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Thread: The Legend of the White Warrior

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    CHAPTER 20: Moving on

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Mok Tian Hau
    Duan Shun


    The sun rised high the next day, it was burning the air as if it was an oven. The air was extremely hot and humid. Even though there is this terrible weather, Tian Hau and Ming Hei still went out. They went out into the bamboo forest where Tian Hau watched as Ming Hei preformed his martial arts in front of him. Ming Hei did a couple of flips and kicks into the air and moved his hands expertly around. With one shot, he swipted his hands at chest level across the horizon and thousands of leaves around began to pick itself up and follow the direction of Ming Hei's movement and all darted at a tree, and was stuck on the tree too, as if they were darts. TIan Hau stared at amazment, Ming Hei did too.

    "Did... did I do that?" asked Ming Hei confusingly.

    "Yes you did. You've began to understand level 6!" said Tian Hau.

    "Level 6?! How? I mean, what? How did I understand it all of a sudden? Wait... huh?" said Ming Hei in confusion. Tian Hau knew that the day Ming Hei will reach level 6 is the day that he finally grew to like someone. He gave his so a smile.

    "Ming Hei, do you like someone?" asked Tian Hau.

    "What? Why are you asking me something like that all of a sudden? I don't like anyone, why would I like anyone" said Ming Hei rapidly.

    "Are you lying to me son?" questioned Tian Hau with a smile on his mouth.

    "No I'm not. Why do you think I would? Okay, IF I do... who would it be? I hardly know any girls!" said Ming Hei.

    "Really?" Tian Hau crossed his arms.

    "Really," said Ming Hei. Tian Hau noticed how his face glowed a little red. Ming Hei on the other hand, had the image of Mei Yin suddenly popped into his mind.

    "Now, since you have reached level 6, I will give you this weapon," said Tian Hau. He then untied his white sheath from his waist and handed it to Ming Hei. Ming Hei stared at amazement; he has never known that his father wears a sheath around his hip.

    "What is that? Why... why is it hardly visable? I never knew you carried a sword," questioned Ming Hei.

    "It's my sheath and sword. Is it really hardly visable? Well, that's a good thing. In my whole life, I posess three weapons: this sword, a flute, and a fan. This sword and sheath will now be yours," said Tian Hau.

    Ming Hei received the sheath and sword from his father's hands and stared at it with amazement.

    "What are you waiting for? Put it on!" said Tian Hau. Ming Hei did as told and realized how camouflaged it was no matter how he moves. He feels like he wasn't carrying a sword at all, because it was so light. Tian Hau laughed at the amazement of his son.

    "Father, are you going to teach me how to swordfight now?" asked Ming Hei devotedly.

    "No," said Tian Hau. Ming Hei looked at him in oddity. "You know it all already."

    "Know it all already? What do you mean? I never knew anything about sword fighting. Level 1 to 5 that you taught me are all only leg fighting and fist fighting. What do you mean?" said Ming Hei.

    "You'll see. Lift your sword and move it around a bit with your fist and leg techniques and see what will happen," said Tian Hau.

    Ming Hei was still confused, but he did as he was told. He kicked himself into the airs and his sword circled across a mere inch from the ground and a blast of wind occurred and a little tornado formed itself and blew up into a tree and shattered its leaves. Ming Hei stared in perplexity. "Did... did I do that?" Tian Hau nodded with satification.

    "The thing about out family's martial arts is that once you work up to level 5, level 6 to 9 will be an easy grip as long as you found the way to it. Our fist and leg techniques relate to any fighting with any weapons. That is the best point about our martial arts. Once you surpass level 5, level 6 to 9 will be easy to teach," said Tian Hau smiling.

    "But I have never learned sword fighting, how---" started Ming Hei.

    "It's all because of you," said Tian Hau. He gave him a tap on the head. Ming Hei looked at him in confustion. "Now, you know how to work the sword, but there are still some tricks to it. Let me show you," Tian Hau then took a twig and did some tricks of sword fighting with it. Ming Hei then imitated his father's work. They did this for the rest of the day. By the end of this day, Ming Hei was able to grasp the power of the sword. He felt like it was attached to the sword somehow.

    That night, Ming Hei tip toed into his father's room, but his father noticed him by a mere tap on the ground.

    "Ming Hei, why aren't you asleep?" said Tian Hau as he continued doing some calculations at the desk.

    "Father, you must know everything! I was walking so softly! Once again, you can hear me!" said Ming Hei as he sat next to his father happily.

    "You should be sleeping now, you still have to practice your sword fighting tomorrow," said Tian Hau.

    "I will but father..." started Ming Hei.

    "You want something don't you?" said Tian Hau. Ming Hei gave his father a little laugh.

    "You said that the day I reach level 6, you'll let me practice with your flute," said Ming Hei.

    "Yes I did," said Tian Hau.

    "Then can I--" started Ming Hei.

    "Yes you can, but not today, it's too late. Maybe a few days later, after you can fully grasp the power of the sword and make it obey you, and not have you obeying it," said Tian Hau.

    "That might take forever! It took me so long to be able to get to level 6! Who knows when I'll be able to grasp the sword?" said Ming Hei.

    "I'll promise you, in 7 days, you'll be able to grasp it," said Tian Hau.

    "Really?" said Ming Hei amazingly.

    "Yes. Now, for these 5 days, you'll have to go to the bamboo forest with me ever single day to practice. After these 7 days, THEN I'll let you try my flute, okay?" said Tian Hau.

    "Yes Sir!" said Ming Hei as he scurried outside and went to sleep. Once again, Tian Hau laughed at his son's childness.

    'He's already 18, and he's still like a little kid. If he was lucky, he would have probly had a wife and kids by now, but I see that HE is the kid.' thought Tian Hau. He then started pondering about who the girl that Ming Hei liked is. The only girl that can pop into his mind, and hope is, is Siu Lan.

    For the next 5 days, whether wind and shine, all Ming Hei did was focusing to improve his sword skills, which he adapted easily. Tian Hau watched every move of his son and realized how much talent that he does have in it. He wanted to make clear whom the person that he son likes is, but he decided that this was not the time to ask again yet. On this 7th day, he has realized that Duan Shun and a few others were hiding around the area which Ming Hei was practicing his martial arts at. He was keeping an eye on the intruders, because this was the 7th day of which he was told to give the Ching Sum Kuet to Duan Shun. He sees that there were at least 5 people and Duan Shun hiding around.

    "Ming Hei, your sword fighting is good, but let me show you a few more moves," said Tian Hau.

    "Okay father," said Ming Hei as he handed his sword to him.

    Tian Hau picked the sword up and did a few moves, which Ming Hei watched carefully, trying to grasp ever action. Tian Hau then swipted his sword across the trees, releasing a powerful blast of leaf darts out towards the intruders, all of them had the leaves slit across their chest and brought to their death, except for Duan Shun. Duan Shun stared frightenly at Tian Hau, knowing that he has not used his full power. Tian Hau then kicked into a flip towards Duan Shun's direction. There, he shot three deadly needles into Duan Shun's heart. Duan Shun gasp and froze in pain. Tian Hau finished his act and Ming Hei clapped continuously and naively.

    "That was powerful! How can you move the sword so fast that the leaves flew that high and so powerfully?" questioned Ming Hei.

    "The key word is 'practice,'" said Tian Hau. "Okay, you've practiced enough for today. During these 5 days, you have really grasped the power of the sword. Starting with tomorrow, you will go and practice it yourself okay?"

    "You're not going to watch me?" said Ming Hei.

    "Father has to care for our medicine shop. Mother can not handle it alone," said Tian Hau.

    "Father, can I ask you something?" said Ming Hei.

    "Go ahead," said Tian Hau.

    "Why are you always so cold to mother? When she talks to you, you don't answer. If you do answer, you always yell at her. When she does things for you with her heart, you treat it like trash. Why?" said Ming Hei.

    Tian Hau looked at his son for a moment and then turned away.

    "Father, why aren't you facing me? Is there something wrong with your relationship with mother?" asked Ming Hei as he walked up in front of his father. His father turned around and walked away from him. "Father!"

    "You're just a little kid still, don't worry about adult's business that much," said Tian Hau with his back to his son.

    "Little kid? Father, I'm 18 this year!" said Ming Hei as he stepped in front of his father.

    "It's our problem, it has nothing to do with you," said Tian Hau.

    "Even if it has nothing to do with me, do you know how sad mother is each and every time you treat her coldly? She cries herself to sleep almost every day! If there is a problem, can't you two just sit together and talk about it until it's solved?" said Ming Hei.

    "The problem is not that simple. You wouldn't understand. Now, go home. Mother will need your help to dry some medicine," said Tian Hau. Ming Hei looked at his dad's eyes and then turned away swiftly as he stomped his way home. He feels that he does not understand his father at all and that he's hiding something from him.

    As soon as Ming Hei was out of the distance, Tian Hau walked to the spot where Duan Shun is, hidden behind a bush with three needles stabbed in his heart. Tian Hau bent down and pulled out the needles expertly. Duan Shun suddenly woke up from his pain. He then placed his hand on his injured area, stood up, and exchanged eyes with Tian Hau. They stared at each other for a long while, just looking at each other with hatred in their pupils.

    "The needles I aimed at you White Cliff Magical Needle (Bak Bik Sun Jum). Once you get hit with three White Cliff Magical Needle, you will not be able to you're your inner strength. Once you do use you, you'll die at the instance when blood gets gushed out of your mouth. I do not want to kill you, but if you are going to have to interfere with my life, this is the thing I have to do. Don't bother looking for cures for this. Only I, and the White Cloud Sect (Bak Wun Pai), the magical medicine kingdom, has the cure for this. No one else in the world does. Good bye and I'll hope to never see you again, brother..." said Tian Hau. The last word 'brother' was the only thing that made him not kill Duan Shun. After giving his speech, Tian Hau walked away. Duan Shun glared at his shadow with vengeance and vowed to get revenge from him. Just then, he came up with a plan...
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    CHAPTER 21: Denial

    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Siu Chun
    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan


    The next day shined brightly as Mei Yin wandered around her courtyard, with nothing to do. Siu Chun walked by, seeing Mei Yin sitting down on a stool and observing herself kicking her right leg up and down. Siu Chun walked over to her.

    “Siu Jeh,” said Siu Chun. Mei Yin did not hear. “Siu Jeh.” Mei Yin still didn’t hear. “Siu Jeh!” This time Siu Chun screamed and Mei Yin popped up at looked right at Siu Chun.

    “Are you crazy?! I’m not deaf!” said Mei Yin.

    “Sorry Siu Jeh, but I called you for like 2 times already and you didn’t hear me. So I just...” Siu Chun’s speech dragged off into the air.

    “Eh, it’s all okay, said Mei Yin as she slumped onto the stool with her elbows on the table and hands on her chin. She was extremely bored.

    “Siu Jeh, are you okay? These few days you have been quiet sad looking,” said Siu Chun.

    “I’m bored. There is nothing to do,” said Mei Yin.

    “Why don’t you find your friends Siu Lan, Yeung Sung, and Ming Hei to hand out?” said Siu Chun.

    “Who doesn’t know I can do that? Yeung Sung’s father needed him to quickly return to Chang’an for something. He will be gone for at least 3 months,” started Mei Yin.

    “I know! Siu Jeh you must miss him don’t you?” teased Siu Chun.

    “Don’t play with me Siu Chun,” said Mei Yin.

    “What do you mean, Siu Jeh?” said Siu Chun.

    “I don’t know. His face just doesn’t seem that appealing to me anymore. His face doesn’t pop up in my mind as much as it used to. Even though, I feel like I’m missing someone in my heart, I don’t know. It’s all confusing,” said Mei Yin. She hid her head in between her arms on the table.

    “Missing someone else in your heart? There aren’t that many male that you know. I can count it will with one hand: your father, the two family helpers, Yeung Sung, and Ming Hei. That’s it.” Siu Chun then gasps. “Is it Ming Hei?” teased Siu Chun.

    “Him?! No way! Why would I? I mean, how— what--- why---" said Mei Yin.

    “You’re studdering, Siu Jeh!” teased Siu Chun.

    “Wh—who said?” said Mei Yin. Siu Chun tapped her chin with her index fnger and smiled a Mei Yin. “I don’t know. Is it him?”

    “That you’ll have to ask yourself,” said Siu Chun as she sat down at the table.

    “Was the cheem explainer correct?” whispered Mei Yin to herself.

    “What cheem explainer?” said Siu Chun.

    “Huh? Nothing,” said Mei Yin.

    “You said something,” said Siu Chun. Mei Yin did not answer. “Siu Jeh! You can trust me.” Mei Yin looked at her eyes.

    “Fine. Last time we all went to the temple and we were getting our own cheems. Then the explainer explained mine. He said that the one whom I think I love is not the one whom I love, and the one whom I love is someone else,” said Mei Yin.

    “That sounds a lot like Ming Hei!” said Siu Chun.

    “That’s not possible! He’s just a friend!” said Mei Yin.

    “You are still pretending! Look at your face! You are getting so red!” said Siu Chun. Mei Yin placed her hands on her cheeks and felt them being a little warm.

    'Was Siu Chun right?' thought Mei Yin.

    “Eh! Stop randomly saying stuff!” said Mei Yin. Siu Chun just looked at her with a big smile on her face, this casued Mei Yin to get redder.

    “Siu Jeh, you know you like him. Why are you denying it?” said Siu Chun.

    “Who-who would like him?! He’s silly and absentminded all the time! He’s clumsy and stupid and weird and---" started Mei Yin. She got cut off by Siu Chun.

    “The more bad things you list about him, it means the more you like him,” teased Siu Chun.

    “Siu Chun ah! Stop making fun of me. There is nothing between us,” said Mei Yin.

    “This person you speak of doesn’t seem so bad. I bet he’s a very handsome, caring, and gentle person. For example, look at what he helped you to become mannerly. If it was me, I would have just ignored you, because I have absolutely no hope in you from how you act every day. On normal days, you walk with extremely big steps, talk with a loud voice, and eat very unmannerly. Even so, after that three days Ming Hei was with you, you have became so mannerly and different! Without him, you wouldn’t know what manners are,” said Siu Chun.

    “Was I that terrible and unladylike back then?” said Mei Yin.

    “Umm... Sadly, yes. But look at you now! You can't walk too nicely and you respect everything and everybody! Look how much Ming Hei has changed you! And you are willing to say that you have no feelings for him?” said Siu Chun.

    “I don’t know,” said Mei Yin. “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be helping Siu Fa wash clothing?”

    “Umm...” said Siu Chun.

    “Go! Go! Go! Siu Fa needs your help! Or else I’ll tell father to fire you!” said Mei Yin.

    “You know you won’t,” smiled Siu Chun. Mei Yin smiled back and Siu Chun left the area. There is Mei Yin dawdling around the courtyard without anything to do. That was when she saw her 9 section whip at the corner of her eye lying in the bushes. She grinned to herself and went over and picked it up. She then started moving it around, practicing her martial arts. Suddenly, she almost split a stool into two! Luckily, she was able to pull the whip to the side and it whacked onto the floor instead.

    “The courtroom is too little, I can’t practice here,” said Mei Yin. She thought for a moment and decided to go into the bamboo forest to practice.

    In the bamboo forest if Ming Hei, practicing his sword fighting like his father had instructed him to. Even though he is a little mad at his father from his converstation with him about his mother, he still obeys his father because of his filial piety. He motioned his sword with gentleness that smoothly connected to the next move. The power of this sword was extremely big; Ming Hei couldn’t believe how he did some of the moves, because they were just so powerful. Just then was when he believes that his father was not a normal villager. He must have had a very unique and sad past.

    At the edge of the bamboo forest was Mei Yin skipping down the forest, with her 9 section whip behind her back. When she realized that she has found a nice place to practice, she whipped out her whip and kicked a few spins into the air, causing her to fly into a tree. She grabbed it securely, leaned against it and stretched out her whip, and then aimed it at the next tree. Her body followed her whip onto another tree. She did more tricks with her whip until she felt a strong gust of wind, causing her to fall off a tree and land on her back.

    “Aiya!” said Mei Yin. “What was that? There must be a reason behind a sudden gust of wind.” She stood up and looked around. “Who is it?! Whoever it is, come out at this moment, don’t be a turtle in its shell!” No one answered her. “Come out! I’m telling you to come out!” Still, no one answered.

    She then walked around, trying to find who that was with some kind of power that caused that strong gust of wind. She marched madly around the area, turning her head left and right from time to time. She spotted no one. Just then, she felt another big gust of wind that blew her onto the floor and she landed on her back once again. This made her really mad. She stood up, with her eyes red and bold. She stood up and stormed forward to the direction of the wind to see who it was that was playing tricks on her. After walking for a short amount of time, she saw Ming Hei practicing his sword fighting ever so gracefully and powerfully. She heart began to beat faster and her cheeks glowed warm. She placed her hands on her cheeks, and felt them extremely warm. She continued watching Ming Hei as he motioned his sword around. Ming Hei circled his sword around him with his sword merely touching the ground. This motion caused the leaves to stir up and forming a big gust of wind in the air, flying aross for miles at an incredible speed. Mei Yin’s eyes widened at the sight.

    “When did he ever learn such powerful martial arts? His skills didn’t seem to be as powerful before,” said Mei Yin. She continued to watch him as he motioned his sword skillfully. His seriousness towards his act was undescribable; it has caused her heart to beaten and her cheeks to redden more. Once Ming Hei finished his act with a beautiful stand, Mei Yin stepped out, while clapping her hands dlowly, with each clap being strong and powerful in its own rhythm. Ming Hei thought there was an intruder, so once he heard a sound, he aimed his sword towards the direction, which was only a few inches from gouging Mei Yin’s eyes out. Mei Yin looked at it in horror. Once he realized that it was Mei Yin, he retrieves his sword.

    “Sorry! I thought it was someone else, like a robber or something,” said Ming Hei.

    “You almost made me blind!” yelled Mei Yin whil pointing her finger at Ming Hei and circling around him while doing so.

    “Hey, I said sorry,” said Ming Hei. “By the way, why are you here?”

    “Can’t I be here, this forest isn’t own by you,” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei starred at her. “What are you staring at?”

    “Why are you cheeks so red?” asked Ming Hei in curiousity. Mei Yin then suddenly turned her back to Ming Hei and touched her face. It was warm and red.
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    CHAPTER 22: The Injured Man

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Duen Shun


    “Why are you cheeks so red?” asked Ming Hei in curiousity. Mei Yin then suddenly turned her back to Ming Hei and touched her face. It was warm and red.

    “Do you have a fever?” said Ming Hei as he walked in front of Mei Yin to face her. He then placed his hand on her forehead, causing Mei Yin’s heart to pump harder. “It doesn’t seem like you have a fever.”

    “I don’t have a fever,” said Mei Yin as she turned around, with her back against Ming Hei once again.

    “Why are you turning so much?” said Ming Hei as he walked in front of her again. “You still didn’t answer me, why are you here in the bamboo forest?”

    “Why are YOU here in the bamboo forest?” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei’s face turned a little dumbfounded and his eyes motioned from left to right, ignoring Mei Yin’s question. He then decided to walk off. Just then, Mei Yin said, “Hmm, I have never known that you are so clever at martial arts Mr. Yuen.” Mei Yin gave him a sweet smile.

    “ME being clever at martial arts? Don’t joke with me,” said Ming Hei.

    “Who’s joking with you? Did you watch yourself when you were moving your sword? It was amazing! Extremely powerful!” said Mei Yin.

    “Crazy,” said Ming Hei while laughing to himself. “Are you here to ask about Yeung Sung?” Ming Hei was teasing her.

    “Who said that?” said Mei Yin.

    “I did. All you have in your mind is him. You wouldn’t come up to me for no reason. Confess!” said Ming Hei as he pointed his sword playfully at her.

    “Does every time I come up to you have to be about Yeung Sung?” said Mei Yin seriously while looking at his eyes. Ming Hei noticed the glittering in her eyes and his heart started to speed up. He then placed down his sword and turned around.

    “Why isn’t ever time about Yeung Sung? He’s the one whom you like!” said Ming Hei.

    “I don’t have that feeling for him anymore. I don’t know why or what has happened, it just disappeared!” said Mei Yin.

    “What? Is that possible?” said Ming Hei, turning around to face Mei Yin again.

    “Yes. I don’t know though. It’s odd,” said Mei Yin sadly.

    “It’s okay. You’re still young. Maybe, maybe that was just the feeling of the first one whom you like! No one said your first one is always your last one. The real person will show up soon,” said Ming Hei as he smiled to comfort her.

    “Hopefully,” said Mei Yin. “You know how bored I am for these past few days? Yeung Sung had to go back to Chang’an for something and you were busy with something, and Siu Lan had to care for her flowers that were flooded by that huge rainstorm a few days ago.There is no one who is not busy to play with me!” said Mei Yin as she sat down sadly on a log.

    “Yeung Sung won’t be back for at least 2 or 3 months, but Siu Lan should be not busy in a few days. Fixing back her flower beds shouldn’t take that long,” said Ming Hei as he joined her on a log.

    “What about you? What are you busy with?” said Mei Yin.

    “My dad said I’ve suddenly shown improvement with martial arts and wants me to concentrate with them for a while. So I’ve been busy practicing with martial arts here. I bet he won’t let me get a break for at least a month or two! You and Siu Lan can go and hang out. Forget about Yeung Sung and Me for a while,” said Ming Hei.

    “No way! We are all friends! If we have fun, we must have fun together!” said Mei Yin.

    “Not nessary, when Yeung Sung was in Chang’an, Siu Lan and I hang out all the time without him, but don’t tell him, he doesn’t know!” said Ming Hei while putting his finger on his lips. Mei Yin gave off a little chuckle at his naiveness.

    “Who said he doesn’t know? I bet he knows everything, and it’s only you who end up not knowing,” said Mei Yin while poking him on the forehead once.

    “Maybe that’s true,” pondered Ming Hei.

    “Hmm, why are you always so easygoing? You agree with everything anyone says. Don’t you know that that makes people pick on you easily?” said Mei Yin.

    “Pick on ME?! Who will dare to pick on me?!” said Ming Hei while pulling his sleeves up and acting as if he was very serious. Mei Yin just laughed at his expression and whacked him in the head.

    “Hey! You crazy women!” said Ming Hei.

    “You are brave enough to say that no one has ever picked on you?” said Mei Yin.

    “But there isn’t…” His sentance got softer and softer as he spoke.

    “Really? With your personality, I bet there are thousands and ten thousands of people who has picked on you,” said Mei Yin.

    “Crazy. Fine, fine, name ONE person who has,” said Ming Hei with doubt.

    “Me! Last time, I picked on you when I pushed you into the pond that other day at the temple,” started Mei Yin.

    “AND you mentioned that again?! I haven’t even asked you why you pushed me yet,” said Ming Hei.

    “Who told you to make me seem like a fool in front of Yeung Sung at that moment? It doesn’t matter now since I don’t have that feeling anymore, but when I still did why did you?” said Mei Yin.

    “Uhh…” said Ming Hei as he stood up, scratched his head, and walked a little father. Suddenly, he turned around. “I was just trying to make him notice you! He didn’t before. You should thank me!” Ming Hei smiled.

    Mei Yin walked over to him. “Ha ha, very funny.”

    “Hey! You almost drowned me that day!” said Ming Hei.

    “How am I supposed to know that you don’t know how to swim? Even I know how to swim!” said Mei Yin.

    “Who ever said that a martial artist HAVE to know how to swim?” whispered Ming Hei to himself. “By the way, I think it’s time for me to get revenge from that time you pushed me into the pond!” Ming Hei stood up with his hands on his hips, while glaring at Mei Yin with a direct smile on his face.

    “What do you want to do?” said Mei Yin. She was getting scared.

