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Heroic Sword of Vengeance
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    Default 英 雄 劍 : Heroic Sword of Vengeance

    Friends backstab each other. Lovers split apart. Family hurt one another. All because of one sword. The Heroic Sword.

    He was a member of the good sects. She was a member of the dark sect. Revenge brought them together yet love bonded them. But can their love be strong enough to overcome the vengeance of the past?

    He was an assasin, he wasn't meant to love but when he saved her, everything change. He was happy for the first time, until fate brought her away from him.

    Ron Ng: Ng Cheuk Hei
    Raymond Lam: Lam Fung
    Bosco Wong: Wong Chung Chak
    Tavia Yeung: Yeung Yi
    Leila Tong: Cheng Tong Ling
    Michelle Yip: Yip Suen
    Charmaine Sheh: Ng Shi Man

    Benny Chan: Chan Ho Man
    Myolie Wu: Cheng Hang Yee
    Louis Koo: Koo Tin Lok
    & more as the story proceeds
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    Default Chapter 1

    Ron Ng: Ng Cheuk Hei
    Charmaine Sheh: Ng Shi Man
    Damien Lau: Lau Chung-Yun
    Adam Cheng: Cheng Siu Chow
    Zhao Ya Zhi

    Ng Cheuk Hei ran happily through the beautiful green grass field as the wind blew softly against his hair. His sister Shi Man was a few feet behind him.

    “Finally, we got out of the house…” Cheuk Hei laughed cheerfully. He was a young boy about fourteen years old, dressed in fine silk fabric which indicates that he came from a wealthy family.

    “Cheuk Hei, what if we get into trouble for this?” Shi Man asked, her voice filled with worry. She was a young maiden about four years older than her brother. She wore a soft pink gown and her hair in two buns.

    “If you won’t tell, no one’s going to know!” he chuckled and started to run.

    “Cheuk Hei! Come back!!!” Shi Man yelled after her brother, but his swift legs were too fast for her.

    “I’ll be back in a minute! You search the field!!!” Cheuk Hei turned around as he yelled to his sister and ran off into the woods. He was looking for the jade pendant he lost last week. It wasn’t anywhere in his house, so it must be out here since he sneaked out here last week to play and when he returned home, the pendant was no longer around his neck. Such pendant was not worth much, but it wasn’t just any ordinary pendant. It was the one that his father gave him for his tenth birthday, which meant a lot to him. He needed to find it no matter what. He searched every part of the ground, and searched all the bushes.

    “It’s not anywhere around here… maybe it’s at the abandoned temple…” he said to himself and ran off to the old temple.

    Cheuk Hei walked into the dusty temple and searched every part of it, even under the haystacks. He frowned with frustration when he couldn‘t find it. But hesitating to give up, he kept on looking. As he continued looking, a middle aged man with partial white hair and a long beard stumbled in the temple with a long package wrapped tightly in white fabric on his back. Cheuk Hei could see that the senior was injured. Since he had such a kind heart, the young boy quickly ran to help the old man.

    “Senior, are you okay?” Cheuk Hei said as he supported the man.

    “Young man, you must get out of here, there are people after me, they’ll kill you if they see you…” the old man warned Cheuk Hei, his voice was weak and hoarse, but within his eyes, you could see a powerful aura.

    “Don’t worry, I know a place where we can hide…” Cheuk Hei told the man seeing that he was a good person since he tried to warn him of the danger coming.

    The man nodded and remained silent as Cheuk Hei leaded him behind the old Buddha statue. The man watched with curiosity as the youngster turned a lotus flower on a corner of the statue. The Buddha statue immediately slid to the left and a stairway appeared in front of them. The man’s eyes widened with amazement as he watched. It was quite surprising to see a secret room in an abandoned temple and what was even more impressive was that a young boy had acknowledged this.

    “Hurry,” Cheuk Hei said as they walked down the stairs. As soon as they got down, he immediately turned a handle on the wall and the Buddha statue slid back into place. Everything turned pitch black since no light could enter the room. After a while, Cheuk Hei’s eyes adjusted to the darkness.

    “Why are you helping me?” the man asked after a minute of silence.

    “You were hurt, it’s the right thing to do… my dad taught me to always help someone in need,” Cheuk Hei explained, wondering why the man had asked him such a question. Surely, there is nothing wrong with helping others.

    “Aren’t you afraid I might kill you?” the man asked again.

    “Of course not, if you wanted to kill me, you wouldn’t have told me to run…” Cheuk Hei replied.

    “But why are they after you?” Cheuk Hei asked out of curiosity. The man was reluctant to answer at first, but seeing that this boy has such a kind heart, he told him.

    “They’re after this sword…” the man replied, still holding the package.

    “A sword? What’s so special about a sword? A sword isn’t worth more than a person’s life…” Cheuk Hei said bluntly.

    “It’s not just any sword, this sword has tremendous power. If fallen into the hands of evil, they will use it to bring great destruction to the world and I can’t let that happen,” the man explained.

    “Then why don’t you just destroy the sword? If it is no more, then bad people wouldn’t be able to use it right?”

    The man chuckled slightly at how naïve this boy is and his chuckle started to turn into a cough. As he coughed, a small amount of blood came out of his mouth. The man touched the blood with his fingers, it was good thing he didn’t spat out any blood earlier or the enemies could’ve followed his blood marks to the Buddha statue and could possibly find him.

    “Senior, are you…”

    “Shh…” the man motioned for Cheuk Hei to stop talking when he heard footsteps coming above them. As the footsteps became louder, Cheuk Hei could hear them too.

    “Search everywhere!” a man shouted, his voice was rough and scratchy. Cheuk Hei froze and didn’t dare to make a sound as he sat quietly next to the senior who appeared to be quite calm as he sat cross-legged in his meditating position.

    “There’s no one in this temple, he must have left…” another voice said after a few minutes had passed.

    “Okay, everyone out… he must still be in this forest somewhere, he couldn’t have gone far. He’s injured,” the man with the rough voice said and they started to march out. After the sounds of the footsteps faded, Cheuk Hei sighed of relief.

    “We have to stay here for a while until I recover a little of my strength,” the man said. Cheuk Hei didn’t answer him.

    “What’s on your mind?” the man asked as he sensed sadness in the young boy.

    “My sister, she’s out in the field not far from here… if they see her, they will kill her… I have to go help her…” Cheuk Hei said and got up, but before he could take another step, the man quickly tapped one of his yuedao point on his chest and the boy was immobilized.

    “Why did you do that? Unfreeze me!” Cheuk Hei said angrily. He dared not to yell for the men in the forest might hear him.

    “Young man, you must calm down, you’re not their match. If you go out there, you’ll only get yourself kill…” the man said.

    Thinking about what the man said, Cheuk Hei knew he was right. He was only a young while the enemies are martial art experts, he wouldn’t be able to help Shi Man and he’ll just get himself kill.

    “Okay, I’ll listen to you…” Cheuk Hei nodded his head in agreement and the man unfroze his yuedao point.

    “Good, tell me, what your name is?” the man asked.

    “Ng Cheuk Hei…” the young boy answered.

    “I am Lau Chung-Yun,” the man introduced himself and immediately went back to his meditating. Cheuk Hei sat quietly as he watched the man meditate. Lau Chung-Yun? He had heard of this name from his father before. The man in front of him must the great swordsman, Lau Chung-Yun. From what he heard from his father, this man is a martial art’s prodigy who can attack with his sword at a rapid speed.

    Even though Cheuk Hei’s dad knew a lot about the martial art world and had connections with many martial art masters, he was just a simple business man who had always told Cheuk Hei and Shi Man to never interfere with the world of martial arts for it will only bring them harm, not good.

    After an hour of meditating, Lau Chung-Yun suddenly coughed out blood.

    “Senior Lau, are you okay?” Cheuk Hei said as he kneeled down next to the man.

    “It seems that I had underestimated this poison. It had already entered my heart, I can’t live for much longer,” Lau Chung-Yun said. His face began to fill with worry, yet there wasn’t any sign of fear. He wasn’t afraid of dying, but what he worried about was what if the swords falls into the hands of the Moonlight Sect after he died? He had to do something to make sure the sword wouldn’t fall in the hands of evil.

    “Cheuk Hei, you are a kind person… I will transfer my inner force to you, it‘ll be useless to me after I die, I know you’ll make good use of it…” Lau Chung-Yun decided since he saw how generous Cheuk Hei was.

