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Thread: Warlock of the Magus World(巫界术士) by The Plagiarist(文抄公)

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    Default Warlock of the Magus World(巫界术士) by The Plagiarist(文抄公)

    S Y N O P S I S

    What happens when a scientist from a futuristic world reincarnates in a World of Magic and Knights?

    An awesome MC is what happens!

    A scientists goal is to explore the secrets of the universe, and this is exactly what Leylin sets out to do when he is reincarnated. Dark, cold and calculating, he makes use of all his resources as he sets off on his adventures to meet his goal.

    Face? Who needs that Hmmm that guy seems too powerful for me to take on now I better keep a low profile for now.

    You want me to help you? Sure but what benefit can I get out of it? Nothing? Bye.

    Hmmm that guy looks like he might cause me problems in the future. Should I let him off for now and let him grow into someone that can threaten me.. Nahhh. *kill*

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    Chapter 1 Reincarnation

    My head really hurts.

    This was Fang Mings first thought upon waking up. It felt as if there was a cut on his head, hurting so badly that it seemed as if his head was about to split open.

    The scene in front of him seemed like he was riding on a horse carriage. His body continued to bounce up and down along with the carriages movement, impacting his wound. It was so painful that Fang Ming had to suck in several sharp breaths.

    Opening his eyes, he surveyed his surroundings.

    What filled his vision were walls formed from hollowed planks. There were also quite a few fair-haired and blue-eyed youths sitting around him with their eyes closed as they rested. However, none of them glanced in his direction.

    He seemed to be lying down on the floor. Feeling the ice-cold ground underneath him, Fang Ming knew that his body would not be able to bear lying down any longer, or he would probably catch a cold. He hurriedly struggled to get up.

    At that moment, he felt a sharp pain lancing through his head.

    The pain arrived suddenly, and brought many strange memories along with it. Fang Mings eyes rolled back as he fainted.

    Hi! Leylin! Wake up.

    Fang Ming heard this sound in his daze, and couldnt help but open his eyes.

    Is this reincarnation? Fang Ming remembered very clearly that the last thing he had seen were the dazzling flames that had erupted from the energy reactors explosion.

    It was impossible to survive such an explosion without any method of self-protection.

    Furthermore, on the planet he existed on, such a style of carriage and wooden planks were considered ancient antiques.

    After organizing the new memories in his mind, Fang Ming gained some insight about his body and this world.

    This was a realm similar to the European Middle Ages. A mysterious force also existed.

    His current body was originally called Leylin Farlier, a son of a minor noble. As he had been tested to have the gift to become a Magus, his father, Viscount John Farlier, had pulled strings to allow him to become a Magus Apprentice. At the moment, he was on the horse carriage travelling towards a magus academy.

    He saw that the one who had woken him up was a large, male youth.

    He had thick eyebrows and large eyes, a tall and straight nose, and sparkling gold hair. Although his face was somewhat young and tender, his body was sturdy and well muscled, looking extremely manly.

    Seeing that Fang Ming had awoken, the boy laughed happily , Haha.Leylin, youre finally awake. If you had awoken even a few more minutes later, you probably wouldnt have been able to make it to dinner. I assume that you dont want to starve!

    Fang Ming lowered his eyes. After some thought, he figured out this persons identity.

    Thanks George!

    The youths who were together with him and heading towards the magus academy had all tested to be gifted to be Magi. This George was a legitimate son of a Count, and was also one of the favoured sons for that Count. In order to allow George to enter a magus academy, the Count had spent many resources and pulled strings.

    A count? Fang Ming inwardly thought.

    He flashed back to his current bodys father, Viscount John Farlier, whose holdings were equal in size to a city in his previous life, with thousands of soldiers under his command. In this world, noble ranking was inevitably tied to personal strength. Since Georges father was a Count, his holdings were likely at least the size of several cities, and his annual income was probably a few thousand gold coins. With such finances and power at his disposal, he still had to take so much effort in order to send George to a magus academy. Fang Ming couldnt help but wonder how did his father manage to do the same for him.

    As Fang Ming pondered the question, another sharp pain flashed through his head, causing another scene to appear in his minds eye.

    It was a dark room, with old musty shelves lining the sides, filled with an ancient air. The surroundings were chock full with dust.

    Under a dim light, John Farlier solemnly passed a ring to Leylin, saying: Dear Leylin, this is our Farlier Familys Heirloom Treasure, a promise from a Magus. At that time, my grandfather had helped an injured Magus, who had in return gifted grandfather with this ring, promising him that if one of his descendants had the gift to be a Magus, he could use this ring and enter any magus academy for free! Now, I am giving this to you, in hopes that you can be the Pride of the Farlier Family, and uphold our legacy

    The ring!!!

    Fang Mings eyes narrowed, and his right hand involuntarily went to his chest.

    Under his clothing, he could feel the solid touch, like a metal ring was under there.

    Heaving a sigh of relief in his heart, he thought to himself: Lucky! Im not sure if those guys did not recognize it as a treasure, or perhaps there is some restriction. Either way, Im lucky that this was not snatched from me!

    As a scientist in his former life, Fang Ming was extremely curious and interested in that mysterious strength, filled with the desire to research more about it.

    Furthermore, he didnt want to be chased back home because he had lost such an important proof of entry.

    Although I have taken over this body and accepted its memories, but I am still very different from the original Leylin. To his family members who have spent years with him, they would easily be able to see the difference! If they mistake it as him being possessed by the devil and perhaps beg or hire one of those mysterious magi to investigate, I might be found out

    However, if I can enter a magus academy, I will probably not return home for at least several years. By that time, if there are any changes in behavior, it would be considered normal. Furthermore, to be a Magus, it is probably normal to be strange and eccentric; if I were to act the same as the Leylin of before, it would be deemed strange then!

    Just as he was in deep thought, a pair of strong large hands suddenly assisted him to his feet.

    What are you thinking about? George asked.

    No Nothing! Fang Ming quickly shook his head, then clutched his head again, as it was still in pain.

    He suddenly spun his head around and looked at George, causing Georges heart to clutch suddenly, as if he was being stared at by a venomous snake.

    Dearest George, why didnt you wake me up earlier, and let me just lie on the floor like that for so long? Fang Ming rolled his eyes and asked.

    Heh heh! I saw you having such a nice sleep, and thought you liked to lie down there! George scratched his head abashedly. However, his eyes sparked with a cunning gleam.

    Under Fang Mings murderous glare, he finally raised his hands in surrender: Fine! Fine! Who asked you to offend my goddess. Offending her is still fine, as bros, I am not such a petty person. Alas, the entire carriage is now treating you like an enemy, and I do not want to be isolated as well!

    Offend? Goddess? Fang Ming scratched his head, until he suddenly remembered why he was beaten up.

    It was a girl named Bessita. Although she was only 15 years of age, but she her body was already developed and voluptuous, in addition to her watery big eyes, was a huge draw to the lecherous Leylin.

    The original Leylin was no gentleman. He had lost his virginity at the age of twelve, and after that he had either seduced or forced his way with many others, and had by now slept with more than a hundred women!

    He had been known as the Scourge of his fathers holdings. As Fang Ming finished exploring the memories, he rolled his eyes once again in disdain. No wonder this body was so weak and frail, it wasnt just because of the injuries!

    Thinking back, it was clear that Leylin had been too used to causing trouble in his own territory, and hadnt been able to control himself when he saw Bessita.

    The first few times, it was still rather normal; flirting and making passes. Near the end, he had started resorting to violent means. When Fang Ming saw these memories, he couldnt help but label the original as an idiot.

    That Bessita is a princess of a small country! And Leylin still wanted to rape her. Is his brains filled with glue? Sheesh!

    What happened after this goes without saying. Leylin was taught a savage lessons by the bunch of Flower Guardians [1. Literal Translation of 护花使者, pretty much her wannabe escorts/protectors], had actually died because of the beatings, which had eventually benefitted Fang Ming.

    Heh heh! This Bessita, it seems she isnt as simple as I thought, how scheming! Fang Ming gave a cold laugh as he thought.

    Fine! No matter what, since I have taken over your body, if I have the chance, I will take revenge for you! As for now, I am Leylin Farlier!

    Fang Ming swore in his heart.

    In Leylins memory, he had not seen any signs of Asians, nor had he heard anything about China. In this new Western styled world, if he used his own Chinese name, it would be too dangerous!

    When he looked around, he realized that there was no longer anyone else in sight within the spacious carriage. It was no wonder that George had come to call him.

    No matter what, I still have to thank you! George, do you have any medicine? Fang Ming stood up and stretched his body. Although it still hurt in a few places, but it did not impede his movement, and the wound at the back of his head had already became a scab.

    Heh hehI knew that youd need this! George laughed as he tossed a small bottle over, This is my familys secret product. I heard that its usually used during Knights training, and is extremely effective against any bodily injuries!

    As George spoke, he looked around furtively: Alright! Dinner is about to start. Im going to head there first, you should apply the medicine quickly and hurry over too. Remember, do not tell anyone else about our friendship!

    After he finished speaking, he had ran off like a gust of wind!

    Looking at Georges figure disappear into the distance, Leylin couldnt help but massage his forehead. It looks like this Leylin has truly stirred up a hornets nest. Was it such a big deal? In Leylins memories, it seems like in this world, sexual relations are rather open

    At this point, he couldnt do anything to remedy the situation. Swiftly taking off his clothes, Leylin quickly rubbed the medicine all over the injuries on his body.

    Hiss This damned George. Couldnt he help me apply the medicine before leaving? Leylin drew several sharp cold breaths as he applied the medicine.

    The medicine was extremely effective. As soon as he applied it, there was a cooling sensation and the pain vanished.

    After he had dealt with the wounds on his body, Leylin put on his clothes and opened the carriage door.


    A gentle breeze blew across, and the sun was setting in the horizon, painting everything around with a golden hue.

    No matter what, it feels so good to be alive!!!

    Leylins eyes moistened as he muttered.

    Looking at the surroundings, he noticed several of the large carriages forming a circle to make a crude temporary campsite, with a large fire in the middle.

    There were many youths around the fire, sitting and resting on cloth mats laid on the ground, laughing and playing with each other, while eating the bread in their hands.

    Leylin walked towards a table where there were quite a few breads and juices placed. According to his memories, this was where food was distributed.

    When he approached the area, he saw that there were a few people queuing up. As they spotted Leyin, they looked over at him with a look of despise.

    Although Leylin thought of himself as thick-skinned, he still found it somewhat difficult to endure.

    Still, he did not leave. No matter what, he still had to eat.

    Hurry up! A hoarse voice rang out.

    SoSorry! Lady Angelia! A freckled boy quickly apologised and took his share of food before running away.

    [Beep! Danger Alert! Danger Alert!]

    [You are extremely close to the source of danger. Recommendation: The Host should move at least 1000 meters away!]

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    Chapter 2 A.I Chip

    This is????

    Leylins eyes widened when he heard the mechanical voice in his brain.

    Isnt this my old assistant A.I. Chip from my previous life? How did it reincarnate with me? This is unscientific!!!

    Leylin found it hard to believe. He said in his brain, A.I. Chip! Scan my mind and search for locations of assistant systems!

    [Beep! Scan complete! No strange existences were found in the Hosts mind!]

    After a mere moment, the A.I. Chips mechanical voice replied back.

    Now scan my entire body, and display my bodys stats!

    Another mechanical sound.

    [Beep! Scan complete!]

    [Fang Ming (Leylin Farlier). Strength: 0.4, Agility: 0.5, Constitution: 0.4, Status: Bleeding from back of the head, many injuries to the soft tissues]

    [No A.I. Chips present in the Hosts body!]

    A 3D hologram appeared before Leylins eyes. It displayed Leylins own body, and showed stats on the side.

    No A.I. Chip? I know the A.I. Chip is equivalent to a material substance. How did it follow my soul through reincarnation? Leylin thought to himself, It seems like during the explosion or my reincarnation, some abnormality occurred, and the A.I. Chips functions fused with my soul..

    If I was still in my previous world, this would be a major discovery! It not only confirms the existence of the soul, but also shows that physical matter and the soul can possibly transform each other! This is definitely something that group of old men in National Academy of Sciences would go crazy over. Its a pity that Ill never see them again!

    This kind of A.I. Chip was essential to the scientists in the previous world. Because of issues with human rights and the conscious thought, this technology didnt have any intelligence of its own. It only had two functions: to analyze and to store information.

    Its analyzing ability could only be used by following the Hosts commands. It gathered data samples and reached a deduction based on simulations.

    Its storage abilities were even simpler. It could use the data gathered from everything the Hosts five senses experienced and record it down. Based on calculations from the previous world, this kind of A.I. Chips storage area was enough to record over 10,000 years worth of events.

    Why did the A.I. Chip and the soul fuse together? Ill ponder this kind of question later when I have the ability and qualifications to do so! But with this A.I. Chip, I have some resources in this world!

    The corners of Leylins mouth suddenly lifted to form a brilliant smile. He knew that in this Middle Ages period, having a crystallization of future technology would definitely make his future path extraordinary!!!

    But! This Leylins physique is really Leylin was speechless after seeing the stats in front of him.

    This stats displayed were based off of each aspect of an adults physiology as a standard. Theoretically, the average adults displayed stats would all be around 1. Although this Leylin was only 13-14 years old, his stats were still too low.

    Hm? Thats not right. Its possible that the bodies of the people in this world are generally weaker! A.I. Chip, scan the bodies of the people around me and display their stats!

    [Beep! Task established! Beginning the collection of stats!]

    In almost an instant, 3D holograms of the surrounding peoples bodies appeared in front of Leylin, displaying their stats.

    [Name: Unknown. Gender: Male. Strength: 0.9, Agility: 1.1, Constitution: 0.8]

    [Name: Unknown. Gender: Male. Strength: 1.2 Agility: 0.8, Constitution: 1.0]

    [Name: Unknown. Gender: Female. Strength: 0.8, Agility: 1.2, Constitution: 0.7]

    Well then! It looks like the bodies of these people are stronger than those from my previous world. This Leylin is even inferior to a girl..Im starting to feel embarrassed for him..

    Leylin scanned his surroundings. The people were all youths around his age. There was a seemingly very delicate and frail girl whose stats were tons better than Leylins, causing him to feel utter despair.

    It looks like this Leylin is a useless leech, an excessively lecherous piece of trash with no control!

    [Name: Unknown, Gender: Male, Strength: 3.3, Agility: 2.5, Constitution: 3.2. Alert! Alert! This life form is excessively dangerous. Recommendation: Host should immediately move at least 1000 meters away!!!]

    A red warning continued to flash 3 times in succession. This caused Leylin to fall into a state of shock.

    Average stats of 3.0! After Leylin scanned the information several times to double check that the A.I. Chip hadnt made a mistake, he was left completely speechless.

    Even the world champion doesnt have these kind of stats. In the previous world, this person could easily dress up as Superman!

    As a scientist, Leylin understood well that a stat of 3.2 meant the persons fighting capabilities, viral resistance, and body recovery speed was all three times greater than a normal persons!!!

    The various stats displayed being threefold greater than a typical persons wasnt as simple as just adding numbers together. What kind of concept was this?

    It meant that this person could defeat dozens of people empty-handed, and even get past a group attack by 100 people. In his previous world, he really counted as a Superman!

    Im afraid that a person with these kinds of stats could only be created by genetically modifying their biochemistry in a lab. Moreover, only the minimum would be reached! This world is indeed not a simple one!

    Leylin thought to himself as he looked at the person possessing these terrifying stats once again.

    It was a black-clothed person responsible for handing out food. He looked like he was middle-aged, and he had a scar on his face that stretched from his forehead to his lip. It pretty much split his entire face in half, and looked extremely fierce.

    The freckled boy from before was completely frightened by this person.

    This is the academys servant responsible for receiving us. Its said that hes not a magus, yet hes already so frightening. What would a real magus be like then?

    Leylin suddenly discovered that a strong interest and curiosity about the profession of a magus had arisen inside him. It was to the point where he was itching to go to the academy now and investigate everything.

    The line was really short, and it was soon Leylins turn. After the black-clothed, scarred man gave Leylin a piece of white bread and some juice, he wordlessly waved Leylin away with an impatient expression on his face.

    If it were the previous Leylin, even if he didnt dare to drag this guy out and lash him a few times because it wasnt his home, his expression still wouldve turned quite ugly, and would probably have ranted at the man a bit.

    But the current Leylin was naturally not that stupid. Following his memories, he formally bowed and said, Thank you! Mister!

    The black-clothed man remained expressionless as he watched Leylin turn to leave.

    Ai! I didnt think that Leylin would really seem like a noble after bowing! The two youths behind Leylin couldnt help but secretly whisper to each other.

    Hurry up and move forwards! The scarred man shouted, suddenly blasting the twos eardrums.

    The great sound scared one of the youths so badly that he fell down onto the ground.

    Leylin ignored the discussion behind him as he surveyed the area with a cold gaze. He then bitterly smiled, Great! Im really an unwelcomed person!

    When he looked at George, George also hurriedly turned his head away. His hands made a secret gesture behind his back.

    Eh! Fine! Since you gave me the medicine, I wont expose you! Leylin sighed, then found a relatively remote place. Without caring whether or not the ground was carpeted, he sat down and began to eat heartily.

    This plain white bread isnt as good as that from the previous world! But according to Leylins memories, this is already considered a food that one can only get during celebrations!

    Leylin thought as he ate.

    Based on Leylins memories, the production capabilities in this world were quite low. The white bread was an aristocrats food. Normal, minor nobles could only enjoy it during celebrations of major holidays.

    To typical peasants, who only had hard, nutritionless black bread to eat, this was a supreme delicacy.

    When he thought of the black bread as hard as rocks from his memories, Leylin sighed, Its a good thing that Im quite fortunate; regardless of whether Im a noble or a magus, Im still in the upper levels of this world, so I wont need to suffer!

    He ravenously wolfed down the bread, and downed the juice in one gulp as well. Leylin then wiped his mouth in satisfaction, and returned to the carriage.

    Based on the experience in his memory, noble youths would set up tents in camp and rest for the entire night before moving again. However, it was clear that nobody would invite Leylin to join them. He didnt have a tent himself, so he could only sleep on the cold and hard carriage!

    When I looked just now, there seemed to be 50 some apprentices, 25 black robes, and 3 of the highest status white robes!

    When he thought of the the scene just now when he had been noticed from a distance, the hairs on Leylins body rose.

    Added on to that, the A.I. Chips warnings of [Discovered an unknown radiation source!], [Received disturbance from unknown force field, impossible to scan!]

    This formed a shadow in Leylins heart!

    It looks like even with the A.I. Chip, Im still extremely weak in this world! But its precisely due to this reason that I desire to obtain the strength of a Magus!

    Leylins eyes seemed to light up in flames.

    Its best if I sleep earlier! I still need to hurry on with the journey tomorrow!

    Leylin took off his jacket and laid it on the ground to make his sleeping more comfortable.

    So far, since this journey was started, its already been over 3 months. Weve passed through a few dozen kingdoms, yet we still havent reached our objective. These ancient transportation conditions are really..

    He closed his eyes and fell into a daze. After some time, the carriage door opened with a bang.

    Leylin suddenly sat up. His nose was then filled with the scent of a rose.

    It was sweet and aromatic, extremely pleasing to the nose. It also made his body throb as to invoked his memories.

    LeyLeylin! Are you well? A pleasant, female voice said.

    Bessita? Please come in! Leylin moved his body.

    The fragrant scent in the carriage suddenly grew more powerful as a beautiful young girl entered.

