time he would have reached the Xiong clan in Tian Cang City. The Xiong clan might send out the older generation and kill him.

    He cannot stay in this area, he must keep away from this area, entering the vast and deep mountains.

    In Qingyun mountain range, Ye Xing was a dragon in a sea, even great masters of the 7th layer will find it difficult to kill him.

    Although Qingyun mountain range is dangerous at night, Ye Xing after all is near the outskirts. Besides, he has his superior eyesights canning any changes, therefore he was capable of discovering strong fierce beasts, he can walk with no mishaps.

    At daybreak, Ye Xing has returned to the valley where the Red Blood Mushroom was. He went to the cliff again and jumped to the river below.

    After, Ye Xing just went along the river far away from this place.

    This way, although the Xiong clan might use hounds to track him, they will have a hard time finding Ye Xing.

    When night arrived, Ye Xing was now far off and he found a mountain with no fierce beast in it. There was a natural cave that he sealed and rested inside it.

    He didnt sleep at all last night until the whole day today. Ye XIng is now tired so he slept and woke up when it was dawn.

    Ye Xing went out the cave and climbed the peak of the mountain. He used his superior vision to scan the 10 li radius, not finding any Xiong clan member that has come.

    Ye Xing confirmed his position and started to go towards the old veteran hunter from before. He took the things he left like the bow and arrow, heading towards Ye Zhen.


    Again, in the night Ye XIng found his old cave from the night before. He sealed the cave with the boulder and spent the night in the cave.


    Within the cave,Ye Xing took out the Red Blood Mushroom.


    After getting the Red Blood Mushroom before, he was either in a hurry or too tired so he never had the chance. Now however, he had the chance to take it out.


    Ye Xing started to use his method using his five channels, cultivating with no distractions whatsoever.

    At this time, Ye Xing ate the Red Blood Mushroom, using his Evergreen method, he slowly refined it.

    The medicine in Xing Chen Da Lu has a higher effect than compared to earths. Here they can also absorb the power of the stars for growth, capable of strengthening ones body. For the cultivation of a warrior, it even has a bigger effect.

    Soon the medicinal energy within the Red Blood Mushroom was pulled out by Ye Xings Evergreen method. It went through his body nourishing his flesh, blood, bones and muscles.

    Meanwhile, the Red Blood Mushroom also contained the stars power within it, which Ye Xing also absorbed to his dantian. The second ring in his dantian started to be increasingly bright.

    As time went on, The Red Blood Mushrooms medicinal energy rushed to Ye Xings blood and flesh which is felt by his whole body.

    Operating the Evergreen method was pushed to the limit by Ye Xing absorbing everything to his blood and flesh. To the point that even his body couldnt accept anymore of it.

    Slow, these five channels in absorbing is too slow!

    At this time, Ye Xing now understood on experience of the importance of a good method.

    His surpassing brain already improved the Evergreen method, making it a lower-grade method from its original ordinary grade. However, to Ye Xing it was still not enough.

    Time passed, Ye Xing only paid attention in absorbing the Red Blood Mushroom to his body, he already neglected the time passed.

    He did not know how long it has been, the medicinal energy of the Red Blood Mushroom started to decrease. He felt that only the star within his body is making improvements, he doesnt know anymore if his physical body is also absorbing the medicinal energy. His body from head to toe was brimming with strength.

    He scanned his own body, in his dantian his second ring is brilliant to its limit, seemingly no different with the first ring.

    In addition to the second ring, a third ring appeared, although it was quite dim.

    The 9 layers of Wu Dao has marks, in the dantian one ring indicated the 1st layer while the 2nd ring indicated the 2nd layer.

    Now in Ye Xings dantain is a third ring, indicating that him absorbing the Red Blood Mushroom medicinal energy unknowingly made him break to the 3rd layer.

    Ye Xings heart was filled with joy, he broke through the 2nd layer of Wu Dao in just half a month. Him clearly entering the Qingyun mountain range was clearly the right choice.

    This place let him grow, without making any changes to his outer appearance.

    Soon, the sense of expansion of the star in his body ceased. He clenched his fists, exerting force on his body, a burst sound came out. Even though the sound heard was not much, but the surpassing mind was able to completely record it.

    There was 206 dull echos and 185 sharp echos.

    Prior to that, he only reached 170 sharp echos, after taking the Red Blood Mushroom, the cultivation of Ye Xings Bone Crushing Fist has greatly improved.

    Ye Xings body although it did not expand, with the Red Blood Mushroom, the Bone Crushing Fist reached the perfect realm.

    206 echos of the Bone Crushing Fist means cultivating it to the perfect realm, how much stronger is it?

    Ye Xing was looking forward to it!

