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Thread: religious culture in the deer and cauldron

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    Default religious culture in the deer and cauldron

    Chinese kungfu has the close relationship with Buddhism Kungfu. ďAs the saying goes 'all martial arts (Kungfu) are from Shaolin.' This is partly because Shaolin was located in a strategic area so they had to protect the monastery themselves from wars or any invading, and partly because of the support of most emperors from different dynasties, which came after the 13 Shaolin monks once saved Li Shimin, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty (618-907)
    Since Buddhism strongly influences the Chinese culture and abundant of legends and mysteries are about the Buddhism monasterys and Buddhism Kung Fu, martial arts works as well as Louis Chaís Luding Ji could not help settling the partial plots in the Buddhism Monasterys.
    From the chapters twenty two to chapter twenty four in Luding Ji (translated as the deer and the cauldron)the fiction extends the evolution of the plot in the Shaolin monastery. In these chapters Trinket was to have his head shaved there and then to be received as a monk in the shaolin monastery as the Emperorís proxy. Thus religious cultures, such as Buddhism ritual, Buddhism appellation, Buddhism way of living, Buddhism Kungfu as well as other Buddhism cultures have been vividly presented in the fiction.
    would you like to talk something about this field?

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    discussion about wuxia should be done in Wuxia Fiction, this section for translation only!

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    Default reply to article of shwlin

    undefinedshowlin culture is a monastary of monks born into the ming dynasty where the 7th son of the 7th generation is taken for formal religious traing if they pass the requirments to the house of the sacred 49.( deer,)if they smell the scent of in all wild creatures will reject the enity, how many times have you heard the7 of 7th of 49 (in how many cultures) they are all keepers of one kind or another

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    Default cauldren

    and what of the cauldren?witches brew or full meatle alchemey?confusing?yes?

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