    “No, I don’t want to have your inner force, if you transfer it all to me, you’ll die right away, maybe there‘ll be another way we can save you …” Cheuk Hei rejected his offer, but with the last of his strength, Lau Chung-Yun pulled the boy back. Even though Cheuk Hei tried hard to resist, a young boy like him was simply no match for even a dying Lau Chung-Yun’s strength. Through his hands, Lau Chung-Yun pushed all his inner force into the young boy’s hand. As it started to circulate his body, Cheuk Hei’s face started to turn red and his body heated up as a force of power flowed through him.

    After the transferring of inner force was completed, Lau Chung-Yun released the boy. Cheuk Hei opened his eyes and was shocked to see the man’s once partial white hair turned completely white.

    “Senior Lau, why did you that?” Cheuk Hei asked.

    “I believe you will make good use of it. Cheuk Hei, please do me a favor…” he said, his voice even weaker than before. Seeing that it was a dying man’s last wish, Cheuk Hei immediately nodded.

    “Take this Heroic Sword to my big brother, Lau Dan of the Beggar Sect, promise me you’ll protect this sword with your life and you mustn’t let it fall in the hands of the Moonlight Sect…”

    “I promise, I promise…” Cheuk Hei stammered. Even though he only just met this man, he respected him deeply.

    “Good, you are a very smart boy with a kind heart; I know you won’t let me down, thank you…” With these last words, Lau Chung-Yun closed his eyes.

    “SENIOR LAU!!!” Cheuk Hei shouted. He sat there holding the man’s body for a few hours until he was sure that the men were gone. He slowly got up and picked up the sword that was tightly wrapped in a white piece of clothed.

    “I can’t bring this sword with me… I’ll have to hide it somewhere for the time being…” he thought. Using his hands, he quickly dug a hole in the ground. He placed the package in and covered it with dirt.

    After burying the package, he lift the dead man’s body on his back. His own strength astonished him; maybe it was Senior Lau’s inner force that made him this strong.

    Cheuk Hei moved the handle by the stairway with his elbow and the Buddha Statue slowly moved to the side. The young boy walked up the stairs. He carried the man’s body behind the temple where he buried him.

    “Senior Lau, I’m sorry I can’t give you a proper burial. I promise I’ll come back and give you a proper burial after I accomplished the task you ask of me…” Cheuk Hei said and kowtowed to the grave three times before he left.

    Suddenly remembering of his sister, Cheuk Hei ran through the woods searching for her.

    “Shi Man! Shi Man!” he shouted, but could only hear his own echo in return. He ran to the field and there was no one in sight. As he ran, the sky darkened up as the wind blew in clouds the color of dark gray.

    “Maybe she went home,” Cheuk Hei said to himself and as fast as he could, ran home as it starts to rain.

    As he got up to the front gate, he was shock to see the gate opened and he could smell a weird odor.

    “Something’s wrong…” he thought as he walked in through the gate. His eyes filled with shock and fear as he saw bodies of his servants laying on the ground. Red puddles of blood covered the ground.

    “MOM!!! DAD!!!” Cheuk Hei shouted when he spotted his parents. They were laying on the floor next to each other. On his dad’s chest was a dagger with a shape of a crescent moon on its handle, and on his mom’s chest was the same dagger.

    “MOM!!! DAD!!!” he screamed, his voice trembling as he held onto their bodies. His hot tears combined with the cold raindrops as they flowed down his cheeks.

    “Why do you have to leave me like this? Why?” he sobbed, still holding onto their body in the rain. He couldn’t believe they’re dead. How can they leave him like this? He couldn’t help them. He couldn’t even find the pendant his dad gave him, he felt so useless.

    He continued to sob as he held onto their body. It was as if heaven felt his sadness, the rains fell heavier as he cried. The thunder roared when he screamed.

    After a few hours in the rain with his parent’s bodies. Cheuk Hei began to feel a sharp pain in his head. His surrounding started to blurred as he collapsed to the ground next to his parents. The thunder roared harder, lightings could be seen as the rain fell heavier.

    Meanwhile, a middle aged gentleman walked pass the house with a basket which he carried on his back. He wore plain clothing yet his face showed knowledge and that he was no fool. When he smelled the stained smell of blood, his curiosity overtook him and he decided to ventured through the opened gate.

    His face saddened when he saw all the dead people. Their blood washed in the rain. He shook his head feeling sympathy for these poor people.

    “What poor souls,” he mumbled. Being a kind hearted person, he looked around trying to see if there are any survivors. When he saw Cheuk- Hei’s hand moving, he immediately ran to the young boy and took his pulse.

    “Such powerful inner strength within such a young boy,” he mumbled to himself. He was curious to find out how such a young boy can carry such powerful inner strength.

    Deciding to save him, he picked the boy up and carried him on his back. The gentleman walked across the silent city and up the curvy mountain road.

    After an hour of walking, he finally reached his destination, a small house on the mountain side. A woman dress in plain clothing immediately walked out the greet him.

    “Siu Chow, who is this young boy you’re carrying?” she asked when she saw Cheuk Hei on her husband‘s back.

    “I’m not sure, but I have to save him. Ya Zhi, Change him into some dry clothes,” he ordered.

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    Default Chapter 2

    (Ron) Ng Cheuk Hei
    (Adam) Cheng Siu Chow
    (Leila Tong) Cheng Tong Ling
    (Myolie Wu) Cheng Hang Yee
    Zhao Ya Zhi


    Cheuk Hei’s eyes slowly opened and in front of him is a middle aged man whom he had never seen before. Behind the man is a young girl about a year or two younger than Cheuk Hei. She was wearing a white gown with her hair tied back in a pony tail.

    “Who are you? Where am I? Why am I here?” he asked a bit startled as he didn‘t recognized any of his surroundings.

    “I am Cheng Siu Chow and this is my house, you‘ve been unconscious for three days and three nights now…” the man answered. Cheng Siu Chow? Cheuk Hei had heard his name before. He must be the miraculous healer, Cheng Siu Chow. His father had too told him about this man. It was said that he could make a dying person alive again, but rumors has it that he disappeared twelve years ago.

    “You’ve took care of me?” Cheuk Hei asked. Siu Chow simply nodded.

    “My parents!!! Where are my parents?!?!” the young boy asked with frustration when suddenly remembering what had happened.

    “After taking you up here, I buried them somewhere not so far from my house,” Siu Chow answered.

    “Please take me to see them!” Cheuk Hei begged. The man nodded agreeing to take him to the graves of his parents. Cheuk Hei slowly stood up and followed the man and his daughter.

    As they walked outside, a young girl about eight years old ran up to the Siu Chow.

    “Father, where are you going?” the girl asked curiously when she saw her father walking out.

    “To the other side of the mountain, I’ll be back soon. You stay here with your mom and sister,” the man said to the young girl.

    “Why can’t I go dad?” the girl whined as she tugged on father’s gown. She knew there must be something on the other side of the mountain today, otherwise, her father wouldn‘t take this stranger there. Even though she was only a child, her curiosity was greater than many adults. She always wanted to see what it was like outside of this mountain.

    “Ling yee, take your sister back inside,” he commanded the older girl.

    “Yes Father,” she replied and turned to her sister.

    “Hang Yee, let’s go,” she said to her sister and pulled her along, Hang Yee pouted but followed her sister into the house. As Tong Ling walked, she took a fast peek at Cheuk Hei before going in the house. This boy was interesting to her. All of her life, she had never seen a boy about her age. Living up in the mountains since the day she was born, the only people she knew were her parents and sister. She rarely seen anyone from the cities, except once in a while when a herbalist or doctor would come up to the mountain to pick herbs.

    Watching the happy family, Cheuk Hei missed his family. If only he could be with them again. If only none of this happened.

    “I’m sorry about that,” Siu Chow apologized for his daughter’s disturbance.

    He then leaded Cheuk Hei through the winding mountain path to the graves of his parents which was somewhat on a cliff. Seeing their graves, the young boy immediately ran to it and cried out loud.

    “MOM!!! DAD!!! I PROMISE, I’LL AVENGE YOU!!!” he shouted to their grave as he kneeled in front of them. Siu Chow sighed when looking at the boy, his only hope is that the boy’s anger would not consume him and that revenge would not take over his life.

    After having kowtowed to their graves three times, Cheuk Hei stared at their graves. Their name wasn’t even on it.

    “I’m sorry I did not know your parents’ names,” Siu Chow said as if he was reading the young boy’s mind.

