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    yes!! i finally found out how to get chinese font onto the internet.. xD it was so easy! i feel so stupid now... haha.. if u go to the first post.. u can see their chinese names in chinese if you were confused at first.

    CHAPTER 38: Are We Not Ment to be Together?

    Mok Mng Hei - Benny Chan
    Mok Tian Hau
    Duen Shun
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung


    Duen Shun couldn’t get up. He stared angerly at Duen Shun and said, “Mok Tian Hau… you… you…” Those were his last words. Before finishing this sentence, his head dropped down and died with his eyes opened.The cut on his face was way too deep, bringing him closer and closer to his death until he finally lost it.

    Behind the rock, Ming Hei and Mei Yin stared with horror. Ming Hei’s father has killed someone right before his own eyes. He was terrified. Who was his father? What is he doing? What is going on? Ming Hei was very confused. Mei Yin was extremely scared and hugged tightly onto Ming Hei’s hips as she placed her head onto his chest. Ming Hei hugged her securely as he placed his right onto the back of her head and left hand on her back. He raised his head to watch his father. Tian Hau placed his fan away and took out his flute. He blew a few peaceful notes into it and the sky outside brightened up. The sun rised out and the sky turned beautifully blue. The dark and stormy sky that was raining heavily disappeared. The sky was changing under the command of the flute! Ming Hei and Mei Yin’s eyes lightened up at the sight. The power that Tian Hau holds was farter than they had imagined.

    After the sky cleared up, Tian Hau placed his flute back onto the holder behind his back with ease. He then started walking towards Ming Hei’s direction. Ming Hei knew that he was in deep trouble. Mei Yin was still scared at what that has happened within that small amount of time and hugged on tightly to Ming Hei. Tian Hau soon stood right next to his son, who was hugging securely to the women whom he did not want him to be with. Ming Hei looked at his father with innocent eyes and then at Mei Yin. Mei Yin saw that his father was right there and quickly got off of Ming Hei. Tian Hau’s eyes stared at them with extreme madness. Ming Hei and Mei Yin’s heart beated extremely fast, they did now know what will happen next. Tian Hau stared at Ming Hei and Mei Yin for a long period of time. Each second that has gone by, Ming Hei got more and more scared. Soon enough, Tian Hau spoke.

    “Ming Hei! Do you know that you have caused a LOT of trouble?!” shouted Tian Hau furiously. Ming Hei looked at his father blankly and stood up.

    “Father, I don’t get it. Who led me to this trouble? If you had told me all of this in the first place, I would have known that Duen Shun was someone bad and I wouldn’t have helped him! If you have told me all of this, today wouldn’t have existed! What IS the Ching Sum Kuet? Who IS the legendary White Warrior? Who IS Duen Shun? Who IS Fong Ying Fung? Who are these people and what are these things? What else have you not told me?” said Ming Hei.

    Tian Hau held up his hand at his son. “You—you.” Without saying more, Tian Hau slapped his hand across his son’s face. Ming Hei stared at Tian Hau wth the word ‘why’ printed on his face.

    “Father! What did I do wrong? Why did you slap me?” demanded Ming Hei.

    “You did NOT listen to what I say! If you were more obedient, none of this would have happened!” said Tian Hau.

    “I don’t get it, what DID I do wrong? I don’t think that any of my actions are wrong!” said Ming Hei.

    “You have three wrong actions. One, you healed Duen Shun when he’s an enemy. Two, you are with this Sima Mei Yin when I specifically told you to not be with. Three, you did not tell me about your improvement in martial arts!” said Tian Hau.

    “I do not see those as things I did wrong. Okay, IF I did. One, if you had told me that he was an enemy, I wouldn’t have helped him! If I see someone injured, you said that as a doctor I must help them no matter what. Does this case differ? I don’t think so. Two, Mei Yin and I love each other, so why can’t we be together? If two people love each other, I don’t think that they should be separated even if the class level differs! Three, you have cared less about my improvement in martial arts ever since you THINK that I don’t see Mei Yin anymore. So even if there is improvement, you wouldn’t have noticed. The reason that I haven’t told you is because there is never a time to! It seems like you are trying to ignore the topic of martial arts in or conversations! If you don’t tell me about things, how will my actions e considered as wrong? What ELSE are you hiding from me, father?” said Ming Hei.

    “Ming Hei! When did you ever become this disrespectful?! No more talking! Come home RIGHT with me!” said Tian Hau. Without saying more, he grabbed tightly onto Ming Hei’s wrist.

    Ming Hei quickly snapped his wrist off. “Father, why are you always like this? I try to be as filial as I can and listen to everything you say even if I do not agree with it. No matter how hard I try, I am never the filial son whom you have in your mind. I haven’t seen you smile in the longest time. I haven’t even seen you sleep in the same bed as mother ever. I don’t get you! If I follow you home this time, I know that you would not let me see Mei Yin ever again. Why are you doing this to me? Do you not want me to happy? No matter what, I will not listen to you this time!” said Ming Hei as he backed up slowly to Mei Yin.

    “You!” said Tian Hau. Just then, he pulled out his flute. Knowing that his father wants to use martial arts to get him home, he unsheathed his sword.

    “You are being very unfilial right now. If you still consider me as your dad, put down that sword instantly!” demanded Tian Hau.

    “Father, I’m sorry, but I do not see why you are not letting Mei Yin and me be together! The last thing I can do, is this. Sorry, father,” said Ming Hei.

    “You unfilial son!” shouted Tian Hau. Just after that, they started exchanging attacks. Ming Hei’s martial art was far beyond his imagination, he has reached level 8. The person who allowed him to make it was Mei Yin and knowing this, Tian Hau was not happy. Even though Ming Hei’s martial art is extremely good, Tian Hau was at level 9. Level 8 and level 9’s power greatly differs. Within a short amount of time, Tian Hau gained the upper hand and Ming Hei was struggling. Tian hau’s flute then hit Ming Hei right in the back, causing him to collapse down onto the ground.

    “Ming Hei!” shouted Mei Yin concernly from afar.

    Not wishing to give up, Ming Hei quickly got up and tried to attack more and more. Sadly, each of these attacks was blocked and Tian Hau hit him right in his stomach, which made him fall again. This time, a bit of blood appeared at the corner of his lip.

    “You should really stop and just follow me home. You will never win,” said Tian Hau.

    Ming Hei quickly got up and wiped away his blood and started attacking again. Since he was injured, Tian Hau hit him on the shoulder and he fell to his knees. Right then, Mei Yin popped up and lied on top of Ming Hei.

    “Mr. Yuen! Please don’t do this anymore!” cried Mei Yin. “Ming Hei, don’t do this. Just follow your father home, I don’t want to see you suffer for me like this. I’m not worth it!”

    “Mei Yin, we promised each other that we shall never be separated. I can’t do this,” said Ming Hei.

    “Ming Hei…” sobbed Mei Yin. Just at that moment, Tian Hau hit Ming Hei right on the head, causing him to faint.

    “Mr. Yuen, why did you do that?” said Mei Yin in surprise.

    “If I do not do that, how do you think I’m going to drag him home? Sima Goo Leung, I know that you know that this is for Ming Hei’s good. It might seem like I’m being very cruel but trust me. Your father would not like you to be with Ming Hei. Our family is not any royalty; we are just a family who owns a simple and small medical shop. Whatever you heard about the Ching Sum Kuet and White Warrior, please do not tell anyone about it. I know that you are unsure of the story, but do not tell anyone about anything you know. It could lead you to death if you tell. If there is time in the future, I would tell you the whole story,” said Tian Hau.

    “Yes Mr. Yuen,” said Mei Yin sadly.

    “Thank you for understanding. Hopefully, you will have a good life with the person whom you are arranged to marry. If nothing big happens, I would prefer that you do not visit Ming Hei. You know, you wouldn’t want him to have his hopes rise again,” said Tian Hau.

    “I will not marry He Git,” said Mei Yin.

    “What did you say? He Git?” said Tian Hau.

    “He’s the man who I am arranged to marry. If I have to marry a pig or dog, I WILL NOT marry him ever in my life,” said Mei Yin.

    “Do whatever you want then. It’s just that Ming Hei isn’t your real prince,” said Tian Hau.

    “I know Mr. Yuen,” said Mei Yin. After that, Tian Hau carried Ming Hei on his back and left the cave. Mei Yin just sat there, with the dead body of Duen Shun being near. She watched the back of Ming Hei as he was getting carried out, tears dropped down her face. She knows that she might never get a chance to see him ever again. After their image disappeared, she glanced at Duen Shun’s body. Even though he was a bad man, she thinks that he still deserves a proper burial. She then spent the rest of the day digging up a spot and burying Mr. Duen so he can rest in peace. After that, she left and went home, vowing to never some back to this cave ever again.

    Ah Fung was at the counter caring for things while Tian Hau was away. Having no idea where he went, she doesn’t know when he’ll return, so she kept on looking out at the streets as she did math on the abacus and waiting for his return. Glancing again, she spotted her husband walking down the street with Ming Hei on his back.

    “Tian Hau, what happened?” said Ah Fung when Tian Hau reached their door.

    Tian Hau just looked at her in the eye and walked inside. Ah Fung followed. Tian Hau then rested their son on his bed and rubbed ointment on Ming Hei’s injuries. After that, he walked out of Ming Hei’s room and locked the door securely.

    “Tian Hau! What are you doing?” said Ah Fung. Once again, he looked at her in the eye for a short amount of time.

    “No matter what happens do NOT open Ming Hei’s door!” said Tian Hau finally.

    “Why? Tian Hau, what happened,” said Ah Fung as she touched her husband on the shoulder. Tian Hau quickly pushed her hand off.

    “Do not touch me,” said Tian Hau.

    Ah Fung stared at her with confused eyes. “It’s been 18 years, why do you still treat me like this? Do you think that I’m still an enemy who will harm you?” said Ah Fung while tears gushed out of her eyes.

    “How will I NOT know that you will not harm me? What your father did for you 18 years ago as hideous and cruel. If it was not for Ming Hei, I would NOT have taken you as my wife!” said Tian Hau.

    “All these 18 years, have you not developed ANY feelings for me at all? All that is in your heart is still that other women!” screamed Ah Fung.

    “Yes, she is one of the ONLY one in my heart! I already told you, I WOULDN'T have taken you as my wife if your father has not threatened me! You hold no place in my heart. Just be greatful that you gained the name as my wife! There is two other people in this world that never had this title, the ones who really deserves it…” said Tian Hau. After this, he just looked at Ah Fung with cold eyes and walked back to the front of the shop. Ah Fung just dropped down to her knees and cried. She didn’t want anything else but his love, but no matter what she does she knows that she will never get it. One by one, drops of tears dropped down her face and wetted her dress.

    On the other side of the city, Mei Yin was slowly walking home. Her head was down and her eyes were poofy from crying. Her face did not show the gleaming smile she always had. She was soon stepping in front of her own house. She wiped the tears off her eyes and fixed her dress, and then entered.

    “Siu Jeh! You’re finally home!” said Siu Chun nervously once Mei Yin stepped in. She saw the face on Mei Yin. “What’s wrong Siu Jeh?”

    “Huh? Nothing’s wrong,” said Mei Yin.

    “You look rather sad,” said Siu Chun. “Did something happen?”

    “No, I’m fine. Were you waiting for me by the door?” said Mei Yin.

    “You are fine now but I think you are in BIG trouble. He Git is here,” said Siu Chun.

    “What?! He’s here? For what?” said Mei Yin.

    “I—I don’t know, but once he came here and talked with Lo Yeh for a little while, Lo Yeh seems to be very mad and told me to wait at the door for you and inform you to go to the main room immediately once you come back from wherever you are,” said Siu Chun.

    “Did he find out that I was Sima Mei Yin?” said Mei Yin.

    “Most likely, but I do not know how. Siu Jeh! I think you should go to the main room quickly before Lo Yeh gets madder,” said Siu Chun. Without saying more, Mei Yin tidied herself up and went into the main room. There, he saw He Git sipping his tea very unmannerly and her father waiting very impatiently on the other side.

    “Father,” said Mei Yin as she bowed lightly.

    “You are finally willing to come home?” said Lok Yun coldly.
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    CHAPTER 39: They do not Belong Together

    Sima Lok Yun
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    He Git - Kenneth Ma
    Siu Chun
    Mok Tian Hau
    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Mok Fung


    “You are finally willing to come home?” said Lok Yun coldly.

    “What do you mean father? I always come home at about this time,” said Mei Yin confusedly.

    “Whatever. By the way, this is He Git, your future husband,” said Lok Yun.

    “Father!” said Mei Yin. She wanted to say more, but she saw that her father was glaring at her.

    He Git stood up and walked over to Mei Yin with a cunning smile on his face.

    “Hmm… Mei Yin. Do you know that you look a LOT prettier up close?” said He Git as he pinched her chin. Mei Yin slapped his hands away. “I just love your personality like this. So wonderful, but yet so hard to get.” He placed his hands on her shoulders. She pushed them off.

    “Mei Yin! Stop that!” said Lok Yun.

    “Father! He’s touching me!” said Mei Yin.

    “He’s your future husband, and your ONLY future husband. He can do whatever he wants to you. Remember, he is your ONLY husband,” said Lok Yun.

    “What do you mean by that?” said Mei Yin, who was hurt by that sentence.

    “You know what I mean,” said Lok Yun.

    “I don’t! Why do you want me to marry someone that I do not love?” cried Mei Yin.

    “Shut up! You KNOW what I mean! He Git is the one who you are marrying! Not the man who you were cuddling with in the forest the other day!” said Lok Yun.

    Mei Yin stared at her father blankly. “You… you had people follow me? Father! I’m your daughter! You should trust me!” cried Mei Yin.

    “Well I see that I should not trust you then! Ever day that you go out, I see that you are with another man! And that man is NOT your future husband! Plus, the one who saw you with whoever that man was is NOT me. He Git was walking down the forest one day and saw you with someone else! Do you know how much that hurts his heart? And what are you doing now? Yelling at me?” said Lok Yun. “I’m telling you now. You and He Git are going to marry in seven days! Seven days that is! During these seven days, don’t you DARE to step out of this house! Understand?!”

    Mei Yin looked at his father with tearful eyes. Quickly, she ran to her room with tearful eyes. Siu Chun followed after her.

    “Father-in-law, there is no need to yell at Mei Yin like that. It makes my heart really hurts to see her cry,” said He Git.

    “Don’t worry son-in-law. I won’t let my daughter go anywhere or see whoever that man is ever again,” said Lok Yun.

    “Thank you,” said He Git. “The time is getting late. I should be going home now. I’ll see you along with my parents in some time.”

    After He Git and his people left, Lok Yun sat down with his hand on his forehead. What is he going to do with her daughter? He knows that she will not give up her life to He Git that easily. He knows that she will try to escape. The only problem is: when? He has to be prepared for that day’s arrival.

    Mei Yin was running to her room while tear flooded down her eyes. She pushed open the doors and ran to the table. She laid her head down and cried her eyes out. She knocked the tea set off the table and allowed it to shatter onto the ground.

    “Siu Jeh! Please don’t cry. Look at you; your eyes are poofy and red now. I know that the only one in your heart is Yuen Gong Zi. I have never seen him but I’m sure he must be a gentleman in order to gain her heart. Maybe he can help you get out of the marriage,” said Siu Chun as she wiped the tears off of Mei Yin’s eyes. That was when she saw the coverage cream on her face beginning to come off. “What’s that on your face?” said Siu Chun concernly.

    Mei Yin felt her face and an idea came to her and she began to laugh with tearful eyes.

    “Siu Jeh? Are you okay? You’re laughing and crying…” said Siu Chun.

    “I’m fine,” said Mei Yin. “Quick! Go get me a bucket of water!”

    Once Siu Chun came back with the water, Mei Yin washed her face so that the coverage cream came completely off.

    “Siu Jeh you…” said Siu Chun when she saw the big injury on her face. She was horrified to see the beautiful and smooth face that her Siu Jeh has to be injured this terribly. “Wha- what happened?”

    So Mei Yin told her everything, from when they met Duen Shun to when he died, even the things about the White Warrior. She trusted Siu Chun because she is her closest friend.

    “This seems to be extremely complicated, and now you will add the event of your marriage with He Git to it,” said Siu Chun.

    “I will not marry him and I have a way to make him not want to marry me,” said Mei Yin.

    “Huh?” said Siu Chun.

    “Siu Chun, I don’t think that pervert will want to marry a woman with a messed up face. In seven days, I don’t think that this wound will heal. If I appear with a wound on the day of our wedding, he will immediately run away,” said Mei Yin as she released a grin on her face.

    “That’s a good idea! I can’t wait till I see his face that day!” said Siu Chun. “Siu Chun, what is that in your hand?”

    “This is the bottle of ointment that Ming Hei told me to apply to my face every day so that my scar will go away. This container is the coverage cream he gave me. If I do not wear the coverage cream that day, my scar will show and he’ll run off faster than ever,” said Mei Yin.

    “Siu Jeh, I’m so sorry that your face is damaged like this. Are you sure that that little bottle of ointment can heal it? Your injury looks too deep and will leave a scar forever,” said Siu Chun as she touched Mei Yin’s face with care.

    “My face doesn’t matter. I know that Ming Hei does not only love my face. Even if a scar is left, it doesn’t matter, because I know that his heart will never change. All I’m worried about now is Ming Hei. I don’t know how he is right now. His dad made him faint and carried him home. I don’t know if he’s awake right now or how he is,” said Mei Yin.

