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The viet version is very good. Good picture quality with good voices.

The casts are ok, not that great but the series is good. I really like Wong Wan Choi's costumes. So nice.
For the two main villains, they are so evil but they have the legitimate reasons for revenge. I dislike Tsang Kong and his wife character, they both are so selfish. Tsang Kong dumped his lover and stole another man's lover while his wife dumped her lover and stole the lover of her own sister. They both pretty much deserved their fate.

Nah, most of the casts from TN aren't here. Felix Wong, Ray Liu, Money Chan, Sean Lau, Sheren Tang, ect. aren't here.

I think the cast did a good job if it was their first time starring in this series. Of course they can't compare to other stars that have a lot of experience, but they did a good job for their debut starring role.

NO, a lot of the cast from this series is in Twilight of a Nation. Did you even watch Twilight of a Nation? I forgot to mention that they are mostly in supporting roles, but most of them are all in here. Besides the ones that you mentioned, Jimmy Au, Wong Man Ming, the 2 that played Jimmy's sworn brothers(Liang Hong Hua and Jun Xiong), Rong Hui Wen, Lai Han Zhi, Carrie Choi, Leung Kit Hua, Chan Wing Chun and I think a couple of others too but I don't remember every single one... However, quite a lot of them are from this series.