    She had fair skin, and wore red, tight-fitting clothes that accentuated her voluptuous curves.

    What was even harder for Leylin to forget was this girls platinum hair and eyes like crimson jewels. Combined with her beautiful face, it presented an exotic charm.

    This was the girl that caused Leylin to be beaten up, and even lose his life, Bessita!

    May I ask if you have anything to ask me? Although this girl had developed quite well, and seemed extremely enticing to Leylin, having come from a different world and experiencing an endless barrage (of beauties), this girl was only somewhat good-looking to Fang Ming.

    His attitude was extremely cold and indifferent.

    It was clear that this manner somewhat shocked the young girl, as the words she was about to say didnt leave her mouth.

    After a long period of silence, she pulled out a small, glass bottle and placed it in Leylins hands, This this is a medicine for injuries. If you apply it to your body, itll help you! Im sorry!

    The girl bowed, revealing the ample, snow-white curves of her chest, causing Leylins heart to race.

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    Chapter 3 Knight

    After she made her apology, the girl ran off like a startled little fawn, leaving her wonderful scent behind.

    Looking at the disappearing red figure in the distance, Leylin was rather puzzled. It was clearly Leylin who had assaulted you, why did you come to apologise? Is there something wrong with your brain?

    He touched the bottle in his hand, thinking to himself: Did I misjudge her earlier? Could this Bessita be a kind-hearted girl?

    Leylin studied the glass bottle in his hand curiously. It seems like they already have the technology to produce glass. Although, judging by the workmanship, it still seems rather rough, it is quite decent already!

    As he opened the bottle cap, a medicinal fragrance wafted out.

    Following the habits of his past life, Leylin immediately said: A.I Chip! Scan this medicine and analyse its components!

    [Beep! Task Established! Begin Scan!]

    [Discovered unknown components. Starting simulated experiments!]

    [Experiments complete! Unknown Medicine has effect of strong itching! Duration: 7 days!]

    Eh! Looking at the results of the experiment, Leylin was struck speechless. I retract my previous statement; that girl is rather blackhearted!

    However, he soon had the feeling of an adult being pranked by a naughty kid.

    She is still a child after all! She cant use truly malicious tricks! Perhaps if it were a few years ahead, the bottle would be full of deadly poison instead!

    Looking at the bottle in hand, Leylin thought about it and decided to keep it. Ill just keep this for now, who knows when it might come into handy in the future!

    After Bessita left, no one else came to disturb him.

    Leylin lay back down. Though it seemed as if he were sleeping, his mind was actually working in overdrive as he thought through things.

    It seems like there shouldnt be any problems or risks of being found out by going to a magus academy. Those white robed figures should be Magi, and I have walked by them a few times without drawing attention. It seems like they are also unable to detect anything strange about me. This means entering a magus academy should be relatively easy in that sense.

    However, according to rumours, Magi are all secretive and cruel, at least according to what Viscount John heard. It also seems that in the academies, there is extremely fierce competition amongst the apprentices of the same level despite it being against the rules to kill one another. I need to at least have some form of self-protection.

    As he thought about that, he once again touched the ring hung around his neck, and held it in his hands.

    The ring was jet black and nondescript. Within the inner ring, there was a small Y inscribed, along with elaborate inscriptions around it.

    With the technological advancements of the Middle Ages, to be able to inscribe such a complicated pattern onto the inner ring is incomprehensible! However, regardless of the issue, as long as it has to do with the mysterious Magi, it shouldnt be surprising at all!

    Leylin muttered to himself, and issued another command: A.I Chip! Scan the ring in my hands!

    [Beep! Task Established! Begin Scan!]

    [Discovered unknown metallic components. Comparing to Data Banks. Insufficient Data. Unable to analyse!]

    As Id thought! With the A.I Chips current level, it is still inadequate to analyse something that a Magus left behind! Leylin sighed and stored the ring.

    How can I increase my power? This body of mine is truly too weak! It cannot even compare to those of the same age. That will not do.

    If it were my past life, I could still undergo genetic modification. Alas, there is no such option here. Perhaps I should explore this Leylins memory once again, and see if there are any methods

    Leylin thought to himself once again, then found a comfortable spot to lie down, thinking out aloud in his mind: A.I Chip! Scan the entirety of Leylins memory and arrange it!

    [Beep! Task Established! Starting arrangement!]

    In Leylins former world, the world of science had always been of the opinion that the majority of the human brains power was not being harnessed. Amongst that power was the ability to access every memory since birth.

    Some memories, even if the person in question could not recall them, were actually still stored somewhere in the brain!

    Now, as Leylin gave the command, memories of Leylins entire life, from birth to his being chosen as a Magus Apprentice and going on this journey, were all displayed in front of Leylins eyes with the A.I Chips assistance.

    Every single memory, down to what was eaten in every meal, as well as their tastes, were retained and displayed in his mind.

    Such a large mass of memory was just too confusing, and was also full of useless information. In the past, Leylin had only taken what he had urgently needed, and ignored the rest.

    At this point, with the help of the A.I Chip, he was arranging and sorting everything out!

    [Data sorting has been completed!] The A.I Chip notification sounded out.

    Create a new file, named Leylin Farlier, and save it! Leylin gave a new order.

    [Beep! File created Leylin Farlier!]

    New task, search the file for all possible methods for the host to improve strength quickly!

    [Beep! Task Established. Begin Search!]

    In front of Leylin, innumerable amounts of data flashed past, seemingly forming a beautiful picture.

    [Search Complete! Search Results 453 methods!]

    So many? Leylin paused a while as he thought. Remove those with estimated success rate of 50% and below for the Host. Also, add another requirement: The Host must be able to carry out the strengthening method now. Begin filter!

    [Beep! Filter Complete. Remaining methods: 2!]

    Show them to me!

    [Method 1: Become a Magus.]

    [Method 2: Begin Knight Trainng]

    Oh! Method 1 is not realistic at the moment; at least, not until I reach the magus academy, Otherwise, how could I possibly learn how to become a Magus? As for the Knight Training, I wonder what that is?

    As Leylin muttered to himself, he immediately assigned a new task. A.I Chip, assemble all memory regarding Knight Training. Once it has been arranged properly, send it into my memory!

    After the data was directly transmitted to his brain, Leylin began to understand what a so-called Knight was.

    In this world, there were several mysterious forces. However, the ones commoners had the most experience with were Knights!

    Knights were warriors who had gone through tough training and had stimulated their inner life energy. Their physical attributes were way beyond that of a normal human.

    To be a Magus, it required a specific kind of gift, and amongst tens of thousands of people, it was possible that there wasnt even one such person. However, being a Knight was different; as long as they were willing to put in the effort, anyone could become a Knight!

    For these Knights, not only were their physical attributes several times that of normal humans, they were also well versed in using various weaponry, as well as in the killing arts. Some Knights even had special secret skills that could unleash a sudden burst of power!

    The kingdoms of the common world, along with the nobility, were generally made up of Knights.

    The Farlier Family which Leylin was part of was also a Knight Family. The original founder of the Family had fought in wars together with the King, and had accomplished much meritorious service. Thus, they had been awarded with the Viscount title, as well corresponding holdings.

    After an overall sweep of the information, Leylin remembered a scene from the past.

    It was a small jungle in the Viscount holdings, and John Farlier was wearing a warriors outfit with a stern expression on his face. He was facing the infant Leylin as he said: Today, I will teach you the Secret Skill that has been passed down in the Farlier Family: the Cross Blade Technique and the accompanying breathing techniques. You must remember that you can never teach this to anyone outside our Family! At that moment, Viscount Johns face held an unprecedented stern look!

    Alas, Leylin was still an infant at that point, and obviously did not put much thought into the matter, thus eventually forgetting it. Viscount John tried to force him into training a few times, but Leylin was so afraid of suffering and fatigue thata while, even Viscount John had to give up.

    Sigh an overly compassionate father leads to a failure of a son! Only now did Leylin realise how the previous bodys owner had became such a spoilt brat.

    *TLN Spare the rod and spoil the child

    Although the young Leylin only knew how to act like a playboy and had totally forgotten everything about the Knight Training for the Family Secret Skill, Leylin managed to recover all of it with the help of the A.I Chip.

    Cross Blade Basic Sword Style: Horizontal Slash, Vertical Slash, Piercing Attack, Slanted Slash

    Footwork: Advance, Retreat, Dodge

    There was also the accompanying breathing technique. All of it appeared clearly in Leylins mind, along with the experience that Viscount John had imparted.

    The memory finally ended with Viscount John emitting white mist from his mouth as he manipulated his Cross Blade, and splitting a rock as large as a millstone in two with a single cleave!

    Hm a Knight is considered the lowest mysterious power, yet they are already so strong! What kind of existence are those Magi who are high above Knights?

    Leylins eyes burned with a fiery passion.

    Sigh! I have to take things step by step. I had better concentrate on this Knights breathing technique first! Anyways, the Knight Training does not clash with Magus training. At least Ill have some measure of self defense for now.

    After a detailed analysis, Leylin discovered that the so-called breathing technique of this world was very similar to the internal qigong of his previous world, but was a lot more crude. It was very dependant on external stimulations to activate the inner life energy.

    According to rumours, if a warrior goes through the Knight Training and is still unable to activate their inner life energy, the only option is to enter the battlefield and go through fierce and bloody battles. This is the only other way to trigger their inner life energy, and become a Knight!

    A.I Chip, transfer the knowledge of the Cross Blade Technique to me! Leylin issued his next order.

    Soon after, a large amount of knowledge regarding the technique was transferred directly into his mind. It was etched deeply into his brain, as if he had been training in it since he was young.

    Isolate the Cross Blade Technique and save it into a new file, with the filename of Cross Blade Technique Basics!

    [Saved New File: Cross Blade Technique Basics]

    As the A.I Chip notification sounded out in his mind, Leylins lips curved in a smile. With the help of the A.I Chip, his learning speed was unbelievably quick fast enough to make any so-called genius commit suicide from shame!

    Now that I have all the memories of it, it is just a matter of finding a Cross Blade, and going through some actual practice. If all goes well, I have confidence in mastering it within ten days, bringing myself to Viscount Johns level!

    All these sword techniques are merely killing arts. The most important thing for Knight Training is the accompanying breathing technique! Leylin muttered to himself.

    A.I Chip! According to my statistics, simulate and create the best model for me to start training the breathing technique!

    [Beep! Task Established! Host human model established! Begin simulation]

    As the mechanical voice sounded out, a 3D model of a human figure appeared in front of Leylins eyes. It was transparent and shimmering in blue light, and appeared exactly the same as him a 13 year old youth with Western features, brown hair, big eyes and bushy eyebrows.

    The 3D figure repeatedly started training the breathing technique, constantly adjusting the frequency, rate and magnitude. Slowly, a red line could be seen moving around in the 3D figures body.

    After a few minutes, the simulation ended, and the A.I Chips mechanical voice sounded out once more.

    [Simulation ended. Cross Blade Accompanying Breathing Technique Time required for one revolution: 30 Minutes. 10 Revolutions will improve the Hosts body by 0.05 Strength, 0.06 Agility and 0.03 Vitality. The improvements will gradually lessen as the stats improve!

    Warning: If the Host goes through long term training of this technique, it will result in residual damage caused to the Host Body. Recommendation to think twice before starting.]

    Phew! This is indeed an impressive Knight Training technique! As long as I persevere, I will quickly be able to improve my power! Alas, I wonder if there is any way to remove the effect of the residual damage?

    Leylin said with a faint smile.

    At this time, the A.I Chips voice suddenly sounded out.

    [Do you wish to optimise the Breathing Technique? Y/N]

    The A.I Chip actually has such abilities? A joyful look rose on Leylins face.

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    Chapter 4 Cultivation

    I never thought that this A.I Chips analyzing abilities could also work on the Knight breathing technique in this world!

    Leylin exclaimed and said: Optimise immediately!

    [Optimisation initiating, estimated time: 125 minutes.]

    Yep, 125 minutes, which is over 2 hours; I can afford to wait! Leylin felt at ease.

    After waiting rather impatiently, the two hours finally passed. The A.I Chips voice sounded out right on time.

    [The optimisation for the breathing technique has been completed. Time taken for breathing technique, 5 minutes 23 seconds, and the effects have all risen by 5%! The side effects of the injuries have vanished!]

    Very good! This result made Leylin very satisfied.

    If the effect was a 5% increase each time, then dozens of times, and even hundreds of times, would result in huge differences.

    Rumor has it that the Cross Blade Technique and the breathing technique were obtained by the founder after dozens of bloody battles, where he finally obtaining it from the corpse of a Knight. Amongst the many Knight families, it is considered to be the upper middle grade!

    After the optimization of the breathing technique done by the A.I Chip, Im afraid it might even be comparable to the secret scroll techniques of those smaller kingdoms!

    Leylin quietly pondered, and immediately said in an impatient manner: A.I Chip, transfer the optimized breathing technique to the memory zone!

    The A.I Chip chip duly carried out its orders, and brought large amounts of images depicting the breathing technique back to Leylins mind.

    After a few minutes of transfer, Leylin gently rubbed his head: I feel a little giddy, but this is a normal occurrence!

    Right now his brain was filled with large amounts of memories about the breathing technique, and the many matching sequences of practised experience. Compared to an average person, he did not have to go on the roundabout route.

    I did not feel it in my previous life, but in this world, the A.I Chip really gives me a huge advantage compared to an average person!

    Leylin mumbled on: With this A.I Chips ability to simulate and analyse, I am able to obtain the same result as a person who has to go through 10 years of hard work and experience, I only have to do exactly what the A.I Chip has presented, and I will be able to do things in the most accurate manner!

    The breathing technique had many contradictions, and some of them required more than verbal explanation to be understood.

    One had to go through the experience of training, and go along some complicated paths., Only then would they be able to gain enlightenment.

    But these things could all be avoided with the A.I Chips analysing abilities.

    Ill give it a try! Leylin thought, and his body laid on the floor in the shape of a cross.

    According to the suggestions on the breathing technique which was presented by the A.I Chip, there was no need to have any special actions to complement it, but just to find the most suitable and comfortable position.

    First, I must hold my breath for 65 seconds, then take three long and one short breaths. The duration and frequency must be

    Leylin followed the description of the breathing technique, and gradually entered a state of cultivation.

    He looked unconscious; his face was bright red and his temples throbbed, as if carrying out some kind of exercise.

    As time passed, Leylins face grew redder, and eventually, he began to perspire out some faint black coloured fluid.

    After he had maintained this process for over 20 minutes, Leylin opened both of his eyes, and opened his mouth to exhale.

    Phew! ! !

    A black coloured breath was exhaled just like this.

    Within his body, some cracking noises could be made out.

    Leylin stood up and moved his four limbs. His whole body was warm, as if he had just undergone a vigorous exercise.

    A.I Chip, display my bodys statistics! Leylin ordered.

    [Leylin Farlier. Strength: 0.4 Agility: 0.5 Vitality: 0.4 State: Mild injury]

    Leylin remained impassive: Change the method of display, and move the data back by 10 decimal points. Also make comparisons with the data before the cultivation.

    With Leylins orders, the image flickered, and the body statistics had shown 10 more decimal points. The last three numbers had not stop changing.

    [Beep! After comparison, undergoing the Knight Training increases the Hosts Strength by 0.005, Agility by 0.006, and Vitality by 0.004]

    The A.I Chip faithfully relayed the message.

    Mn! Because this was the first practice, the figures are still climbing up! Leylin analyzed and said.

    Ive only cultivated for a bit over 20 minutes, but, the datas increase is already rather considerable. With perseverance, its just a matter of time before I have the stats of a black robed man!

    Which is to say, those ten odd black robed men are all Knights!

    Leylin thought indifferently, What a pity. According to my memory and the A.I Chip analysis, breathing techniques have cultivation limits. The Farlier Familys breathing technique can only be practiced once a day. Additional practice will not only have no additional benefits, but will even cause harm to the body!

    A.I Chip, are there any methods to let me increase the number of times I can practice the breathing technique? Leylin asked.

    [Medicinal items are required as a supplement.] The A.I Chip feedbacked.

    List all the necessary medicinal items!

    [Quinoline element, marco 21, magnesium dioxide] The A.I Chip chip listed a whole bunch of medicinal items, which were all from Leylins previous life.

    Is it possible to substitute any of them them with other medicinal items or herbs? This seemed to be an obviously impossible task, but Leylin furrowed his brows and asked anyway.

    [A sample is needed to analyse the medicinal properties. As of now, the data is insufficient!] The A.I Chip chip prompted.

    As long as there is a way, then its alright! Leylin heaved a sigh of relief.

    He looked at his own body again. Because large amounts of sticky substance had been produced after the breathing technique training, his body felt very sticky, which was extremely uncomfortable to the touch.

    Leylin frowned: Looks like Ill have to wash up first!

    He began to make his way out of the horse carriage. It was midnight by this hour, and the various young nobles were all sleeping soundly in the tent. Leylin quietly stepped out of the carriage and ran towards a small river that was nearby.

    [Warning! A human is approaching!] The A.I Chip prompted.

    Leylin pretended that he was oblivious, and continued his advances.

    What are you trying to do? A voice rang behind Leylin.

    So fast! Leylin pupils shrank, I had already been aware, but I was still unable to discover that he had arrived behind me. If he has any bad intentions, then I definitely wont be able to resist in any way!

    On the surface, he still pretended to be scared out of his wits: AhWho? Who?

    Leylin turned around his body to look back, seeing the black robed man who had been distributing the rations earlier in the day. Leylin remembered his name to be Angelo.

    Hel..Hello! Sir Angelo! I feel that Im a little dirty, and wanted to wash myself! Leylin face was pale, as if he was frightened, and did not even have the capabilities to speak properly.

    Wash yourself? The black robed man furrowed his brows, and wrinkled his nose. He could indeed smell a stench coming from Leylin.

    Alright! It is rather dangerous here at night, especially for young nobles like you bunch! Return quickly after washing!

    The black robed Angelo said. Not paying anymore mind to Leylin, he turned around and walked towards the heart of the horse carriage, where his tent was.

    Thank you for your reminders! Sir Angelo! Leylin still said with a bow, no matter whether this man had heard him or not.

    Always being careful had been part of his principles in life.

    After seeing Angelo leave completely, Leylin then strode forward and headed towards the small river.

    Angelo walked into his own tent and pulled down his mask, exposing his scarred face.

    The substance expelled from the body after practicing Knight breathing technique? What a nostalgic feeling! Looking at these young people reminds me of my inexperienced self from the past!

    What a pity though, if I was also born of nobility, I wouldnt need to practice the Knight breathing technique. I had even risked being part of a maguss experiment and ended up in this state

    Angelo muttered. His shadow and the tent overlapped into one body, in-differentiable from each other.

    Along the way, Leylin casually plucked the wild flowers and plants and popped them into his mouth from time to time.

    I think that black robed Angelo must have realised something. But it doesnt matter, a nobility practising a passed down Knight breathing technique is just a normal occurrence.

    Furthermore, he already has the physical qualities of a Knight, so he definitely has his own breathing technique, and wont need to get mine. Besides, even if he wanted it, it wouldnt be a big deal. I can just write it down and give him a copy

    Since there was such a large difference in strength, Leylin did not have any intention of protecting the secrets of the Farlier Family.

    However, it seemed that Angelo did not even fancy the Knight breathing techniques from small noble families.

    Chewing a grass stalk in his mouth, there was a bitter taste to it. However Leylin did not mind, and even had some nostalgic feelings of back when he was little.

    [The analysis is completed, no beneficial properties towards the Hosts body can be observed!] The A.I Chip voice rang.