    “Their names were Ng Long and Sheh Xiao Bing. What about the workers of my family?” Cheuk Hei asked solemnly. Having growing up with them, they were like family to him too.

    “I did not had time to bury them, but I’m sure the Yamen officers have find out about it by now,” he replied. Cheuk Hei nodded as a reply.

    “Do you know who killed them?” Cheuk Hei asked.

    “I found this exact same dagger on all of their bodies, it has the mark of the Moonlight Sect,” Siu Chow answered as he held out a dagger with a crescent moon on its handle. Cheuk Hei immediately recognized the dagger as the same one he saw on his parents’ body. He also remembered Senior Lau mentioning that the Moonlight Sect are after the Heroic Sword. It must be them that killed his parents. It had to be, but how could he, Chen Cheuk Hei go against such a strong sect? There was only one way, The Beggar Sect. Cheuk Hei knew that was his only choice and he still had to accomplish Senior Lau‘s errand.

    “Healer Cheng, please help me,” Cheuk Hei begged as he kneeled down in front of the healer.

    “Young boy, stand up, I will do all I can to help you,” he replied feeling sympathy for the poor boy. Cheuk Hei stood up as he was told.

    “Please take me to The Beggar Sect,”

    “The Beggar Sect? Alright I will help you but I still haven’t know your name yet,”

    “I am Ng Cheuk Hei,” he introduced himself, surprised that Siu Chow did not questioned why he wanted to go to The Beggar Sect.

    “Cheuk Hei, tell me, how can a young boy such as yourself process such powerful inner force?” Siu Chow asked curiously when he suddenly remembered the strong inner strength he felt when he took the boy‘s pulse.

    “I…” Cheuk Hei hesitated not sure whether he should tell Siu Chow or not.

    “It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t wish to,” the healer said when he saw that the boy was hesitating to tell him. He didn’t want to pressure him.

    “Thank you for understanding, Healer Cheng,” Cheuk Hei said gratefully.

    “We’ll start our journey at sunrise tomorrow. But as for now, we should go back to my house,”

    “Thank you Healer Cheng,” Cheuk Hei said again.

    “And one more thing Cheuk Hei, can you promise me that you will not tell anyone about my whereabouts? I’ve left the Jianghu world for so long. I do not wish to return,” Siu Chow said. The man was tired of the world of martial arts. The world of fighting and death, he only wanted a peaceful life with his family.

    “I promise,” Cheuk Hei agreed.

    After visiting his parents’ graves, Cheuk Hei followed Healer Cheng home. Cheuk Hei had a lot of questions for Healer Cheng, but he felt it wouldn’t matter whether he knew the answers or not, so he didn’t ask.

    “Ya Zhi, pack my suitcase for me,” Siu Chow said to his wife as soon as he and Cheuk Hei entered the house. Upon hearing the name of his wife, Cheuk Hei knew that she must be Zhao Ya Zhi, The Queen of Poison. Others would’ve wondered how The Miraculous Healer and The Queen of Poison came to be together, but to Cheuk Hei, it didn’t matter at all for the only thing he cared about was avenging his parents.

    “Suitcase? Where you going?” she asked.

    “I will take Cheuk Hei here to The Beggar Sect,” he answered.

    “The Beggar Sect? That’s pretty far from here… why do you need go there?” she questioned.

    “It was the request of this young boy…” her husband simply answered.

    “Siu Chow, how do you know if you can trust him? We barely know him except that his family was killed by The Moonlight Sect. They might be after him as well!” Ya Zhi exclaimed as she glared at Cheuk Hei. He looked back at her. He didn’t blame her for what she was saying for she was only stating the truth.

    “Ya Zhi, I know what I am doing,” Healer Cheng answered.

    “Fine, let me go with you, you don’t know any kung fu. What if you get attack by bandits?” she said in a worry tone.

    “No, I will manage just fine and Zhao Ya Zhi’s poison cannot return to the Jianghu’s world once again,” he said disagreeing with his wife.

    “Fine, I will go pack your suitcase,” she said seeing that there was no point in arguing with her husband. With that, she walked away.

    “Cheuk Hei, the sun is about to set. You go get some rest,” Siu Chow ordered. Cheuk Hei nodded and walked into the room that he was in earlier. He slowly got on the bed and laid there. He kept tossing and turning in bed. He couldn’t sleep despite how tire he was. Whenever he closed his eyes, images of his dead parents would appear. So he kept his eyes opened. He’ll avenge them soon, he reassured himself. Once he meet up with Lau Dan of The Beggar Sect, he’ll ask to be his disciple. He’ll learn the best kung fu to avenge his parents.

    After laying in bed for a while, Healer Cheng’s younger daughter ran into his room. He sat up when he saw her.

    “Brother, why don’t you come play with me?” Hang Yee asked cheerfully. Cheuk Hei did not answered her. He wasn’t in the mood to play. He wanted to tell her to go away, but he knew he shouldn’t be disrespectful to the daughter of his benefactor.

    “Come on, can you not talk?” the little girl asked curiously. After a few minutes, her older sister came running in the room.

    “Hang Yee, you’re bothering him, let’s go,” Tong Ling said to her little sister.

    “Hmphh, he’s no fun at all. Big sister, you play with me,” Hang Yee whined.

    “Fine, you go outside first,” Tong Ling answered smiling. Her little sister smiled happily and ran out the door. Seeing how happy the two sisters were, Cheuk Hei thought about Shi Man. He wondered where she was. He missed her so much. He didn’t see her body in the house. His only hope was that she was still alive. When he thought about his sister, tears came flowing out of his eyes.

    “I’m sorry for my sister,” Tong Ling apologized. When she saw the tears in the boy’s eyes. She held out a handkerchief.

    “I may be a girl, but my father told me that a man should never cry,” she said. Hearing this, Cheuk Hei took her handkerchief and wiped the tears off his face.

    “Thank you,” he mumbled.

    “You should get some rest,” she said before walking out the room. Cheuk Hei watched as she walked out and closed the door behind her.

    After a while, his tiredness wore him down and holding the handkerchief in his hand, Cheuk Hei fell asleep.

    He woke up when the sun was rising. The handkerchief was still in his hand. He tucked it in a pocket inside his gown and immediately got off his bed and ran outside. As he opened the door, he saw Siu Chow standing in front of him.

    “We can leave now,” Siu Chow said when he saw the young boy. Cheuk Hei nodded in return.

    “Wait Siu Chow!” Ya Zhi said as she rushed out the kitchen’s door followed by her two daughters. Her husband looked at her.

    “Here are some hambao and water for your journey and some extra things in case of you get attack,” she said handling him a packet which Siu Chow took.

    “Father, be careful,” Tong Ling said to her father.

    “Daddy, you have to come back soon so you can play with me,” Hang Yee whined.

    “Don’t worry, I will return soon,” he reassured his young daughter.

    “We’ll wait for you to return,” his wife said. Cheuk Hei looked at them sadly, he missed his family, but he also felt guilty since Healer Cheng is making this journey all because of him. He was leaving his family to help him.

    “Goodbye,” Tong Ling said to Cheuk Hei.

    “Farewell,” he replied somberly.

    “Let’s us get going now,” Healer Cheng said. He bid farewell to his family one last time and the man and boy started walking, leaving the little house on the mountainside behind. Siu Chow’s wife and daughters watched until the two were out of sight.

    Siu Chow and Cheuk Hei walked down the curvy mountain road and finally reached Cheuk Hei’s hometown after an hour of traveling. As they walked pass the house that once had been his, Cheuk Hei stopped and looked at it sadly. On the gate was the restricted Yamen’s sign.

    “Healer Cheng, do you think the Yamen will be able to do anything about this?” he asked.

    “I’m afraid not Cheuk Hei, the government is powerless against The Moonlight Sect,” Siu Chow answered sadly.

    “Let’s go now,” Siu Chow urged and started walking. Cheuk Hei followed him, but once in a while he would always turned back to look until his house and his town were out of sight.

    For fourteen days, Cheuk Hei and Siu Chow would walk in the day time and rested in small inns in towns they stopped by at night time. Whenever someone asked about the relationship between the man and boy, they would replied that Cheuk Hei is Siu Chow’s son and that they are simply going to visit their hometown.

    At last after days of traveling, they reached their destination.

    When they arrived at the gates of The Beggar Sect, Cheuk Hei looked at his surroundings. It was very different from what he grew up in. The village contained small raggedly huts unlike the big houses that he was used to.

    “Cheuk Hei, we will separate here,” Siu Chow said to the young boy.

