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Thread: Who's stronger??? Original Z3F or married Z3F

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    Default Who's stronger??? Original Z3F or married Z3F


    we all know zhang zhun bao did a wise choice for not relying on the Guo family’s help, and establishing his own martial art legacy………but let’s think if his martial art level if he and guo xiang gets married

    Guo Xiang and Zhang JunBao creates a perfect couple, if they get married they could've share the 9 yin parts together. And zhan jun bao will have much stronger (more perfect) internal energy than the Z3F in HSDS

    ......well maybe not..maybe Zhang JunBao won't go to wu dang hill.....and wu dang school won't be created......and of course Z3F won't have such strong internal energy without his virginity……..and yea perhaps no tai chi t.t

    so who’s stronger??? The married Zhang zhun bao or Z3F????

    sry for posting such a ridiculous thread........

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    It will probably come up to about the same. With his natural talent and access to Guo Jing's and HYS's skills, he will not come up short. After all, he starts off with a very good base energy even before he meets GX, much better then GJ at the point of learning dragon palms.

    I find it hard to imagine a Dragon Palm wielding Zhang Jun Bao though. He might do wonders with Kong Ming Quan and maybe it'll eventually end up as Taiji.

    Unless he manages to merge 9 yin with 9 yang sometime later in life. That might be something.
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    A cave is essential don’t forget to keep himself away from the ‘Waimo/Ngoimoh’.

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    Is it that out of character for ZJB to use the XL18Z? There must have been at least a few Wudang styles of palm technique which were hard in nature. Plus XL18Z being the most yang in nature doesn't necessarily mean it's all hard, since 9 Yang is very yang and yet soft in nature, so maybe ZJB could pull a GJ and make a soft version of XL18Z.

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    I don't think ZJB would have a problem using Dragon Palms extremely well. The way he busted that monk's head seemed pretty fierce to me.

    Its just the popular conception of Zhang San Feng being the Tai Ji man. Basically, ZJB could probably use the Dragon Palms as well as Guo Jing but he wouldn't be Z3F anymore.

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