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Thread: Create Your Own Wuxia Character! Game #2

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    This takes place much after the battle..but before post # 1151.

    though many lives were lost for justice to triumph, in the end the feelings were mixed. however, with shen mo's death, one thing was certain, the dead were finally able to rest in peace. nevertheless, those who survived were restless. guilt of surviving and leaving behind fellow apprentice brothers and sisters, masters and disciples would come to haunt them. those whose lives were lost would always be remembered in wudang and shaolin, for plaques upon plaques of names were engraved in the mourning room.

    even after so many days, wudang had its flag lowered in memory of the dead.

    yue you looked around the room which had sheltered her for the past months and sighed. it was barely morning, and she knew what she had to do in order to obtain peace. grabbing her travel bag, she wondered if she would return to ask for her final wish from zhong yueh. as she opened the door, she encountered him standing in front of her room.

    he noticed her bag, "were you planning to go without giving me time to pack?"

    she was startled by his comment and touched that he tried to ease the situation although she did not expect him to discover her departure until after she left.


    "even if you didn't tell me, i can already guess. you're going to look for brother li," stated zhong yueh confidently.

    yue you nodded, "i've wronged him and ..."

    "we've both wronged him, so i will go look for him with you," he volunteered adamantly then smiled, "furthermore, there are a few tasks i need to accomplish along the way, and it wouldn't be the same if it's too peaceful," as he reminesced of the times when they would always bicker. however, his smile faded when he recalled li kang's disappointment and hurt, the reason for li kang's abrupt departure immediately after he recovered from the battle against shen mo.

    yue you paused, for she could imagine how much more awkward the situation would be for li kang and quietly said, "there are some things i need to correct alone."

    zhong yueh was not foolish; however, he also did not wish for her to take the blame for a situation no one could control, "if i go without you to visit the huashan elders, then they'll suspect that i bullied you and scared you away."

    that finally earned a small smile from yue you, for she missed them greatly, "ah, you're just out to protect yourself, aren't you?"

    "of course!," then he asked in a more serious tone, "do you know where to look for brother li?"

    "the sky is high and the land vast, but there is only one place which brother li calls home," she spoke, understanding li quite well.

    after saying farewell to his seniors and elders, zhong yueh began to travel with yue you. a few days into traveling, he stretched his arms and exclaimed, "oh, how i miss the freedom of being outside instead of being encaged in wudang."

    their journey this time was not as eventful as previously, for now that the world was rid of shen mo, there was little chaos momentarily.

    out in the isolated wilderness were two huts, one completely broken and the other was in the midst of repair. a one arm man had been busying himself all day with the huts as he focused on fixing it. he did not wish to think about his more recent past, for it only brought pain. the task wouldn't be so difficult if he had the use of two hands, but the advantage of having one arm in this case was it forced him to concentrate harder in order to do the same job as a two arm man. the past few days he spent fixing the huts had been very relaxing for him.

    as he gathered more bamboo shoots to fix his hut, he gazed at his master's hut. now he was alone again. suddenly, he dropped the shoots as his eyes widened in surprise for he recognized the young lady approaching him.

    she stopped at a distance and lowered her head before she stared at him again, "brother li, how have you been?"

    he wanted to walk closer to her but stopped himself when he noticed another presence right behind her, "why are you here?" he asked zhong yueh, though not politely.

    yue you signalled for zhong yueh to allow her to be alone with li kang. finally she turned around and walked closer to li kang. "i..." she then dropped on both knees and sincerely said, "i'm sorry."

    "go...just leave. i already knew your decision the day that i chose to leave wudang," he turned around and picked up the shoots again.

    "brother li, i know that nothing i say can mend what's been done. i hope you understand that i never meant to hurt you, and i'm not here to obtain your blessing or forgiveness. i just want you to know that the feelings i hold for you are genuine..."

    li kang closed his eyes, "but they are not stronger than your feelings for zhong yueh."

    yue you kept quiet. there was so much she wanted to express, but she knew that certain things were better left unsaid.

    "is that all you have to say? don't worry about me, i'm used to being alone."

    "if i had the choice to never recover my memory.."

    "don't say it. what's done has already been done. please go and leave me in peace before i do or say something that i'll regret." he appreciated that she showed up, but he wasn't ready for this confrontation. but now it was final and he had absolutely no hope left, "tell zhong yueh that if he doesn't treat you well, then beware of me. please go."

    she kow towed to him, "i promise to repay you in my next lifetime." then she took off.

    li kang watched her step farther and farther away from him and threw the shoots down in anguish. he then took out his sword and started praticing violently until he was too exhausted to think about yue you. daily he practiced, and he would practice more rigorously when he had completed repairing the hut until one day, he came to the realization that his practice had no purpose. "li kang, get a hold of yourself. your life cannot be meaningless like this!" then he recalled the moves that shen mo used on him, and he had decided to come up with his own set of sword strokes to counter the moves. he adjusted to a life of seclusion and eventually came up with a remarkable, if not the best, swordsmanship which the world had yet to see. he wrote down the moves in a manual which he named "Dugu Nine Jian," unaware that it would take over the world by the storm in the future.

    meanwhile, yueyou spoke little and shared little about her encounter with li kang to zhong yueh. the latter respected her privacy. he understood very well that it would be a topic neither would ever discuss again, for they always held some guilt for his fate. in the end, zhong yueh decided to distract her by bringing her to visit the huashan elders after he had completed several errands. after seeing the huashan elders again, yueyou noticed how much she missed the life of seclusion. one day, while the two were fishing for lunch, she surprised him with one final request, "brother wang!"

    he saw the mischievous smile on her face and feared the worst, "what is it this time, young lady?"

    she blushed lightly, "do you remember that you still owe me one more favor?"

    "how can i forget when you constantly threaten me with that favor?" he saw a fish and threw a stick through it, thus missing her reddening even more.

    "and you said that as long as it doesn't go against your morals or harm anyone, then you'll agree to it, right?" yue you pretended to search for more fish so he couldn't see her red face.

    "correct." he easily caught another fish. noticing her hesitation to continue, he suspected that her favor was not a simple one. "yueyou, we already travelled through fond illusion forest already...and faced so many other dangers together. you can trust me to grant your wish."

    she bit her lower lip and stated very quickly so that he missed it the first time, "i want you to live a secluded life with me, away from jiang hu, to raise a family!"

    zhong yueh did not understand her as she spoke too fast, and yueyou had to repeat her sentence very slowly, much to her embarrassment. then zhong yueh blushed and stammered, "was...was that all?"

    yue you looked at him curiously and then turned around in disappointment when she received no response from him, "it's okay. forget i made that wish." she abruptly ran back to the shack when zhong yueh caught up to her and grabbed her arm.

    he grinned and commented, "i thought it was the man's job to make that kind of request."

    "well, seeing how you are, i thought that you would never get around to asking." she bitterly cried as she crossed her arm.

    "and you didn't want to be an old maid?" he laughed and then circled her, "i can already see several wrinkles on your forehead. if you continue to frown like that, those wrinkles will be permanent."

    "you mock me?" she took out her hands to slap him and chased him around until zhong yueh ran into the shack and cried out, "elder zhu, your disciple is attacking me!"

    elder zhu looked up and exclaimed, "i send you out to get lunch and you come back empty handed?"

    the young couple realized their error and laughed.
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