    “What am I going to do?” said Ming Hei. Just then, he started chasing after her and she started running. They just started a game of tag, both of them having fun. They were running through threes, with Ming Hei trying to tag Mei Yin and missing it. They both carried a nice smile on their face the whole time.

    After a while, they both got tired.

    “Hey, I’m tired already. Let’s stop and rest,” said Ming Hei as he stopped running and collapsed onto the floor. Mei Yin stopped running, turned around, and walked towards him.

    “Tired already? Why are you so weak?” teased Mei Yin.

    “Laugh all you want,” said Ming Hei. Suddenly, he heard a sound in the bushes and held his hands up signaling Mei Yin to be quiet. She did was told. Ming Hei then unsheathed his sword and pointed towards the bushes. “Who has came?! Reveal youself this instance!” demanded Ming Hei.

    From the bushes, a man with scars on his face dropped out. His face looked very familiar to Ming Hei and Mei Yin.

    “Isn’t he the man who was talking to us when we were at the temple?” whispered Mei Yin to Ming Hei.

    “It is! Mr. Duen! Are you okay? What happened?” said Ming Hei as he sheathed his sword and walked towards him with Mei Yin.

    “I think he’s been injured badly, find a place for him to rest first and then have him talk,” said Mei Yin.

    “I know that there is a cave around here. No one lives there, it’s very safe,” said Ming Hei. Then they helped Duen Shun to the cave, resting them on a big slab on rock.

    “Mei Yin, can you go to that small waterfall over there and get some water for him to drink?” said Ming Hei after he positioned Duen Shun comfortably on the slab of stone.

    “Okay,’ said Mei Yin. “Wait, what will I use to carry the water in?”

    “There is that big tree over on that side. Use one of its leaves to carry water in, but remember, clean the leaf thoroughly first,” said Ming Hei as he saw the tree.

    “Okay,” said Mei Yin as she walked over. On the other hand, Ming Hei went to the other side of the cave and pulled off a few leeves from a small exotic looking herb bush.

    “Ming Hei, here’s the water,” said Mei Yin.

    “Okay, help him drink some it it slowly. I’ll go wash these leeves at the waterfall,” said Ming Hei. Before Mei Yin can ask what those leeves were for, Ming Hei already started walking away. So she helped Duen Shun drink some water.

    “Mr. Duen, are you okay?” said Ming Hei when he returned.

    “I-I-I’m fine now,” said Duen Shun.

    “Do you remember us Mr. Duen? We saw each other day that day at the temple,” said Mei Yin.

    “I remember. You-you are Yuen Gong Zi. This girl is—is… who are you?” said Duen Shun.

    “I’m Sima Mei Yin. I don’t think I have told you my name the other day so that’s probably why you don’t remember,” said Mei Yin.

    “Mr. Duen, what happened? Why are you all scared?” said Ming Hei.

    “It’s a long story. A big bunch of thieves suddenly pop out of no where when I was starting to return to my hometown and they tried to steal my possessions. I was trying to protect myself so I had a fight with them, and they injured me with a few needles and stold my money. They then left me alone. I managed to crawl to a safe spot, and that was when I saw you,” said Duen Shun.

    “Your face is pale and your lips are white, those needles must have been poison. Where did they aim the needles at? These leeves are herbs that can suck out the poison. If not, it will at least be able to stop the poison from emerging through your body,” said Ming Hei as he mushed up the leeves into a paste with a rock.

    “It won’t help,” said Duen Shun. “Those needles were White Cliff Magic Needles.”

    “White Cliff Magic Needles? What is that?” asked Mei Yin curiously.

    “A very poisonous needle. The amount of people who can be able to make these needles are already very few, but the ones who can cure the needles’ poison is ever fewer,” said Ming Hei.
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    CHAPTER 23: His Kindness, Not Stupidity

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Duen Shun
    Mok Tian Hau
    Fong Ying Fung - unassigned - a mysterious man with a long grey beard at the age of 45 who lives in the Gods' Mountans studying various things such as Fung Shui and other magics.


    “I do not think that those leeves can help,” said Duen Shun.

    “Don’t say that Mr. Duen. Even if they are not able to suck the poison, they will be able to stop the poison from emerging throughout your body. These leeves are extremely powerful. Show me your injured spot so I can apply this,” said Ming Hei.

    “Yuen Siu Dai, do you know the power of the White Cliff Magic Needles?” said Duen Shun.

    “My family opens a medicine shop. I know all about poisons. This White Cliff Magic Needle’s cure pass been known by my family. Being able to stop its poison from spreading is the first step of healing. I can later use acupuncture that my dad taught me to help you. That is, if you want me help Mr. Duen,” said Ming Hei. Duen Shun looked at Ming Hei as he thought about it. “Do you not trust me Mr. Duen? Yes, I haven’t met you very long but people have said “if you see someone in danger, unsheath your sword and help (Chinese proverb: lo geem but ping, but doe seung jaw). Besides, why would I harm you? I just want to help” Ming Hei then gave him a smile. Duen Shun knodded his head.

    “The thieves aimed three White Cliff Magic Needles near by chest,” said Duen Shun.

    “Okay. Mei Yin, why don’t you step outside for while?” said Ming Hei.

    “Why? Do you not want me to?” said Mei Yin amazingly.

    “I have to see how injured Mr. Duen is, and boys and girls aren’t supposed to be that close anyway,” said Ming Hei.

    “Oh. Okay. I’ll go gather some fruits for you guys to eat afterwards then,” said Mei Yin as she stepped out.

    Duen Shun then took off his top and Ming Hei took a close look at his injury.

    “Your attacker must have very good martial art skills. These needles holes touch your heart by a bearly bit. If it was a little more towards your heart, you would have died by now. From where they have the needles, it only makes you unable to pratice any martial arts. Once you use martial arts, the poison will spread throughout your body and you will die,” said Ming Hei. He then placed the paste of leeves on his injured area and Duen Shun gave out a small shriek of pain. “It will sting a little but, but afterwards, it’ll be okay. Hold your hand over it to keep it in place.” Duen Shun did as told. “Now, if you want me to use acupuncture to help you, I must tell you, this is a three months process.”

    “Three months?” said Duen Shun surprisingly.

    “White Cliff Mountain Needle is very poisonous. To find someone with the cure of it is very hard already. It’s three months until you can use your martial arts or never,” said Ming Hei.

    Duen Shun thought for a while. “Three months then. Thank you very much Yuen Siu Dai.”

    “Call me Ming Hei,” said Ming Hei. He then took out a set of acupuncture needles from his waist band. He made Duen Shun sit in an upright position with his back towards him and his legs crossed with his hands folded on his lap. Ming Hei then cleaned each needle expertly with a few of those leeves he has cleaned before. Then he expertly placed some of those needles onto Duen Shun’s back.

    Just then, Mei Yin came back with a few apples in her hands. She didn’t want to disturb what Ming Hei was doing, so she hid herself behind a rock and watched him as he expertly placed each needle onto Duen Shun’s body.

    After Ming Hei was done placing the needles onto Duen Shun, he placed his index and middle finger of both hand onto Duen Shun’s neck, then he moved them towards his shoulders in a fast and expert motion. He then transferred his fingers downward to his hips and gave a stronger push towards that pressure point. Duen Shun gave a jerk. Ming Hei then used the index and middle finger of his right hand and hit a few more pressure points with it. With the last point that he hit, Duen Shun spat out a gulp of black blood.

    “Are you okay Mr. Duen?” asked Ming Hei. Duen Shun lifted his right hand up signaling that he’s fine. “That gulp of blood that you spat out was poison. There should only be very little bit of poison in your body now, but it’ll take a while to clean it all out. I’ll take out the acupuncture needles right now.” That was what Ming Hei then did. He took out each needle expertly and cleaned it with the leeves before he placed it back onto his pack of needles. When he was done, he placed his set of needles back into this waist band and Duen Shun placed his top back on.

    “Thank you Ming Hei,” said Duen Shun.

    “No problem,” said Ming Hei.

    Just then, Mei Yin came out from behind the rock with the apples in her hand.

    “I picked some apples from a tree outside, here” said Mei Yin as she handed them each an apple.

    “Thank you Sima Goo Leung,” said Duen Shun.

    “Call me Mei Yin,” said Mei Yin with a smile.

    “Mei Yin,” said Duen Shun as he bit his apple.

    “Mr. Duen, this acupuncture process will take three months and I do not recommend you to move that much during this time. If you do not mind, I think you should stay in this cave for these three months. Don’t worry about it not being safe, because hardly anyone knows that there is a cave here. I am supposed to come out to the bamboo forest every day to practice my martial arts for a long period of time, so while I’m out, I can continue with your treatment. Mei Yin and I can also bring you food every day,” said Ming Hei.

    “Won’t that be too much trouble for you two?” said Duen Shun.

    “No trouble at all. I found these apples at an apple tree not so far outside of this cave; you can pick apples from there to eat. Ming Hei and I can bring you some daily supplies and stuff for these three months until you are fully recovered,” said Mei Yin.

    “You can use this big flate rock as a bed while you stay here too,” said Ming Hei.

    “Your kindness to me shall never be forgotten,” said Duen Shun.

    “No need to be so polite,” said Ming Hei.

    “Ming Hei, Mei Yin, can you please do not tell anyone about me being in this cave? I do not want to cause any trouble for you two,” said Duen Shun.

    “Of course we won’t!” said Ming Hei. “It’s getting late. We should leave. We’ll be back here tomorrow Mr. Duen.”

    So Duen Shun stayed at the cave for the night. Ming Hei and Mei Yin started returning home. On the way, Ming Hei started a conversation between them.

    “Mei Yin,” said Ming Hei.

    “Hmm?” said Mei Yin.

    “Who said that YOU are coming with me to visit Mr. Duen tomorrow?” said Ming Hei.

    “Well—who said that you are the only one who can help him?” said Mei Yin.

    “Really? Who is the one who is using acupuncture to help him from his injury? You agreed with him that WE are going to bring him daily supplies together, but I can bring it all to him,” said Ming Hei confidently with his hands on his hips.

    Just then, Mei Yin elbowed him in the stomach and he showed a paintful reaction. “What was that for?” said Ming Hei.

    “Who told you to be so mean to me?” said Mei Yin.

    “ME being mean? When was I ever mean? You said I was too nice and is easy to get picked on,” said Ming Hei.

    “Yeah yeah, say all you want. No matter what, I’m coming tomorrow though!” said Mei Yin with a confident smile.

    Ming Hei looked at her innocent face. “Fine, fine, you can come,” said Ming Hei.

    “Really?” said Mei Yin. She then grabbed his hand and crossed their pinky. Ming Hei looked at this action with a surprise on his face and his heart beating. “We crossed out pinkies so it’s a promise now, okay?”

    “O--Okay,” said Ming Hei awkwardly. Mei Yin gave him a sweet smile and let go of their hands. Ming Hei felt a little uneasy as he walked Mei Yin skip around in front of him, but had a warm feeling inside him at the same time.

    “By the way, who is that Mr. Duen? Who do you think he has stepped in the path of to cause them to almost kill him?” said Mei Yin.

    “I don’t know about this point. All I know is that whoever it is that is after him has superior martial arts,” said Ming Hei.

    The next day rose up high and Tian Hau was sitting at his desk when a strange person with a long gray beard dressed in gray came up at the store, it was the cheem explainer that was talking to Ming Hei, Siu Lan, Yeung Sung, and Mei Yin the other day.

    “Can I help you sir?” said Tian Hau as he looked up at the man.

    “Tian Hau Hing, do you not remember me?” said the man. Tian Hau do not remember anyone that he knew that looked like him, with big eyes, a long beard, and an elegant long blue silk gown.

    “I’m sorry, but I do not remember,” said Tian Hau.

    “Really?” said the man. He then tookout a jade amulet with the surname ‘Fong’ carved on it.

    “You are Fong Ying Fung!” said Tian Hau happily. “After we have departed after our meet how have you been?”

    “I’ve been extrodinary well. I have came to inform you about something,” said the man, Fong Ying Fung. His tone then changed. “This is serious. There are too much people here.”

    “Follow me,” said Tian Hau. They then walked into the bamboo forest.

    “Brother Mok, you have saved my life before, and I can live to not repay you for what you have done for me. I think my chance to repay you has come. I have some things to tell you, and they are deadly serious,” said Ying Fung.

    “Please inform me,” said Tian Hau.

    “I believe that malevolent no-good Duen Shun has already came to you and threat you,” said Ying Fung.

    “Yes that is true,” said Tian Hau.

    “I know that you have known him for a long time before, but I’m pretty sure you know his personality,” said Ying Fung.

    “Yes I do but I just can not bear having myself to kill him,” said Tian Hau.

    “He must be dead or else he’ll be too powerful in the future and will do you tremendous harm in the near future!” said Ying Fung.

    “Ying Fung! No matter what he does, I will not kill him. I know you are telling me this for my own good, but I can not just neglect the past,” said Tian Hau.

    “Brother Mok, you have a way to kind heart, just like your son,” said Ying Fung.

    “You know Ming Hei?” said Tian Hau.

    “I guess I do. I have seen him once, at the temple when he was with his friends. Tian Hau Hing, you have known that I’ve been studying Fung Shui and other things at the God’s Mountains with my Sifu. I’ve gain the magical ability to fortell the life of others by just looking at them. Don’t mind me being strait forward, but the first time I saw your son, I can see with his face that he will suffer through a lot of painful challenges in his life,” said Ying Fung.

    “Painful challenges? What do you mean?” said Tian Hau.

    “Extremely painful challenges where he will suffer through deaths of his closest friends, family, and even love ones,” said Ying Fung.

    “What? How can that be? He’s such an innocent and kindhearted person! Why would his future be like that? You can’t believe every thing you learn! You do not have facts to back it up!” said Tian Hau frustratedly.

    “Tian Hau, believing it or not is your choice, but I’m just here to tell you that is what I see in your son’s facial structures. Yes, he holds a very kindhearted and innocent heart out with a charming and handsome face, but his future is predeterminded by heaven. The other thing I have to tell you, Duen Shun has been practicing the highest level of his family’s passed down Duen Family Palm. This is a very deadly palm at this level. If you get struck with it, your organs will completely shut down and you’ll die in less than the time of half and incent stick. He might be aiming towards your son to threat you,” said Ying Fung.

    “That will not be a problem. He tried to sneak up on us one time but I have shot him with three White Cliff Magical Needles right on the spot next to the heart. That disables him from martial arts for the rest of his life unless he is able to beg the ladies of the White Cloud Sect to give him the cure. I will never give him the cure, just to prevent him from going down the wrong path even furter,” said Tian Hau.

    “You might not give him the cure, but your son might,” said Ying Fung.

    “My son? Why would he?” said Tian Hau.

    “Remember that he has seen Duen Shun once, he does not know if he’s good or evil. Using your son’s kindness, Duen Shun might make up a story and have your son cure him,” said Ying Fung.

    “Ming Hei is not that dumb, he shouldn’t believe a stupid story like that,” said Tian Hau.

    “It’s not that your son is dumb, it’s that he’s too kind and benevolent to people. I think you should ask him about this when he comes home. Time is passing. I have to leave to return to the God’s Mountains to my Sifu. I have just stopped here at Luo Yang to tell you what I have found out. Wish you the best of luck. I will try to help you in any positive way possible,” said Ying Fung.

    “Goodbye Fong Hing Dai,” said Tian Hau with one hand in a fist and the other on top of the fist, forming the way to say goodbye.

    “Goodbye Mok Hing Dai,” said Ying Fung with one hand in a fist and the other on top of the first, also forming the way to say goodbye.
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    CHAPTER 24: The Fun in Arguments

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Duen Shun


    As Tian Hau started to walk home, he thought about what Duen Shun might have in his mind.

    'Is he really after Ming Hei? If he is, is what he planning to do the same as what Ying Fung has stated?' thought Tian Hau.

    As he saw his medicine shop in the distance, he saw Ming Hei stepping out, with a big bag over his shoulder.

    “Ming Hei, where are you going?” said Tian Hau.

    “Me? I’m going to practice my martial arts like you have told me,” said Ming Hei.

    “Yes, but you don’t need to bring a big bag like that to practice martial arts do you? What’s in it?” said Tian Hau.

    “This? Oh it’s just some extra weights and things. I think that it might help me with my martial arts if I wear heavier metal and things around my hip. It should make me stronger. Of course, I have to bring some food too or else I’ll get hungry,” said Ming Hei as he took out some almond cookies from the bag. Tian Hau gave his son a smile and let him go. He is starting to think that what Fong Ying Fung said was incorrect, or that he hopes that it is incorrect.

    In the bamboo forest is Mei Yin waiting for Ming Hei, also with a big bag next to her side. She looked up at the clouds and twisted around as she waited.

    “Mei Yin!” shouted Ming Hei from a distance.

    “What took you so long?” said Mei Yin as she walked up to him.

    “Sorry, I had trouble finding some items,” said Ming Hei. “What do you have?”

    “I have some dried snacks for him. I also have some paper and ink for him to paint and practice calligraphy with when he’s bored. Since he can’t practice martial arts, he can practice his painting and calligraphy skills. I also have a few collections of books for him to read,” said Mei Yin.

    “Hmm, how do you know he knows how to paint, write, and read?” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin stared at him dumbfounded. “You should get useful items for him, and not useless ones. Like the ones I brought! I also have some dried snacks, a thin blanket for him, and two sets of clothing. Now THESE are considered useful daily items.”

    “How do YOU know he can’t paint, write, and read? Just by the fact that he’s a Martial World person? I don’t think so, Mr. Yuan!” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei stared at her with his mouth opened and finger pointing at her without anywords coming out. Mei Yin gave him a winner’s smile and started skipping towards the cave where Duen Shun stayed. Ming Hei nodded his head, picked up his bag and Mei Yin’s bag and followed her as she walked carefreely.

    At the cave, Duen Shun was sitting inside, with many long pieces of grass along his side. He was folding grasshoppers when Mei Yin and Ming Hei entered the place arguing with each other.

    “Yeun Ming Hei! Stand right there!” said Mei Yin from the distance.

    “You think I’m crazy? I’m not going to stand right there and let you hit me,” said Ming Hei as he entered the cave. “Besides, it was your fault!”

    “Yeun Ming Hei!” said Mei Yin as she stomped in.

    “What’s wrong?” said Duen Shun.

    “I didn’t do anything!” said Ming Hei as he hid behind Duen Shun when Mei Yin was about to hit him.

    “Mei Yin, what happened?” said Duen Shun.

    “Mr. Duen! He—he threw my hair ornament somewhere and now it’s lost!” said Mei Yin madly.

    “Ming Hei?” said Duen Shun.

    “I didn’t start it. We were walking and then she said she dropped her ornament! Then we were looking for it and when I found it I was playing around with her and then I accidently dropped… it...” Ming Hei’s sentence got softer and softer as it reached the end.

    “I see. Mei Yin, it was just a hair ornament. You can forgive Ming Hei for that,” said Duen Shun.

    “Mr. Duen, but he—nevermind, nevermind,” said Mei Yin with a grudge.

    “You said that!” said Ming Hei as he walked form behind Duen Shun and stood in front of Mei Yin. Just then, Mei Yin gave him a big stomp on his foot causing him to shout.

    “What was that for?” said Ming Hei.

    “NOW it’s even,” said Mei Yin.

    “You evil women,” said Ming Hei. Duen Shun just laughed at their immaturity.

    “Mr. Duen, I have brought you some things for you to do while you stay at this cave for the next three months, because I know that it can breally get boring,” said Mei Yin.

    “Really? Thank you very much, what do you have?” said Duen Shun.

    “I have some dry snacks here, and also some books here that you can read, and some paper and ink for you to paint and practice calligraphy on,” said Mei Yin.

    “Thank you very much. I don’t think I have read these books before, and I haven’t painted nor practiced my calligraphy skills in a long time. Thank you Mei Yin,” said Duen Shun.

    “You’re welcome. I always knew that you are not illiterate like SOME one thinks,” said Mei Yin as she stared right into Ming Hei’s eyes. Ming Hei pretended as if nothing has happened.

    “Mr. Duen! I also brought stuff for you! More USEFUL stuff,” said Ming Hei. “I have some tasty snacks here for you too. I also have a blanket for you during the night, and a few fews of clothing for you to change.”

    “Thank you very much. I am greatly appreciated,” said Duen Shun.

    “What are you making Mr. Duen?” said Ming Hei as he peared over his shoulder and seeing him playing with grass.

    “I’m making a grasshopper,” said Duen Shun.

    “You can make a grasshopper with a single strip of grass?” said Mei Yin astonishingly.

    “Yes, would you two like me to teach you how?” said Duen Shun.

    “Of course! After you teach us, I’ll then use acupuncture to help you with your injury,” said Ming Hei.

    “Alright,” said Duen Shun. “Now, grab a piece of grass and do it like me…”

    Time passed and after Ming Hei and Mei Yin learned the technique of making a grasshopper with grass, Ming Hei used acupuncture once again to help him with the injury. Mei Yin watched as Ming Hei preformed each and every step carefully and seriously. She thought that his serious face was kind of cute.

    “There Mr. Duen, I’ll stop here today. Your situation is a lot better than yesterday already, I’ll stop here every three days to give you another treatment. Remember, do not run around here, or else the one who shot the three White Cliff Magical Needles at you can find you and kill you with them once again,” said Ming Hei.

    “I will be here right here. Anyways, I have so many things that you two have brought for me to pass my time. Thank you very much for helping me,” said Duen Shun.

    “No need to be so polite,” said Ming Hei.

    “Ming Hei, what’s that left in your bag?” said Mei Yin when she say that his bag seemed a little heavy.

    “Almond cookies,” said Ming Hei as he took them out.

    “Almond cookies?!” said Mei Yin excitedly.

    “I was thinking about sharing them with you since I know you like them, but I think I’m going to change my mind since my foot still really, really hurts,” said Ming Hei nonchalantly. Mei Yin started giving him her innocent face and tugged his sleeve like a little kid.

    “Ming Hei, don’t be so mean. Give her some,” said Duen Shun smiling. Ming Hei was thinking about it.

    “Just because Mr. Duen said so!” said Ming Hei as he handed the dish to Mei Yin, who eagerly took a few pieces.

    “Thank you!” said Mei Yin happily.

    “Mr. Duen would you like some?” said Ming Hei.

    “No thanks, I don’t really like almonds,” said Duen Shun. Just then, Mei Yin choked on a piece of cookie, and without thinking, Ming Hei patted her back to soothe her pain.

    “Are you okay?” said Ming Hei considerately.

    “I’m fine,” said Mei Yin. Her hearted started to get faster and faster as Ming Hei patted her back.

    “Ming Hei, didn’t you need to practice martial arts or something?” said Duen Shun.

    “My dad won’t find out if I don’t practice one day or two. I can always practice tomorrow and the day after when I don’t see you,” said Ming Hei.

    “That will not do. Martial arts is a srious matter, Ming Hei. It must be practiced daily in order for you to reach its height,” said Duen Shun.

    “It doesn’t really matter to me. I do not find martial arts that important anyway. Isn’t learning enough to defend yourself good enough? I mean, why do people fight till their death in order to get a certain kind of martial arts? Is an old book like that worth a person’s life?” said Ming Hei.

    “How can you say that?! No matter how good you are there is always someone better than you at martial arts! If you just learn enough to defend yourself, the ones who are better at it than you can beat you or even kill you! To get the highest martial arts ables you to be the best and actually DO protect yourself!” said Duen Shun dramatically.

    “Mr. Duen, I think you and I have different opinions on this topic. What you believe in is none of my business, but I just don’t think it’s worth fighting to your death for,” said Ming Hei.

    “Right, what you believe in is none of my business either. I’m sorry for being so dramatic about it,” said Duen Shun.

