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Thread: sexual tendencies protrayed in films

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    Default sexual tendencies protrayed in films

    simple question.

    how do u find films that depicts sexual tendence out of the normal male & female stratum? including gays, trans, older people (big age difference between two adults), underage, incest stuff like that.

    i have seen quite a few case of relationship tat i find myself cheering for even though it wasn't really my cup of tea.

    like gay/lesbian, if anyone has seen She's On Duty, a korean film, i actaully preferred the two main girls to get together. they did have the whole accidental kissing scene seen in other movies. the main guy wasn't very 'attractive' (he looked really cute but i meant in character) and the two girls just complete each other so well.

    Transexual...has anyone seen Kitchen? chinese film with Jordan Chan and a Jap girl i believe. his father was one and i was rooting for him.

    Incest...although i find it one of the worst Taboo there is...i totally don't condone it in real life and prior to watching Lure Of The Wolf aka A Romance Of Their Own i don't condone it being shown on film. but LOTW was very sweet and i find myself accepting the incestous feelings the two out of the three leads share.

    although i have never came across a film with the girl was underage that i liked...100 days with mr arrogant comes to mind. i swear tat girl looks 14 and he's like 22.

    all in all, although i find it wrong, but some films depict it so well that i 'allow' myself to accept it. should this sort of message be delivered to 'kids'? i don't mean the guy and older people thing but the incest and the underage thing. i would really not like my lil bro and sis to be getting this sort of message.

    i have mixed feelings right now. wat do u guys think?

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    all in all, although i find it wrong, but some films depict it so well that i 'allow' myself to accept it.
    I haven't seen these films or can recall any film in which i've seen that deals with said issues, however, i think that if the film is portrayed in which the characters in question are honest and have gone through so much to be with each other then you sorta have no choice but to support them. If you kinda get what i'm saying.

    In saying that though, i totally disagree with incest. Art it may be to some, but keep it away from children. Mind you, i think i'm some countries it's totally legal to marry your cousin (Or distant cousin. Something like that).

    Regarding the underage thing. I think if done correctly, then it could educate. Too many people worry about these issues but their thoughts only scratch the surface.
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