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Thread: What did you just watch?

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    Recently watched

    Thai Film - Love Summer - pretty bad film. don't have a clue what they were trying to do. maybe like "road trip" where random stuff happens for no apparent reasons. bad acting, bad directing and bad plot.

    Filipino Film - Suddenly its Magic - miscast leads, cliche storyline and awkward scenes make this an unbearable watch. lead dude was hot and ex girlfriend was hot.

    Japanese Film - Paradise Kiss - Based of a manga that I've never read. again, miscast leads, cliche storyline and horrid fashion made this an unbelievable film. Not a bad watch but not a film you should seek out.

    Taiwan Film - When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep - a simple plot, a decently film, worth a watch if you come across it but not worth going looking for it.

    China - The Assassins - wrapped in layers of pretentious self importance, trying extremely hard to balance action, thriller and romance, it clocked in at way to long a time and was filled with characters we really don't care about. essentially a boring film.

    Hong Kong - Tai Chi Hero - I don't know why I watched this when i didn't even like the first installment. but i did, its just as painful the 2nd time round. really not worth your time.

    US - Red - a fun film...the trailer was much funnier and pretty much told the story all in one go, except the ending but by the time the ending rolled around, it really didn't matter anymore.
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    django unchained. it was... meh.
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    Watched Cold War and am happy that finally, I can enjoy a full Cantonese movie made in HK! It had good suspense and the action was good. Can't believe some of the background in the gunfights were CGIed. I like this controlled use of CGI whereit is hardly noticeable but present not to overshadow the storyline, but to enhance it. All the actors did well though I thought Charlie was bit of a vase. whay was the point of Ma Yi Li appearing in two scenes only with minimal dialogue? The plot definately had depth and required some research into the HK defence and security models. It was all very interesting but complicated. I had to watch it twice to understand the elaborate plot and it still leave me with unanswered q's. Have to wait for Cold War 2. Rumoured to have CYF and Kenneth Tsang.
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    Cold War - Yes, very exciting movie. Looking forward to the sequel. My gut feeling is that Andy Lau's character is the bad guy while Tony's character did not retire.

    Korean movie - The Client. Quite intriguing movie. Wondering why the need to bring up a previous case. Throughout the movie, one is kept wondering whether the victim is dead. The part about looking back at the door is classic. On the other hand, throwing down the dead body from a high floor entails quite a fair bit of risk. What's if someone was walking along the way. Remember it's a residential area.
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    I just watch the iron man 3

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    The last film I watched was "The Raid" (2011). Superb martial arts film. The fight choreography was well-done. The soundtrack underlined the primal drumbeat backdrop of the film to boot. It was worth every minute!

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