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Thread: TOP 5 prettiest asian actress

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    yang mi
    yang mi
    yang mi
    yang mi
    yang mi

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    Cool a nurse two jobs

    the u.s. work as a nurse two jobs at a time, save up for acting classes and get started.

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    Yang Mi
    Vicki Zhao
    Tang Yan
    Tong Li ya
    Ruby Lin

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    1. Gillian Chung - Hong Kong
    2. Liu Shi Shi - China
    3. Fan Bing Bing - China
    4. Yang Mi - China
    5. Kyoko Fukada - Japan

    Seriously, I can go on and on since I follow many Asian artists around Asia.
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    My five (5) prettiest Asian actress are:
    alyssa chia
    Song Hye-kyo
    Gao Yuanyuan
    Zhou Xun
    Liu Tao

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    1. Crystal Liu Yi Fei
    2. Tong Li Ya
    3. Michelle Reis
    4. Carmen Lee
    5. Joey Wong/Gu Li Na Zha/Fan Bing Bing

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    Default Top 5 PRETTIEST Asians right?

    I admit in 1980's or 1990's there were some gorgeous beauties in movie screen like Carmen Lee, Michelle Reis, Athena Chu etc. However lately there are a lot more beauties in Asia. I personally prefer "modern beauty" than "ancient beauty".

    We're talking now about the top 5 PRETTIEST Asians here. Not top 5 our favorite actress. So let's not be biased. The most beautiful ones do not necessarily mean our favorite. Here are my top five:

    1. Sam Pinto (Philippines) 10471980_1504447103106499_1853441888_a.jpg

    2. Angelababy (China) angelababy,girl,model-e600682f807a047603014205a05c0046_h.jpg
    Most beautiful I have ever seen among all ladies from China/HK/Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan combined.
    No discussion about plastic surgery please, haters...

    3. Ellen Adarna (Philippines) post-77914-0-16486100-1370758062.jpg
    It shows how a mixed breed can be too good to be true

    4. Leni Lan Yan (China) 482859e4jw1e0lwop1r4yj_resized.jpg
    Nicknamed: 3d goddess. Enough said.

    5. Marian Rivera (Philippines) marian-rivera10.jpg
    Some consider her as the most beautiful Filipino.

    Why do I list a lot of Philippinos here? Their beauty is recognized by the world, not just asians as they are the only Asian country that can rival Venezuela or other latin countries in every beauty contest like Miss Universe or Miss World.

    Again, the prettiest ones don't always mean my favorite ones.

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