    “Siu Jeh, do you want me to go check on him tomorrow morning? I can pass by their family medicine shop tomorrow when I go out shopping for grocery and see how he is,” said Siu Chun.

    “Please do so! I would be very thankful if you do,” said Mei Yin.

    “I will then. I have never seen Yuen Gong Zi, so you will have to tell me where his family’s medicine shop is and how he looks like,” said Siu Chun.

    “Okay!” said Mei Yin. Quickly after, Mei Yin painted a map of how to get to the shop. She also painted a beautiful and handsome painting of Ming Hei for Siu Chun.

    “This is Yuen Gong Zi? He’s so handsome! No wonder you fell in love with him!” said Siu Chun. Mei Yin just replied with a faint smile on her face.

    After Mei Yin told her where it is and showed her a painting of him, Siu Chun walked out of her room to her own room so she can sleep. As she did, she realized that there were many guards guarding Mei Yin’s room. His father must think that she will try to escape. Siu Chun knows that Mei Yin will not be able to last these seven days and that she will try to escape, but when? No matter when it is, Siu Chun knows that she will help her till the end, since Mei Yin was her best, and only friend who she can trust.

    After Siu Chun left, Mei Yin went to her bookself and pulled out the lilac that she placed here before. It was the lilac that Ming Hei gave her. It had successfully transformed into a beautiful bookmark. She spent thte rest of the day staring at the bookmark while memories of the past with Ming Hei replenished her mind.

    The next morning arrived soon and Siu Chun was walking down the streets with a basket of grocery in her hands. She looked around and finally saw the Yuen Family Medicine Shop. There was only Tian Hau at the counter. She stepped in and looked around.

    “Miss, may I help you?” said Tian Hau.

    “Huh? Oh. I was just wondering if you have any ointment for bruises,” said Siu Chun.

    “Yes we do. Here you go,” said Tian Hau as he pulled a bottle off the shelf. “Is that all?”

    “Yes. By the way, where is the young boy who helps around here? I usually see him helping around here,” said Siu Chun.

    “Oh, that young by is my son. He’s not feeling well today so he’s resting indoors,” said Tian Hau.

    “Is he okay sir?” said Siu Chun.

    “He’s fine. This bottle of ointment will be 4 coins,” said Tian Hau. Siu Chun paid and left the shop.

    “Let me go! Let me go!” cried Ming Hei as he banged on the doors of his rooms which his father has securely locked. He has been awake for at least 2 hours by now, and all he did so far is scarem and cried for his parents to let him go. All his mother did was waiting outside his door, not making a sound at all. She knows that Tian Hau would be extremely mad if she opened the doors, but she can’t bear seeing his son like this. So she just sat outside the doors and weeped to herself.

    After banging and screaming for a little bit more, Ming Hei grew tired. He leaned his back against his door and slowly slid down. He placed his hands over his face. “Why? Why did I end up like this? Why can’t two people who love each other end up together?” whispered Ming Hei to himself. Just then, he remembered the lilac bookmark. He went to his pile of books and under it, he took out the lilac he placed there a while ago. It has now become a beautiful and charming lilac bookmark. The beauty the lilac possesses was like the beauty of Mei Yin. Each and every time he looks at it, the beautiful and cheerful smile on Mei Yin’s face appeared in his mind. He stared it for a long time. As he did, more and more memories of the two replenished his mind.

    Outside the room, Ah Fung did not hear anything at all, no screaming or yelling. She was worried that his son might have done something stupid. So she pulled the doors a little open and peaked inside. What she saw was his son sitting at the table and staring at a lilac bookmark. The food she laid on the table earlier in the day was still untouched. Seeing this, tears weld up her eyes as she turned her head and slowly walked away.

    Siu Chun returned to the Sima Family’s house and after placing the grocery in the kitchen, she went strait to Mei Yin’s room.

    “Siu Chun! Siu Chun! How is Ming Hei?” said Mei Yin concernly.

    “I went to their shop today and Yuen Gong Zi’s father said that he’s sick. I don’t think that’s true though. I think he’s just locked up inside,” said Siu Chun.

    “Locked up?” said Mei Yin. She slowly made her way to the table and sat down. “Locked up…” She knocked the things on the table madly onto the floor as she listend to them shattered.

    “Siu Jeh…” said Siu Chun.

    “Why do our parents have to be like this? This marriage is OUR business, not THEIR’S! Why do they have to arrange everything for us? My father is forcing me to marry someone whom I do not love. Ming Hei’s father is forbidding him to marry someone who he loves. It’s not fair!” cried Mei Yin.

    “Siu Jeh, please don’t be like this. I’m sure that once Yuen Gong Zi will try to save you once he is able to get out. His father doesn’t seem to be that hard of a person to get along with; I think that he will let him go very soon. And once that day comes, I’m positive that he will come and rescue you,” said Siu Chun.

    “Hopefully,” said Mei Yin.

    The moon was out soon and Tian Hau was closing his shop. The whole day, the only thought that ran through his brain was what to do with Ming Hei. Should he tell him about his past? Or should he not tell him at all, like he planned before? So many things have happened in such little time, maybe he should tell him now. Should he? Is Ming Hei ready for the truth?

    After he closed the store, he went inside and peaked through the door of Ming Hei’s room. Inside, he saw his son sitting down at the table and staring at the lilac bookmark, with the food Ah Fung left on the table in the morning untouched. After thinking for a long time, he decided to go into Ming Hei’s room. As Ming Hei heard he keys that his father has rattle in front of the door, Ming Hei quickly and carefully placed the lilac bookmark into his waistband and ran to his bed as he placed his bedsheet over his head. Tian Hau stepped in and saw his son cuddled inside a bedsheet on is bed like a little kid.

    “Ming Hei, are you still mad at me?” said Tian Hau as he sat down and ate a sweet bun on the table. Ming Hei snuggled under the bedsheets a little bit, but did not saw anything.

    “You must have been mad at what I did right now, but one day you will understand why I did this. Mei Yin is not the real person who you will spend the rest of your list wih. Why don’t I tell you a long story right now? A real story that will make you understand,” said Tian Hau. Ming Hei did not answer, but Tian Hau knows that he is listening from under those sheets.
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    cant wait to read about tian hau's past ! updatee!

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    CHAPTER 40: Tian Hau's Past

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Mok Yong


    “My father’s name is Mok Yong. My mother’s name is Mok Ching Ching,” said Tian Hau. “My mother died when she gave birth to me, so I was raised up by my father. My father was a strict man who wanted me to be able to do everything. Once I was three, he made me learn how to write and recite poems. Once I was four, he had me going into the mountains with him to gather herbs to sell and use and teach me about herbology. Once I as five, he had me doing martial arts. I had no idea what this martial art was, but it seemed very powerful and I was pretty good at it, but ever since I was ten, I stopped improving. I got discouraged into learning his martial arts and that was when my father told me the story of the Legendary White Warrior and the Ching Sum Kuet and everything else about that. Of course, I had no idea of what all this is when he first said it. He said that the martial art I was practicing was called the Ching Sum Kuet, the martial art owned by the Legendary White Warrior, which was he. He told me that the Ching Sum Kuet has 8 levels. Level 1 to 5 is able to be reached when you just practice it normally, but getting to higher levels involves some other things. Level 6 requires you to have the first person whom you have feelings for. Level 7 requires you the two to love each other. Level 8 requires the two to love each other extremely much so that one is willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. He told me that the Legendary White Warrior was eye candy for all of the people in the martial world. One who holds the Ching Sum Kuet holds the power of the world, for it can control nature. If it is unfortunately held in the hands of a bad person, then it would be harmful to the world because the Ching Sum Kuet is neutral, all it depends on is the way its owner uses it, like he power of fire and water.

    “He told me that after I was born, he traveled across China to bring me to a safe place to grow up. On our way, he had to walk through roads of the martial world once again. As he walked, people all around tried to attack us and steal our belongings. That was when they realized the power of his martial arts and made his name well known in the Martial World. Because of the White clothing he always wears, he was known as the White Warrior. He had faught with people of the Martial World and even people of the government who blocked his way. His name was known to the whole China, the in the martial world and the regular world. The government may not like him, but they were exactly like the people of the martial world and want to gain this powerful martial art and use it against the world so that the power will fall into their own hands. After a year of walking through the lands, he managed to find a place for us to settle. That was where we stayed until the day he told me about our family’s past. So Mok Yong was the creator of the Ching Sum Kuet and the three weapons that follow it: the Ching Sum Sword, the Ching Sum Fan, and the Ching Sum Flute. All these weapons hold superior power to help the White Warrior as he uses his power to use the forces of nature under his command.

    “After I found out about our family’s secret, my father has told me to not tell anyone about it and has given me his sword to practice with. Of course I was extremely happy about this and got back to practicing martial arts. It might have been me who knew this secret too soon and caused our family’s troubles. When I was eighteen, I met this girl and her name was Chan Yhun Yi ( 陈润议 ). We immediately fell in love and shared all of our secrets with each other. She found out that was the son of the Legendary White Warrior but she seemed to not care about that much. It was after one month hat we have been together when my father found out about this since my martial arts has improved a lot. That was when I told him about Yhun Yi. He has never seen her but he was glad that I found someone. It was one year later when I brought Yhun Yi to my house for dinner. She was unwilling to come, but I dragged her. When my father saw her, he got mad. He yelled at me for being with this girl because she was the sister of Chan Gwok Ho ( 陈国浩 ), a man who was trying to steal the Ching Sum Kuet eighteen years ago. He keeps on saying hat Yhun Yi was a trap for me me to hand over the Ching Sum Kuet easily. I denied this to my father and had a big argument that night. Right when we were arguing, my father sensed a big army ourside and our doors suddenly bursted open. Chan Gwok Ho was standing right here and Yhun Yi went right to his side. At that moment, I was heart broken. A war broke out and it was the Ching Sum Kuet fighting against the government. The battle went on and on and I watched as people died right before my eyes and the house I grew up in falling apart. The more and more I watched this the more and more my heart hurted, and soon I lost my concentration. One strike was all that was needed to take my life. It was Chan Gwok Ho who aimed his sword at me. Since I was not concentrated, I did not see this coming and I was expected to die. Right then was when Yhun Yi stepped forward and took the sword for me. My eyes widend up and realized the she was a trap for me to hand over the Ching Sum Kuet at first, but as time went on she did gain her love for me and was willing to die just for me. My heart was broken when I saw her slowly die right before my eyes. I remembered that her last words were ‘I’m sorry.’ That was when I gained my power once again and faught with all my might with my father. Soon, my father made a way for us to escape, but as he did so, he was slit right across the chest in order to protect me. Ater we escaped, we ran at least 100 miles before we came to a stop. I wanted to help my father heal his wound before we continued, but he was unwilling to. He knew that he wouldn’t live on that much longer because he told me that he has a lung disease that can not be cured. Now you have to add the injury that slit right through his chest, which made his condition worst. Right then, he handed me the fan and the flute and a jade amulet. He has passed on his White Warrior identity to me. The last words he said were for me to be careful and to not trust anyone, for they might turn their backs on me. After that, he died right before my eyes and I was alone.

    “After I gave him the proper burial, I was alone and had to walk the Martial World by myself. I have nothing but my sword, fan, flute, and amulet. No money and nobody. There were many people who had sneak attacks on me since they wanted to steal my Ching Sum Kuet. One by one, I killed them off. The name of the White Warrior was known to the marital world more than any other name. It was one time when I was fighting sneak attack from an unknown sect. Right when I was fighting, two men came out to help me. We slaughtered the sect without knowing each other’s names. After we got to a safe place, I found out that they were Fong Ying Fung and Duen Shun. They were wanderers of the world too, who just met each other at another battle with an unknown sect. They were passng by and saw me in trouble so they decided to help. We talked for a long time and realized that our past was extremely simlar and that was when we decided to become blood brothers. We sworn to the face of the moon and we roamed the Martial World together ever since that day. I had never suspected them as anyone bad, because they both lost their family and acquired their own special kind of martial arts from their family. Duen Shun had the Duen Family Palm and Ying Fung had the Fong Family Swordplay. We became close friends who shared everything with each other. It was soon when we were known as a powerful threesome in the Martial World. After we became close friends, that was when Ying Fung and I realized that Duen Shun was not on our side. He was part of his own sect and he desired the Ching Sum Kuet. There was this one day when he brougth his whole sect over and attacked Ying Fung and me. He desired my Ching Sum Kuet and the Ying Family Swordplay. We had a hideous battle where Ying Fung and I slain his whole sect, but since I still believed him as my blood brother, I only paralyzed his left arm. Ying Fung and I stared at him with disappointing eyes and said nothing more and just left. That was when Ying Fung and I walked the world together, just the two of us. Duen Shun has disappointed us too much.

    “It was soon when Ying Fung met someone whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. That was when he left and I walked the world alone by myself, fighting all those sects that got in my way. It was one time when I was sick and a sect did a surprise attack. Since I was sick, I was in no condidtion to fight. Plus, the sect had about 200 people and had some superior and unique martial arts that I had never encountered before. That was when I was slit right down my shoulder. Tryign to save myself, I jumped off the cliff and the sect no longer chased me, they didn’t know how to. As I dropped, I felt like I was going to die. I know that could save myself by using Ching Sum Kuet’s power, but I don’t know what happened. I didn’t want to. But that was when I felt someone lift me and brought me safely to the ground. When I landed, I realized that it was someone named Tong Yi Ting who rescued me.”

    This name struck Ming Hei. Tong Yi Ting was Siu Lan’s mother. He slowly lifted the bedsheet off his face and listend closely to the story.

    “Yes, Tong Yi Ting is Siu Lan’s mother,” continued Tian Hau. “That valley that I fell into was the home of Yi Ting and her husband. They were the people who hold the legendary Hing Gong, the best of all of China. They have hid there ever since they were being hunted down by the hungry people of the martial world. It has been three years since they have been living down there. She told me that she and her husband were part of the same sect, but unfortunately, their sect was slaughter and they were the only ones who were able to escape. Ever since that day, they hid here so people of the martial world would have thought that they died already. Their names have disappeared from the Martial World ever since. They were extremely nice and did not ask about who I was before they helped me heal my wound. They knew that if I fell into this valley, I must have been chased after, like they were three years ago. After one month I was fully healed, it was then when they asked about my identity. I told them and they were not surprised or anything. They didn’t even ask in detail about anything. In fact, they were nice enough to teach me some of their Hing Gong, the simplest but very useful level. That Hing Gong that they taught me has improved my Ching Sum Kuet a lot and made the Ching Sum Kuet even more powerful than before. Who would have known that just a simple level of Hing Gong can rise the level of the Ching Sum Kuet that much? After I learned all of this and was able to recover from my injury, I left their valley. Before I left, I made a promise to them that I will never tell their secrets and they did the same to mine. This was one of the promises that I made where both sides kept.

    “After I left, people of the martial world realized that I was still alive and was after my Ching Sum Kuet once again. I roamed the world for two more years. That was when I stepped upon the River Proper Sect ( Gong Yao Pai 江雅派 ). I was at the river cleaning my hands when I saw a girl being chased. I couldn’t resist but to help her. So I faught the ones who was chasing her and they all fell down in a very short amount of time. That was when I went over to hep the girl up. I saw the way she looked at me and I deeply fell in love with her and she did too. Her name was Ling Sueng ( 泠嫦 ). She didn’t know I was the White Warrior until she brought me to her sect to thank me and her sect members recognized me, but her sect treated me with kindness, for Ah Seung was their sect leader’s daughter and the sect that was chasing her was their enemy. Her brother even offered for me to stay with their sect which I accepted. Day by day went by and Ah Sueng and soon knew each other’s feelings. She then decided to start me the martial arts of her sect too. That helped my Ching Sum Kuet once again. It made my martial arts flow easily. Right then, was when I realized that there is a level 9 to the Ching Sum Kuet, which is able to acquire when you truly love more than one person. One day, her father died and her brother took over the sect. He changed everything and forbidded anyone in the sect to marry, because he has lost his love one not so long ago. This brought an argument with Ah Sueng and her brother. Right then was when he said that the only way that Seung and I can marry is for me to hand over the Ching Sum Kuet and the three tresures of it. I realized that the reason for him to invite me to stay with the sect is to have me hand over the Ching Sum Kuet! He was no different from the other men in the martial world. The whole sect turned against me at that time. Ah Seung and I had no choice but to run away. We escaped to a mountain where its surrounding is empty. We had hoped that we could live a normal life here. We built out own house on this mountain and planted our own vegetables. That was when we decided to marry. We married on the night of the August Moon Festival, with the moon witnessing out marriage. Then we had a set of twins, a boy and a girl. That boy was you.”

    “What are you talking about? My mother’s name is Mok Fung!” said Ming Hei as he jumped out from the sheets. What is his father talking about? Her mother’s name is Mok Fung! Who was this Ling Seung? Ming Hei’s mind is full of questions that he does not understand right now.

    “Wait for me to finish. I know you’re confused right now, but listen closely!” said Tian Hau. Ming Hei does not with to accept the truth, but he wanted to know it. So he sat down at the table and listend closely to what his father said.

