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Thread: Wuxia Styled Star Wars Short Film 2!!

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    Default Wuxia Styled Star Wars Short Film 2!!

    Hi, I'm making a series of Star Wars Short Films, of which 2 out of 6 have been filmed. We are filming the third one as we speak.

    This is the Second one, stylistically paying tribute to the spaghetti western of Sergio Leone, Japanese anime, Samurai Films and most importantly of all, the Wuxia Movie.

    This one is the second of the series, made 2 years ago. But the version you see heere is a recut made 2 weeks ago, this time with sound effects.

    This is its predecessor, filmed 3 years ago, and my very first film.


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    Well, I tried my best to do a gory "grindhouse" Chang Che style Shaw "tragedy."

    It was also my first time working with sound effects.

    How were the blood and sound effects?

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