    Pui! Leylin immediately spit out the grass stalk in his mouth, and replaced it with another plant.

    Take down the shape and qualities of the plant earlier and save it. Now we will proceed with another round of analysis! Leylin commanded in his mind.

    [The task is completed! Beginning to analyse the qualities! From this experiment] As the scene played out in his mind, Leylin could see very clearly the procedures of the A.I Chip.

    [Beep! The experiment is completed. This unnamed plant has a mild paralysis effect!]

    According to Leylins memories, this is called the Tri-Night Grass huh, A.I Chip! Rename to Tri-Night Grass, and save it inside the database!

    [Beep! Saving completed!]

    Mmn! This is Red Fruit, the taste is not bad! Leylin plucked a bunch of fruits on a pile of shrubs.

    These fruits were only the size of Leylins thumb, and they had ripened on the top of a barbed vine. Their appearances were quite beautiful.

    Leylin carefully avoided the barbs, and plucked one of the Red Fruits.

    He placed it into his mouth and bit down with a crisp noise. A sweet juice was squeezed out from the fruit, filling his mouth.

    Mm! The taste is the same as an apples, just a tad sweeter. Leylin evaluated.

    A.I Chip! Analyse

    Along the way, Leylin saved data about over 30 kinds of plants and herbs. Unfortunately, none of them were of any use to him.

    He arrived at the small river. The ear-piercing sounds of the trickling stream of water crashing against the rocks broke through the silence of the night.

    A.I Chip! Scan the surroundings! Leylin commanded. Even if the black robed Angelo hadnt warned him, he still had confidence in avoiding danger with the A.I Chip.

    [Beep! The surrounded area has been scanned! There are no dangers within a radius of 20 li!] The A.I Chip faithfully reported the message.

    Well, its good that there is no danger. I dont want to run back to the camp midway through my washing. That will definitely make me the biggest laughing stock

    Leylin muttered and he took off his outer robes and underwear, entering the river naked.

    The icy cold river engulfed his body, refreshing him.

    This water is really cold, I am beginning to miss the water heater from my past life!

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    Chapter 5 Cross Blade


    Two steel swords clashed, emitting a crisp sound.

    Leylin! You are still not my match, give it up! George used both hands and grabbed the hilt, and laughingly said.

    We arent done yet! Leylin shouted, and his legs moved in a strange footwork, and once again initiated an attack.

    Hah! George swung the long sword in his hands, which brought a sinister rustling of the wind.

    The cross blade in Leylins hand swept, and blocked Georges attack.

    Good! Your parry posture is not bad! George praised loudly. Careful! My next attack will be to your left leg!

    Bring it on! Leylin made his preparations.

    Watch me! George swung the two handed sword in his hands, and made a beautiful yet deadly arc towards him, sending it towards Leylins right leg.

    Leylin retreated a step back, and blocked Georges two handed sword in midair with his cross blade, You definitely said the left leg, you didnt keep your word!

    Haha..This is called tactics! It is to test your agility. My dad has always taught me, if one doesnt know how to scheme, then one day he will surely be played to death by others! I only want to scheme, not to be the target of schemes!

    George laughed and said, and then pulled back his huge sword.

    No more! No more! You are getting better each and every time! I wouldnt be able to beat you after a few more days!

    Scratching his puzzled head: Leylin! My sword technique is passed down by a Grand Knight, I put in much effort, training with blood and sweat, so much so that my teacher said that my swordplay is better than the average Knight! Yet, you who can fight me to a standstill, how could you have been beaten by Ourin?

    These sword techniques were taught to me by my father when I was younger, unfortunately I had forgotten it, and Im currently trying to practice more in order to recall it!

    Leylin clenched his fists, and his face turned red.

    Once I have strength, I will definitely seek revenge viciously, and break Ourins legs!

    He looks like a hot blooded youngster who was filled with determination after a setback.

    My dear Leylin, I believe in you. You will definitely fulfil your wish! George patted Leylins shoulder.

    And with another look of pity: Currently, with your ability, it is already sufficient to seek your revenge!

    After sparring, George had a rough understanding of Leylins strength.

    Right now I can deal with one or two of them, but Ourin has five members! Leylin was fretting over it.

    Actually, he was already confident in dealing with Ourin and his gang, but without an excuse, how could he fooled George into continuously practicing with him?

    Oh right, you mentioned Grand Knights earlier, what are they? Leylin remembered Georges complaint earlier, and casually asked.
    You are talking about the Grand knights? They are one realm higher than knights. No matter where they go, they are considered a great existence! If one is lucky, a king might even be hospitable to them! And if one is willing to pledge loyalty, then they will definitely become a troop commander!

    Their physical body has been pushed to the extremes, and rumours has it that apart from the long distance crossbow formation, even if a heavy cavalry troop were to charge at them, they wont be able to stop them from advancing!
    So powerful! Leylin muttered.

    A commander of a troop has the same status of an Earl, and even Viscount John had to greet them if he saw one.

    A heavy cavalry troop, is the peak of a troops strength in this era of medieval weapons. Once they charged, even a smaller citys walls might fall. For a Grand Knight to actually be able to use merely their physical body to fight with them, how strong would they have to be?

    Looking at Leylin who had a yearning expression on his face, George laughed out loud and consoled: You dont have to envy them, a magus has an even more mysterious and stronger power compared to that of a knight. As long as you become a magus acolyte, your status is the comparable to that of a Grand Knight. And if you become an actual Magus, then congratulations, killing a Grand Knight is easier than stepping on an ant. The various kings from kingdoms will all want to strive to be first and fear to be last in stuffing their beautiful daughters on your bed

    A magus is that powerful? Leylin was skeptical Then why are the black robes so cold to us, who have the possibility of turning into a Magus? They are naught but knights!

    Hmm about this? I am not too sure, but a Maguss status is definitely very high. This was told to me by my father! I can swear it upon my Borunin Familys reputation.

    George touched his nose, and replied rather awkwardly.

    Alright! Alright! Its not like I dont believe you! Leylin felt a little exasperated.

    Speaking within his heart A.I Chip! Scan the person in front of me!

    [Beep! Name: George Borunin Strength: 1.9, Agility: 1.8, Vitality: 1.9, Status: Healthy]

    Georges stats could not have been achieved just by standard training. According to him, he had trained with the knights technique since he was young, and that was the reason he was able to achieve his current physique.

    Warriors who had started cultivating the knight breathing technique and thus improved their physique, but had not been able to ignite their internal life energy yet, were commonly known as Preparatory Knights!

    Georges physique could be considered at the peak standard even amongst these Preparatory Knights!

    This was also linked to his nobility status and being able to use large amounts of expensive medicine to assist in improving his bodys physique.
    Alright, we have sufficient rest now, let us head back! I do not want to return too late and find those black robes staring coldly at me!
    George looked at his surroundings, and the bright moonlight coated the surrounding with a layer of silver colour light, the tranquility of the night was occasionally interrupted by insect cries.

    Leylin did not wish to attract attention during the day as they were travelling, so he sneaked out to practice with George at night.

    Naturally, this did not escape the black robes, but after a few encounters, Leylin found their attitude to be extremely cold. As long as one did not wander too far away from the camp and cause trouble, they would not care about them.

    Just once more round, well head back! Leylin said. After this round, Ill return this cross blade to you!

    EnEh? George was a little absent minded, and then his eyes lit up. Are you finally done using it? Gus had been bothering me for it!
    In order to train in sword techniques, the first requirement would be to have a cross blade!

    As nobility, there were many youngsters that wore warriors robes, with a sword attached to their waist.

    However, the previous Leylin did not do so, the reason being that it was too heavy, and it restricted his movements!

    Because he found it troublesome, the previous Leylin had travelled without even a dagger on him. This had caused Leylin now to be in the awkward situation where he was totally weaponless, without even a cross blade to practice with.

    For the sake of practising, Leylin turned his attention to the first friend he saw when he woke up George.

    Using threats of exposing their friendship, he had made George lend him a weapon and train with him!

    Thinking back when Georges eyes had turned white, and had an expression as though he has met with a bad friend, Leylin laughed uncontrollably.

    Your swordplay is improving at an extremely fast pace! But do you really not need the cross blade? George asked.

    I am rather familiar with Gus anyways so even if I were to lend it to you for a little while longer, its not a big deal

    Thank you for your kind intentions! But I really do not need it! Leylin smiled as he rejected his offer.

    After this period of sparring, he had already seen through the secret technique of the Farliers House. Furthermore, due to the the A.I Chip, his swordplay would always remain at its peak state so his skills will not go rusty due to not practicing the cross blade for a long time.

    Good, then we will fight one more match with the same rules. I will only use the same amount of strength as you will!

    As George said that, he picked up his big two handed sword and walked towards the centre of the patch of grass, his sword emitting a cold light as it reflected the moonlight.

    Leylin had also walked over, Come on! This time, I wont hold back!

    He had thought of an experiment, and had sent out the invitation in order to carry it out.

    A.I Chip! Establish Task! Analyse the opponents strength and the surroundings to come up with the best plan to defeat him!
    [Task Establishing. Beginning analysis.]

    [Simulation results Host is unwounded, target loses his ability to fight. Please confirm on whether to turn on the vision aid?]
    Turn it on! Upon Leylins command, countless of blue lines appeared before his eyes that, as if turning the area into some sort of virtual world.

    [According to the targets reactions, there is a 99.98% probability that the first attack will be the Hosts right arm! Most Effective method of combating this: Sidestep, Jump Slash!]

    Following the voice of the A.I Chip, the blue rays of light in his retina had already formed an image of George, raising his sword and slashing towards Leylins right arm.

    Heh! Watch the sword! George shouted, and as expected, he initiated the attack first, waving his two handed sword. He charged over, the motion almost mirroring the projected image.

    Leylins lips curled, and dodged the attack, and he raised both his hands along with the cross blade. Leaping up high, he viciously swung it down.

    Jumping Slash!!

    Damn! How did this happen? George cried strangely, and ducked the cross blade with a roll on the floor.

    Leylins cross blade struck onto the floor, which brought up some of the mud and small pieces of stones.

    George got up, a serious look on his face. He felt as if Leylin had predicted his attack, almost as if he had read his motions and knew them like the back of his palm.

    If you are not attacking, then I am going to counterattack! Leylin said smilingly.

    Bring it on! George stared nervously at Leylin.

    Leylin gripped his cross blade, took a step forward and pierced forward! Every action and movement had all been accurately performed as seen from a textbook.

    George made a blocking motion, but his body moved to the side instead, and as he dodged the pierce, he countered Leylins attack with a slash of his own!

    [The best way to react: Left turn 50 degrees, Horizontal Slash!]

    Following the A.I Chip instructions, Leylin dodged Georges large sword, and sent a Horizontal Slash, almost slicing George as he slashed.

    The more they fought, the more perspiration formed on Georges face.

    His every move and action had all been parried perfectly by Leylin, and his evading range had gradually decreased.

    I cant carry on like this any longer! Ill stake it all on this! George fiercely swung his large sword, and sent it clashing with Leylins.
    Bang!!! A piece of silver light flew out and directly pierced into the grass. It was the large sword in Georges hands! The blade had not stopped quivering as it let out a weng weng sound.

    In the sparring area, Leylins cross blade sword had touched horizontally at Georges waist. Youve lost!

    Indeed! I lost!

    George muttered, and then immediately stared at Leylin :How did you do that?

    It is actually very simple, after training with you for a long time, I have already remembered the sequence of your movements! Leylin withdrew his sword and bowed smilingly.

    Thesequence of my movements? George repeated.

    Yes, to put it in a simple way, everyone has a habit when they strike. As long as you can remember them, then it will be easy to arrange a trap according to the enemys habits. I have used the same trick on you!

    Phew!!! George exhaled out a long breath, I understand now!

    And then looking at Leylin momentarily, as if he was looking at a monster: Your gift in sword technique is absolutely the best that I have ever seen!!! If you are not chosen to be a Magus Acolyte, I will definitely recommend you to go to a kingdoms capitals Imperial Knight Institute!

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    This is really awesome!
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    Chapter 6 Disagreement

    Imperial Knight Institute huh?

    Leylin knew that the Imperial Knight Institute was the best knights institute in Sarad Kingdom where George had come from. Not only were they recruiting nobilities, the entry requirements were also extremely high. It was said that only geniuses would be accepted!

    Sword techniques are only my hobby, but being a Magus is my lifelong dream!

    A Knights strength may be great, but it was still comprehensible by Leylins standards, not exceeding the boundaries. However, the Magi from rumors were able to manipulate the elements, including lightning and thunder. They also attained a great longevity!

    A Maguss greatness obviously exceeded the boundaries of a human, and Leylin could not even imagine it.

    Furthermore, every Magus is a scholar filled with knowledge. Magi had strict attitudes towards experimenting about the natural world. They tried to study the laws of nature in order to achieve a massive amount of power to use for themselves! This lifestyle was more compatible with Leylins previous life as a scientist.

    Yes! Even if it is a Grand Knight, they can only be the servant of a Formal Magus. The strength a Magus holds is something that is impossible for us to imagine

    Georges face turned serious, and spoke the words in a sing-song tone.

    Why is it that no matter what words you say, I get the feeling that they were spoken by a bard Leylin rolled his eyes a little.

    Haha The reason I became like this is because my father sent me to court to undergo training for nobles!! George resumed his previous state.

    Suddenly blinking his eyes, he said mischievously: Leylin, you dont have a fiancee right? Why dont I introduce my sister Molly to you! She is a beauty that is known far and wide


    Under the moonlight, the two youths left the grasslands as they fooled around.

    Goodnight! George!

    Goodnight! Leylin!

    After Leylin handed the Cross Blade to George and bid him farewell, he returned to the carriage.

    The dimly lit carriage had only him inside. The interior of the carriage let off a very faint odour. The stench was a mixture of rot and sweat. Because of this, many noble youths refused to stay in the carriage any longer than necessary. Once they got to pit stops, they would escape to the grass fields outside like little wild horses coming out to play.

    The concept of relationships in this world was very open minded, all the more so for nobility. With the strong perception ability of the A.I Chip, Leylin had discovered many affectionate couples around, which had led him to seek an even further location for him to train.

    Using his supervision eyesight to look at the wild battle scene, Leylins heart burned in rage as this had made him recall the former memories of the spoilt brat.

    Who would have thought! After changing into a youngsters body, even my desires have increased Leylin smiled bitterly.

    Calming his emotions, A.I Chip! Show me my bodys statistics!

    [Leylin Farlier. Strength: 1.5, Agility: 1.6, Vitality: 1.4, Status: Healthy]

    It had been over a month since he first began practicing the Knight breathing technique. Right now, Leylins body state had not only caught up to his peers of the same age, but had also surpassed some. Against George, he had concealed his true strength, which had caused George to gauge his strength wrongly.

    Not bad! I should proceed with todays cultivation!

    Leylin settled into a good posture, and entered the state of cultivation. This was his homework every day. According to the A.I Chips instruction, after training at night, he should cultivate in the breathing technique again to have the best effects.

    After 20 odd minutes had passed, Leylin was completely drenched in his perspiration, but the amount of black impurities that had flowed out were clearly less than before.

    Phew! Leylin opened his eyes and looked at his body. He said in slight exasperation: The breathing techniques effect is reducing, which is logical. According to the A.I Chips estimation, Farlier Houses breathing technique, even after optimising will completely lose effect by the times Ive enhanced my bodys statistics to 2. This is the realm of Preparatory Knights. After this, I have I must use my own power, as well as the external stimulations from near death experiences, to attempt exciting the life energy. Only then will I be able to improve again

    Thinking up to here, Leylin took out a yellow coloured fruit out from his pocket. There were some black spots on its surface, making it look quite horrifying.

    Leylin directly placed it in his mouth, and then picked out a root of a herb, munching them together.

    [Beep! The Hosts body is slowly recovering from fatigue. It is possible to carry on with another round of the Knight breathing technique!]

    The A.I Chips voice rang.

    Thats great! These herbal concoctions had been created by Leylin over the past month from countless experiments using the A.I chip. It could reduce his fatigue, and increase the number of times he could cultivate in the breathing technique daily.

    With the addition of a few more body-strengthening medicine, the quality of Leylins physical body had improved at an extremely fast pace.

    Again! Leylin once again entered the state for the breathing technique.

    During the past month, the travelling party had already passed several small kingdoms. Eventually, they had completely entered the wilderness.

    There were very few people in the wilderness. It was only a desolate stretch of sand, with fresh markings from vicious beasts and horse mounted bandits.

    Ever since the travelling party had first entered the area, they had already encountered danger several times. Although nobody had died, Leylins sense of crisis had slowly grown stronger. He could not wait to quench his thirst for power.

    When the rays of dawn shone brightly, the travelling party once again resumed its journey.

    Leylin sat alone in a corner with his arms crossed in front of his chest. The youths around him had all avoided him with disgust, allowing him to have quite a bit of space.

    I dont know what method Bessita used. The people in the carriage are still isolating me. If it were a regular youngster, this wouldve most likely driven them crazy ages ago! Its just too bad that they met me instead!

    Leylin contentedly stretched his back. He had trained late into the night yesterday, which had made him extremely exhausted. This empty space was sufficient for him to rest for a while.

    However, this world sure is huge; the travelling party has been travelling for half a year, but they still have not reached their destination yet. We havent seen the ocean yet either

    As Leylin thought, he entered slumber with half closed eyes.

    Ding ling ling!!!

    At this time, the travelling party had already stopped. The black robed man shook the bell in his hands: Ladies and gentlemen! It is time to get off the carriage to have lunch!

    Its that time again? Leylin opened his eyes. This kind of lifestyle is really boring!

    After alighting the carriage and receiving his own portion of food, Leylin chewed on a piece of white bread as he walked towards the grassy area beside the camp site.

    He had already used up the previously gathered substitute herbs, so he was preparing to restock.

    As he walked, he casually observed the surrounding plants. This is a Jade Root Fruit, there are already files of it in the database. It is useless to me!

    Mn! Samun Grass, this is a kind of plant that can only be found in the wilderness. It can be harvested! Leylin plucked a dirty, brown colored stalk of grass. There were extremely sharp thorns on the grasss sides. Leylin carefully broke the blade in half and used his fingers to dab at the jade coloured liquid that had been constantly flowing out from the grass. An expression of disappointment appeared on his face as he placed his fingers in his mouth.

    I found it, Flowerless Snake Fruit! Leylin threw the Samun Grass on the ground. As he casually walked over, he noticed, through the corner of his eye, the same yellow coloured fruit that he had eaten yesterday, growing on a shrubbery. His face expressed happiness.

    Hehe! Whats this I see? Leylin! Should I be saying as expected from a minor noble of the village? Youre actually eating wild fruits on the roadside? You have really tarnished the reputation of the nobilities

    Just after Leylin had plucked the Flowerless Snake Fruit and placed it into his pocket, an annoying voice was heard.

    Is that Ourin? Leylin raised his head, and saw the murderer who had killed the previous host of this body.

    Ourin had fiery red coloured hair, and there were ripped muscles all over his body. His arms were as thick as Leylins thighs. He currently had his arms crossed in front of his chest as he smiled mockingly at Leylin.

    There were a few nobility youths at his side, which had all coordinated to jest at him.

    A.I Chip! Scan their statistics!

    [Scan Complete! Ouri., Strength: 1.7, Agility: 1.2, Vitality: 1.5, Status: Healthy]

    The A.I Chip feedbacked.

    Looking at the data in front of his eyes, Ourins strength wasnt bad. His strength was almost as strong as two adult men. It was no wonder that he had been able to fatally injure the previous Leylin.