    “Mok Fung is not your real mother. That is the absolute truth! Ling Seung is your real mother. Your twin sister’s name is Ling Yun ( 泠恩 ). While Seung was pregnant, I went out in the mountains to gather herbs for her, and that was when I saw a bunch of mountain thieves being very unappropriate to a beautiful girl. Seeing this happening, I went right over and helped her. After I scared the thieves with my Ching Sum Kuet, they ran away as fast as they could. Right then I asked her where she lived and I helped her home. That was when realized that she was the daughter of a rich family and she has been abducted by mountain thieves for two days already. This person is your current mother, Ah Fung. Their family has made a statement saying that whoever can rescue their daughter will get their daughter ras their bride. This statement shocked me. I can tell by her eyes that she wanted me as her husband. When her family offered for their daughter to be my wife, since her parents can see that is what their daughter desired, I rejected their offer and told them that I had a wife already. After that, I left. I knew that they would not give up that easily, because this is something that her daughter wanted. I went home and did not tell Ah Seung about this, for I was afraid that she’ll be sad about this. Two more months passed and that was when Seung was about to give birth. The day she was giving birth, I heard her scream out loud painfully. So after I sat her in a comfortable position and went into a nearby city and to get a birth mother to our house. After about 6 hours, Seung gave birth and we had two twins. Right after she gave birth, I held her hands tightly and that was when she asked to see our children. When I turned around to tell the birth mother to bring the baby closer, she was not there. Instead, I found a letter on the table. It was a letter form Ah Fung’s family saying that they knew that I was the Legendary White Warrior and if we ever want to see our children ever again, I will have to get to to their family’s house within 4 hours and marry their daughter. It also said that the birth mother has poisoned Ah Seung and if I do not arrive in 4 hours, her poison will start reacting and she will die right before my eyes. After reading the letter, Seung fainted.

    “I had no choice but to appear at their house. Right there, I saw my two children who were just born, crying in the hands of the ones who held them. It was right then when they made us marry and swear to heaven. After the ceremony, they had someone go bring a cure and the babies to Seung. I had planned to run away the next day; it wasn’t impossible with my superior martial arts, but who would have known that they were so cruel and used you as my threat. That way, I would stay in order to gaurenteed your safety. I had thought about using Ah Fung as a threat for them to release you and for us to escape, but they had placed a special poison inside you that would last for five years so you will need to eat a special kind of medicine every two days in order to save your own life. Since I was not experienced in herbology right then I had no choice but to stay. I made them do one thing however. I made them have Ah Fung and I live alone in antoher city, without her parents. Ah Fung agreed to this and since their daughter did, her parents agreed. That was when we settled in Luo Yang where I studied herbology day and night as I tried to find a cure for the poison. That was how I became a herbalist of the city. By the time you were five, you have believed that Ah Fung was our real mother. Since you were such a small age then, you wouldn’t have believed me if I told you the complete truth. Since you were a little boy and seemed to have such a happy life, I vowed to never tell you these secrets, just so that you can live a simple and happy life. Who would have known that so many troubles would come upon you at the age of eighteen? With all these things that happened within the last few months leaves me no choice but to tell you the truth. Now, you must carry on the identity as the White Warrior and lived the life I have. Our enemies have found us and the people of the martial world know that I am still alive. We have to be careful now, the two of us.”

    “Wait. Father, are you serious?” said Ming Hei in disbelief.

    “Completely,” said Tian Hau seriosuly.

    “How did Siu Lan and her mother end up in Luo Yang then?” said Ming Hei.

    “They were already here before we came, that was when she was pregnant with Siu Lan still inside her. Yi Ting told me that a group launched a sneak attack upon them in the valley. Someone that they have helped before must have given away their identity or suspected their identity. They had no choice but to run away, since they didn’t want to deal with the martial world ever again. When the people found hem, Yi Ting was pregnant, so it was harder for her to run away. As they escaped, her husband died when he was trying to protect her. She managed to escape and arrived to Luo Yang with Siu Lan. This was the place they lived ever since, disguised as flower sellers so they will be able to live a peaceful live. The only thing they wished that they have done when they entered this city was to change their name, but they didn’t. Their peace was brought and they did live peacefully. Yi Ting secretly taught Siu Lan martial arts and I believed that her Hing Gong is almost at the level of her mother,” said Tian Hau.

    “What? Siu Lan is so small and weak looking! How can she be able to acquire the skills of Hing Gong?” said Ming Hei.

    Tian Hau can see that his son was not mad at him any more and was seriously interested at the topic. “Don’t ever underestimate anyone by their appearance.”

    “What ever happened to my real mother them?” said Ming Hei.

    “I don’t know where she is right now. I have been trying to search for her for over the last 18 years but I was hopeless. I know that she is still alive with your sister somewhere, but I do not know where. The only thing I hope for you to do is to find them one day so you can see who your real mother is. Now, do not mention any of these things to Ah Fung, I do not want her to know that you know the truth. I know that you were wondering about why I am always to cold to her before, but now you understand. I do not know how to be nice to someone who broke apart my family,” said Tian Hau.

    “Yes father,” said Ming Hei.

    “The reason of why I do not want you to be with Sima Mei Yin is because I do not want the people of the government like Chan Gwok Ho to come back to us once again. Mei Yin is an upper class who has a father that works for the government. We will never know what connections they have with whom. What if they know Chan Gwok Ho? Or what is He Git’s family knows Chan Gwok Ho? Our family’s death can be brought upon if they know him and informed him. Mei Yin is not the only girl out in the world. There are many others. I do not want you to loose your life just because you love her. Upperclass is not the people who we would want to mess with. They know a lot of people. Yeung Sung might even know Chan Gwok Ho, you may never know. If he ever talked about you in front of him, then our family wil be in big trouble. Do you understand now?” said Tian Hau.

    “Yes father,” said Ming Hei.

    “Now, the Ching Sum Kuet that you are practicing now is the combination of all three marial arts: the original Ching Sum Kuet, the simple level of the Tong Family Hing Gong, and the River Proper Sect’s martial art. Remember that, the Ching Sum Kuet that you know now is more powerful than before. It seems to have a special ability to gain more power as the martial arts of other sects joins in with it,” said Tian Hau. He then gave his son a smile and left his room. “Father,” said Ming Hei. His father turned around and looked at his son. “I’m sorry,” said Ming Hei. Tian Hau smiled at his son and informed him to eat before he sleeps for the night. That was exactly what Ming Hei did.

    As he slept, he thought about his father’s words. The truth was far more than he imagined. He didn’t know what to do now. He knows that he tremendously loves Mei Yin with all his heart. He didn’t know what to do. His father faught for the one he loved before, but has sadly lost the last battle and is separated from them, and all he has now was him. Should he strive for what he wants or should he just attempt to live the peaceful live that his fther wishes for him to live? He couldn’t choose. Throughout the whole night, these were the thoughts that ran through his head until he fell asleep. As he slept, he had a strange dream again. The area around him was filled with pink color smoke. As the smoke dispersed, he saw that the place he was in looked like heaven. From the corner of his eye, he saw Fong Ying Fung once again.


    lengthy chapter right? sorry if this chapter didnt flow as good.. >.< next one will flow better. =)
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    great chapter but there's jus two things im kinda konfuse about

    back then i dont think they could tell whether someone is having twins or not, so how did tian hau and Ah Seung know or is it jus that way since tian hau is telling about the story?

    and another thing is about tian hau's first, wat exactly did she do beside bring her brother to their house? at first, i thought that she might poison them or did something dirty xD lols

    but overall, the chapter's great =] tian hau had such a sad past xD if it wasn't for ming hei's sake, he would've left after 5 years huh? but then ii think he should had left since i dont think ming hei was very happy about his father treatin his mother coldly and the poor guy grew up callin ah fung mother when she was the one who caused his real mother and his father to be seperated... i hope ming hei will find his sister soon... hope it wouldnt be tavia xD is she one of the main characters listed in your character list (nancy, linda etc) heheh well ii hope at the end benny ends up with nancy (since tavia & leila aren't in the last book) so hopefully that wouldnt be his sister

    update soon =] if onlii i can update as frequently as you... ierno wah to write next for mine xD lols ii have the main idea in my head but iernoo lols

    oh yeahh after we both finish our story, maybe we can callaborate and write one together?

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    Quote Originally Posted by babiadorkable
    great chapter but there's jus two things im kinda konfuse about

    back then i dont think they could tell whether someone is having twins or not, so how did tian hau and Ah Seung know or is it jus that way since tian hau is telling about the story?

    and another thing is about tian hau's first, wat exactly did she do beside bring her brother to their house? at first, i thought that she might poison them or did something dirty xD lols

    but overall, the chapter's great =] tian hau had such a sad past xD if it wasn't for ming hei's sake, he would've left after 5 years huh? but then ii think he should had left since i dont think ming hei was very happy about his father treatin his mother coldly and the poor guy grew up callin ah fung mother when she was the one who caused his real mother and his father to be seperated... i hope ming hei will find his sister soon... hope it wouldnt be tavia xD is she one of the main characters listed in your character list (nancy, linda etc) heheh well ii hope at the end benny ends up with nancy (since tavia & leila aren't in the last book) so hopefully that wouldnt be his sister

    update soon =] if onlii i can update as frequently as you... ierno wah to write next for mine xD lols ii have the main idea in my head but iernoo lols

    oh yeahh after we both finish our story, maybe we can callaborate and write one together?
    okay.. first question... the babies were born before Ling Seung was poisoned. it was the birth mother who took the babies away and left a message on the table. so Tian Hau already knew that they were twins. see?

    'The day she was giving birth, I heard her scream out loud painfully. So after I sat her in a comfortable position and went into a nearby city and to get a birth mother to our house. After about 6 hours, Seung gave birth and we had two twins. Right after she gave birth, I held her hands tightly and that was when she asked to see our children. When I turned around to tell the birth mother to bring the baby closer, she was not there. Instead, I found a letter on the table. '

    second question... the reason for her to get near him in the first place was to get him to trust her. but before they can do anything more, tian hau made her come to her house, and her brother knew that once he does that, tian hau's father knows that they would find out that she was his sister. therefore, he followed her to their house and decided to get rid of them right there. tian hau's father had a strange lung disease, and since tian hau tells yhun yi everything, this was included. so her brother knew that he was not as powerful as before and there is no need for poison or anything.

    sorry if this was a lil confusely.. i think u'll be able to guess who his sister is by looking at the character's names on the first post, her name and her mother. =)

    i would love to write one together w/ u! afterall, i feel that we have the same writting style. =) but its gonna take me a long long long long time to write the fanfic cuz i planned it to be soo long.. i wouldnt mind starting one anytime you want. =) cuz this book outta this whole.. erm.. 'series' thing.. lol.. iono what it's called.. is done written with. i'm jsut editing them a little when i post them. =) i'm halfway done writting the second book. ^.^
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    oooh so linda's the sister! but i guess their mom marry off to another man? i hope ah seung wouldnt hate tian hau xD

    oh yess since linda's his twin sister, that leaves nancy, charmaine and annie who might possibly end up with benny! hmm i cant wait to see who ! hahah and wonder what the curse of the white warrior is about. well i hope benny breaks the curse

    & wow you already finished half of the 2nd book? did you start before you post it up? i should've done that but i was too impatience xD lols

    and i can start a fanfic whenever just email me lilsweetazngyrl@yahoo.com or gimme your emaill =] or sent meh a pm on here and we can discuss the plot =]

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    Quote Originally Posted by babiadorkable
    oooh so linda's the sister! but i guess their mom marry off to another man? i hope ah seung wouldnt hate tian hau xD

    oh yess since linda's his twin sister, that leaves nancy, charmaine and annie who might possibly end up with benny! hmm i cant wait to see who ! hahah and wonder what the curse of the white warrior is about. well i hope benny breaks the curse

    & wow you already finished half of the 2nd book? did you start before you post it up? i should've done that but i was too impatience xD lols

    and i can start a fanfic whenever just email me lilsweetazngyrl@yahoo.com or gimme your emaill =] or sent meh a pm on here and we can discuss the plot =]
    i started writting it a few months before i post it. i was debating if i should for a while.. and then i was like.. meh.. i'll post it. =) lol... i'll pm you to give u my e-mail and stuff. ^.^ well here's the next chapter...

    CHAPTER 41: Going with Fate

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Fong Ying Fung
    Mok Fung
    Siu Chun

    Mr. Ha


    “Mr. Fong!” said Ming Hei happily as he walked over.

    “You’re not going to try to attack me this time are you?” teased Ying Fung.

    “Mr. Fong you really know how to joke!” said Ming Hei. “I—I’m so sorry for last time. I wasn’t sure who you were so…”

    “It’s okay. If you don’t know, then there is nothing to blame you on!” said Ying Fung.

    “I understand everything now and I know that you are not a bad person. I have one question though. I didn’t ask my dad this but why am I able to see you in my dreams? Does my father see you in his dreams?” said Ming Hei.

    “You can see me in your dreams because I go into your dreams. I’m a semi-god so I have that power to do so. No, your father does not see me in his dreams, because I can only go into the dreams of the ones whom I have never seen in my life,” said Ying Fung.

    “But you HAVE seen my in real life, at the temple,” said Ming Hei.

    “Nope, that was my soul. That picture of me was not real. That was just a mirage,” said Ying Fung.

    “Mirage? Mr. Fong, how did you become a semi-god? Because the last thing I remember my father saying was you finding the one who you spent the rest of your life was, and he didn’t tell me what happened to you afterwords,” said Ming Hei.

    “My wife died of a lung disease 5 years ago,” said Ying Fung.

    “Oh, I’m sorry,” said Ming Hei.

    “It’s okay, it’s the past. In my life, I have always been interested in Fung Shui and those things. I have no children, so after my wife died, I practiced Fung Shui and other kinds of things alone in the mountains everyday. Day after day, the more and more I understood about things of the human life and soon I ended up on the Gods’ Mountians and became a semi-god. Yes, I know that it sounds complicated, but you will get it when you go through my path,” said Ying Fung.

    “Then, are you alive or dead?” said Ming Hei.

    “Hmm, I guess you can say half and half. I’m a semi- god so I’m half a human and half a god,” said Ying Fung.

    “Half and half?” said Ming Hei confusedly.

    “Why not? It’s too complicated to explain. Just believe in whatever you want, it’s no harm to me. Now, I see that you are having some problems right now that you can’t decide on what to do,” said Ying Fung.

    “How did you know?” said Ming Hei astoundingly.

    “I’m a semi-god remember? I can see into the future. I can not TELL you everything that is going to happen in the fuure, but I can see it and can hint to other people about it,” said Ying Fung.

    “Mr. Fong, can you help me then? I can’t decide. Father said that I shouldn’t be with Mei Yin, but I know that I love her with all my heart and can not resist to leave her alone and not see her anymore,” said Ming Hei.

    “Now, the truth is that Mei Yin is not the one who you wil end up spending the rest of your life with,” said Ying Fung.

    “Not the one? Why?” said Ming Hei.

    “The way of heaven. That was how heaven planned it. If you are eagar to be with her, the outcome is the lives of your parents. Now, you can decide to be with the one who you love now and risk the lives of your parents, or try to block the coming of your parents death by not being with the one who you love now,” said Ying Fung.

    “Death of my parents? What are you talking about? Why would my parents die?” said Ming Hei.

    “Because you are with Sima Mei Yin. It’s your choice. The future says that your parents will die because you are not willing to let go of Sima Mei Yin, but you can change that yourself. Do what you want. Remember, Sima Mei Yin is not your soul mate” said Ying Fung. After that, he disappeared into thin air and Ming Hei woke up from his dream. It was a brand new day.

    Ming Hei looked at the doors and realized that they were unlocked. He walked out as he rubbed his eyes and saw his mother preparing breakfast.

    “Awake already son? It’s so early, why don’t you sleep a little more? I’ll call you when breakfast is ready,” said Ah Fung.

    “It’s okay, I want to go help father take down the herbs that is drying outside,” said Ming Hei.

    “Your father isn’t outside today, he went out to the mountains gathering other herbs that we lack right now,” said Ah Fung.

    “Oh, then I’ll be in my room,” said Ming Hei. Ah Fung gave his son a sweet smile and went back to the kitchen.

    Ming Hei went back to his room, thinking again. “Why is she being so nice to be even though I’m not really her son? Should I still be calling her mother?” said Ming Hei confusedly to himself. He then remembered that he still had the lilac bookmark in his waistband. He took it out once again and was looking at it whie he twirled it around. “Will being with Mei Yin really kill my parents? Why will it though? Why isn’t Mei Yin my soul mate? I love her and she loves me, but why? Mr. Fong is a semi-god, I should believe in what he says but I truly love Mei Yin. I can not live without her.”

    'Sima Mei Yin will bring the death of your parents. Ming Hei, turn back before it’s too late.' said a voice from midair. Ming Hei recognized that it was Ying Fung’s. Ming Hei knows that he loves Mei Yin and he loves is parents. He does not want to lose her or lose his parents, but Ying Fung has said that Mei Yin is not his soul mate. After a lot of thinking, Ming Hei finally decided. He knows that Mei Yin is someone who he can not live without, but he does not wish for his parent’s death to be brought upon. Therefore, he decided to let Mei Yin go. They are both young and they can find someone else, but if them being together will lead to two people dieing, and especially since those two people are two who Ming Hei loved dearly, he must let her go.

    That day Ming Hei and Ah Fung ate breakfast together, but they did no speak a single word to each other. Ming Hei doesn’t know what to say to her anymore, to someone who made him and his father separated from his real mother and twin sister.

    “Ming Hei, are you okay? You seem rather quiet today. Is what father did to you still in your mind?” said Ah Fung.

    “Huh? No. I’m fine,” said Ming Hei as he twirled his spoon around his congee.

    “By the way, I had a talk with your father yesterday. He said that we plan to move soon,” said Ah Fung.

    “Move? Move where?” said Ming Hei.

