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Thread: Tales Of Jinyong 金庸群侠传

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    Chapter 8 Strange Encounter奇遇

    Midnight, On a Lonely Road

    The moon is hanging up high and shrouded by grey cloudsUnder the dark sky, a man is riding a horse and seems to be in a hurry

    Humphdarn Emperor. He obviously wants to get me killed by making me follow these 2 guys. Im not so stupid. Heh heh The traveller mumbled to himself.

    Indeed, the horse-rider is Wei Xiao Bao, who has escaped from the brothel earlierAfter sneaking away during the fight, he quickly got a horse from the Horse-House and fled the city

    Hes been riding for more than 2 hours until he arrived at a pavilion. Tired, he decided to rest for a while as he alight from and horse and tied it to one of the tree. As he walked towards the pavilion, he noticed a dark figure which seems to be a woman from a distance away.

    What could a woman be doing here alone late in the night? He thought to himself. He began to creep slowly towards the girl, hoping that it might be some beautiful lady

    Ah! He yawped as he accidentally tripped on a stone.

    Whos there! (什么人! ), the alerted person speaks.

    Wei Xiao Bao was confused when he heard the voice. It sounded like a man, but it was spoken in an extremely feminine toneAfraid, he turned around and run but before he could take his first step, a sharp pain hit an acu-point on his left knee and he fell to the ground.

    Ahh! he moaned as he examined his leg. A long, thin silver needle was stuck to his lower leg.

    Humphso, its a little petty eunuch. Before the sentence finishes, a shadowy figure had appeared right beside Xiao Bao and it was the same voice from earlier. Xiao Bao nearly freaked out when he thought about how the person managed to appear right next to him in a flash, and the creepy voice only scared him more.

    Mister, Spare my life! Spare my life! (大爷饶命 ) He quickly went to his knees and begged for mercy, not even dare to look up.

    Mister?! The person raised his voice. Xiao Bao lifted up his head to face the person in his eyes. The person in front of him wasa mana man dressed in pinkish red dress. A weird fragrance that should only be found on woman was coming from his body.

    Useless and timid eunuch! Im going to castrate you one more time! The angry man didnt wait for Xiao Bao to reply and immediately use his left hand to grabbed Xiao Bao crotch!

    Xiao Bao let out a huge cry and the startled man quickly brought back his hand.

    Youyoure not a eunuch! The man exclaimed with both a tone of astonishment and shyness

    Whatwhat theWhats up with this strangegguy! Xiao Bao thought to himself.

    Wei Xiao Bao Origins:
    Wei Xiao Bao was actually just a illiterate village boy who is brought up by his sister Wei Chun Fang ,who opens a brothel,. About 6 months back, in a twist of luck he fake his way into becoming Hai Da Fu (海大富 ), a highly skilled eunuchs assistant around the palace. This was mainly due to the fact that Hai Da Fu was growing old and doesnt have good eyesight, and his original assistant was killed. Somehow, he got associated with the Emperor Kang Xi through wrestling and even became good friends with him. As a result, he did not undergo the castration procedure

    The man lowered his head and apologized profusely to Xiao Bao.

    IIm so sorry. I didnt know you are areal man. The man said with his head lowered down.

    Xiao Bao is not a dumb person and immediately had an idea of what just happened. This man in front of him is incredibly powerful and if he could have him as a backing, he would have nothing to be afraid of!

    Ahhits alright, Miss. People that doesnt know is not to be blamed. (啊。。。姑娘严重了。不知者无罪 )

    The man seems delighted upon hearing that Xiao Bao is addressing him as Miss and became even more bashful. Deep down, Xiao Bao was feeling extremely disgusted and scolding all his 18 ancestors to born a bizarre person like this.

    Mister, nothing that I do now can make up for what I justjust did. Is there anything I can help you with? The person asked with a red-faced

    Huh Xiao Bao thought for a while

    Becoming extremely polite, Xiao Bao told the person about how hes the Emperor assistant and been assigned to his task. The mysterious person shared with Xiao Bao about how he is envious of all girls in the world and wished he was born a female, and how the people around her were all untruthful and hypocritical. The 2 had a heart-felt talk for a long timeBefore they realized, it was almost dawn

    Miss, its a pity that Ive meet you so late(相逢恨晚 ) Xiao Bao forced a smile

    Me too, mister (小女子也是。。。 ) Ah! Its almost morning. I have to go now. The person stood up suddenly.

    Oh, thats too bad. By the way, I still dont know Misss name, Xiao Bao quickly asked while cursing, Finally, I got rid of this pest.

    Ahyou may address me as Miss.Dongfang (东方姑娘 ). Im sure fate will bring us together again, Xiao Bao. Here

    The girl took out something from her pouch and placed it into Xiao Bao palms. He opened it and took a closer lookits a badge made of bronze with some words carved on it.

    Bring this badge to Black Wood Cliff (黑木涯 ) if you want to meet me. Till we meet again then! (后会有期 )

    HehHey! Xiao Bao lifted up his head and look around. The girl is gone!

    What theHow did she disappear so fast?! HmmI must have seen a ghostI hope we never meet again. This must be my unlucky day Xiao Bao murmured under his breath as he examined the badge again. It had 3 word carvings on itbut Xiao Bao is illiterate.

    HmmBlack Wood Cliff? Where on earth is that Xiao Bao thought for a while but cant seem to come up with anything. Fed up, he placed the badge into his pouch and climbed onto the horse again, continuing his journey

    Of course, he doesnt know that the 3 words that are carved on the badge areBlack Wood Badge (黑木令 ), which is a prized item in the Sun Moon Cult

    Thats understandable, considering he doesnt even know where the Black Wood Cliff is

    Much less to know who Miss Dongfang is

    End of Chapter 8, series will ceased temporarily cause I'm too busy during this period to write.
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