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    Chapter 15: A Slap on the face

    Ye Xing looked through a crack, there was light already going through.

    Dawn has arrived, he spent the whole night time absorbing the Red Blood Mushroom.

    It was a sleepless night, however Ye Xing did not feel any exhaustion, rather he was energetic.

    He felt that his body was filled with energy, not a muscle was feeling stressed or uncomfortable.

    The 3rd layer of Wu Dao, the Bone Crushing Fist reaching the perfect realm, I do not know my strength, what level is it now?

    Ye Xing asked himself, he had no point of reference so he couldnt determine it.

    He was sure that he was in the boundary of martial apprentice, someone on the same level as him cant compare, hes just not sure if he can handle a 4th layer Wu Dao warrior.

    If I use my surpassing mind to scan, looking at other peoples flaws, there certainly is no need to fear someone in the 4th layer Wu Dao. Hence, the only way i can know is by trying!

    Ye Xing clenched his fist, he was very confident.

    He opened the entrance to the cave, walking out it was dawn. The air on Qingyun mountain range was very fresh, he took a breath of relief, feeling very good due to the refreshing feeling.

    His body was brimming with power, Ye Xing was eager in putting it to use, he then began to use the Bone Crushing Fist.

    Every move, every form, sharp echos came out, Ye Xing completing the Bone Crushing Fist resulted in 206 echos.

    There was 20 dull echos and 186 sharp echos.

    He just barely used the Bone Crushing Fist, compared to before, it really has improved a lot. The medicinal energy was clearly helping, making his progress even go faster.

    At this point it was really getting bright, Ye Xing continued his journey to return to Ye Zhen.

    In his returning trip, Ye Xing did not find any more herbs, but his speed was way faster, getting out of Qingyun mountain in just three days.

    At noon, Ye Xing returned to Ye Zhen.

    This Yun Blood Grasss value is about 2,500 silver taels, this Huang Xue Grasss value is about 3,700 silver taels, this Fleeceflower Root value is about 3,400 silver taels, Ah Furthermore there is even more medicinal herbs here. Young master Ye Xing, this is all worth about 20,000 silver taels, where did you get all of this?

    Ye Zhens drug store shopkeeper was astounded at all the medicinal herbs Ye Xing brought.

    In the town of Ye Zhen, there are many hunters that enter the Qingyun mountain range looking for medicinal herbs, but the drug store never had a hunter bring so much in one time.

    Even hunters at the warrior stage go to the mountains but do not have this many gains.

    Ye Xing smiled: Shopkeeper, do you accept? Do not tell anyone about this, or else I will mess up your store.

    Accept accept accept, naturally I will comply! I swear, I will not talk about young master Ye Xing!

    The whole batch of medicine sold for at least 20,000 silver taels, reselling these will earn a lot of money, in business there will be no objections.

    The Shopkeeper check the inventory saying: A total of 18,770 silver, young master rounding it up, would you like it to be 19,000 silver?


    Ye Xing nodded, in an instant his body has 19,000 silver taels.

    Not long after, in the Ye Zhen weapons shop there was astonishment:

    These four bows are all 6 shit strong bows, each worth 5,000 silver taes. The long blade EH? This blade is a middle-grade weapon, worth 32,000 silver taels!


    Ye Xing did not pay much attention to the price, it was already good: Shopkeeper, you must remember, all this must be kept in secrecy or else you will face the consequences.

    Young master Ye Xing, rest assure, I will never utter a sentence!

    The weapons shopkeeper promised: This is 50,000 silver taels, take it.

    As Ye Xing was getting the money, he looked over at the wall, in the middle he saw a strong bow: I want this bow!

    Ye Xing was at the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, the Bone Crushing Fist has reached the top, compared to 2nd layer Wu Dao,he was much stronger.

    The 6 shi bow was the strongest lightweight bow, but Ye Xing wanted something stronger.

    Good eye young master Ye Xing, this is our town stores treasure. This is the sole bow that surpasses the 9 shit strength, named Yiding Gong!

    The weapon shopkeeper went beside the bow, he smiled to Ye Xing and said with a different tone: Only, young master Ye Xing, to handle this bow you need strength!

    1 shit is 120 jin.

    The Yiding Gong is equivalent to a power of 10 shi. A strength of 1200 jin, such a strong bow, a 3rd layer Wu Dao martial disciple, it will be difficult to pull, much less shoot.

    I want it, also give me a cylinder of good arrows.

    Ye Xing nodded his head, a 9 shi strongbow was still a bit too light and easy for him, this Yiding Gong is just right.

    Ye Xing wanted to buy, the shopkeeper naturally did not haggle, he took the bow and got 50 long arrows:

    This is the Poyin arrow, one arrow is 20 silver taels, the Yiding Gong costa 20,000 silver taels, young master Ye Xing and I did a large business transaction. This Poyin arrow will be free of charge and is a gift!