    “He was thinking about a small village near Hang Zhou. Big cities are not safe enough. He said that there are too many troubles in big cities,” said Ah Fung.

    “When are we moving?” said Ming Hei.

    “Tian Hau said in about a month,” said Ah Fung.

    “Oh, okay,” said Ming Hei. He went on twirling his spoon around his congee.

    That morning, he helped his mother open the medicine shop and he took care of the counter. The streets and people seemed so unfamiliar to him today. He has lived here all his life, but today seems more crowded with many unfamiliar faces walking around. There must be something big happening in this city soon.

    “Good morning Mr. Ha ( 夏 )! Can I help you?” said Ming Hei as he greeted his customer.

    “Good morning Ming Hei. I twisted my ankle yesterday so I came over to get some ointment for it,” said Mr. Ha.

    Ming Hei grabbed a small bottle off the shelf and handed it t Mr. Ha. “Apply this to your ankle two times a day and it should be better in three days,” said Ming Hei.

    “Thank you very much. How much will that be?” asked Mr. Ha.

    “That will be three coins,” said Ming Hei. After Mr. Ha gave him the money, he decided to ask Mr. Ha what the big commotion in the city was. “Mr. Ha, what is happening in the city? I’m seeing so many unfamiliar faces all around.”

    “You didn’t know? The Sima family is marrying of their daughter to the He family in five days. People from all the nearby villages want to come to see the beauty of the Sima daughter,” said Mr. Ha. Ming Hei stared at him dumbfoundedly. “Their daughter is extremely pretty; I saw her walk down the streets a few times. It’s such a pity that she is getting married to such a person like He Git. I have to get home now, see you later Ming Hei.” After saying this, Mr. Ha left and Ming Hei just stood there dumbfoundedly. He couldn’t believe what he heard. He couldn’t believe that Mei Yin is marrying He Git in five days! He can not just stay here and let her marry He Git. He wanted to do something but he doesn’t know what. He can’t just let this marriage happen.

    “Yuen Gong Zi!” said a voice down the streets. Ming Hei turned to see who it was, but he does not recognize the face at all.

    “Do I know you?” asked Ming Hei.

    “No, but you kow my Siu Jeh,” said the girl.

    “Siu Jeh?” said Ming Hei.

    “My Siu Jeh is Sima Mei Yin, and I’m her servant, Siu Chun,” said Siu Chun.

    “Mei Yin? How is Mei Yin? Why is she marrying that animal in five days?” said Ming Hei nervously as he held tightly to Siu Chun’s shoulders.

    Siu Chun gently pushed them off.

    “I’m sorry,” said Ming Hei.

    “It’s okay. Siu Jeh is fine. Her injury is healed already but the scar does not seem to be going anywhere. No matter what, she said that she will NOT marry He Git. She has told me to come out here everyday to see if you are out of your house and finally today, you are! She has been missing you so much and hopes for you to rescue her from his place. Siu Jeh loves you dearly Yuen Gong Zi. Do not just leave her and let her marry He Git,” said Siu Chun.

    “I know! But what else can I do? I don’t want to leave here but by myself I am powerless,” said Ming Hei.

    “Siu Jeh has a plan. The scar that she has on her face will not go away in 5 days, so on the day of the wedding, she decided to let He Git see her face with the scar so he will not want to marry her,” said Siu Chun.

    “That will not work! Even if He Git knows that she has a scar on her face, he’ll know how she had the coverage cream too. He can just make her put on that cream every single day that he sees her! Then what?! I can’t leave Mei Yin like that,” said Ming Hei. He’s extremely confused and does NOT know what to do anymore. All that he has in his brain right now is Mei Yin, Mei Yin, and more Mei Yin. He placed his hands on his head and squatted down onto the floor. Soon, he popped up. “Siu Chun! Tonight, I’ll arrive at Mei Yin’s room and I’ll help her escape. I know this sounds extremely stupid, but it’s worth a shot!”

    ”That will not work! Lo Yeh knows that Siu Jeh will try to escape so he had a set of guards watching her room 24 hours!” said Siu Chun.

    “That trick? Follow me!” said Ming Hei. He then went looking around his store and took out a yellow bag of white power. “Place a pinch of these into any kind of wine and feed it o the guards. Within a few minutes, they will faint and not know what it going on. I’ll be at Mei Yin’s house at 12 sharp. Right at then, feed the guards some wine with this powder inside it. Then I will be able to help Mei Yin out. Remember to inform Mei Yin this,” said Ming Hei.

    “Okay,” said Siu Chun. Sneaking the bag of power into her basket carefully, she quickly left. A quick thought of Ming Hei looking cuter and more handsome on person than in the painting drawn by Mei Yin raced through her head.
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    CHAPTER 42: Waiting for Rescue

    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Sima Lok Yun
    He Git - Kenneth Ma
    Mr. He
    Mrs. He
    Siu Chun
    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan


    Right when Siu Chun got home, she told Mei Yin what Ming Hei’s plan was and she as overjoyed! She was rather happy and bubbly the whole day, which gotten her father to worry even more. He thought that she was acting happy so that she’ll forget her sadness. That night, the He family showed up at the Sima family unexpectedly.
    “This is a surprise visit, what brings you here?” said Lok Yun as he greeted the He family at the door.
    “Our son is anxious to see his future wife, so we decided to stop by and visit. Afterall, we’re all going to be a family in five days,” said He Git’s mother.
    “Very well then, please come in!” said Lok Yun. Lok Yun settled them with some tea and a nice conversation, but he can tell that He Git was looking for her daughter this whole time. “Ah Git, are you looking for Mei Yin?”
    “Am I that obvious?” laughed He Git. “She’s too beautiful. I can not keep my eyes off of her! May I ask where she is right now?”
    “She’s in her room right now, but don’t go and visit her too long. Dinner will be ready in about 2 hours. Is that enough alone time for you two to chat?” said Lok Yun as he released a smile.
    “Enough Mr. Sima,” said He Git. He then quickly got up and went towards Mei Yin’s room.

    “This son of mine, he just can’t wait till the day of their wedding to do things like these,” nodded He Git’s mother.

    “Do… things?” said Lok Yun.

    “Yes do things. I know that you know what I’m talking about Mr. Sima. He’s a young boy, just let him okay?” smiled He Git’s mother.

    “That’s not proper though. You know the customes Mrs. He. The wife and husband are not to see each other until the day of their marriage. Besides, it’s just five days later,” said Lok Yun.

    “Mr. Sima, even you said it! Five days later. Does it matter? I don’t care about customs. They are only rules that people made up. It doesn’t matter,” said He Git as he walked away.

    “He Git!” said Lok Yun as he left the door. He Git ignored him and continued leaving. When he was about to chase after him, Mr. He stopped him.

    “Lok Yun, customs don’t really matter. My son says that it’s okay so it’s okay. Besides, a wife is suppose to give their husband their every need,” said Mr. He.

    “But the customs---” started Lok Yun.

    “It doesn’t matter. As long as nothing is said, everything is fine,” said Mr. He. Lok Yun sat down frustratedly in hs chair.

    “Very well then. I will be looking forward to having a grandchild soon,” said He Git’s mother as he had a sip of tea. Lok Yun stared at the doorway. Maybe He Git really wasn’t the right son in law for him.

    Mei Yin was inside her room painting a painting of flowers and butterflies with Siu Chun on her side.
    “Siu Chun, do you like this painting?” said Mei Yin when she was done.
    “It’s very pretty, and I can see that what led you to the painting of this painting,” said Siu Chun.
    “What?” said Mei Yin.
    “Yuen Gong Zi,” said Siu Chun. Mei Yin looked at her with oddity. SIu Chun smiled at her and said, “Look, all of these flower are lilacs, just like the bookmark you have.”
    Mei Yin smiled and carefully placed her painting down to dry. “Siu Chun, can you go wash these brushes for me and place them away along with the paint?” said Mei Yin.
    “Yes Siu Jeh,” said Siu Chun. She soon left the room with the supplies and Mei Yin stayed there with her hands on her chin and staring out into the air, waiting for midnight to arrive.
    As Siu Chun turned the corner, He Git appeared on the other side. He peaked into Mei Yin’s room and saw her innocently swinging her legs back and forth and looking into midair with her cute and beautiful little smile on her face. He tiptoed in the direction where Mei Yin did not see. Just then he placed his hands over her eyes.
    “Who is this?” said Mei Yin playfully as she gently tried to release the hands, which did not let go. “Siu Chun? Is this you?” The hands still did not let go. Mei Yin was getting worried. “Who is this?! I demand you to tell me now!” demanded Mei Yin.
    “Your voice sounds beautiful when you are mad,” said He Git. Hearing his voice, Mei Yin jerked and forcefully pulled the hands away.
    “Why are you here?” screamed Mei Yin as she backed up to the other side of the table.
    “Why am I here? The reason is because I miss you,” said He Git as he tried to follow her. That just caused Mei Yin to move away faster. “Why are you running away?” teased He Git.
    As Mei Yin tried to run out the door, He Git pulled on her sleeves and cornered her at the bookshelf. He held her shoulders against the shelf and started moving closer, pushing her onto the bookshelf until she can’t go any further. She can feel the heat of He Git’s body right next to hers.
    Mei Yin tried to push him away, but he was obviously too strong. That was when she remembered that she placed her nine section whip on the bookshelf a few days ago. She fingered the shelves of the bookshelf and reached it. Once she did, she whipped He Git right on the back. He shrieked and backed up. Mei Yin quickly positioned her nine section whip defensively in front of her as she stared at He Git with cold and killing eyes.
    He Git held had his right hand on his back, trying to eliminate the pain. He looked at Mei Yin painfully, but then gave her an evil smile. “Mei Yin, place that little whip down. Pretty little girls like you shouldn’t be playing with them,” said He Git.
    “Shut up!” said Mei Yin as she attempted to whip him. She missed.
    He Git’s pain seemed to have gotten a little better. He stood up strait with his hands by his side and stared at Mei Yin with a cunning smile. “You want to test my martial art skills don’t you? Well let’s see!” said He Git as he got in a fighting position. She madly cast her whip expertly at He Git, but he grabbed it expertly. As Mei Yin tried to pull her wipe from his hands, He Git just stared at her with a smile on his face. He then pulled the whip out of Mei Yin’s hands and walked towards her. He got closer and closer to her face. When their face had contact, Mei Yin just screamed out loud calling for help. As she screamed, Siu Chun was right outside. She ran to the room and saw He Git trying to get an advantage on her Siu Jeh. Thinking quickly, she grabbed the wooden pillow off the bed and smacked He Git right on his head. This caused him to back off and tried to calm himself down from his dizziness. Taking this as an advantage, Siu Chun and Mei Yin ran out of the room to the main room.
    “It must be father who let him into my room,” said Mei Yin as they hastily went to the main room.
    “Why would Lo Yeh do something like that?” said Siu Chun.
    “That is what I have to ask him,” said Mei Yin.
    Mei Yin and Siu Chun stomped into the main room, where she saw her father and He Git’s parents.
    "Father!” said Mei Yin harshly.

    “Mei Yin? Why are you here? Weren’t you in your room?” said Lok Yun confusedly.

    “Why! Did you and Ah Git finish having your fun already?” said He Git’s mother with a smile on her face.

    “Shut up!” said Mei Yin as she pointed her finger at her.

    “Why! What kind of girl are you? Haven’t you learn that you are suppose to respect your elders?!” said Mrs. He as she slapped the table.

    “I do not need to respect anyone whom I do not want to!” said Mei Yin.

    “Mei Yin! Do not be rude to our guests!” said Lok Yun madly as he pushed down her finger.

    “Me rude? Father! How can you say that when you allowed that animal into my room without telling me!” said Mei Yin.

    “What animal? There IS no animal here!” said Lok Yun.

    “There is, and that animal is He Git. He tried to rape me father! How can you just let him do that?” said Mei Yin as her eyes slowly wetted with tears.

    “Lok Yun! Have you ever taught your daughter her manners?!” screamed He Git’s father.

    Mei Yin just looked at him with threat in her eyes. From the doors, He Git walked in with his hands on the back of his head. Seeing that he’s coming, Mei Yin quickly exited along with Siu Chun at another door. She walked too fast for Lok Yun to yell at her.
    “Son, what happened?” said He Git’s father.
    “My… my head hurts,” said He Git.
    “Poor thing, what happened?” said He Git’s mother as she rubbed his head.
    “I got hit in the head with a pillow. It’s okay now,” said He Git.
    “Ah Git, I don’t think my daughter is ready, why don’t we wait till after the marriage?” said Lok Yun with a smile on his face.
    “Yes son, it’s a little too early for that. Let’s wait okay?” said He Git’s mother.
    “Fine,” said He Git as he headed towards the doors to leave.
    “Goodbye Lok Yun. We won’t stay for dinner tonight then. We’ll be back in a few days to talk about the other marriage things,” said He Git’s father.
    “Sounds good to me,” said Lok Yun. After this, the He family left. Lok Yun started to think about He Git not being the one who he wants Mei Yin to marry. He doesn’t seem to be like the gentleman he was before. His parents also seemed to be too lenient about their son’s intentions and desires.
    “Ah Git, are you okay?” said He Git’s mother.
    “You try to have your head knocked with a pillow!” yelled He Git.
    “Don’t get mad son! You can just wait till after the wedding and then you can do whatever you want with her,” said He Git’s father.
    “Oh I will. I tried to get her twice already and she got out of it both times. The next time she will pay,” said He Git.
    “Yes she will, now let’s get home son. We have much for things to do to prepare the wedding,” said He Git’s mother.
    “Is Uncle Chan coming to my wedding mother?” said He Git.
    “Uncle Chan? You know how busy he is. He’s a general who commands a big army, I don’t know if he will make it. I believe that he is in Chang’an right now. Even if we send the invitation quickly there, by the time he gets to Luo Yang it would be next month already!” said He Git’s mother.
    “Whatever then,” said He Git.
    He Git is a spoiled brat. His parents treat him like treasure though. They spoiled him too much just because he’s their only son and that their first son died right at birth. This led to him being a person who everyone in Luo Yang is afraid of and is hated by.
    After Mei Yin ran out of the main room, she went strait to her room along with Siu Chun. She sat on her bed with her knees up, just like a little kid throwing a tantrum.
    “Siu Jeh! What are you going?” said Siu Chun.
    “I’m very mad!” said Mei Yin.
    “Yes I know you are mad, but what ARE you doing?” said Siu Chun.
    “Protesting!” said Mei Yin.
    “Protesting? Siu Jeh, midnight is arriving in about 8 hours. If you are going to protest, at least get your belongings together first for the escape with Yuen Gong Zi. It will take you about an hour to pack, so you’ll have a lot of time left. Why don’t you do your protesting THEN?” sad Siu Chun. “Who knows if you will have time to pack later?”
    Hearing Siu Chun’s words, Mei Yin got up and started packing. She didn’t know that Lok Yun was right outside the door when Siu Chun was talking. He planned to talk with her to see if the cancellation of this wedding will be wanted, but her plan of running away just changed his mind. He turned around and walked away. He was aware of her leaving now, and he plans to stop her. The only thing he questions about now is who is the Yuen Gong Zi?
    That night, dinner was quiet. Mei Yin and Lok Yun didn’t say a word to each other. Once midnight was about to arrive. Siu Chun mixed the powder into the bottles of wine that were given to the guards as a midnight treat. Within a short period of time, they all fainted and were in deep sleep. Lok Yun hid behind the door with some people whom he has just hired behind him and watched this happened as Siu Chun checked to make sure all the guards were asleep. After she checked, she went right back into Mei Yin’s room.
    “Siu Jeh! They are all asleep! Midnight is almost here, Yuen Gong Zi should almost be here,” said Siu Chun.
    “Siu Chun, can you stand outside so he’ll be able to find this room. He has never been here before,” said Mei Yin. Siu Chun did as told. Lok Yun saw Siu Chun standing right there, but he didn’t do anything. He wanted to see who the man that stole his daughter’s heart was.
    Within a short amount of time, Ming Hei appeared at the Sima family’s house. He used simple Hing Gong and hopped on to the roof of the house with ease. He looked around and did not see anyone but Siu Chun who was at the door. Seeing that she was the only one there, he jumped of the roof and right next to Siu Chun.
    “Yuen Gong Zi,” whispered Siu Chun as she led him to Mei Yin’s room.
    Lok Yun, who was hiding, finally saw the face of the man who his daughter wanted to be with. It was a very handsome and sweet face indeed, but they can not be together. He can tell from his style of dressing that his family is not very rich and that they can not be at their family’s level. Lok Yun does not remember seeing this face before and knows nothing about him, he might be the right person for Mei Yin, but the difference in class already seperated them apart. So Lok Yun just remained outside and waited for them to come out. He has about ten men behind him who were under his command to attack any second. He believed that all of them will be needed since that person seems to have superior martial arts.
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    some things i want to point out

    i dont think they let the bride see the groom before they wed since dont they think its bad luck?
    and since the sima's family is very wealthy i dont think sima lok yun would open the door since they would problaly have servants to do that?
    & i dont think the people back in ancient china are open enough to let them "do things" before they marry lols

    & i think he git's mom should yell bak when mei yin told her to shut up she seeemed so calm xD lols

    update soon =]
    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy8 [Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng]

    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy5 [oneshots]

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    Quote Originally Posted by babiadorkable
    some things i want to point out

    i dont think they let the bride see the groom before they wed since dont they think its bad luck?
    and since the sima's family is very wealthy i dont think sima lok yun would open the door since they would problaly have servants to do that?
    & i dont think the people back in ancient china are open enough to let them "do things" before they marry lols

    & i think he git's mom should yell bak when mei yin told her to shut up she seeemed so calm xD lols

    update soon =]
    hmm.. some of ur comments makes a lotta sense.. xD i guess i wasnt really payitn attention when i thought about this chatper.. but one thing is that sima lok yun didn't open the door... he greeted them at the door... like how ppl come out and greet their friends when they see people come sometimes...

    they really don't let the bride see the groom before they wed.. but i guess that He git's parents are way too lenient on him to forget about he customs? ur third comment is very reasonable but i guess they are EXTREMELY lenient on their son? lol.. iono...

    i think i shoulda added he git's mother yelling back at her... hmm.. ill fix that tomorrow.. =) ty for ur comments!
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    Note: chapter 42 has been edited a little bit. The parts of it century gothic font has been changed so it made more sense. credits to babiadorkable for pointing them out! =D hopefully things seem a litle more reasonable now
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    CHAPTER 43: Escaped

    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Lok Yun
    Siu Chun


    “Mei Yin!” said Ming Hei merrily as he entered Mei Yin’s room.

