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Thread: Watching the classics NOW

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    Default Watching the classics NOW

    My parents watched a lot of the TVB series during the 1980's when I was a kid. From what I remember, it was very entertaining. Now that I have grown older and moved out, I dont have access to those tapes anymore.

    I am dying to rewatch those series that I can barely remember from +20 years ago. Are there any online websites that send DVDs of TVB series out for rent like NetFlix?

    Many Thanks,

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    if you're willing to buy it then you could get them at but i don't know where to rent it online...

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    Wow, I never realized that these DVDs would be so expensive

    Looks like I gotta save up some money then.


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    If speaking classic, then it definitely be Journey to the West 86.

    And then ROCh83, ROCh95, Loch82, Loch 94, and many ancient series.

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