    Ye Xing was not polite at all, he counted 20,000 silver and gave it. Taking the fifty arrows, he placed it in the quiver, carrying the Yiding Gong, he left the weapon store.

    Ye Xing selling the medicinal herbs and weapons were worth tens of thousands of silver. If it is sold in the family store, it will give rise to astonishment in the Ye clan, it cannot be avoided to be interrogated.

    Therefore Ye Xing sold at the other stores, they can guard the secret, although he was not worried of the trouble, it was quite inconvenient.

    After leaving the weapon shop, Ye Xing went towards the Ye clan.

    Although he and his parents are not that close feeling-wise, this is the first time he did not ask them, he was gone for half a month and at the least must report back.

    At the same time, he also wanted of share of him reaching the 3rd layer of Wu Dao to his parents.

    As for the excuse, he already thought about it, in Qingyun mountain range he had a good encounter incidentally eating a precious medicinal herb. This caused his sudden growth in strength.

    The original owner of the body was a filial son, although he was dead his instinct still caused the idea of approaching the parents. Ye Xing took his body so naturally he complied to his wishes.

    Along the street, Ye Xing frowned slightly while his brows creased, he was being followed. Although Ye Hu was hiding, he could not escape Ye Xing scanning with his eyes.

    Ever since their last encounter, Ye Hu wanted to teach him a lesson, so he followed him now.

    Previously, he wanted to do it, however Ye Xing no longer went home, so Ye Hu failed numerous times.

    Today, Ye Xng was strolling aimlessly in Ye Zhen, then he saw Ye Xing. Naturally he followed him secretly, Ye Xing sped up and so Ye Hu tried catching up.

    In a remote dark alley in Ye Zhen, Ye Xing met up with Ye Hu, catching Ye Hu following him.

    This alley was very remote, it was uninhabited, it was the Ye clans shortcut road. Ye Xing knew Ye Hu will try to cut him off here but he still went for it.

    He felt no need to change route.

    Ye Hu with both of his hands on his chest, with an oppressive look to Ye Xing: Ye Xing, you finally showed yourself ah, these days where did you go?

    Ye Xing with a harmless smile on his face: I went to Qingyun mountain range going around."

    You entered Qingyun mountain range? I spit! I see you running wildly!

    Qingyun mountain was a dangerous place, Ye Hu didnt believe Ye Xing would dare, his face had an expression that needed to be slapped: Ye Xing, do you know when you were gone for half a month, mant great things happened?

    Whats the matter?

    Ye Xings smile on his face disappeared, Ye Hu laughed happily, it is clear that something bad happened.

    Ye hu laughed and said: Hei Hei Hei! Ye Xing, I congratulate you ah, your little brother Ye Chen died. This time you do not need to worry, your parents wont abandon you anymore, Hei Hei!

    What did you say? Ye Xings expression changed.

    Although his soul was from earth, but his body shared the same blood with Ye Chen, Ye Chen was his little brother, they were related by blood!

    After the birth of Ye Chen, Ye Xing did not blame him for getting his parents love from him. He just hoped that when Ye Chen grew up he would have a great future.

    He was an orphan, even though he has his pride and perseverance, but in facthe desired family affection!

    He did not feel affection for his parent, but his brother by blood he loved and cared for!

    When Ye Chen was born, he had only seen him once, but on that occasion, Ye Xings surpassing mind clearly remembers him.

    Now, he suddenly heard that Ye Chen had died, which he couldnt believe.

    In response to Ye Xing, Ye Hu was happy and said with a cheap smile:

    Ye Xing, you do not believe, it is true, Ye Chen that kid has already died for seven days Hei Hei Hei The main family came to say that your dads position is now over, you have ten days. The main family envoy came to Ye Zhen, my eldest brother at the 4th layer Wu Dao was a genuine warrior, he went to the main family to learn. When my eldest brother comes back, surely he would have reached the 5th layer of Wu Dao, Hei Hei When that time comes, my eldest brother will be the next clan master. Ha ha ha, I heard Ye Chen had a different innate talent, everyone aid he will be the future when he grows up, I didnt expect he would just die. Ha ha.

    Since he came to Xing Chen Da Lu, Ye Xing has never been this angered, even when people tried to take his life, he did not have this fury.

    He strode forward and swung to slap with his palm Ye Hu.

    You dare touch me? This will be a lesson to you!

    Seeing Ye Xing powerful approach, Ye hu showed excitement, raised his arm to block while trying to punch Ye Xings face.


    Beyond Ye Hus expectation, he couldnt actually block Ye Xings palm. Immediately Ye Xing ruthlessly gave a slap on the face.

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