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Thread: Spoiler tags please?

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    Default Spoiler tags please?

    Could we have the spoilers tag please? It's a code which enables spoilers to be hidden and only readable when someone chooses to be spoilt, clicking on the tag which will open the spoiler text for him/her.

    It is because there seems to have a problem with people who wants spoilers and those who doesn't. Like, in the topic below.

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    I am for spoiler tags too, it really annoying to read spoilers when I don't want to. At least with the tags around, I can choose to read or not to read... even if I click on the tags, it would be my fault and nobody else.

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    Ditto for me. I don't mind spoilers that much but occasionally I do want to find out what happens on my own.
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    I support Guo Xiang's suggestion too.
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