    “Healer Cheng, you won’t go in with me?” Cheuk Hei asked.

    “Even though Lau Dan was a good friend of mine, I don’t want any of the Jianghu world to know that I am still alive,” Siu Chow simply answered.

    “I won’t tell anyone Healer Cheng,” Cheuk Hei reassured him. Siu Chow nodded for he trusted the young boy’s words.

    “I don’t know how to thank you Healer Cheng, please take this one bow from me as a sign of my gratitude,” Cheuk Hei said as he kneeled down in front of the man.

    “Cheuk Hei stand up, a man’s knee is made of gold, you should not kneel down easily,” Siu Chow said. He did not care whether the boy thanked him for he was the kind of man that would be happy to help anyone in need.

    “Thank you Healer Cheng, I will miss you,” Cheuk Hei said sadly. Even though he only knew Siu Chow for no more than a month, the man’s kindness had touch him deeply.

    “Don‘t worry Cheuk Hei, we’ll see each other again,” Siu Chow said and walked off. Cheuk Hei watched until the man was out of sight. Then he turned around and stared at the gate. Without hesitating, he walked in.

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    ahh!! update update! only if winglin is working.. >.< it was working yesterday for a lil bit and i managed to read ur latest chaptet. so.. is the shadow raymond? hehe..
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    lol. yay!! u should keep the update on spcnet the same as ur updates on winglin. =) update! update! pleeeeasse? i wanna read. ^.^
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    Default Chapter 3 (Intro Part 3)

    (Ron) Ng Cheuk Hei
    (Benny) Chan Ho Man
    Lau Dan

    As Cheuk Hei walked through the gates, a mob of beggars approached him. They were dressed in raggedly clothes and wore no shoes. They began to form a circle around him. He felt awkward as the strange group of people surrounded him.

    “Hey kid, What do you want?!” one man of the group asked rudely as he walked up to the young boy. He was about eighteen years old.

    “I’m here to see Lau Dan,” Cheuk Hei answered politely despite the man’s rudeness.

    “Ahh, you want to see Leader Lau? Come with me,” the young man ordered. Cheuk Hei nodded and followed him. They walked pass many raggedly huts, the members of The Beggar Sect all stared at Cheuk Hei strangely.

    “Why do you want to see Leader Lau anyways?” the man asked curiously as they walked. Cheuk Hei didn’t answer. He wasn’t sure if this man could be trusted.

    “Fine then, don’t tell me, the leader’s in there,” the man said rudely as they approached a hut that’s slightly bigger than the ones around it. Cheuk Hei walked in without saying another word to the young man.

    To his surprised, there was no one inside. So he walked back out and found the young man still standing outside.

    “There’s no one in there,” Cheuk Hei said to the young man. The young man didn’t believe him. So he poked his head in the hut and realized that the boy was telling the truth because there really was no one in there.

    “He must be out with the brothers,” the man simply said.

    “Can you take me to him? This is really urgent,” Cheuk Hei pleaded. He wanted to see Leader Lau as soon as possible.

    “Hmm, urgent eh?” the young man questioned. Cheuk Hei nodded. The young man put his hand on his chin and thought to himself whether he should take this boy to find Lau Dan or not.

    “Well, they could be anywhere, I say it’s better to wait here for them,” the young man decided at last. Seeing that there’s no other choice, Cheuk Hei agreed.

    “Say, what is so urgent about it anyways? You’re just a kid, shouldn’t you be home playing with your parents?” the man asked bluntly not knowing of the young boy‘s unfortunate fate.

    Hearing the young man mention his parents, Cheuk Hei felt a sharp pain in his heart. He felt as if tears were about to flow down his eyes, but he tried as hard as he could to hold them in. He didn’t know how to answer this man.

    “They’re dead,” was all Cheuk Hei could say. Hearing this, the young man felt sympathy toward the boy.

    “You’re an orphan? Just like me… my parents died when I was five because of a disease in our village. I was lucky enough to survive. Leader Lau took me in The Beggar Sect. If it wasn’t for him, I would’ve been dead now. I don’t even know what my parents look like…” the man said sadly as he ripped a piece of hay into two. Cheuk Hei looked at the man as he said this. He felt sorry for this young man who’s fate was even worse that his. At least, he knew his parents and knew what they look like.

    “Tell me kid, what’s your name?” the young man asked.

    “Ng Cheuk Hei,” the boy answered.

    “Ng Cheuk Hei eh? Hei means happy, but you seemed to the opposite of it,” the man chuckled. Cheuk Hei looked at him oddly. He found nothing funny in what the man just said.

    “I’m Chan Ho Man,” the young man introduced himself. After that, there were only silent between the two. Even though Ho Man tried to talk to the young boy several times, Cheuk Hei simply didn’t want to talk. So Ho Man gave in and sat quietly next to him.

    After waiting for a few hours, a man in his mid fifties walked toward them. Seeing the man, Ho Man immediately ran toward him.

    Cheuk Hei stood up and followed. He looked at the man dressed in somewhat raggedly clothing. He wore an old hat on his head and had a round face with a long beard. He had a joyful expression, but within it were hints of great wisdom. This man must be Lau Dan, Cheuk Hei thought and indeed he was right.

    “Leader Lau, this young boy named Ng Cheuk Hei here want to see you, “ Ho Man said as he pointed at Cheuk Hei. Lau Dan looked at Cheuk Hei with curiosity.

    “Young boy, why do you need to see me?” Lau Dan asked calmly. His voice sounded calm and wise yet very kind.

    “Leader Lau, I came here in request of Senior Lau Chung-Yun, he wanted me to deliver the Heroic Sword to you. I didn’t bring it with me though because I was scared that I was unable to protect it. Therefore, I hid it and came here to notify you first,” Cheuk Hei explained.

    “The Heroic Sword? Where is my brother now?” Lau Dan asked wondering why his brother did not bring him the sword himself.

    “Senior Lau… is dead…” Cheuk Hei answered sadly. Ho Man’s eyes widened as he heard this. He couldn’t believe.

    “What? Nonsense! How can Senior Lau die? His kung fu is superb. How do we know your not lying?” Ho Man interrupted before Lau Dan could say a word.

    “If you don’t believe me, you can test my inner strength. Senior Lau had transfer all his inner force to me before he died…” Cheuk Hei said Lau Dan looked at the boy carefully. His conscience told him that the boy was telling the truth, yet he still wanted to test his inner strength, just in case.

    “Let me see your hand,” he said. Cheuk Hei immediately put his hand out. Lau Dan placed his hand against the young boy’s and push his inner strength in. When he felt a strong inner force pushing back, he knew that the boy was telling the truth.

    “Tell me, how did my brother died?” Lau Dan asked sadly, yet he still remained calm.

    “I’m not sure, but he did mention that some kind of poison had entered his heart…” Cheuk Hei answered and started telling them the whole story.

    “Damn that Moonlight Sect, using dirty poison trick like that. They have done so much harm to the Jianghu’s world!!!” Ho Man said as he clenched his fist in anger. Lau Dan remained quiet, not saying a word, but one could tell there were many stuff on his mind.

    “Leader Lau, I have a favor to ask of you,” Cheuk Hei said as he kneeled down in front of the man.

    “Cheuk Hei, stand up first,” Lau Dan said as he looked at the young boy.

    “I won’t stand up until you promise me,” Cheuk Hei answered stubbornly.

    “What is it?” Lau Dan asked.

    “My family was killed by The Moonlight Sect, I want to avenge them. Can you take me as your disciple?” Cheuk Hei asked bravely. Lau Dan sighed at the boy’s misfortune for he knew how it felt to lose your loved ones. Even though Lau Dan did not show it, but he was very hurt by the fact that his brother was gone.

    “Ah, I usually do not take disciple…” Lau Dan said slowly.

    “Leader Lau…” Cheuk Hei began.

    “Come on Leader Lau, take sympathy of this poor boy! Beside, he have your brother’s inner force too!!!” Ho Man interrupted rudely before neither Lau Dan or Cheuk Hei could said another word. Cheuk Hei looked at the young man. Ho Man was blunt, yet honest. Even though he was rude, he still had a kind heart. Cheuk Hei felt that they might become friends.

    “You two had not let me finish talking. As I was about to say, I usually do not take disciples, but in your case, I will make an exception. My brother had transfer his inner force to you, so he must had expect great things from you and I know he has good judgments,” Lau Dan said finishing what he was saying earlier.

    “Say Shifu,” Ho Man said as he nudged Cheuk Hei.

