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Thread: 2nd Best swordsman in HSDS????

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    Default 2nd Best swordsman in HSDS????

    Sung Yuen Kiu / Song Chin shoo said Mi Jue Shi-Tai is the 2nd best swordsman besides Z3F during the brightness peak battle.....and of course i personally agree by that time

    but until i saw Yan Lei Ting using Taichi sword in book 4, and his suprerioty sword skills seems to surpass Mi Jue Shi-Tai.......but of course i can't compare since she's dead after book 3(she can't see taichi sword and make judgements of it)

    if Mi Jue Shi-Tai (without that cheat code heaven sword) came back to life and fight with Yin Lei Ting (taichi sword learned) in a sword duel.....who would be the 2nd best swordsman in the world???

    PS: I exclude ZWJ from this thread for being a "swordsman" since rarely uses swords.

    i also exclude Kwun Lun headmaster Ho tai Choan, somehow he sucks (even Fan Yao can counter that attack with powerless wooden sword).
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