    “Ming Hei!” replied Mei Yin blissfully as she ran over and to hug him. Their heads lied on each other’s shoulders as they tried to remember how each other’s hugs feel. Siu Chun watched them awkwardly as an uncomfortable feeling for being a third person at the scene rose in her body. A few seconds later, Siu Chun spoke up. “Siu Jeh, I think you should leave now. Who knows when Lo Yeh might wake up?” said Siu Chun.

    “Siu Chun is right, let’s go Mei Yin,” said Ming Hei as he held her hand tightly. Mei Yin grabbed her bag of luggage and followed him quickly out the door. Once they walked out hand in hand, Lok Yun came forward with at least a crew of ten people who seems to be experienced martial artists. Mei Yin and Ming Hei gasped at the sudden surprise. Mei Yin backed up as she hugged on tightly to Ming Hei. Lok Yun’s eyes shined a flame of anger.

    “Mei Yin, where are you going?!” said Lok Yun intensely as flames of anger can be seen in his eyes. Seeing this, Siu Chun quickly ran inside her Siu Jeh’s room. She peered through a crack in the door to keep an eye on what is happening.

    Mei Yin looked onto Ming Hei’s face to reassure herself. She stepped forward a little bit. “Father, I will NOT marry He Git no matter what!” said Mei Yin determinably. She then backed up and held onto Ming Hei’s hands as she glared into her father’s eyes. “Ming Hei is the only one who I will marry. He’s the true one that I love!”

    “HOW DARE YOU! This man is not worthy enough to be your husband at all! You can easily tell that he’s not at the same class that we are from his apparel! Besides, we have an arranged marriage with the He family already! Mei Yin, I’m telling you once, and ONLY once. Leave his side right now or else I’ll have these men next to me kill him right in front of your eyes at the instance!” said Lok Yun.

    “Don’t worry; they don’t be a match for me. As long as I’m able to help you get out of this mess, I’ll die without regretting anything,” whispered Ming Hei to Mei Yin. Mei Yin nodded and pulled out her nine section whip from her luggage and pointed it towards her father. At the same time, Ming Hei unsheathed his sword.

    “Mei Yin! You---” said Lok Yun. He did not know what to say. He knows that he’ll need to have a fight before he can get his daughter to be back by his side, so he quickly commanded the men to attack Ming Hei.

    The crew of martial artists unsheathed their swords and encircled Mei Yin and Ming Hei. Thinking quickly, Ming Hei jumped into the air and spun with his sword in his hand as a powerful force of air encircled him. Once he settled back on the ground he swiped his sword within a far distance across the men’s chests and cast a big blast of wind towards all the men and he watched as they fell down. Taking this as a chance, He quickly pulled Mei Yin into the air and used his Hing Gong to escape the house. Siu Chun watched as they escape into the sky happily and smiled to herself.

    Ming Hei traveled in the air with Mei Yin for until they reached the bamboo forest that they occasionally visit.

    “Ming Hei, I’ve missed you,” said Mei Yin when they settled. She slowly snaked her hands around his waist and gave him a peck on the lips. Ming Hei couldn’t resist his face from getting red.

    “I’ve missed you too,” said Ming Hei as he hugged her tightly. Mei Yin leaned her head against his chest.

    “I thought that you didn’t care about me any more and will just let me marry that He Git,” said Mei Yin.

    “I will never do that. He Git does not deserve a person like you. He can go to the brothels as much as he want and play around there, but he can not play around with you,” said Ming Hei.

    “I love you,” whispered Mei Yin.

    “I do too,” said Ming Hei. He seems to have forgotten all about his decision before. What that seems important right now is Mei Yin’s life. If his departure from her brings the rest of her life into misery, he will not be happy. Either way there were pros and cons, but Mei Yin is what that is important to him right now. They walked hand in hand to the nearby river. There, they sat in the sand and watched the silver moon that seemed to be glowing of hope.

    “Where were you the other days? I told Siu Chun to go out to the village to spot you, but you were never there,” said Mei Yin.

    “Remember when my father made me faint the other day?” said Ming Hei.

    “Uh huh,” said Mei Yin. So right there under the full moon, Ming Hei told Mei Yin everything that happened, except the dream with Fong Ying Fung and his change of decision. Right then, Mei Yin knew that he was the next White Warrior for sure. She has heard of the White Warrior’s name a few times and has always admired the kind of man that he was, but she would have never guessed that the White Warrior today is a man who hardly anyone knows that owns a medicine shop in the big city of Luo Yang. She has always admired the White Warrior and how his name was well known in the martial world. She even sworn that she would one day become that famous, but she lacked talent in martial arts and doesn’t seem to be very good at it. It all doesn’t matter now, she knows that Ming Hei will be by her side and protect her always.

    “Ming Hei, where will we go?” said Mei Yin as she leaned her head towards his shoulder.

    “Where? I—I don’t know,” said Ming Hei.

    “Well, wherever we go, I’ll be fine with as long as I’m with you,” said Mei Yin.

    Actually, Ming Hei has never thought about leaving Luo Yang at all yet. The only reason he did the actions he made today was because he just found out that Mei Yin has to get married in five days. He had never thought about leaving yet. He doesn’t want to leave his parents. He doesn’t want to leave Mei Yin either. What if they WILL die like Fong Ying Fung said?

    “Mei Yin, actually, I haven’t thought about leaving Luo Yang yet,” said Ming Hei.

    “Not leave? Why?” said Mei Yin with eagar eyes.

    “I don’t know if I can leave my parents yet,” said Ming Hei.

    “Why? What are we going to do now? Father already saw your face, and I’ve mentioned your name in front of him. There is no other Yuen Ming Hei’s in the city of Luo Yang. He’ll find out very soon,” concerned Mei Yin.

    “I know. Your father shouldn’t be able to find us that fast,” said Ming Hei. “My father said we are moving out of Luo Yang in one month. If we can live through that one month, I can sneak you inside the cart we are moving in and bring you along with us. Once we reach our destination and my father finds out, I don’t think he’ll care anymore because your father will never find out. We can start a new life with a new name and everything. We won’t have to care about all that White Warrior things and worry about enemies sneaking on us!”

    “Where are you moving?” said Mei Yin.

    “To a small village that is near the city of Hang Zhou. I’m not exactly sure where though. My mother talked about that with me, but my dad hasn’t yet, so I’m not completely sure,” said Ming Hei.

    “Where you want to go and whatever you want to do, I’ll always be there to support you,” said Mei Yin.

    “Thanks Mei Yin,” said Ming Hei as he gently touched her face. “How’s your scar?”

    Mei Yin went up to the river and washed off her coverage cream to show him her scar. The more he looked at at her deep and large scar, the more his heart hurts. The scar was at least the size of two of is fingers. “Mei Yin, I don’t know but I don’t think this scar will ever go away. It--- it might stay forever,” said Ming Hei sadly.

    Mei Yin did not appear sad or surprised at all. Instead, a smile full of hope appeared on her face as a single teardrop fell out of her eye. “It--- it doesn’t matter. I can just wear the coverage cream for the rest of my life. I don’t care. The only one who will really look at me is you, and I know that you look into my heart and not my face,” said Mei Yin.

    “Mei Yin…” said Ming Hei softly. He then gave her a kiss on her scar and covered it with the coverage cream once again. “You don’t have to use the the other ointment anymore. It won’t do anything else to your scar. I’ll get you some more coverage cream for your scar, okay?”

    “Okay. Ming Hei, where will I stay for one month?” said Mei Yin.

    “Umm, how about the cave that Mr. Duen stayed at before? No one wll ever go back to that cave, therefore, it’s very safe,” said Ming Hei.

    “There? I vowed to myself that I will never go back to that place. Too many things happened there. I don’t want to go back,” said Mei Yin.

    “But that is the safetest place for you to be. Just last this last month there and our new lives will start. I will visit you every day and bring you things, okay?” said Ming Hei as he held her head up by the chin. Mei Yin smiled at his cute face and nodded yes with her head.

    So they headed for the cave where Duen Shun stayed. The road they walked was dark and scary. Once they reached the entrance of the cave, a howl of a wolf was heard. Mei Yin got scared and grasped her arms tightly around Ming Hei’s body.

    “It’s okay. It’s only a wolf. I can tell that it’s far away. He won’t come into here,” comforted Ming Hei.

    “I’m scared,” said Mei Yin.

    “How about this? I’ll stay with you here ever single night. Before the sun rises, I will go back home so my parents won’t find out. Then at noon I’ll be back here and stay with you until I have to leave for home. When I come, I’ll bring you things to do in your spare time, okay?” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin nodded.

    Once they walked into the cave, Ming Hei noticed that there is a grave in the way back of cave. He squinted and realized the small tombstone said ‘Duen Shun.’

    “Did you bury him?” said Ming Hei.

    “Yes. He sees so lonely. Everyone who died deserved a proper burial, so I figured that it should be the same for him,” said Mei Yin.

    “Okay then. We’ll stay away from that side of the cave then. We can sleep here on this big slab of rock,” said Ming Hei.

    “Okay,” said Mei Yin.

    The slab was more than enough for both of them. Each of them took their own side of the rock with their backs at each other. Of course, his rock was nothing compared to the bed that Mei Yin sleeps at home. This rock was hard and cold while her bed at home was soft and warm. Therefore, she rolled over and gave Ming Hei a little poke on the hip to get his attention. He rolled to his side and looked into Mei Yin’s eyes.

    “What is it?” said Ming Hei softly.

    “I—I’m cold,” said Mei Yin as he snuggled up to Ming Hei and placed her head on his chest, a warm feeling suddenly flowed through her body. Her action got Ming Hei’s heart beating. He had never had a girl that close to her before, especially since they are lying down like this right now. After a while of thinking, he placed his arms around her back to hold her tighter.

    “Is this warmer?” said Ming Hei.

    “Yes,” said Mei Yin. Soon, both of them fell asleep, with Mei Yin closely on the side of him. She felt the warmth in his body and the beat of his heart. She wishes that every night can be spent like this.

    Back at the Sima’s manor, a shriek of pain was heard from the door. It was Siu Chun. She was brought to the main room while Lok Yun watched her as she got whipped on the back by other servants.

    “Ahhh!” screamed Siu Chun as she got whipped once more.

    “Tell me! Who is that man who brought Siu Jeh away? That Yuen Ming Hei. Who is he?” demanded Lok Yun. “If you continue to not speak, this will go on all night.”

    “I’ve said it already Lo Yeh, I don’t know!” said Siu Chun.

    “I’ve had enough! If you do not tell me now, I’ll dump this bucket of salt water onto your whippings on your back so you’ll really know what pain feels like,” said Lok Yun cruelly.

    Hearing this, Siu Chun got really scared. Whipping doesn’t really hurt that much, since she had a lot of whippings before, but getting salt water on her back will hurt 10 times more. Sweat dripped down her forehead and she said, “He--- he lives in the west side of the city. Hi--- his family owns a shop that sells swords and such.” Of course, we all know that Ming Hei’s family sells herbal medicine. Plus, they live on the east side of the city, not the west.

    “Place her in the firewood room,” said Lok Yun to the other servants. So the servants dragged her away. He turned around and faced three men dressed in black who just came out form another door. “Tomorrrow, you three shall go to the west side of the city in search of a man named Yuen Ming Hei whose family owns a chivalry shop.” The three men bowed and exited the room.

    In the firewood room, Siu Chun sat there praying for her Siu Jeh and Ming Hei to be safe and sound. She didn’t care about the pain she is suffering, all she wants is her for he Siu Jeh to be happy and safe. She had no idea why she is doing this for her Siu Jeh, but all she knows is that her Siu Jeh is the one who saved her from dying on the streets. She will do whatever she wants to have her happy. Maybe that is the reason why.

    Back at the cave, Ming Hei had another dream. The area was foggy once again. From this scenery, he knew that Fong Ying Fung has entered his dream.
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    CHAPTER 44: Their Night Together

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Fong Ying Fung
    Siu Chun
    Sima Lok Yun

    “Mr. Fong? Where are you? I know it’s you,” said Ming Hei as he looked around the foggy area once again.

    An image slowly materialized in front of him. It was Fong Ying Fung. “Mr. Fong!” greeted Ming Hei happily.

    “Ming Hei, I thought you made a decision already, why did you change that decision?” questioned Ying Fung.

    “I can’t just let Mei Yin marry someone like He Git! Her whole life will be ruined forever! Death will be no difference from staying alive for her if that occurs. I can’t manage to see her like that. My mother already told me that my father decided to move out of Luo Yang in one month. Just this one month, if we can last that, our whole life can start over! Once we are out of this place, no one will know us and we can live happily once again,” said Ming Hei.

    “Maybe the future can’t be changed no matter how much I warn then,” whispered Ying Fung to himself.

    “Did you say something?” said Ming Hei.

    “Huh? No. Well, if this is your decision then I hope that you’ll be happy with it. I’ll be by your side and help out to make things better if you need it, alright?” said Ying Fung.

    “Thank you Mr. Fong,” said Ming Hei.

    “Let’s start with this; I’ll wake you up every day before the sun comes out so you can get home in time. Will that be good for a starter?” said Ying Fung.

    “Thank you! That is exactly what I need,” said Ming Hei.

    “Time is up, see you later,” said Ying Fung. Just then, the area around Ming Hei slowly disappeared and turned into a vaste whiteness and he woke up. The sky outside was still dark but he can tell that the sun was about to rise soon. He looked down and saw that Mei Yin was still sounding asleep with her head on his chest. He tapped her on the shoulder a little bit to wake her up.

    “Mei Yin,” said Ming Hei.

    “Ming Hei?” said Mei Yin as slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head off his chest.

    “It’s almost morning. I have to go now,” said Ming Hei.

    “That fast?” said Mei Yin.

    “I’ll be back by noon,” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin carried a sad and pouting face towards him. “I’m sure you brought things to play with in your luggage. You can use them to keep you busy.” Ming Hei then bent over and examined the items in her luggage. Inside, he found some clothing, some expensive jewelry, money, the coverage cream, makeup, some food, the family of grass grasshoppers that they made with Yeung Sung, and the lilac bookmark. “Silly pig, why didn’t you bring things to play with?” said Ming Hei.

    “As long as you are by my side, I do not need things to play with. I don’t want to be that sassy and childish princess anymore. I want to be someone by your side that can really help you. These are the things I need and the things that are the most important to be in this whole life. Nothing more can make this better,” said Mei Yin.

    Ming Hei was very touched by her words. He then leaned forward and caringly kissed her on the forehead.

    “With you by my side, I don’t care if I lose everything and lived the worst life of all. It will be all worth it because it is spent with you,” said Mei Yin.

    “How about this? You can play with the lilac bookmark until I come back. As long as you see the bookmark, it will be the same as seeing me,” said Ming Hei. He then took out his own lilac bookmark form his waistband. “And whenever I see my lilac bookmark, it will be the same as seeing you.”

    Mei Yin smiled at him joyfully and nodded with pleasure. Ming Hei then left the cave. By the time he reached home, the sun was almost about to come out. He noticed the change of colors in the sky. When he entered the house, he believed that everyone was still asleep. As he walked, he realized that his father was already awake and was organizing some medicine in their library room. Knowing that his father will notice when he walks behind him, he used his Hing Gong and fled to his room. Tian Hau felt a gust of wind behind him and turned around to look. There was no one. He believed that it was just the wind and went back to work. Once Ming Hei got back to his room, he went right back to sleep, but woke up very soon after. It was the coldness that he felt over his body that woke him up. He opened his eyes slowly and saw his father sitting down at his table.

    “Father?” said Ming Hei as he rubbed his eyes.

    “You finally woke up? You didn’t even budge until I pulled your bed sheet off of you. You usually wake up early, but look at the time now, what did you do yesterday?” said Tian Hau.

    “Yesterday? Oh, um, nothing. I was just tired,” said Ming Hei.

    “It’s been two hours since the sun rose already. Sit down, I want to talk about something with you,” said Tian Hau. Ming Hei did as told and sat right next to his father. “Have a bun.” Ming Hei did as told. “Ming Hei, we are going to move out of Luo Yang in half a month.”

    “I know, mother already talked to me about it, but isn’t it one month?” said Ming Hei.

    “Yes, I planned on one month before, but I changed my mind. Too many things are going on,” said Tian Hau.

    “I understand. Where are we moving too?” said Ming Hei.

