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Thread: need "Vigilante Force" cast

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    Arrow need "Vigilante Force" cast

    anyone have it? please tell me, thanks

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    Main cast:
    Joe Ma, Bowie Lam, Benny Chan
    Kenix Kwok, Tavia Yeung, Eileen Yeow
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    Default Vigilante Force full cast list..

    Fong Nga Jai (Bowie Lam)
    Ma Hau Yin (Joe Ma)
    Pang Chin Hung (Benny Chan)
    Chan Ying Cheung /Natalie (Kenix Kwok)
    Wan Ka Li /Kelly (Tavia Yeung)
    Yan (Eileen Yeow)
    Wan Kin Yan (Derek Kwok)
    Rocky (Ngai Wai)
    Sa Dam Ying (Evergreen Mak)
    Sue (Leila Tong)
    Cheung Wang Hei (Mark Kwok)

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