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English Premiership Football 06/07

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Thread: English Premiership Football 06/07

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    Default English Premiership Football 06/07

    So another season is upon us!

    Being World Cup year, usually there is a lot of activity in the transfer market, but it seems pretty quiet from where I'm sitting...

    Guess it should be hotting up in the next few weeks, with all those players in Juventus, AC Milan, Lazio and Fiorentina having to look for better options somewhere else, surely not many would like to play their football in Serie B....

    Chelsea have signed Ballack and Shevshenko, even though I'm an Arsenal fan, I think this is great because for the Premiership to be exciting, we need these Big name players, no matter which team they play in. Chelsea are scaringly strong, so strong that the bench could get into most Premieirship sides.....

    Man Utd have plenty of problems going on in their squad, with players wanting to leave, and their lack of transfer activity recently. Don't know where they will 'strengthen' to compete with Chelsea, because they just look in need of players in every department (Attack, Midfield, Defence) except goalie. The current sqaud is good but what everyone needs is a strong Man Utd to give Chelsea a hiding, not a team that competes for 2nd place, not the Man Utd I used to know...

    Liverpool have signed a few players and look to be a pretty balance squad, Benitez is also keeping a look out for those players in Italy, so expecting more transfers to boost their assault on the title...

    And finally Arsenal, as usual don't exactly light up the Transfer market, Wenger's way is just to add one or two players and mold them into the team, happens every year, so I guess we won't be seeing the likes of Buffon and Co to be heading to our BRAND SPANKING NEW 60 000 SEATER STADIUM!!!

    Haha, anyway, as usual these 4 clubs are the title contenders and fans across the world are hoping for a closely contested season......(which ends in Arsenal scooping all the trophies!! Hahaha, its the fan in me, can't help it!!!)...Who will win? Or the more likely question is how many points will Arsenal win by!?!?!?

    Haha, good luck to all the teams and may the best team(Arsenal) win!!!!

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    Sheffield Utd all the way!!!
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    I haven't kept upto date with all the transfer activities and such, however, Chelsea will wrap it up again. And they will continue to do so for a while yet. It's really sad.
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