Michelle Yeoh Talks About Working on "Sunshine"

While promoting the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha,” actress Michelle Yeoh spoke briefly about her work on the sci-fi thriller, “Sunshine,” written and directed by Danny Boyle (“28 Days Later,” “Millions”). Yeoh, who’s tackled a lot of different genres over the course of her career, said she’s having a wonderful time working on a sci-fi movie and wearing interesting costumes:

Michelle Yeoh on Working with Danny Boyle: “Danny Boyle is an amazing director. He has a different edge and take on things. When you want to work on a film, you're going to spend like six months of your life there, you want to work with someone who is passionate and has a passionate vision because they're going to show you things and take you places that you hadn't even thought of. 'How did that happen? How did they even go that far?' So it's been an amazing four months.

Michelle Yeoh on Her Character’s Physical Appearance: “I was thinking about something – last year at the same time I would be getting into all these layers everyday and transforming into this amazing geisha with three or four hours of makeup and hair and costume. And here in 'Sunshine' my makeup girl looks at me and she literally ruffles my hair goes, 'Okay.' We're astronauts who are up in space. Who's looking at what you're wearing? (Laughing) It's amazing.”

Michelle Yeoh Describes “Sunshine:” “We're eight astronauts and we're flying up to the sun in hopes of rejuvenating it because in 50 years time, it's going to go out. There's a cancer that has [gotten] into the sun and is eating it alive and it's slowly dying out. So we figured out that to rejuvenate it, we literally bring a bomb into it.

We're eight crazy astronauts carrying this immense bomb in front of our space ship and we hope to bring it back to life. But, you know, when you go to space what do you really find out there? When you look out at space long enough, what do you really see? Yourself? God? Some other being? So the story is very much about that. It's very psychological, but it's also very physical in that sense. But not physical in an action way.”

“Sunshine” also stars Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, and Chris Evans and is scheduled to be released in late 2006.

Source: about.com