    As a child of nobility, as long as they are able to endure sufferings and persevere in their training daily, coupled with the breathing technique, it is not strange to achieve such results.

    The nobles beside Ourin were not that strong; most of them were below 1. Leylin had even seen a pale faced youth whose stats ranged about 0.5, giving a run for money for the previous Leylin.

    Mentally calculating the stats, Ourins strength did not differ much from his. But his sword technique and moves definitely couldnt rival Leylins, as he had the help of the A.I Chip.

    As for the rest of the youths, they were only there to increase their numbers. The disparity between his stats and theirs was too huge. It would be extremely easy to deal with them, like an adult bullying a child.

    Is there a problem? Leylin asked, his voice calm.

    You Leylins reaction had obviously exceeded Ourins expectations. He actually had no fury or fear, and that made him speechless.

    If it was the previous matter regarding Bessita, havent I already apologised before? Bessita has also forgiven me Leylin added.

    At the same time, his heart began to race; this could be a probe sent out by Bessita. After enduring for a whole month, had she finally been unable to endure any longer?

    Thats right! Its because of Bessita! She has forgiven you, but I havent! Ourin spoke loudly, his hands tightly clenched into fists.

    Alright! Then what do you want? Leylin spread out his hands, as if helpless. However, there was a glint of mockery deep in his eyes.

    Ourin hadnt imagined that Leylin would be so submissive, and struggled for a long time before spluttering: You have to make an oath to never bother Bessita again in the future!

    Alright! Leylin agreed immediately, and even placed his right hand on the crest pinned to his chest. The crest had a Cross Blade and a picture of a skylark on it, which was the emblem of the Farlier House!

    With my honour as a member of the Farlier House, I swear that I will never bother Bessita ever again on my own accord!

    Using a familys reputation to make a vow was the most serious oath a noble could take. Those who had gone back on their words would meet with the disdain of all nobles.

    So! Mister Ourin! Can I leave now?

    Leylin bowed slightly, with perfect nobles etiquette.

    Hold on! It had not occurred to Ourin that Leylin would show no resistance, and at this point, his eyes contained an avaricious glint: According to the nobles conduct, you still have to compensate. Hand over all the Magic Crystals that you have!

    Magic Crystals! The surrounding onlookers gasped in surprise.

    Magic Crystals? Leylin repeated. According to his memory, the Magic Crystals were a kind of currency between Magi. They were items of necessity for Magi Acolytes with no credentials to enter the academy.

    Leylin did not know the exact amount required to enter an academy, because he did not have even a single Magic Crystal on him. Viscount John had tried several methods to obtain Magic Crystals. However, he was unable to get even one. From this, one could see just how precious Magic Crystals were!

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    Chapter 7 Extortion

    Leylin had been avoiding meaningless fights.

    In his opinion, the fun of winning against others couldnt be compared to the fun of enhancing his strength through cultivation.

    Moreover, theres no hatred between him and Ourin. He probably even needed to thank him for heavily injuring the original Leylin, which had given him a chance for rebirth.

    Leylin was a practical person. To him, face was never more important than reasoning.

    Even using the honor of his family to swear wasnt the slightest loss for him. However, Ourins request after that had touched the bottom line.

    Youyou cant do that! Those black robed lords wont let you off!

    Leylin tightly grabbed onto the sack on his hands with a frantic expression.

    Hahawhy would those black robes barge into our matters? Dont forget, you were beaten half dead by me previously, and no one had paid it any mind.

    Ourin clenched his fist, and clear cracking sounds could be heard from his bones, If you dont want me to break your bones one by one, obediently hand the Magic Crystals over!

    As Ouring drew closer, his large frame engulfed Leylin within his shadow.
    Leylin observed his surroundings; this location was already quite far from the camp. Around him were only some lackeys that had been brought by Ourin. They were all looking at them as if they were viewing a show.

    Dont bother looking, no one will come to save you

    Ourin grinned.

    Really? Thats best then! Leylin suddenly laughed.

    His silhouette flashed. When Leylin reappeared, he was already behind Ourin, Perfect, I can take revenge for that days incident!

    A fierce kick was thrown out! Carrying intense wind, it kicked into Ourins waist area.

    Ourin felt an intense force coming from Leylins leg, sending his body into the air!

    Bang! Ourin fell to the ground, severe pain coming from his waist which made his eyes turn slightly red, You dared! You dared! You actually dared to hurt me!

    Youre dead! I will hang you!

    Ourin ferociously stood up, rays of blood-thirsty and savage light shooting out of his eyes.

    This is the advantage of having a good constitution? Seeing that the kick that he used fifty percent of his strength for did nothing much to Ourin, Leylins pupils shrank.

    Ha! Ourin waved his fist around like a violent black bear.

    Leylin flashed sideways, dodging Ourins fist. When Ourins fist landed on the small tree behind, it actually left a deep dent. A strength of 1.7 is indeed not a trivial matter.

    Such a heavy punch. Even with my constitution, I cant withstand more than a few punches Leylin swiftly thought.

    A.I Chip! Simulate the best method to defeat him!

    [Beep! Task established! Starting Assist Mode!] A voice came from the A.I Chip. Its powerful calculation ability instantly came up with the best solution.

    [Duck! Task Established! Initiating Assist Mode.] The A.I Chip prompted. Leylin immediately crouched down, dodging the roaring Ourins tackle.

    [A flaw appeared in enemys defense! Most effective attacking location: Armpit!] The A.I Chips voice sounded.

    Leylins figure continuously flashed, dodging Ourins attacks while also getting closer. Do you know? Although your strength is powerful, youre not agile enough. This is the disadvantage of your body shape

    As Leylin could still speak when hes attacking, it showed that he was still holding back.

    Thisis this still the Leylin from before? Hewhy has he become so much more powerful? The surrounding youths all opened their mouths in shock.

    Under the everyones expressions of disbelief, Leylin threw out a punch! It hit Ourins armpit with his entire strength. Ourin, who had suffered the attack, fell onto the ground with a pained expression, and couldnt get up for a long time.

    Leylins full strength was at least 1.5, and wasnt very different from Ourins. Furthermore, the place that he had hit was also the weak spot. Ourin fell onto the ground, his eyes bloodshot as he growled, Youre dead for sure! My family will not let you off!

    Oh! Really? Leylin remained indifferent towards Ourins threat, and even gave Ourin a kick in his lower abdomen. Ourin curled himself up, like a cooked prawn.

    Leylin squatted down, looked at Ourin with a face full of smiles, Since you wont let me off anyways, do you think that it would be better if I just made the first move and killed you?

    At that moment, Leylins smile at Ourin looked like the devils.

    Hes not joking, he really dares to take action! Ourin saw the killing intent in Leylins eyes. Suddenly, he felt as though he was being stared at by a tiger. The anger within his head completely vanished, and was replaced with fear.

    Mister Leylin! Lord Leylin! You cant do that! II have the Dorlan family behind me. If you kill me, youll get yourself in trouble!

    Then do you admit your wrongs! Leylin issued a ridiculing question.

    I admit my wrongs! I apologize sorry! Under the threat of death, Ourin succumbed quickly.

    Very good, I accept your apology. In addition, according to the law of nobility, I have the rights to request for compensation!

    Leylin said smilingly which gave Ourin a bad feeling.

    As compensation, hand all the Magic Crystals you have with you! Leylin smilingly said those words of extortion.

    Oh! No! You cant do this! Do you know how many people have been sacrificed for my family to obtain these Magic Crystals?

    Ourin struggled to protest.

    Sometimes, its just a simple multiple choice question in the world. Now, its your turn. My dear Ourin, life or Magic Crystals, choose one!

    Leylin didnt seem to have any reaction to Ourins begging. Instead, he stepped on Ourins face, gradually increasing the amount of force he exerted.

    The boots stepping on Ourins face sent his head further and further into the ground, giving a suffocating feeling.

    After a few minutes, Leylin released some of the pressure, So? Have you thought through it properly?

    Puah! Ourin inhaled the fresh air in big mouthfuls. His face was now covered with mud and footprints, making him look hilarious.

    However, none of the surrounding youths dared to smile.

    One of the youths slowly began to retreat, wanting to leave this place.

    Leylin picked up a pebble, [Wind estimation completed! Shooting orbit adjusted!]

    Whoosh! The pebble hit the escaping youths leg, sending him sprawling on the ground.

    Ourin, see that? Dont bother waiting for reinforcementsFurthermore, dont try to challenge my patience!

    Leylin looked at the surrounding youths. Those who had Leylins gaze sweep past them all lowered their heads, their bodies trembling.

    Okay! I can give you the Magic Crystals! But I left them in the carriage! Follow me back to get them! Ourin said in surrender.

    Magic Crystals are so important. You dont bring them with you, but leave them at the carriage,? Are you treating me like a fool?

    Such childish lies naturally couldnt get pass Leylin.

    It seems like you havent had enough! A ray of fierceness flashed across Leylins eyes. He grabbed onto Ourins arm and suddenly gave it a snap!

    Crack!!! Ear piercing sounds of fracture could be heard, followed by Ourins miserable scream.

    If you still refuse to speak the truth, Ill break your other arm!

    No! No! No! You cant do this, the black robed lord wont let you off! Ourin clutched onto his arm, rolling on the ground.

    Hahawhy would those black robes barge into our matters? Did you forget that I was beaten half dead by you previously, and no one paid any mind to it?

    Leylin coldly smiled, sending Ourins words back to him.

    Seems like youre really yearning for death! Leylin was just about to go up and take action.

    Wait! Wait! Fine! Ill give you the Magic Crystals, but you have to swear that you will not take revenge on me anymore! Ourin shouted with a pale face as he saw Leylin approaching him.

    Okay! I swear with the honor of my Farliar family! Leylin answered.

    Ourins face turned green. Struggling to a half seated position on the ground, he took out a golden coloured pouch from his bosom and tossed it at Leylin, All my Magic Crystals are here!

    Leylin took it and gave it a look. This was a palm sized pouch made ofwith gold and silver threads. In the center of it was a picture of an eagle and a shield, surrounded by many plants. It appeared to be a family symbol.

    Leylin opened the pouch and saw over dozens of black coloured crystals quietly lying there.

    [Beep! Discovered an unknown energy source!] The A.I Chip alerted.

    So? Can it be used? Leylin had an excited expression on his face.

    [Searching the databaseinformation insufficient! Method of usage not found!

    [Alert! Energy source with unknown radiation. Recommendation: The Hosts body to strengthen defense!]

    So its like this? Leylin inwardly thought, then turned to Ourin and asked, Which academy are you going to?

    WetWetland Gardens! Ourin had an ugly expression on his face.

    Wetland Gardens! Ive heard before that the entry fee is ten Demon Crystals, right?

    Correct! Where did you hear it from? Ourin was a little surprised.

    Leylin faintly smiled, looking a little mysterious. He have never heard of any Wetland Gardens before, and was only bluffing Ourin, since most of the school fees were basically all in rounded figures. It wasnt a big deal if he guessed wrongly anyways.

    Okay! Ill return it to you! Leylin took out three Magic Crystals from the pouch and tossed the pouch with the Magic Crystals back at Ourin.

    These three Magic Crystals will be my compensation! Although he could take all the Magic Crystal now, Leylin is still unsure of the attitudes of the black and white robes on this matter. He also doesnt want to use himself to test out their bottom lines. Thus, he left Ourin the sufficient amount of Magic Crystals for the entry fee. That way, even if they quibbled about it, Leylin had an excuse.

    Thathank you! Ourins facial expression turned a lot better. If he were to lose all of these Magic Crystals and wasnt unable to enter the academy, he really didnt know how hed face his family.

    Rest assured! I wont take your Magic Crystals! Leylin raised his head and looked at the surrounding nobles, who all had their hands tightly clenched into fists. Seeing this, Leylin couldnt help shaking his head.

    Thank you Lord Leylin! Hearing Leylins assurance, the other youths all felt relieved and immediately bowed.

    But! I want to request other compensation! Leylin looked at a youth, the one that tried to escape but had been knocked down.

    The Cross Blade at your waist looks pretty nice! Leylin looked at the youth, who looked a little frightened. Leylin then pointed to the Cross Blade at the youths waist.

    Having heard the hint, the youth hastily replied, Lord, you can have it!

    Haha! I wont hold back then! Leylin took the Cross Blade from the youth. After gauging its weight, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

    As a nobles sword, the quality of this crossed sword was excellent.

    The hilt of the sword was decorated with beautiful flower patterns to prevent it from slipping from the hand. The scabbard was made from the skin of sharks, giving it a luxurious feeling.

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    Chapter 8 Alliance

    So the method of distinguishing time is very similar to the past!

    Leylin thought inwardly to himself as he messed around with the crystal pocket watch in his hand.

    The surface of the crystal pocket watch had fine workmanship, with twenty four small frames inside. Each frame represented an hour.

    Not only did he extort a weapon from Ourins lackeys, but also spoils of war worth thousands of gold coin. This pocket watch was contributed by a small fatty.

    As for the revenge from their family, the Dorlan family that Ourin belonged to was from the Bourbon Kingdom, which was a few kingdoms away from Count Johns territory. Furthermore, the relationships between the two kingdoms were already in a state of hostility.

    Not to mention that time it took to become a Magus was at least a few years, and even sending letters back and forth would also take at least a few years.

    Leylin only gave it a little thought before throwing the matters between him and Ourins family to the back of his head.

    This time Ive really made a profit! Furthermore, the Magic Crystals are the currency among Magi, so they are very useful for acolytes!

    Leylin took out a Magic Crystal and flipped it around in his palm. It emitted a steady, cold feeling.

    According to the calculation of the A.I Chip, although this Magic Crystal had some slight radiation, the effect it had towards the body seemed to be positive. It could enhance the bodys vitality.

    But! Ever since the news about me defeating Ourin spread, everyones attitude towards me has changed. Should I say that this is a world that respects the strong?

    It had already been two days since the previous incident, and the battle results with Ourin had spread among the nobility teenagers.

    Especially the scene of him breaking Ourins arm while smiling, it had become the nightmare of those teenagers present. When Ourin returned, he immediately hid in his carriage and tended to his injuries. As for those nobility teenagers, they trembled the moment they saw Leylin and quickly ran away.

    Hi! Leylin, do you want to play together?

    A nobility girl from the same carriage came over and asked. She wore nobility attire, wearing something similar to stockings in Leylins previous life on her long legs, giving off an alluring charm.

    The custom of this world was to respect the strong. Now, Leylin felt that the atmosphere in the carriage was much better, and the others didnt try to go against him either.

    Moreover, several other nobility girls also extended invitations to him.

    This girl was in the same carriage with him, her name is Lilith.

    Thanks! But, I have friends coming! Leylin said apologetically.

    Ooh! I must have been interrupting! Ill invite you later on, Jasmine and a few others are also interested in you!

    The long-legged girl tenderly smiled, raised her skirt, and made a nobles greeting, extending a tempting invitation.

    Girls nowadays are really maturing early!

    Leylin bitterly smiled in his heart.

    Hahawhat did I just see? How many times has our young Casanova Leylin been invited by girls? An exaggerated voice came.

    How can I be compared to you? Satin Gold Mane Lion, your great name has spread among the female circles in the entire carriage! Leylin rolled his eyes.

    Didnt you want to avoid me so as to not be isolated by everyone, are you no longer afraid of that? Leylin look at the approaching George.

    Youre the hot topic in the camp now! Many girls have interest towards you. That Lilith earlier wasnt bad either. I can guarantee you that if you just put your heart into it, youll be able to take her down in three days!

    George laughed, Furthermore, I have to congratulate you on your successful revenge! With a wave of his hand, a glass bottle drew an arc in the air and was caught by Leylin.

    Opening the oaken stopper, a fruity aroma mixed with a tinge of alcohol drifted out, causing Leylin to subconsciously take a deep breath.

    Apple wine! I havent drank much of this in these few months!

    Correct! Furthermore, its a speciality from our federation. It wasnt easy for me to have kept it hidden till now! George opened the wine bottle in his hand.

    To our Leylin! Cheers!!

    Cheers!!! Leylin smiled. Wine bottles knocked onto each other and emitted a clear sound.

    Also, thank you! Leylin said sincerely.

    George had the strength of a Preparatory Knight, and with his leadership status amongst this bunch of nobility youths, if he had taken any slight action earlier on, he could have easily settled Ourin.

    However, he cared about Leylins emotions, and only helped Leylin increase his strength secretly. Besides that, he had hidden their relationship so that Ourin would provoke Leylin without any second thoughts. Finally, he helped Leylin complete his revenge.

    This protected his pride as a noble very well.

    From this, Leylin could see his meticulousness and his ability to take care of others feelings.

    This is no longer about winning the hearts of people, but about using sincerity to move them. I should say that its really worthy of Satin Gold Mane Lions Family, leader of the Furze Alliance! Leylin thought inwardly.

    No need for thanks! Were all members of the Furze Alliance, how could I have turned a blind eye at you being bullied by those northerners!!! George laughed, downing all of his apple wine in one gulp.

    Pity! Now that were deeper and deeper into the wilderness, we havent been passing by any large cities for a long time now. Even supplies are hard to find!

    George seemed to have recalled the taste of the apple wine and had some regret.

    Right! Were going to organize a barbeque banquet; itll be for our Furze Alliance. Do you want to join?

    George extended an invitation.

    Of course! Itd be my pleasure! Leylin smiled and responded. With his identity as a noble from the Furze Alliance, he could only join this circle.

    At times when ones strength was still weak, joining circles was also a method to protect ones safety.

    It was deep in the night. The sky was filled with shining stars, pulling a silver veil over the ground.

    Inside the camp, groups of young men and girls all sat together, circling the campfire as they laughed and messed around. It was very lively.

    After a few months of living together, they had gotten closer to one another.

    Come, Leylin, Ill introduce the both of you to each other. This is Yarfuan, Count Normiers descendent!

    Nice to meet you! Ive heard lots about you trashing Ourin! Yarfuan stretched his hand out as he smiled.

    Nice to meet you! A genuine smile was drawn on Leylins face as he shakes Yarfuans hand.

    These are the sisters, Gwen and Gwylith, they are your admirers! George led Leylin in a circle around the campfire, introducing him.

    Nice to meet you! Mister Leylin! The sisters looked exactly the same. They each had a pair of glittering aquamarine eyes, identical voices, and some red blush on their faces.

    Nice to meet you, beautiful ladies! Its an honor to meet you!!! Leylin placed his hand on his chest and did a nobles greeting.

    Seeing the two girls blushing as they ran, George looked like he was about to faint.

    Brat! Youre blessed! The two of them seem to be interested in you! They are twins! Twins! Georges hands were dancing around as he said this, with some heartache.

    Okay! I believe that in a time when supplies are starting to decline, you should have another purpose to organizing this banquet, and not just simply to search for lovers!

    Leylin said.

    As for his personal needs, he was still able to restrain them. Although he didnt mind letting them out, that also depended on the location.

    Its good that youre able to see this point! George said. The smiling expression on his face disappeared and was replaced with a leaders presence.

    He strode to the center of the area and banged the silver spoon in his hand.

    Ladies and gentlemen! Sorry to bother you for awhile, but please shift your gazes over here!

    Georges prestige was still rather high among this group of people. The surrounding crowd all stopped what they were doing and shifted their gazes to the center.

    Firstly! I would like to welcome a new comrade joining us! Hes Leylin!!! George announced in a loud voice, and clapped.

    Pa Pa Pa!!! An intense, wave-like clapping sound could be heard from the surroundings.

    Leylin got up and made a greeting towards the surroundings.