    “It’s okay. Maybe I should practice my martial arts right now, since that is what my father wants me to do. He wants me to reach the height of our family martial arts, but I know what I’m made of, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. There are 9 levels! It took me 8 years to get from level 5 to 6! I don’t know how, but it just happened like a miracle! How will I know when another miracle like that will occur?!” said Ming Hei.

    “You will never know. Maybe you should ask your father what has brought you from level 5 to 6,” said Duen Shun.

    “He won’t tell. I know his personality, the only time that he MAY tell is when I reach level 8, if I ever do that is,” said Ming Hei.

    “Well, you will never know. Remember when I asked you abou the Ching Sum Kuet? Well, for that martial art, it also has 9 levels. Level 1 to 5 is able to be reached when you just practice it normally, but getting to higher levels involves some other things. Level 6 requires you to have your first crush. Level 7 requires you the two to love each other. Level 8 requires the two to love each other extremely much so that one is willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. Level 9 requires many love stories of the man,” said Duen Shun.

    “A martial art based on love? That is just crazy! That can just not be possible,” said Ming Hei doubtfully.

    “Not crazy at all! The person who owns this Ching Sum Kuet has been able to reach up to level 9,” said Duen Shun.

    “Fine. If that martial arts IS based on love, then that person who reached to level 9 was not a very faithful husband. I feel bad for his wives,” said Ming Hei.

    “Ming Hei ah! How do you know that he’s a bad husband when you don’t even know him?” said Mei Yin.

    “Are you saying that if YOUR husband had many other wives, you would still say he’s still a good husband?” said Ming Hei.

    “You!” said Mei Yin.

    “What? You don’t know how to reply?” teased Ming Hei. He can tell that Mei Yin was getting mad. As she attempted to stomp his foot again, he dodged it playfully and looked at her with the word ‘haha!’ in his face.

    “You two,” nodded Duen Shun with a smile.

    “If my husband DID have many others whom he loved, I wouldn’t mind as long as the reason is appropriate and reasonable,” said Mei Yin.

    “Really? Then you are doomed to marry a man who is very attractive and will bring a lot of other pretty women home,” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin glared at him. “Mr. Duen! See that? She’s glaring at me once again, with those two pairs of big eyes!” He pointed to her eyes, and Mei Yin knocked them away. Duen Shun laughed.

    “You two,” smiled Duen Shun. “Do you always have an arguement when you see each other?”

    “Who’s busy to argue with HIM/HER?!” said Ming Hei and Mei Yin at the same time.

    “Ming Hei, how about this. Whenever you come and visit me, you can practice martial arts at this cave, so you’ll have a chance to practice your martial arts every day. I can also give you pointers from now and then since I know some martial arts. At the same time, it can provide me some entertainment,” said Duen Shun. Ming Hei thought about it.

    “Sure thing!” said Ming Hei happily.

    “Mr. Duen, you know martial arts, are you good at them? What sect are you from? When you get better, can you teach me more martial arts? Even though I’m a girl, I really like martial arts!” said Mei Yin.

    “When did I say you can come along with me to visit Mr. Duen?” said Ming Hei with his hands on his hips.

    “You---” started Mei Yin, but she didn’t know how to continue the sentence.

    “Ming Hei, don’t be so mean. Mei Yin, I would be very happy if you come and visit me,” said Duen Shun.

    “Mr. Duen!” said Ming Hei.

    “Hear that Ming Hei? Mr. Duen said he’ll be happy if I visit him,” said Mei Yin happily.

    “Hai... Do whatever you want,” said Ming Hei as he walked away from Mei Yin. Mei Yin smiled with satifaction and laughed at the confused face of Ming Hei. Duen Shun smiled at them two once again.

    “Ming Hei, why don’t you show me your martial art skills right now?” said Duen Shun.

    “Sure thing,” said Ming Hei. He unsheathed his sword and swinged it around professionally, causing gust of winds to blow through Mei Yin and Duen Shun’s hair. Duen Shun feels the power of the Ching Sum Kuet once again in his lifetime. Just then, Ming Hei swished his sword down vertically with power and then a rock which layed 8 meters away from him splitted into two equal halves! Ming Hei stared at the scene with wide opened eyes, and so did Mei Yin. Duen Shun watched with fear in his blood, sensing that this son of Mok Tian Hau is not as vulnerable as he thought he was.

    “Di-did I do that?” said Ming Hei awkwardly.

    “Yes you did, Ming Hei,” said Duen Shun.

    “Bu-but how?” said Ming Hei confusedly.

    “Your martial arts must be at a very high level. You family must not be just a regular family, this must be some kind of secret martial arts!” said Duen Shun.

    “Don’t joke with me Mr. Duen,” said Ming Hei doubtfully. “My family is just a normal family, it’s not possible. Maybe I was just lucky that time.”

    Duen Shun caught his eyes on Ming Hei’s sword. “Maybe it’s your sword that did the job.”

    “This?” Ming Hei lifted his sword up. “My father gave it to me a while ago. He said that it’s my weapon, but the thing is, I have never learned sword fighting before in my whole life! Somehow though, it came along easily.”

    “Can I see that sword Ming Hei?” said Duen Shun. Ming Hei happily passed his sword to Duen Shun. He accepted it and looks at it with admiration, for he had never touched the Ching Sum Sword in his whole life. He has never experienced the power of the Ching Sum Kuet being so close to him. He gazed at it with envy.

    “I don’t think a sword can do much. It’s just a sword, it’s not alive,” said Ming Hei carelessly.

    Duen Shun did not bother answering Ming Hei and just continued watching the sword. “I would have never known that I would be able to hold this in my hands,” whispered Duen Shun to himself. Just then, the sword gave him an electric shock through his body and he dropped the sword carelessly onto the ground.

    “What’s wrong Mr. Duen? Your hands are shaking,” said Mei Yin.

    “Nothing. I… I’m not feeling well; maybe that is why my hands are shaking. I’ll be fine when I rest a bit,” said Duen Shun.

    “You’re not feeling well? Then I think Mei Yin and I should leave so you can rest. We’ve bother you enough today,” said Ming Hei.

    “Alright then,” said Duen Shun.

    “Bye Mr. Duen,” said Mei Yin. Then Ming Hei tugged Mei Yin out of the cave.

    As soon as Duen Shun saw them out of the distance, he clasped onto his hand that the sword shock him at and brought it to his face. “WHY?! WHY ARE YOU NOT LETTING ME TOUCH YOU EVEN FOR A SMALL PERIOD OF TIME?! WHY!? WHY CAN I NOT POSESS THE CHING SUM KUET?! WHAT IS IT THAT MOK TIAN HAU GOT THAT I DON’T?!” screamed Duen Shun at his hand. His want to posess the Ching Sum Kuet has risen more and more as he stared at the opened cave with hatred and anger in his eyes.
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    CHAPTER 25: The Ten Day Punishment

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Duen Shun
    Mok Tian Hau
    Tong Yi Ting


    For the next two months, Mei Yin and Ming Hei would visit Duen Shun every three days to give him an acupuncture treatment. Each and everyday, Duen Shun witnessed Ming Hei and Mei Yin arguing with each other, and having fun while doing so. He can tell that they would always be like this, and believed that he can use Mei Yin as a threat to the Mok family someday when he has a chance. Everything went on normal like this, with Mei Yin and Ming Hei pissing each other off each and everyday but find the pleasure of doing so to each other. It wasn’t until this one day when this changed. It was like any other days where Ming Hei and Mei Yin are visiting Duen Shun once again to help with with his acupuncture treatment. Ming Hei was just practicing his martial arts in front of Duen Shun and Mei Yin right now. Each and every move Ming Hei made seemed more powerful and forceful than the next. Each gust of wind that he caused was strong enough to cause a cold and deep tingly feeling into a person’s heart. This was exactly what Duen Shun felt. Ming Hei motioned his sword around and as he did, his sword guided a string of leaves to follow him and go by his rules. Suddenly, the leaves almost aimed at Mei Yin, causing her to shriek at the moment, and then Ming Hei quickly directed the leaves away from her and smiled innocently at Mei Yin.

    “What did you do that for?! Do you know that you almost blind me?!” screamed Mei Yin at Ming Hei as she pointed him in the chest at every syllable of each word she said. Ming Hei stepped back fearfully as she poked him.

    “I was just playing!” said Ming Hei.

    “This is NOT the kind of game you should be playing,” said Mei Yin yelling in his face. Ming Hei stepped back a little bit.

    “Sorry then,” said Ming Hei. “But you have to admit that it was funny! You should have seen your expression!” Ming Hei smiled.

    “You---” said Mei Yin. Just then, she started chasing him around trying to hit him on the head, Ming Hei of course, ran away from her. Duen Shun could not resist but to laugh at these two never-growing children.

    “You two are at it again,” said Duen Shun. Ming Hei and Mei Yin frozed still, with Mei Yin’s hand almost punching Ming Hei in the stomach and Ming Hei’s hand holding her fist from punching him. They let go and sat next to Duen Shun.

    “Mr. Duen, it’s all her fault and you know it!” said Ming Hei.

    “My fault? Who told you to almost kill me?” said Mei Yin.

    “You two,” laughed Duen Shun. “By the way Ming Hei, you’re martial art is getting better and better each and every day. I just have one question; you were able to control those leaves with ease. Is it that because your family’s martial art consists of the practicing of your inner strength? I believe that that is the only way for you to be able to control objects like leaves with ease when you are not touching them.”

    “Inner strength? Why would there be involvement of inner strength? I thought that only those people of the Martial World practices inner strength,” said Ming Hei.

    “Well, how do you know if your father was not a Martial World person?” said Duen Shun. This cause Ming Hei to wonder. Seeing that Ming Hei was getting curious about this matter, Duen Shun laughed out loud inside his heart knowing that step 2 (with getting near Ming Hei as step 1) of his plans has taken the action. Ming Hei walked around thinking about this situation. Was his father a Martial World person or was he just a regular person of the city?

    “After you said that it seems like our family martial arts is not as simple as it is. Mr. Duen! Do you THINK my father is a Martial World person?” asked Ming Hei.

    “Might be,” said Duen Shun.

    “I’ll go home now and ask my father about it,” said Ming Hei. “Bye Mr. Duen. Come on Mei Yin.” Ming Hei tugged Mei Yin’s sleeve as they head out the cave.

    “By Mr Duen!” said Mei Yin to Mr. Duen. Then to Ming Hei, she said, “Do you have to find out so fast? Slow down! I’m almost tripping myself!”

    “Just walk Princess!” said Ming Hei.

    Duen Shun smiled to himself once again, a frightening smile. He knows that Ming Hei’s fast thinking and fast acting will help him succeed in his plan to attain the goal of having the Ching Sum Kuet.

    Ming Hei was dawdling down the streets on the way home, with Mei Yin turning the corner to head her own way home.

    “Father!” said Ming Hei as he saw his father working at the medicine shop.

    “Done practicing your martial arts so soon?” said Tian Hau.

    “Yes. By the way father, the more I practice our family’s martial arts, the more powerful it seems,” said Ming Hei.

    “Really?” said Tian Hau.

    “Yeah. Is our martial art some kind of secretly passed down martial art?” said Ming Hei as he leaned towards the counter.

    “Why do you ask that?” said Tian Hau. “It’s just a regular martial arts passed down by our family, but it’s very useful.”

    “I think reaching level 6 is powerful enough already. It seems like I can control nature or something! Knowing martial arts is to protect ourselves, is it okay if I just stop practicing here? Because I know enough to protect my---” said Ming Hei. Tian Hau cut him off.

    “You can NOT stop practicing. Martial art is a very difficult thing. You just had some progress and now you are thinking of quitting?” said Tian Hau.

    “It’s not that father. I just think that you don’t need to be on the top of the martial arts world. All you need is enough to protect yourself,” said Ming Hei.

    “There will always be some other people who will be better than you at martial arts! From those people, you can NOT protect yourself! So while you are still young, use some time and practice your martial arts until it is good! You will not quit until you get to at least level 8. Understand me?” said Tian Hau.

    “I do, you why? Level 6 is extremely powerful already! It seems like it involves the use of inner strength--- by the way, does our family martial art involve the use of martial arts?” said Ming Hei. Tian Hau suddenly turned at looked at his son. His face began to change.

    “Who said that there is the involvement of inner strength in our family martial arts?” said Tian Hau seriously.

    “It was---” started out Ming Hei. Just then, he remembered what Duen Shun said: Ming Hei, Mei Yin, can you promise me to not tell anyone about me being in this cave? I do not want to cause trouble for you two. “It was Mei Yin.”

    Tian Hau looked at his son in bewilderment.

    “Why are you being around the Sima family? How many times have I told you that the upper class is not some people whom we can afford to play with?! The upper class lives in a different world from us!” said Tian Hau.

    “Father! I never get why you hate the upper class that much. I hang out with them becuase they are my friends, not because I want something from them! Why do you think every upperclass person is a bad one?” said Ming Hei.

    “The upper class is extremely powerful! If you step on their tail, they can be able to get rid of our whole family on the face of this world, forever!” said Tian Hau. Just then, he rememebered something. His son has to have a person to like in order to reach level 6 of the Ching Sum Kuet. Ming Hei hasn’t been around Siu Lan for a long time, so could it be… “Is the one whom you like Mei Yin?” said Tian Hau sharply.

    Ming Hei looked at his father in surprise and his heart beat got faster as his face started to turn extremely red. He turned his head and said, “Wh-what are you talking about father? Why-why would I like her?”

    “Don’t lie anymore! Ming Hei, how many times have I told you? Our family can not afford to deal with the upperclass!” said Tian Hau.

    “Father! What are you talking about? I don’t like her!” said Ming Hei.

    “Stop denying! I know you do!” said Tian Hau. “I’m going to tell you now and only once. Do not see Mei Yin ever again!”

    “Why? She’s my friend! Why can’t I see her?!” said Ming Hei.

    “Still talking back at me?!” said Tian Hau. Because Ming Hei was a filial son, he became quiet.

    “Now, for ten days. Ten days! Do you step a single foot outside of our house!” said Tian Hau.

    “Ten days?! Why? You have told me to practice martial arts. With me staying inside for ten days, how will I be able to do that?!” said Ming Hei.

    “I’m telling you. Ten days! No less! If you do not listen to me, I’ll make it fifthteen days! I’ll rather have you not be able to learn all of our family’s martial arts instead of you having affairs with the upper class which we can not afford to step in the path,” said Tian Hau seriously.

    Ming Hei looked at his father in disappointment and then walked inside and to his room unhappily.

    Tian Hau placed his hands on the table and reacted miserably to the incident. He has thought, and hoped, that the girl that caught Ming Hei’s attention was Siu Lan, but no. It is Mei Yin. Their family just can not afford to step on the tail of a rich family once again.

    During the next two days, Ming Hei stayed home, staring out the window, thinking about why his father does some things which he did not understand at all. Why did his father not let him hang out with people whom he is real friends with? Why does his father make him learn martial arts? Why does his father hate his mother so much? Why does his father not like the upper class? And did he really like Mei Yin? The last question struck him the most. It’s been two days since he hasn’t seen her, since Mei Yin comes over and watches him practice martial arts ever day. Even though she hids behind a bush, he still knows that she is there, but he never told her that he knows. His heart seems to be missing a bit. It hurts when he thinks about her.

    Do I really like her? But even if I do, like father said, I am no match for her. I’m a regular middle class person and she’s a royal family’s one and only daughter. Even if I do like her, we will never have a happy ending. thought Ming Hei. During these two days, he just practiced his flute. An elegant and soothing tune flew out of the house. Tian Hau heard this and he can hear the sadness inside his son why the tune’s rhythm.

    During the two days that Ming Hei was not in the forest practicing martial arts, Mei Yin was still there in the forest waiting for him to come and practice his martial arts. She waited and waited but he never showed up. For two days she went and he didn’t show up.

    He might just be busy. thought Mei Yin. She felt like something is missing within her.

    The third day was the day when Mei Yin and Ming Hei were supposed to go visit Duen Shun. Mei Yin waited by their usual spot for an hour. Ming Hei did not show up. She got a little mad at him for being late, but then she realized that there might be something wrong. Ming Hei might be sick or something. She decided to go look for him. First, she went to inform Duen Shun that they couldn’t come today and then she went back into the city and to Ming Hei’s family medicine shop. There, she sees Ming Hei’s father at the counter.

    “Mr. Yuen,” said Mei Yin.

    “Sima Goo Leung, may I help you?” said Tian Hau.

    “Is Ming Hei here?” said Mei Yin. Tian Hau looked at her with a blank face. “Is Ming Hei here?” repeated Mei Yin.

    “He’s sick. He’ll probably be sick for another seven days or so,” said Tian Hau.

    “Sick? Is he okay?” said Mei Yin concernly. “Let me go in and see him.” As Mei Yin tried to step in, Tian Hau blocked her.

    “Sima Goo Leung, Ming Hei is sick. I do not think that he should have visitors,” said Tian Hau.

    “Why not?” asked Mei Yin innocently. Tian Hau was speechless at her question.

    “Sima Goo Leung, you should understand that we are people from different classes and that we should not have that much going on between us. We are not at match for your family,” said Tian Hau.

    “What do you mean? Do you not like me hanging out with Ming Hei because I’m from the upper class? Why does class matter that much?” said Mei Yin.

    “It does matter, we are people from two different worlds,” said Tian Hau.

    “I don’t understand Mr. Yuen. What’s wrong with Ming Hei and me being together and hanging out?” said Mei Yin.

    Tian Hau thought for a while and then said, “Sima Goo Leung, I think that my son likes you.” Mei Yin’s eyes widened, but it seemed like her heart is full of joy.

    “Li-likes me?” stuttered Mei Yin.

    “I think he does. In order for our misunderstanding to go on any further, I don’t think you two should communicate anymore. Your door is gold and our door is wood. How can a golden door be matched with a wooden door? I know that my son is hoping for too much. I don’t know if you have feelings back for him or not, but int eh sake of our families, I do not think you two should see each other anymore,” said Tian Hau.

    “I understand. The time is a little late, I think I should go home now,” said Mei Yin.

    “Goodbye Sima Goo Leung,” said Tian Hau.

    Mei Yin then walked away slowly as she thought about what Tian Hau had said. Does she really like Ming Hei? Was Siu Chun right? Was their family really from two different worlds so that there will be no space in between for the existence of the two?

    As she walked, she thought about these questions. Even when she passed by Siu Lan’s flower stand, she did not notice.

    “Mei Yin!” said Siu Lan when she saw her. Mei Yin did not answer. “Mei Yin!” said Siu Lan once again. She still did not hear. “MEI YIN!” she screamed at the top of her voice. Mei Yin heard this time, and walked over.

    “Siu Lan. Tong Ma,” said Mei Yin politely.

    “Are you okay? You seemed to be tired. I called your name three times already,” said Siu Lan.

    “Oh. Sorry, I’m okay. I--I was just thinking,” stuttered Mei Yin.

    “What’s wrong? You look sad,” said Siu Lan.

    “I’m okay,” said Mei Yin. “I haven’t seen you in so long.”

    “I know! Who told Ming Hei and Yeung Sung to be o busy? Hey! Let’s go to the temple together tomorrow, just us, since those two can’t go,” said Siu Lan.

    “Okay,” said Mei Yin.

    “Ming Hei is busy too? I know that Yeung Sung went to Chang’an for something, but what is Ming Hei doing?” said Yi Ting suddenly.

    “His father said that he is showing some sudden improvement at martial arts, so he wants him to practice it for a few months, so that his progress will not slow down,” said Mei Yin.

    “Really?” said Yi Ting mysteriously.

    “His martial art was always so weak and looked like a little kid playing in the sand. I would like to see how much he has improved,” teased Siu Lan.

    “We can all see how he’s doing later or something,” said Mei Yin. “The time is getting late, and my father would want me home. I’ll see you tomorrow Siu Lan. Bye Tong Ma,” said Mei Yin politely.

    “Okay then, bye,” said Siu Lan.

    “Goodbye,” said Yi Ting. After this, Mei Yin walked home.

    “Ming Hei has gotten improvement at martial arts?” asked Yi Ting.

    “That’s what he said. He said that his father saw sudden improvement in him like two months ago or something. I’m not sure, but I would REALLY want to see how much he improved. You saw him trying to control the motion of a sword before, he looked like he was dancing more than sword fighting,” said Siu Lan.

    “That’s true,” said Yi Ting to herself. She seemed like she had more things in her mind.
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    CHAPTER 26: A Glimspe of the Past

    Mok Tian Hau
    Tong Yi Ting


    The next day arrived quickly. Tian Hau was sitting at the counter and separating some medicine when Yi Ting showed up at the shop.

    "Yi Ting?" said Tian Hau surprisingly and happily. "What brings you here?"

    Yi Ting looked around to make sure that no one was listening. "Tian Hau Gor (brother), I have something to talk to you about," whispered Yi Ting. Tian Hau nodded and they went out to the bamboo forest together as they made sure they were not being followed.

    "What did you want to talk about?" said Tian Hau.

    "I heard Ming Hei has been improving at his martial arts," said Yi Ting.

    "How did you know?" said Tian Hau surprisingly.

    "I overheard Siu Lan's conversation with Mei Yin today. Mei Yin told us," said Tian Hau.

    "What?! How does she know?" said Tian Hau madly. "This son of mine! I have told him so many times to more tell people about his martial arts status and there he is!"

    "He only told his closest friends. It's not that bad," said Yi Ting.

    "You don't understand," said Tian Hau. There was a long pause.

    "So, who's the lucky girl? Is it Siu Lan?" asked Yi Ting eagerly.

    "Sorry. This son of mine is too disobedient. The girl is not Siu Lan," said Tian Hau shamefully.

    "Not Siu Lan? Who is it?" asked Yi Ting surprisingly. Tian Hau did not answer. "Is it Mei Yin?" asked Yi Ting after she thought for a while. Tian Hau nodded in dissatisfaction.

    "Mei Yin is beautiful and very kindhearted girl. Most of all, her personality is so much like Ming Hei's. Both of them do things without thinking about the result. They can be considered as a perfect match!" said Yi Ting with a small smile on her lips. "It's too bad that the girl isn't my Siu Lan, but Mei Yin is also a decent person for Ming Hei."

    "Yes she is a wonderful girl, but our family can not afford to be a family with hers!" said Tian Hau.

    "Just because she's an upperclass?" said Yi Ting. Tian Hau looked at her for a moment and then nodded. "Tian Hau Gor, you are still afraid of the upperclass because of that event so long ago?"

    "I'm not afraid! I just don't want anything like that to happen to Ming Hei. I have already suffered a lot through it, and I do not wish for my son to walk my path," said Tian Hau.

    "It happened so long ago! Can't you just forget about it? Chan Gwok Ho probably forgot about everything about the Ching Sum Kuet!" said Yi Ting, trying to stop Tian Hau from thinking about the past.

