I know I'm totally offtopic by posting here, but I was just totally shocked. So excuse me about this topic.

I know that Sanney, the owner of hkentreview.com should be known by many of you, because hkentreview started before spcnet, and sanney, was also a frequenter of the previous JY-discussion forum, so I expect that a lot of oldies here should know him as well and might wonder why his domain name, hkentreview.com suddenly expired.

I just found out why. Sanney had been really sick. http://asianfanatics.net/forum/about...alk276401.html

I feel obligated to at least inform you about this, because even the owner of asianfanatics, who is sanney's old friend only found out by searching the intenet.

That'd make it even harder for sanney's other online friends, including me, to know about his condition. Therefor... I'm now following Athlon's wishes to relay this further to other website. Not to spam, but as a friend who is truely concerned about another friend who fell ill.