    Okay! George waved his hand, stopping the clappings and continued, I set up this small alliance to guarantee that every single Acolyte from our Furze Alliance would safely reach the academy and become a well-respected Lord Magus. And now, fellow comrades, trouble has arisen and it is time for us to work together!

    Georges expression turned a little solemn, and even his tone was grave. Being infected by him, the surrounding atmosphere also became a little quiet. Only Georges voice still echoed in the air.

    We are nearly out of the wilderness and are about to enter the Great Plains of Death. This is the last stage of our journey, and also the most dangerous part!!!

    Great Plains of Death? Leylin was surprised, and immediately searched through his original memories.

    According to the memories in the A.I Chip, the current continent that Leylin was in was very vast, filled with many kingdoms and without a united name.

    Originally, the Furze Alliance that Leylin joined belonged to the southeast corner of the continent. They seemed to be one of the first batches of students. The travelling party had headed North, passing through many dukedoms and kingdoms, and now already reached the north side of the continent.

    After passing through the wilderness, there was a long patch of narrow plains. Opposite the plains was rumored to be an ocean.

    And this piece of plains was filled with all sorts of dangers, and had always been a restricted zone for humans! Rumor was that the plains were filled with all sorts of beasts; even the most ferocious bandits didnt dare to enter the plains. Every part of the plains was filled with corpses of mercenaries, adventurers and travelers!!

    Right now, the Magus Acolyte-filled travelling party was about to pass through this Great Plains of Death, to the coastline.

    With the protection of the black robed and white robed Lords, well definitely be able to pass through it! A fat boy said as the crowd went into an uproar.

    Correct! With the protection of the Lord Magi and Knights, our possibility of passing through here is rather high! But when those Lords are unable to manage, we will encounter death. It could be me, it could be you, do you want to experience such an outcome?

    George asked.

    Definitely not!!! The fat boy shouted as his face turned red and sat back down.

    Correct! Our motive is to reach the Magus Academy opposite the ocean, and to become well respected Magi. But the cruel screening will begin now. According to the information that my father obtained, there will be large amounts of death in the Great Plains of Death in every single Magus travelling party!

    George went on, revealing a small part of cruelty.

    WhatWhat should be done? Lots of young men and women went into panic, and they looked at George with ashen faces, hoping that he would have a plan.

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    Chapter 9 Entering the Plains

    Of course, the reason we formed this alliance was for that purpose!

    George stated loudly.

    Weve already discussed this with the other traveling parties. We will swap positions with them, so that our Furze Alliance can occupy a few carriages that are close to each other! Weve also gotten the permission from the black robes!

    Furthermore, us noble males will take turns being guards to protect the carriages! Of course, this is with the caveat that we are merely assisting the black robe Knights. As for the beautiful ladies, the logistics and cleaning duties will be up to you!

    As for the weapons, you guys also do not have to worry. Weve already made our preparations and even got hold of a crossbow!

    George called out his plans.

    The youths of the alliance all began to talking amongst themselves, and after some discussion, most were in favour of this plan.

    Okay, we agree!

    As for the position of the captain of the guards, it was inevitable that George would take that position. Striking while the iron was hot, George began to hand out some missions.

    The feast continued afterwards, but it was clear to see that most of the enthusiasm in the crowd had long since been lost.

    Originally I had planned on giving you a cross blade, but it seems there is no longer any need now!

    George held up his cup as he walked towards Leylin, pointing at the sword hilt fastened at his waist.

    Is it true that every single time a Magus troop enters the Great Plains, there are many deaths? Leylin asked.

    Of course, the best case scenario is that only one or two will die, but there have been times where at least ten have perished! George shrugged his shoulders. Otherwise why else would I spend so much money and energy in order to establish an alliance that would be dissolved when we reach the coastline?

    Wherever you plant a seed, there will be some form of profit to be had! Leylin laughed.

    No matter what, as long as everyone grouped together, then their odds of survival would increase. And any of the surviving acolytes would definitely hold some goodwill towards George and his family. As long as one of these acolytes were to become a Magus, then the returns would be great.

    But even if there were no survivors, it wasnt a big loss to him either way right?

    Aside from your swordsmanship, your intelligence has really impressed me! Georges eyes sparkled. The things I did were all things that my father told me to.

    Well then, are you willing to help me? George extended his hand.

    As you wish! Leylin laughed, linking his hand to Georges.

    Leylins reply to Georges request wasnt an impulsive one. In fact, he had made this decision after careful deliberation.

    With regards to the hidden dangers in the plains, he wasnt very knowledgable about it. So joining hands by cooperating would be a decent proposal.


    The cold wind descended upon the group and hit them in the face like knife blades. With each breath drawn, Leylin could smell the fragrant smell of grass.

    Its already been 15 days since weve entered the Great Plains of Death!

    Looking back at the carriages, Leylin could see some traces of damage on it, causing him to feel quite gloomy.

    The marks on the carriages were three different lines linked into one as if it was created by a single claw.

    The Great Plains of Death have dangers that even normal humans, or even Preparatory Knights would have trouble with!

    After entering the plains, although the black and white robed lords had increased the number of patrols, and for the acolytes to band together, there had still been some casualties.

    The marks on the carriages had been caused by a pack of Plain Direwolves. The very moment they had arrived, the carriages had suffered a siege.

    Although there hadnt been any deaths, the pack of Plain Direwolves had nearly pushed over the carriages and damaged it, giving Leylin a deep impression of them.

    From that moment onwards, the students didnt dare to camp outside and all tried to sleep in the carriages! But even with that, there had still been some casualties.

    Leylins face grew dark.

    Although the black robed Knights were guarding them, some of the youngsters still needed to go out to take care of their bodily needs. Alas, within the danger filled Great Plains of Death, that meant danger.

    One youth had been bitten by a poisonous insect the very moment he stepped off the carriage and died.

    According to the calculations of the A.I Chip, the poison of the insect would corrode the brain within 13 seconds. There was not enough time for medical help, and even the few white robed Magus could only watch the youngster die

    After that incident, the students would get off the carriage only when absolutely necessary. However, due to the small size of the carriage and the sheer number of people squeezed inside, the smell within was certainly unpleasant.

    For the price of helping the black robed knights drive a carriage, Leylin was given the chance t get some fresh air.

    Although being on the outside of the carriage seemed to be more dangerous, with the black robed Knight right next to him, it was actually much safer.

    As for the carriage driving skill? Leylin only had to listen to the black robed Knight for a short amount of time while the A.I chip recorded everything.

    Its getting dark! Everyone gather within the carriages to rest!

    A voice called out from the front, causing every single carriage to stop.

    Not only was traveling at night dangerous, but it meant the horses did not have time to rest, which could lead to their deaths, and cause even more troubles.

    Your carriage driving skills are quite good! The black robed Knight looked at Leylin and spoke softly.

    Thank you for your praise! Leylin nodded.

    Returning to the inside of the carriage, a fierce smell hit his nose the moment he opened the door. Leylins eyebrows creased together, but seeing the stupefied looks on the students faces, he could only sigh to himself secretly.

    Ever since the first casualty, none of the youths had a happy look, instead, there was a mournful atmosphere. This was another reason why Leylin did not like staying inside the carriage at all.

    Leylin, youre back! A small freckled youngster forced out a smile as he greeted him.

    Yeah! Leylin sat down and looked around before taking a piece of flatbread to gnaw on.

    The dry piece of flatbread was chewed up inside his mouth, feeling as if he was chewing on sand. Despite its taste, Leylin managed to swallow the bread with great difficulty, but in doing so, he felt a sudden pain within his throat, prompting him to hurriedly take out his canteen and chug down a large amount of water. After he finally finished the entire piece of bread, he heaved a sigh of relief.

    After entering the Great Plains of Death, supplies were hard to come by. Even though the students had some gold coins, there were no merchants around. So in this situation, the gold coins were not much better than mere stones.

    Ley.Leylin, whats the situation like? Just how many more days until were out of this damned plains?

    After Leylin had finished eating, the freckled youth asked him a question.

    His words were clearly what everyone wanted to know the answer, and drew everyones attention as they turned to look towards Leylin.

    While driving the carriage, I talked with the black robed Knight. Weve already traveled half the distance, so if everything goes well from here, well reach the coastlines in another half a month.

    Eh! Good god, theres still half a month more?! What terrible days these are, I cant even stand another single day in this place!

    The freckled youth began to pull at his hair as he complained.

    Hey, cheer up, Kassa. As long as you can take these 15 days, then youll reach the coastlines. Delicious fruits, fluffy bread, not to mention a comfortable bed and a warm bathroom, all of it is waiting for you!

    Even as a youngster tried to cheer Kassa up, the words seemed to be trying to cheer himself up even more than Kassa.

    Dong! Dong!

    A rhythmic pattern could be heard as the doors to the carriage opened, revealing George. In his armor and carrying his long sword, George looked like a handsome Knight. Hey, gentleman! Ladies! Break time is here! If you need to loosen up a bit, just come outside. If you dont, then please stay inside, after all, the outside is quite dangerous.

    The carriage grew restless before a few red faced girls looked at each other in the eye and walked out of the carriage.

    Leylin shrugged his shoulders before grabbing his cross blade, Lets go!

    As a member of the guards, he needed to protect these ladies. Even though all he could do was to maintain his vigilance and call out for the black robed Knight to come help them if any trouble arose.

    II wont go down this time! Kassa spoke out from the side as he shivered.

    Fine then! Leylin gestured to the rest to follow him out the carriage.

    Landing softly on the grass, Leylin couldnt help but to stretch comfortably outside. A beautiful scenery stretched far beyond what his eye could see. If it werent for the amount of danger in here, Leylin would have loved this sight.

    How beautiful! George spoke out as he watched the setting sun.

    How beautiful indeed, but also dangerous! Leylin muttered.

    Theres danger everywhere my friend! Sickness, famine, war, the world is filled with dangers like these. To us, this area is a threat to our lives, but to the white robed Magus, this is nothing more than like the garden back home! George clenched at his sword.

    Are you trying to say that as long as you have strength, then you can obtain both freedom and safety?

    Exactly! Take a look at Kassa, he has already lost his courage. On this road to power, he is lacking the spirit to face danger. Even if he were to safely arrive at the Magus Academy, it is unlikely that he can become a Magus. After all, studying magic is a treacherous path that is a hundred times more difficult than this plain!

    George threw a rock far into the plains, Its time to protect our beautiful treasures now!

    Seeing George walk away, Leylin had a smile on his face, Courage? But for those chasing the truth, prudence is also a necessity!

    A.I Chip! Initialize scanning! Leylin thought.

    Following the order, a three dimensional scenery began to visualize within Leylins head, showing off the vicinity of the nearby area.

    Within the light blue geographical image, a cluster of white stars. These stars symbolized the students; not a single one of them seemed to be hurt.

    As for the black robed Knight, he was a flashing red light. After the A.I Chips analysis, it had recognized him as an existence that could threaten his host.

    The final few carriages had the white robed Magus within. Leylin didnt dare to try to use his A.I Chip to scan it in case its energy was detected and cause troubles for him.

    Not too long after, every single nearby source of danger appeared within Leylins mind.

    Even if its a poisonous insect, they wont be able to escape the A.I Chips scan! As of right now, this area is safe!

    This was a guarantee that Leylin could make.

    Although he was a member of the guard, he would never do anything to put himself in harms way.

    With the A.I Chip, he had firm grasp of everything happening in a 20 li radius, and this would be the biggest guarantee to their safety.

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    Chapter 10 Direwolf Pack

    Perfect! Ive used up all the Flowerless Snake Fruits again, and I can take this chance to gather some more. But Im not sure if the plains even has this type of plant

    Leylin thought to himself as he gradually walked further from the party.

    A.I. Chip! Check my bodys stats!

    [Beep! Leylin Farlier. Strength: 1.6, Agility: 1.7, Vitality: 1.5, Status: Healthy.]

    A.I. Chip transmitted back the information.

    There isnt much improvement, only around 0.1! Leylin furrowed his brows, Ever since everyone started resting in the carriage, I can no longer find a suitable place to cultivate the breathing techniques. Furthermore, the effects of the medicines are decreasing. According to the calculations, the optimized Cross Blade breathing technique should allow me to increase my basic physical stats to 1.9 before hitting the limit. After that, I can only improve after stimulating my inner life energy and becoming a knight

    Leylin kept watch on the girl from the Furze Alliance from afar, as he also kept an eye out for useful herbs and materials.

    After a long time, he finally looked up in disappointment.

    It is as I had feared! The conditions are too different, and the Flowerless Snake Fruits are not able to survive on these grassy plains. I cant even find any suitable substitute herbs!

    Hey! Leylin! Its time to get on the carriage! Georges loud shout came from the distance.

    Got it! Wandering afar by himself was not only attention drawing, but also very dangerous. As such, Leylin could only give up on his plan, and return to the horse carriage.

    [Warning!!! Warning!!! Dangerous creatures are approaching!!!]

    Just at that moment, the A.I Chips mechanical voice sounded out, and red warning words appeared in front of Leylins eyes, attracting his attention instantly.

    Quick! Show the map now!

    Leylins facial expression did not change, but he hastened his movement, reaching the limits of his body, and his right hand grasped his Cross Blade firmly.

    On the virtual map that was projected in front of his eyes, there was a large group of red dots closing in on their group of carriages. The dots were slowly encircling and surrounding them.

    [Beep! According to the databanks, these dangerous lifeforms have a 97.8% similarity to Direwolves!]

    Direwolves! Leylins eyes narrowed as he recalled the data that had been collected earlier. Direwolf: A kind of wolf inhabiting the Great Plains of Death. Savage and cruel, they mostly hunt in packs. Their strength is estimated to be around 2-3, agility around 3-4, and vitality around 3-4.

    Such strength, they are definitely not creatures that I, a mere Knight-in-Training, can handle!

    Leylins footsteps hastened once more, and he rushed towards George, saying in a low tone: We have company. Trouble is afoot!

    George looked around at the surrounding crowd, and saw that most of the students were still minding their own business. He quickly retrieved his water bottle in order to hide their actions: Whats the situation?

    A pack of direwolves! I noticed their tracks! Leylin said quickly and urgently.

    I got it! George drank a few gulps of water, then gave out a few simple hand signals.

    The youths from their team who had been chosen as escorts were momentarily startled, but they still remembered their predesignated hand signals. Instantly, they all got moving, pushing the younger girls ahead, and whispering into their ears. The entire process was done swiftly and silently. Although some of the other magus apprentices also noticed something was wrong and followed their retreat, most of them were still oblivious.

    Sometimes, when danger arose, the only thing you needed to do was to ensure that you ran faster than your companions!!

    Lets go! Seeing that most of the members of their alliance had successfully retreated, George and Leylin quickly followed suit.

    Leylin, youre unexpectedly even good at scouting! George said in a low voice to Leylin. After all, they had spent quite some time and were familiar with each other, and he knew that Leylin would not lie to him about something like that.

    Although the members of the Furze Alliance were quiet and retreating in an orderly manner to refrain from alarming the rest, some of the other acolytes were very discerning, and they quickly joined in the retreat.

    *Bang* *Bang*!!

    A loud piercing gong sounded out, The Lord Magus have sensed danger! All acolytes are to retreat back to the horse carriages!

    One of the black robed mens voice sounded out, thundering in all the acolytes ears.

    The acolytes who were resting on the grass were all stunned into silence, before they all swarmed into motion, fleeing crazily for the horse carriages.

    No need for hiding anymore! Lets run!! George shouted as he drew his sword.

    By now, all the members of the Furze Alliance had been alerted, and were already quite a distance, and the fastest amongst them had already reached the horse carriages.


    At this moment, a long and drawn out howl sounded out, filled with ruthless bloodlust.

    All around, the wolf howls sounded; since the prey had discovered their stealth attack, they would just charge forth!!!

    Streak after streak of black shadowy wolves charged after the fleeing acolytes; they were about 2-3 metres long, and their speeds were such that a shimmering black afterimage followed them.

    A Direwolf pack! One of the acolytes at the back cried out in despair.

    Just as he cried out, a black shadow pounced onto her, the large impact causing this young girl to fall to the ground. In the next instant, the merciless huge jaw filled with sharp teeth bit down viciously, tearing out her throat as she died with a despairing look on her face.

    Some of the fleeing acolytes were attracted by the cries, and turned their heads to look, before they cried out in alarm as they witnessed the grisly sight and hastened their pace.

    Another young girl whose face was full of tears was running and shouting: Mummy! Mummy! I want my mummy!

    These pitiful youngsters, they are already beginning to lose it? By now, Leylin had already reached the horse carriages, and could see the entire scene in front of him.

    *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

    Right at this point in time, seven dark shadows dashed out from the horse carriages, each wielding a huge sword the size of a man, which slashed through the air as they charged towards the direwolf pack.

    Its the black robed knights! Theyre attacking! Leylin thought to himself.

    These direwolves stats are about 3 each on average, and are very similar to the knights. However, humans have the ability to use weapons, along with their intelligence; furthermore, the knights should have secret skills which can greatly raise their potential and allow them to burst forth with greater power when necessary! If its one versus one or even one versus three, these direwolves will definitely not be a match for the knights. However, with the current numbers

    Leylin had a worried look on his face as he looked at the several hundred red dots encircling them. Previously, even with just nearly a hundred direwolves, they managed to get to the horse carriages, and even damage some of the carriages. With these several hundred direwolves Perhaps today we will finally see those mysterious Magi show their abilities!

    *Psh* !! One of the black robed knights waved his immense blade, weaving a bright silver light in the air as he cleaved a direwolf right into two!

    Heh heh! The knight licked the blood from his lips, looking extremely ferocious: Come on, my little precious!

    ThankThank you Sir! The little girl who was saved kept thanking him repeatedly, the tears still on her cheeks. This was the girl who had been calling out for her mother earlier.

    Are you an idiot? Get back now! The knights head did not even turn as he charged forth towards the direwolves.

    Only then did the little girl seem to reawaken to the reality of the situation, and ran back to the horse carriage.

    Hurry! Arrange the horse carriages in a circle to use as a defensive formation, the girls should stay behind while the boys, take up your swords and set up a defensive perimeter!

    The black robed knight who remained at the campsite shouted out.

    Alright! George was the first to shout out a reply, jumping up onto one of the carriages to direct the alliance members.

    Its time to fight for our lives! Leylin grasped the Cross Blade in his hands and muttered to himself.

    Looking at the scene before him, he noticed that the members of the Furze Alliance had the least losses due to his timely warning; besides a few who had tripped while running and sustained minor injuries, there were no deaths or major injuries.

    In contrast, many of the other acolytes had been killed or injured, for example, he had discovered that Ourins little party was now missing two youths, while the remaining few had all sustained some form of injuries. It seemed like they had been just lucky enough to escape with their lives.

    Alright! Weve rescued all the ones who can be rescued!

    Angelos body was covered with blood as he returned to the defensive formation, and he immediately saw Leylin, who was grasping a Cross Blade with both hands and was in a battle-ready stance.

    Arent you afraid? the black robed knight asked.

    At this time, being afraid wont be of any help right? Leylin replied. His hands tightened around his sword; after all, even in his past life, such a bloody scene was not common.

    Heh heh! These direwolves are cunning and intelligent, as long as we let them know that were not an easy target, and that they will sustain many losses to kill us, they will definitely run away! Angelo said passively.

    Although he did not know if the knight was just trying to comfort him, Leylin breathed an obvious sigh of relief.

    Aowuuu! The few acolytes that had fallen earlier had perished by now, and with the scent of blood in the air, the direwolves went berserk and charged savagely towards the horse carriages.