    “Thank you Shifu,” Cheuk Hei said gratefully as he kowtowed to his new shifu. For the first time since his parent’s death, Cheuk Hei felt a slight bit of happiness. Now, he can learn one of the best kung fu to avenge them,

    “Cheuk Hei, you’re a part of The Beggar Sect now, so we’re brothers,” Ho Man said as he patted the young boy on the back. Cheuk Hei nodded with a half smile.

    “Cheuk Hei, you must take me to The Heroic Sword. We’ll start our journey right away tomorrow. As for now, Ho Man, call all the brothers. We will have a sect meeting,” Lau Dan commanded.

    “Yes Leader,” Ho Man said and immediately ran off to his duty.

    “Cheuk Hei, your home town is pretty far from here, how did you get here all by yourself?” Lau Dan asked.

    “I met this very kind merchant who helped me get here…” Cheuk Hei lied for he promised Healer Cheng that he would keep his secret for him.

    “During your journey, were you ever followed by anyone?”

    “I don’t think so, there weren‘t any sign of someone following us that I know of…” Cheuk Hei answered truthfully.

    “One thing I’m pondering about is why The Moonlight Sect would kill your whole household. There was no way they could’ve known that you were down there with my brother otherwise you would’ve be dead by now. And even if they did know, they wouldn’t know who are you…” Lau Dan said.

    Cheuk Hei contemplated about it, it’s true. How could they possibly knew that it was him down there? But if they had another reason to kill his family, what would it be?

    “You’re saying there could be another reason why they killed my family? But what reason could there possibly be? My family had never interfere with the world of Jianghu,” Cheuk Hei told his Shifu.

    “I don’t know Cheuk Hei, I don’t know. Maybe time will tell us…” Lau Dan sighed.

    Cheuk Hei nodded. ‘I’ll find out why, then I’ll make them pay,’ he told himself.

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    Default Chapter 4 (Intro Part 4)

    (Ron) Ng Cheuk Hei
    (Benny) Chan Ho Man
    Lau Dan
    (Deric) Wan Siu Lun
    (Sheren) Tang Shui Man
    (Tavia) Yeung Yi


    As the sun rises, an old man, a young man and a young boy on horseback started their journey. This journey was estimated to take them fourteen days. During the journey, they would travel by day and sleep in nearby inns at night.

    As they traveled, Cheuk Hei would always be on the look out hoping that he might see Healer Cheng. Lau Dan however was very cautious about where they stay and what they eat. No matter where the food were brought at, they would always use a needle to test if it had poison. As for Ho Man, every town they reach, he would be amaze at all the people and the houses for he had never left The Beggar Sect.

    Differ from their estimation, they had reached Cheuk Hei’s home town after only ten days of traveling. As they walked, Cheuk Hei looked at all the familiar sightings, but there were no familiar faces. All the people whom he once knew were gone. It hurt him badly when he saw all the familiar places that reminds him of his past.

    “Wow, there are so many people,” whispered the inexperience Ho Man. This was indeed his first time traveling. He was so glad when Lau Dan asked for him to come along for that meant that Lau Dan trusted him and it was a chance for him to see the outside world.

    “Shifu, it’s this way,” Cheuk Hei said and leaded the two men through the town to where the great field was.

    The two men followed the young boy quietly as he rode his horse into the forest.

    Lau Dan carefully examined every part of their surrounded as they rode. He knew that there were people following them and he was sure that it must be The Moonlight Sect. How could they possibly know about this? Ho Man and Cheuk Hei however did not notice anything.

    After a short while, they reached their destination, the old deserted temple.

    “Follow me,” Cheuk Hei instructed as he walked behind the Buddha statue and turned the lotus flower. Ho Man watched with amazement as the Buddha statue slide to one side.

    “Amazing,” Ho Man mumbled.

    “Ho Man, you stay here and guard while we go inside,” Lau Dan commanded. The young man nodded in agreement as the old man and young boy walked down the stairs.

    “It’s in here,” Cheuk Hei said and began to dug. Lau Dan watched as the boy dug. In a few minutes, a bit of white could be see and soon Cheuk Hei had dug up the whole white package. He immediately unwrapped it and the beautiful sword shone brightly from the dim sunlight that entered through the stairway.

    Cheuk Hei looked at the sword with awe. It was indeed the most beautiful sword he had ever seen. It wasn’t the longest of the biggest, but from the look of it, one could tell it held great power. It had shiny sharp edge and on its handle, the words ‘ying hung’ were engraved in gold.

    While holding it Cheuk Hei could somehow felt that the sword had a life. He felt connected to the sword, he didn’t know why or how, it was just a feeling that he had.

    “This is indeed The Heroic Sword,” Lau Dan whispered as the young boy handed him the sword.

    “LEADER LAU!!!” Ho Man’s voice could be heard from above. Lau Dan and Cheuk Hei immediately ran up the stairs to see what was going on.

    To Cheuk Hei’s surprise, there were dozens of masked men dressed in black surrounding them. Lau Dan however did not look surprise at all like he was expecting them.

    “Ah Leader Lau, we have met again…” the leader of the masked men said as he stepped up toward them. Cheuk Hei instantly recognized his rough voice. He was one of the men that was searching for Lau Chung-Yun the other day. Cheuk Hei glared at the mask man. He promised himself he would never forget this voice for somebody, he himself will kill him to avenge his parents and Senior Lau.

    “Again? I believe we have never met,” Lau Dan said calmly still holding the sword in his hand.

    “I am The North Leader of The Moonlight Sect, Wan Siu Lun, we have met in the Mo Lam’s festival ten years ago,” the rough voice man replied.

    “Ah, I remember now,” Lau Dan replied.

    “Now hand over the sword and we can settle this peacefully,” Wan Siu Lun said suddenly changing his tone to a fierce one.

    “OVER OUR DEAD BODY!” Ho Man retorted rudely. Without saying a word, Wan Siu Lun motioned for his men to attack.

    As they approached, Lau Dan used his dog-beating kung fu to knock them off their feet before they could even touch him. Ho Man also fought bravely even though his kung fu was nothing compare to Lau Dan, but he could still compared with the masked men of The Moonlight Sect. Cheuk Hei stood there for he did not know kung fu even though his inner strength is great.

    Within the chaos, Wan Siu Lun saw his opportunity and tried to seize the young boy. Without knowing what he was doing, Cheuk Hei pushed Siu Lun and to his surprise, the man fell backward on his back.

    ‘How can such powerful inner force dwell in such a young person,’ Wan Siu Lun thought for the inner force the boy possessed was far greater than his own.

    Wan Siu Lun’s followers immediately rushed to him when they saw their leader on the ground.

    “Leader, are you okay?” one of his follower asked.

    Seeing that he had no way to get the sword and that he had already lost some men, Wan Siu Lun knew his only way is to retreat. He motion for his men to leave and within seconds, they were gone.

    Ho Man tried to follow, but Lau Dan didn’t let him for he knew wit Wan Siu Lun’s great qing gong, he must be far away already.

    “There’s no use chasing after them, our first priority is to get this sword to back to The Beggar Sect,” Lau Dan said.

    “But Shifu, I remember his voice. He was the one from before. It must be him who killed my family and Senior Lau!” Cheuk Hei exclaimed.

    “Cheuk Hei, have patience. It’s never too late for a hero to seek revenge…” Lau Dan simply said.

    Wan Siu Lun flew back to the headquarter of The Moonlight Sect, located in huge dungeon with many rooms and halls. No one would be able to locate such place if they have not had instructions or are members of The Moonlight Sects for outsiders who enter the dungeon would be murdered by the sect.

    Wan Siu Lun took off his mask and walked in nervously. He was afraid of what the master would to him when she find out he had fail the mission.

    As Siu Lun walked in the main chamber, a lady floated down from above as she was an angel coming down from heaven. Her beautiful red gown flew in every direction. She was about his age, but she seemed a lot wiser and in her eyes was a great force of power that was far greater than that of many men. Even though her face did not seem kind at all, she was indeed beautiful.

    The lady sat down gracefully on a bench filled with beautiful flowers. Next to her was a young girl wearing a light purple gown with purple accessories in her hair. Her face however was covered by a purple veil and only her eyes were shown.

    “Master,” Siu Lun said as he kneeled down in front of the lady. She looked at him fiercely.

    “You have not bring the sword back,” she said, her voice sharp and angry. It was as if she had read his mind.

    “I’m sorry master, please forgive me,” Siu Lun begged. He knew that she would not allow such failure within her Sect for Tang Shui Man was known for her relentless ways.

