SBS Drama "Spring Days" Probably Setting A New Standard In Acting Skills. An Eye Opener indeed....

1) Introduction
Greetings from Singapore!
I have always been deeply impressed by Korean stars' looks and talents to sink deeply into the characters they play whereby even without words from beginning to the end, they can still convey the message across to the audience by their intensed, silent and reflective acting skills. For audience like me, I sink even deeper....

2) From Self-Reflecting to Self Talking Role
I think the younger brotherís role played by Mr. Jo In-Seong in "Spring Days" has probably set a new industry standard from self-refection or self-thinking to a refreshing new style of self-chatting or self-talking as acted out in "Spring Days". It's something I find very refreshing and creative.

3)"Chinese Changing Face Mask"
I'm also impressed by Mr. Jo's versatile acting skills with his swift change of moods and facial expressions which reminds me of the traditional Chinese art, literally known as the Changing Face Mask. Sorry I'm not sure of the correct title.

4)Human Development Process
I'm also always touched by the contents of K-drama scripts which usually cover in-depth the inner world feelings of human beings and a human's growing process and his development stages which can generally reach out to audience beyond Korea especially for people who have high EQ (emotional intelligence).

In "Spring Days" can see Mr. Jo's talent in switching swiftly to the various facial expressions and moods in his multi roles as an obedient son or a caring and good brother to his step brother, as a boyfriend, as a doctor, as a band member, all rolled into one in the whole drama series.

I think this character played by Mr. Jo is unique as if you were to compare with earlier K-drama scripts the human development process usually evolves in stages from youthful, innocent & rebellious role to a matured role in the concluding episode step by step.

However, in "Spring Day" I truly find it an eye opener for me to see multi-roles being acted out from beginning to the end which I find that Mr. Jo had set a new standard in acting skills in the role he played in "Spring Days".
Indeed the feeling is as refreshing as Spring season although my original intention to buy this drama VCDs was to see the beauty of Spring season in this drama.

5) Great Screen Charisma

Last but not least most audience I believe are impressed by his charisma and the rapid change of dressing especially the winter collection in "Spring Days". It's like watching a fashion show ...his stylish catwalk is an additional visual treat! Not forgetting those colorful shirts/ties under the doctor's white coat which have indeed added some fresh air to the hospital settings: to see a stylish "doctor" in a serious working environment is something not common in reality.

Best regards,

Wee Fong-Fong