    “To a place called the ‘Always Peaceful Village’ ( Wing Wo Chuen 永和村 ). It’s near Hang Zhou,” said Tian Hau. “Ming Hei, do you think you can leave everything in Luo Yang behind?”

    “Yes, I’ll be fine, father,” said Ming Hei.

    “Are you positive? Do not lie to me. I know that you still have feelings for Sima Mei Yin,” said Tian Hau.

    “Father, I’m fine,” repeated Ming Hei.

    “Okay then, in half a month. Remember that,” said Tian Hau as he began to walk out the door.

    “Yes father,” said Ming Hei. That afternoon, he happily traveled to Mei Yin with the good news. He also brought a larger supply of coverage cream for her, because he knows that she likes to keep pretty, even with the scar. So they spent the rest of the day together happily at that cave. As they did so, the three men who were looking of Mei Yin were searching throughout the west side of the city. After they were done searching, they reported back to the Sima Manor to report their founding. Lok Yun has pulled Siu Chun out of the firewood room to listen to the hearings.

    “Mr. Sima, from what we have found on the west side of the city, there is no chivalry shop owned by any family with the surname of Yuen. After that, we searched all the chivalry shops in Luo Yang and there was only one family with the surname of Yuen in the south side of the city, but they do not have any sons, that family only has two daughters at the age of 5 and 8,” said one man in black.

    Lok Yun stormed up madly to Siu Chun and slapped her hardly across the face.

    “How dare you give me false information!” said Lok Yun.

    “Lo Yeh! Please just let Siu Jeh go. She already escaped from the city, there is no way that you can find the again,” cried Siu Chun.

    “No matter how I treat you right now, I know that you will not tell the truth,” said Lok Yun. “I’m telling you, the result for someone who does not obey my words will suffer.” He then turned his head to the man in black that just spoke. “You, do whatever you want with her along with your other two brothers. After that, sell her to the brothel and keep that money yourself.” Siu Chun widened at her Lo Yeh’s decision.

    “Lo Yeh! Please, no!” cried Siu Chun.

    “Thank you Mr. Sima!” said the three men in black happily.

    “Tommorrow I will be expecting you to search every family with a surname of Yuen, understand?” said Lok Yun.

    “Yes!” said the three men. Just then, Lok Yun and the other servants left. The three men carried Siu Chun away with an evil smile on their faces. Siu Chun knew that her life will be changed from this point on.

    That night, Ming Hei returned at the cave where Mei Yin is. He saw her folding a lot of grasshoppers with the long pieces of grass she found in the cave, the ones that Duen Shun taught them to make. He looked on the ground, there has to be at least 50 of them of various sizes. She must have been folding ever since he left that afternoon.

    “Mei Yin? Why are you folding so many grasshoppers? I brought you some snacks,” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin eagerly walked over and consumed the snacks he brought and naturally choked on it a little bit, which caused Ming Hei to laugh. After she finished eating, a conversation between them started.

    “I was bored, so I decided to fold grasshoppers since there are long many long pieces of grass lying around here,” said Mei Yin.

    “Yes, but why did you make so many? You’re not going to take them with you when you leave are you?” said Ming Hei.

    “No way, that will be too much work. When I leave, these can be a gift to Mr. Duen. Yes, he did harm us, but he’s dead right now so none of this will matter any more,” said Mei Yin. “All the grasshoppers that I WILL carry are the ones that symbolized me, you, Siu Lan, and Yeung Sung.”

    Ming Hei smiled at her. “It’s late, why don’t we oraganize the grasshoppers for Mr. Duen and then sleep?”

    “Okay,” said Mei Yin.

    That is what they did. They organized the grasshoppers into even rows on the grave of Mr. Duen. They then bowed three times to him and went back to the slab which they used for a bed. Mei Yin snuggled up to Ming Hei once more, and he held her tightly.

    “Ming Hei, I love you,” whispered Mei Yin into Ming Hei’s ear.

    “I love you too,” said Ming Hei. He hopes that he can hear her say that every night before he sleeps.

    Suddenly, Ming Hei felt Mei Yin slowly inched her hand down his chest, which gave him a nervous tinkling feeling that he has never experienced before. He looked right into her eyes and noticed the Mei Yin was watching her the whole time. She gave him a sweet smile as she had her arm on his waistband, which she untied and pulled away. Ming Hei stared at her in awe as his heart began to race faster and faster. He knew what Mei Yin wanted. Mei Yin smiled at his surprised expression and placed her forehead right on his left cheek as her hands continued to move along his body and took off his top. Mei Yin gave him a peck on the cheeks and she untied her own waistband. Ming Hei’s heart was beating faster than ever. She leaned forward and kissed him passionately on the lips as she pulled off her own top. That was when they had their first night together. There was no man in the world that can resist a girl like her, and there was no woman in the world that can resist a man like him. They were perfect together this night under this moonlight.
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    CHAPTER 45: Caught

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Mok Tian Hau
    Three Jaguars (The Red Jaguar, the Blue Jaguar, and the Green Jaguar)


    The next day at noon, the three men in black went all over the village searching the families with the surname of Yuen, and they came upon Tian Hau’s shop.

    “Excuse me, but is your surname Yuen?” asked a man who was dressed like a person from another village. He’s actually one of the men dressed in black. The other two men were dressed like him and listening to the conversation form afar.

    “Yes, why do you ask that?” said Tian Hau.

    “May I ask if your son’s name is Yuen Ming Hei?” said the man.

    “How did you know?” said Tian Hau. Hearing this, the other two brother of this man came up to him and the three of them unsheathed their swords towards him. Tian Hau backed up in shock.

    “We came for your son, where is he?” said the man.

    “Who are you? What are you here for? Why are you after my son?” demanded Tian Hau.

    “Your son has abducted the Sima family’s daughter Sima Mei Yin just two nights ago,” said another man.

    Hearing this, Tian Hau’s heart skipped a beat. Why would his son do something like this? He will never do this especially because of his naïve personality! “Are you sure? My son would never do something like that! You must have mistaken him for someone else” said Tian Hau.

    “Well is his name Yuen Ming Hei?” asked the man.

    Of course it’s not! It’s Mok Ming Hei! said Tian Hau to himself. “Yes, his name is Yuen Ming Hei,” answered Tian Hau.
    “If he is, then he’s the one who abducted the Sima family’s daughter. Sima Lok Yun has seen him with his own eyes,” said another man.

    “Are you positive? This is really something that is serious. Do not mistake your victim,” said Tian Hau. Tian Hau admitted that his son has been sleeping in for these two days. His suspicion is getting higher. Just then, he noticed the jaguar imprinted on each of their swords.

    “You three must be the three jaguars of the martial world. You are the Red Jaguar. You are the Green Jaguar. You are the Blue Jaguar. You three jaguars run the road of the martial world helping government officials to do what they do not dare to. Am I right?” said Tian Hau.

    “How did you know?” said the Red Jaguar in surprised.

    “Your names are very famous in the martial world! It would be a pity if I did not know. I have even met your leader, the Black Jaguar, before he died for your safety,” said Tian Hau.

    “No one knew the real way of how our leader actually died. Everything thought that he suicide. How did you know the real reason?” said Tian Hau.

    “I helped him before and therefore, he gave me this jade piece,” said Tian Hau as he took out a white jade with the imprint of a jaguar on it.

    “This really is a belonging of our leader,” said the Green Jaguar as he discussed with his brothers.

    “Black Jaguar has said that if I bring out this white jade, any Jaguar that I come upon will help me,” said Tian Hau.

    “Yes, our leader has mentioned that the one who we come upon with his white jade will be someone whom we owe a favor to,” said the Blue Jaguar.

    “Very well then. I have nothing to ask but for ME myself to find out if my son really has abducted the Sima family. If he really did abduct Sima Mei Yin, I will bring her back for you three to take her back to Sima Lok Yun immediately. I will not allow my son to take such actions. I am asking for you to take back Sima Mei Yin, and ONLY Sima Mei Yin back to Sima Lok Yun if she is found, no one else. I shall take care of my son in for whatever his actions were,” said Tian Hau.

    “We shall take on your word,” said the Red Jaguar.

    “Thank you very much. At the end of this street is an inn. You can stay there if you desire and once I get any information, I will notify you,” said Tian Hau.

    “We’ll stay there at nightfall, but for now, we’ll just stay at that noodle stall across the street until the son comes down and your son returns,” said the Red Jaguar.

    “Do as you please,” said Tian Hau. After this, the three jaguars left to the noodle stall, where they spent the rest of their day watching Tian Hau as he worked. They wondered, who was this man? He knew so much about them. Perhaps, he’s some old retired martial artist?

    Later that day, Ming Hei returned to the city and he was skipping nonchalantly down the street. When he reached his family’s medicine shop, he noticed the three men across the street that were staring at their shop, but he cared less about them. He saw his father working serious at the counter and he was in a jumpy mood today, so he decided to scare him. He sneaked behind the wall and jumped out.

    “Father!” screamed Ming Hei. Tian Hau shot out his hand towards whoever was there as a defense. Luckily, Ming Hei’s reflex was fast and was able to dodge it. Once he saw that it was his son, he retrieved his hand and went back to working. “You scared me,” said Ming Hei as he comforted himself by patting his own chest.

    “Ming Hei, come over here,” said Tian Hau seriously. Not knowing what is going on, Ming Hei listened obediently and walked into their store as Tian Hau came out from behind the counter.

    “What is it, father?” said Ming Hei as he nonchalantly sat down and took a sip of tea.

    “Where is Sima Mei Yin right now?” said Tian Hau.

    Ming Hei spat out his tea in sudden shock. “What do you mean father? Shouldn’t she be at her house?” said Ming Hei as he tried to pretend to be calm.

    “She has been abducted. Some people came up to me and said that Sima Lok Yun said that it was a young person named Yuen Ming Hei who abducted her daughter,” said Tian Hau.

    “Me? Are you kidding me? How will I be able to do that?” said Ming Hei.

    “You really didn’t?” said Tian Hau.

    “Father, why would I?” said Ming Hei. Tian Hau doesn’t seem to believe him. “We are moving in half a month, you said we’ll begin a new life and forget about the past.”

    “Okay then. Can you help me bring this package of medicine to Siu Lan’s mother,” said Tian Hau.

    “Okay,” said Ming Hei uneasily. He found it odd about his father’s lenience. “Father, why does Tong Ma need the medicine?”

    “She has a little cold. Just hand it to Siu Lan. She can give it to her mother,” said Ming Hei.

    So Ming Hei walked off with the medicine in his hands. Seeing that he has departed, the three jaguars walked towards Tian Hau.

    “He seems innocent. I don’t know yet. Please give me some time. I’ll watch him and see what he does tonight. He has been sleeping in, so I suspect that he goes out at night. Stay at that inn at the end of the street. I’ll inform you with a dagger through the window if there is anything going on,” said Tian Hau.

    “Fine. We trust you. We’ll do as you wish,” said the Red Jaguar as they all exited.

    “Siu Lan!” said Ming Hei as he saw her down the street.

    “Ming Hei? Why are you here?” questioned Siu Lan.

    “My father told me to give your mother this package of medicine of her cold. Is she alright?” said Ming Hei.

    “It’s just a little cold. She’ll be fine. By the way, I heard that you are moving out of this city. Why?” said Siu Lan.

    “My dad wants to stay in a smaller and quieter place. He said that Luo Yang has too much commotion,” replied Ming Hei.

    “Oh. Does that mean that we’ll never see each other aganin?” questioned Siu Lan.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll always remember you! You are my first friend, one of my best friend, and the one who I grew up with. You will always be in my heart!” said Ming Hei.

    “Thank you,” said Siu Lan as her heart beats a little faster. “Does Mei Yin know that you are leaving?”

    “Uhh… I don’t know. Does she?” said Ming Hei as he tried to pretend to know know anything.

    “You better tell her. You wouldn’t want to leave her without saying goodbye,” said Siu Lan.

    “I will,” said Ming Hei as he left.

    That night, Tian Hau watched his son as he ate his dinner. Everything seemed normal and nothing special seemed to be different. His son was as childish and naïve as usually and everything seemed the same until later that night. Tian Hau was awake all night long as he watched Ming Hei’s door the whole time, waiting for it to open anytime. A little before midnight, Ming Hei’s door slowly creaked open as he walked outside. His steps were extremely soft and quiet. Absolutely no superior martial artist that is asleep can hear it. Tian Hau can see that his son’s getting better with his Ching Sum Kuet. The abduction of Sima Mei Yin really might have been Ming Hei’s actions. As Ming Hei walked out and into the streets, Tian Hau followed. Ming Hei jumped into the air and used his Hing Gong to travel faster and faster in the air. Tian Hau jumped up and used his Hing Gong to follow. As he passed by the inn, he threw three daggers into the inn, and the three jaguars quickly jumped out of the window and followed his path. They followed him until Ming Hei landed on the ground inside the bamboo forest. The three jaguars were not known for their Hing Gong, for theirs is pretty weak. They weren’t able to land as smoothly and quietly as Ming Hei and Tian Hau. The Green Jaguar accidentally stepped on a twig as he landed. Ming Hei heard this and turned around, but Tian Hau caught this action and pulled them all into a tree before Ming Hei noticed anything. Since he didn’t see anything, Ming Hei continued walking. Tian Hau and the three jaguars followed. Within a short period of time, Ming Hei ended up in front of a cave. Seeing this, Tian Hau and the three jaguars knew that Ming Hei hid Mei Yin there. The three jaguars were about to stand up and attack, but Tian Hau held them down and reminded them their promise to him. So Tian Hau walked towards the cave while the three jaguars watched closely from a huge rock located at the entrance of the cave.

    “Mei Yin!” said Ming Hei as he entered.

    “Ming Hei!” said Mei Yin as she ran over to give him a big hug. “Earlier, there was a group of black crows flying near this cave. I was scared. You know how they said that if a group of black crows fly over you, something bad is about to happen.”

    “It’s okay, everything will be fine,” said Ming Hei as he helped brushed aside the hair in the front of her face. “Look at you, your hair in the front is a mess.”

    “Now it isn’t since you fixed it,” said Mei Yin as she smiled.

    “Your father sent someone to look for you. He eventually went up to my father to ask where I was, but luckily, I was able to control the situation when he asked me,” said Ming Hei.

    “What if your father still suspects you though?” said Mei Yin.

    “I don’t think he will,” said Ming Hei.

    “Who said?” said Tian Hau as he stepped out madly from the entrance with anger all over his face. Ming Hei’s and Mei Yin’s eyes quickly widened and terror filled their face as they held on to each other. They swallowed their saliva as they tried to remain calm.

    “Father…” said Ming Hei as he swallowed a gulp of saliva fearfully.
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    CHAPTER 46: Separated

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Mok Tian Hau
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Sima Lok Yun

    The Three Jaguars (Red, Green, Blue)


    “Father…” said Ming Hei as he swallowed a gulp of saliva fearfully.

    “Ming Hei, I didn’t and couldn’t believe it when people said that it was you who abducted Sima Mei Yin at first, but now I blame myself for trusting you in the first place!” said Tian Hau.

    “Father, I can’t just let her marry He Git! You know what kind of person he is!” retorted Ming Hei.

    “And you think that you are the type of person whom Mei Yin should marry? Son, we are not at their status! Her father wouldn’t allow it even if I do! Quickly bring Mei Yin back to her father before the whole government comes and hunt you down!” said Tian Hau.

    “Father! I can’t do this! I can’t just let her marry someone like He Git. I love her, so why can’t I be with her? You ran away with my real mother when you guys loved each other and her parents didn’t agree, so why can’t I do the same?”

    “That is different!” said Tian Hau.

    “How is that different? I do not see any difference at all! The only difference is that it occurred at a different time period!” said Ming Hei.

    “Son, you are being too stupid! There IS no future for you two!” said Tian Hau.

    “How is there no future? You said that we are moving in half a month, if Mei Yin comes with us, we can start a new life and she can be a normal person just like us. Our lives would be perfect then!” said Ming Hei.

    “Ming Hei! You have caused enough trouble already. I am telling you to stop this action and bring Sima Mei Yin back to her father right now!” demanded Tian Hau.

    “Father. I’m sorry,” said Ming Hei.

    “When did you become this disobedient?” said Tian Hau as he pulled out his flute and pointed it towards Ming Hei with threat.

    “Father!” said Ming Hei in surprise.

    “If you will not listen to my words, then I have no choice but to use force,” said Tian Hau as he swiped his flute towards him. Ming Hei quickly unsheathed his sword and blocked his father’s attack. Seeing that his son has used force back against him, his anger rose even more. “How dare you use force against me!”

    “I---I’m sorry father,” apologized Ming Hei. Right after that, they started exchanging numerous attacks. Ming Hei tried to back up as many times as he could so he can use the power of the Ching Sum Kuet to escape, but Tian Hau knew that s what he wanted to do and didn’t allow him do this. He was experience enough to use the Ching Sum Kuet’s power when they are closer together, but his son couldn’t. Tian Hau soon gained the upper hand. He twisted into the air so that one small 360 turn can be made. As that turn was made, his flute was moving in a fluent matter around his body and formed a gust of wind that cast Ming Hei against the wall. Tian Hau motioned his flute to smack him right on his two collarbones and two elbows. He then smacked him right on the kneecaps, which caused Ming Hei to shriek in pain and fall to the ground. He couldn’t get up.