    “You know I hate failures, you will be punish for this,” she said. Tang Shui Man then turn to the young girl by her side.

    “Yi, mark his face so he‘ll remember of his failure,” she commanded the young girl. Yi hesitated but knew she couldn’t disobey her shifu’s command. She took the knife reluctantly from the woman. She walked up to the man. The young girl force herself to slice the man’s face. Her heart beat rapidly as blood flowed down his face. She looked at him as he winced in pain.

    “This only a warning. I have no tolerance for failures so there better not be a next time,” Tang Shui Man said harshly.

    “Thank you for sparing my life,” Siu Lun said with his hand over his bleeding face.

    “Tell me about Ng Long,” Tang Shui Man commanded.

    “I did as you told me to and killed his whole family,” Siu Lun replied afraid to tell her of his failure to kill Ng Long’s daughter for an unknown man with skilled kung fu had save her.

    Tang Shui glared at Siu Lun and started laughing. Yet inside, her heart was breaking for she had order to kill the man she love the most.

    “OUT!” she yelled at Siu Lun and he immediately rushed out of the chamber without saying a word. He did not ponder why Shui Man had a sudden change of mood for it was common to see her like that.

    As soon as he left, Tang Shui Man burst out crying.

    “Why, why? Why does he only love Sheh Xiao Bing?!?! What does she have that I don’t!!!” she cried out loud as she laid on her bench.

    “If he only loved me… then none of this would’ve have to happen…” she continued.

    “Shifu…” Yi said when she saw her shifu crying.

    “Yeung Yi, you should never ever love a man. All men are alike, they will only bring you pain…” Tang Shui cried as she grab the young girl’s sleeve.

    Startled by all this, Yi did not know what to say. What was her Shifu talking about? The young girl, who had never experienced love and did not know what it was watched as her shifu cried out loud.

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    Default Chapter 5 (end of intro)

    (Ron) Ng Cheuk Hei
    Lau Dan
    (Benny) Chan Ho Man

    Lau Dan looked around cautiously as the three travelers rode their horses through the forest. He sensed that there were people hidden in the trees waiting to ambush them.

    “Put your guard up, it seems like we have company,” he whispered to his two younger companions. Upon hearing this, Ho Man and Cheuk Hei too looked around as they went.

    Indeed Lau Dan was right, for in moments, arrows came flying at them. Swiftly and gracefully using his jade staff, Lau Dan sent the arrows flying back to where they came from while also protecting Cheuk Hei. Ho Man also dodged each and every arrow though not as gracefully.

    After the flying arrows, ten masked figures jumped out of from behind the trees dressed in all black. They point their swords at the travelers and began to charge at them.

    Lau Dan quickly jumped up from his horse and in a flash, he circled in the air and hit each of the masked figures on their head. Immediately, they fell to the ground before being able to move or say a word.

    “Bravo!!! That was brilliant Leader Lau!!!” Ho Man cheered as he clapped happily. Lau Dan smiled.

    “It’s not time for us to celebrate yet, I’m sure we’ll have many ambushes ahead waiting for us…” he said. Cheuk Hei and Ho Man nodded both looking very determine.

    Ho Man immediately got off his horse and unmasked the attackers. Lau Dan stared at them. He realized they’re not Chinese.

    “These attackers are Japanese…” Lau Dan mumbled.

    “Japanese? Words sure pass around fast in Jianghu,” Ho Man whispered. Cheuk Hei stared at the dead bodies, how could people in Jianghu die and kill just for one single sword? Is it really worth it? Just for one sword? When he thought about it, Cheuk Hei found the people of Jianghu cruel, heartless and just scary.

    The three continued their journey, and Lau Dan was right again. During their journey, they were attacked several times by masked men and members of different martial art sects, but none of the attackers were able to defeat Lau Dan and thus failed in their attempt to steal The Heroic Sword. However, the attacks did delayed their journey taking them fifteen days to get back to The Beggar Sect.

    One month later when everything was settled, Lau Dan began teaching Cheuk martial arts in a forest by The Beggar Sect.

    “Cheuk Hei, do you know the basics of martial arts?” Lau Dan asked.

    “Yes Shifu, my dad had taught me…” the young boy answered, still sad when mentioning his dad. But when mentioning his dad, he was also more determine to learn powerful martial art to avenge his whole household.

    “Good, the martial art that I will be teaching you is the dog beating style of our sect. Now, the dog beating style have 36 techniques. For a fast learner, it will take a few years to fully master it. For a normal person, it could take up to several years.”

    Cheuk Hei nodded as he listened carefully to his shifu.

    “Now watch closely as I show the first technique…” Lau Dan said. He then got out his jade staff. Swiftly and gracefully, he raised it up, twirl it around in a half circle, jumped in the air and hit the air many times so fast that one could not see where his staff was. Cheuk Hei watched with amazement.

    “Now you try with this tree branch,” Lau Dan said when he landed. He handed Cheuk Hei a branch which the boy took.

    Cheuk Hei jumped up in attempt to try the technique, but he could only hit the air two times before he fell on the ground.

    “Ah, not bad for your first time, but with this skill, you must be focus. You have to be balance. Lift your legs higher when you jump…” Lau Dan explained.

    Cheuk Hei nodded and did as he was told. After his many attempts, Lau Dan decided that it was enough for the day.

    “Cheuk Hei, you go get some rest now, we’ll resume tomorrow,”

    “No Shifu, I’m not tire yet. I have to learn this skill as soon as possible. I have to avenge my parents,” Cheuk Hei replied as anger and sadness flowed through him.

    Lau Dan shook his head. He knew that such anger would not help the young boy, but would only consume and harm him.

    “Cheuk Hei, you have to be patience. Rushing in martial arts will only cause you to be sidetrack and you will eventually end up getting injure. Revenge is a very powerful thing, but you cannot let it take control of you. Not only will it ruin your life, it will also lead you to the dark side of martial art. You have to learn to live your life happily… your parents wouldn’t want to see you like this…do you understand?”

    “NO! THE MOONLIGHT SECT KILLED MY PARENTS, I HAVE TO DESTROY THEM!!!” the young boy yelled, now full of anger as he continued to practice the first technique in rage.

    Lau Dan looked at him. He must put a stop to this. Unable to see another way to settle this, the man tapped one of Cheuk Hei’s yuedao point and thus the boy was immobilize.

    Shocked at what his shifu was doing, Cheuk Hei glared at him angrily.

    “Why did you freeze me!!!” he shouted.

    “Cheuk Hei, I will let you stand here until you fully understand what I was trying to tell you. You can’t let revenge consume you. This is for your own good,” Lau Dan said and left sighing.

    “SHIFU!!!” Cheuk Hei shouted, but his shifu would not even turn to look about at him.

    ‘What am I doing wrong? Is it wrong to avenge my parents? Why is life unfair?!?!’ Cheuk Hei thought. He kept thinking until night falls, but he still couldn’t think of what he was doing wrong.

    As the sun rises, Lau Dan visited his disciple.

    “Have you thought about it Cheuk Hei?” he asked.

    “I have! But I still don’t know what I’m doing wrong! All I want is to avenge my parents!” the young said stubbornly.

    “Then I will let you stay here until you finally understand…” Lau Dan said and walked away.

    The sun began to set and Cheuk Hei still didn’t understand what the man was saying. Anger began to grew on him.

    ‘Why is he being so unfair to me?’ Cheuk Hei thought. At the moment, he despite Lau Dan. He thought the man was unfair, he thought the man was an idiot who didn’t know any better. The man didn’t understand him. He didn’t know how it feels to lose everything in just… one night.

    As night falls, Ho Man quietly sneaked out to the forest to see the young boy when he heard Lau Dan had punished him.

    “Cheuk Hei! I just found out that you‘re out here…” he whispered as he approached Cheuk Hei who was still standing motionless like a statue.

    “Ho Man, please! Unfreeze my yuedao’s point!” Cheuk Hei begged.

    “Sorry, but I don’t know anything about yuedao martial arts…” Ho Man said as he scratched his head awkwardly.

    “But here, I brought you a blanket, it’s going to get very cold tonight…” Ho Man said as he wrapped a blanket around the young boy. Kwoon Hei certainly felt warmer with a blanket wrapped around him.

    “And here, I sneaked some hambao out of the kitchen, you haven’t eaten for two days. You must be very hungry!” Ho man said as he stuffed the hambao in Cheuk Hei’s mouth which the young boy devoured in less than a minute. Cheuk Hei looked at him gratefully, since his parents were gone and Shi Man went missing, no one had care so much about him.

