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    Default ATV website

    I was looking at ATV website for the first time, and must say it's rely well done, with detailed profile of its artists.

    But one BIG question--- how come their list of artist does not include some of their biggest artists: Eric (Kuang Tianyou), Joey Meng and Alice Chan??

    Anyone knows why? Are they not even on contractual basis with ATV?

    ATV artist

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    Where my favourite ATV cast Kylie Kwok 郭家頤 and Kristy Yeung 楊恭如?

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    they only list their current stars, stars that have contracts with ATV... and sadly, famous ATV stars like Eric Wan (quite a long time ago), Joey Meng (quite a long time ago), Kristy Yeung (long long time ago), Alice Chan (recently) and Kylie Kwok (recently) have already left ATV or let their contract expired.

    Joey Meng and Eric Wan had made it a point that they only sign contracts with ATV on each single drama series, and no more long term contracts.
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