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Thread: Wayne Lai: A splendid actor?

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    The new series he's leading in is about men mid-life crisis. It's likely to be a light production like Fathers & Sons, Love Bond etc.

    p.s. This series will make or break Wayne's foray into 1st lead actor in TVB, so it's quite fortunate that Mui Siu Ching is helming the series.

    Unlike Michael Tse, whose 1st leading series is Best Bet...
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    I feel sorry for Michael Tse. It's not Michael's problem that Best Bet didn't receive high ratings. The plot itself is pretty boring. I did try to watch it, but have not motivation to finish it.

    Back to Wayne Lai. No only is he a good actor, he's also a good singer. I've heard him sing a love song in 'To Love with Love', and he sings really well. His voice also nice to hear. Which I can find a clip of that scene.

    For the mean time, here's a clip of his performance in Adam Cheng's concert.

    The success rate of Mui Siu Ching's series is pretty high. So, I'm happy for Wayne.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thai guy View Post
    Did you see him as Zhou Bo Tong in ROCH 1995? Watch them and you will realise how good he is!!!
    Because I think I watched his version of ZBT first, when I went back to watch LOCH 83, all I could think whenever his character appeared was "Gee, I wish he was in this one." He was playful and funny, which I think suited his nickname very well. He was also awesome in JTTW as the Pig. I can still remember his drooling whenever he sees pretty women (or women in general due to his punishments of/for falling in love).

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    He is a very versatile actor. I used to watch him in comedies and he always made me laugh. His acting isn't bad. He only played a retarded man in Files of Justice (Bobby Auyeung, Jessica Hester, etc.). I do have to say that if he worked in the TVB golden era (Chow Yuen Fat, the 5 tigers etc.) he would not have gotten any lead roles because of his looks. If he started in that era, he would be relegated to support roles like 廖啟智 (he's versatile too and was in many supporting roles)

    It is only because TVB has a dearth of actors with substance (hello, you can use Raymond Lam only so much) that he got his break as the lead.

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    He should have gotten his break a loooooong time ago. He's such a versatile actor.....not many in TVB can really measure up to him. I have yet to remember any performance of his that I disliked. Truly a great actor.

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    I really liked his semi-evil character in The Conqueror's Story.

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    Wayne Lai is one of the most versatile and best actors of TVB.

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