    Here they come! Everyone be careful! We will try our best to protect you, but there are only so many of us and we will definitely miss some. At that point, you will have to fight for your lives! Angelos loud voice rang out, as he waved his huge sword, standing in the front lines together with the other knights.

    Kill! The knights shouted out loud, and Leylin could see a faint light shining around their large swords.

    As the huge blade cleaved down, the direwolf charging in front had a hole torn in its chest, causing it to roll back as blood sprayed into the air.

    For a time, the dozen or so black figures stood like an immovable fortress, blocking the direwolves.

    We should fight as well! We need to help the knights and reduce their load! George walked up to Leylin and said.

    Yes, if this continues for long, the knights will grow too exhausted to fight, and all of us will be in trouble! Leylin nodded in agreement.

    Under Georges leadership, all the men took up their swords and followed behind the knights, attacking the ferocious direwolf pack from the side!

    Aowuuu!! The direwolf howls were unceasing, and Leylin was currently facing a 2 metre long huge direwolf.

    As the direwolf continued snarling, Leylin could smell the stench from it.

    A.I Chip! Scan the battlefield and determine the most efficient method of killing!

    [Task established. Begin simulation! Begin Assist Mode!] A light flashed in front of Leylins eyes, and a panoramic, 3D image appeared before him.

    The direwolf facing him finally launched an attack, and a gleaming claw specked with blood slashed towards Leylin, bringing along a hot wave of air.

    [Host is under attack! Most efficient method of dealing with it: use the Cross Blade to block it with a 50 degree angle to the right, then pierce!]

    Ha! Leylin shouted out as he circulated the breathing technique, concentrating his strength in his arm muscles as he followed the instructions, sweeping his sword to the right and striking the claw away.

    *BANG* Leylin felt a shock travel up his arm from the immense impact, making him feel as though he had struck a thick piece of metal.

    This direwolfs strength is much higher than mine, if I keep doing that, I will be exhausted too quickly. Ill need to finish this fight quickly!

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    Chapter 11 Cross Slash

    Leylin was shocked by its strength after using his sword to strike away the Direwolfs claw.

    The Cross Blade drew a brilliant arc. Immediately afterwards, following the path calculated by the A.I chip, he pierced out towards the Direwolf opposing him.

    Piercing Attack!!!

    The Cross Blade Technique was a secret technique passed down through the Farlier family, and the key point was to use a powerful centrifugal force to strike at the enemy.

    At that moment, Leylin used his waist to exert power. The Cross Blade in his hands whistled as it pierced through the air and slammed towards the Direwolf.


    Leylin felt the Cross Blade pierce through its flesh, and it seemed as though the Cross Blade in his hands was firmly stuck in the Direwolf. The sheer impact from the blow caused him to tremble, and he tried to retract the Cross Blade.

    He! Leylin yanked his hands backwards. The Cross Blade was pulled out violently, causing fresh blood to gush out wildly!

    The Direwolf opposing him screamed miserably. It turned out that Leylins sword attack earlier had just happened to pierce into the Direwolfs foreleg, its weakness. The Direwolf hopped backwards in retreat, and one claw seemed to have already been rendered useless.

    Seeing the Direwolf escaping, Leylins eyes flashed once, but he didnt pursue it.

    Most of the pressure has been taken on by the black robed Knights. If I run out of the defensive perimeter to chase it, that would be tantamount to me committing suicide. Anyways, an injured Direwolf will not be able to attack us again. Itll probably die after a while, or end up as its companions meal!

    Well done! George praised loudly from closeby. At this moment, George also had traces of blood on his body. His attack posture was confident and elegant, and it looked as if he was performing rather than killing. However, he still carried an unparalleled level of strength! He was actually going up against two Direwolves and was still not at a disadvantage.

    The secret sword techniques passed down through noble families really arent ordinary! Leylin thought casually before he once again directed his gaze towards the Direwolf pack in front of him.

    The tragic fighting between man and Direwolf continued on for half an hour. The sun slowly set, and darkness descended upon the grass plains.

    At the moment, the eyes of the Direwolves were giving off an aquamarine glow. The entire campground had an eerie feel as it seemed to be surrounded by a crowd of aquamarine eyes.

    Hah hah Leylin gasped for breath. He now looked as if he had been fished out of a pool of blood. His face was still covered with it, but he lacked the time to even wipe it off.

    Even with the A.I chip allowing him to use the most efficient methods to kill or injure the Direwolves, he still felt heavily drained from the effort.

    If even Im like this, theres no need to speak about the other acolytes. Only the black robed Knights still have energy to spare, but even they will probably be unable to last much longer. In this situation, why havent the white robe Magi acted yet?

    Leylin glanced over and saw that there was an empty space amidst the female acolytes at the center of the campsite. Three white robed people were sitting there, giving off chilling auras. None of the surrounding acolytes dared to be within three metres of them.

    As for the Direwolves surrounding the defensive ring, they had already lost one third of their number. However, the number of defending acolytes at the front line had also greatly decreased; most had been injured and were under the care of the girls behind.

    If I was the Direwolf King, the current losses would be enough to make me give up! There should be one final wave of vicious attacks remaining!

    Leylins sword flickered as it cut at the leg of a Direwolf. At the same time, he took the opportunity to pull out several berries. He tossed them into his mouth and chewed twice before swallowing.

    These were the useful plants he had collected along the journey. They could quickly replenish the bodys energy, but he was running out of them.

    Aowuuuuuu!!! Shrill wolf calls sounded, but this time, they carried a different meaning.

    The Direwolf pack became more frenzied as it heard the wolf calls. It charged forward without any regard for their lives.

    Its here, the final wave! Leylins eyes shifted. He brandished the Cross Blade in his hand as he advanced.

    Bang!!! Leylin felt a great force run through his hand, and the Cross Blade almost flew out of his hands.

    The Direwolves before us seem to be two times bigger than the others! Leylin relaxed the muscles in his numbed arm, A.I Chip, scan the Direwolves in front of me!

    [Direwolves. Strength: 2.3 Agility: 4.1 Vitality: 3.1. Description: In a Direwolf pack, there will always be those whose bodies are significantly larger than those of the same race. These will be chosen to be the bodyguards for the head of the wolves. They usually have greater strength than the others of the same race, and at the same time, undying loyalty to the head of the wolves!]

    This was a paragraph that the previous bratty Leylin had read from a random atlas at some point, and it was now retrieved by the A.I Chip.

    How amazing, looks like the head of the Direwolves is also making a big investment this time! Leylin thought, before going forward to tussle with the huge Direwolves again.

    He had been a scientist in the previous world, and had thought that he was no longer hot-blooded. But now, being in this primitive society and killing the Direwolf pack made Leylin feel as if something had aroused in his body, making his blood boil.

    This is unlike the peace in my previous world; these beast-like instincts are needed for a beings survival! Leylin realised.

    Haha!! Come!! Come!! Leylin had already trained the breathing technique passed down in his family to a very profound level. Now, he only needed the enlightenment gained from killing in order to stimulate his Life Force and become a true Knight!

    Kill!!! Leylins eyes had a hint of red to them as he began to fight madly with the Direwolf.

    At this moment in time, he finally let go completely. In every sword stroke, he vented the dread of his death in the previous world and the unease of entering a foreign world.

    Hah! Leylins eyes flashed as he fought the Direwolf, seemingly having comprehended something.

    The Cross Blade in his hands hacked downwards, bringing a silver light with it.

    As it slashed towards the ground, Leylins body twisted, and strength was exerted from his powerful waist muscles. With the great centrifugal force of the Cross Blade, he made another Horizontal Slash!

    The Cross Blade itself seemed to be releasing a dim light. The two slashes seemed to fuse together, forming a radiant cross!

    Cross Blade Technique Secret Killing MoveCross Slash!

    A Killing Move was something that had the essence of several killing techniques inside, using a profound skill level to raise ones killing ability.

    Although it couldnt compare to the Knight Secret Skills that increased all stats, Preparatory Knights who possessed a Killing Move could still threaten a True Knight with Life Force!

    The Cross Blade viciously slashed the Direwolfs body, and opened a large wound in the shape of a cross. The Direwolf whined as fresh blood sprayed out continuously.

    Now! Leylins eyes shone as he charged forward.

    Advance! Jump Slash!

    The Cross Blade swung past, and the Direwolfs huge head was sent flying!

    The surrounding Direwolves jumped in fright, and the attack slowed down. Even the surrounding black robed Knights looked over in shock.

    Leylin felt a sense of contentment as he stepped on the giant Direwolfs head, and he couldnt help but roar.

    Huuu Ive already vented, so its time to retreat!

    After roaring, Leylin didnt choose to go forward to kill again, but instead turned around to return to the defensive perimeter. This allowed a well-rested defender to take over his position.

    Im not an idiot. The Killing Move just now was too exhausting, and Ive already vented out all the negative emotions in my heart. I should save some strength for self-protection.

    Leylin received a bottle from a girl with trembling hands, and began to drink with big gulps.

    By drinking water, he managed to conceal his eyes which were exuding intelligence. I have killed the highest number of Direwolves besides the black robes. With this, no one can force me to enter the battlefield again. Next, I must maintain my strength, and witness the white robes actions at the same time!

    Based on the collected figures, the A.I Chip calculated that there was a 98% chance of a slip up by the black robes. The Direwolf pack would thus break through the perimeter, and casualties would appear among the acolytes. At that point, no matter how much the white robed Magi wanted to stay out of this, they would have to act.

    Aowuuuu!!! With the non-stop howling from the head Direwolf hidden amidst the Direwolf pack, the Direwolf packs charge became more aggressive. The ones that appeared now were the giant bodyguard Direwolves. The throat of the frontmost acolyte was torn out, and he toppled over.

    We cant wait any longer! Activate your Secret Skills! The black robe Angelo shouted.

    At that moment, the black robes released crackling sounds as their muscles continuously expanded. At first glance, their overgrown muscles made them look like small giants.

    Its appeared! The Secret Skills of the Knights! Leylins eyes didnt blink. A.I Chip, collect data!

    [Beep! Task Established, Data Collection in progress!]

    [Knight Secret Skill (Strength Type?): After activation, Vitality, Strength and Defense increase, Agility decreases! In the middle of Data Collection for circulation path of life energy, 43% recorded. Remaining information insufficient, unable to analyse!]

    Looking at the screen in front of his eyes, Leylin felt some regret, I still cant understand how the Life Force of Knights is activated! But if I have a Knight-level guinea pig to dissect, then I might just be able to understand..

    As for the black robed Knights who had activated their Secret Skills, not only did their muscle strengths increase, their defenses seemed to have increased as well. The giant bodyguard Direwolves still needed to be avoided, but the Knights used the giant sword to hack at the forehead of the normal Direwolves despite being cut by their claws.

    But with the increase in giant bodyguard Direwolves, a Direwolf had finally managed to slip through a gap and charge into the crowd of acolytes.

    Ah! Save me!! Daddy!! Mummy!! I dont want to die yet!!!

    The sound of various cries and screams resounded through the air and the campsite turned into utter chaos.

    In the end, theyre just a bunch of thirteen and fourteen year old kids!! Leylin sighed.

    Aowuuuu! As if by chain reaction, another giant Direwolf broke through their defenses, landing within the area occupied by the Furze Alliance.

    Leylin! Come and kill it with me! Georges neck was wrapped up in gauze. It wasnt known which noble familys young lady wrapped it. Not only was it thickly wrapped up, it was even knotted in a bow, the sight making Leylin want to laugh out loud.

    No need! Give me the crossbow!

    This? George removed the crossbow from his back, and passed it to Leylin, Im afraid theres no use! These mongrels have thick skin and flesh. If you cant hit their weak points..Oh! God! Dammit!

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    Chapter 12 Taking Action

    [Calculation of wind speed and temperature in progress! Calculation of trajectory complete!]

    Following the A.I Chips calculated trajectory, Leylin pulled the trigger of the crossbow.

    Whoosh!!! The powerful crossbow bolt flew out, and the strong recoil caused Leylins arm to feel slightly numb.

    Pu!!! The crossbow arrow entered through the left eye of the Direwolf, and exited out of its right eye. The Direwolf howled twice, crumpling to the floor.

    The advantage I have with the A.I Chip in this kind of high-accuracy work is really too great! A crossbow isnt like a bow; all you have to do is aim and pull the trigger. Its so convenient!

    Leylin compared the differences between him swinging around the Cross Blade before, and using the crossbow. It looks like Im more suited towards long distance attacks. This is also much safer. Its just that I still have no idea how to activate the Life Force of Knights. Could it be that experiencing a really tough battle is required?

    Leylin hadnt used a crossbow earlier. The first reason for this was to vent. The second was to make an attempt at activating the Life Force of Knights. Unfortunately, he possessed the A.I Chip as one of his cards, and had never been forced into a desperate life or death situation. Naturally, he was unable to experience the feeling of the Life Force that was activated in a desperate situation.

    Leylin! Good job! George only responded now, and he patted Leylin on the shoulder.

    From today onwards, this crossbow is yours!

    Thanks then! Leylin smiled. Even if George hadnt said anything, he would still have tried to obtain the crossbow.

    Oh!!! Leylin! Leylin has killed Direwolves, lord Leylin! Lord Leylin! Quickly save us!

    At this point, more Direwolves charged into the campsite, and students cried out towards Leylin.

    With the benefit of Georges prior preparations, the losses on their side had been the least. With George and Leylin, these two experts who were Preparatory Knights, it was considered the safest place apart from the area around the white robes.

    Hu!!! Ourin sucked in huge breaths as he used a sword to block a Direwolf that was leaping forward. A huge force was transmitted over, causing the Cross Blade in his hands to fly away.

    I am the successor of my house! I still havent enjoyed a lot of things! How could I die here?

    Ourin roared. Of his surrounding comrades two had already died. Among the remaining people, if they werent dead, then they had already escaped.

    At this moment, shouts of Lord Leylin! could be heard, causing his eyes to shine.

    Thats right! The Furze Alliance still has strength, and Leylin was so impressive just now. He can definitely save me!

    Ourin didnt hesitate anymore and began to run in that direction.

    Leylin!!! Lord Leylin!!! Save me!!!

    Well! Leylin readied the crossbow, hearing the sound and taking a look, Its Ourin after all!

    The current Ourin looked embarrassing. Not only had the Cross Blade been dropped, his whole body carried wounds and he was being closely pursued by a Direwolf.

    Its a pity! Youve looked for the wrong person! Did you really think I would be so magnanimous? Leylins mouth formed a grin.

    With the white robed Magi here, I dont dare to take my chances and secretly kill someone! But if its only not being able to save them in time, no one will have a reason to find trouble over that!

    Leylin looked at Ourin, showing a brilliant smile.

    Hell save me! Definitely!!! Ourin saw Leylins smile, and his heart relaxed. He continuously encouraged himself, increasing his running speed.

    Ohhhh!!!! Noooo!!!! At that moment, Ourin despairingly saw Leylin shoot the crossbow, dealing with a Direwolf on another side.

    How could you, how could you do this??? Ourins mind went blank for a moment and he tripped on a rock, falling onto the ground.

    The Direwolf behind him shot forward. Its teeth bit down and blood began to flow non-stop

    Thanks!! On the other side, the girl saved by Leylin ran to him to thank him, Thank you!

    No need for thanks! Leylin smiled. On the other side, Lilith looked at Leylin with her face red and lowered her head.

    There was a whistling sound, and George looked at Lilith, directing a you understand gaze towards Leylin.

    The situation is already like this, but your personality hasnt changed, George!

    Even if I fall into the abyss of death, you cant stop the yearning I have for beautiful romances! George used the tone of a martyr, speaking as if he was unafraid of death.

    You wont die, the white robes are about to make their move! Leylin rolled his eyes.

    Even though the field was in chaos, the giant Direwolves seemed to have an amazing sixth sense. They had never bothered the three white robed Magi, forming a strange circle.

    And amidst the noise, Leylin could still use the five senses that were strengthened by the A.I Chip to catch the conversation between the white robed Magi. Perhaps they themselves had not even concealed it.

    Crow! Are we still not making our move? The Acolytes have too many casualties, and that will lower our rating! A womans voice sounded.

    Relax! Relax! Ive been counting. Up until now, ten have died so far. The limit hasnt been passed yet!

    A slightly cynical voice travelled over; it was a mans voice.

    But its still reaching the limit, act quickly. I still need to determine the stability model for this technique! Dammit! The negative energy here is simply too high. Its simply impossible to complete the construction of the Tokerwuree!

    Then Ill do it! The white robed man who hadnt spoken before stood up.

    These mysterious Magi! The mysterious people rumored to be able to manipulate the forces of nature! Leylins eyes stared at the white robed man.

    All of you stupid and lowly beasts, you actually dare to bother the rest of the venerated lord Magi! Only death can be your eternal home!

    Mazzerda Karachi!

    With the chanting sounds of the white robed man, Leylins ears heard the A.I Chip madly sounding out. [ALERT!!! ALERT!!! Discovered radiation source!!! Discovered negative energy field!!! Suggestion for Host to immediately evacuate far away!]

    The bright red words were so obvious, but Leylin wasnt frightened into retreating at all. He only repeatedly recalled the chanting of the white robed man.

    This doesnt seem to be the language used on the continent, but an ancient one instead. It seems like quite the tongue twister, do Magi use this kind of language to chant?

    And as the white robed man stood up, the surrounding Direwolves retreated, as if they had met some kind of natural enemy.

    Secondary Energy Fireball!

    After the chant was completed, a floating fireball appeared in the mans hand out of nowhere. According to the calculations of Leylins A.I Chip, this fireball was at least one thousand degrees, and was actually causing the surrounding space to distort faintly.

    The fireball left a blazing trail, and landed on the Direwolfs heart.


    Not good! Quickly crouch down! Leylin shouted loudly. Unfortunately, it was already too late. It didnt matter whether it was the acolytes or the Direwolves in the surroundings, everyone was sent toppling over.

    A loud explosion resounded, bringing with it a wave of heat.

    Puff!!! Pui pui!!! Leylin got up from the ground, hurriedly spitting out the soil and grass in his mouth.

    At this moment, he was covered in dirt, and looked like a person who had just crawled out of a muddy pit.

    According to the A.I Chips calculations, that area should have been where the head of the Direwolves was positioned, sssss. Leylin climbed onto the horse carriage. He looked in the direction of the area attacked by the Magus just now and couldnt help but suck in a sharp breath.

    He could only see that where the fireball landed, there was now an additional pit of fire that was three metres in length and width, and two metres deep. As for the Direwolves in that area, they had already become burnt charcoal.

    The Direwolves whimpered, before quickly escaping.

    He has the body of a human, and is able to attack to this extent! This, this is the strength of a Magus? Leylin looked at the white robed Magus, eyes burning with passion, The strength of a Magus! I must obtain it!

    Quickly! Clean up the battlefield! The white robed man said, ignoring the fervent gazes of the surrounding acolytes. He returned to his original place, where the two other Magi were.

    When he passed by Ourins corpse, he stopped. He took a small golden pouch from Ourins bosom, and placed it into his own bosom.

    This..seems to be the bag Ourin used to store Magic Crystals! Leylin pupils shrank.

    Evaluation! Boundary! Magic Crystals! Leylins mind raced. It looks like these Magi received a task, which was why they helped escort us acolytes. It seems there was a death count quota that wouldve lowered their evaluation and decreased their rewards if they had passed it!

    And it seems that I had slightly underestimated the value of Magic Crystals before. These white robe Magi let the acolytes die, most likely because they had planned to take away the Magic Crystals of the dead acolytes!