    “Ming Hei!” screamed Mei Yin. Just then, Tian Hau flew towards her and grasped her by the collar as he exited the cave. Ming Hei tired to sound her name as Mei Yin sounded his while she got carried away, but the smack on his collarbone was too much. Blood slowly dripped out from the corner of his mouth. Once Tian Hau and Mei Yin reached the entrance of the cave, he hit a few of Mei Yin’s acupuncture spots and caused her to faint.

    “Here, bring her back to Sima Lok Yun, only her,” said Tian Hau.

    “Thank you for helping out… what should we call you?” said the Red Jaguar.

    “Call we whatever you want, it does not matter,” said Tian Hau.

    “I saw the martial art that you used and it seems very powerful, may I ask you what it’s called?” asked the Green Jaguar.

    “It’s nothing special. It’s just a simple family martial art that is passed down our family. It’s just simple and useful enough to protect us. It was also the one that protected your previous leader,” said Tian Hau.

    “Green Jaguar, don’t be so rude. Everyone’s martial arts seem powerful in your eyes, let’s go,” said the Blue Jaguar. After this, the three jaguars left the cave. After they left, Tian Hau went back into the cave to see how his son was doing. He saw that blood was coming out of Ming Hei’s mouth as he struggled to get up. Once he saw his father appear in front of him, anger and hatred flashed into his eyes. Seeing his son struggling, Tian Hau pressed a few of his acupuncture spots and made him faint. He then carried his son home.

    “Good! Good job! Thank you so much for bring my daughter back! The three jaguars really are the three jaguars! No wonder everyone loves doing business with you!” said Lok Yun happily once the three jaguars returned with Mei Yin. “Where did you find her?”

    “She was inside a cave,” said the Blue Jaguar.

    “Cave? Whatever, where was Yuen Ming Hei? Did you capture him too?” said Lok Yun.

    “Yuen Ming Hei wasn’t with her at the time. I don’t think that it is necessary to capture him since Mei Yin is back already,” said the Red Jaguar.

    “No! He MUST be captured and trialed! How dare he abduct my daughter like this?!” said Lok Yun.

    “Actually, I think that your daughter WANTED to go with him, so I do not see this as an abduction, it’s more like a runaway,” said the Green Jaguar.

    “Green Jaguar! Be quiet!” whispered the Red Jaguar to him. He then turned his head and spoke to Lok Yun. “Mr. Sima, please excuse my brother’s speech. He hasn’t seen the world that much and always says things without thinking. I do not think that it is needed to find him and trial him. His family is leaving the city of Luo Yang in the middle of this month, so they will be gone and there is no need to find him. Once he leaves, Mei Yin will forget all about him and she will obediently become the wife of He Git.”

    “I’ll trust you with it this time. Thank you for finding my daughter. I have one more thing to ask you though, where does Yuen Ming Hei live?” asked Lok Yun.

    “That we do not know. We saw someone like the person whom you describe wandering around and we followed him to a cave. He quickly left and that is where we found Sima Mei Yin and brought her back,” said the Red Jaguar.

    “I see. Follow me to get the money that you three deserved. After this, I hope that I will not see you until I need more help,” said Lok Yun.

    “Thank you Mr. Sima,” said the three jaguars in unison. After they got their gold, they left the city of Luo Yang and onto their next mission. In their minds, the belief in Tian Hau being someone powerful in the martial world still floats upon their heads.

    Back at Ming Hei’s house, he seemed to be waking up. His eyelids moved a little bit and they finally opened. His vision was very blurry, but it got clearer as he got used to it. After his mind began to clear up, he realized that he was home and his father has tied his arms and legs to the four corners of the bed, so he would not be able to escape. He wiggled and squiggled, but once he did, he felt the pain on his elbows and kneecaps, right where his father hit him. The pain was unbearable if he moved too much, but he must get out. Since the attempt to pull the ropes off does not seem to be working, he decided to use his inner strength. He relaxed his body down on his bed and concentrated hard to gather his inner strength to the center of his body. Once he felt that there was enough power, he blasted it all out into his hands and legs. The ropes that connected him to the bed snapped off at an instant. He panted as he lied down on his bed with relief and tried to regain his energy. He then sat right up. While he ignored the pain in his arms, legs, and collarbones, he struggled to untie the ropes. He tried to stand up, but found difficulty in his kneecaps. So he managed to limp to the door as he balanced with one hand on the table. There at the door stood his father, who was looking at him as if nothing has happened. On the other hand, Ming Hei glared at his father with rising anger and hatred in his eyes that was topped with a bit of fright.

    “Why are you getting up? Doesn’t it hurt?” said Tian Hau indifferently.

    Ming Hei ignored him.

    “Sit down, will you?” said Tian Hau.

    Ming Hei ignored him once again. Seeing his son having difficulty to stand up, he pushed him on the shoulder lightly, which forced him to take a seat since his knees were weak. He glared at his father bitterly.

    Tian Hau acted as if he didn’t see his face and indifferently took a sip of tea. He then said, “Don’t try walking out of the house because you can’t. I know that your arms and legs hurt and you can’t do much about that. I’m telling you to stay in your room until we move out of Luo Yang, okay? With your legs like that, you will need support when you walk, and when you support yourselves with your hands, your arms will hurt too, so just stay here for the best. I’ll call you when it’s time to eat.” Tian Hau left the room and left the door open. He knew that his son couldn’t get anywhere with his injury so there is no need to so cautious, but that is not what Ming Hei thinks.

    Knowing that he couldn’t get anywhere with his condition now, he lied on his bed as he thought of a plan to get Mei Yin out once again, because he can’t just let Mei Yin marry He Git after all they’ve been through. A crazy and wild idea then came to his mind. He decided to use his inner strength to take the pain out of his legs and place them into just his arms, so he’ll be able to use his Hing Gong to travel to the Sima Manor to rescue Mei Yin. That way will allow him to tavel, but ever bit of pain that his leg was suppose to suffer in each step that he takes will be placed onto his arms. This will make his arms suffer twice, or even three times, the pain that he had before. He didn’t think about this point. All he wants to do is save Mei Yin. He decided to put this action into work right this night.

    At the Sima Manor, Mei Yin woke up from when Tian Hau knocked her out. Her eyes wandered around the area and everything she saw seemed so familiar. It was her room. She jerked up and looked around, hoping that Ming Hei was somewhere near. He wasn’t. She then ran towards the door to run outside, but before she can open them, they opened themselves and right there stood her father.
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    CHAPTER 47: Attempt of his Rescue

    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Sima Lok Yun
    He Git
    Mr. and Mrs. He


    “Father,” said Mei Yin softly and quietly.

    “So you finally woke up. Where did you and that bastard with the surname of Yuen go?!” questioned Lok Yun.

    “You should know where I went. You were the one who took me away from there,” snapped Mei Yin as she glared at her father with fire flaming in her eyes.

    Lok Yun angrily slapped her across the face.

    “You are the daughter of an upperclassman! I’m telling you that you do NOT, and can NOT, go runaway with anyone like that man. If the whole world knew what you did, how much face would our family still hold? How can you bare our family’s name? You have an arranged marriage already! There is NO way you are running away! This is NOT the action for someone like you,” said Lok Yun.

    “Someone like me? What’s so special about me? Father, you have never slapped me in your whole life, and now you do? How can you do this? No matter what you say, I will NOT marry He Git. The only one whom I will marry is Ming Hei. He is the ONLY one, FIRST one, and the LAST one who I will marry. No matter what you say, I will NOT marry He Git. If you force me to marry him on that day, I will kill myself right in front of your eyes. Then you WON’T have a daughter to marry off!” retorted Mei Yin.

    “How dare you say something like that! I know that you will not kill yourself. With your personality, you would not do something stupid like that! What does death bring you? Does it bring you a happier life? No! I know you are smarter than that. You will not do anything like that. The He family will be coming over tonight to discuss the details of he wedding, and I WILL invite them to stay for the night. So you better act proper and mannerly and wait for the marriage two days later,” said Lok Yun.

    “Invite them over? Father! Are you crazy? I’m telling you now, I will not step out of this room if they enter our house, and better not come in or else I’ll do something that you will never dream of me doing. I will make sure that you will regret it,” threaten Mei Yin.

    “They can do whatever they want here. If you want to stay in your room, then stay. I have no power over them if they want to enter your room though,” said Lok Yun. Mei Yin’s heart felt broken by his words.

    “Father, how can you say something like that? I’m your daughter!” cried Mei Yin.

    “IF you still consider me as your father, then you should just listen to me and respect the He family when they come over,” said Lok Yun.

    “I will NOT,” said Mei Yin. She then softly said, “Ming Hei and I already had skin contact.”

    Lok Yun’s eyes widened and looked at her daughter with insanity. “YOU WHAT?” screamed Lok Yun.

    “You heard me,” sobbed Mei Yin. “We spent that night happily. There is NOTHING you can do to change the past!”

    “You--- you!” said Lok Yun. He didn’t know what to do or say, but to storm out of the room right at the moment. As he walked out, he slammed her doors shut and locked them so she will not be able to escape as he informed the 6 new guards he just hired to pay close attention to his daughter. Inside her room, Mei Yin just stared at the mist of his father as drops and drops of tears trickled out of her eyes.

    “Ming Hei, save me,” whispered Mei Yin to herself as she kept her hopes high.

    A little while later, the He family arrived and Lok Yun invited them to stay for the night, which they happily agreed to. As they sat in the main room discussing the details of the wedding, Lok Yun noticed that He Git’s eyes wandering around.

    “Ah Git, are you looking for my daughter?” said Lok Yun.

    “You are very intelligent Mr. Sima. Where is she?” said He Git.

    “She’s not feeling well, but she’ll be fine by tomorrow. I don’t think you should visit her now,” said Lok Yun.

    “I guess so,” said He Git.

    “Okay, back to our discussion. We have 40 tables of guests, do you need to increase the size of it or not?” said Lok Yun.

    “No increase needed, but for the main table where the bride and groom sit, we will have to add one more seat,” said He Git’s father.

    “My big brother, Chan Gwok Ho, will be attending,” said He Git’s mother.

    “Chan Gwok Ho? The general at West China?” said Lok Yun impressively.

    “Yes, that is him. I didn’t think that he will make it to attend the wedding, but luckily he was on his way to visit us when the invitation reached his hand! He will be arriving tomorrow,” said He Git’s mother.

    “Even the great general is coming! This wedding will surly be successful! We shall add another seat to the main table then,” said Lok Yun.

    “That’s all the addition of seats needed. Now, the performances during the wedding,” said He Git’s father.

    So they ranted on about the wedding. He Git wasn’t listening at all. He was thinking about Mei Yin the whole time. All these details can be decided among his parents and the Sima family; he has no need to interfere since he didn’t care.

    That night, Tian Hau slept without suspicion of any sort. He assumed that his son will not be able to get anywhere, and if he did, he would hear since the condition of his legs was bad and he will not be able to use Hing Gong. Once Ming Hei knew that everyone was asleep, he placed his plan into action. He sat with his legs crossed on his bed and laid his palms faced up on his kneecaps. He concentrated his energy and then transferred it from his legs to his hands. After a little while, his arms were burning red and extremely sensitive, but his legs were back to normal and painless. His plan has worked so far. Ming Hei attempted to stand up to walk. As he took one normal step, the pain in his arms grew. He tried to hold his shriek of pain by biting down on his teeth. He realized that concentrating them to his arms will not work. He can use his Hing Gong and leg fighting, but what if they attacked his upper body? He then decided to concentrate his energy into just his left arm. This would bring the pain in his left hand to at least ten times the pain it held before, but at least he can still fight.

    He sat back down on his bed and placed his left and right hand in front of him with his palms up. He concentrated the energy in his arms. He then bent his right arm so it became perpendicular to his left arm. The energy on his right arm fell to his left elbow. He then straightened his right arm so it’s perpendicular to the floor, so the energy fell to his shoulder. Next, he pushed his right palm towards the left, which led the energy to the other side of his shoulder. He then slowly moved his left palm above his right arm, causing the energy in his right arm to lie in his left arm. His left arm felt more sensitive and odd than before. His right arm though, was in perfect condition. Seeing that this is working so far, he stood up. His left arm felt the pain from that, but it was pain that he can bear for now. He carefully opened his door with ease, and then peaked outside. No one was there and he knew that his father and mother are both asleep. He then glided out the door as he used his Hing Gong. His father does not seem to have noticed that he was gone. Once he reached outside his house, he began to use the power of his Hing Gong and traveled as fast as he could to the Sima Manor as he used the roof tops for support.

    Soon enough, he reached the manor. Everyone should be asleep, but not at the Sima Manor. Outside of Mei Yin’s room stood two guards, who seemed to be half asleep. Taking this chance, Ming Hei shot a pebble onto one of the guards. The stupid guard looked around, and thought it was the guard next to him that whacked him.

    “What did you hit me for?” said the guard.

    “Hit you what? When the heck did I hit you?” said the other guard.

    “Yes you did! Besides you, who else would have hit me?” said the guard.

    “I said that I did NOT! Stop blaming me will you?” said the other guard.

    Taking this chance, Ming Hei jumped off the roof and palmed these two stupid guards on the forehead, causing them to faint to the ground right at the instant. The doors to Mei Yin’s room were lock. He tried to unlock them, but they didn’t seem to work. He quickly unsheathed his sword and sliced the lock in two. The doors went BOOM! And opened. There sat Mei Yin at the table, sobbing. Once she raised her head to see the creation of the sound, her face lighted with glee.

    “Mei Yin,” said Ming Hei happily.

    “Ming Hei!” said Mei Yin as she ran over to him. She threw herself towards him and accidently touched his left arm, causing Ming Hei to shriek a little.

    “What is it?” said Mei Yin concernedly.

    “It’s nothing. We’ll talk later. Let’s get out of here first,” said Ming Hei. As Mei Yin followed Ming Hei out the door, four other guards and Lok Yun stood right before them.

    “Yuen Ming Hei, I knew that you would come back one day,” said Lok Yun. “But today, you will NOT escape! How dare you abduct my daughter twice! People, go!” Under his command, the four warriors charged towards them. Ming Hei quickly unsheathed his sword and the battle began between the five. Mei Yin can’t bear to see him fight alone, so she pulled out her nine section whip and joined in. Lok Yun’s anger rose as he witnessed her daughter jumping into the battle for this man.

    He Git and his family heard this commotion, and they stepped out to see what was going on. Once they stepped out, they rushed to the battle scene. He Git recognized that the man in white was Ming Hei.

    ”Ming Hei,” said He Git in shock and anger.

    “You know him?” said Lok Yun.

    “Of course I do! He’s a stupid retard who I see a lot,” said He Git angrily. “Why is he here?”

    Lok Yun did not answer, for he does not want him to know about the abduction.

    “Just say it!” screamed He Git.

    “He… He wants to run away with Mei Yin… Again,” said Lok Yun.

    “What?! Again?! What are you talking about” said He Git. “You mean he has tried this before? Why did you never tell me this?!”

    “I’m, I’m sorry,” said Lok Yun. Without saying more, He Git jumped into the battle before his parents or Lok Yun could stop him.

    Ming Hei was doing fine all along, but he didn’t seem to be going anywhere because the four people suppressed him in a small area for him to use fully his powers. The ultimate powers of the Ching Sum Kuet was not possible to use right here since there is so little room and he was not as experience as his father. The regular power of the Ching Sum Kuet can sure beat these people, but his left arm made his power limited. Mei Yin seemed to be struggling a lot more, for her martial art is not really good. Right when no one seemed to be gaining the upper hand, He Git jumped in and luckily managed to whack Ming Hei right on the left arm. He shrieked in pain and fell to his knees. The remaining four guards quickly held their swords to his neck. Ming Hei has lost the battle. Lok Yun quickly grabbed her daughter by her arm before she can do anything more. He Git’s eyes widened with shock at his powerful martial arts. He has never knew they were that powerful. He also didn’t know that this was by chance.

    “How dare you try to abduct my future wife! You--- you stupid retard!” said He Git as he pointed his finger at Ming Hei.

    Ming Hei just stared at him with threatening eyes that frightened He Git a little. Ming Hei then turned his head to look at Mei Yin for once last time, but He Git pushed his head back.

    “Do NOT look at my wife!” threaten He Git.

    “He Git, what do you want to do with him?” said Lok Yun.

    “Bring him to the main room, I’ll think of something for this abductor,” said He Git.

    So there they were, all in the main room. Lok Yun ordered two of the guards hold Mei Yin down into the chair right next to his. Across from them sat the angry looking Mr. and Mrs. He and He Git. Ming Hei was held down to the ground in front of him as he stared at him with hatred and abhorrence.
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    CHAPTER 48: Cruelty of He Git's Heart

    Mok Ming Hei
    Sima Mei Yin
    Lok Yun
    He Git
    Mok Tian Hau
    Mr. and Mrs. He


    “Father! Let him go!” screamed Mei Yin as she struggled to get free from the two men holding her down by the shoulders.

    “Shut up!” snapped Lok Yun as he glared at his daughter with eyes that sent shivers down Mei Yin’s spine. She bit down on her lips nervously as she looked down onto the floor.

    He Git stood up and walked around Ming Hei as a vicious smile remained on his face. As he did this, the threatening eyes of Ming Hei kept looking at him. Ming Hei knew that he was just lucky to have hit his left arm, or else he wouldn’t have been held down like this. He Git then grabbed his face and glared into his eyes.

    “When have you become this brave?” said He Git unbelievingly. Ming Hei twisted his hands off of his face. “I never knew that you would do such a thing. Weren’t you that little follower of Yeung Sung who is like… a nobody?”

