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Thread: Attn Writers: Readings of Original WuXia Fiction Wanted!

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    Default Attn Writers: Readings of Original WuXia Fiction Wanted!

    Hey everyone!

    I'm Rob, Podcaster of Kung Fu Action Theatre where I read classics of WuXia fiction for fans and newcomers to enjoy. Currently I'm working my way through The Adventures of Lu Xiao Feng and have finally got most of the kinks worked out of the podcast. (Not as easy as it looks!) Having gotten things settled, I've found that I have a bit of extra space on my podcast server (I have unlimited bandwidth) and was thinking that a good way to use it would be give some up and coming writers of WuXia fiction a chance to get noticed by a new audience.

    So, with this in mind, I'm telling anyone interested to boot up their computers, grab their microphones and snag a copy of Audacity (it's free!) or some other recording software and let the reading begin! Now, there are a few rules to this:

    1) You must be reading your own original work (I'm the only one reading the classics for now on this podcast), or having a friend reading your original work, or heck, having a group of friends read your original work (radio plays welcome!) but it must be your right to read it. (Relatively speaking, fanfics are okay, but they must follow rule #2.)

    2) The work must be self contained, so preferably short stories, and require the reader to have no more than a basic understanding of the WuXia genre to understand it. So basically no serials, unless you have a chapter that can stand alone, then it's okay. This is a one-shot deal, you get one story on the air, and then it's someone else's turn next time, I don't care how good it is. (Although this doesn't prevent you from submitting different new works a few months later...)

    3) The final file in MP3 format can be no more than 20mb in size, so you're probably looking at around 30 minutes of material, maybe more if you compress the heck out of it. (But remember audio quality is important too!)

    4) I don't have an FTP site, so you'll need to be able to get it to me over MSN, IRC or via e-mail once it's done. (WIN RAR is good for this.)

    In trade, you get your reading on the air, it's still 100% yours (up to you whether it gets archived or taken down after a month or at any point), and you get to write your own introduction to the site's blog entry to the story as well. (I'm just acting as host and site manager here.) This podcast is 100% non-profit with no advertising and no money changing hands, and is done only to promote WuXia storytelling into yet another medium and bring in new listeners and readers. I'm just doing this out of my love for the WuXia and to bring even more to the growing podcasting community.

    If I get too many submissions, then I'll make it a contest and just put up the best one each month (sorry if this isn't yours, but yours might be up for the following months).

    If you have any questions or comments, please ask here or e-mail me at:

    [email protected]

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    In case you don't know what Podcasting is, or think it's "that Apple Ipod thing" then check this music video out...

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