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Thread: ne-yo or chris brown

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    Default ne-yo or chris brown

    so who do u think is better looking and a good singer
    ne-yo o chris brown

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    sorry to say but..
    neither lol.
    i prefer T.I. <3
    DiDi <3
    10.02.05 ;[

    don't ****ing piss me off or i'll jam my cigg into ur eye

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    any pictures? i have no idea who they are!!
    loving [BOSCO WONG!!!] + [email protected] *muah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KantopunK...xD
    any pictures? i have no idea who they are!!
    where are u from? u got to know them if you're in the US. they're pretty popular. If i have to pick, i like ne yo song's better. chris brown looks better (from a guy persperctive)... chris brown has pronouciation problem, listen to his songs carefully, some words are pronouce very wierd. it's weird that his fans doesn't notice this. i don't like his songs. but it's just personal taste. and the above post is true. TI is more fun to watch. but TI is a rapper. chris brown and ne yo are R&B i think.

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