    “I was at least better than how you always were!” snapped Ming Hei. He Git slapped him across the face hard, establishing a red handprint on his face. Mei Yin let out a gasp of awe as she felt a feeling that she would have if someone stabbed her in the heart.

    “You think you can talk like that to me? Well, guess what? You can’t. If you continue to be like this, I’ll make you die painfully,” said He Git.

    “You are too much of a chicken to do that,” said Ming Hei strongly. He Git couldn’t show the anger he held inside. All that was seen was his red, angry face.

    “Son, don’t bother talking to him, just give him his punishment and get him out of your eyes. You wouldn’t want him around for your wedding. It’s the middle of night now! We have to sleep!” said He Git’s father indifferently as he released a yawn.

    “Someone, get me a thick whip and salt water,” demanded He Git. Mei Yin’s eyes widened in shock as Ming Hei rose his head in terror.

    “You can’t do this!” cried Mei Yin.

    “You are cruel,” said Ming Hei under his breathe.

    “I know,” said He Git as a wicked smile beamed on his face. Mei Yin’s eyes are starting to flood with tears as the pain in her heart became indescribable.

    At Ming Hei’s house, his father woke up from his sleep. It was an uneasy feeling that came upon him that has caused him to wake. He decided to take a walk outside to soothe himself, but once he stepped out of his room, he noticed that his son’s door was opened. He knew his son has caused more trouble at the Sima Manor! He quickly changed and rushed out the door. He quickly glided in the air using his Hing Gong towards the Sima Residents. His heart was beating faster and faster as he traveled closer and closer to the Sima Manor. Why was his son like this all the time? Why wouldn’t he listen?

    At the Sima Manor, He Git held the thick whip in his hands as he circled Ming Hei with an evil grin on his face. Ming Hei tried to keep an eye on him as he circled him, but the guards that held him down did not allow him to turn. He Git whipped the ground next to Ming Hei, causing him to jump a little under the hands of the guards.

    “Scared?” whispered He Git into his ears. Ming Hei didn’t reply. All he did was release that glare he had before at him.

    Under the command of He Git, the guards let go of Ming Hei.

    He Git whipped him hard on the back. He yelped in pain. Tears flooded out of Mei Yin’s eyes as she begged for mercy. He Git ignored her and whipped his back again for three more times. Ming Hei yelped again as he tried to bear with the pain by biting down on his teeth. Blood trickled down his back and stained the pure white uniform that he wore. He Git cackled with pleasure and asked for the salt water to be given to him. As he was about to pour it onto his back, Mei Yin lowered her head and covered her eyes as she sobbed at the scene. She can’t bear to see He Git’s wicked face and immoral actions preformed right before her eyes.

    As He Git wickedly smiled to himself as he stirred the salt into the clear water with his fingers, Ming Hei stared at him with terror and fear. He lowered his head slowly as he hoped for his father to be here right now and save him.

    “Are you ready?” said He Git wickedly. Ming Hei glared at him with the corner of his eyes as his hideous face. He Git took his wet finger and poked Ming Hei on the face with it. The salt water trickled down his face.

    “You are an insane monster,” mumbled Ming Hei.

    “Son, hurry up, we have to sleep! Your uncle is coming tomorrow, you wouldn’t want to see him see you with bags under your eyes,” complained He Git’s mother as she yawned.

    “You will regret this,” mumbled Ming Hei.

    “Let’s see who will regret what,” said He Git. He then splashed the bowl of salt water onto his back as he cackled loudly into the air.

    Ming Hei squeezed his eyes shut as he waited for the feeling of pain to arrive. Oddly, he did not feel anything at all. He opened his eyes. He Git was carrying a frighten face towards someone else. Wondering who he was looking at, Ming Hei lifted his head.

    “Father?!” said Ming Hei happily and shockingly. Hearing this, Mei Yin opened her eyes with joy as a smile appeared on her face.

    Tian Hau stood right there with threatening eyes as he held the bowl of salt water in his left hand and pointed his fan at He Git with his right hand. Tian Hau dropped the bowl of salt water onto the floor. Oddly, no sound was made and no water was spilled.

    “Who are you? Why are you here?” demanded He Git’s father.

    “I’m here for my son,” said Tian Hau as he looked madly at Ming Hei. Shamefully, Ming Hei lowered head and did not dare to look at his father.

    A loud slap on the table was heard as He Git’s mother stood up.

    “So you are the father of this boy. Do you think that you can just come and leave with him after what he has done?” said He Git’s mother.

    “I am very sorry for whatever my son has done, but you absolutely have no right to torture anyone like that! The worst you can do is trial him at the court! I’m sure that Mr. and Mrs. He knows about that,” said Tian Hau.

    “Whatever we do is none of your business. If you wish to interfere, then watch your head!” said He Git’s mother.

    “I will not stand aside and watch my son get tortured!” said Tian Hau powerfully. Mrs. He was frightened by the passionate voice he used.

    “Do-don’t think that we will be scared just because you are speaking loudly,” stuttered He Git’s mother.

    “Mother, don’t be scared of him. Mr. Yuen, your son can’t beat me, and I don’t think you are any better. How about this, if you can beat me in a martial arts challenge, I’ll let the both of you go. If you do not, then just wait aside and see what I do to him,” said He Git confidently.

    “Deal! Once a man says something (Chinese saying: gwun zi yut yin),” said Tian Hau.

    “He will take quick action (Chinese saying: fai mah yut been. Literary translates into ‘have a fast horse by your side’)!” finished He Git.

    (**Note, the whole saying is: Gwun zi yut yin, fai mah yu been.)

    He Git unsheathed his sword as Tian Hau raised his fan.

    “You think a stupid and cheap wooden fan can beat by expertly made and expensive sword? You are really something then,” insulted He Git.

    “Let’s see first,” said Tian Hau as he ignored his comment.

    He Git jumped into the air as he raised his sword towards Tian Hau. Tian Hau dodged it quickly and easily as he knocked it off to the side, causing He Git to almost trip. Not admitting that he is obviously weaker, he attacked again quickly. Every move he made was dodged by Tian Hau’s agility. The more and more misses he has, the more he wanted to attack and the closer and closer he was to Tian Hau. With a hit of his fan, He Git’s sword broke into two pieces. He Git starred at his sword in awe for a moment and then madly dropped his sword and began using his fist and leg fighting techniques towards Tian Hau, who easily blocked all of the. Seeing that He Git has lost his intention to actually just win this match, he whacked his fan on the left side of his hip, and then on the right side of his hip. Lastly, he gave one more whack on his stomach, casting him backwards. Seeing that he is defeated, he couldn’t accept this as a fact. He quickly motioned his eyes to a servant who quickly grabbed the bowl of salt water from the ground and poured it on Ming Hei.

    Seeing this, Tian Hau quickly ran towards his son and opened his fan. As he opened, the water splashed right onto it and slid off without touching Ming Hei’s back. Mrs. He stood up in amazement and stared right at the sayings on his fan. It said “If two hearts are with each other, anything can be accomplished (Phrase in a Chinese poem: Sum Yau Ling Sai Yut Dim Toong).” This saying was the saying on the powerful fan that belonged to the Legendary White Warrior, Mok Tian Hau. Seeing this, she was certain that he was the man whom her big brother, Chan Gwok Ho, was searching for all these 18 years.

    Tian Hau quickly closed his fan as he hoped that no one has saw the words printed on his fan.

    “He Gong Zi, you have lost already. How dare you do such lowly things like this just because you lost! Now, I believe that you are a man who keeps his own words. My son and I shall leave now,” said Tian Hau.

    “Not so fast! When did I ever say that I will keep my words?” said He Git. A glare was brought upon Tian Hau’s eye. He Git felt shivers traveling down his spine. “Fine, if you want to leave, then you’ll have to suffer one palm.”

    ”What?!” said Tian Hau intensely.

    “You heard me. Since you were hitting me so many times when we fault, I think that I deserve to hit you back at least once,” said He Git.

    “Hurry up then,” said Tian Hau as he stood up boldly in a horse stand position.

    “Father,” said Ming Hei as he felt a nudge inside him as he saw his father doing so much for him while he has been so disobedient. Why is his father doing so much for him after he has been so unfilial?

    Then one palm went right into Tian Hau’s chest. Nothing seemed to be happening. He Git’s palm seemed to be useless, weak, and ineffective, but what He Git didn’t know was that Tian Hau has absorbed the power to make it hurt less. He felt the burn inside his body rush around. He Git eyes widened with disbelief.

    “Why, why didn’t it work?” said He Git as he stared at his own pair of hands.

    “You are done, so we are now able to leave,” said Tian Hau.

    “No you can’t!” said He Git.

    “Ah Git, let them leave,” stated He Git’s mother.

    “But…” said He Git.

    “I said, let them leave,” said He Git’s mother with a serious tone. Seeing his mother’s fiery eyes, he obeyed and backed up. Tian Hau reached down to grab his son. He grabbed his left arm and Ming Hei shrieked in pain as his eyes redden and tears gushed out. Tian Hau quickly grabbed his wrist and felt his pulse. He realized the stupid thing his son had done with his pain. No wonder he was able to get here without him noticing. He then quickly dropped his left hand and pulled him up on his right hand. They disappeared within a few seconds. The He and Sima family just watched them as they traveled away. Mei Yin released a smile on her face once she saw that Ming Hei is safe and gone.

    “Mr. Sima, I think the arranged marriage of our son and your daughter should be canceled,” said He Git’s mother.

    “Canceled? Why? Is there something wrong?” said Lok Yun.

    “Canceled?! Mom! Are you crazy?” said He Git.
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    CHAPTER 49: A Quick Departure

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    He Git - Kenneth Ma
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Sima Lok Yun
    Mok Tian Hau
    Mr. and Mrs. He
    Mok Fung


    “Canceled?! Mom! Are you crazy?” said He Git.

    “Yes wife, why cancel it?” said He Git’s father without understanding what is happening. Mrs. He then whispered something into his ears and his facial expression quickly changed. “Mr. Sima, I think that this cancellation is needed. I’m so sorry.”

    “Father! Why?” said He Git frustratingly.

    “Yes! Cancel it. There is no need for this marriage!” said Mei Yin as she stood up with a lively attitude and a happy smile on her face.

    “Mr. He! Why? Everything has been going so smoothly and fluently as he planned, why should it be canceled?” asked Lok Yun confusedly.

    “Remember when that boy’s father opened his fan to block the salt water from falling onto his son’s back?” said Mrs. He.

    “Yes, are you canceling just because of that Yeun Ming Hei’s arrival tonight?” said Lok Yun.

    “No, that is not the reason. If we did, we wouldn’t have wasted this night doing what we were doing. Yes we were angry about his arrival, and this night’s affair was brought into action mainly because of our precious son’s anger towards this situation. Now, did you see what the fan said?” said Mrs. He.

    “No, but does it matter?” said Lok Yun peculiarly.

    “It matters very much! At the position that you were seated, the words probably weren’t visible to you. Then can I ask you, what wooden fan in the word is powerful enough to break a sword into two? There can only be one fan that can come to my mind,” said Mrs. He.

    “That might have been a coincidence when he did it! Besides, I’m sure that it was just his powerful inner strength that allowed him to perform such a task with a flimsy wooden fan!” said Lok Yun.

    “No it wasn’t. I saw it clearly with my own eyes that his fan said, ‘If two hearts are together, anything can be accomplished (part of a Chinese poem: Sum Yau Ling Sai Yut Dim Toong),’”” said Mrs. He.

    “If two heart are together, anything can be accomplished. The Legendary White Warrior, Mok Tian Hau?!” said Lok Yun stunningly. He Git’s eyes widened with shock as his heat beated faster. Mei Yin’s heart skipped a beat as she heard this being revealed.

    “Exactly. My family has distinctively sworn under the faces of god that we will not make any contact with people who know him. He was the reason why my big sister, Yhun Yi, died,” said Mrs. He aggressively.

    “Mr. Sima, we believe that it is time that we should return home. Thank you for your invitation for us to stay tonight,” said Mr. He as he stood up.

    “He Git, go to your room and gather your belongings,” said Mrs. He.

    “But…” started He Git.

    “I said now,” demanded Mrs. He. He Git did not dare to not listen once he heard her mother using her demanding voice, for he has hardly ever heard her yell at him like this. They’ve always treated him as if he was treasure from the sky. He gets almost everything that he ever desired. He gets to do almost everything that he ever desires. This time, things differ.

    “Did you hear your mother? She said to go and pack your things!” said Mei Yin. He Git glared at her coldly as he walked away. Lok Yun watched his daughter as a huge smile appeared upon her face. Lok Yun can’t bear to see that face of hers, so he just angrily walked away as the He family departed back to their quarters to get ready to leave. Mei Yin’s extremely happy now, since she knows that she doesn’t have to marry that He Git anymore. She just can’t wait to tell Ming Hei! Just then, she realized that they have found out about his father, but they can’t do much, right?

    That was what Mei Yin thought.

    This wasn’t as simple.

    Tian Hau and Ming Hei have just landed in front of their house. Tian Hau walked strait inside, without speaking a word to his son, but Ming Hei followed his father. He knew that he was in big trouble.

    “Sit down,” said Tian Hau. Ming Hei did as told. Tian Hau grabbed his left hand and ignored Ming Hei’s shriek of pain that he tried to hold by biting down on his teeth. Tian Hau took out an acupuncture needle and prodded them on various acupuncture points of his left arm. Each prod caused a shiver in his body. He placed his needle away and slapped his arm once, causing Ming Hei to feel a flow of energy traveling through his body. The pain in his left arm disappeared and spreaded throughout his body, but they felt more like simple bruises instead of the pain before.

    “You were pretty clever to think of moving your pain to one point, but that was an extremely stupid idea at the same time!! With your martial arts, you can never loose to He Git. He must have been lucky. Am I right?” said Tian Hau.

    “Yes,” said Ming Hei softly and ashamedly as he kept his head low.

    “How many times have I told you that upperclass are not people who we have the qualities to mess with? Haven’t you been harassed enough by the He family?” said Tian Hau.

    “Father! All I was trying to do is save Mei Yin,” snapped Ming Hei.

    “But CAN you? No! If I haven’t noticed that you were gone, I can’t even try to imagine the scene of how they will torture you after the salt water attack! These upperclass are monsters!” said Tian Hau. “Tomorrow. We are moving tomorrow, just to keep you out of trouble. Mei Yin will never be your wife and never can!”

    “Father!” said Ming Hei.

    “No more talking!” yelled Tian Hau.
    “What’s going on?” said Ah Fung as she stepped into the room sleepily. “Ming Hei, why aren’t you asleep?”

    “You came at the right time. We will be moving first thing tomorrow morning. Go and pack,” said Tian Hau.

    “Tomorrow? I thought you said---” started Ah Fung.

    “I said tomorrow. We’ll leave our shop here. We don’t need that extra money we get for selling this shop. Tomorrow we are moving. Understand?! Go and pack,” commanded Tian Hau.

    “Okay then,” said Ah Fung as she walked off without asking for a clarification.

    “Ming Hei, go to your room and wait for me to come in,” said Tian Hau. Ming Hei did as told. He sat there at his table with his hands supporting his chin as he wobbled back and forth on the uneven chair that his father has made for him. All that was in his mind was Mei Yin and the memories they shared. He stared at the lilac bookmark as memories of the past blemished his mind. All those memories they had were wonderful. As he thought, a faint smile was revealed on his face. Tian Hau coughed as he stood at the door. Ming Hei quickly placed his lilac bookmark back to his waistband as he noticed his father’s appearance.

    “You don’t have to hide that. Just leave it out,” said Tian Hau as he sat down. Ming Hei did no dare to disobey at this moment. “I know that bookmark was something that you and Mei Yin shared, am I right?” Ming Hei nodded. “Then, just keep it as something to symbolize the past and look back into, not forward to. We are moving tomorrow, you will not see her again. She will be married and will be someone else’s wife. The past is the past. There is nothing for you to do to change it. Understand?

    Ming Hei just stared at his father as he thought. He then said, “Why aren’t you mad?”

    “Why should I be? I have gone though the exact same things as you are right now. I know how it feels. They always say ‘like son like father.’ I guess that is true. You are walking my own path. I tried to change it for you but I guess destiny is destiny. It will not change,” said Tian Hau.

    “Father, are we really leaving tomorrow?” said Ming Hei sadly.

    “Yes,” said Tian Hau. Ming Hei took a deep breathe and nodded to his father. “Now, take off your top and lie on your bed.”

    “Why?” said Ming Hei confusedly.

    “Doesn’t your back hurt after those whips? I can see the blood stained on your back. Come on, so I can put ointment on your back before you go to sleep. You wouldn’t want deep scars like those to last forever. This ointment will at least lessen the color,” said Tian Hau.

    “Yes, father,” said Ming Hei obediently.

    As Tian Hau applied the ointment to his back, he felt the stinging pain that the ointing released. At the same time, he felt the warmth of his father’s hands.

    “There. Now go to sleep and be careful with your arms and legs, you wouldn’t want them to hurt more. Your mother and I will be packing now. We’ll gather your main luggage for you. If you have any little belongings of any kind that you would want to keep, pack it right now so we won’t be in a rush tomorrow,” said Tian Hau.

    “Yes father,” said Ming Hei. So he starting packing his things as Tian Hau stepped out the door.

    “Stay here, I’ll be back,” said Tian Hau to Ah Fung.

    “Where are you going this late?” said Ah Fung.

    “None of your business,” retorted Tian Hau as he stepped out the door, leaving Ah Fung standing there, alone and staring at the mist of his body.
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