    "Forget everthing? He will never do so!" said Tian Hau. Just then, he began to think about what happened in the past. "I remember what happened in about 20 something years ago very clearly. I was just about 18 years old when I met Yhun Yi one rainy afternoon. We both fell in love at first site. Every day we should practice our martial arts together and have fun together. We were together for about 1 year when my dad found out about us. He said that Yhun Yi was not a good person and will do harm to me. I did not listen to him. He has already been sick for a year and with this attack of my being with a girl whom he told me not to be with, he became even more sick and soon died without explaining to me why. The only thing he told me that the martial art I was learning was the legendary Ching Sum Kuet and that he was the legendary White Warrior. I then became the successor for the White Warrior, the carrier of the Ching Sum Kuet. Right then, I told this to Yhun Yi about this secret, but she didn't seem amazed! She suggested that we should go hide somewhere so that people will not be able to find us and steal away my Ching Sum Kuet. We lived in a small village under a mountain for about 3 months until Chan Gwok Ho came! I had no idea of who he was and no idea of how he found us! Just then, I realized that he was the brother of Yhun Yi. He came to us by himself and very was friendly at first, but not after long, he revealed his real reason for being here. His goal was to steal our family's Ching Sum Kuet and Yhun Yi being able to get near me was part of the plan! I was heartbroken, but I can tell that during the times that she was with me she truly has gained feelings for me! Soon, the army of her brother soon showed up at the front of our house. The battle between us started and he managed to injure my right arm badly with a fast swish of his golden sword. That was when I realized that Chan Gwok Ho was a powerful general who is trying to seize my Ching Sum Kuet. His whole group of warriors is working to steal the Ching Sum Kuet for the government. They say that they are here to steal it for the government, but I know that Chan Gwok Ho wants it for himself. For when Yhun Yi's brother was about to take my life with his Chan Family Palm, she stood right in front of me to stop his brother and caused the palm to stop within two inches from her chest. I remember clearly when she held on to her brother and yelling for me to escape. Sadly, her brother pushed her onto the floor and stabbed her to death. Knowing that her brother has previously inured my right arm deeply, I had no choice but to run away, with tears gushing out of the corner of my eye. I managed to escape but I was terrified by the power of these nobles, upperclass, who hold power in the government," said Tian Hau.

    "Yet, after one tragedy another one followed," said Yi Ting.

    "I will always remember that battle with an unknown sect when I met him and Fong Ying Fung. There was a big gang of robbers who tried to steal our possessions, and specifying for my Ching Sum Kuet. We faught hard together and soon killed all of the robbers. Unluckily, I was the only one who was not injured. Duen Shun had this right kneecap dislocated, and Ying Fung had this chest muscles ripped. Luckily, I have learned a few skills from my father in herbology and healing and was able to help them two. After this tragic happening, they reaized I was the white warrior. We then decided to become blood brothers and since I was still thankful for them in helping me fight the robbers," said Tian Hau.

    "Sadly, Duen Shun was not blood brother you never regret having. He betrayed you. He led his sect towards you. After he got close to you and after you gain trust on him, he led his clan to attack you so that he can steal your Ching Sum Kuet!" said Yi Ting.

    "No matter what he did we are still blood brothers. I did not kill him that day like I did with all of his other sect members. I used the combination of my Ching Sum Kuet and the Hing Gong that you have taught me in the battle and not one will be able to survive if I used my full power. I still believed him as a blood brother of mine, so I just paralyzed his left arm. Ever since that day when Fong Ying Fung and I escaped, we have never seen Duen Shun. Ying Fung and I have departed and went on separate roads, with him coming back to visit me now and then. It wasn't till two months ago when I saw the face of Duen Shun and Ying Fung again!" said Tian Hau.

    "Wait, you saw Duen Shun again? What did he come for?" said Yi Ting.

    "Don't worry, I took care of him. I shot three White Mountain Cliff Needles at him and paralyzed his ability to use his martial arts. He shouldn't cause anymore trouble," said Tian Hau.

    "Don't be sure about that. Duen Shun is a tricky person. And how did you see Ying Fung?" said Yi Ting.

    "He came back for another visit, it was nice seeing him. I have also seen that his powers have grown even stronger. He seems like a divine person now," said Tian Hau.

    "After you suffered through this tragic and sudden disaster, another one followed quickly. You wre soon attacked by a group of 200 people where they injured your right hand and fell into our valley where my husband and found you. We took you home and bounded your wound up for you. I remember how frantic you reacted when you first woke up. You were scared and wouldn't talk or eat at all. It took my hsband and me quite some time to get you talking and eating," said Yi Ting.

    "You and your husband are the only true friends I have met. You guys never betrayed me or wanted my Ching Sum Kuet like any other of those other people. I am very thankful for those months you allowed me to stay with you until my wound was better," said Tian Hau.

    "It 's martial art to protect. Our family's ultimate Hing Gong could not be stolen by anyone. We were lucky that we were able to hind in that valley for so long without anyone finding out. I'm currently secretly training Siu Lan our family's Hing Gong, and she is doing very well at it so far. I think that she will be very successful at it. I just hope that she will never have to use it to protect herself one day," said Yi Ting.

    "Well, at least Siu Lan can keep that secret. Unlike Ming Hei who told his friends that he's practicing martial arts. Just by looking at Siu Lan's fragile self, you would never know that she knows martial arts. Don't even mention the great Tong Family's Hing Gong, the fastest and most powerful Hing Gong in the martial arts world! After those few months with you and your husband, I realized what real friendship was like. You two have even offered me the the teaching of the basic of your family's Hing Gong! It really helped me in my martial arts. It provided me the ability to move easier and make my martial arts more powerful," said Tian Hau.

    "It was just a small portion of our martial arts, no need to be that thankful," said Yi Ting. "So that was how it went. By the way, after we departed that one time, we haven't seen each other until I know that you and Ah Fung have moved into Lou Yang about 18 years ago. My family only moved into LuoYang because this one set was trying to steal our Hing Gong. Sadly, my husband died from that incident. Where were you between those few years since we departed after the meeting of Duen Shun and Fong Ying Fung?" asked Yi Ting curiously.

    "It's a long story. If I have time some other day, I would tell you the whole entire story. All I can say now is that its part happy and part sad. The happy part is that I found my true love and that I discovered level 9 to the Ching Sum Kuet, where I can only only reach when I have multiply loves, Yhun Yi and her. Those are the only two people whom I will never forget in my whole life. The sad part of it, I do not wish to talk about right now," said Tian Hau.

    "If Tian Hau Gor does not wish to repeat his past then I shall not force you to," said Ti Ying. "By the way, have you ever planned to tell Ming Hei about all of this?"

    "It's too much for him to handle at such a young age. Those two tragedies are my main reasons for Ming Hei to not know the nobles and not be involved in the Martial World affairs," said Tian Hau. "All I want now is to get his mind off Mei Yin."

    "Mei Yin is a decent girl who really matches Ming Hei. It's a pity that they can not be together. But if you believe that that is the best for Ming Hei, then I think I have your solution," said Yi Ting.

    "What solution?" said Tian Hau.

    "I have heard that the Sima family moved to the city of Luo Yang because of an arraged marriage. I do not hink that Sima Mei Yin has any sisters or brothers so I believe that the one who has their marriage arranged is her. With an arrange marriage at hand, I do not think that she can be with Ming Hei. So I suggest that Tian Hau Gor should care less about them, because when Ming Hei finds out about her arranged marriage, he should know that they can not be together and will forget about her after suffering a little bit of pain for a few days. Remember, it is us who are not good enough for them, not that they are not good enough for us. Her father would probably be glad that her daughter is marrying someone of the same level," said Yi Ting.

    "Really?" said Tian Hau amazingly and happily. "Well, if that is so then I should care less. May I ask if you know which family she ahs her arranged marriage with?"

    "Sorry but I do not know," said Yi Ting.

    "It's okay, whoever it is, it's none of our business anyway," said Tian Hau.

    "That is true," said Yi Ying. "Time is going by, I have to go now because Siu Lan said she wanted to go somewhere this afternoon so I will have to go back and watch our stand."

    "Alright. Bye Yi Ting Mui," said Tian Hau.

    "Bye Tian Hau Gor," said Yi Ting.
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    CHAPTER 27: Start of Troubles

    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Mok Tian Hau
    Sima Lok Yun
    Siu Chun


    Mei Yin took placed her lips on the edge of her cup of tea and took a sip as she stared out of the temple’s Leung Ting to see if Siu Lan has arrived yet. She has been waiting for quite a while and felt as if something was wrong because Siu La is usually never late.

    “Mei Yin!” said a familiar voice from behind. When Mei Yin turned around, she realized that it was Siu Lan.

    “Siu Lan! What took you so long? You are usually never late,” said Mei Yin.

    “I’m sorry. My mother had to go somewhere this early morning. She didn’t return till late noon. When she came back, I already came here at the fastest pace I can,” said Siu Lan. Mei Yin noticed that there was no sweat on Siu Lan’s face even though she said she came here at a fast pace.

    “You don’t seem to be sweating when you came here fastly,” said Mei Yin curiously.

    “Re-really?” stuttered Siu Lan. “I’m a person who doesn’t sweat easily. So maybe that is why.” Of course, Siu Lan has used her Hing Gong to arrive here at the fastest speed, and that does not require a lot of energy when you are at her high level.

    “I see,” chuckled Mei Yin. “I haven’t seen you for so long! How have you been lately? Have you seen Yeung Sung or Ming Hei at all during these days?”

    “I’ve been fine, just helping my mother pick and sell flowers like usually. Yeung Sung is in Chang’An so I haven’t gotten a chance to see him for a while. Ming Hei stops by and chats with me occasionally when he walks down the streets sometimes. How about you? I haven’t seen you in a while. What have you been up to?” said Siu Lan.

    “I’ve been fine. I really haven’t done much during these days. Without hanging out with you guys, it has been a very boring life,” said Mei Yin.

    “I see. Ming Hei’s martial arts have been improving I heard. I wonder how good is he now, he used to be very bad at it,” teased Siu Lan.

    “No, he’s not bad at all! His talent in martial arts is very superior!” blurted out Mei Yin.

    “You mean you saw him practice before?” said Siu Lan curiously.

    “Umm… I… yeah I did,” said Mei Yin.

    “That’s an odd thing. Ming Hei never lets anyone see him practice his martial arts before,” said Siu Lan.

    “Well, I was at the forest one day wondering around and I saw him. He told me to be quiet about it and in exchange, he let me see him practice,” said Mei Yin.

    “Oh I see. If he tells you to not tell anyone, you better not. He can be a real firebrand somedays,” joked Siu Lan.

    “By the way, have you seen him lately?” said Mei Yin.

    “No, why?” said Siu Lan.

    “I haven’t seen him practice at the forest for about 4 days already. Yesterday before I saw you, I went to his family’s medicine shop to see where he was and his father said he was sick. Even so, a few days ago he was just fine. I don’t know if he’s really sick or that his father doesn’t like me being around him. You know how much his father doesn’t like the upper class,” said Mei Yin.

    “That’s true. Mr. Yuen absolutely HATES any contact with the upperclass. He even refuses to have upperclass patients sometimes. He’s a very odd man so it won’t be odd if he’s keeping Ming Hei indoors just because he doesn’t want Ming Hei to have contact with upperclass,” said Siu Lan.

    “Can you check for me to be sure?” said Mei Yin.

    “Sure, but how and why?” said Siu Lan.

    “I have something very important to talk to him about. Mr. Yuen really likes you, so if you go visit Ming Hei, he probably won’t care if you visit Ming Hei,” said Mei Yin.

    “Sure, I will be able to do that,” said Siu Lan.

    “When you go, can you give him this letter? It contains something REALLY important. When you go, make sure he replies you with another letter. When he does, can you give it to me? It’s really important and I’m counting on you Siu Lan,” said Mei Yin seriously as she handed her the letter.

    “Of course I can. What is this important thing?” said Siu Lan.

    “It’s a secret. When it’s over, I think we can tell you, but not now. Please try to go get an answer from him fast,” said Mei Yin.

    “I’ll go now,” said Siu Lan.

    “Thank you!” said Mei Yin.

    Siu Lan walked fastly down the streets until he reached Ming Hei’s family’s medicine shop where Tian Hau was just finishing up wrapping some medicine for a patient.

    “Hello Siu Lan, how are you?” greeted Tian Hau kindly.

    “I’m fine Mr. Yuen. I heard that Ming Hei is sick. Is he okay?” said Siu Lan.

    “He’s okay. He just has a bad cold. He should be okay after he rests for about 5 or 6 days more,” said Tian Hau.

    “5 or 6 days? Wow, that sounds like a serious cold. May I please go in and see how he’s doing? I think he’ll like some company after being sick for such a long time,” said Siu Lan.

    “He has the cold. If you go visit him, you might catch it too,” said Tian Hau.

    “I’m not afraid. I’ve known Ming Hei since I was little. I would hate to see my friend be sick for a long time and me not visiting him even once,” said Siu Lan.

    “If that’s the case,” said Tian Hau. He then led Siu Lan into their house.

    “Thank you Mr. Yuen!” said Siu Lan happily.

    Inside another room was Ming Hei, sitting at the table with his head and arms on the table as if he was bored.

    “Ming Hei,” said Tian Hau.

    “Father,” said Ming Hei sadly.

    “You have a visitor,” said Tian Hau.

    “Who?” said Ming Hei uninterestedly.

    “Ming Hei,” said Siu Lan.

    “Siu Lan?” said Ming Hei excitedly as he turned around to see her face.

    “She came to see how you are doing with your cold. You two talk for a while, I have to go back to the front of the shop,” said Tian Hau as he left. As he walked out, Ming Hei peeked at the door to make sure he was gone, and then he went back to Siu Lan.

    “Hey! Why did my father let you in?” whispered Ming Hei.

    “Your father just did, I’m not sure why. I knew you weren’t sick! With your jumpy and naïve personality, why would heaven want you to be sick at all? Why is your father telling everyone that you are sick?” said Siu Lan.

    “It’s a long story. I don’t even know why. I think it’s the fact that I have been seeing Mei Yin for a while. You know how much he hates uppreclass,” said Ming Hei.

    “True. Are you being punished for that?” said Siu Lan.

    “Yes, my father said I have to remain indoors for 10 tens. No less,” said Ming Hei sadly.

    “That’s harsh. You father really seems like a hard man to understand,” said Siu Lan.

    “He IS, but who told me to be his son? As long as he’s my father, I will have to listen to him,” said Ming Hei.

    “By the way, Mei Yin told me to give you this,” said Siu Lan as she handed him a letter. Ming Hei quickly opened it and read it. It said:

    Ming Hei,

    You father says that you are sick, but I’m positive that you are not. Is he trying to limit us from seeing each other? Whatever it is is not important. The thing that is important right now is of Mr. Duen. I do not know anything about the acupuncture treatment you are giving Mr. Duen but I have a feeling that you are giving him a treatment every three days for a reason. Will something happen if his treatments gets odd schedule? If there is something I can do to help Mr. Duen, please tell me! I do not wish that we will end up killing him instead of helping him.

    Mei Yin

    After reading, Ming Hei quickly grabbed an ink dish and an ink stick and placed it in front of Siu Lan.

    “Siu Lan! Can you help me make some ink quckly with the tea on the table? FAST!” said Ming Hei. Siu Lan did as told. At the same time, Ming Hei searched madly around his room for a calligraphy pen and some paper. After he found it, he started writing a long letter. He was writting so fast, but so seriously at the same time that Siu Lan couldn’t keep her eyes off of him.

    When he was done writing, he blew at the paper for it to dry and then placed it into an envelope with Mei Yin’s name on it. He quickly gave it to Siu Lan and said, “Help me bring this to Mei Yin, FAST! It’s extremely important. Remember, FAST!”

    “Ok-okay,” said Siu Lan.

    “Thank you!” said Ming Hei as he led her to the door.

    Siu Lan rushed on her little feets on the streets, since she can not use her Hing Gong in public. Soon enough, she made it to Mei Yin’s House. She knocked on the door and as she waited for someone to come by, she kept on breathing hard, trying to catch her breathe. The doors opened and Siu Chun was at the door.

    “Who are you?” said Siu Chun curiously.

    “I’m—I’m Mei Yin’s friend, Siu Lan,” said Siu Lan as she catched her breathe.

    “OH! So YOU are Siu Lan! Siu Jeh told me about you before. May I ask you for what reasons are you looking for our Siu Jeh?” said Siu Chun.

    “I have something very important to give to her,” said Siu Lan.

    “Oh I see, but master is talking to her right now in the reading room. Is it okay if you give that thing to me? I can give it to her later,” said Siu Chun.

    “Then, alright. Thank you. Remember, you MUST bring it to her very hands. It’s extremely important,” said Siu Lan as she carefully gave the letter to Siu Chun.

    “Don’t worry about it,” said Siu Chun as she took the letter.

    “Remember, do not look at the letter,” said Siu Lan.

    “Peasents like us dp not dare to look at our Siu Jeh’s items,” said Siu Chun seriously.

    “Thank you then,” said Siu Lan. Siu Chun smiled and closed the doors. Siu Lan started at the doors, thinking about what the letter said and why it was so important.

    'Maybe it was something only between Mei Yin and Ming Hei, outsiders like me shouldn’t care so much.' thought Siu Lan as she walked away.

    Inside the Sima resident, Lok Yun dragged her daughter into the reading room when she gave back home.

    “Father, why did you bring me into here for?” said Mei Yin curiously as she watched her father search around for some papers around the room. Soon, he found something and placed it in front of Mei Yin. “What is that?”

    “That is the wedding arrangement contract that I had with the He family!” said Lok Yun happily.

    “Father, I told you already, I do not like arrange marriages,” said Mei Yin seriously.

    “No matter if you like it or not! It’s set! The only reason I moved into the city of Luo Yang was because of this marriage with my good buddy! It was set since you were 3 years old. Don’t you remember when you and his son were having so much fun together in the fields? He was just 5 and you were 3 when you spent time with each other. With a kite in your hands, he held them securely and helped you fly it! Then before the He family left to live in Luo Yang, his son even gave you a kiss on your cheeks!” said Lok Yun.

    “Father! That was so long ago! How will I remember?” said Mei Yin.

    “However it is, his son is a well educated young man. He’s very talented in martial arts too, I know you like martial arts. Myabe you guys can practice it together! The best thing is that his family is worthy enough for ours,” said Lok Yun.

    “What are you trying to say father?” said Mei Yin. That sentence he said about ‘his family being worthy enough for ours’ seemed to have a deeper meaning.

    “You know what I mean daughter. Don’t think I don’t know. You’ve been hanging out with lower class people all the time. That Yuen Ming Hei and Tong Siu Lan. Yes, it’s true that Zhu Yeung Sung is with them too, but if he brings his family down, it doesn’t mean that you should too!” said Lok Yun.

    “How can you say that father? They are my friends! What IF they are not our class level? It doesn’t mean that they are no good. I find myself being able to have fun with them. When we lived in Chang’An, all I’m around are upperclass men, and all they do is recite poetry to each other and show off their martial art skills when they are so bad at it! They are no good,” said Mei Yin.

    “Mei Yin, no matter what you say, I can not take back my word for this marriage! He Git is the perfect man for you!” said Lok Yun. The name He Git shocked Mei Yin all of a sudden, for he was the perverted man at the restaurant who trying to rape her.

    “What did you say? He Git? Father! Don’t tell me that person who I’m arranged to marry is He Git!” said Mei Yin.

    “What if it’s He Git? What’s wrong with He Git?” said Lok Yun.

    “Father! He—he almost raped me one time! How can you make me marry to a man who does things like that? From what I heard the villagers said that was not the first time! He also visits the brothel occasionally!” said Mei Yin. Lok Yun was shocked by the words that came out of Mei Yin’s mouth, for she has ever told him all these stuff before. Even so, he does not know if her words are to be believed.

    “No matter what, the arrange marriage is set. The He family will be coming over for dinner one day,” said Lok Yun softly as he walked out of the door.

    Mei Yin slumped into a chair and started crying. Her tears flowed down like a river. The only thing she can think of right now is this arranged marriage. Somehow though, the picture of Ming Hei popped into her head. “Ming Hei, where are you? Help me,” whispered Mei Yin to herself as she sobbed. She then placed her head on the table and sobbed when Siu Chun entered the room.
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    CHAPTER 28: Love Her, Love Her Not

    Siu Chun
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Mok Tian Hau
    Sima Lok Yun


    “Siu Jeh!” said Siu Chun as she walked over. “What’s wrong?” She tilted Mei Yin’s head up and whipped the tears from her eyes.

    “Siu Chun!” sobbed Mei Yin as she hugged onto Siu Chun.

    “What’s wrong Siu Jeh? Is it something Siu Chun can help you with?” said Siu Chun.

    Mei Yin sat in the chair and shook her head. “No, no. You will not be able to help with this,” sobbed Mei Yin.

    “Siu Jeh, please don’t cry. You wouldn’t want to show people your weak side. Especially not to the Ming Hei you’ve been talking about, he would make fun of you for sure!” comforted Siu Chun. From Siu Chun’s last sentence, Mei Yin decided that she should stop crying. Ming Hei WOULD laugh at her if she doesn’t stop. With this thought in her mind, her crying soon stopped.

    “By the way, why are you in here?” said Mei Yin.

    “Oh! The person you’ve been talking about, Siu Lan, she came and told me to give you this,” said Siu Chun as she handed Mei Yin the letter. Mei Yin opened it rapidly and read it:

    Mei Yin,

    You are right, I’m not sick. My father just told me that I can not go anywhere for 10 days after I asked him that question Mr. Duen had about our family martial art’s doing with inner strength. When I asked him, he asked me how I noticed that and I mentioned your name accidently. Right after that, he got extremely mad and he asked me if I liked you or something. He then gave me another whole lecture about me not supposed to be around upperclass and he told me that I can not go anywhere for 10 days. In the 100 ways, filial peity is stated first (Chinese saying: Bak Hung yi hau wai seen). I can not disobey my father. For Mr. Duen’s case, I’m so glad you told Siu Lan to see me! You are right, the acupuncture I’m giving him, he can not miss more than on treatment. If he misses more than one during the process, he will die from spitting out blood. From everyday now, PLEASE use the hearbal formulaI have on the other sheet of paper and feed it to him every single day until I get off of my punishment. This is extremely important! If this herbal treatment is not preformed right away, he WILL soon die! This will hold the poison in his body until I am able to go and give him treatment once again. Remember, this has to be given to him EVERY day! I’ll be back in 5 days. I’ll meet you in the forest then. For the time now, please follow my careful directions on the other page! Also, do not buy all the herbs from the same herbal shop! If you do, they will think that there is something suspicious going on because the doctors do not know what this formula is for. On the other sheet, I have split the herbs into several categories. With each category, buy it from a different shop. This way, they will only think that you need some cold medicine or such.

    Ming Hei

    After reading this letter, Mei Yin looked at the other sheet of paper. It has names of various herbs and the amount that is needed to be brought. There were also instructions on how she should boil it. She quickly got up and went out the door to buy these herbs.

    “Siu Jeh! Siu Jeh! Where are you going?” said Siu Chun as she followed Mei Yin, but she was not able to catch up to her. By the time she reached the door, Mei Yin was already out of sight.

    On the streets, Mei Yin traveled from store to store as she gathered the herbs from different stores. After a while, she gathered them all and went to Mr. Duen. There, she cooked the medicine for him, from three bowls of water into one bowl. As she did this, only Ming Hei seemed to pop up into her mind. She tried to not think of him, but it just seemed literally impossible.

    “Do you have something on your mind Mei Yin?” said Mr. Duen when he saw her stare into blank space.

    “Huh? Me? No, thank you for caring Mr. Duen,” said Mei Yin as she took the pot of herbs from the small stove and poured it into a bowl for Mr. Duen. “Be careful, it’s very hot.”

    “Thank you,” said Mr. Duen as he received the bowl.

    “Mr. Duen, I can’t stay long today, I’ll come back tomorrow to boil the herbs for you again,” said Mei Yin.

    “Alright then, thank you for coming and accompanying me,” smiled Mr Duen.

    For the next few days, Mei Yin came at an occasional time to help Mr. Duen. Every night of these days she doesn’t see Ming Hei, he seems to pop up in her dreams or whenever she starts thinking. She already tries to get him out of her mind, but it just seemed impossible.

    On the last night of Ming Hei’s punishment, he was at home practicing his flute. In the corner, Tian Hau was listening to him play. It seemed like Ming Hei’s martial art is getting better by the tune on his flute, he was able to notice that his father was in the corner listening to him. Once he noticed, he looked at where his father was standing, and stopped playing. This caused Tian Hau to come out.