    Luckily, now that the dead acolytes have reached the danger limit already, well be safer from here on!

    After thinking it through clearly, Leylins face turned ashen, This is the world of Magi? Logical to the point of cold-bloodedness! Cold to the point of apathy!

    Everyone, quickly pack up so we can continue our journey. The smell of blood here will attract other predators!

    The black robed Knight Angelo took off the outer clothes that had been torn due to the activation of the Secret Skill. The sweat on his face flowed nonstop, and he was gasping for air, looking slightly weakened.

    Leylins eyes flashed with light, It looks like a price needs to be paid to activate the Secret Skill for Knights

    Hey! Leylin, look! Just as Leylin was about to enter the carriage, George snuck over and surreptitiously pointed to the side.

    On another black-coloured horse carriage, Bessita was hugging her legs as she sat. Her shoulder had bloody marks on it, and she looked like she had just gone through a crying session.

    Ourin has always been Bessitas number one Flower Guardian. Now that that group is almost completely dead, Bessitas situation isnt looking very good!

    George said next to Leylins ear, with an expression that implied that Leylins chance had come.

    Ive already lost interest in her! Anyway, were in such danger, cant you control your lower half a little?

    Leylin didnt really know what to say. He pointed to Georges collar, and on those clothes were marks from a girls lipstick. He really didnt know when this beast had been able to fool around. brother, its only in this kind of dangerous moment that we Preparatory Knights can show our might! And girls will always show goodwill towards the man who saved them. This is the most basic of techniques!

    George took out something that was similar to a handkerchief from his bosom, smugly showing his harvest. Can you see? Just today, Ive already won the goodwill of three ladies..

    Yeah. Leylin had nothing to say.

    When thinking of his playboy past, It seems that the previous Leylin always used force when he met a girl he liked, seriously

    Alright, its time to set off! Leylin saw the black robed Knights gather the acolyte corpses together. They took out several Magic Crystals and passed them to the white robed Magi, before hurriedly changing the topic.

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    Chapter 13 Arrival

    The Death Prairie is indeed a place no ordinary person can cross!

    Leylin sat in the carriage as his body constantly jolted up and down. The tiny window opened as a golden ray of sunshine peeked in, giving the interior of the carriage a trace of liveliness.

    It had already been over ten days since the attack of the Plains Direwolves pack. During these ten days, the travelling party encountered an increasing amount of danger as they ventured deeper into the plains.

    Only now did Leylin find out that the Plains Direwolves were merely at the bottom of the food chain. There were still many more cunning and vicious predators above them.

    On the way, Leylin saw several animal colonies whose numbers were not inferior to that of the Direwolf pack from before.

    Besides the Plains Direwolves, there were flocks of huge black birds that were several meters tall and even enormous monsters, dozens of meters long, which looked like sabre-tooth tigers, except their bodies were like tiny mountains. Just their aura alone caused Leylin to feel suffocated.

    Fortunately, the deaths of the apprentices seemed to have reached the limit and the white robed Magi had started to act. Not only did they set up magical defensive arrays on the carriages, they also directly stepped forward to disperse the animal groups that attacked. Through these measures, a large number of casualties was prevented.

    The most dangerous time was when they confronted the monster that was dozens of meters long.

    Thankfully, that small mountain-like monster seemed to possess some intelligence and knew that the white robed Magi were not to be trifled with. It quickly left after a short confrontation and did not unleash any attacks, causing everyone in the travelling party to sigh in relief.

    Its time! Leylin took out his pocket watch and looked at the clock hand. It had already reached the 3 oclock position.

    He stood up and opened the front door of the carriage. A moist breeze blew towards him, bringing a salty smell with it. It smelt very fresh and clean and Leylin could not help but deeply breath in a few times before seating himself besides Angelo.

    Good afternoon! Sir Angelo!

    Good afternoon! Such a courteous noble gentleman! Angelo did not turn as he directly handed over the horsewhip and reins to Leylin, Good timing, I need to rest for a while!

    Leylin chuckled as he received the horsewhip and skilfully urged on the carriage.

    Angelo leaned to one side as he unclasped a bottle at his waist. When he opened it, a strong alcohol smell floated out, and as he lowered his head to take a gulp, his eyes narrowed in joy.

    We are about to reach our destination. Based on the fact that youve helped me drive the carriage for a month, I can answer two of your questions!

    Leylin was just enjoying the view on both sides when he heard Angelos voice sound out.

    Alright! Leylin lightly smiled. He had specially tried to get into Angelos good books and this was one of the reasons why he had done so.

    Then my first question is, what will there be at our destination?

    Some temporary tents set up by the various magus academies. Over there, all of you can freely choose an academy to join based on your interests and also undergo an even more accurate aptitude test!

    Angelo looked a little impatient as he answered, These things will be explained by the great Magi when we arrive, dont waste your opportunity!

    An accurate aptitude test? Leylin was stunned. Soon after, he recalled that they had only managed to identify his talent in magic initially before being sent onto the carriage by the viscount. As for how good his talent was in comparison to others, he did not have the slightest inkling.

    Temporary tents set up by the magus academies? Looks like this is similar to the school recruitments of my previous world. I wonder what the requirements are. Leylin silently thought to himself.

    Alright then! My second question! In your heart, what is a Magus!

    Leylin asked his second question.

    A Magus? They control enormous power and pursue the truth, with equivalent exchange as their doctrine. Brat, dont daydream of obtaining any free benefits from a Magus, or else the flames of desire will gush out from the abyss and punish your soul!

    Angelos face twitched as if he had thought of an unfortunate event, while his voice became extremely low.

    “Pursuit of truth, equivalent exchange? I like it! The corners of Leylins mouth formed a smile.

    After answering, Angelo seemed to have lost all interest in talking. He ferociously chugged down two mouthfuls of the potent alcohol as he lowered his head and closed his eyes. Ten minutes later, the sounds of snoring could be heard.

    Leylin dully gazed at the scenery to his front. Although the plains were very beautiful, after a whole month of looking at the same things, he now felt like throwing up at the sight of it.

    This is

    As the carriage continued to advance, the green in the distance became less and less. In place of it was a vast blue, and wave after wave of strong winds.

    Weve finally arrived, the Death Beach!

    The sleeping Angelo opened his eyes and looked at Leylin, Weve reached our destination!

    As they neared the sea, a small town-like place appeared at the end of his line of sight.

    Numerous tents of various shapes and sizes stood together, and they formed a huge camp. Surrounding them were dozens of carriages similar to the one Leylin was driving.

    And what numbered the most were acolytes of similar ages as them, around thirteen to fourteen years old, each and every one of them carrying looks of curiosity on their faces. Leylin did a rough estimate, and counted that there were at least hundreds of them, filling up the entire camp. From time to time, some acolytes walked out from the tents, many different expressions adorning their faces.

    Alright! Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the intermediate stop of our travelling destination, the Death Beach! You will all decide on your future academy here, and then return back to your respective academies with your teachers to practice magic!

    The horse carriaged halted, and three white robes came out and gathered the acolytes, then the leader Crow began speaking.

    Now, follow me into the campgrounds, and choose an academy. Remember, you may check on all the various academies, but once you have signed a contract to join one, you must not renege! Anyone who disobeys will be hung to death at the gate of the camp!

    Crows frosty words made the acolytes hearts turn cold.

    Haha! Crow! You guys are pretty late today! A voice sounded, and a fatty walked out from the camp grounds. He too was wearing a white robe, and he greeted: Dont scare these adorable newbies!

    There were some difficulties along the way! Crow explained.

    Alright! Newbies! Now follow me into the camp! Fatty spoke with Crow and the others for a while more, then turned his head and shouted to Leylin and the rest.

    You guys can call me Jevon, of the beautiful Ennea Ivory Ring Tower. Trust me, if you are to choose an academy, the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower is definitely your best choice!

    Jevon said, as he brought the acolytes into the camp.

    Once they entered, various sounds travelled into their ears, reminding Leylin of the marketplaces in his previous world. As for Crow and the other two white robes, they seemed to have something else to do, and they soon left the group.

    The surroundings were bustling with activity, mostly due to acolytes just like them. Some of them had gathered in a circle, while there were others who were entering or exiting the tents.

    Jevon brought Leylin and the rest, a total of 40 odd people, into the middle of the camp grounds.

    Here, was a large tent of pure white colour, and there were still strange flower patterns on the outside of it They seemed like both ornaments, and yet resembled writing as well.

    Leylin could not help but look at it closely, A.I Chip! Begin Scan!

    [Beep! Forming Image!] The A.I Chip sent the information, but in the constructed image, there was nothing on the white tent, as if the pattern had never existed before.

    How could this be? Leylin stared at the tent once again with disbelief.

    With every passing minute and second, the patterns on the tent seemed lifelike, constantly twisting itself.

    Hehe! Haha! Ji ji!

    Various noises travelled to Leylins ears. The surrounding lights seemed to distort itself, and Leylin looked at his own hands. At this point, his arm seemed to have been pulled into a long shape, which looked extremely slender.

    Leylin! Leylin! Whats wrong with you? At this point, there was a pat on Leylins shoulder.

    Leylins whole body suddenly quivered, and he came to his senses. Looking at the surroundings, the acolytes were still listening to Fatty Jevons speech, and everything seemed to revert back to its normal state.

    Could it be that it wasnt an illusion earlier? Leylin got scared, A.I Chip, reproduce the situation I was in earlier!

    [Beep!] A pale blue light display appeared, and the series of images earlier appeared continuously in front of Leylins eyes, [An anomaly in the cerebral vessel, an immediate inspection is proposed!]

    [An anomaly is found in the Hosts condition! Staying away is advised!]

    [The Host body has returned to normal!] Numerous lines of data kept emerging, which let Leylin know that it was not an illusion earlier.

    PhewMagi, are they always this mysterious? Leylin wiped his cold sweat off, still carrying a lingering fear of the events earlier.

    Leylin! Your complexion is really bad! Could it be that you have fallen ill? George asked from the side.

    No matter who, their expressions wont be any better if they had experienced that earlier!

    NotNothingWhere did Jevon stop at? Leylin hurriedly digressed.

    Oh! We need to fill in a form, and take the aptitude test! And then it will be free time, and we can choose our academy autonomously!

    Because you guys have come a day late, you only have a days worth of time left, and in this span of period, you must choose an academy where you will practice magic in, if not you will have to wait until next year! Jevon was still speaking loudly ahead of them.

    Now, all of you line up and take the form from me one by one, and then enter for the test!

    Jevon sat behind a white table, and took out a stack of forms and placed them down.

    The line moved forward quickly, and very soon it was Leylins turn.

    Fill in your particulars in this form, and then enter the tent and follow the instructions of the person inside!

    Leylin took the form, and realised that it was made of sheepskin paper. The particulars required were minimal, only a name, age and location born, as well as a few others.

    Picking up the goose feather pen on the table, Leylin filled in the form very quickly.

    The faint, red coloured, inked flower patterns on the sheepskin seemed to be very beautiful.

    I never thought that this brats handwriting from the mainland is still pretty good! After Leylin finished writing, he picked up the sheepskin paper and entered the white tent.

    Come over! An ancient voice sounded.

    It was very spacious inside the tent, and there was only a white haired old lady sitting on a black chair and a crystal ball which rested on a table.

    Okay! Why would I suddenly think of those divination witches!

    Hello! Leylin greeted the witch.

    Bring the form here! Clearly, this witch was not having any of it, and her voice was still frosty cold.

    Leylin huh? Place your hands on the crystal ball!

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    Chapter 14 Aptitude Test

    Leylin followed the witchs instructions and placed both of his hands on the crystal ball.

    Icy cold! Vibrations!

    A strange tactile feeling was transmitted from the tip of his fingers.

    Leylins head hurt, as if there was a glass rod stirring inside.

    Along with the start of his headache, the crystal ball in front of Leylin also emitted a faint glow.

    Very good! Dont let go! The witch stared attentively at the crystal ball.

    As the pain increased, the crystal ball in Leylins hands also grew brighter, No! No more!

    Leylin clenched his teeth, and the pain that practically split his brain into two caused him to loosen his grip uncontrollably.

    Okay! So you are at this level? The witch nodded her head. She took out a goose feather pen and scribbled on Leylins form.

    We have categorised the aptitude of the acolytes into five grades, with the first grade as the worst and the fifth grade as the best. You are at the third grade, a middle ranked grade!!!

    The witch said as she turned a ring on her hand and made a strange mark on the sheepskin, which had been shining brightly with light.

    My examination here is over, you go on behind me! Next!!!

    Seeing a young girl with freckles entering the tent, Leylin took the sheepskin paper, stood up and gave his thanks, and then lifted the hanging curtain of the tent, heading to the next procedure in line.

    The area was still as spacious as the one earlier, and in the middle, there was a white bearded old geezer.

    From the layout of this tent, there should only be two tests. It is really simple! Leylin thought, as he sat in front of the old geezer and handed the form over to him.

    Third Grade? Not too bad! The white bearded old geezer stroked his chin, Alright! Now to test for elemental affinity!

    The old geezer knocked on the tabletop and it split open, and a black basin rose from the centre.

    This water basin was not smooth. It seemed to be made of stone, and there was a kind of liquid metal flowing inside that resembled mercury.

    Carefully look into the water! The old geezers voice sounded, seemingly carrying an authoritative tone.

    Leylin could not help but to divert all his attention towards the centre of the water basin. With his constant focus, the mercury in the middle swirled continuously and turned into a whirlpool, as if a mouth had opened at the bottom.

    Now, tell me, what do you see?

    Leylins eyes were a little glazed over, Shadows, and a black coloured whirlpool! And there are red spots near the outer circumference!

    Anything else?

    There are also green specks of light in the surrounding area!

    Is there a lot of green?

    Not at all! Very little!

    Okay! The old geezer snapped his fingers, and Leylin suddenly came back to his senses, What happened to me!

    Your test is already over! In the aspect of elemental affinities, you have the highest affinity with the Shadow and Dark elements, after that is the Fire element, and you also have a smidgen of affinity with the Plant element!

    As the old geezer spoke, he rapidly filled in the form and added his handprint.

    Let me give you some advice! Magi are able to use every kind of energy! But only by following the path you have the highest affinity with, can you progress the furthest!

    The old geezer handed the form back to Leylin, Alright! Your test is over. Walk out from the back entrance and start choosing your academy!

    Leylin bowed, and then left the tent.

    As he lifted the canopy at the back, a ray of sunlight came shining down.

    A.I Chip, reproduce the state I was in earlier!

    [An unknown interference has caused the host to enter a state of hypnosis!]

    As expected! Leylins face darkened, and then he exhaled helplessly, Thankfully, the other party does not have any bad intentions, if not

    Deep in his heart, his thirst for power only grew more intense.

    Hey! Leylin! Georges voice rang beside his ears, You finished your aptitude test too?

    Georges voice travelled over.

    Yeah! Leylin nodded his head and waved the sheepskin paper form in his hands.

    I have completed it too, hehe! I, this young master, am a genius with a fourth grade aptitude! George laughed loudly, wearing an excessively smug expression!

    I am not too familiar with the grading of acolytes, could you explain it in detail for me? Leylin asked.

    Georges family was much greater than Viscount Farliers family, and he was able to know more secrets regarding the Magi.

    Of course! This is all common knowledge. No matter which academy you enter, there will be people who will tell you. George said.

    The aptitudes of the acolytes are ranked according to the chance of being promoted to a proper Magus, and they are categorised into 5 grades! And the fifth grade is the highest, with a 90 percent chance of becoming a Magus!

    The fourth grade is slightly inferior, but there is still a 50 percent chance! I, this young master, am a genius at this level! HahaMy father will definitely be elated! George digressed, he was clearly too excited.

    And the rest? Hurry and say it! Leylin punched Georges shoulder and finally brought George back on track.

    Oh? Earlier I mentioned up to the fourth grade. Whats below it is the third grade, where there is a ten percent chance of becoming a Magus. As for the second grade, there is only a 2 to 3 percent chance, and the first grade is the worst, with only a 1 percent or even 0.1 percent chance.

    Anyway, there is only a chance for third grade and above. As for the first and second grade, basically, they can only be an acolyte their whole life!

    So that is the case. It seems like my grade is middle ranked. There should be no academy that will reject me, nor would they regard me as important! Leylin analysed his current situation.

    How about elemental affinity? Leylin continued asking.

    Elemental affinity is the future path of a Magus, you know, some Magi can manipulate lightning, some Magi can manipulate fire, and some others can even manipulate frost! These are all paths of choice.

    Although a Magus is able to use any type of elemental spell in theory, the ones with the highest affinity will not only let the casting speed be faster, but also contain more power. If a Fire element Magus wanted to cast a water-based spell, not only would he consume more spiritual energy, but the might of the spell would also weaken greatly. There could be a water-based pool summoning that ends up as only a water ball!

    All in all, the elemental affinity will determine the path of a Magus, and the aptitude will determine how far a Magus can walk on that path!

    George concluded.

    The last sentence makes perfect sense, but it doesnt seem to be yours! Leylin repeated the words of the last sentence.

    He he! You found out. These are the words of a travelling Magus! I saw them in my fathers study room. George said embarrassedly, as he scratched his head.

    Oh right! I finally managed to inquire as to why the black robed Knights were so cold and distant!

    George seemed to have remembered something, and was itching to share the news.

    The strength of a Magus, even if he is only an acolyte, is not something a Knight can withstand, so dont you think that the black robes performance when we journeyed was a little strange?

    There is indeed something strange about it! Leylin nodded his head and asked with a conjecture, Could it be that they have some background?

    No! No! No! George shook his head, My dear brother, you are guessing in the completely wrong direction; these black robed Knights are actually one of the experiments of a Magus!!

    An experiment!!! Leylins eyes widened. In his world, conducting a live experiment had always been a taboo for science, and even if there were any, they were done in secrecy. But here, they had actually done it so openly and aboveboard.

    In the process of the experiment, this batch of experiment samples had already sustained an overdose of radiation and would not live more than several years. That was why they were used as disposables, to escort acolytes like us!

    This was the reason? Leylin thought of Angelos pale face, and silently nodded his head.

    Earlier, the A.I Chip had scanned and detected traces of radiation, but the radiation discovered on the white robe Magi were a hundred times more concentrated, so Leylin naturally thought that there was no effect.

    For us Magi, we will be acolytes at least; which knight would not want to prostrate themselves and hope that we pick them to serve us in the future. The only ones who will not take us seriously are those who will not live for longer than a few days!

    George said with some regrets. His face was indignant, it seems like, as a heir to a large noble family, he was displeased with the rude manners of the black robes from before.

    I heard that for the guys from the West, not only had they been treated like young masters by the knights along the journey, they had even slept with some of them! Georges dissatisfaction only lasted a moment, before it turned into a vulgar expression.

    Slept with some of them? Leylin was a little more awake, There are also female knights?

    Of course, although female knights are generally quite muscular, a few have practiced some unique techniques so they still look pretty good!

    Also, a female knights stamina is rather good and can withstand all kinds of treatment. Especially during intercourse, her pair of toned thighs wrapping around you, that feeling is too wonderful for words! Georges current character was that of a lecherous swine.

    Leylin recalled his memories. The brat of the past was also a playboy, but obviously he could not compete with George who was from such a large noble family, so he had indeed not touched a pretty female knight before.

    There were several female knights under the Viscount, but they all had bulging muscles, which made Leylin feel revolted.

    Shaking his head, he did not wish to discuss the contents of this matter with George.

    I understand now. Lets go and choose our academy!

