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    I just started watching this series and already I'm disappointed. Great casts, but a somewhat cliche story. I think Ray and Ady make a very appealing couple and it's cheesy and almost stupid how he falls for Tammy. I was reading the spoilers and if later on he tells Ady that he only feels for her in a brother-sisterly way than why the heck did he date her for so long? Why tell her he cares? Why do nice things for her and make promises that he'll stick around. ---> All that is dumb. When you only care for someone in a brother-sister way, that feeling is something that should've been apparent from the get-go... not years later after the person has been your boyfriend/girlfriend for so long. And yes I agree to one of the above comments - although Tammy is cute her character itself gets annoying. The whole "I'm innocent, so cute, looking for real love" characters are so lame after a while. I'm sad for Ady's character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanteun View Post
    i had the dvd but after saw 1st eps i decided not to continue it at least not in the short time. Just don't like the idea that he's leaving his 7 years relationship with Ady just like just because sumthing like "ohhh she's the real one for me, my soulmate etc etc" Cliche reason for guy and eventho he just treated Ady like his sis, so what's happened during the 7 years?

    And sorry for Tammy's fans, i just didn't see her here so appealing, more likely annoying, maybe her character gave the most it.
    Yeah, me too. I also have the dvd & started to dislike the series when Raymond was courting Tammy when he has a gf already. I totally agreed with you, if he sees Ady as only as a sister why lead her on for 7years? & how he acted so lovey-dovey to her at the beginning of the series. Its just so stupid. Ditto again, Tammy acts too innocent in this drama, like the part how Alex was so nice to her & everything how she even told him to overcome his fear of heights then let him down right there! I reckon she's cute & pretty but her character in this series is just bleee...

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    agree, tammy's character is very boring,and my opinion the story it self is bored too

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