    “Why did you stop playing?” Tian Hau sat next to his son, who was leaning against the wall on his bed.

    Ming Hei looked at him with innocent eyes for a while, and said coldly, “I don’t have to play it when I don’t want to.”

    From this, Tian Hau sensed that his son is a little mad at him. “Are you still mad at father?”

    “You’re my father. Why would I ever be mad at you?” said Ming Hei sarcastically.

    “That means you are mad at me then?” said Tian Hau. Ming Hei didn’t andswer. “I know that you don’t understand why I do not like the upper class. I’ll tell you why someday, but I do not think it’s the right time now. It’s a very long story. No matter what, we are not worthy enough for them. Do you understand that?”

    “Father! I don’t understand! They are people just like us, so why can’t we get along?” said Ming Hei.

    Tian Hau knows that no matter what he says, he will not be able to convince Ming Hei. “Son, tell me the truth. Do you like Mei Yin? You denied before, but tell me the truth.” He placed his hand on top of his son’s.

    Ming Hei looked at his father. “I- I don’t know,” said Ming Hei.

    “Well then,” said Tian Hau. “When you see her, does your heart speed up? When you see her, does your body feel like it’s burning? Whenever you DON’T see her, do you think of her often?”

    Ming Hei thought about this and then nodded at his father. Tian Hau knew the answer. “Son, even if you love her, it doesn’t mean that she loves you back.”

    “How do you know that?” replied Ming Hei quickly.

    “Ming Hei, upperclass always plays game like this. Once they gain someone’s heart, they will let them go. They just think that it’s a fun game like that,” said Tian Hau.

    “Mei Yin is not this kind of person!” said Ming Hei.

    “Do you know that she has an arranged marriage?” said Tian Hau suddenly. Ming Hei’s eyes widen and started blankly at his father, his heart was shocked.

    “How-how do you know that? She never told me anything like that!” said Ming Hei.

    “Why would she tell you? She is treating you like a toy! Once she’s done with you, she’ll just laugh and go away! Son, wake up. With a handsome face and wonderful personality like yours, there will be many other girls perfect for you,” said Tian Hau.

    “Father, you don’t know Mei Yin. She’s not that kind of person,” said Ming Hei softly.

    “If you don’t believe me, you can ask her yourself oneday,” said Tian Hau. “Then you’ll know what I mean about the upper class being bad people.” Ming Hei brought his knees up and wrapped his arms around them as he was deep in thought. “Can you play a song for me?” said Tian Hau.

    “I don’t feel like it anymore,” said Ming Hei. Tian Hau then took out his own flute.

    “How about you playing it on my flute?” said Tian Hau. Ming Hei looked at it with desire. “You always wanted to play it, so why don’t you play it now?” Tian Hau handed the flute to Ming Hei. Ming Hei looked at his father and then grasped the flute carefully with his hands. He looked at his father, who nodded to him, and then he played a graceful tune into the air. This tune was not like the sound that he hears when he plays it on his flute; the tune seemed to be powerful, but peaceful at the same time. There seemed to be a special power possessed inside the flute, making every single note clear and beautiful.

    The next morning, Mei Yin was anxious to get to the bamboo forest as fast as possible to see Ming Hei. As he passed by the main doors, she saw his father eating. She tried to ignore him, but he caught the sight of her appearance.

    “Mei Yin!” said Lok Yun. Mei Yin looked at his father and acted as if she didn’t see him. “Mei Yin! Come over here.” Mei Yin came over as told. “Mei Yin, why are you ignoring me for these past days? Ever since that talk we had at the reading room, you ignore me every single time I see you.” Mei Yin looked into the air as if she didn’t hear his father. “Mei Yin, reply to me.”

    “I didn’t ignore you, I just didn’t see you,” said Mei Yin carelessly.

    “No matter what you do, I will not be able to reject the arranged marriage. He Git is a nice man. No matter what you say about him, he’s your future husband. The He family is coming over for dinner tomorrow. We will greet the He family with manner. Understand?” said Lok Yun.

    “What?! Dinner?! You never told me that!” said Mei Yin.

    “I did now, and if I wanted to tell you the other days, I couldn’t, since you were ignoring me,” said Lok Yun.

    Mei Yin stared at his father with a mad face and stomped out of the house to the bamboo forest, where she waited for Ming Hei. She has been waiting for a while, but Ming Hei was no where to be seen. She got a little worried.
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    CHAPTER 29: Confession of Love

    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Duen Shun

    “Mei Yin!” shouted a familiar voice behind Mei Yin. She quickly turned around and noticed that it was Ming Hei! A big smile was released on her face.

    “Ming Hei!” said Mei Yin. She then started running towards Ming Hei and oponing her arms up to give him a big hug. Ming Hei did the same. Once they came together, their bodies collide, throwing each other a big hug, with their head on each other’s shoulders. Mei Yin even had a few drops of tears trickle down her glamorous eyes. “Do you know how much I miss you?” said Mei Yin sadly.

    “And you don’t think I do too?” said Ming Hei sadly.

    They lifted their heads off each other’s shoulders and looked at each other in the eye. “Ten days. I haven’t seen you in ten days,” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei nodded. Just then, he noticed the tears in Mei Yin’s eyes. He wiped them with his fingers.

    “Silly pig (saw ju), why are you crying?” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin smiled at him and wiped her tears away.

    “Cry? I didn’t cry,” said Mei Yin as she smiled at Ming Hei.

    “You still saying no? Look at your sleeve! It’s all wet!” smiled Ming Hei. Mei Yin then striked him on the chest.

    “Still playing?” smiled Mei Yin. Ming Hei just smiled.

    “Mei Yin, can I ask you something?” said Ming Hei seriously.

    “What is it?” said Mei Yin.

    “Do you have an arranged marriage?” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin stared at him blankly.

    “How did you know?” said Mei Yin.

    “So it’s true,” said Ming Hei in shock. He walked a few feet away and played his arm on a tree, leaning for support. “Why did you never tell me?”

    “You know my personality. You know that I do like my my parents to plan out my whole life for me. I do not wish to marry the man who my father said is my future husband! If I will not marry him, does it matter at all?” said Mei Yin.

    Ming Hei looked at her sadly. “Even if you do not wish to marry him, you know you can not disobey your parents! No matter what, he’ll turn out to be your husband because of the agreement your prents made before. So why didn’t you tell me before?”

    “I will absolutely not marry him to matter what! Do you know who that person is?” said Mei Yin.

    “No,” said Ming Hei softly.

    “It’s He Git,” said Mei Yin.

    ”He Git?!” said Ming Hei concernly. “Mei Yin! That stupid, perverted, evil, and arrogant person can NOT be your husband! Remember what he did to you at the Colorful Life Restaurant?!”

    “I know that. That is why I’m determined to not marry him to matter what!” said Mei Yin sadly.

    “But no matter what you do, you will have to at the end. He’s worthy enough for your family. Your family matches each other perfectly,” said Ming Hei sadly.

    “So? If there is no feeling between us, the marriage will not be perfect,” said Mei Yin sadly.

    “Feeling? Feeling! All marriages of the upper class do not have to do with feeling. All of it is having another family worthy enough for your family and that both families can benefit from the relationship, and your father is doing the same. Feeling, who are you kidding?” said Ming Hei.

    “What do you mean by that? Do you think I’m those stupid upper class woman who plays with people’s feelings?” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei didn’t listen. “Look at me!” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei didn’t turn around. “I said, look at me!” said Mei Yin as she forced him to turn around, by twisting his shoulers. She held his hands and looked at him in the eyes. “The only one I have in my heart,” said Mei Yin as tears gushed out of her eyes, “is you.”

    These words shocked Ming Hei. His heart heat started racing and his face felt a burning.

    “Ever since you tried to ‘train’ be to become an upper class, I always desired to see you every day. Every time that I do, my heart beats with joy. Those ten days without you by my side, my heart felt like it was going to break any minute. No one else has ever given me this feeling before,” said Mei Yin with tears in her eyes. “How about you?” Ming Hei stared at her tearful eyes with a blank face. Mei Yin waited for his answer.

    He then nodded his head as a smile appeared on his face. “Ever since you asked me to help you with your princess lessons I felt a crunch in my heart, for I knew that the only one in your mind then was Yeung Sung. After I found out that you didn’t have those feelings for him anymore, my heart was filled with joy and longed to see you ever day out here in the bamboo forest.”

    Mei Yin knew his answer and threw her arms across him and placed her head on his shoulders. Ming Hei grasped her tightly with care as tears of happiness seeped out of his eyes down his cheeks. She had feelings in return for him all this time and he had not noticed. He also had feelings in return for her all this time and she had not notice. No matter what, it’s all settled down and they know who truly lies in each other’s hearts. As they hugged ech other with intense care, their hearts beated fast and had a feeling that they never had before. It was a happy feeling. Their bodies felt lighter than it was before when they had to keep the big secret form each other. They are feeling as if they are in heaven right now.

    After a long time, they let go of each other and stared at each other in the eye.

    “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” said Mei Yin.

    “I thought that you didn’t like me back,” said Ming Hei.

    “Now you know I do,” smiled Mei Yin.

    “What are you going to do about He Git?” said Ming Hei.

    “I don’t know. No matter what, the only person who I will marry in this entire world will be you,” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei smiled. “By the way, He Git does not know that I’m the person who he has an arranged marriage with. His family is coming over for dinner tomorrow; I don’t know what to do. I know that once he finds out that I’m the girl he saw at the Colorful Life Restaurant, he’ll want me.”

    “That’s not a huge problem, just don’t let him see you,” said Ming Hei.

    “Who doesn’t know that? But HOW?” said Mei Yin.

    Ming Hei thought for a moment while tapping his finger on his chin. “Are you afraid of a little pain?” said Ming Hei.

    “Do you think I am? A little pain is nothing as long as I will be able never see the face of He Git,” said Mei Yin.

    “Then I have a plan. You know how I used acupuncture to help Mr. Duen’s sickness?” said Ming Hei.

    “Uh huh,” said Mei Yin.

    “There are many pressure points on a human body. If I press the right series of points, I will be able to place you in a position as if you had the fever. Even though it will feel like it, you do not have the fever. When you have a fever, it means you are sick, if you are sick, your father can’t bring you out to show the He family. Then he will not be able to see your face!” said Ming Hei.

    “That will do it for now! It may not stop me from seeing him for the other days, but as long as he doesn’t fine out today, he might as well not find out the other days,” said Mei Yin.

    “Okay, I’ll perform that for you after we visit Mr. Duen and help him. That task will only last 6 hours though, so you will be better by tomorrow morning, but as long as you act like you are sick, I’m pretty sure your father will fall for it. Since he loves you so much, he will send a doctor to you right away, and that time is when you still have the fever,” said Ming Hei.

    “Yes! That shall do! Thank you Ming Hei!” said Mei Yin as she gave him a big warm hug.

    Hand in hand, they skipped to the cave where Mr. Duen is at.

    “Mr. Duen!” greeted Ming Hei happily once he stepped into the cave. Duen Shun noticed that their hands were clasped together rightly and that there must be something going on.

    “Ming Hei, haven’t seen you in a long time,” smiled Mr. Duen. He acted as if he didn’t see their hands.

    “A VERY long time. Don’t mention those ten days, I was bored to death!” exaggerated Ming Hei. “Let’s get your treatment over with first, and then we can talk.”

    “Okay then,” said Duen Shun as he took off his top and sat with his legs crossed.

    Ming Hei sat behind him with his legs crossed. He took a set of needles out of his waist band and speedily but accurately placed each needle into Duen Shun’s back. He then placed his index and middle finger of both hand onto Duen Shun’s neck, then he moved them towards his shoulders in a fast and expert motion. He then transferred his fingers downward to his hips and gave a stronger push towards that pressure point. He then used the index and middle finger of his right hand and pressed several more pressure points with speed and force.

    “That will be all for today. I’ll come back three days later like usual to continue you treatement,” said Ming Hei as he cleaned up.

    “Thank you Ming Hei,” said Duen Shun.

    “You’re welcome. Oh, Mei Yin and I can not stay after today. We have something to do. So we’re going to leave right now,” said Ming Hei.

    “Okay, see you two days later,” said Duen Shun.

    “By Mr. Duen,” said Mei Yin as she pushes Ming Hei in the back, signaling for him to move faster. In Duen Shun’s mind, he started planning his plan to get revenge on Tian Hau and his hands on the Ching Sum Kuet.
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    CHAPTER 30: A Lilac to Remember

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Mok Tian Hau
    Sima Lok Yun
    Siu Chun


    Near the river appeared Mei Yin chasing Ming Hei as if they were playing tag. They had big smiles on their faces and their eyes always on each other as they ran.

    “Yuen Ming Hei! Stop running!” said Mei Yin with a smile on her face.

    Ming Hei stopped and looked at her. Once she was able to catch up, he jumped into the air and onto a tree, getting Mei Yin a little mad, since she can not do that. She stared at him madly with her hands on her hip, causing Ming Hei to smile. Just then, she sat down and started picking out some grass as if nothing special is happening, which brought Ming Hei into confusion, so he jumped down from the tree. He walked towards Mei Yin and curiously looked at what she was doing. She was just pulling grass out of the ground.

    “What are you doing?” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin did not answer and continued pulling grass out of the ground. “Hey!” Ming Hei waved his hand in her face. Suddenly, she threw the pile of grass she had into Ming Hei’s face. He closed his eyes and a sour look grew on his face. Mei Yin started to giggle and then she ran away because she knows that Ming Hei will chase after her, and that is what he did. As he ran, he picked out the grass in his clothing. Mei Yin was obviously not as fast as Ming Hei, so soon, Ming Hei caught up with her and held her tightly around the hip.

    “Where are you trying to go missy?” smiled Ming Hei.

    “To you,” said Mei Yin as she hugged her arms around. Ming Hei did too in return. To both of them, it feels like heaven right now. The only thing they can see in each other’s minds is each other. Their desire to see each other ever single day was growing and growing. Everyone who would have walked by would have think that they are the perfect couple, but who would have known that they are two people form two different worlds.

    “Where do you want to go to spend time together?” said Ming Hei.

    “It doesn’t matter as long as I’m with you,” said Mei Yin.

    “Hmm, it’s the season of blossoming right now,” said Ming Hei. He then pointed at a few hills that seemed to be pretty close. “At those hills! There are beautiful and big lilacs that should have just blossomed. They are very pretty around this time. Let’s go there!”

    “Okay! I love lilacs,” said Mei Yin. Hand in hand, that was where they headed to.

    So that was where they spent their day, at the Orchid Hill where the most beautiful orchids of the area grew. They observed the flowers carefully and threw petals at each other, having fun together as one. When time was almost up and they had to leave, Ming Hei pulled a nice little lilac from the best bunch on the hill and handed it to Mei Yin.

    “It’s for you!” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin received the flower with her hands and sniffed it with her nose.

    “Thank you,” said Mei Yin.

    “I’ve known you for a while already and haven’t gotten you anything, so I thought I should--- yeah,” said Ming Hei. The sweet smile and beautiful eyes that Mei Yin released on Mei Yin caused his brain to go blank and couldn’t continue with what he was going to say. Even though, Mei Yin knows what he has in mind. She then kneeled down and picked out another beautiful lilac and handed it to Ming Hei.

    “This one is for you!” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei looked at her oddly for a while, but then greatfully accepted the flower. “You gave me something so I thought that I should give you something in return,” smiled Mei Yin.

    Ming Hei smiled back. “These two little lilacs shall be our first gifts of love to each other. When you get home, place it under a lot of books so then it’ll form into a bookmark. I will do the same, so we can then keep it forever.” He then held tightly onto Mei Yin’s hands.

    “Yes, I will,” said Mei Yin. She then gave him a big hug which he returned.

    “No matter what happens, this flower will always be with us, signaling our story that will last a lifetime. Even if we can not be together at the end, this flower will always stay with you and me,” said Ming Hei.

    “It will ALWAYS stay with me, no matter what until the point I die,” said Mei Yin.

    Before they left the field, Ming Hei set the ‘spell’ on Mei Yin. He sat behind her and as he was concentrating hard, he punched several acupuncture spots of her back with strength and control. He then palmed her top left back with his right hand and sent some power into her body. Mei Yin started to feel a little dizzy and odd. After Ming Hei was done, Mei Yin felt a fever coming on, but she was happy that this will work.

    So this day ended, and each of them took home their flower and placed it until a stack of books, waiting for it to be formed into a bookmark that they can keep forever. Just as Ming Hei finished placing his flower under the books, his father came in.

    “Ming Hei, what are you doing?” said Tian Hau, which caused Ming Hei to jump.

    “Huh? Wah? Oh, nothing,” stumbled Ming Hei. “I was just organizing my books here, they were a mess before. It looks a lot better when they are in a stack like this!”

    “I never knew you would actually clean that pile of books. It looks great now,” said Tian Hau.

    “Did you come for something father?” said Ming Hei.

    “Do I always have to come for something when I come visit you? Can’t I just to have a chat with my son?” said Tian Hau.

    “Of course,” said Ming Hei. They then sat down on the table together.

    “How has your martial arts been today? Did you feel it improving or breaking down?” said Tian Hau.

    “Uhh,” started Ming Hei.

    “It started breaking down did it?” said Tian Hau.

    “Uhh,” said Ming Hei.

    “Don’t worry about it Ming Hei. There is always one thing I have to tell you about our family’s martial arts, and I think that it is time now. Remember when you asked about the Ching Sum Kuet?” said Tian Hau.

    “Yes, what does our family have to do with it?” said Ming Hei.

    “Well, it’s very similar to it. Although ours may not be as strong, it uses the similar concept. Love is the factor that brings your martial arts to the highest point,” said Tian Hau.

    “What?!” said Ming Hei astonishingly. “There can be so such thing. It’s—it’s not impossible! Father! Please don’t play jokes like that with me.”

    “It’s true son! It may seem unbelievable but no matter what, it’s true. The more you like someone, the more you’re martial arts will improve. Once the feeling you have drops off that person, you martial arts may too, not always, but it may if you are still inexperience. Remember when I asked you if you liked someone that day when I saw that your martial arts suddenly improving? Well, this was the reason why,” said Tian Hau. Ming Hei just started at his father dumbfoundedly.

    “What are you talking about father…” said Ming Hei confusedly.

    “It doesn’t matter if you believe me now, but what I said it true. As time passes by, you’ll get what I mean,” said Tian Hau. After this, he left Ming Hei’s room. Ming Hei just sat on his bed, thinking about what his father has said.

    'Is it even possible for a factor like love to control your status in martial arts? No, no, it can NEVER be possible.' thought Ming Hei. After that, he blew out the candle and went to sleep.

    On the other hand, Mei Yin arrived home with dizziness in her mind. She opened the door to her house and she felt very tired and started seeing multiple images. She started walking oddly and she made her way to the table. She placed her hands onto the table and wiped her forehead with her sleeves. She did not feel good.

    “Siu Jeh!” said Siu Chun as she walked over. “Are you okay? What happened? You look so pale.”

    “Siu Chun, can you help me to my room? I don’t feel good,” said Mei Yin. Without saying more, Siu Chun walked Mei Yin to her room and quickly informed her father. Her father quickly sent for a doctor to check on her daughter.

    “Doctor, how’s my daughter?” asked Lok Yun when the doctor was done feeling her pulse.

    “She has the mild fever. She will need to rest for two or three days in order for it to get better. Send someone with me to get the medication she will need for the next three days,” said the doctor as he got ready to leave. As he stepped out of the door, Siu Chun followed him out. Lok Yun sat by her daughter and held her hand tightly.

    “Are you okay? Your face is really pale,” said Lok Yun as he gently touched it.

    Mei Yin smiled. “Father, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry. I’ll be alright. I don’t think I’ll be better when the He family comes though, maybe you can reschedule the dinner to next month or something?” said Mei Yin.

    “It’s okay. I’ll take care of them,” said Lok Yun. “Now, get some rest and you’ll be better soon.” Mei Yin nodded and Lok Yun left the room, leaving Mei Yin there sleeping.
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    CHAPTER 31: A Warning

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Fong Ying Fung
    Mok Tian Hau


    The things that his dad talked about with him just a while ago was brought into deep thought for the rest of the night. His saying of ‘this martial art is based on the factor of love’ repeated over and over in his mind that mind. Maybe it was his constant thought about this that brought him into a strange and odd dream that night. He dreamed of a person dressed in white who had his back to him repeated that, over and over again. Once he tries to approach the figure, it disappears. He called “Sir! Sir!” over and over again but the image just floated farter and farter away. Then an image of two middle-age man fighting appeared in front of him, one was in white and one was in green. They exchanged attacks over and over again and soon, but the man in white soon gained the upperhand. Ming Hei tried to walk closer to see who they were but couldn’t quite make out their faces. Not after long, the man in green was forced to the ground by the man in white who had his sword right on the man in green’s neck. Right then was when Ming Hei recognized that the man in green was Duen Shun.

    “Mr. Duen!” said Ming Hei as he approached the figure. It was then when that image of Duen Shun and the man in white also disspeared into thin air. He looked around, pondering over this odd scene where things come and go. Where was he? From behind, he felt a sudden gust of wind, which caused him to turn around.

    He saw no one.

    “Who-who is it? Who-whose there?” said Ming Hei. He kept on turning his head from here to there but didn’t notice anything. Suddenly, the vast emptiness that he was in turned into a bamboo forest that seemed familiar to him. This seemed to be the place where he practices his martial arts in every single day. He looked around. There was no one around.

    All of a sudden, he heard a loud yet cheerful laughter into the air behind him. He turned around and saw a man with a long gray beard dressed in gray standing in front of him. This person was Fong Ying Fung. Of course, when Ming Hei first saw him, he doesn’t know who he was, so he wouldn’t remember him as that cheem explainer at the temple. “Who are you?” demanded Ming Hei as he held his position so that he will be able to unsheathe his sword at any time.

    The man gave another cheerful and loud laughter into the air.”Mok Ming Hei, how are you?” said Ying Fung.

    “Who are you?” demanded Ming Hei once again.

    “You really don’t remember me Mok Ming Hei?” said Ying Fung as he flicked his fan and walked closer to Ming Hei.

    Ming Hei backed up. “Mister, I’m not Mok Ming Hei, I’m Yuen Ming Hei. Whoever you are, if you came looking for me, at least get my name strait!” said Ming Hei.

    “You want to be called Yuen Ming Hei? Okay then,” said Ying Fung.

    “Who are you?” demaned Ming Hei.

    “You really don’t remember me?” said Ying Fung.

    “Sir, I have never seen you before, who are you and what have you done? Why am I able to see you in my dreams?” said Ming Hei.

    The man laughed out loud once again, causing Ming Hei to get nervous. He quickly unsheathed his sword. “Oh! Don’t get mad yet Ming Hei! Place your sword back in your sheath,” said Ying Fung. Ming Hei does not see this person as a trustworthy one, so he did not act as he was told.

    “You don’t trust me do you?” said Ying Fung. “Don’t worry, I’m no one bad. Are you really sure you don’t recognize me?”

    “I have never seen you,” said Ming Hei coldly and firmly.

    “Really? Well, let’s see if this refreshes your memory,” said Ying Fing. He then waved his fan above his head from one side to the other, and the bamboo forest disappeared and the place turned into a temple. Ming Hei was shocked by this act. He turned his head from side to side, examining this place as confusion was brought upon his face. “Do you recognize me now?” said Ying Fung. Ming Hei turned around and saw Ying Fung dressed in the outfit that he had the other day, as a cheem explainer.

    “Yo-you are that cheem explainer the other day!” said Ming Hei out of surprise.

    “Yes I am,” said Ying Fung as he stoked his beard.

    “Who are you? What do you want?” demanded Ming Hei.

