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Jiu Xiang Shen Shen[酒巷深深][Ma Yili,Zhu Yuanyuan,Shao Bin]
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Thread: Jiu Xiang Shen Shen[酒巷深深][Ma Yili,Zhu Yuanyuan,Shao Bin]

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    Default Jiu Xiang Shen Shen[酒巷深深][Ma Yili,Zhu Yuanyuan,Shao Bin]

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    I first notice Ma Yili after she played the role of Ziwei in Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3. She looked beautiful here. What is her role in this series?

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    I noticed Ma Yi Li in HZGG3 too. She was the ONLY one who outshined the original actress in the role. I will like to see her again soon. Even though she's not very pretty, she's much prettier in this show than in HZGG3.

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