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Thread: When did guo jing obtain..

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    Default When did guo jing obtain..

    the jiu ying chen qing written on mei chao feng's husband skin....i have watched the tvb and the china series again and again, and the series do not seem to show which part guo jing got the skin manuscript..

    also was the jiu ying chen qing maunscript written on the back or on the chest of me chao feng's husband

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    i think it was while they were in the lu manor or something like that. i know for sure he picked it up with the dagger, but dun remember too much where exactly it was
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    I think it was Chu Chung (Gong Nam Freak # 2) who relieved Mui Chiu Fung of possession of the skin, then gave it to Gwok Jing.

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    Edition 3: Guo Jing learnt both orginal Jiuyin volumes (the copies were back in Huang's possession after meeting up with Mei and Lu at Cloud Assembly Manor.
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    I think in one of the editions Guo Jing obtained one of the copies of 9Yin when his 2nd master stole the dagger from Mui Chiu Fung. The piece of skin was wrapping the dagger.

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