    “Don’t worry! I’m a friend of your father. I mean no harm. My name is Fong Ying Fung and I just came to give you a warning,” said Ying Fung. Ming Hei sheathed his sword and walked towards Ying Fung.

    “Warn me?” questioned Ming Hei.

    “Yes,” said Ying Fung.

    “You really are my dad’s friend?” said Ming Hei.

    “Yes,” said Ying Fung.

    “Then what’s his name?” said Ming Hei.

    “Tian Hau. Mok Tian Hau,” said Ying Fung.

    “WRONG! His name IS Tian Hau, but it’s Yueng Tian Hau!” You said my last name was Mok at first too, are you okay? Yuen doesn’t even sound like Mok. Do you have some problems?” said Ming Hei as he widened his eyes and peered over Ying Fung’s head closely.

    “Ask him if you want,” said Ying Fung.

    “No need! Tell me what you want to tell me so I can actually get so sleep Mr. Fong,” said Ming Hei as he jumped away from Ying Fung as he held out his right palm.

    Ying Fung walked around Ming Hei, examining him while fanning himself. This caused Ming Hei to feel uneasy. Suddenly, Ying Fung came to his left ear and whispered, “Duen Shun is not a good person. I will suggest for you to not get around him.”

    “What are you talking about? You don’t even know Mr. Duen! And in that image! Who was the man who beat him?” said Ming Hei.

    “Mr. Duen is NOT a good person. If your father finds out that you are helping him, he will get extremely mad! Do you know who brought Mr. Duen into the situation he is in with the White Cliff Magical Needles? It’s your father. If he finds out that you are helping your enemies, I do not know if he should laugh or be mad at this situation,” said Mr. Duen.

    “What did you say?! My father will never hurt anyone like that! He doesn’t even have any White Cliff Magican Needles! Those needles are extremely hard to make, even if we have the cure for it, it doesn’t mean that he knows how to make them!” said Ming Hei.

    “Believe me or else you would bring yourself into a devastated situation!” said Ying Fung.

    “I’ve been with Mr. Duen and he’s not that kind of person!” said Ming Hei.

    Ying Fung nodded his head. “You are too niave, like your father said. You do not know a thing about the life of martial world. It’s either you die, and I live, or the other way around in that world. You can hardly trust anybody, and one of that anybody is Duen Shun,” said Ying Fung.

    “Stop it! Or else do not blame me for my actions!” said Ming Hei as he unsheathed his sword and risen it to hip level.

    “Duen Shun has been practicing his Duen Family Palm. One strike of his palm, all of your internal organs will shut down completely and you’ll die within half an incent stick!” said Ying Fung.

    “I told you already! Stop it already!” said Ming Hei as he got into his position to attack.

    “I have one more thing to say and I’ll be done. In your life, you will have to suffer through many painful challenges,” said Ying Fung.

    Ming Hei raised his sword. “First you talk about Duen Shun, and now you are talking about me. I can’t take it anymore!” He motioned his sword forward, aiming for an attack of Ying Fung, who managed to dodge it at the quick instant. Fong Ying Fung was too fast for him.

    “Not bad for being the son of Mok Tian Hau,” said Ying Fung. Ming Hei got ready for another attack. He tossed his sword in the air, and white letting his sword spin in the air. As it spun, he motioned his arms around and palmed in the direction of Ying Fung, causing a big gust of wind to aim towards him. He then retrieved his sword as he fell back down. This time, as the wind blew towards Ying Fung, it seems to be blowing him away as his figure slowly disappeared into thin air, and then he appeared behind Ming Hei, releasing a big laughter.

    “During your painful challenges in life, it will revolve around your family, friends, and even love ones. So I’ll suggest that if you want to have less of these suffering, you should stay away from Duen Shun, and kill him for the best of it,” said Ying Fung.

    “Shut up!” yelled Ming Hei out of anger. He then wildly flung his sword around with control, causing a whirl of leaves to revolve around him, and then he quickly aimed the sword towards Ying Fung, directing the leaves towards him as if they were sharp and powerfuldaggars. Once again, Ying Fung disappeared into thin air and appeared behind Ming Hei.

    “Your sufferings will lead to the death of your loves and family! I’m warning you right now! STAY AWAY FROM DUEN SHUN AND SIMA MEI YIN! They will be the first step of your journey of suffereings!” said Ying Fung.

    “Why should I?! Duen Shun is a friend of mine and Mei Yin is the one and only person in this world that I love!” said Ming Hei as he turned a circle with this legs and his sword above his head spinning. This caused a gust of dagger leaves into the air, spinning along with him, and then aimed at Ying Fung, which he dodge by disappearing and appearing behind Ming Hei once again.

    “I’m warning you. Your life is not as simple as you think. Beauties will lead you your pain (Chinese saying: hong an wo siu). Sima Mei Yin is NOT the person whom you will end up spending the rest your life with!” said Ying Fung. “Stop before it’s too late.”

    After this, the temple and Ying Fung slowly disspeared and that vaste emptyspace that Ming Hei saw before appeared once again. Ming Hei plopped his sword onto the ground and knelt down on his knees and placed his hands over his head. All these things that are happening all of a sudden were too much for a boy like him to handle. It was all just happening too fast. There was where he stayed, in his own mind and thinking about all these events. From his father’s disapproval of him being with Mei Yin, to the meeting of Duen Shun, to his improvement in martial arts, and then to this with what Fong Ying Fung said.

    Not long after, Ming hei woke up from this odd dream. He looked out the window; the sun was beginning to rise. He should get up and help his dad take out the herbs for drying. Before he got up, he sat in his bed for a short while, thinking about that man in his dream. SHOULD he ask his father about the man? DOES his father really know him or is it that he’s making it up? HOW did that man know so much about him and the people around him? WHO was that man? WHY is Mei Yin and Duen Shun someone who will cause his life to change? These questions really made Ming Hei’s head hurting. After a while, he got up and helped his father.

    “Father,” said Ming Hei as he stepped out of his room and saw his father placing some herbs out to dry.

    “Wake up so soon? Why don’t you sleep a little longer?” said Tian Hau.

    “The sun’s coming out already, it’s time I should get up,” said Ming Hei with a smile.

    “Then help me get these herbs out for drying Ming Hei,” said Tian Hau.

    “Okay,” said Ming Hei as he started helping his father out. The things the mysterious Fong Ying Fung said revolved around Ming Hei’s head as he helped his father. His temptation to ask his father about the man was high, but he managed to hold himself until he finds the proper time in the future.

    “Ming Hei, why don’t you take a break from practicing martial arts right now?” suggested Tian Hau.

    “Huh? Why? Did I do something wrong father?” said Ming Hei dramatically.

    “Don’t be so nervous Ming Hei. You didn’t do anything wrong. I just thought that after practicing for a little more than two months, you deserve a break,” said Tian Hau.

    “No it’s okay father. I’m fine. I want to continue practicing. You said you saw improvement in me, so why stop when there is improvement?” said Ming Hei.

    “But it sto---” started Tian Hau. “Nevermind. If you feel like you want to practice, go ahead. Remember, no matter what happens when you practice, there is nothing wrong okay?”

    “What can go wrong father?” said Ming Hei.

    “Well, like a sudden stop in improvement, it just means that it’s not the right time yet. It’s all good. Okay son?” said Tian Hau.

    “Alright,” said Ming Hei. He then finished helping his father set the herbs out to dry, and then went out extra early to the bamboo forest, so he will have some time alone to think.

    He walked slowly into the bamboo forest, examining everything around him with care and poking random objects with the tip of his sword that he passes by. The questions that he had before about the mysterious man and the matters that he talked about stepped upon him once again. SHOULD he ask his father about the man? DOES his father really know him or is it that he’s making it up? HOW did that man know so much about him and the people around him? WHO was that man? WHY is Mei Yin and Duen Shun someone who will cause his life to change? These questions made his head hurt, causing an extreme rush of blood in his head. His hed felt like it was going to blast any minute! He forefully placed his hand on his forhead, trying to get ridof the pain, but it didn’t work. He then began to hear someone talk inside his head. The words: 'Mok Ming Hei, Mok Ming Hei' repeated over and over again in his head with the recognizable voice of Fong Ying Fung.

    “No! Stop! My last name is not Mok! It’s Yueng! You are getting it all wrong! Stop!” shouted Ming Hei into midair.

    He then lifted his sword up and motioned it madly but controllable around powerfully with all his strength. His goal was to use up all of his energy so he will faint and not be able to think of anything again. So ther he does, motioning it around and around. This caused gust of winds to revolve around him again and again. This guest of wind gathered up leaves and twigs, bringing them up into the air with force and power. Higher and higher it went; it seemed like they will soon touch the clouds! They did. This seemed to be a formation of a tornato! Ming Hei did not notice this power that he’s releasing into the area. The more madly he tried to get rid of his headache, the more the wind stirs up. Ming Hei then motioned his sword across at the ground level horizontally and the trail left by his sword formed a trail of fire. Right then was when the powerful whirl of wind he made previously formed into a real tornado and casted itself across the land into a distant place. Ming Hei stared at his creation in awe.

    He stared until the object disappeared from the distance and then collapsed onto the ground from exhaustion. He stared into the blank sky with many things going through his mind.

    “What IS Ching Sum Kuet? Why does our family’s simple martial art hold such power? What’s happening to me? My last name is not Mok, it’s Yuen. Fong Ying Fung! Stop trying to tell me who I really am! I think I should know it more than you!” said Ming Hei weakly as he layed there with his back on the grass. Soon, his eyelids fell over and he had a little nap after his excessive use of energy, inner strength energy. This short little nap soon turned into a nap of 4 hours. When he woke up, it was late noon already. He knew that Mei Yin would be sick today and that he wouldn’t see her, so he spent the rest of the day practicing his martial arts, and he saw the dramatic stage of improvement once again. Right before the sun set was the time he returned home, with many questions in his mind.
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    CHAPTER 32: Unknown Failure to the Plan

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    He Git - Kenneth Ma
    Siu Chun
    Sima Lok Yun

    Mrs. He
    Mr. He


    At the Sima’s house that afternoon, Mei Yin just woke up. She felt all better. She stretched her arms into the air and wiggled her toes around. She looked outside, desiring to go out. Right then, the doors popped open and she quickly scurried back into her bed. Luckily, it was just Siu Chun.

    “Siu Chun! You scared me to death!” said Mei Yin when Siu Chun closed the doors.

    “Siu Jeh! Be careful! You’re sick and you shouldn’t be getting up like this!” said Siu Chun as she placed down a bowl of medicine on the table and ran over to Mei Yint o help her.

    “I’m fine, nothing is wrong. See?” said Mei Yin as she walked around cheerfully.

    “What… what happened? Why…” said Siu Chun confusedly.

    “Sit down and I’ll tell you the whole story,” said Mei Yin. So Mei Yin told her all that happened from when Ming Hei confessed his love to her till his idea of how she can prevent herself from seeing He Git.

    “Siu Jeh, you’re so silly! You are crazy enough to spend 6 hours of pain just so you do not have to see the face of He Git tonight. You had me worrying for you all last night! Is that Yuen Ming Hei really worth it for you to do that?” said Siu Chun.

    “You don’t understand. You will once you find the man of your life though. It’s really worth it. Now, get rid of that bowl of medicine right now. Do not tell anyone about this okay? I trust you as my friend,” said Mei Yin.

    “Get rid of it? How?” said Siu Chun.

    “I don’t care, just get rid of it. Pour it at the flowers or do whatever you want! Also, for lunch and breakfast, do NOT just get me plain congee, it’s so icky! Get me some good food okay?” said Mei Yin as she laid comfortably on her bed.

    “Yes Siu Jeh,” said Siu Chun as she walked out the door with the bowl of medicine. She walked around, wondering what she should do with it. When she was about to dump it in the toilet, she saw Lok Yun walking towards her position. Without thinking, she just tossed the liquid into the flowerbed behind her and pretended nothing happened as he walked towards Lok Yun.

    “Lo Yeh!” screamed Siu Chun, notifying Mei Yin that her father is coming. She heard this from her room and quickly got back into bed.

    “No need to be this loud! How is Siu Jeh doing?” said Lok Yun.

    “She’s fine. It took a little while persuading her to drink the medicine, but she should be fine for now. She still looks a little sick though,” said Siu Chun.

    “Alright, go back to work now,” said Lok Yun. Lok Yun had no intention to go into Mei Yin’s room, but he was worried about his daughter so he peaked through the door. Mei Yin saw this and pretended to cough and everything, causing an ache in Lok Yun’s heart. After he saw her daughter, he walked away.

    That night, the He family came for dinner. He Git arrived with a very happy face on him, because he knows that the beauty of the Sima daughter whom he is arranged to marry is known throughout the city of her beauty and intelligence. He can not wait to see her. Lok Yun led them to the dining room and invited them to sit down. He Git was curious where his new wife may be, so he decided to ask.

    “Mr. Sima, where is your precious daughter?” said He Git concernly.

    “Mei Yin? She isn’t feeling well. She has the fever so she will nto be able to come out today. He Gong Zi, I don’t think you will have a chance to see her today because I wouldn’t be happy if you got sick too,” said Lok Yun. Hearly this, He Git got a little disappointment. He desperately wanted to see the face of this beauty.

    “Ah Git, don’t be like this. You will have a chance to see her sometime,” comforted his mother. Just then, a thought came to his mind.

    “Mr. Sima! Do you have a portrait of your daughter? I heard that her beauty if known throughout Chang’an and I was just wondering that if I do not have a chance to see her in person, can I have a look at her portrait?” said He Git.

    “Ah Git! Don’t be so rude!” whispered He Git’s father.

    “It’s okay. He didn’t do anything wrong, he’s just curious about his future wife. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Take a seat and I’ll go get her portrait as you eat first,” said Lok Yun.

    “Thank you Sima Lo Yeh,” said He Git politely and happily.

    Not long after the He family started eating, Lok Yun returned from the reading room with Mei Yin’s portrait.

    “He Gong Zi, I’m sure you’re curious about how my daughter looks like. Well, here is her portrait,” said Lok Yun as he unfolded the beautifully painted portrait of Mei Yin playing the piano. He Git gazed at the beauty of Mei Yin and recognized the face as someone whom he saw before. The image of the girl who was sitting at his table at the Colorful Life Restaurant popped right into his head.

    “It’s her?!” said He Git in surprise.

    “He Git, you have seen Sima Goo Leung before?” asked his father.

    “We saw each other once, but I never knew that she was Sima Mei Yin,” said He Git with an evil smile on his face. Now he knows that the girl whom he wanted the other day was his future wife, he felt extremely happy because he knows hat his desire will be fulfilled.

    The rest of the dinner went nicely, with He Git asking many questions about Mei Yin. Of course, Lok Yun answered with extrodinary answers that are way above what Mei Yin really is.

    The next day, Mei Yin still pretended to be sick, just to make her case seem more believable, for she did not know that He Git knows who she is. Ming Hei was extremely frustrated this day. The dream from the day before frustrated him a lot. He really wishes for Mei Yin to be by his side, but he knows that he couldn’t see her till tomorrow. He stayed around the bamboo forest he whole time. First, he just lied on the ground thinking, like yesterday. After a long nap, he started practicing his martial arts. Each and every move he made seemed to have improved from the last move. His martial art is getting better and better by the second.

    Finally, the third day arrived and Ming Hei was eagar to see Mei Yin. He didn’t want to stay home because the urge to ask his father the questions will increase. So he went out early and took a long nap in the grass. About two hours later, Mei Yin was skipping in the bamboo forest to the place where she and Ming Hei meet when she saw someone lying on the ground in the distance. She got curious at this sight and went up closer to look. That was when she knew it was Ming Hei sleeping soundly on the grass ground. Mei Yin hid herself behind the bushes and peeked through the leaves, watching little specks of drool dripping down the mouth of Ming Hei. Mei Yin could not resist but to giggle at this site.

    Mei Yin glanced at the ground and saw some small smooth rocks lying in front of her. She couldn’t resist but to grab one and attempt to toss it on Ming Hei’s head. First shot she missed. Second shot she missed. Third shot, she made it! It bounced right on Ming Hei’s forehead causing him to suddenly jerk up. He sat up while rubbing his right hand on his forehead and looked around to see who hit him. He noticed a figure behind the bushes but couldn’t make out who it was.

    Afraid that it might be an attacker, he stood up while watching the figure. That was when he noticed that the figure was trying to hide since it was scurrying around behind the little bish that can not cover him. He then realized it was Mei Yin, and he plan to get her back for her throwing the stone on his head. He walked around with his hands behind his back while staring at the sky as if he didn’t notice Mei Yin. At just the right time, he aimed the small rock aimed at him back at Mei Yin. Ming Hei’s martial art has always been superior, especially since he’s born with the roots of a martial artist, plus he’s the son of the White Warrior. This allowed him to have an accurate aim of the rock which hit Mei Yin right on her forehead.

    “Ouch!” screamed Mei Yin from behind the bush. She placed her hand on her forehead and realized that there was blood. Just then, Ming Hei jumped right next to her.

    “Spying on me?” teased Ming Hei. Mei Yin looked at him while blood dripped down her forehead. After a short while, she began to madly hit Ming Hei for his behavior. It caused him to back up more and more and soon started for a run. Mei Yin wouldn’t let him go of course. She chased him around attempting to hit him. Soon enough, Ming Hei stopped his running and just stopped there. Mei Yin caught up soon and started banging him hardly on the chest.

    “Hey! Hey! Hey! Done hitting?” teased Ming Hei as he grabbed her wrist.

    “No. You made my head really hurt! I’m not going to let you go that easily! You see this?” said Mei Yin as she pointed to her forehead.

    “It’s only a little bit bleeding,” said Ming Hei as he carefully wiped off the blood with his sleeve. He looked so serious and caring as he did this task and caused Mei Yin to forget about her anger within. She wrapped her arounds around him and gave him a big hug. Ming Hei returned the favor. “Not mad at me anymore?” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin looked at him in the eyes and nodded her head. Ming Hei then released a big smile and hugged her harder with their heads on each other’s shoulders, not wanting to let go.

    “What shall we do today?” said Mei Yin when they let go.

    “Let me think,” said Ming Hei as he walked around with his index finger tapping his chin. “I know! Let’s go paddling boats. It really gives a view of the river.”

    “Pa-paddling boats?” said Mei Yin uneasily.

    “Yeah, what’s wrong? Don’t worry; I won’t fall into the river again. Even if I do, you will catch me since you know how to swim. Right?” said Ming Hei as he touched her cheeks gently.

    “Okay,” said Mei Yin softly. Her heart beated with uneasiness as Ming Hei led her to the river to get a paddle boat. She did not wish to paddle a boat but she does not wish to upset Ming Hei since he has such an eagar face on himself.
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    CHAPTER 33: Water Weakness Sickness

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung


    Shortly, they got their boat and Ming Hei stepped in. He then held out a hand for Mei Yin who took it eagerly and stepped on the boat. Ming Hei smiled at her and as soon as they sat down, he started to paddle. As he did, he pointed out to the landscape around them to Mei Yin. She smiled at him at ever single thing he showed her, but inside she felt uneasiness and fear inside her. Sweat soon broke upon her forehead.

    “Are you warm Mei Yin? Do you need a handkerchief?” said Ming Hei when he noticed the sweat on her head.

    “Huh? Oh. No thanks. I’m fine,” said Mei Yin as she rapidly wiped the sweat off her head with a handkerchief. She was wiping her forehead with nervousness inside her body, which caused her handkerchief to accidently fall into the river. “Oh!” said Mei Yin when it fell.

    “Don’t worry,” said Ming Hei. He then tried to lift the handkerchief with a paddle. He moved the paddle from left to right, and even hit the boat’s side for a few times, but he didn’t manage to pick it up.

    “Can you get it?” asked Mei Yin, since she sees that he is having trouble. He tried for a long time and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. Soon enough, he managed to lift it on the paddle.

    “Got it!” smiled Ming Hei. He then lifted the paddle and attempted to lift it towards Mei Yin for her to take off, but once again he is having difficulties. He tried to gesture the paddle over to her but during one attempt, he tried too hard and whacked Mei Yin right on the shoulder! She jerked at the sudden site and accidently fell off the boat! Ming Hei reached forward attempting to grab her before she fell but it was too late.

    Mei Yin was in the waters panicking for help and attempting to stay on top of the water.

    “Mei Yin! Swim back to the boat!” urged Ming Hei. Since he doesn’t know how to swim he didn’t know any other way to help.

    “I… I can’t swim!” screamed Mei Yin as she tempted to keep her head above the water. This statement shocked Ming Hei, because she had told him before that she knows how to swim. He didn’t know what to do and started biting his nails.

    Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard in the air. “Use you family’s martial arts,” said the voice. “Use you family’s martial arts if you want to save Sima Mei Yin.” Ming Hei looked around the sky, wondering who the voice was and panicking about Mei Yin.

    “Do as I say. Squat down a little bit with your legs shoulder width apart. Make sure that your legs are parallel to the ground,” said the voice. Seeing that he doesn’t know any other way to help Mei Yin, Ming Hei did as told.

    “Raise your left fist to your hits and extend your right arm forward with your palm upward and parallel to the waters,” said the voice. Ming Hei did as told once again.

    “Concentrate and push your energy to your right palm and slowly lift it upwards while watching the waters in front of you,” said the voice. Ming Hei did as said and slowly moved his palm up while watching the water. To his surprise, the flow of the water seemed to follow the rise of his hand! Soon, a new water level in the shape of his hand was form in the waters. Inside that shape, he can see Mei Yin inside it. He then quickly gave more pressure on his hand, causing the water to have a sudden blast that casted Mei Yin out of the waters. Ming Hei then jumped off the boat and into the air. He caught Mei Yin and then balsted a force of pressure to the land, causing him to back up and landed on the boat. He then quickly rowed to shore and laid Mei Yin on the ground.

    “Mei Yin! Mei Yin! Are you okay?” said Ming Hei as he tapped her face, attempting to wake her up. He placed his finger over her nose and realized that she was still breathing. Even so, he didn’t know what he should do and started biting his fingers once again. Well first of all, he rowed back to shore and settled Mei Yin on the grass.

    Since he’s a half doctor, he placed his fingers onto her pulse so he can see what he can do later. Her situation surprised him deeply.

    “The Water Weakness Sickness?” said Ming Hei in surprise. The Water Weakness Sickness is a sickness that is born with a person and will stay with them for the rest of their life. This case happens rarely and is uncontagious, but the one who has this sickness will die, or be very close to death once they contact with a big amount of water, like falling into the river. Mei Yin has never told him about this sickness of hers. If she did, he would have never taken her to paddle boats. Sweat trickled down his forehead, Ming Hei nervously wiped them off with his sleeve.

    Suddenly, the voice that was speaking before appeared again. It said, “Place your left hand over your right hand and clamp the fingers together and then use it to push onto her stomach a few times.” Ming Hei looked around in confusion once again. Should he listen to this voice this time? It DID help save Mei Yin the last time.

    The voice spoke again, “If you want to save Sima Mei Yin, do as I say.” Ming Hei couldn’t think strait but he DOES want to save Mei Yin, so he did as told. He pressed against her stomach once, but it was too soft.

    “Harder!” said the voice. Ming Hei pushed harder and a gush of water spat out of Mei Yin’s mouth and she was half awake.

    “Mei Yin! Mei Yin!” said Ming Hei as he hugged her head with care.

    “Make her sit upright and then you sit right behind her the same way,” said the voice. Ming Hei did as told.

    “Concentrate on your inner strength and place it onto your two palms. Motion your palms onto her back and release your inner strength into her, forcing the water inside her to come out,” said the voice.

    “What inner strength? I have no idea what you are talking about. How in the world will I find someone with inner strength to help her?” whispered Ming Hei nervously to himself as he wiped more sweat off his forehead.