    “Thank you…” he said after he finished eating.

    “No problem, we are brothers!”

    “From now on, can I call you big brother?” Cheuk Hei asked. Even though he had a big sister ever since he was little, he always wanted a big brother to play with.

    “Of course, and I‘ll call you little brother,” Ho Man chuckled. Cheuk Hei smiled back, a real smile. One he haven’t had for two months since the death of his parents. He thought about it, he finally understood what his shifu was talking about. Revenge had taken over him. It made him unable to have happiness, unable to enjoy life. His shifu was right, he couldn’t let revenge consume him.

    “Say, why are you out here anyways?” Ho Man asked curiously.

    “Shifu said I have to be out here until I finally realize what I was doing wrong, and now I finally realize it, thanks to you big brother,” Cheuk Hei said smiling gratefully.

    “Me? Ha! Then when you become an adept martial art fighter, you must remember me!” Ho Man joked as he patted Cheuk Hei on the back.

    “We will always be brother,” Cheuk Hei replied.

    The next morning, Lau Dan came back when the sun was rising. He walked over to Cheuk Hei.

    “Do you finally understand now?” Lau Dan asked.

    “Yes Shifu, I understand. Revenge will only make unhappy… thank you shifu,” Cheuk Hei said. Lau Dan smiled happily at the boy’s new learn knowledge. It seemed that his effort wasn’t wasted. Using his two finger, he quickly unfroze Cheuk Hei’s yuedao’s point.

    “Alright, go back and get some rest now. You can start practicing this afternoon,” Lau Dan ordered.

    “Yes Shifu,” Cheuk Hei said obeying his shifu’s orders and the teacher and disciple walked back to The Beggar Sect.

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    Default Chapter 6 (the story begins)

    (Ron) Ng Cheuk Hei
    (Benny) Chan Ho Man
    (Tavia) Yeung Yi
    (Sheren) Tang Shui Man
    (Leila) Cheng Tong Ling
    (Adam) Cheng Siu Chow
    Zhao Ya Zhi
    (Myolie) Cheng Hang Yee
    (Charmaine) Ng Shi Man
    (Raymond) Lam Fung


    Eight years had pass since his parents died, Ng Cheuk Hei was now twenty two years old. Under the influence of Lau Dan and Ho Man, Cheuk Hei grew up to be a handsome and happy young man even though he had never once forgot about avenging his parents.

    Being determine to avenge his parents and an avid learner, Cheuk Hei mastered the dog beating style techniques within three years. Lau Dan also taught him yuedao kung fu, qing gong and other martial art techniques of The Beggar Sect.


    Inside a bamboo forest, two young men practiced their martial arts by competing with each other. They both had handsome face structures and a well built body. Each did their moves brilliantly and efficiently while the other dodged and attacked back. It seemed like it would be a tie between the two young men. But after a while, one of the man got the upper hand and the tree branch which he used at a weapon was pointing at the other man’s neck.

    “Ah, little brother Ng, it seem like you have beat me again,” the other man said admitting his defeat.

    “That’s only because you went easy on me big brother!” Cheuk Hei chuckled as he pulled back the tree branch.

    “You’re only saying that! I think the day that you avenge your parents isn’t very far away!” Ho Man said.


    Inside a dungeon that was brightly lit with torches everywhere, a young maiden walked down the halls. She was dressed in all black and wore a handkerchief which covered her face so that only her beautiful glittering eyes were showed.

    When she reached her destination, a large chamber in the middle of the dungeon, she walked in and immediately kneeled down in front of a middle aged lady. Even though the lady was not young, she still held a graceful look and had a very beautiful face. The lady was Tang Shui Man, leader of The Moonlight Sect herself.

    “Shifu, what do you need of me?” the young maiden asked with her hands clutched together showing her respect for her teacher.

    “Yeung Yi, for these past eight years, The Heroic Sword still remains with The Beggar Sect, I want you to retrieve it for me. It doesn‘t matter what way you use as long as you get the sword,” Shui Man ordered. In these past eight years, she had tried so hard to get the sword, but her followers had always failed her. However, she believed that the disciple whom she trained herself will be capable of this mission.

    “Yes shifu, I will get you the sword no matter what, even if I have to sacrafice my life,” Yi said and set off on her journey.


    In a little house on the mountain side, a young maiden kneeled in front of her parents. She was a slender built maiden with a beautiful face. Within her beauty, were hints of kindness.

    “Father, please let me travel outside of this mountain, I want to use what you and mother had taught me to help people,” she begged.

    “Tong Ling, Jianghu is a dangerous place. A maiden such at yourself will be very vulnerable to all the devious people out there,” Siu Chow said to his daughter.

    “But father, you and mother had taught me so much, I’m sure I can protect myself…” Tong Ling reassured him.

    “Siu Chow, I think we should let Tong Ling go. It’s about time that she go out there and see what the world is like herself. We can’t trap her here forever. She’s a smart girl, I believe that she can protect herself…” Ya Zhi said helping her daughter persuade her husband.

    “Fine, I will let you go, but you must be careful,” Siu Chow agreed at last.

    “Father! Father! Please let me go too! Big sister and I can help take care of each other!” Hang Yee chirped in when she heard that her father allowed Tong Ling to go.

    “No, you are still immature,” this time, it was not Siu Chow, but Ya Zhi who spoke.

    “But mother, I am only four years younger than big sister,” she shot back.

    “Yes, but you act ten years younger…” her mother replied. Hang Yee remained quiet and did not say anything, but inside her mind, she planned to go with her sister even if her parents didn’t allow her too.


    Inside a small hut by the river, a maiden about twenty four years of age set the fresh made food that she just cooked on the table. The smell of boil fish, fried chicken, vegetable soup and cooked rice filled the atmosphere. She sat down waiting for her companion to return. He said he would return today and she had cook all his favorite meals just for his return.

    “Hmp! Lam Fung! You are late! It’s already noon! It’s your fault if you get to eat cold food!” she said grumpily to herself as she stomped her foot.

    “Is someone getting grumpy?” said a voice behind her. She turned around happily and rushed up to the tall, handsome man.

    “Brother Lam! You’re back!” she said as she grabbed his arm. She had totally forgot about her anger when she saw him. She dragged him over to the table of food and they both sat down and ate happily.

    After eating, the maiden washed all the dishes while the man sat outside on the riverside. When she was done, the maiden immediately ran outside.

    “Brother Lam, what are you thinking about?” she asked.

    “I will have to leave tomorrow. I have another customer who want me to kill a yamen official,” he said as he threw a rock into the river.

    “Brother Lam, can’t you give up this job of yours? Why can’t we just leave the Jianghu world and everything behind so we can live the rest of our life peacefully?” she asked.

    “Shi Man, my shifu took care of me and trained me since I was little. If it wasn’t for him, I would’ve been dead now. I can’t desert him now…but I promise you, soon we will have a peaceful life all to ourselves,” Fung explained.

    “Yes, I know… and after these eight year, I still can’t find my brother… but I know that he’s still alive…” Shi Man said sadly as she looked down at the moving water of the river. It had been eight years since the death of her whole household and these eight years, she couldn’t do anything about it. She couldn’t even find her brother, but she knew he was still alive. She could feel it.

    “Don’t worry, the day that you and your brother reunite will arrive very soon. I will help you find him no matter what…” he reassured her as he put his arms around her. She place her head on his shoulder. Even though to the world, he is the ruthless Lam Fung, number one assassin in the Jianghu world, to her, he’s the sweetest man ever and the love of her life. If he hadn’t saved her eight years ago, she would’ve been raped and killed by the malicious men of The Moonlight Sect.

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    Default Ch. 7 (The Black Shadow)

    (Bosco) Wong Chung Chak
    Mrs. Wong
    (Ron) Ng Cheuk Hei
    (Tavia) Yeung Yi
    (Benny) Chan Ho Ma


    In a busy city, a young man in his twenties skipped down the street joyfully with a gigantic smile on his face.

    “Hey Lin Pig Man!” he greeted the meat seller as he stopped by his stall.

    “Chung Chak! Do you want to buy some fresh meat?” the meat seller asked holding up a piece of raw pork.

    “Not today!” Wong Chung Chak waved goodbye and ran off. He hopped down to the fish stall.

    “Fish seller sister! You look very pretty today!” Chung Chak commented the lady selling fish as he walked up to her.