    This! My father has already chosen for me, Ill be attending the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower. My family has a relationship with one of the senior Magi insideWhy dont you come with me too! George gave an invitation.

    Leylin was a little tempted, but seeing the ring on his neck, he still hesitated,

    Earlier, that Magus never said which academy the ring could help me get into. What if it turns into a restriction instead?

    No! I wish to walk and look around more! Leylin declined politely.

    Alright then, I am going to carry out the procedures. You can come to the area for the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower to look for me! George waved his hands and squeezed into the crowd.

    Where should I go? I dont care anymore; lets check out the academies first!

    Leylin strolled aimlessly around the camp, and saw all sorts of interesting tents with strange shapes and sizes. Some were like a giant mushroom, where a small fan shaped door opened in the middle, and some might very well have used some sort of strange horned devil skull, where the acolytes can walk into the tent through the devils ferocious mouth as though they were stepping into a haunted house.

    And at the front of all these different buildings were marked with words.

    It is the language of the mainland, thats still fine!

    Leylin took a look, saw some of the academy names, and memorised them, Ennea Ivory Ring Tower, Mercifura Academy, Wetland Gardens

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    Chapter 15 - Acolytes

    Under the various academy names, there were details such as specialisation areas, and famous Magi, for the acolytes to consider.

    All these are for us to choose an academy according to our elemental affinities!

    Leylin nodded his head, My elemental affinity with the Shadow and Dark Elements is the highest, Fire is secondary, and lastly the Plant Element is the most negligible unless I want to stay as an acolyte my whole life!

    And Leylin took down the magus ring that had been hanging around his neck.

    A.I Chip! Scan the patterns on the ring, and compare them with images of the academies I passed by before!

    [Beep! Mission initialising, beginning to scan. Scan complete, comparing with database]

    [Comparison completed. Similarity level: Abyssal Bone Forest Academy 67.3%, Mercifura Academy 54.4%, Sage Gothams Hut 23.1% ]

    So these three academies have the highest probabilities?

    Leylin stroked his chin, From the various introductions of the academies, I remember that Mercifura Academy specialises in the Fire and Plant Elements, as well as the creation of Magic Artifacts. Sage Gothams Hut is not known for famous Shadow and Dark Element Magi either.

    It seems like the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy is the best choice? Theyre famous for their specialisation in the Dark Element, and is also a pioneer in the research ofsouls/spirit force? .

    But this Abyssal Bone Forest Academy! Why does the name sound like a cult from the previous world?!

    It seems like a Shadow and Dark Element affinity user like me can never get close to the light! After thinking for a while, Leylin still decided to take a look no matter what. At the very least, one cannot hinder their progress based on a name alone.

    I remember the recruiting area for the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy acolytes; it seems to be on the east side of the camp!

    Leylin walked for about 10 minutes and finally reached a tent that was constructed with numerous white bones. The words on top were arranged to form, The Abyssal Bone Forest Academy welcomes you! These big words were all written in red and dripping blood, which scared many of the surrounding acolytes away, and seeing this made Leylin rather speechless.

    Why would they construct such a scary looking scene? To frighten people? They could have at least done it after signing the contract; otherwise all the acolytes will be scared away!

    Leylin shook his head, and walked into the tent of white bones.

    As he entered, a cold aura that reeked of blood engulfed Leylin and made his hair stand on ends.

    He he heAfter waiting for long, finally one comes!

    Where are you? Who is speaking? Leylin received a shock.

    Excuse me! You are stepping on my hand! The voice travelling from beneath Leylins feet, which made him jump in fright.

    Only then did he realise that his shoes were stepping on a withered palm. Leylin hurriedly jumped away, Sorry, Sir!

    No worries, but could you move your feet? They are stepping on my right leg now!

    Leylin then realised that the ground inside the tent was uneven and there were many dried bones littered about, and earlier he had unsuspectingly stepped on some.

    As Leylin moved backwards, the few dried bones of hands and legs began to assemble into a skeletal figure.

    Taking a closer look, there was a faint layer of skin on top of this skeleton which had covered the bones and on the skull where the eyes were, two green light flickered faintly, which was extremely terrifying.

    Im sorry! Sir! Leylin gulped and hurriedly apologised.

    No matter! The white bony teeth clacked and produced a human voice: Let me introduce myself, I am a professor of the Shadow and Dark Elements. You can call me Dorotte!

    My most respected Sir Dorotte, hello! Leylin bowed once again.

    You coming here, does that mean you wish to enter the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy? The bony white Dorotte conjured a black robe from nowhere and concealed its body within it, which soothed Leylins nerves a little.

    Before that, I wish to see the rules set by the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy!

    Alright! Dorotte took out a dusty sheet of sheepskin paper from behind and handed it over to Leylin.

    According to the ancient agreement, after choosing our Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, you are receive the right to partake in the basic lessons of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, a set of elementary meditation techniques, 5 years of residence, lodging, and food free of charge. We also allow you to use Magic Crystals as remuneration, to exchange for knowledge from the professors

    Dorotte spoke nonstop while Leylin read rapidly and compared with the information constantly presented by the A.I Chip.

    He discovered that what Dorotte said was the exact same as the information on the sheepskin paper. In terms of basic hospitality, it was pretty similar amongst the various academies.

    The feedback from the A.I Chip also indicated that although it could not successfully scan the person in front of him, Dorotte had unintentionally released a fluctuating radiation which implied that Dorottes strength was above the 3 white robes of the travelling party, and this startled Leylin.

    I have understood the basic terms now, may I know what kind of payment is needed to enter the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy?

    Thirteen Magic Crystals or an item identical in value! Dorotte said.

    I will use this item to exchange! Leylin made up his mind, and withdrew the magus ring hung around his neck.

    You seem to have an interesting toy! The green flame in Dorottes eyes flashed.

    The bony white hand took the ring and placed it in its palm, and then took out an item similar to a magnifying glass and inspected it.

    MnIt is indeed rather interesting, I havent seen these patterns in a long time!

    A low grade Magic Artifact! It looks like it was created in our Abyssal Bone Forest Academy and there is a carved inscription of a Hastening Spell Formation, but it is broken. Its worth fifteen Magic Crystals!

    Now! Newbie, are you willing to mortgage this ring for your school fees? Once you have decided, sign the ancient contract of our Abyssal Bone Forest Academy! Dorotte said, with an accentuated tone.

    I accept! Leylins resolute voice sounded.

    Good! I hereby declare that the contract is formed! Dorotte said, Hand over your form to me!

    After receiving Leylins form, Dorotte laughed, Shadow and Dark Element affinity, no wonder you chose our academy. In this Death Beach, we are the most outstanding!

    Since you forked out a greater amount than the fees required, I hereby announce that you have been accepted and wont need an entry test! Take this card! Go back and rest. Tomorrow we will proceed with our journey back to the school!

    Dorotte took out something that resembled a metal card. Leylin received it and saw that a number 9 was written on it.

    It is over just like this? Dont we have to sign a contract or something? Leylin asked casually.

    Ha ha haNever once was there someone who dared to deceive a magus! Dorotte sniggered, and it gave Leylin the chills.

    Then I will leave first, Sir! Leylin bowed and walked out of the tent. He went to the area behind the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy tent.

    Behind the recruitment area of these academies, there were rows of wooden huts erected, and in the middle, youths of both genders were walking in and out of them. They seemed to be there as the temporary residence for acolytes.

    Hey! Nice to meet you, are you new here?


    The wooden door that was numbered 6 opened, and an acolyte with red hair and blue eyes walked out from it and greeted Leylin.

    Hi! I am Leylin! Leylin smiled.

    Ha ha! I am Beirut. As for my family background it isnt very important, since it cannot be used on another continent! Beirut seemed to be very amiable.

    Come! Let me introduce you! Beirut headed towards the various fan shaped huts, Fellows! We have a new companion!

    Several acolytes streamed out from the wooden doors and gathered together. Leylin counted a total of seven or eight people.

    Good afternoon! I am Kaliweir of the Lance Empire, a fourth grade acolyte! A boy who seemed to have an air of leadership did a self-introduction.

    You seem to be pretty late! Kaliweir said.

    We met with some troubles along the way, in the Great Plains of Death! Leylin said ambiguously, not wanting to say much.

    The Great Plains of Death? It is indeed very dangerous! Kaliweir looked at the acolytes behind him, Let me introduce them!

    This is Beirut, whom you have met earlier!

    This is Hancock, a third grade acolyte! A largely built Caucasian guy scratched his head in embarrassment, looking simple and honest.

    This is Raynor, a fourth grade acolyte! He was a small boy with a skinny build, but there was a tinge of pride in his eyes.

    This is Guricha, a second grade acolyte! And over there are Nyssa and Dodoria, both first grade acolytes! Although Kaliweir had restrained himself, Leylin could still detect signs of disdain in his words.

    First grade acolyte, second grade acolyte, they could basically only be an acolyte their whole lives so one couldnt blame him for shunning them.

    HowHow are you! Guricha forced a smile and greeting. As for Nyssa and Dodolier, they were both little girls, and some baby fat were still on their cheeks. At this point, they glanced downwards.

    Who is that? Leylin pursed his lips.

    Beside their small circle was a boy dressed in black, his face pale. Standing at the side, he did not seem to fit in with the rest and looked rather arrogant.

    He! He is Jayden! Our genius of this semester, a fifth grade acolyte! Becoming a Magus is only a matter of time! Kaliweirs expression turned sour, and he seemed to have some bitterness in his words.

    Woaha fifth grade acolyte. He has a 90 percent chance of becoming a Magus! No wonder he is so arrogant! Leylin thought, inhaling a breath of cold air, and couldnt help but to give Jayden a few more glances.

    Hmph! As if noticing the crowd looking at him, Jayden silently harrumphed and entered his own wooden hut. This wooden hut obviously had a larger surface area, and the adornments were more exquisite.

    As a fifth grade acolyte, his treatment will be the best Who knows, there might be some professors looking to take him under their wings early!

    Kaliweir face soured even more.

    Leylin realised that this group of acolytes was split into a few cliques. The third grade acolytes and fourth grade acolytes were superior to the lower grade acolytes, but rather inferior to Jayden, the fifth grade acolyte.

    As for the lowest grade acolytes like Guricha, they all stuck together pitifully and formed a clique. And then there was Jayden, who was segregated away from these two groups.

    Hello everyone! I am Leylin, and my aptitude isthird grade! Leylin said.

    Welcome! Kaliweir revealed a smile on his face, while Guricha and the two girls seemed to have their self-esteem lower as they greeted him and returned back into their huts.

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    Chapter 16 - Chernobyl Islands

    Dont bother with them, their highest potential will only be that of a third grade acolyte!

    Raynor said with disdain.

    Yeah! Thats right, to acolytes, aptitudes are more important! Leylin agreed.

    Although this group of youths was pretty silent during the forming of their cliques, he naturally did the thing that would benefit him the most.

    Amongst the acolytes, Jayden had the capability to be independent, but Leylin did not have such a good aptitude, so he could only join a group. Also, by comparing, naturally it was the group with Kaliweirs as the head with a better future.

    HahaWelcome! Welcome! With your participation, our group is now more robust, there will definitely be a day where I will make that person regret!

    Kaliweir said while clenching his teeth. Afterwards, a few of them arranged to meet after dinner, and they went back to their respective huts.

    Beirut, what did you mean earlier when you said it was a different continent? Leylin looked for the most amiable, Beirut, and asked him as he was concerned about what Beirut had said earlier.

    Oh This, you know! Actually the continent were on is rather small. To the outside world, it is known as the Chernobyl Islands!

    Island?? Leylin gaped. According to his journey in the past half a year, he could almost be certain that this continent was as huge as the Eurasian Continent he was in from the previous world. But it was only an island here?

    Oh! Sorry! Geography is my weak subject, and it has often made my home tutor shudder in rage! Leylin explained.

    Truth be told, the Farlier Family is only a noble family, and its heritage was pretty short. It couldnt be compared to the nobles of those huge families, so not knowing was not a rare thing.

    Ha ha! Hearing Leylin speak, Beirut laughed jovially, Me too! I have made 5 etiquette tutors leave in rage! In the end, my father offered a monthly salary, but still no one wanted to teach me. This was something my father had specially told me right before I left!

    Let us continue on the previous topic, we are in the Chernobyl Islands, and the outside world has coined another name for it: The Barren Islands!

    Barren? Leylin was a little skeptical, There are still quite a few people here and plenty of kingdoms, could it be that it is referring to the lack of certain resources?

    Thats right! In the Chernobyl Islands, due to the environment here, or some external factors, the land here is unable to produce any of the materials a Magus needs. Apart from the earnest acolytes and Magi in seclusion, there are absolutely no other traces of Magi here on this continent!

    So that is the case! Leylin nodded his head, and although there were myths of Magi back in his homeland, only the founder of the Farlier Family has seen a Magus. From this, one can see the rarity of Magi.

    And so, we need to go to the other side of the seas before we can truly find a continent! I heard that not only are there various kinds of resources that Magi need, but there are countless traces of secrets, and remnants of experimental labs. On the whole, the continent has various academies and organisations that trade and exchange the information of magic!

    On that continent, Magi are not a legend! Although they are still uncommon, even a regular human may be able to see one! Only there can we advance in the progress of our acolyte abilities! Beiruts eyes gave off obvious signs of yearning.

    So that is the case! What is the name of that continent then? Leylin asked.

    I dont know! Beirut shook his head, That continent is too huge! There was never a unified name for it. As for us, were going to the north of the continent, and it is known as the Narrow Coastal Regions of the North! Just the North Coastal Regions alone is several times bigger than the Chernobyl Islands that were on!

    Siii!! Leylin sucked in a breath of cold air.

    So huge???

    This world is indeed very vast. The higher one stands, the further one can see! This is a phrase from a bard that I like very much. Beirut concluded.

    Thank you for your explanation! I think I need some time to digest the information! Leylin bade his farewells and returned to his own hut.

    There was a metal plaque on the yellow wooden door where a 9 was written, and it looked to be rather rusty.

    Pushing the door open, an odour of rot and rust invaded his nose.

    Leylin uncontrollably sneezed twice.

    It looks like this is just a gathering point, so the accommodations are rather simple! Besides a bed and chair in the wooden hut, there was practically nothing else.

    Leylin found a cloth, wiped down the chair, and then sat on it.

    *** Creak! Creak! *** The wooden chair creaked continuously, which made Leylin worry that it would be crushed into pieces in the next moment.

    Lucky it is just for a night! In this condition, it would be better to clean up a little first!

    Leylin pat the dust off his body and walked out of the wooden hut. He had made plans to meet with George and the others, and since he had already chosen his academy now, he should tell them so that they could properly write to each other in the future.

    For the batch of acolytes that Leylin was in, they were considered one of the later groups to reach the camp. After Leylins batch had chosen their schools, the various tents of the academies seemed to have fewer people visiting them, and it looked to be much quieter.

    Ennea Ivory Ring Tower, its here! Leylin walked to the back of the student quarters, and blocked the path of a familiar girl from the same travelling party.

    Hi Lisa, do you know where George is? Lisa was a red haired girl who had matured early; one could already see the fine curves on her body.

    Ley Leylin! Lisa blushed, as she had a good impression of Leylin, who had helped several acolytes along the journey a number of times.

    George is in room 13, Ill call him for you! Lisa picked up her skirt, and rapidly ran off.

    Whiffing the perfume that was lingering in the air, Leylins heart trembled.

    Leylin! This lecherous thought was very soon broken by a joyous voice.

    George had obviously taken a bath and changed his clothes. He had also shaved his mustache, and gave off a very refreshing look.

    Have you finished choosing your academy? George said loudly, as he patted Leylins shoulder.

    Yes I did, the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy! Leylin replied.

    Abyssal Bone Forest Academy! George touched his chin, I heard from my female seniors that it seems to be famous for its Shadow and Dark element magic! I hope you wont piss in your pants because of a skeleton during the night!

    Female seniors? Leylin shook his head, and had even more admiration for Georges abilities for seducing women.

    HeheThose who are able to participate in the aptitude test are all of nobility, and it just so happens that I met a distant cousin, an elder female cousin! George laughed smugly, as if having earned something.

    As for the skeletons and whatnot, I think well see them not only at night, but even in broad daylight! Leylin laughed bitterly, as he had signed an acolyte contract with a skeleton not too long ago.

    No matter what, as long as you know the location its fine! Lets keep in contact in the future! George said seriously, a big change from his smug expression earlier.

    Lets keep in contact! Leylin nodded.

    Oh yeah! Do you know where Bessita went to? George asked suddenly.

    Bessita? Leylin shook his head.

    After the previous attack of the wolves, the vibrant and beautiful girl had been much more silent, but at least she had endured and safely here arrived.

    Yeah! I heard from other companions that her aptitude wasnt that great, only that of a second grade acolyte, so she entered the Wetland Gardens Academy!

    I know now! Thanks! Leylin was not too interested in the affairs of this girl.

    Although she was the one the previous Leylin really admired, to him, a girl of thirteen or fourteen years of age was only a child! And the previous encounters were just a childs mischief.

    How is it? Do you feel a little wasteful because you were unable to get her in your hands? George once again changed back to having a lewd expression.


    After another one to two hours, the sky had already darkened. Leylin was in the camp of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, and enjoyed the dinner provided by the academy with the other acolytes.

    This time the dinner was extremely sumptuous, and because they were leaving tomorrow, they were generous with the portions.

    Various fruit juices and wine, fragrant barbecue chicken, fish sauce, truffles, fruits, and salads had all satisfied the belly of Leylin who had not eaten much ever since he appeared in the grasslands.

    The acolytes were eating and drinking within several groups, and Leylins eyes looked towards the corner and found Professor Dorotte and Jayden standing at a corner. Jayden also spoke a few words to him occasionally.

    Having a fifth grade acolyte in this semester, we are really lucky!

    Beirut tore a huge strip of chicken thigh off the barbecue, and gave it a huge bite.

    Ever since Jayden arrived, Professor Dorotte and him have spoken on a few occasions, I wonder what they are talking about?

    For acolytes, the aptitude will greatly determine the progress of a Magus. What Professor Dorotte is doing is rather normal. Beirut, eat your barbecue chicken!

    Kaliweirs voice turned cold, and only after seeing Beirut drink the fruit juice and lowering his head did he turn his gaze back on the barbeque.

    Although the aptitude is important for a Magus, it isnt everything. Only the accumulation and comprehension of information is the true motivator and key to the rise of the Magis powers!

    A third grade acolyte added.

    Although it was the truth, the atmosphere in the group darkened as the saw Jayden and the professor chatting away. The group silently ate their delicacies, seemingly having lost their appetites.

    Ha ha Guricha, hurry, what happened, what happened next?

    On the other side, the lower aptitude acolytes sat in a circle with Guricha was in the middle, narrating a risky adventure.

    He had eloquence, and was humorous in his speech. Nyssa and Dodoria held their tummies and laughed coquettishly, as if they were two happy skylarks.

    Compared to them, this side was pretty silent.

    The group looked at each other and craned their necks, listening intently. However, only Kaliweir retained his prideful expression.

    Seeing that even the fourth grade acolyte Raynor could not bear to go over and listen and seemed afraid of losing face, Leylin laughed silently.

    After all they are just a bunch of kids!

    After dinner time was over, the group bade their goodbyes and went back to their respective huts.

    After todays simple cleaning, Leylins hut was barely accommodative. At least there was not as much dust as before.

    Leylin lay on his bed without removing his clothes, and he stared blankly at the ceiling as if he was lost in thought.

    I finally entered an academy! It is also time for the cultivation of Magi to open its doors for me!

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