    “Concentrate and you’ll discover your inner strength. You used it before to lfit her out of the water, so why not now?” said the voice. Ming Hei had no other choice right now so he listened to the voice and tried.

    He tried hard to concentrate but all that was in his mind is Mei Yin’s condition, causing it hard for him to stay on focus. At the end though, he was able to gather his mind together and with a forceful push of energy into Mei Yin’s body, a big gulp of water came out of Mei Yin’s mouth and she was coughing hardly with her eyes wide open. Seeing her wide eyes once again, Ming Hei smiled in happiness because he knows that she’s fine right now. He went to her and hugged her hardly.

    “Mei Yin! Did you know scared I was? Why did you have to scare me like that?” said Ming Hei as he stared right into her eyes.

    “Ming Hei… I’m… I’m sorry,” whispered Mei Yin.

    “Silly girl, why are you sorry?” said Ming Hei as he lifted her chin which forced her to look at him. “Are you sorry about not telling me about the water weakness sickness?”

    “How did you know about it?” said Mei Yin in surprise.

    “Did you forget that I’m sort of a doctor? I checked your pulse and found out. Were you scared to reject me when I suggested that we should paddle boats?” said Ming Hei.

    “I thought that you would be not happy if I rejected you,” said Mei Yin.

    “Why would I be? That almost costed your life!” said Ming Hei.

    “Yes, but I didn’t want to disappoint you. I didn’t know that I would fall into the water,” said Mei Yin.

    “It doesn’t matter. You are alright now and that’s all I care,” said Ming Hei.

    “Thanks for saving me,” said Mei Yin. She then leaned forward and gave her a peck on his lips. She then released a big smile on her face. Ming Hei stared at her in surprise at the sudden kiss she gave him. He sat there watching her releasing at smile to him, and not knowing what to do next. “In this life of mine, you will be the only one whom I will love. No matter what happens between us, we must always be together. The lilac flower bookmark that we have will always be there forever as a symbol of our love,” said Mei Yin as she leaned slowly leaned forward to Ming Hei.

    “It will ALWAYS be,” said Ming Hei. He then leaned forward and gave Mei Yin a big hug. Their foreheads were touching and they stared at each other’s eyes. Ming Hei then slowly and nervously moved their heads closer. Mei Yin noticed his actions and moved hers towards him bravely and gently. Once she had the grasp she wanted on his lips, she wishes for this moment to last forever and does not wish to let go. Ming Hei felt the sweetness in her lips and desired a deeper taste of it and wishes for the time to stop right here. They exchanged the chances for each other to get the tight and passionate grasp for a long period of time. Both were hoping for this day to never end, under the bamboo trees.

    After their kiss, they returned the boat to the man whom they borrowed it from and walked around the bamboo forest with their hands held tight onto each other’s. They then settled at a spot where they sat on a flat rock and had a long conversation.

    “By the way, why were you lying in the grass earlier in the day when I threw a rock at you?” asked Mei Yin.

    “Huh? Umm, I was tired,” said Ming Hei.

    “Did I make you wait too long?” said Mei Yin.

    “You? Never, I was just early,” said Ming Hei. He didn’t know if he should tell Mei Yin about his dreams and everything. After he thought about it for a long time, he decided to tell her. “Mei Yin, can I tell you something?” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin then payed close attention to every single word he said about the events that happened not so long ago.

    “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” said Mei Yin after he finished.

    “I didn’t know. I guess I was too frustrated,” said Ming Hei.

    Right then, Mei Yin placed her hand on top of Ming Hei’s hand. “In the future, remember to tell me everything. It’s better to have someone to share your thoughts instead of having you frustrating over it yourself. Okay?”

    Ming Hei nodded.

    “If the things that the person who was talking to you in your dreams was true, that means that Mr. Duen is a bad person?” said Mei Yin.

    “I don’t know. It’s all so confusing. He also said that you would bring me trouble, and how can you ever do that? I do not believe his words at all,” said Ming Hei.

    “I wouldn’t think that someone would enter your dreams to lie to you. Besides, if he really was from the Gods Mountains, he really is a semi-god. Gods Mountains is a sacred palce where not everyone can go,” said Mei Yin.

    “I don’t know about that but he kept on saying that my last name is Mok! I do NOT get that. Why would my father hide our own surname? Who in the world will do that? That is just disrespectful to our ancestors!” said Ming Hei.

    “Well, I don’t know. This seemed to be very complicated. Mok is the last name of the holder of the Ching Sum Kuet, which you said the person has mentioned. If your father really does hold a powerful martial art like that, why would he be ashame to show it? Asking him would be very awkward, and especially since he has that odd personality where he doesn’t seem to like to talk to people. Mr. Duen is almost healed, maybe we can ask him about somethings the next time we visit him,” said Mei Yin.

    “What if he really is bad?” said Ming Hei.

    “I don’t know. No matter how evil a person is, there must be some good in them, so he can’t do much to us. How many more days will it take till he gets better?” said Mei Yin.

    “There should be about 5 more treatments, so about 15 days or so,” said Ming Hei.

    “We can ask him the next time we see him,” said Mei Yin.

    “That seems like a good idea,” said Ming Hei.

    They did not know what lies ahead of their lives. This risk that they are taking to ask Duen Shun is the first wrong step that changed their lives.
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    CHAPTER 34: Yeung Sung's Return

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Zhu Yeung Sung - Michael Tong
    Tong Yi Ting
    Mok Tian Hau


    The next day came quickly and Ming Hei did not wake up till the sun was almost all the way up.

    “Morning father!” said Ming Hei as he entered the front of their family’s medicine shop.

    “Are you very tired? You woke up later than usual. I would have thought that you would want to wake up earlier,” said Tian Hau.

    “I was tired so I decided to sleep later. I didn’t feel like waking up. The sun is so bright today!” said Ming Hei.

    “You didn’t WANT to wake up? I would think that is kind of odd for a special day like this,” said Tian Hau.

    “Special day?” questioned Ming Hei as he leaned over the counter.

    “Yeung Sung came back from Chang’an for today and told you to go to the Colorful Life Restaurant—“ started Tian Hau.

    “Yeung Sung is back? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” said Ming Hei happily as he ran out the door and headed for the restaurant.

    “Ming Hei!” tempted Tian Hau to call his son back. Ming Hei did not listen and continued running while waving bye with the back of his hand. Tian Hau smiled and nodded to himself at the naïve son of his.

    On the other hand, Ming Hei was dashing through the streets to reach the Colorful Life Restaurant. The time that they usually meet at the restaurant is at noon, and that’s almost the time. On the way, he saw Siu Lan at her flower stand along with her mother. He stopped by there.

    “Siu Lan. Did you know that Yeung Sung is back?” said Ming Hei cheerfully as he took deep breathes.

    “Of course I did! I knew since yesterday,” said Siu Lan. Ming Hei stared at her a little dumbfounded. “Don’t tell me that you just found out,” said Siu Lan.

    “Uh…” said Ming Hei.

    Siu Lan smiled at him. “Your father found out yesterday and Yeung Sung told me that he will tell you today in the morning.”

    “Oh. Well what are you waiting for? It’s almost noon! We have to get to the Colorful restraurant,” said Ming Hei.

    “I’ll make it. Wait a little bit. I always know that you would always be the last one so I don’t need to hurry,” teased Siu Lan.

    “Siu Lan, you better hurry or else you would really be the last one,” said Yi Ting.

    “I’ll be fine mother. Ming Hei wouldn’t go to the restaurant without me,” said Siu Lan.

    “I will if you don’t hurry,” said Ming Hei as he imitated the position of getting reading to run.

    “Okay okay! Mom, I’m going to leave now. I’ll be back for dinner!” said Siu Lan as Ming Hei tugged her along the street. Yi Ting stared at this site, hoping that they’ll be together at the end. This hope is sadly too far ahead for her to reach.

    Yeung Sung took a sip of tea as he stares out the Colorful Life Restaurant.

    “Yeung Sung!” said a voice from behind. He turns around and realized that it was Mei Yin.

    “Mei Yin!” greeted Yeung Sung. Mei Yin ran to him and gave him a welcoming hug.

    “I haven’t seen you for so long. How was Chang’an? That used to be my hometown,” said Mei Yin.

    “Really? I just went back because my deal with my father is almost over,” said Yeung Sung.

    “Deal?” said Mei Yin.

    “He always wanted me to become a general like him ever since I was born. He hired the best martial artist of Chang’an to teach me martial arts and the best teacher to teach me literature. Ever since we moved to Luo Yang for a few months, I fell in love with this city and did not want to leave. So my father made a deal with me. Once I turn 20, I will have to go back to Chang’an with him and train to become a general,” said Yeung Sung.

    “Oh I see. When are you turning twenty?” said Mei Yin.

    “In one week,” said Yeung Sung.

    “Does that mean you have to leave soon?” said Mei Yin sadly. Yeung Sung nodded sorrowfully.

    “Yeung Sung!” said a happy voice from behind. Mei Yin and Yeung Sung turned around and realized it was Ming Hei coming up the stairs. Siu Lan was right behind him. Once Ming Hei saw Yeung Sung, he came over speedily and accidently knocked his right foot on the corner of table and fell down. His facial expression of pain was extremely dramatic but no sound came out of his mouth.

    “Ming Hei! You are also so clutsy!” said Siu Lan as she helped him up,

    “Ming Hei, you haven’t changed at all,” teased Yeung Sung.

    “Are you okay?” said Mei Yin as she leaned over and rubbed his leg lightly.

    “I’m fine,” smiled Ming Hei. Siu Lan stared at the two and felt a little jelous of Mei Yin, but she did not say anything about it.

    After watching them for a little while, she spoke up. “Yeung Sung, how was Chang’an? Why did your father need you to go back?”

    “It’s a long story,” said Yeung Sung sadly as he sat down and took a sip of tea.

    “What’s going on?” said Ming Hei curiously as he sat down at the table. Mei Yin and Siu Lan also sat down with curiousity.

    “Remember my deal with my father?” said Yeung Sung.

    “You have to leave?” said Ming Hei.

    “Yes,” said Yeung Sung.

    “When?” said Siu Lan.

    “Tomorrow morning,” said Yeung Sung.

    “What?! You’ve been gone for two months and once you came back here for not even a day you have to leave again?! Besides, you don’t even turn 20 until 10 days later!” said Ming Hei.

    “Calm down Ming Hei. It takes about 10 days to travel from Chang’an to here, so by the time I get back, it’ll be just right,” said Yeung Sung.

    “Why does your father want you to go back? Why can’t he let you do whatever you want? It’s not like staying in Luo Yang is a bad thing!” said Ming Hei.

    “Ming Hei, you are a filial son, you should know why I’m going back,” said Yeung Sung.

    “Yeung Sung is right, he made a promise with his father and he has to keep it,” said Siu Lan. Ming Hei just sat there with his arms crossed like a stubborn little kid.

    “Ming Hei, come on. Don’t be like this. We can go visit Yeung Sung at Chang’an some time,” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei just sat there. Siu Lan, Mei Yin, and Yeung Sung knows that it would take a while to get Ming Hei to get off his grudge.

    To their surprise, he was back to normal after a short amount of time.

    “Ming Hei, please don’t be mad at me,” said Yeung Sung.

    “Who said I was mad at you?” said Ming Hei. Siu Lan, Mei Yin, and Yeung Sung stared at him awkwardly. “You are only here for one more day. We’ll have to make this the best day of our lives while you are still here! Come on! Let’s eat and then go to the river or something!”

    “Right on!” said Yeung Sung.

    “Now that’s more like it Ming Hei,” said Siu Lan.

    “Waiter!” shouted Ming Hei.

    So they had their last meal at the Colorful Life Restaurant together and after that, they headed towards the forest. As they were walking, Ming Hei was pouncing around and bouncing from tree to tree. Noticing his ability to do that, Yeung Sung sense that his martial arts has gotten better. Siu Lan sensed it too, for she knows superior Hing Gong.

    “Ming Hei, it seems like your martial arts has improved,” said Yeung Sung.

    Ming Hei settled besides Yeung Sung. “How do you know?” said Ming Hei curiously.

    “You seem to be able to move from tree to tree with ease. Before, when you tempted to do that, you always end up falling off or have an unsteady stand on it. Now, you do not seem to have that problem,” said Yeung Sung.

    “Really? Maybe I can even beat you up now!” teased Ming Hei.

    “Oh yeah? Want to see?” said Yeung Sung as he unsheated his sword out for a match.

    “Take it right on!” said Ming Hei as he withdraws his own sword.

    “I never knew you carried a sword. Well, it’s hidden pretty well, but that doesn’t make you able to beat me. Afterall, I AM the son of General Zhu,” teased Yeung Sung.

    “Let’s see about that!” said Ming Hei.

    Then both of them hopped onto a nearby tree and gripped it steadily with their left hand on the trunk, stood firmly with their feets on a branch, and had their sword in their left hand pointing at each other.

    “What are you two doing now?” said Mei Yin as she stood between them.

    “Mei Yin, they’ll be fine,” said Siu Lan as she pulled Mei Yin away.

    “You two better back up before you get hurt. Right Yeung Sung?” said Ming Hei.

    “Haha, of course,” said Yeung Sung. Mei Yin and Siu Lan backed up, giving Ming Hei and Yeung Sung plenty of room to move around as they challenge each other.
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    CHAPTER 35: Yeung Sung's Last Day

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Zhu Yeung Sung - Michael Tong


    Mei Yin and Siu Lan backed up, giving Ming Hei and Yeung Sung plenty of room to move around as they challenged each other.

    From the trees where Ming Hei and Yeung Sung were standing on, they gave each other eye contact and their match began. Ming Hei and Yeung Sung pushed themselves off the trees and their swords collide. They exchanged attacks for a period of time and no one seemed to have gained the upperhand yet. Yeung Sung is seeing improvement in Ming Hei’s martial arts. Before, he couldn’t even survive three exchanges with him! By now, ten exchanges have occurred. On the eleventh exchange, Ming Hei’s sword was clearly acting faster and more powerful than Yeung Sung’s. This caused Yeung to back up a little bit, but since he was experienced enough, he glided the energy that Ming Hei released back to himself. This caused them to back up about three meters each. As Ming Hei glided back, he placed his arms out so he can block the wind and gain a steady stand on the ground. Once he gained his stand, he jumped into the air and spun a 360 while motioning his sword around in circles in a controlled manner. This action caused a whirl of leaves to circle him under his control. Once he stood back on the ground, he had his right hand on his sword pointing towards Yeung Sung and his left hand on the air with his index and middle finger pointing out. The leaves stood above him under his control. At the same time, Yeung Sung gained his steady stand on the ground and got in a position to attack once again, but that was when he noticed that Ming Hei has done more than him during that small amount of time when they gained their positions. Ming Hei and Yeung Sung smiled at each other. Right after that, Ming Hei motioned his left arm forwards, directing the leaves above him to shoot forward towards Yeung Sung. Since he did not want to hurt his friend, he lifted his left hand a little upward, causing the leaves to just glide an inch above Yueng Sung as he dodged his attack with a backflip.

    “Yeung Sung! Are you okay?” said Ming Hei as he walked towards Yeung Sung. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. It seemed like a normal reaction somehow. I had no intention to, please forgive me.”

    “It’s okay. That was extremely powerful. Your martial art really has improved a lot. It became very powerful,” said Yeung Sung.

    “He’s been practicing almost every day since you left,” said Mei Yin as she walked over with Siu Lan.

    “How did you know?” said Siu Lan curiously.

    “Oh… um... He told me one day when I saw him,” stuttered Mei Yin.

    “It’s a good thing your martial arts improved, but there is something odd,” said Yeung Sung.

    “Odd?” said Ming Hei.

    “Your martial art seems too powerful to JUST be a family martial art that is unknown to the martial world. It’s too powerful to just be that,” said Yeung Sung.

    “What do you mean? How is it possible for my family to possess something known to the martial world? That is just impossible! We’re just regular people,” said Ming Hei.

    “I don’t know. It just seems odd. Did your father ever tell you anything about his past?” said Yeung Sung.

    “He doesn’t like to talk about it,” said Ming Hei.

    Yeung Sung walked around tapping his chin. “You know what your martial art seems to be similar with?”

    “What?” said Ming Hei.

    “Ching Sum Kuet,” said Yeung Sung.

    “Ching Sun Kuet?” said Ming Hei in surprise, for his dad has related their family martial arts to it, Duen Shun suspected our family’s martial arts to be Ching Sum Kuet, and the words that Fong Ying Fung has said.

    “It’s a powerful martial arts based on the factor of love that consist of 9 levels. Level 1 to 5 is able to be reached when you just practice it normally, but getting to higher levels involves some other things. Level 6 requires you to have your first crush. Level 7 requires you the two to love each other. Level 8 requires the two to love each other extremely much so that one is willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. Level 9 requires many love stories of the man,” said Yeung Sung.

    “That’s strange, I have never heard of that before,” said Siu Lan.

    “Well, the carrier of this Ching Sum Kuet disappeared from the Martial World for at least 20 years already, but he his name is still famous till today and shall never be forgotten, for his fame was too unforgettable,” said Yeung Sung.

    “Who is the carrier?” said Ming Hei.

    “They call him the White Warrior, but his name is actually Mok Tian Hau. He has the same first name as your father Ming Hei,” said Yeung Sung. The name struck him hard. He remembers that Fong Ying Fung called him by the last name of Mok before and also called his father Mok Tian Hau. All of this is bringing confusion to him once and again. The questions that were dancing in his mind are coming back to him. Who is he? Who is his father? What does his family have to do with the Ching Sum Kuet? Who is Fong Ying Fung? Who is Duen Shun? Why is their family’s martial art so powerful? Ming Hei’s head began to hurt.

    “Ming Hei! Ming Hei!” said Mei Yin as she tapped him on the shoulder. He didn’t hear him because those questions were circling around his mind, causing him to be in his own little world. Once she tapped him though, he woke up.

    “Huh?” said Ming Hei all of a sudden.

    “Are you okay? You weren’t answering us. Plus your face looks so pale,” said Siu Lan.

    “Oh, I’m fine,” said Ming Hei. “Hey! It’s Yeung Sung’s last day in Luo Yang. We have to make it the best for him, why are we dealing with martial arts and stuff when we can have fun?”

    “Ming Hei’s right, let’s go!” said Siu Lan. Then Siu Lan and Yeung Sung started walking. Ming Hei stood there for a little while, trying to calm himself down from his thoughts. Mei Yin saw this and she realized that the things Yeung Sung said has brought him back into the confusion he had a few days ago. After a short while, they followed along the paths of Yeung Sung and Siu Lan.

    They tried to have as much fun as they can this last day for Yeung Sung to be in Luo Yeung. They were baking fish, playing catch, chasing butterflies, playing in the waters, and watching flowers. Right now, the sun was about to set and the day was about to end. Yeung Sung and Ming Hei has pulled one of Siu Lan’s hair ornaments out and made her chase it. They kept on throwing it to each other, and because of Siu Lan’s petite size, she couldn’t grasp it.

    “Ming Hei! Catch!” said Yeung Sung as he threw the ornament to Ming Hei.

    “Got it!” said Ming Hei as he grasped it from the air. Siu Lan then ran over to his side, attempting to get it. Ming Hei dodged and jumped onto a tree, which seemed to be too high for Siu Lan to jump. Siu Lan knows that if she uses Hing Gong, she will be able to get it, but she can not reveal her martial art powers. She looked down at the ground and noticed that there is a rock right there. She kicked it upwards with her right leg and it aimed right at the hand Ming Hei was holding the hair ornament in. Ming Hei automatically dropped it and Siu Lan jumped forwards towards it and grasped it in her hands. She brushed the dust on it off and placed it back into her hair.

    “Siu Lan, my hand really hurts. You kicked that rock very hard!” said Ming Hei.

    “Who told you to take my hair ornament?” said Siu Lan.

    “It was Yeung Sung who pulled it out, he just threw it to me!” said Ming Hei.

    “Sure it was Ming Hei,” teased Yeung Sung. Siu Lan came over and stepped on Yeung Sung’s foot, causing him to jump a little bit.

    “Don’t lie,” said Siu Lan.

    “What a cruel little girl you are!” said Yeung Sung.

    “Really?” smiled Siu Lan.

    “By the way, how were you able to aim the rock at the exact right spot of my hand? That was a really good shot,” said Ming Hei.

    “Huh? It was… It was only by chance I guess,” said Siu Lan. She almost gave herself away.

    “That was a pretty good chance, and when you dived for the ornament, if we didn’t know you we would have thought that you knew martial arts of something,” said Yeung Sung.

    “Umm, someone like me knowing martial arts? Don’t joke with me. I’m not like you guys or Mei Yin,” said Siu Lan.

    “Where IS Mei Yin?” said Ming Hei. They all looked around for her, and soon, Ming Hei saw her at a corner sitting besides a tree with a piece of long grass in her hands. “What are you doing Mei Yin?”

    “Hmm? Yeung Sung is about to leave, so I decided to make him a little something,” said Mei Yin.

    “Make him what?” said Ming Hei.

    “A grass grasshopper, the ones that Mr. Duen taught us,” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei continued to watch her create the grasshopper. When she was almost done, Siu Lan and Yeung Sung made their way over already.

    “Mei Yin, so you are here! What are you doing?” said Yeung Sung curiously.

    “Give me one minute,” said Mei Yin. “There! Done!”

    “A grasshopper?” said Yeung Sung.

    “Yup, it’s for you! Since you are departing us already, I just thought that I should give you a little gift,” said Mei Yin.

    “Thank you, it’s very cute. How did you learn to make it?” said Yeung Sung.

    “It was… a friend of mine taught me not so long ago,” said Mei Yin. She almost said Duen Shun’s name out loud when he asked her to not tell anyone about him.

    “Mei Yin, can you teach me how to make it?” said Siu Lan as she pulled a long grass from the ground.

    “Of course,” said Mei Yin. For the rest of the time under the sunset, they learned how to make grasshoppers with long pieces of grass. Soon, they ended up with many little grasshoppers on the ground. Ming Hei on the other hand, made grasshoppers of many sizes.

    “This big one is my father, this midsize one is my mother, and this smaller one is me!” said Ming Hei.

    “You even gave them names Ming Hei?” said Siu Lan.

    “Yes! This is my family though. This set is of us. This one is you, this is me, this is Mei Yin, and this is Yeung Sung. This set is for you Yeung Sung. I even wrote our names on the side of them! You must take them to Chang’an and take good care of them,” said Ming Hei.

    “I will for sure! Thank you Ming Hei,” said Yeung Sung as he accepted the gift.

    The four of them continued to make grasshoppers, and they ended up a set of grasshoppers of the four of them with their names on the side for each person, a set which they will keep always. By the time they all went home, the sky was already dark and the moon came out.

    The next morning, they were at the edge of the city, saying goodbye to Yeung Sung and hoping that they’ll see each other again some point in their lives. They frantically waved goodbye as he departed on the beautifully designed horse carriage. Their lives were back to normal after the departure of Yeung Sung. Ming Hei stopped wondering about the Ching Sum Kuet and everything about it, and Mei Yin’s father didn’t budge him about the arranged marriage. It all seems good and normal for the remainder of the month. Who would have known that this calm month will bring a revealing of secrets and misery to them?
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    CHAPTER 36: Duen Shun's Attack

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Duen Shun
    He Git - Kenneth Ma

    He Git's sidekicks
    Little Boy


    Today was the last day of Duen Shun’s treatment and Mei Yin was in the forest waiting for Ming Hei to come. She was walking around the bamboo trees and playing wit her fingers during her wait. Suddenly, a pair of hands covered her eyes. She had a feeling that it was Ming Hei. She tried to pull the hands off but he wouldn’t let go.

    “Ming Hei, let me go,” smiled Mei Yin. Slowly, the hands let go and Mei Yin turned around. She gasped out loud. The man was not Ming Hei, but was a hobo. She slowly back up as the hobo looked at her with a perverted smile on his face.

