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Thread: Battle of the Hair (A parody of Inuyasha, Fushigi Yuugi and many more)

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    Default Battle of the Hair (A parody of Inuyasha, Fushigi Yuugi and many more)

    I got this idea from reading all the threads in the Anime forum about who has the best hair. I got such a kick out of it that I couldn't help, but write this story, because it amuses me to know that such a lame topic as long hair could be so funny and entertaining. Plus it's always fun to root for your favorite anime hunky.

    PS: My whole story is pretty much base on inside jokes, so if you're not familiar with anime/ manga you won't know what the hell I'm talking about. Plus this is just something for fun, so don't take it too seriously if I offended some character that you like. Some of the stuff just jump around and might make no sense, but that is to show my point as how pointless this story is LOL


    “Come on Inuyasha, the battle is starting soon!” Kagome exclaimed dragging a very reluctant Inuyasha. “This might be your only chance to beat your brother, since you can’t beat him in fighting or in looks,” Kagome sighed and think to herself, ‘why did I chose this idiot over his hot and sexy brother is beyond my comprehension.’

    “Just shut up you wench!” Inuyasha screamed at Kagome. “You are such a pain to my ears. I chose you over Kikyou, because she was so boring and quiet, like what’s her face in Return of the Condor Hero. I didn’t want to be bored to the point of insanity like Yang Guo was.” Inuyasha seems to be lost at thought when thinking about Yang Guo. Oh how he miss him so much. Yang Guo reminded him so much of his older brother, with the white hair and the one arm fashion statement that they both sports around. (Opps Anyway wrong story, back to Inuyasha and Kagome) “But now I really regret ever marrying you. I should have just run away and hook up with that perverted Miroku after I knocked you up, at least he put out more.”

    “Innnnuuuuyaaashaaa!” Kagome was fuming, “SIT SIT SIT SIT!” Satisfied Kagome smiled and headed to the battlefield, stepping on her husband’s head, whose face was practically buried into the ground.


    “Lord Hotohori please don’t go,” Nariko begged, “this battle is too dangerous, you could die,” Nariko pulled on the emperor’s robe trying to hold him back.

    “But I must,” Hotohori said in a stern voice.

    “I beg of you my lord, please don’t… Sesshoumaru ‘she’, I mean ‘he’ will kill you. I heard he’s crazy like that.”

    “I guess that is a risk that I will just have to take,” Hotohori was determined that he wasn’t going to back down from this battle. “Thank you for your concern Nariko, but for the sake of mankind and for beautiful men like you and myself, I will win this beauty contest even if it’s kill me.” Hotohori declared, still admiring himself in the mirror. ‘There is no way in hell am I going to lose to that eye shadow wearing demon and some cross dresser who is totally obssess with me'


    At the battlefield everybody was there. All sort of characters from all sort of different stories were there. Even people who have nothing to do with anime or manga was there too. Like all the wuxia heros who were being true to their noisy selves and was there, so they could witness the battle of the century, because god forbid if they ever missed any important battles. Well guess it not like everyday when they get to witness the great and mighty Lord Sesshoumaru, his less gifted younger brother Inuyasha, Emperor Hotohori, Kenshin the Battousai, General Nakago, cross dresser Nariko, mentally challenge Ayame, and some guy that look like Sesshoumaru tripping on acid and sporting a huge azz wings, all duke out to be crown as the most beautiful woman, I mean man, in the anime/manga world.

    Nakago was the first one there, because being the least popular one he couldn’t afford to be stuck up and come late, like the rest of the guys. But that was fine with him, because little does anyone know, Nakago have something up his sleeves, he always have something up his sleeves. For god sake the damn guy goes through the whole series of Fushigi Yuugi having everything planed out and predicted the entire outcome. Geez if he ever decides to change career he would be should be a fortuneteller. If not, he and Naraku should sit down for some sake and share their tips on how to manipulate and make people lives a living hell.

    Author's Note: Note to self, was I on high when I was writing this?
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