    “My Chung Chak, you sure have sweet mouth! Why what kind of fish would you like to buy? I have some fresh ones that just came in!” she giggled happily as she picked out the best fish for the young man. He smiled, his tactics had always worked.

    “Thank you! How much would that be?” Chung Chak asked.

    “Five pennies!” she answered obviously captivated by his sweet talk. Chung Chak put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a few coins and handed to her.

    “Bye Pretty Fish Seller Sister!” he said happily as he waved goodbye to her.

    He started walking down the street. After thirty minutes of walking, he reached his destination, a small house in a village nearby the city.

    “Mom! I’m home! I brought some fish for dinner!” he shouted as he entered the small house.

    “Chung Chak!” Mrs. Wong greeted her son happily when she saw him walk in.

    “Mom, here’s a fish for dinner!” he smiled as he handed her a basket which she took.

    “Come, and pray to your dad! You forgot to this morning!” Mrs. Wong scolded as she lead her son to a small table with her dead husband’s (those sign with dead people someone please tell me?). On it, the words ‘Wong Yat Wah’ were engraved in black ink.

    Chung Chak did he was told. He grabbed three incenses and placed them in a small pot of ashes after kowtowing to his dad three times.

    ‘Dad, please watch over me tonight,’ he said to his dad in his mind.


    Night began to fall as a young man still practiced his martial arts technique. With a simple branch in his hand, he performed each technique swiftly and precisely. Ng Cheuk Hei had truly mastered the ‘Dog Beating Style Techniques.’

    As he practiced his martial arts, a strange feeling suddenly flowed through him as if he was watched. Immediately, he stopped practicing and focused on his surroundings. Looking down at the ground and focusing his ears, he could hear soft rustling of leaves. There must be a person hiding nearby him.

    “Why must you hide in the shadow? Come out and reveal yourself!” Cheuk Hei commanded.

    A black figured suddenly charged at him with a sword in their hand. The person’s qing gong was extremely skillful as they flew toward Cheuk Hei within seconds. However, Cheuk Hei avoided the attacker gracefully. With a quick glance, he managed to see that the attacker was a maiden since her long black hair flew beautifully in the air. When she stopped and stood in front of him, he could see her fierce yet beautiful eyes even though the lower half of her face was covered by a black handkerchief.

    “Miss, why are you spying on me?” he asked as he stared at her.

    “Spying on you? I have no intention of doing such! You just happened to practicing your kung fu when I passed by!” she retorted rudely and pointed her sword toward him.

    Cheuk Hei looked at the maiden as she charge at him. What a strange person. She was the one that had done wrong by spying on him. Surely he had done nothing wrong to make her want to attack him.

    When she nearly touched him with the tip of her sword, he quickly dodged to the left. They exchanged series of attack. No one had the upper hand even after a few hours of fighting. Soon, the maiden seemed to be worn out yet she kept on attacking unwilling to give up.

    Using his branch, Cheuk Hei quickly strike the maiden’s hand.

    Unable to hold onto her sword any longer, it fell out of her hand. It seemed that she had underestimated him. This young man’s kung fu was far greater than she thought. The Beggar Sect did not get their name for nothing.

    Unintentionally, Cheuk Hei’s branch caught onto her handkerchief. When he pulled his arm back, the handkerchief came along with it, showing the maiden’s beautiful face. Cheuk Hei stared at her, astounded by her beauty.

    The maiden gasped as her face was reveal to the young man. No man had ever seen Yeung Yi’s face. Infuriated at the young man for looking at her, she immediately picked up her sword and directed it at his chest.

    “Sorry…” Cheuk Hei apologized when he realized what he had done was disturbing to her.

    “You…” she stuttered angrily. She was about to stabbed him but he evaded her attack in time and by mistake, stabbed her in the chest with his branch.

    She fell to the ground in pain as she held her hand over her wound.

    When he saw that he had wounded the young maiden, Cheuk Hei quickly dropped the branch and ran to her.

    “Are you okay Miss?” he asked kindly as he kneeled down next to the maiden.

    “Don’t you dare touch me!” Yi exclaimed angrily as she glared at him with hatred. She then stood up and turned around. Cheuk Hei stood and watched as she somersaulted away. Within seconds, she was out of sight.

    ‘Who was this weird maiden?’ he thought.


    On the outskirt of the Beggar Sect, Chan Ho Man laid on a wooden bench with his leg crossed. Looking up at the thousands stars in the dark night sky, he pondered about his life. Another peaceful day had pass. Yet, he had not accomplished anything. Sometimes, he felt so useless. What was the meaning of his life? Even Cheuk Hei who was four years younger than him had a purpose, to avenge his parents. But what was his?

    Suddenly, a black shadow went by. Alerted, Ho Man quickly turned around. But instead, he saw nothing.

    “Maybe I’m just seeing things,” he said scratching his head as he laid back down.

    “Big Brother Chan, what are you doing?” a voice asked from behind him. Ho Man turned around and there stood Cheuk Hei looking at him.

    “Cheuk Hei, I think there’s something dirty around here… I just saw a dark shadow pass and when I turned around. Poof! It was gone!” Ho Man whispered.

    “A dark shadow?” Cheuk Hei asked. Could it be the maiden he had encountered earlier?

    “What are you thinking about?” Ho Man said but Cheuk did not seem to hear him. Ho Man began to waved his hand frantically in front of Cheuk Hei who seemed to be in some kind of daze.

    “Cheuk Hei!” Ho Man shouted.

    “Oh, nothing. Just that I encountered a maiden earlier…” Cheuk Hei said as he suddenly got back to his sense.

    “Was she pretty?” Ho Man asked curiously with a grin. To which, Cheuk only replied with a chuckle.

    Hidden behind a tree, Yeung Yi watched the two brothers talk. So the man that she fought with was Ng Cheuk Hei. No wonder his martial art was so skill. He is after all, the only disciple of Lau Dan. She glared at him as he talked to the other man, she vowed to kill him for injuring her and worst of all, he had seen her face which no men were allow to see.


    “Chung Chak, why must you continue do this? This is consider a crime, what is you get caught?” Mrs. Wong warned her son.

    “Mother, those fools are not fast enough to catch me, and that Yamen Officer treat his people like dogs, he deserves this…”

    “Be careful,” Mrs. Wong whispered to her son as he left. She knew that there was no way she could convince the stubborn young man.

    Chung Chak set off to the big city, dressed in all black and his face hidden by a black handkerchief. He quietly flew to the Yamen Official’s manor and within seconds, he flew on top of the roof. He walked quietly on the rooftop. When he reached the treasure room, he pulled out part of the roof and quietly sneaked into treasure room. After looking around for a bit, he grabbed as much gold as he could and place them in a bag which he carried along with him.

    In a few minutes, shouting could be heard from yamen officers.

    “INTRUDER! IT MUST BE THE FLYING THIEF!” a voice shouted. Knowing that it was time for him to go, Chung Chak quickly tied the bag around his back.

    He chuckled slightly to himself for he knew that the Yamen could never catch him. Even though he knew little know kung fu, his qing gong was far too superior for little Yamen officers like them. His father, Wong Yat Wah, was after all the was known as the best official guard ever alive. When Chung Chak was young, his father had taught him the best qing gong, but he had never got a chance to teach Chung Chak proper kung fu for the government had took his father away from him. They beheaded him for a crime he had never committed and Chung Chak promised his father’s soul that he will prove his innocence. Then he and his mother would not have to live in hiding under the surname ‘Chu’.

    Chung Chak immediately jumped up on the roof, but to his surprise, the yamen officers did not come his way but to another room. What was happening?

    Then out of nowhere, he saw a black shadow flew pass him with tremendous speed.

    The curious young man wondered who the black shadow was, but deciding not to intrude in other’s business, he left the Yamen Official’s manor.

    With the gold in his bag, he went to the poor villages. He secretly passed out all his gold to the poor villagers while they were asleep. He then went back to his tiny house and rested until the sun was up.


    A villager woke up as the sun began to rise. To his surprise, he saw a piece of gold in front his bed. It was what he needed most to pay for his old mother’s medicine.

    “It must be The Hero In Black!” he exclaimed happily.

    “Thank you, thank you!” he said as he bowed down to no one in particular.

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    yeah that's what im tryin to do i was going to post all 7 chapters yesterday but when i was going to post the 7th one my dad started yelling so i jus turned off the computer... and i'll try to write the next chapter soon

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    oh i see.. update soon! =)
    s.imple desires <-- click!

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