    “Who are you?” said Mei Yin as she pulled out her 9 section whip. The hobo walked closer to her and Mei Yin backed up slowly with her whip in her hands. Suddenly, the eyes of the hobo changed into a hideous glare. He then took out a knife and aimed it at Mei Yin! One thrust after another, he tried to stab her to death. Each thrust he made was dodged with the nine section whip. Even though she dodged them, she got tired after a short while. The knife was aiming right towards her at this moment and she could absolutely not dodge it. Just then, Ming Hei pushed her to the side, causing the knife to slightly glide along the right side of her face. Ming Hei then unsheathed his sword and pointed it towards the hobo as a deadly glare appeared in his eyes. The hobo saw this and ran for his life.

    “Mei Yin! Are you okay?” said Ming Hei as he held her up from the ground.

    “My face, it itches!” said Mei Yin as she covered the right side of her face.

    “Let me see,” said Ming Hei as he slowly pulled away her hand. He noticed that she was bleeding. He quickly pulled out a bottle of ointment form his waist. “This will hurt a little, but it will help your wound,” said Ming Hei. He then opened the bottle and poured some of the yellow liquid on his hands and applied it to Mei Yin’s face. She gave a little shriek of pain. Noticing this, Ming Hei held Mei Yin’s hand securely and said, “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright.” Mei Yin gave him a little nod and tried to keep quiet. “There, it shouldn’t hurt as much now. I’ll give you the rest of this ointment. Remember to apply it to your face every single day for a month or until your wound is better, so you wouldn’t have a scar. Also, you can NOT cover up your injury with just a random piece of cloth, or else it would take a long time to heal. Okay?”

    “Okay,” said Mei Yin.

    “No, no,” said Ming Hei. He then took out a little container from his waistband. “Here!”

    “What is that?” said Mei Yin.

    “It’s a special kind of coverage cream. I made it especially for another patient who has a scar, but I will give this container for you first. Apply it to your scar and it will cover it. It is made of a special kind of herb so that it will do you no harm,” said Ming Hei.

    “Thank you,” said Mei Yin.

    “Let me help you apply it on,” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin gave him a smile and he carefully applied it to her face.

    “You still look beautiful no matter what. Okay?” said Ming Hei as he touched her cheeks.

    She then leaned her head onto Ming Hei’s chest and hugged his body. “Ming Hei, who was that person? I thought it was you at first but it wasn’t. I was really scared.”

    Ming Hei gently ran his fingers through her hair and placed his chin over her head. “I don’t know, but there is no need to be scared. I’m by your side.”

    After Mei Yin calmed down, they headed to Duen Shun’s cave.

    At the other side of the bamboo forest, the hobo was running while glancing behind him at times. Soon enough, he went inside a cave, where He Git was.

    “He Gong Zi! He Gong Zi!” said the hobo as he walked him clumsily.

    “What happened? Where is she? Did you forget what I told you? Do I have to tell you again? I told you to pretend to abduct her to this cave so I can save her! Where is she now?!” said He Git madly.

    “He Gong Zi, I’m—I’m so sorry,” said the hobo.

    “What happened?” said He Git as he sat down on a stone madly.

    “Everything went on smoothly, but when I was about to abduct her, a man came out and rescued her! I went behind the bushed for a while to watch and realized that they had a relationship going on,” said the hobo.

    “A man? Who was it?! How dare he try to steal my future wife!” He Git slamed his hand agaist the stone and got up. He then walked over to the hobo madly and grabbed him by his front clothing and lifted him up on his toes. “Who was that man…?” whispered He Git.

    “I... I don’t know,” said the hobo afraidly.

    “WHAT?!” scaremed He Git. He held the hobo even more upward so that his toes mearly touched the ground.

    “Please forgive me He Gong Zi! It was all that person’s fault! He was dress in white and had a handsome face. That is all I remember. Please forgive me!” begged the hobo.

    He Git let him go and he fell to the ground.

    “Give him some money and let him go,” said He Git. One of his servants did so and the hobo left immediately.

    “He Gong Zi, what should we do next?” asked one of his servants.

    “So she is having a relationship behind my back. Sadly, I’m her future husband, and not that other handsome man in white,” said He Git as he smiled evily. “I’ll see what happens when her father finds out about this. If I can’t get her to love me first and then marry me, I’ll just skip a step and have her marry me.”

    After this, He Git left the cave while his servants followed him.

    Ming Hei and Mei Yin arrived to Duen Shun’s cave by this time.

    “Mr. Duen!” said Ming Hei happily as he waved his arm in the air.

    “Hello Ming Hei,” said Duen Shun as he turned around from his reading.

    “Today will be your last treatment and then you’ll be free and can practice martial arts again!” said Mei Yin.

    “That will be great,” said Duen Shun. He then smiled wickedly to himself, as if he has something planned in his mind.

    Ming Hei carefully gave him the same treatment he always had. As the treatment went on, Duen Shun felt the energy he had before coming back to him.

    “There! Done! Yo can put your top layers on Mr. Duen,” said Ming Hei as he organized his needles and slip them into his waist band. Mei Yin gave out from behind the rock once she knew Mr. Duen’s treatment was done.

    “How are you feeling Mr. Duen?” asked Mei Yin.

    “Very good… Very good!” said Mr. Duen as he examined his hands. He then forefully aimed his right palm towards a rock, causing it to explode into many pieces. He then broke into a loud and powerful laughter.

    “Wow! That was so powerful! You must know some very good martial art,” said Ming Hei.

    “No matter how good it is, it will never be as good as the Ching Sum Kuet,” said Duen Shun as he examined at his right hand.

    “Even if you don’t have the Ching Sum Kuet, you don’t have to be sad. Your martial art is still very powerful! I’m sure you can beat every man in the martial world!” exaggerated Mei Yin.

    “Nothing will satisfy me enough than having the Chung Sum Kuet in my hands,” said Duen Shun as he clenches his fist.

    “Don’t worry Mr. Duen. There are still many chances in the future for you to have that martial art,” said Ming Hei.

    Right after Ming hei said that, Duen Shun grabbed him by the throat with his right hand. Mei Yin and Ming Hei’s eyes stared with shock. “I want it NOW!” screamed Duen Shun with anger in his eyes.

    “Mr. Duen! What are you doing? Let Ming Hei go or else he will sufficate!” said Mei Yin fearfully.

    “Shut up!” shouted Duen Shun as he pointed his right index finger at her. Her eyes were filled with fright.

    Under his breathe, Ming Hei managed to said, “Mr. Duen… what… what are you… doing?” He couldn’t understand. What happened to Mr. Duen right now? Did his treatment go wrong? Or was what Fong Ying Fung said correct? All those questions are coming to him again and he was extremely confused.

    “What am I doing?! Are you that niave or are you just stupid?!” shouted Duen Shun into Ming Hei’s face. “If you want someone to blame, do not blame me. Blame your father! Your father killed every member of my sect and paralyzed my left arm! That has made my wife leave me! I have nothing now. No friends. No family. No love. No friendship. Who twisted my life like this? It is all your father’s fault!”

    “Mr. Yuen will never do something like that! Mr. Duen! Please let Ming Hei go!” begged Mei Yin as she fell to her knees with tears in her eyes.

    “HIM never doing anything like that? Don’t joke with me. He DID to it all!” said Duen Shun. “I feel so sorry for you Ming Hei. Your father must have not told you about his past. He must be too chicken to do so! He even changed his last name JUST to get out of the affairs of the martial world. The heaven is not blind though, people who strive will always get what they want! After I went looking around for your father for these 20 years, I finally found him!”

    “What are you talking about? Changing what last name?” said Mei Yin in tears.

    “Ming Hei’s father is Mok Tian Hau! Mok Tian Hau is Ming Hei’s father! His family is the carrier of the Ching Sum Kuet! That martial art that you have been practicing IS the Ching Sum Kuet!” said Duen Shun. These words stroke Ming Hei deeply.

    'How can this be? No! This is not true!' said Ming Hei to himself. He does not want to accept the truth. After Mei Yin heard this, her eyes widen too. The truth was hard to believe.

    Without saying more, she went to her knees and started tugging Duen Shun’s legs. “Please Mr. Duen! Whatever that happened does not have to do with our generation! The history of the previous generation should be their story! Not ours! Please let Ming Hei go!” begged Mei Yin. Right then, Duen Shun whacked his left hand onto Mei Yin’s head, making her faint.

    “Mei Yin!” said Ming Hei. He tried to struggle out, but Duen Shun’s right hand was too powerful. Just then, Duen Shun whacked him in the head with his left hand, causing him to faint too.

    Right then, Duen Shun grabbed some rope and tied them together back to back. He then tied Ming Hei’s feets to his hands and Mei Yin’s feets to her hands tightly. He then tied up hands and legs to a rock nearby, causing them to sit right between two big rocks. He then took some paper and ink and wrote a letter to Tian Hau. He was planning to use it as a threat so he can get his hands on the Ching Sum Kuet. It took him a while to write it due to his lack of education, but after he was done writing he went out. About half a mile from the city of Luo Yang, he saw a little boy playing with piece of wood. He walked up to him.

    “Little boy, can you help me do something?” said Duen Shun.

    “Why?” asked the little boy.

    “I’ll give you these coins for you to buy candy,” said Duen Shun sweetly. The little boy thought about it and took the money.

    “Okay!” said the little boy carefully.

    Duen Shun smiled. “Take this letter to Mr. Yuen Tian Hau. You know who he is? He’s the guy with the medicine shop.”

    “I know who he is! My mommy buys medicine from him,” said the little boy as he turned around and went on to deliver the letter. Duen Shun then headed back to the cave.

    Back at the cave before Duen Shun returned, Ming Hei woke up. Since Duen Shun’s left hand is paralyzed, he did not whack them in the head that hard. Ming Hei looked around and saw Mei Yin tied up behind him and that he was tied up.

    “Mei Yin! Mei Yin!” said Ming Hei as he wiggled, trying to get Mei Yin up.

    Mei Yin woke up and looked around. “Ming Hei, what happened? Why are we tied up? Why is Mr. Duen suddenly like that?” said Mei Yin.

    “I don’t know. Care about those things when we get out first,” said Ming Hei.

    “How?” said Mei Yin.

    “I—I don’t know,” said Ming Hei.

    “Oh! Remember when Mr. Duen suspected that you have inner strength?” said Mei Yin.

    “But I don’t even know if I do have that!” said Ming Hei.

    “Try! Even if you don’t know it doesn’t mean that you don’t have it. Try to use it and maybe it can break the ropes,” said Mei Yin.

    “HOW do you use it?” asked Ming Hei.

    “Uhh… I don’t know. I guess if you concentrate hard enough like you do when you practice your martial arts it should work,” said Mei Yin.

    “I’ll try,” said Ming Hei. After that, he concentrated like he does when he practice martial arts. He started feeling a burst of energy inside him building and building. Suddenly, SNAP! The ropes that connected to Ming Hei broke.

    “It worked!” said Mei Yin happily.

    “Yes!” said Ming Hei happily. He then quickly got up and untied Mei Yin’s hands and legs. “Come on, let’s leave before he comes back,” said Ming Hei as he helped Mei Yin up.

    “Okay,” said Mei Yin. Speedily with their hands in touch they headed or the cave entrance,but before they could exit, Duen Shun stood right before them, causing them to back up a little bit.

    “Where are you going?” demanded Duen Shun.
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    hey, this is emilyy... winglin is down, but i hope you'll update it here XD i decided to post my story on here as well

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    hey emilyy! yeah i think i should post it here even though winglin is down... ill jsut update it all onto winglin when it's fixed. =) u better update ur story fast or else i'll hunt u down.

    CHAPTER 37: Arrival of Help

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Duen Shun
    Mok Tian Hau


    “Where are you going?” demanded Duen Shun. Ming Hei and Mei Yin looked at each other and did not answer. After a little while, Ming Hei let go of Mei Yin’s hand and took a couple of steps forwards as he faced Duen Shun.

    “Mr. Duen. I don’t know what happened with you and my father but that’s all last generation! Even if what you said my father did to you was true, what does it have to do with us? Can’t you just talk it out and settle it peacefully with my father?” said Ming Hei.

    “Settle it peacefully?! He took away everything I had! How do you suppose that I settle that peacefully? The least I can do is to kill his son for my revenge…” said Duen Shun as he unsheathed his sword right his right hand and pointed it at Ming Hei. He then brought the tip of the sword down to the ground. “But I will not kill you yet. Without you in my hands, your father will not be willing to hand over the Ching Sum Kuet. If you know what is good for you, stay right there or else I’ll kill your girl over there!” He pointed his sword towards Mei Yin. Ming Hei backed up and hugged tightly onto Mei Yin.

    “Even if what you said was true, it has nothing to do with Mei Yin! Can’t you just let her go?” said Ming Hei.

    “Do you think you’ll stay here if I let her go? I know that you two are a pair. You will not leave each other alone. Even if I do let her go, she will NOT go. Besides, if you stay here I will not do anything to you,” said Duen Shun.

    Duen Shun is using them as bait to get the Ching Sum Kuet, and he is using Mei Yin as bait to make him stay here. This really got Ming Hei irritated, so he stood out and strongly said, “What kind of man are you?! You can’t get what you want the right way and by yourself so you are using dirty ways and threats to get it?! If you are a real man, then use your own hands to get what you wanted instead of using threats to get what you want like a loser!”

    “Shut up! Whatever I do is none of your business!” said Duen Shun. “I know. I know that my Duen Family Palm is no where near being as powerful as the Ching Sum Kuet and that there is no way for me to get it without using threats. I do not consider this threat though. It’s a trade! Your father made me lose everything I had, and I do not find it any much of a threat to use someone who he cares about very much in order for me to get the Ching Sum Kuet. He took away my everything so when I take away one thing from him, it is NOT a threat. Plus, it is you who walked up to me first. I never asked for your help, you were just that stupid!”

    “Yes, I AM that stupid, but at least I do not do thinks the dirty way like you! No wonder your wife left you!” shouted Ming Hei.

    “What that is between my wife and me is NONE of your business!” said Duen Shun as he palmed in the direction of Mei Yin. Ming Hei saw this and ran right to her and pushed her down. The side of her face which was injured before scrapped across the ground. The palm went right above them and into the wall.

    “Mei Yin! Are you okay?” said Ming Hei concernly.

    “I—I’m fine. I’ll be okay,” said Mei Yin as she covered her wound.

    “Quick, get up and hide behind the rock before he can do anything more,” said Ming Hei.

    This action got Ming Hei really mad. He stood up and looked angerly right at Duen Shun’s eyes as Mei Yin hid behind a big rock. “How dare you! Whatever is between out famiies has NOTHING to do with Mei Yin’s family! Why are you always us the dirty ways to get what you want? Are you a man at all?!” shouted Ming Hei.

    “Shut up!” said Duen Shun as he palmed towards Ming Hei’s position.

    Ming Hei jumped rightward and dodged the attack. Once he got up, he unsheathed his sword and held it forward and pointing at Duen Shun with his right hand. He had his left right forward and his left hand behind him and in the air. His eyes were as bold as ever as he stared right at Duen Shun and gave him shivers that tingled through his spine.

    'He looks just like the White Warrior.' thought Duen Shun as shivers went down his spine.

    Duen Shun laughed out loud. “You think you can fight me? From your martial arts the last time you showed me, you at at MOST at level 7! You think you beat me with that? Level 7 is nothing compared to Level 9, where your father is. I’ll tell you now. I have already sent a letter telling him to come here with his Ching Sum Kuet and the three treasures of the Ching Sum Kuet: the sword, the fan, and the flute. Now, you have his sword so I guess I’ll get that from you first before your father comes! A little boy like you is no challenge for me!” said Duen Shun. He then pulled out a short sword and pointed it towards Ming Hei.

    “We’ll have to see about that!” smirk Ming Hei. Ming Hei then jumped into the air and towards Duen Shun and a series of attacks was exchanged.

    At this point, the little boy has gotten his letter to Tian Hau.

    “Mr. Yuen,” said the little boy off the counter top. Tian Hau looked down and saw the boy.

    “What is it little boy? Where is your mother?” asked Tian Hau.

    “My mommy is still selling her vegetables in the market,” said the boy.

    “Then why are you here?” asked Tian Hau curiously.

    “Someone told me to give you this letter,” said the boy. After the boy gave him the letter, the boy went away back into the market to get some candy. Tian Hau curiously looked at the little boy as he skipped away and then stared at the letter. On the front it wrote ‘Mok Tian Hau.’ Assuming that it’s from some old Martial World friends, he started to open. That was then when he saw the name ‘Duen Shun’ written in the corner of the letter. Seeing those letters, his eyes widened and quickly opened the letter. Inside it said:

    Mok Tian Hau,

    You don’t think that I have any power in the Martial World any more do you? Well, I am demanding you to bring your Ching Sum Kuet and the three treasures of it: the sword, the fan, and the flute, to the cave on the map I drew on the other piece of paper. Why do you ask that I still do this? That is because I have your son in my hands. Foolish as he was, he was willing to heal my injury from the White Cliff Magical Needes. I guess that you have not told him your past and your family’s history, which led him to his trouble today. Within one hour I will be expecting to see you at this cave or just come to carry away the corpse of your son!

    Duen Shun

    Seeing his letter, Tian Hau’s eyes were as angry and red as ever been. On the other hand, he was worried about his son’s safety. He crumpled the letter and stormed out of the place.

    “Tian Hau! Where are you going?” shouted Ah Fung as she walked out.

    “To find our son!” shouted Tian Hau as he walked speedily.As soon as he reached outside the city, he began to use his Hing Gong to travel a whole lot faster.

    Back at the cave, no one seemed to have gained the upper hand. By the 10th exchange, their swords collide. Duen Shun kicked Ming Hei right in the stomach and caused them two to be casted a few steps backwards. Ming Hei pulled out his hands to stop the wind, causing him to have a steady stop. Duen Shun on the other hand, did not think about this, and unsteadily stopped three seconds later.

    'This will not work. No matter how much we attack no one can get the upper hand. Hmm… Why is his sword so short and small?' thought Ming Hei. 'Oh! The shorter their sword, the closer they would have to be in order for their attacks to be the best. For the Duen Family palm, it only covers the area of the size of the palm. If I’m far away, I’ll most likely be able to dodge it. If I’m close, he can easily harm me. My sword is long, so it needs room in order for me to use its utmost power. Why didn’t I think of that before? Ming Hei! You are so stupid!'

    Just then, Duen Shun gained his power back and charged towards Ming Hei. Ming Hei was still in his own little world when he did this. When he realized, he tried to dodge it but did not quiet did, it caused Duen Shun’s sword to scrap across his right shoulder. He yelped in pain. Mei Yin looked scared from behind the rock and tears started to gush out of her eyes as she tried to cover her mouth from screaming.

    Ming Hei was all awake and he was madder than ever. He lifted his sword up and as Duen Shun charged towards him again, Ming Hei jumped onto his sword, casting himself at least 10 feet away. He then placed his right foot merely on the ground and used his momentum to bounce him straight into the air. He held his sword parallel to the ground and his shoulders as he spun in the air. As he spun, a gathering of energy seemed to have circled him and when he reached the ground, he blasted his arms out and a big gust of wind in the form of a tornado shot towards Duen Shun. He was caught in the tornado and was stuggling to get out. The wind made him dizzy and seemed to bec pulling him apart. Ming Hei couldn’t believe his eyes and was scared that he was going to kill Duen Shun. He quickly motioned his right left arm across in diagonal position and it brought the tornado away. Duen Shun fell to the ground. Being the kind person he is, Ming Hei walked over to see if he was okay. He saw that his eyes were closed.

    “Are you okay?” said Ming Hei. Just then, Duen Shun’s eyes widened and charged towards him. Ming Hei backed up immediately and got back into an exchanging of attacks. Right at this moment, Tian Hau appeared at the cave entrance. He saw Ming Hei exchanging attacks with Duen Shun and was extremely surprised by his son’s improvement and the handsome and powerful way he looked as he fought. Ming Hei’s eyes were powerful and bright just as his was as the legendary White Warrior.

    After one exchange, Ming Hei managed to back up and use the powers of the Ching Sum Kuet once again. Not wanting him to do so, Duen Shun tried to fly towards him. With extremely fast reflex, Ming Hei moved his hands around a bit and casted a palm right at Duen Sun’s chest. His palm did not hit him though, within a few inches from touching him, his palm released a huge force of energy and just bouced him backwards and into the wall. Just then, Tian Hau did not want to see any more. He jumped in and pushed his son gently to the side and faught Duen Shun himself. Duen Shun saw his arrival and quickly got up to attack. As they were exchanging attacks, Ming Hei crawled towards Mei Yin.

    “Mei Yin!” said Ming Hei as he hugged her securely. Mei Yin placed her finger over his lips and then they both peer over the top of the rock to watch the fight. Ming Hei saw her injured face scraped once again. He carefully helped he extract the dirty sand that touched her wound. Tears weld up in his eyes as he did this. He can not bear to see his beloved person injured so greatly once again. Her wound is bigger than imaginable now. He didn’t tell her, but he believed that a scar that will be caused by the injury will always remain on her face. After he helped her clean her wound, he carefully applied the coverage cream onto her face and hugged her tightly.

    Tian Hau blocked each attack controllably and expertly with his fan. Ming Hei just couldn’t keep his eyes off the actions of his father. His attacks were splendidly made and beautifully preformed. He longed to reach the level of his father.

    Tian Hau soon bounced backwards and had a chance to use the ultimate power of the Ching Sum Kuet. He jumped upward and flicked opened his fan, causing the saying “Sum Yau Ling Sai Yut Dim Tong (If two hearts are linked, anything can be accomplished)” to show brightly and beautifully. He then did a 360 with his legs and the sky outside began to thunder and darken up. When he landed on the ground, he stood on his right foot and had his left hand up behind him while his right hand pointed at Duen Shun. It began to rain outside.

    “The 9th level?” said Duen Shun surprisingly and frightenly.

    Without replying, Tian Hau started to fight with Duen Shun again. They didn’t do anything besides exchanging attacks. Out of no where, Tian Hau had a chance to bounce back and he speedily switched from his fan to flute. He tooked it out and blew a few beautiful notes into it. Right then, a stream of water came from outside and shot towards Duen Shun. Duen Shun’s eyes widen as the water came towards him. Soon enough, it was the stream of water that Duen Shun was trying to dodge. He knew that once the water hits him, his death will soon follow, for that was one of the attacks that Tian Hau used against Duen Shun’s sect when he killed them all. Each and every note that Tian Hau blew into his flute controlled he movement of the water. He backed up more and more and soon tripped backwards. He rolled to the left to dodge the water. At that moment, Tian Hau blew a few sharp notes into the flute and caused the water to shoot upward and out of the cave. Just as Duen Shun’s eyes were about to open, Tian Hau jumped out of no where and swipted his fan horizontally down his face, leaving a stream of blood gushing out. His fan did not touch Duen Shun’s face, for it was his speed that cause the wind caused by the fan to cause the deep cut on Duen Shun’s face.

    “After I have let you go so many times, you are still after my family! I have no choice but to bring you your death! Be glad I did not use the 9th level’s stream of water to kill you. If I did, you would have died extremely painfully. Rest in peace and do not think about the things of the Martial World anymore,” said Tian Hau.

    Duen Shun couldn’t get up. He stared angerly at Duen Shun and said, “Mok Tian Hau… you… you…” Those were his last words. Before finishing this sentence, his head dropped down and died with his eyes opened.The cut on his face was way too deep, bringing him closer and closer to his death until he finally lost it.
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    wow he died? xD n tavia's face got scarred... ahhh will mok tian hau tell ming hei more about his past? ahhh suspense! update soon xD

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